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         Monday, November 7, 2005
2     Monday, November 7, 2005                                    MUNCIE AREA’S FINEST                                                               

G&M – Serving Muncie’s plant needs
By: Rachel Davis                    ness. This is quite a feat con-   the number and quality of             again as Muncie’s finest. We         providing quality plants at
                                    sidering there are no similar     their selection. They carry a         really appreciate that.” In the      good prices.
       ince it opened in 1935,      businesses. Though most peo-      wide variety of plants through        future, G&M will continue

S      G&M has helped
       Muncie residents pick
and care for their plants. After
                                    ple can go to box companies
                                    for their plant needs, Larry
                                    said, “People that know plants
                                                                      all seasons. They grow these
                                                                      plants on eight acres out in the
                                                                      country and three and a half
the original owners retired, it     know it’s not the same.”          acres in town. G&M nearly
was passed to a loyal G&M           G&M is different. They offer      grows all of the plants they
employee, Larry Simmons.            good, friendly service, reason-   sell, they even grow their own
Ever since, Larry and his wife,     able prices and quality plants.   poinsettias which go on sale
Kathie, have run G&M with           However, they could never         the week before Thanksgiving
quality in mind. “It’s top qual-    have made it this far without     and stretch straight through to
ity at a fair price,” Larry said.   their loyal customers. “We        Christmas. You may be able to
“We offer a wide selection of       have great customers,” Larry      buy small poinsettias at the lo-
really top quality plants.”         said. “[They] feel we treat       cal box companies, but G&M
   This year, as G&M once           them very fair and in return,     offers florist quality poinsettias.
again wins Muncie Area’s            they repay us with this award.”      In the end, Larry wishes to
Finest nursery, it is also cele-       If you have never visited      pass on a “thank you to the
brating its 70th year in busi-      G&M, you’ll be surprised by       community for voting for us

Minnetrista Center is Muncie’s
tourist stop
By: Rachel Davis                  document Muncie’s history.        of prey and studies their life
                                  Currently the “Something          patterns and reveals interesting
       trolling through beauti- Old, Something New” exhibit features about them. Minne-

S      ful gardens, experiencing includes bridal gowns, some
       nature, learning about
local history and enjoying re-
                                  dating back to the 1890s.
                                                                    trista always ties in each exhib-
                                                                    it with information about East
                                  “They offer a wonderful retro- Central Indiana.
gional art. You can do all of     spective of [our] past and tradi-    Nature, history, gardens and
these things at Minnetrista       tions,” Tari said. It will run    art are Minnetrista’s corner-
Center and Oakhurst Gardens. through February 19.                   stones; they are the core of
For yet another year, they           Another exhibit starting Oc- their existence. Tari welcomes
have won Muncie Area’s            tober 29 and running thru         everyone to “come and expe-
Finest tourist stop. Minnetrista April 16 is “Hunters of the        rience all the things we offer.”               3400 N. Wheeling Ave. • Muncie, Indiana 47304
Center at 1200 N. Minnetrista Sky.” It looks at various birds                                                                     (765) 747-1118
Parkway is at the heart of
Muncie. It is a beautiful place
that allows visitors to bask in             2005 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS
the beauty of its gardens,                                                                                        Thanks Again Muncie!
buildings and sculptures while
learning something new. “We
                                                                                                                  For Voting Us the Best
continue to do wonderful ex-                                                                                       Five Years in a Row!
hibits and programs for resi-
dents and visitors alike,” said                                                                               Our success didn’t happen overnight, it took years of
Tari Lambert, director of mar-                                                                                training and education through the I.I.C.R.C. (Institute
keting and merchandising.                                                                                     of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification).
                                              Thanks for Voting Beyond Dance
   Exhibits are continually go-                                                                               All of our technicians are nationally certified and go thru
ing on through the entire year.             Muncie Area’s Finest Dance School
                                                                                                              extensive training and testing to keep us updated with
They offer a “wonderful op-
portunity every day,” Tari
                                                      SIGN UP TODAY FOR:                                      all the latest technologies. We accredit our success to
                                                                                                              education and commitment to our clients!
said. “To learn and enjoy the                              • JAZZ • TAP               *N
heritage of East Central Indi-                                                    BOY EW *
ana and its businesses.”                         *
                                                              • BALLET                   SO                                                   EAST CENTRAL INDIANA’S FINEST
                                            EW ING • HIP-HOP                                 NLY
   Minnetrista’s collections sec-        * N AD
tion is quite extensive and pre-            RLE
serves the heritage and history      C HEE             • ADULT HIP-HOP
of the region. Their Heritage                          FOR AGES 3 & UP
Collection, including 12,000                                                                                                              Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
objects, strives to preserve the                      4709 N. WHEELING
stories of the region. They               MUNCIE, IN 47304 • 765-254-9466                                                              282-6089                                                MUNCIE AREA’S FINEST                                                   Monday, November 7, 2005   3

An Outdoor Adventure                                                    Jack’s Camera Shop – Here to get you
Indoors                                                                 what you need
By: Rachel Davis                    such as business luncheons with     By: Rachel Davis                can also visit them online at      they opened. This loyalty is
                                    their expanded dining room                                               due to their willingness to
          ike and Marsha            and patio out back that seats              ince 1948, Jack’s           Nahre said, “Customer ser-      help their customers. In or-

M         Thompson started with
          a simple sandwich
shop, but after a while with just
                                    roughly fifty people. Over the
                                    last few years necessity has re-
                                    quired the increased seating. Al-
                                                                        S      Camera shop has
                                                                               helped Muncie resi-
                                                                                                        vice is the main thing we
                                                                                                        specialize in.” The store sells
                                                                        dents find the perfect camera cameras and equipment, but
                                                                                                                                           der to be of further service,
                                                                                                                                           Jack’s Camera Shop provides
                                                                                                                                           workshops four or five times
sandwiches, they decided they       though there is plenty of room,     and more importantly, un-       they also have an in-store lab     a year to help customers
wanted to move to a bigger          White River Landing also offers     derstand how to use it. Jack’s that does professional quality      learn how to use their cam-
menu. Thus, White River             carry out for their customers.      Camera Shop won Muncie          work. When customers come          era. Most importantly, Tom
Landing was born. White River          White River Landing is most      Area’s Finest for best place to into their store, they strive to   urges customers not to be in-
Landing is a family pub that re-    known for their Panini sand-        buy a camera. Mike Powell       give them what they need,          timidated. “Yes we know
sides at 117 W. Charles St.,        wiches. These are grilled sand-     has owned Jack’s Camera         not to sell them the most ex-      photography, but we’re not
across from the Convention          wiches brushed with oil. Also of    Shop since 1972 when the        pensive camera or to get           here to belittle people,” he
Center. This year they have         popularity are their Barbeque       previous owner died and         them done and out the door.        said. “We’re here to help.
won Muncie Area’s Finest            ribs. “[We have] some of the        Mike moved from manager         “We take time to explain           We’re price competitive and
restaurant for a business lun-      best ribs in town,” Matt said. In   to owner. The store has al-     camera equipment,” Tom             we’re here to get you what
cheon. Matt Zacek, general          addition, cold beer and wine        ways been in Downtown           said. “We’re willing to hold       you need.”
manager for five years, said,       are available seven days a week     Muncie, but it has moved        the customer’s hand…that’s
“We’re convenient and afford-       and White River Landing does        from Charles Street to Mul-     very rare.”
able.” While they have televi-      catering and banquets.              berry Street and finally in        While Jack’s Camera Shop
sions, the largest attraction at       Service at White Water           1978, to its location at 300 E. works to sell customers the
White River Landing is the          Landing makes it a special place.   Main. “We’re pretty com-        right camera, Tom explained
over 100 fishing antiques that      They have many loyal employ-        mitted to being a downtown that the “one on one rapport
serve as an addition to the         ees. “We have really good, ded-     merchant, we like down-         we have with customers” is
restaurant décor.                   icated staff,” Matt said. “We       town,” Tom Nahre, manager most important to them.
   White Water Landing can          gave good food, good service,       for 31 years, said. “We want Jack’s Camera Shop has had
accommodate large groups,           good atmosphere.”                   to contribute to that.” You     some customers since the day

                                                                                                                            4116 West Bethel Ave.

                                    117 W. Charles St.
                                                                                                                                                  We also
                                                                                                                                                  want to
                                                                                                                                                 who voted
                                                                                                                                                    or us
     We are proud to receive your votes and thank you for naming us                                                                                  at
                            Muncie Areas Finest                                                                                            Mancinos!
                                place to have a business lunch!
4    Monday, November 7, 2005                                    MUNCIE AREA’S FINEST                                                                    

Timber’s Lounge is the place for a great steak
By: Rachel Davis                  with little food. When he          utes his win to his great clien-    great cook,” he said. “They          with other businesses banning
                                  bought it, he added a larger       tele who are happy with the         do a fantastic job for me.”          indoor smoking.
           hen Ralph              menu that added a new ele-         food. “It’s a fulfilling job,” he      Timber’s Lounge serves a             While Timber’s Lounge has

W          Kennedy bought
           his restaurant 22
years ago, he was looking for
                                  ment to the old bar.
                                     Twelve years ago, Ralph
                                  bought an old tire store, gut-
                                                                     said. “It’s very pleasing be-
                                                                     cause [the award] comes from
                                                                     your customers.”
                                                                                                         mixed crowd. “It’s a good
                                                                                                         mix of customers,” he said of
                                                                                                         the mixture of professions.
                                                                                                                                              been open for 22 years, he
                                                                                                                                              couldn’t do it without his em-
                                                                                                                                              ployees and his partner and
a break from his twenty years     ted it, and moved Timber’s             Though the meat is cut          “It’s a nice, casual place, rea-     wife, Barbara. “It’s a good
selling bread. Ralph was tired    Lounge into its current home       daily, he attributes his great      sonable prices, good place to        place to come for a good meal
of moving around for his job      at 2770 W. Kilgore. For the        steaks to his talented grill        bring your friends and social-       at a reasonable price,” Ralph
and after a bit of time, an op-   first time, Timber’s Lounge        cooks who have been with            ize,” said Ralph. Smoking is         said. While you’re at it, bring
portunity opened to buy a         has won Muncie Area’s Finest       him for five to ten years.          allowed in Timber’s Lounge           your friends and enjoy your-
business with a friend. At the    for finest sports bar and best     “You can buy the best meat,         because Ralph believes smok-         self.
time, it was more of a bar        place to get a steak. He attrib-   but [it’s worthless] without a      ers need a place to smoke

Albany Golf Club is a golfer’s paradise
By: Rachel Davis                   Before opening Albany             Monday through Sunday,
                                Golf Club at 1100 East Golf          from daylight to dark. While
“            e spend a lot of   Course Drive in Albany, Stan         it closes between December                                             Thank you
 W           time and effort to
             make the golf
course better,” said Stan
                                was in the car business. He
                                has always loved golf and
                                started playing back in his
                                                                     and February depending on
                                                                     the first snow, they open the
                                                                     moment the grass begins to
                                                                                                                                            Muncie for
Richards, owner of Albany       twenties. When he opened             show again. Stan encourages                                            Voting US
Golf Club. For the second year Albany Golf Club, he added            everyone to come give them a
in a row, Albany Golf Club      twelve holes and built addi-         try, you’ll be pleasantly sur-
has won Muncie Area’s Finest tional structures, but the work         prised. Although the dip in                                           BEST
golf course. For 13 years, Al-  hasn’t stopped there. Last year,     the economy has hurt every-
bany Golf Club has offered an the addition of a drive thru           one, Stan continues to put                                         SPORTS BAR
amazing course to golf lovers.  added even better service for        money back into the golf
They also offer a driving       their clients. Clients could         course in his never-ending                                             and
range, outing facilities, pro   now drive up and buy food            mission to keep making the
shop, lounge, and six target    and drinks without leaving           course better. “I don’t think
greens. They are always work- their golf cart. “It’s just like       anyone works harder at the
                                                                                                                                            Dine In or Carry Out
ing to improve their course,    it’s a kid to us,” he said. A kid    golf business than us and it
never satisfied with where they that they care about and take        shows,” he said. “[I’d like to]                                           2770 KILGORE •
are. “It’s going to just keep   pride in.                            thank everybody for voting                                               MUNCIE • 282-8461
getting better,” he said.          Albany Golf Club is open          for us.”

                    THANK YOU
                 StarPress Readers
                     For Voting

                           DOWNTOWN ALBANY

           BEST PLACE TO
          HAVE BREAKFAST                                                Yo u h a v e n ’t p l a y e d g o l f
                      If you have not been to                            until you’ve played at
                      Osborn’s, Check Us Out!
                      • BREAKFAST
                      • LUNCH
                      • DINNER
                      DOWNTOWN ALBANY
    Debra Osborn                                                                                                                 10 miles N.E. of Muncie                                                        MUNCIE AREA’S FINEST                                                                                Monday, November 7, 2005     5

Your Home Away from Home
By: Rachel Davis                 very humbled by the response.                  profit. “We did it so people                                 walked in the door.               back. It’s a pleasant, happy ex-
                                 I absolutely can’t thank them                  would feel better when they                                     While Bruner’s offers good     perience with great people and
    n July, Bruner’s Family      enough.”                                       left than when they came in,”                                food at a reasonable price like   equally great personal service.

I   Restaurant at 2200 W. Kil-
    gore will celebrate its 20th
year in business. While Bill
                                    What Pat values the most is
                                 the “rapport we have with the
                                 customers and the customers
                                                                                she explained.
                                                                                   Bruner’s is like a small town.
                                                                                When clients come in by
                                                                                                                                             other restaurants in town, Pat
                                                                                                                                             said it is the “personal atten-
                                                                                                                                             tion that we strive to give”
                                                                                                                                                                               “Most people know us pretty
                                                                                                                                                                               well,” she said. “And that’s a
                                                                                                                                                                               plus, that’s what we like.”
and Pat Bruner spent ten years with customers.” Clients come                    themselves, they’re soon sitting                             which keeps bringing people
in association with Richards,    in like clockwork, sometimes                   with others and making new
they left to create Bruner’s and several times a day. She said,                 friends. “It’s a family affair, not
try something new. “We tried “[We have] absolutely beauti-
it and it happened,” Pat said.   ful clientele.” Over the years,
                                                                                just our family, it’s our cus-
                                                                                tomers too,” she said. While
                                                                                                                                                        Thanks For Voting Us
This year, Bruner’s Family       their two daughters Brenda                     all ages frequent their restau-                                      Muncie’s Finest Jewelry Store.
Restaurant won Muncie Area’s and Beth have taken on a large                     rant, they designed the build-
Finest for family restaurant.    portion of managing the family                 ing to accommodate their old-                                        We Appreciate Your Business.
“I’m very grateful. We try       restaurant. While Pat acknowl-                 er patrons. They wanted them
very hard to make everyone       edges it’s a great place, they                 to be able to see every foot of                                              Serving you for 51 years
feel at home,” she said. “I’m    didn’t just start it to turn a                 the restaurant when they

Ashcraft Jewelers makes special
moments last forever
By: Rachel Davis                    base.” Of importance is educat-             looking for.
                                    ing their customers on diamond                 “We’re very appreciative
    n April 1973, Joe Ashcraft      quality. Employees explain the              that people have continued to                                                         525 E. McGalliard      284-8811

I   and his father started
    Ashcraft Jewelers. His father
had been in the jewelry busi-
                                    four C’s (cut, color, clarity, and
                                    caret weight) to diamond buy-
                                    ers so they can purchase a piece
                                                                                vote for us,” Joe said. In the
                                                                                future, Ashcraft Jewelers hopes
                                                                                to have the chance to continue
                                                                                                                                                                       M-Thurs 9-5:30; Fri. 9-7; Sat. 9-4
ness for 53-54 years before re-     of jewelry that fits in their bud-          taking good care of their                                                         !
                                                                                                                                                          In A Row
tiring in 1989. The store was       get and is exactly what they are            Muncie customers.                                                 4 Years

in Downtown Muncie for 19
years before it moved to its
current location at 525 E. Mc-                    THANKS MUNCIE!!
Galliard thirteen years ago.                   “Best Family Restaurant’’
This year, Ashcraft Jewelers has
won Muncie Area’s Finest              • Homecooked Daily Specials
                                                                                                                                               WE APPRECIATE YOU
                                      • Personal Service
place to buy jewelry. This is
due to their selection, quality       • Reasonable Prices                                                                                       SELECTING US . . .
products and friendly staff of-
fered in a clean, bright and
quiet atmosphere.
                                                                                      Family Restaurant
                                                                                         2200 Kilgore Ave
                                                                                                                                                           BEST Home Improvement Store
   Ashcraft Jewelers is a full                                                  “A Smoke Free Environment”
service jewelry store that sells                      288-2711 • Open Mon.-Sat. 6am-8pm.; Sun. 7am-3pm

jewelry, but they also do re-                                                                                                                             BEST Place to Buy Hardware/Tools
pairs, ring sizing and custom
designs. Ashcraft offers a nice
line of fashion and designer
jewelry that is “geared toward                                          revive your                                                                        BEST Place to Buy Paint
every customer,” Joe said.
They have products ranging
                                                                          body& soul
                                                               Treat yourself     Healthful Touch
from $50 on up. Ashcraft also                                                      Therapeutic
has a versatility of styles and                                to a day at the... Massage Clinic
merchandise. They carry                                                •   Swedish Massage • Deep Tissue
                                                                       •   Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy
unique items like Mark                                                 •   Neuromuscular Therapy • Reiki
Schneider designs and Pandora,                                         •   Lymphatic Drainage • Aromatherapy
                                                                       •   Hot Stone Massage • Hydrotherapy
a new fashion bracelet line.


                                                                                                           w/ purchase of any massage of
   Even with the finest quality
jewelry, Ashcraft knows their           Thank you for                                %    oFF
                                                                                    expires 11-30-05
                                                                                                           $100 or more. One per cus-
                                                                                                           tomer. Not valid with any other
customers are the key. “Our             Voting Us the
main forte is customer service.         Best Massage                      free
                                                                                   Healthful Touch   Professional
                                                              Please Feel free to contact one of our Professional Massage Therapists

We’re very personal,” Joe said.           Therapy                     LuAnn Williams, NCTMB
                                                                      Kris Englemann, NCTMB            286-3173                                     4401 West Clara Lane • (765) 287-1606
“We have a real loyal customer                                        Stephanie O’Neal, ABMP
6    Monday, November 7, 2005                                    MUNCIE AREA’S FINEST                                                          

Cunningham Optical One helps clients see clearer
By: Rachel Davis                   are awarded for finest optical    said James’ wife, Paula. “We      take prescriptions from any-    standing tradition, they hope
                                   store.                            want to take care of cus-         where and offer 1 to 3 hour     to continue to provide a
       or over 25 years, Cun-         Cunningham Optical One         tomers.”                          service on glasses. The most    pleasant atmosphere and ex-

F      ningham Optical One
       has been in Muncie.
While their Muncie store re-
                                   started back in 1965 when
                                   James’ uncle started the busi-
                                   ness. In 1974, they opened
                                                                        They were voted Muncie’s
                                                                     finest optical store due to
                                                                     their long standing and
                                                                                                       important thing to Cunning-
                                                                                                       ham Optical One is friendli-
                                                                                                       ness. Paula said, “That’s our
                                                                                                                                       cellent service to their cus-
                                                                                                                                       tomers so that they have the
                                                                                                                                       opportunity to take care of
sides at 1608 W. McGalliard,       their Muncie office. Current-     friendly staff. They also only    whole goal, to be friendly      them year after year. “We try
James Bradley owns fourteen        ly, James works with his          carry the best products and       and to treat [customers like    to really emphasize service
stores within Indiana. For the     brother and uncle to run the      offer affordable prices. Cun-     they’re] special.”              and quality,” James said.
third year, Cunningham Op-         various locations. “Our goal      ningham Optical One can              As Cunningham Optical        “Our reputation is very im-
tical One has won Muncie           is to be friendly and offer the   even do most optical jobs         One continues its long-         portant to us.”
Area’s Finest. This year, they     best value on optical glasses,”   within their full lab. They

Concannon’s can meet all your sweet
tooth needs
By: Rachel Davis                   has added an additional 1,800     seem like they couldn’t ex-
                                   square feet. This has allowed     pand anymore, Mike still
          oncannon’s at 620 N.     them to create an area where      hopes to expand a little each

C         Walnut has been the
          cure for the common
sweet tooth for 46 years. In
                                   customers can sit and view
                                   wedding cake options. With-
                                   in this new space is also 96
                                                                     year. He said, “We try to
                                                                     make the bakery better every
                                                                     year…we wanted to make
                                                                                                              Thanks Muncie for voting us
                                                                                                              BEST OPTICAL STORE
addition to pastries, Concan-      feet of candy shelving. While     the bakery nicer.”
non’s has branched out into        the popcorn and candy addi-          If you’re looking for a per-
gourmet popcorn and fine           tions started small, it has       fect gift this holiday season,
                                                                                                             Serving the                        Making you
chocolate. The gourmet pop-        grown since its inception in      Concannon’s now sells gift              Muncie area                        look good is
corn comes in at least 25 dif-     February/March.                   baskets as well as regular,             since 1974.                       our business!
ferent flavors. The most pop-         Since 1998, they have sent     novelty, and holiday-themed
ular flavor is chocolate           their bakery products to con-     tins for their popcorn and
caramel corn with chocolate,       venience stores and they are      candy. Come in and see the               1608 W. McGalliard Road • Muncie
white chocolate, almonds,          now looking at adding their       new additions for yourself!                765-289-4475 • 1-800-888-3434
and pecans. Concannon’s also       popcorn and candy to this
                                                                                                           Mon.-Fri. 8am-6pm; Tues. 8am-7:30pm; Sat. 8am-2pm
offers 100 varieties of fine       shipment. While it might
chocolate that range from
creams and toffees, but they
                                                           NEWLY REMODELED!
also sell items like pecan brit-
tle and chocolate covered ap-                           Thank you for voting us
ples. Mike Concannon ex-
plained, “We try to make                               Muncie Area’s
                                                                                                         • New & Custom Build              • Upgrades
better products with what
we’ve got.” Concannon’s                             Finest Bakery again!!                                  Computers                       • Accessories
currently has a kiosk at the                           You do the cooking — we’ll do the baking!         • Quality Service                 • Small Business
Muncie Mall selling their                              We are now featuring GOURMET                      • Nationwide Warranty              Networks
products.                                              POPCORN in attractive collector tins.
                                                       Stop in today and see our selection.                     America’s Largest Computer Franchise
   Concannon’s has won
                                                       Have you tried our Fine Chocolates!
“Muncie Area’s Finest” for                             Truffles, Nuts, Cremes & many more!
finest bakery every year. This
is based on their hand made                       • Dinner Rolls • Pies & Cakes • Tea Cookies
products, recipes that are                       • Coffee Cakes • Breads • Donuts • Brownies
                                                          • Mini Danish • And More!!
made from scratch and good
                                                         “Over 47 years of Sweetness”                                                  WE’RE ALL ABOUT COMPUTERS
service. In past years, Con-
cannon’s was renovated,
                                                                              620 N. Walnut                         1511 W. McGalliard
adding more front space for
                                                  Pastriesw, Fine               288-8551                                (In Northwest Plaza)
customers and more work-
space in the back for staff.                       Chocolates                   Open 5:30 a.m.                             288-9530
Since last year, Concannon’s                   & Gourmet Popcorn                                                MUNCIE AREA’S FINEST                                                                   Monday, November 7, 2005      7

Ford’s Menswear is the                                                  Clancy’s Village Bowl is still #1
best place for men’s                                                    By: Rachel Davis                       as well as pool. “We’re trying to
                                                                                                               promote us as a family fun cen-
                                                                                                                                                          as much fun and spend less by go-
                                                                                                                                                          ing bowling rather than seeing a
clothes                                                                        or five years, Clancy’s Vil-    ter,” Josh said. With a clean, fami-       movie. He explained, “The over-

By: Rachel Davis                 anymore [than other stores],”
                                 Max said. Another misconcep-
                                                                        F      lage Bowl has won Muncie
                                                                               Area’s Finest for finest
                                                                        bowling center. Josh Wooten,
                                                                                                               ly friendly atmosphere, he notes
                                                                                                               that a family of four can have just
                                                                                                                                                          all entertainment money is better
                                                                                                                                                          spent here.”

       orty years ago, Max Ford tion is that Ford’s Menswear is-

                                                                        general manager since June, said
       bought out an old tailor
       store and started Ford’s
                                 n’t independent. However,
                                 Max runs Ford’s Menswear
                                                                        they are popular because their
                                                                        bowling center is clean, modern,
                                                                        and has friendly staff. “Our staff
                                                                                                                        Kenny’s                                Serving Central Indiana
                                                                                                                                                                     Since 1957
Menswear. Their store was near while his wife, Susan, runs Her
the McGalliard mall for twenty Closet.                                  makes all the difference,” Josh                  FLOOR COVERING, INC.
years, but two years ago they        Both stores are unique be-         said. “[We’re a] modern, updated,
                                                                        newer facility.” They reside at          Residential & Commercial
moved to 3000 N. Wheeling.       cause there aren’t many inde-
While some might think Ford’s pendent women and men’s                   4805 N. Wheeling.
                                                                                                                       Carpet • Vinyl • Ceramic • Laminate • Hardwood
Menswear only rents tuxedos      clothing stores left. Although            Bowling alleys have a stigma of
and sells expensive suits, they  it’s rare, they are still persisting   a place to go to drink and smoke,
                                                                        but Clancy’s works to remove                                Thanks for voting us
also sell men and women’s retail against large box companies
clothing. Ford’s Menswear also within Muncie. While there are           that stigma. Two years ago, they                           East Central Indiana’s
                                                                        spent $500,000 on new renova-
provides free alterations. For   nine total employees, Max and                                                                     Finest Flooring Store!
                                                                        tions which created a concourse
this reason, they were voted     Susan work everyday at their
                                                                        rather than the usual pits. It’s an
Muncie Area’s Finest men’s       stores. “We do what we can,”           open concept and except for two
clothing store. “We base busi-   Max said. “We’re here to take                                                             Financing Available
                                                                        steps down, it is completely level.
ness on customers,” Max said.    care of the customers.”                Josh explained the stigma comes
   Although Ford’s Menswear          Ford’s Menswear plans to           from the 60s and 70s when ciga-                 2110 W. Enterprise Ave.
has been around for forty years, continue serving Muncie resi-          rette smoking drunks went to                     (North of Riggin off Wheeling)
there are still misconceptions.  dents for “all their clothing          bowling alleys for fun.                                  289-1077
Some people think Ford’s         needs, for men and women,                 However, Clancy’s bowling                          900 W. 8th
Menswear is a very expensive     dressy to casual,” Max said.           center offers fun for all ages, even                   (8th & Hoyt)
store, but the prices are moder- “That’s how we’ve survived all         Ball State students. There are                         289-2231
ate. “Our price points aren’t    these years.                           video games for youth and adults
8       Monday, November 7, 2005                                                     MUNCIE AREA’S FINEST                                                                                    

Muncie Area’s Finest Winners
        MUNCIE’S FINEST                        BEST PLACE TO BUY                             MUNCIE’S FINEST                                 BEST PLACE TO                                 MUNCIE’S FINEST
         ELECTRICIAN                           CHILDREN’S SHOES                               OPTICAL SHOP                                     BUY GIFTS                                   MEXICAN FOOD
         Bowden Electric                            Brinkman’s                              Cunningham Optical One                              Hallmark                                      LaHacienda

Ritchel Bowden (left), Evelyn Bowden      Ellen Brinkman (left), Tony Brinkman        John Hester                                  Carla Hickey (left), Stacey Greene (right)      Donna Arbogast (left), Karroll Allred (right)
(right)                                   (right)

        MUNCIE’S FINEST                           MUNCIE’S FINEST                           MUNCIE’S FINEST                             BEST PLACE TO BUY                                  MUNCIE’S FINEST
              BANK                                 ASIAN FOOD                             FINANCIAL PLANNING                             FLOOR COVERING                                    ENTERTAINMENT
         Old National Bank                            Red Sun                               First Merchants Bank                         Kenny’s Floor Covering                            The New Village Inn

                 Jeff Carnes              Jimmy Getz (left), Rich Yang (right)        Sherri Beabout                               Pete Stafford (left), Amy Jones (middle), Ron   From left: Jeff Ellison, Phil Kern, Pat
                                                                                                                                   Stafford (right)                                Roberts, Tim Carney

        MUNCIE’S FINEST                         MUNCIE’S FINEST                                MUNCIE’S FINEST                            MUNCIE’S FINEST                                MUNCIE’S FINEST
           INSURANCE                                 BAKERY                                     AUTO PARTS                               DAY CARE CENTER                              INVESTMENT COMPANY
        State Farm Insurance                   Concannon’s Pastry Shop                            Auto Zone                                 Wee Wisdom                                 First Merchants Investment

Monti Mace                                Mary Ann Concannon (left), Vickie Arison    Brian Blackburn                              MaLinda Irwin (left), Denise Allen (center),    Terri Matchett
                                          (right)                                                                                  Elizabeth Hultz (right)

     BEST PLACE TO BUY                    MUNCIE’S MOST FAVORITE                               MUNCIE’S FINEST                           MUNCIE’S FINEST                                  MUNCIE’S FINEST
          TATOOS                               RESTAURANT                                       DRY CLEANERS                            STEAK, SPORTS BAR                                  VETERINARIAN
         Dragon Slayer                       Outback Steak House                                 Vogue Cleaners                            Timbers Lounge                                 Boyce Animal Hospital

John Wright (left), Glen Wright (right)   Troy Mink                                   Billy Shroyer (left), Bill Shroyer (right)   From left: Mark Cross, Danyelle Cross, Bar-     Roma Warren (left), Flo Saluatore (left)
                                                                                                                                   bara Kennedy, Ralph Kennedy

    MUNCIE’S FINEST FAST                         MUNCIE’S FINEST                               MUNCIE’S FINEST                            MUNCIE’S FINEST                                  MUNCIE’S FINEST
     FOOD RESTAURANT                           HEATING & COOLING                               PHOTO STUDIO                              MASSAGE THERAPY                                   HOME BUILDERS
          Wendy’s                               A-1 Heating & Cooling                           Thornburg Studio                           Healthful Touch                                  Bookout Builders

Scott Gasser                              Wilson Rosenbaum                            Lisa Rogers (left), Steve Rogers (right)     LuAnn Williams (left), Stephanie O’Neal         Bill Bookout (left), Brad Bookout (right)
                                                                                                                                   (center), Kris Engelmann (right)                                                                              MUNCIE AREA’S FINEST                                                                             Monday, November 7, 2005                9

Muncie Area’s Finest Winners
        MUNCIE’S FINEST                                  BEST PLACE TO BUY                               BEST PLACE TO BUY                                 MUNCIE’S FINEST                             BEST PLACE TO BUY
       CARPET CLEANING                                     WINE, LIQUOR                                          ART                                             WINGS                                      JEWELRY
          Abbey Road                                        Muncie Liquors                                  Gordy’s Art Mart                               Buffalo Wild Wings                             Ashcraft Jewelers

Theresa Rozelle (left), Mike Rozelle (right)       Chris Johnson                                   Elizabeth Fisher (left), Karen Fisher (right)   Brandon Caudill (left), Mat Townsend           Amy Wiese (left), Bev Beeman (center),
                                                                                                                                                   (right)                                        Shawna Weaver (right)

        MUNCIE’S FINEST                                  MUNCIE’S FINEST                                   MUNCIE’S FINEST                                MUNCIE’S FINEST                              MUNCIE’S FINEST
         GOLF COURSE                                  INTERIOR DECORATOR                                    BOOK STORE                                   SHOPPING CENTER                             TOURIST ATTRACTION
         Albany Golf Club                                Willowbrook Interiors                              Danner’s Books                                  Muncie Mall                                   Minnetrista

Carol Richards (left) Stan Richards (left)         Cindy Slavin (left), Fred Reese (center),       Dottie Danner (left), Logan Winslow             Stacey Nance                                   Tari Lambert
                                                   Angela King (right)                             (center), Joy Winslow (right)

             MUNCIE’S                                      MUNCIE’S FINEST                                 MUNCIE’S FINEST                              MUNCIE’S FINEST                                 MUNCIE’S FINEST
              FINEST                                         BARBEQUE                                      SUPERMARKET,                            RESTAURANT ATMOSPHERE,                              NURSERY/GARDEN
            TENDERLOIN                                         RIBS                                            MEAT                                  WINE LIST, FINE DINING                                 CENTER
              Mulligan’s                                      Damon’s                                          Marsh                                         Vince’s                                  G&M Pet & Garden Center

Robin Lorance (left), Jennifer Jones (right)       Tricia Sutton (left), Rich Sutton (right)       Brad McLachlan                                  Ann Nelson (left) Kassie Adams (center), Jim   Larry Simmons (left) Kathie Simmons (right)
                                                                                                                                                   Adams (right)

BEST PLACE TO BUY TIRES                                    MUNCIE’S FINEST                                 MUNCIE’S FINEST
                                                                                                                                                   Muncie Area’s Finest Winners (not pictured)
    MUNCIE’S FINEST                                           DESSERT,                                      RESTAURANT                             MUNCIE’S FINEST BANQUET FACILITY
                                                                                                                                                               Slater Hawkins
                                                                                                                                                                                                     MUNCIE’S FINEST APPLIANCES
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 H H Gregg
   AUTO REPAIR SHOP,                                          HOT DOG,                                        SERVICE,                                  MUNCIE’S FINEST BINGO                       MUNCIE’S FINEST CAMERA SHOP
       OIL CHANGE                                            ICE CREAM                                      PATIO DINING                                           Amvet’s                                     Jack’s Camera
 Cooper Tire and Auto Service                                Dairy Dream                                    Texas Roadhouse                        MUNCIE’S FINEST BOWLING CENTER                   MUNCIE’S FINEST CREDIT UNION
                                                                                                                                                            Clancy’s Village Bowl                            WGE Credit Union
                                                                                                                                                        MUNCIE’S FINEST BUFFET                              MUNCIE’S FINEST
                                                                                                                                                                   Ryan’s                              DANCE LESSONS/SCHOOL
                                                                                                                                                            MUNCIE’S FINEST                                    Beyond Dance
                                                                                                                                                          FAMILY RESTAURANT                            MUNCIE’S FINEST FLORIST
                                                                                                                                                                  Bruner’s                                       Normandy
                                                                                                                                                      BEST PLACE TO HAVE A BEER                          MUNCIE’S FINEST GYM
                                                                                                                                                             Scotty’s Brewhouse                                    YMCA
                                                                                                                                                    BEST PLACE TO HAVE BREAKFAST                     MUNCIE’S FINEST HAIR SALON,
Rich Reaoner (left), Ray Conley (right)            Angie St. John (left), Rex St. John (right)     Cate Sabatine                                                  Osborn’s                        MANICURE/PEDICURE, SPA THERAPY
                                                                                                                                                        BEST PLACE TO HAVE A                                      Mod’i•fi
                                                                                                                                                          BUSINESS LUNCHEON                         MUNCIE’S FINEST HOTEL/MOTEL
                                                                                                                                                            White River Landing                                 Roberts Hotel
                                                                                                                                                       MUNCIE’S FINEST CHICKEN                              MUNCIE’S FINEST
    MUNCIE’S FINEST                                   MUNCIE’S FINEST                                   MUNCIE’S FINEST                                    Kentucky Fried Chicken                      MEN’S CLOTHING STORE
  CARRY-OUT, CATERING                               HOME IMPROVEMENT,                                 WOMEN’S SHOE STORE,                               MUNCIE’S FINEST COFFEE                                Ford’s Menswear
  SERVICE, LOCAL CHEF,                               BEST PLACE TO BUY                                 WOMEN’S CLOTHING                                           Speedway                               MUNCIE’S FINEST PET
       PRIME RIB                                   HARDWARE/TOOLS, PAINT                                    STORE                                    MUNCIE’S FINEST HAMBURGER                      CARE/GROOMING, PET SUPPLIES
                                                                                                                                                                Burger King                                       Petsmart
      Pete’s Duck Inn                                       Lowe’s                                         L. S. Ayres
                                                                                                                                                     MUNCIE’S FINEST ITALIAN FOOD                     MUNCIE’S FINEST PLUMBER
                                                                                                                                                                Olive Garden                                     Mike Jones
                                                                                                                                                          MUNCIE’S FINEST PIE                      MUNCIE’S FINEST TRAVEL AGENCY
                                                                                                                                                                 Bob Evans                                  Green’s Travel Center
                                                                                                                                                        MUNCIE’S FINEST PIZZA                         MUNCIE’S FINEST ANTIQUES
                                                                                                                                                                 Pizza King                              Off Broadway Antique Mall
                                                                                                                                                      MUNCIE’S FINEST SANDWICH                       MUNCIE’S FINEST COMPUTERS
                                                                                                                                                                Panera Bread                                      Best Buy
                                                                                                                                                     MUNCIE’S FINEST SOUP & SALAD                    MUNCIE’S FINEST FURNITURE
                                                                                                                                                                Olive Garden                                    Gill Brothers
Phil Peterson (left), Linda Alley (center), Bri-   Jeremy Creech (left), Joan Stohler (center),    Mary Turner (left), Lori Newell (left)           MUNCIE’S FINEST SUB SANDWICH                   BEST PLACE TO BUY ART SUPPLIES
an Addington (right)                               Jon Hill-Hart (right)                                                                                           Subway                                       Hobby Lobby
10      Monday, November 7, 2005                                 MUNCIE AREA’S FINEST                                                                                    

Change has only made Vince’s better
By: Rachel Davis                 business. With this change,       their wine and how it is                               clients can try the different       ence and wonderful food.
                                 Vince’s has only gotten bet-      pared with food. Jim and                               varieties.                          Kassie said, “You can expect
        ince’s has seen a lot of ter. Before January, the qual-    Kassie are still working on                               Vince’s continues to be ca-      to have a wonderful dining

V       changes since its doors ity of food and service had
        opened in 1981.
Vince Buchannnan started
                                 begun to dwindle. Their first
                                 change was to reverse this
                                                                   paring wine with meals, but
                                                                   they are optimistic. They
                                                                   have also added more variety
                                                                                                                          sually elegant which offers its
                                                                                                                          customers a unique experi-
                                                                                                                                                              experience and still be

Vince’s, but eventually sold it trend and once more place          to the wine list by offering
to Jim Davis. It then changed Vince’s among the best in
hands two more times before quality food and service. In
                                                                   “all pricing at all levels,”
                                                                   Kassie said. For them, it is
                                                                                                                            Voted Muncie Areas Finest . . .
sitting dormant. In 2000,        addition, they started provid-    more about variety. They
Mike Manley and Vince            ing Sunday brunch from 11         have also added half priced                                             ✔ Fine Dining Restaurant
Buchannnan reopened              to 3. “We’re really excited       wine on Wednesday so their                                              ✔ Restaurant Atmosphere
Vince’s at its original location about that,” Kassie said. “It’s
at the Delaware County Air- something that Muncie was                                                                                      ✔ Restaurant Wine List
port. On January 2, 2005, for missing.” For yet another
various reasons, both Vince      year, Vince’s has won                                                                                                                    Thank You!
and Mike decided it was time Muncie Area’s Finest for fine
to pass Vince’s on to new        dining, restaurant atmos-
owners. In stepped Jim and       phere, and wine list.
Kassie Adams. They had              With the new owners also
been looking for a restaurant came a change to Vince’s fa-
for over a year and when         mous wine list. While Jim
Vince’s went up for sale, it     has experience with wine,
was the perfect fit.             both have high hopes for
   While this is the first       Vince’s and hope to get on
restaurant the Adams have        the Wine Spectator list. This
owned, Jim has restaurant        is an industry publication that
experience and Kassie has a      looks at restaurants and
background in marketing and judges them on the quality of

                                                                         •        Shirts & Jeans Starched
                Bill Shroyer’s
                                                                         •        Complete Family Laundry                                          2-piece
                                          Convenient Locations           •        Wash, Dry, Fluff & Fold
                                                                                                                                               men’s & women’s
                                             288-7789                    •        Free Pick-up & Delivery
                                                                         •        FREE Drapery                                                  suits cleaned
                                                                         •        Same Day Service (in by
                                                                                 9-out by 5)                                                        for . . .
     For 50 years, our employees have
     made the commitment to bring you,
                                                                         •        Complete Alterations
                                                                         •        Suede & Leather Cleaning

     our customers, the best in:

                                                                         •        Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning
         • quality                                                       •Guaranteed length &&even hem lines
                                                                                  Take Down Rehang

         • service and                                                           4100 W. Bethel        1401 W. 8thy
                                                                                    288-2077             288-7789
         • convenience                                                               Mon.-Fri.            Mon.-Fri.
                                                                                 7 a.m.-6:30 p.m.      7 a.m.-5 p.m.
     We thank everyone for recognizing                                          Sat. 8 a.m.-3 p.m.   Sat. 8 a.m.-1 p.m.
     our efforts and voting us Muncie                              3608 N. Wheeling         604 S. Tillotson        302 E. Willard
     Areas Finest Cleaners!                                            288-6220                288-7697                288-1981
                                                                        Mon.-Fri.               Mon-Fri.                Mon-Fri.
              Bill & Shirley Shroyer                                 7 a.m.-8 p.m.           7 a.m.-7 p.m.         7:30 a.m.-5 p.m.                  Limit one • Offer expires 11-30-05
                                                                   Sat. 8 a.m.-4 p.m.      Sat. 8 a.m.-2 p.m.     Sat. 8 a.m. 12 noon                                          MUNCIE AREA’S FINEST                                                         Monday, November 7, 2005       11

Vogue remains the best place for dry cleaning
By: Rachel Davis                “We just want to continue to      they do. At the same time,        window treatments. As they              to continue to meet the ex-
                                meet their expectations.”         Shroyer values his dedicated      head into their 51st year,              pectations of our loyal cus-
         s Vogue Cleaners         Of the five Vogue stores        employees who are service         Shroyer said, “Everyday we              tomers.”

A        celebrates its 50th    Shroyer owns, some opened
         year in business, they back in the 80s. “What we
have won for the fifth year in have to sell is quality and ser-
                                                                  and quality minded.
                                                                    Vogue’s services include
                                                                  the usual dry cleaning ser-
                                                                                                    strive for quality. We just try

                                                                                                            A tradition of quality, excellence & dependability.
a row, Muncie Area’s Finest     vice and that’s what we strive    vices, but they also offer
for best dry cleaner. “We’re    to do,” Shroyer said. Vogue       suede and leather cleaning,
honored to receive the          Cleaners continually strives      wedding preservation, one-
Muncie Area’s Finest five       for quality with every job        hour service, and their special
years in a row,” said Bill
Shroyer, Vogue’s owner.
“We’ve had fifty great years.”
Vogue’s success is due to its
longevity, good quality,
friendly service and their                                                                                 For the fourth
proven track record. Though                                                                             straight year voted
they’ve been going for fifty                                                                          Muncie’s Finest
years, Shroyer said, “We                                                                                 Hotel!
have the same services, we’ve
just worked extra hard.”
   This award is proof of their
                                                                                                       Now taking reservations for New Year’s Eve!
good quality and first rate
                                                                                                       Call Zona today for your options!
customer service. “We’ve                                                                               741-7777 • ext. 294
continued to give good qual-
ity, excellent service, we’ve
                                                                                                            420 South High St., Muncie
worked extra hard to give
quality and service to our                                                                                        (765) 741-7777
customers,” Shroyer said.                                                                                       Fax (765) 747-0067

                                                  Since 1958 ... delivering the best in ...                     Baking • Taste • Quality

                                                                                                                                               $1.50 Off Any
                                                                                                                                              14’’ or 16’’ Pizza
                                                                                                                                Offer valid on Delivery, Carry out and
                                                                                                                                         Dining Room orders.
                                                                                                                                Must mention coupon when ordering.
                                                                                                                                   Not valid with any other coupon
                                                                                                                                              or discount.
                                                                                                                              ONE COUPON PER PIZZA     EXPIRES 11/30/05

        We appreciate                                                                                                                          8” Royal Feast
     everyone’s support in                                                                                                                        $4.99
   recognizing our efforts in                                                                                                                                PLUS TAX

                                                                                                                               Offer valid on Delivery, Carry out and
          delivering                                                                                                                    Dining Room orders.
                                                                                                                               Must mention coupon when ordering.
           Muncie’s Best                                                          Area’s Finest
                                                                                                                                  Not valid with any other coupon
                                                                                                                                             or discount.
                                                                                                                              ONE COUPON PER PIZZA    EXPIRES 11/30/05

              Pizza.                                                          2001, 2002, 2003,
                                                                                  2004 & 2005
12       Monday, November 7, 2005                                           MUNCIE AREA’S FINEST                                                                             

Mod’i·fi is still a cut above Muncie Liquor sells the best liquor and wine
                              By: Rachel Davis         for him.                   plained Muncie Liquor em-
the rest                        n 1981, Fred and Linda
                                                         Although they were voted
                                                       for their liquor and wine,
                                                                                  ployees actually carry on con-
                                                                                  versations with their cus-
By: Rachel Davis

       or the second year
                                 waxing, manicures, acrylic
                                 nails, skin treatments and                  I   Koger started Muncie
                                                                                 Liquors at the corner of
                                                                                                                     Chris said people most fre-
                                                                                                                     quently comment on their em-
                                                                                                                                                                  tomers. “It’s just a place that
                                                                                                                                                                  has good people,” he said.

                                 pedicures. The newest addi-                 Cherry and Washington. From             ployees. While some stores                   “Our biggest thing is that [cus-
       straight, Mod’i·fi has    tions are a spa-pedicure chair              one store, they grew into six           may focus only on selling the                tomers] like that we have per-
       won Muncie Area’s         and a skin care specialist that             locally owned and operated              customer something, Chris ex-                sonalities.”
Finest. This year they won       offers microdermabrasion                    stores. Muncie Liquors won
for finest hair salon and best   among other services. They                  Muncie Area’s Finest for best
place to get a manicure/pedi- also offer color treatments,                   liquor and wine. Chris John-
cure and spa therapy with        textures (perms) as well as                 son, general manager who’s
Autumn Hess. While two           precision and texturized hair-              been with Muncie Liquor for
years might not sound im-        cuts. This includes foil high-              17 years, said their popularity
pressive, that is how long       lights, tri-dimensional color-              is due to selection, their clean
they’ve been open. “I feel       ing, semi and demi perma-                   stores, and good employees.
very excited and grateful,”      nent, and permanent hair                    They have the best selection in              • 605 W. McGalliard       • 415 S. Tillotson             • 801 N. Wheeling
said Lori Hiatt, co-owner.       coloring. OPI nail products                 Muncie with a great selection                  282-4802 “World Class
                                                                                                                                       Wines”        284-3744       “World Class
                                                                                                                                                                      Wines”        282-5550
Located in Lyndenbrook, the as well as Aquage, ABBA and                      of import and micro beers.
                                                                                                                          • 2901 S. Madison         • 3005 N. Oakwood              • 1112 W. Centennial
                 -                                                              If Muncie Liquor doesn’t
twelve Mod’i·fi stylists work Redken hair products are
                                                                             have the drink you’re looking                 282-9318                  282-2312 “World Class
                                                                                                                                                                Wines”              284-2337
to make sure their clients go sold at the salon.
                                             -                               for, they can special order                   We Offer                       At All 6 Convenient Locations
home happy. Almost two              Mod’i·fi customers will                  items. These can include items
years ago, Lori Hiatt and        testify to the comfortable,                 they can’t keep in stock or                              Thank you to all our
Daisha Matthews worked at        friendly atmosphere. Daisha                 very expensive/rare drinks you
the same salon. Then one         Matthews, co-owner, said,                   can’t find anywhere else.
                                                                                                                                     customers for voting us
day, they decided to try a       “Clients comment on the                     These special orders usually ar-
new business opportunity and fact that they feel very com-                   rive in a week, sometimes the                 Muncie Area’s Finest
opened Mod’i·fi Hair & Nail fortable here.” While the                        next day. Special orders occur
Salon. Although the two          stylist’s education never ends              most frequently around Christ-
women also work as stylists,     and they continually attend                 mas when people want to give                  Place to buy liquor
the other ten stylists rent sta- hair shows and classes to stay              an unusual gift. Sometimes
tions, allowing them to be       up-to-date, what sets
their own boss. “It’s an awe- Mod’i·fi apart from other sa-
                                                                             these special orders can be very
                                                                             expensive. However, Muncie
                                                                                                                           Place to buy wine
some group of hair stylists,”    lons? Lori said it best when                Liquor offers a service that
Lori said. “There’s a lot of     she explained, “We are high-                other liquor stores do not.                     We appreciate your confidence
                                                                             When Ron White came to
team spirit. People enjoy        ly energetic, motivated, [and
                                                                             Emens to speak, Muncie
                                                                                                                               in us and your business.
what they’re doing.”             we] love what we do.”
            -                                                                Liquor handled a special order
   Mod’i·fi also provides

                                                                                                                              e Is Da Bo
                                                                                                                   Pete’s Sauc
       Thanks Star Press Readers                                                         BEST                                  BEST
                            -                                                            PRIME                                                                       CATERING
          for Voting Mod’i•fi                                                             RIB!
         Muncie Area’s Finest                                                                                                                              If you haven
                                                                                                                                                                        ’t ex
                                                                                                                                                           Duck Inn, Yo perienced Pete’s
                                                                                              Pete’s                                                                     u Don’t Kn
                                                                                                                                                                 You’ve Bee         ow What
                 Salon                                                                                                             BEST
                                                                                                                                                                             n Missing!

                                                                                         DUCK                                      CHEF!
                                                                                                                                                                    Thanks to everyone

                                                                                                                                                                   that participated with
                                                                                                                                                                     the Golf Outing for
               11 Stylists To Serve You                                                                                                                                Pete & Carol’s
                                                                                       Hours: M-F 9 am-11 pm; Fri. 8 am-1 am; Sat. 9 am-2 am; Sun. 12 noon-8 pm        Grandchildren
          3614 W. Fox Ridge Ln. • 282-2600
     Located right behind the Laundry Basket • Hrs: Tue.-Sat. 8:30am-Late          721 W. Walnut St., ALBANY 765-789-8488                                          MUNCIE AREA’S FINEST                                                    Monday, November 7, 2005          13

Dairy Dream continues to serve up its homemade touch
By: Rachel Davis                 which includes straining         tinues to grow. Their newest     ve.” When you stop by,             free. Rex said, “People come
                                 seeds from the berries.          hand dipped ice cream flavor     don’t forget to get a scrump-      to us to be in a good mood,
           uncie residents       Though it is a tedious and       is devil’s food cake batter.     tious card. Buy six of your        to splurge and indulge…it’s a

M          know that the place
           to get amazing
homemade ice cream and
                                 time-consuming process, he
                                 said, “I know it makes us dif-
                                 ferent, and I personally think
                                                                  Still, Angie said, “We stay
                                                                  with what people like.”
                                                                     Dairy Dream closes down
                                                                                                   favorite items at Dairy
                                                                                                   Dream and get the seventh
                                                                                                                                      happy experience, an in-
                                                                                                                                      dulging experience.”

desserts is Dairy Dream on       that it tastes better.”          for the winter months, but
St. Rd. 67 in Albany. For 15        While they serve other        they will reopen the last                                                      ROCKIN’
years, Rex and Angie St.         items like their homemade        weekend of February. Rex
John have carried on the         Sloppy Joe’s, the variety of     urges people to drive out to                                                    BOWL
legacy started by his grand-     desserts is amazing and con-     see them. “It’s worth the dri-                                                     FRIDAY NIGHTS
parents back in 1953. It has                                                                                                                          10 PM-1 AM
passed down through his                                                                                                                           3 HRS. RENTAL LANE
                                                                                                                                                        ONLY $15
family and he hopes to con-
tinue the tradition. This year                                                                                                                      SATURDAY NIGHT
Dairy Dream has won                                                                                                                                RUSSIAN ROULETTE
                                                                                                                                                         7:30 PM
Muncie Area’s Finest for                                                                                                                            $10 PER PERSON
dessert, ice cream and hot
dogs. Angie explained their                                                                                                                             SUNDAY
                                                                                                                                                      NOON-3 PM
hot dogs are of the highest                                                                                                                            $1 GAMES
quality, they are steamed and                                                                                                                        OPEN BOWLING
customers can smother then

                                                                                                                                        LIBERTY BOWL
in Dairy Dream’s famous
homemade Coney Sauce.
   The special homemade                                                                                     Bowl ‘em over
touch is obvious in every                                                                                  with a fun-filled
                                                                                                        birthday party at the
bite. “We don’t just open a                                                                                                                  1115 S. Liberty St., Muncie
                                                                                                            bowling alley!
can and pour it into a con-                                                                              Call for more info.                       Ph. 288-1858
tainer,” Rex said. They make                                                                                                         
their own fruit toppings

                                 WE ARE SO PROUD!!

         Just a Short
          Drive For
          The Most
      Scrump-Di-Licious                 From Our                   BEST
          Ice Cream
            In The
                                         Family,                  DESSERT
                                       To Yours . . .
                                     Thank You!                        BEST
             Family                   Rex and Angie
            Owned &
                                         St. John
                                                                       HOT                                               789-4721
           Operated For                                                                                              St. Rd. 67, Albany
              Over                         and                         DOG                                              (Just 10 miles North of Muncie)
            50 Years!                      Staff                                                                  All your sandwich & ice cream favorites since 1953
14     Monday, November 7, 2005                               MUNCIE AREA’S FINEST                                                    

Pete’s Duck Inn isn’t just an Albany favorite
By: Rachel Davis                  people remembered that          tions. These include Bar-       Inn. “We do try hard to be        just awful neat to work
                                  duck. The catering end of       beque smokers on Thursdays      personable,” he said. At the      with.”
           uncie residents love   Pete’s Duck Inn has continu-    as well as hors d’oeuvres and   same time, they enjoy their         With each day, Phil strives

M          good food and great
           people. With Pete’s
Duck Inn, you get both.
                                  ally grown over the years.
                                  Phil works alongside his fam-
                                  ily and friends who help him
                                                                  appetizers. Though much
                                                                  hasn’t changed, they contin-
                                                                  ue to “maintain the service
                                                                                                  customers. “I enjoy the peo-
                                                                                                  ple,” Phil said. “People are
                                                                                                                                    “to make people happy with
                                                                                                                                    their food.”

This year, Pete’s Duck Inn        run the restaurant. But his     we have and the quality of

won for finest local chef, car-   wife, Carol, keeps him go-      our food.”
ry out food, catering service,
and prime rib. This successful
business started back in 1987
                                     This year, Pete’s Duck Inn
                                  has seen a few menu addi-
                                                                     People don’t just like the
                                                                  food, they also like the peo-
                                                                  ple who work at Pete’s Duck
                                                                                                                             of f
                                                                                                                                        New Shipment
with Phil Peterson when he
saw The Green Duck, an old                                                                                                            AREA
bar and restaurant that was in
need of a lot of work. He
saw potential in the old                                                                                     Bring in this coupon for $25 off any item
building. “I thought it was                                                                                       in the store except wallpaper.
                                                                                                                     Enjoy the savings on us!!
time to make a little change,”
he said. For roughly 25 years,
he had been involved in
catering and thought the
restaurant business would be
something interesting and                                                                                           15 Min. South
different.                                                                                                           of Muncie at
                                                                                                                    Hwy. 35 & 36
   After purchasing the build-
ing, he changed the name to
Pete’s Duck Inn since his
nickname is Pete. Keeping
duck within the name was in                                                                                 1-800-808-5140
                                                                                                                    Clip & Save
homage to its 40 years, plus

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             Student ID req$450                                                                                                          MUNCIE AREA’S FINEST                                              Monday, November 7, 2005     15

Bookout Builders builds communities
By: Rachel Davis                    tomer wants,” Toni said.            walk through the homes
                                              What sets Bookout         they’ve built. Their true pas-
          uncie residents love      Builders apart is their profes-     sion is helping fulfill their cus-

M         good food and great
          people. With Pete’s
Duck Inn, you get both. This
                                    sionalism. Rosalie Scott, office
                                    manager, said, “Their homes
                                    are light, lot of windows, [it’s]
                                                                        tomer’s dreams. “Once you
                                                                        sign on, you become part of
                                                                        our family,” Toni said. “Even
                                                                                                              Voted the

year, Pete’s Duck Inn won for
finest local chef, carry out
                                    open concept, and [they pay]
                                    more attention to detail.”
                                                                        when you move in, our doors
                                                                        are always open for them.
food, catering service, and         Bookout Builders builds fine        We’re always here for you.”            in
prime rib. This successful busi-    homes and welcomes clients to
ness started back in 1987 with
Phil Peterson when he saw
The Green Duck, an old bar
and restaurant that was in need
                                                                                                             THANKS!                 838 E. McGalliard Rd.
                                                                                                                               765-284-WING •
of a lot of work. He saw po-
tential in the old building. “I

thought it was time to make a
little change,” he said. For
roughly 25 years, he had been
involved in catering and
thought the restaurant business                                                                                       for Voting Us
would be something interest-                                                                                            Muncie Area’s
ing and different.
    In 1987, the Bookout family                                                                                      Finest Hamburger!
started Bookout Builders. Bill
and Toni Bookout work with
their son Bradley in this family
business. Toni’s great-great-
grandfather was a homebuilder,             Thank you for voting us
her grandfather was president
of the carpenter union, and               your favorite place to shop!
her dad did homebuilding on
the side. Her father then
taught her husband the trade.                                                                                   HAVE IT YOUR WAY!
Although their son attended                                                                                            . . . at 3 Muncie Locations
Ball State University and ob-
tained a law degree, he decid-                                                                                   3904 W. Bethel • 810 E. McGalliard
ed his love was more in home-                                                                                             418 S. Tillotson
building. Toni hopes that one
day Bradley’s three sons will
take over the family business.
“This company is our heart
and soul,” Toni said.
          Recognizing their
quality work, Bookout
Builders received Muncie
Area’s Finest for finest home
builders. While Bookout
Builders started out with home                                                                                                  for voting
construction for families in
                                       Voted Muncie Area’s Finest 4 out of 5 years.
Delaware County, they now
develop properties into subdi-              Committed to excellence in quality,
                                                                                                               Bookout Builders
visions and neighborhoods.
While Bookout Builders builds            affordability, service, and peace of mind.                                                 as
about 30 homes per year, they
like to build new homes that
                                                      Stop in and visit our model
                                                         in Westminster Villas
                                                                                                                Muncie Area’s Finest
are maintenance free. These
are homes that have sidewalks
                                                  Corner of W. Bethel & 350W, Muncie
                                                      Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                  Home Builder
and walking trails. This is usu-
ally of interest to empty nesters
                                                            Sun. 1 to 4 p.m.
and people looking to down-
size. “We just try our hardest                    (765) 286-0648                                                       Bill, Toni, Bradley & Lisa Bookout
to build exactly what the cus-             
16   Monday, November 7, 2005   MUNCIE AREA’S FINEST

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