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   Canoe & Kayak
 2009 Program Guide

                                                        WHAT’S INSIDE!
                                                        Boats & Gear ........... 2-3         Kayak Lessons ...... 10-13
                                                        Rentals ........................ 4   Canoe Lessons .......... 14
                                                        Events ......................... 5   About Cascade.......... 14
                                                        Youth Camps ............... 6        Registration .............. 15
                                                        Youth Racing ............ 6-7        E-Newsletter ............. 15
                                                        Adult Racing ............... 7       Team Building ........... 15
                                                        Kayak Trips............... 8-9       Directions.................. 16

Waterfront Centers for All Your Canoe & Kayak Touring Needs
•    Whether it’s a canoe or kayak, paddle or dry suit, our expert staff,
     who are great paddlers and have evaluated our gear, are there to
     help you find the equipment that’s right for you.
•    Get in the boats you’re considering and go for a paddle
•    Try our demo paddles; we’ll help you select the correct
     length by watching you paddle!
•    Remove the guesswork
•    Top-performing equipment for the enthusiast and beginner
•    State of the art canoes and kayaks as light as 20 pounds
•    Best-designed paddles that are strong and lightweight
•    Best-performing apparel and accessories that we have personally
•    While better-designed & lightweight equipment comes with a
     higher price, with better equipment our customers get on the water
     more frequently and find greater adventures.
•    Recognizing that not everyone is prepared to purchase
     top-performing equipment, we also offer a wide variety
     of lower priced, well-designed alternatives.

2|                            425-430-0111
                                        CASCADE RENTAL/DEMO
                                        Most of the canoes & kayaks we offer for sale
                                        are available in our rental/demo fleet. Our
                                        expert staff can help you narrow the choices
                                        and then encourage you to spend some time
                                        paddling your first choice or two.
                                        The Cascade Rental/Demo program offers you
                                        the opportunity to take the time you need to
                                        make your decision. Rent your canoe or kayak
                                        for demo and keep your receipts, including
                                        rental from instructional programs. When
                                        you’re ready to purchase your new regularly
                                        priced canoe or kayak, present your receipts
                                        and we’ll apply your full rental amount to
                                        your purchase. Receipts must be for the
                                        current year and the type of boat you purchase
                                        – canoe, single kayak, tandem kayak.
                                        Up to $200 in dry suit rentals applied to your
                                        purchase of a new dry suit.

                                        CASCADE EXCHANGE
                                        For those who are just getting started in
                                        paddlesports or on a limited budget and want
                                        to have the option to upgrade to a composite
                                        canoe or kayak in the future, we offer the
                                        Cascade Exchange. When you purchase a new
                                        roto-molded kayak or Royalex canoe from us,
                                        you can upgrade to a composite and we’ll credit
                                        the full value of your original purchase towards
                                        your new boat. You must keep your original
                                        receipt, keep your boat in good condition and
                                        make your exchange within two years of your
                                        original purchase.   425-430-0111                         |3
 •   All renters must read and sign a waiver each calendar year
 •   All persons must wear a lifejacket.
 •   Must be at least 18 years old or accompanied by an adult
 •   Minors under 18 must have signed parent permission and
     waiver in advance unless parent is present
 •   Renters are responsible for lost or stolen equipment
 •   Our staff must be comfortable with your paddling skills in
     the boats and conditions of the day
 •   Our staff reserves the right to refuse rental service to
 •   Reservations are gladly accepted for the next day and
     beyond                                                          LAUNCH AT ONE OF OUR BOATHOUSES OR
 •   After Closing a $30 Per Hour late fee will apply
 •   We have Pogies! From October through March, at our              DRIVE TO A DESTINATION OF YOUR CHOICE
     Renton Center, we include Pogies paddling mitts with              Please call us at 425-430-0111 or see our web
     your rental - to keep you hands toasty warm!
 •   Please note: We will close during inclement weather when         site,, for requirements.
     we determine conditions are not safe. All prices & hours
     are subject to change without notice.

                                                                         For Individual & Family Annual Pass
                                                                      information, please call or visit our web site

 Rental Rates                  Hourly                                              Off Site (Renton only)
                           1st      After                             24 Hr    After      2-4      Week    Oct-Mar
                           Hour     1st Hr                            Day      1st Day Days        7 Days Month
 1-Person Sea Kayak        $18      $8                                $69      $46        $115     $254    $300
 2 & 2+ Person Sea Kayak   $24      $10                               $89      $59        $148     $326    $375
 1-Person Sit-On-Top Kayak $11      $5                                $46      $30        $76      $167    $295
 2-Person Sit-On-Top       $13      $6                                $55      $36        $91      $200    $325
 Canoe                     $18       $8                               $69      $46        $115     $254    $300
 10-Person Voyageur Canoe $75       $75                               (2 hour minimum, reservation required)
 Dry Suit & Booties        $23 Minimum                                $23      $16        $39      $95     $225

4|                                   425-430-0111
            FREE PRESENTATIONS                                                                                               Events
                                                                                  See our web site, for an updated
                                                                                             list, details and description of events.
Efficient Kayak Forward Stroke                   Tu Apr 7 at 7:00 pm
Learn simple concepts that you can incorporate into your kayaking technique
to go further, with less effort and pain, as well as with greater endurance.

Selecting Your Touring Kayak                    We Apr 15 at 7:00 pm
                                                                                   LAKE WASHINGTON EVENTS
Selecting your kayak based on intended use, design, and price. Free demos
to evaluate                                                                      Race Team Open House                         Sa Apr 18 at 2:00 pm
Selecting Your Touring Canoe                    Tu May 12 at 7:00 pm             Race Team Open House                         Sa Jun 20 at 2:00 pm
Selecting your canoe based on intended use, design, and price. Free demos        Learn about the racing opportunities! Youth programs begin as young
to evaluate                                                                      as 10 years old, Adult Programs at 18 and Masters are 30 and older.
                                                                                 Improve paddling skills, fitness and strength and make new friends.
Organizing Your Camping Trip                    Tu May 26 at 7:00 pm
Planning, navigation, equipment, packing your boat, camp site selection, set-    4th of July Fireworks Paddle                    Sa Jul 4 at 8:00 pm
up and meal preparation                                                          Join us to view the wonderful 4th of July fireworks in Renton. We’ll meet
                                                                                 at the Renton Boathouse and launch at our dock. Then our guides will
Kayak & Canoe Camp Cooking                      Tu Jun 2 at 7:00 pm              lead your paddle excursion to Coulon Park for a front row seat (but not
Learn how to select and organize your canoe & kayak camping meals. We            too close)!
outline menu ideas and prepare sample meals. Come prepared to snack!
                                                                                 Full Moon Paddle, Bellevue                        Fr Jul 10 9:30 pm
Puget Sound Destinations                        Tu Jun 9 at 7:00 pm
With the Washington Water Trails Association, learn about Puget Sound Portion    Full Moon Paddle, Renton                          Fr Aug 7 9:30 pm
of the Cascade Marine Trail, as well as great places to launch, land and camp.   Join us for a wonderful evening exploring Lake Washington by
                                                                                 moonlight, gliding along the beautiful shorelines and enjoying the
Canoe Forward Stroke                            Tu Jun 30 at 7:00 pm             pleasant summer full moon.
Maximize distance traveled with each stroke. In this presentation, we’ll
discuss principles and steps you can take to develop your canoe technical        End of Season Sale Begins                   Mo Sep 7 at 11:00 am
efficiency.                                                                       Our biggest sale of the year on new and used canoes, kayaks and
                                                                                 paddling equipment. Find great values on the best paddling equipment
San Juan Islands Paddling                       Tu Jul 7 at 7:00 pm              in the world – including Current Designs, Wenonah, Valley and Epic.
With the Washington Water Trails Association, learn about San Juan Islands
Portion of the Cascade Marine Trail, & great places to launch, land and camp.

Selecting Your Touring Kayak                    Tu Jul 21 at 7:00 pm
Selecting your kayak based on intended use, design, and price. Free demos
to evaluate

Columbia River Paddling                         Tu Jul 28 at 7:00 pm
The Columbia River offers a wide variety of wonderful paddling experiences-
explore the beautiful Columbia from Idaho to the coast.

Paddling NW Vancouver Island                    Tu Aug 11 at 7:00 pm
Vancouver Island offers incredible & wild paddling destinations. We’ll cover
the section from Port Hardy to Tofino & show you great places to explore &

Efficient Kayak Forward Stroke                   Tu Oct 13 at 7:00 pm
Learn simple concepts that you can incorporate into your kayaking technique
to go further, with less effort and pain, as well as with greater endurance.

Cold Weather Paddling Clothing Sa Nov 14 at 2:00 pm
Learn how to maintain warmth while paddling to enjoy canoeing &       kayaking
year-round. We’ll have a wide variety of paddling gear for you to try            Race for the Cookies!       Sa Apr 18 at 9:00 am
& evaluate.                                                                      Northwest Senior Games Kayak Races
                                                                                                                              Su Jun 7 at 9:00 am
                                                                                 Thursday Evening Summer Race Series
                                                                                 #1 – Jul 9 at 6:30 pm |           #2 – Jul 16 at 6:30 pm
                                                                                 #3 – Jul 23 at 6:30 pm |          #4 – Jul 30 at 6:30 pm
                                                                                 #5 – Aug 6 at 6:30 pm
                                                                                 Cascade Canoe & Kayak Sprint Regatta
                                                                                                                         Sa-Su Aug 1-2 at 9:00 am
                                                                                 Cascade Distance Race                         Sa Nov 7 at 9:00 am

                                       425-430-0111                                       |5
 Youth Programs                                                                           YOUTH CANOE & KAYAK
                                                                                       LEARN TO RACE ON FLATWATER
 FUN FOR YOUTH BEGINNING AT 10 YEARS OLD!                               Do you like being on the water, being part of a team competing
 This is a great opportunity for youth to be on the                     in individual and multi-person events. The 4th largest
 water in a supervised program and participate at                       Olympic sport, Canoe/Kayak racing combines skill, teamwork,
 the level of your choice – from learning the basics to                 endurance and strength in single, double and four-person
 pursuing Olympic dreams.                                               events. With this life-long sport, we strive to help you develop
 •   It’s Fun! • Paddle with friends                                    your physical capacities, as well as learn important life skills
                                                                        such as love of sport and exercise, goal setting, discipline, and
 •   Coeducational
                                                                        passion for life. Lifelong friendships are formed, experiences
 •   On the water every day                                             are shared, and character is built.
 •   Teamwork • Paddling technique                                      The eighth ranked team in the United States; at Cascade we
 •   Variety of canoes & kayaks                                         incorporate the latest scientific training methods in developing
 •   Get in shape • Make new friends                                    great paddlers and great people. Every one in our program
 •   Build confidence & self-esteem                                      paddles every day in an atmosphere of challenge and self-
                                                                        discovery. And, we have lots of fun! The skills learned in this
                                                                        program are a prerequisite for our sprint-racing team.
     YOUTH SUMMER AFTERNOON CAMP                                        Prerequisite   Swim 50 yards
                                                                        Ages           10- 15
 It’s fun goofing around in little boats! Learn to paddle                Cost           $195 Includes equipment.
 with your class in the 10-person Voyageur canoe and                    Schedule       Spring Session: Apr 28 – June 12, Tu, Th & Fr 4:30-7:00
 in your own single kayak. Build self-esteem, confi-                                    Summer Session: June 29 – July 24, Mo - Fr 11:30-1:00
 dence, strength and conditioning. Learn boating safe-                  Location       Renton Boathouse
 ty and paddling skills in a playful environment of fun
 and self-discovery. Cascade Canoe and Kayak Centers
 is the premier paddling school for youth programs in
 the Northwest. It’s wet, wild, and wonderful.
 One-week afternoon camps are offered from the Ena-
 tai Beach Boathouse in Bellevue, on Lake Washington.
 Campers must be comfortable in the water and be
 confident of their swimming ability.
 Schedule     Mo-Fr 1:00 – 5:00, [Jun 29-Jul 3], [Jul 6-10],
              [Jul 13-17], [Jul 20-24], [Jul 27- 31], [Aug 3-7],
              [Aug 10-14], [Aug 17-21]
 Location     Enatai Beach Boathouse, Bellevue
 Prerequisite Swim 50 yards
 Ages         10 – 15
 Cost         $215
 Class size   5-9

                 ADULT RACING TEAM                                                      USA CANOE/KAYAK
                                                                                   NORTHWEST DEVELOPMENT CAMP
                                                                        The goal of the camp is to bring sprint canoe/kayak paddlers
                                                                        from the Northwest together for sport development in a
                                                                        camp environment. A variety of training activities, including
                                                                        paddling, running and strength development will provide
                                                                        the core activities. Additionally, we’ll include other activities
                                                                        such as group team building, skits, Voyageur canoeing and an
                                                                        afternoon in Leavenworth. Participants will train in single,
                                                                        double, four canoes and kayaks, as well as Voyageur Canoes.
                                                                        Youth beginner groups are available, with the expectation that
                                                                        participants will continue in a regional racing program.
                                                                        Prerequisite   Swim 50 yards and basic kayaking or canoeing skills
                                                                        Ages           10 and older
                                                                        Cost           $350
                                                                        Schedule       June 22 - 27
                                                                        Location       Lake Wenatchee YMCA Camp

6|                                    425-430-0111   
                                                                                      Adult Racing
Join your friends in a coeducational, competitive program
where youth can develop flatwater canoe & kayak racing
skills with our expert coaching staff. Have fun while
building self-confidence, life skills, efficient paddling
technique, endurance and strength and pursuing goals.
Seasonal and year-round training groups compete at a
variety of levels in age-group competitions, including
National Championships. The racing season begins in
May and runs through October. See our web site for the race schedule.
Our coaching staff has taught and coached competitive
paddlers from beginners to Olympians, including members
of the 2000 & 2004 US Olympic Teams. You set your goals;
coaches support you so you have a high likelihood of
achieving them.                                                                          ADULT RACING TEAM
Our Team is lead by former US National Team member,
National Team coach and Team Leader, Dan Henderson.                    Adding competition to your exercise program helps
Dan also co-authored the International Canoe Federation                you remain engaged with and interested in your fitness
(The World and Olympic governing body for canoe &                      development – you set and pursue goals. This program is
kayak racing) Coaching Manual and was the featured                     not about where you’re at with your current level of fitness,
speaker on biomechanics at the 2009 ICF Coaching                       but about where you’re going!
Conference in Warsaw, Poland.                                          As your conditioning and paddling ability develops and
To learn more, come by our Racing Team Open House on                   you wish to pursue competitive goals, our adult racing
April 18 or June 20, or visit us at the boathouse any hours            team provides you with great opportunities for skill and
we’re open.                                                            fitness development, as well as team camaraderie and
Open House on April 18 at 2:00.                                        friendship. Participants also receive a pass for unlimited
Prerequisite   Ability to paddle a sprint kayak or canoe               use of designated kayaks during all rental hours! It’s the
Age            10-18                                                   best of both worlds!
Cost           $95 per month                                           This is a citizen-level (non-elite), fitness-oriented, socially-
Schedule       Monthly                                                 centered and fun program for adult paddlers. It’s a great
               During school - Mo, We, Fr 4:30-7:00, Sa 8:00-11:00
                                                                       way to structure your exercise program in a low impact,
               During summer - Mo, We, Fr 8:00-10:30, Sa 7:00-
                                                                       low injury competitive sport. Travel with our team to
Location       Cedar River Boathouse, Renton                           citizen-level competitions in one, two and four-person
                                                                       canoes and kayaks! Intermediate level races beginning at
                                                                       age 18 and Masters level age group competitions beginning
                                                                       at age 30 are great places to meet others who love to paddle!
                KAYAK MASTER’S CAMP                                                    Open House on April 18 at 2:00.
Focusing on adult sprint, marathon and surf ski citizen                Prerequisite Learn to Sea Kayak 1 or equivalent
level competitors, the five goals of this camp are to help              Ages         16 and older
                                                                       Cost         Monthly: $79 per month, includes equipment.
you develop your kayaking technique for greater en-
                                                                                    Quarters: Jan- Mar, Apr – Jun, Jul – Sep, Oct – Dec $195
durance, power and speed, learn how to organize your                   Schedule     Sep – Jun:     We 4:30-7:00, Sa 8:00-11:00
training, developyour racing skills, develop your sport                             Jul – Aug:     We 6:00 – 8:30, Sa 7:00-10:00
knowledge, get together with others of similar interest                Location     Renton Boathouse
for friendship and camaraderie, and to share ideas and
Daily on the water training, technique video analysis,
presentations and social activities.
Prerequisite Ability to comfortably paddle a surf Ski or
             Flatwater K-1 using a wing paddle
Ages         18 and older
Cost         $450
Class size   4-12
Schedule     Mar 23 - 28 8:00-6:00
Location     Renton Boathouse

                                 425-430-0111                             |7
 Kayak Trips
                                                                                          LA CONNER & GOAT ISLAND
 All Puget Sound Trips cost $89, include a great
                                                                             Follow the Swinnomish Channel from the art colony of La
 guide, equipment, transportation from our
                                                                             Conner as it winds through great scenery and out to South
 boathouse and back, and a wonderful lunch. Bring                            Skagit Bay. Beautiful Goat Island is our destination for lunch
 your own kayak (must be approved by our guide)                              and a short hike. Eagles, spectacular views of Mount Rainier
 and save $20!                                                               and Whidbey Island add richness to our adventure. This is
 ·    Take a nice comfortable pace as we kayak to some of our favorite
 places, seek marine life, birds and spectacular scenery for which the
                                                                             great protected water and a real treat for beginning paddlers!
 Northwest is so well known. Make great new friends, build your              Distance         About 6 miles
 paddling skills, and discover beautiful paddling destinations.              Date             Saturday, April 18
 ·    No experience is necessary, as your expert guide will share basic      Times            8:00-5:00 from Renton Boathouse
 paddling skills with you. We offer a wonderful lunch along the way.
 Cascade trips are open to adventurers who are 11 years old and older
 (youth under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult).
                                                                                                    BURROWS BAY
 ·    Cascade day trips include double kayaks (single kayaks if
 requested and with guide permission) and paddling equipment,                Nestled between scenic Fidelgo Island in the east and
 transportation (for out of Seattle trips) from our Renton Center, a         Burrows and Allan Islands in the west, Burrows Bay also
 wonderful lunch and great guides who love to share our Northwest            offers magnificent views of the San Juan Islands. Visit the
 sea kayaking destinations with you.                                         Burrows island light station for one of the most spectacular
                                                                             panoramas in the Northwest! Lots of seals and waterfowl
              NISQUALLY DELTA - 3 TRIPS                                      abound. Currents are a bit strong so this is not the best first
 Our most popular trip takes you into the heart of the                       trip – but a great second one!
 Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge! This is a prime trip                    Distance          About 6 miles
 for birders – one of the best in the Northwest — so bring                   Date              Sunday, May 10
 your field glasses. Seals often join portions of our trip!                   Times             8:00-5:00 from Renton Boathouse
 You will explore the shallow water channels, which are
 ideal for beginning kayakers. As an added bonus, we                                 GREAT BEND OF THE HOOD CANAL
 will enjoy great views of Mount Rainier and the Olympic                     Formed by an exotic terrain crunching into Washington
 Mountains – on nice sunny days, of course!                                  State, the Olympic Peninsula folds and rises from the Pacific
 Distance            About 6 miles                                           Ocean, forming the Puget Sound. Scoured by glaciers, the
 Dates               Sunday, Apr 5                                           Hood Canal, on the eastern shore of the peninsula offers
                     Sunday, June 28
                                                                             spectacular vistas of this world-class geology. Join us as we
                     Sunday, September 20
 Times               8:00-5:00 from Renton Boathouse
                                                                             explore the Great Bend of the Hood Canal!
                                                                                               Distance     8 miles
                                                                                               Date         Saturday, May 30
                                                                                               Times        8:00-5:00 from Renton Boathouse

                                                                                                               FOX ISLAND
                                                                                             Fox Island is a marvelous island south of Gig
                                                                                             Harbor. It offers great shoreline views, wildlife
                                                                                             and vistas of Mt. Rainier and Tacoma Narrows.
                                                                                             Hale Passage offers fun currents and a variety
                                                                                             of modest kayaking conditions. It’s a beautiful
                                                                                             island and a pleasant day paddle.
                                                                                             Distance      8 miles
                                                                                             Date          Sunday, June 7
                                                                                             Time          8:00-5:00 from Renton Boathouse

                                                                                                 BALLARD LOCKS
                                                        Something a little different – and very urban, is our Ballard Locks trip! Paddle
                                                        from Golden Gardens, along Shilshole Bay or Puget Sound, through the locks
                                                        and up to Salmon Bay – home of the Seattle fishing fleet. We adjust the length
                                                        of this trip based on the endurance of our trip members, and may venture as far
                                                        as Lake Union. It’s a very fun, safe and pleasant paddle, with lots to see – views
                                                        of downtown Seattle, the Ballard fishing fleet, sailboats and magnificent yachts.
                                                        Distance          About 6 miles
                                                        Date              Saturday, June 13
                                                        Times             9:30-5:00, meet at Golden Gardens or at the boathouse in Renton at 8:00

8|                                       425-430-0111  
                                                                                  Kayak Trips
In the south Puget Sound, explore the calm waters of Carr
Inlet, and Horsehead Bay, as well as Cutts and Raft Islands.
Glide above our favorite sand dollar beds, with island,
                                                                      TACOMA NARROWS & GIG HARBOR
Olympic Mountain and Mt. Rainier views. Your lunch               Go with the flow as we ride with the tide – the current
will be served on Cutts Island State Marine Park, which          carries us through the Tacoma Narrows. This area is
boasts both rocky and sandy tidal zones. Great blue herons       known for its steady currents and great views of the
abound.                                                          Olympic Mountains and Mt. Rainier. It’s an easy trip as
Distance        8 miles                                          the current does most of the work! Paddling under the
Date            Saturday, June 20
                                                                 massive Tacoma Narrows Bridge is an experience you
Time            8:00-5:00 from Renton Boathouse
                                                                 will never forget. We even get to see the trains, which
       BOSTON HARBOR & SQUAXIN PASSAGE                           appear from the Tacoma tunnel and follow the shore!
                                                                 There are lots of seals to see as well.
Squaxin Passage, in the south Sound, is best known for its       Distance        About 8 miles
natural beauty. Due to the absence of a fresh water source,      Date            Sunday, August 30
development of the islands has been limited, so we find a         Times           8:00-5:00 from Renton Boathouse
very natural setting in a close destination. Once a neutral
gathering site for Indian tribes, Hope Island is now a State                    NORTH SKAGIT BAY
Marine Park. With cobble beaches, yielding to sand at low
tides, Hope is an ideal destination for kayakers.                The northern reaches of Skagit Bay offer great distant
Distance        About 8 miles                                    views of islands, Deception Pass and Olympic
Date            Sunday, July 19                                  Mountains, as well as Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier. We will
Times           8:00-5:00 from Renton Boathouse                  kayak around Skagit and Hope Islands – two gems in
                                                                 the Washington Sate Marine Parks system. We usually
        NORTH CAMANO & WHIDBEY ISLANDS                           see soaring eagles and diving osprey.
                                                                 Distance        About 6 miles
Explore the spectacular scenery of northern Camano Island        Date            Sunday, September 13
and eastern Whidbey. There’s great viewing of wildlife in        Times           8:00-5:00 from Renton Boathouse
the Skagit Wildlife Area and vistas of Mt. Baker, Skagit Bay
and Saratoga Passage.
Distance        8 miles
Date            Sunday, July 26
Time            8:00-5:00 from Renton Boathouse

The heart of the South Sound, this is a great trip to view
wildlife with spectacular views of Mt. Rainier. Learn about
Eagle Island, a prime Puget Sound camp spot, where we’ll
land for a great lunch.
Distance        About 6 miles
Dates           Sunday, August 2
Times           8:00-5:00 from Renton Boathouse

In the eastern San Juan Islands, the Padilla Bay National
Estuarine Reserve has been established as a vital rest and
feeding stop for migratory waterfowl. After launching in
Anacortes, we’ll visit Hat, Saddlebag Island, Huckleberry
and Guemes Islands. A beautiful trip, with lots of little
islands in a short distance!
Distance        About 8
Dates           Sunday,
                August 23
Time            8:00-5:00

                          425-430-0111                    |9
 Learn to Kayak
 Experience the quiet tranquility, beauty and sea life of Puget
 Sound with your friends & family — from the quiet waters
 south of Blake Island State Park, to the mild currents at Hope &
 Skagit Islands, to the rushing waters of Deception Pass. Enjoy
 the sights, sounds & pure joy of kayak touring — experiences
 you can find no other way.
 Cascade’s schedule is designed for maximum learning utilizing
 the latest in learning theory – classes are close together to
                                                                          LEVEL I: KAYAK TOURING FOUNDATIONS
 allow good retention of learned skills, yet fairly short to keep     In this beginning course you will learn how to have fun
 you from getting so tired you can no longer learn or enjoy           and be safe on lakes and protected waters of Puget Sound
 paddling. Classes are small to minimize environmental                — maneuvering strokes to take your kayak where you
 impacts and so you receive your instructor’s personal                want to go, how to paddle with the wind and small waves,
 attention. We provide trip transportation to minimize carbon         basic navigation, assisted rescue, crossings and paddling
 signature and parking impact at the launch. Our sea kayak            with a group. We are on the water every session — learn
 series is a carefully planned progression of skill and “boating
                                                                      skills at a Center and practice them on a Puget Sound day
 sense” learning. From one step to the next, you will progress
 to the level you wish to achieve.                                    trip. This is a great way to get started with kayak touring!
                                                                      Lessons are taught in single sea kayaks.
                GET STARTED KAYAKING                                                    Our most popular class!
 Join us for a pleasant evening to learn JUST THE                     Prerequisite         Ability to swim 50 yards
 BASICS – general safety, equipment, move forward,                    Ages                 16 years old and older
                                                                      Class Size           3-9
 backward, sideways and recover from a capsize.
                                                                      Cost                 $187 includes instruction, trip transportation
 Paddling skills are greatly simplified to get you going                                    and ferry toll. Paddling equipment rental
 quickly. Learn basic skills at one of our Centers, go for                                 (PFD, kayak, paddle, skirt, pump, float) $45 for
 a short paddle with your expert instructor, and learn to                                  the entire class. Dry suit or wetsuit required
 re-enter your kayak from the water with the help of your                                  – Dry suit rental $18. Using your own boat
 instructor. If your interest is day paddling on protected                                 – must be approved by instructor.
 waters and quiet lakes, this is a great way to get started!          Spring & Summer Schedule: Monday & Wednesday evenings
 All lessons are taught in single kayaks.                                       6:00-8:30 and the following Saturday day trip 8:00-5:00
                                                                                Cedar River Boathouse, Renton
 Prerequisite      Ability to swim 50 yards                                     [Mar 2, 4, 7], [Mar 16, 18, 21], [Apr 6, 8, 11], [Apr 27, 29,
 Ages              16 years old and older                                       5/2], [May 4, 6, 9], [Jun 15, 17, 20], [Jun 22, 24, 27], [Jul 6,
 Class Size        3-10                                                         8, 11],
 Cost              $49, $10 kayak & equipment rental (plus tax).                [Jul 13, 15, 18], [Jul 20, 22, 25], [Aug 10, 12, 15],
                   Using your own boat – must be approved by                    [Aug 17, 19, 22], [Aug 24, 26, 29]
                   instructor.                                                  Enatai Beach Boathouse, Bellevue
 Schedule          Tuesday evenings 6:00-9:00                                   [Jun 1, 3, 6], [Jul 27, 29, 8/1], [Aug 3, 5, 8]
                   Cedar River Boathouse, Renton                      Fall Schedule: Saturday morning 8:00-11:00 and the following
                   Apr 28, May 21, Jun 10, Jul 30, Aug 27                       Saturday day trip 8:00-5:00
                   Enatai Beach Boathouse, Bellevue                             Cedar River Boathouse, Renton [Sep 12, 19]
                   Jun 23, Jul 16, Aug 27
                                                                                     LEVEL I: DEVELOPMENT TRIP
                                                                      More practice and instruction at your Foundations level –
                                                                      you’ll explore a new destination, practice your Foundations
                                                                      skills with the trained guidance of our expert instructors.
                                                                      This is a great option if you’re not quite ready to go on to
                                                                      Level II or would just like more practice.
                                                                      Prerequisite        Level I
                                                                      Ages                16 years old and older
                                                                      Class Size          3-9
                                                                      Cost                $49 (plus tax). Includes instruction, and trip
                                                                                          transportation. Paddling equipment rental
                                                                                          (PFD, kayak, paddle, skirt, pump, float) $39 for
                                                                                          the class. Dry suit or wetsuit required – Dry suit
                                                                                          rental $18. Using your own boat – must be ap-
                                                                                          proved by instructor.
                                                                      Schedule:           Day trip 8:00-5:00 Apr 4, Jun 28, Oct 10
                                                                      Location            Renton Boathouse

10 |                              425-430-0111  
                                                                               Learn to Kayak
                                                                                         LEVEL III: KAYAK TOURING SKILL
                                                                                       By now you know how much fun learning to
                                                                                       kayak tour with Cascade can be and it’s time
                                                                                       to take your next step — learning to maneuver
                                                                                       your kayak and play in fast-moving tidal
                                                                                       currents and developing your rescue, safety
                                                                                       and paddling skills. Improve your paddling
                                                                                       efficiency so you can kayak for longer distances
                                                                                       and with less effort. We’ll explore a new
                                                                                       paddling destination with spectacular scenery!
                                                                                       Lessons are taught in single sea kayaks.
                                                                        Prerequisite     Ability to swim 50 yards, Level II completed
  LEVEL II: KAYAK TOURING SKILL DEVELOPMENT                                              in single kayak or equivalent & instructor
Expand your opportunities for exploration and wonderful
                                                                        Ages             16 years old and older
places you can visit by further developing your skills and by           Class Size       3-9
learning to paddle in current – very common conditions in               Cost             $189 includes instruction, and trip transporta-
Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands. We take a carefully                                tion. Paddling equipment rental (PFD, kayak,
measured and planned step up from Level 1. You will learn                                paddle, skirt, pump, float) $45 for the entire
to turn into, out of, cross and paddle with moderately flowing                            class. Dry suit or wetsuit required – Dry suit
currents. Take your skills to a higher level and learn a self-                           rental $18. Using your own boat – must be
rescue. We have lots of fun and visit two beautiful islands in                           approved by instructor.
                                                                        Summer Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6:00-9:00, and
Skagit Bay! Lessons are taught in single sea kayaks.
                                                                                         the following Sunday day trip 8:00-5:00
Prerequisite    Ability to swim 50 yards , Level I completed in a                        [Aug 4, 6,9]
                single kayak, or equivalent & instructor permission     Fall Schedule:   Saturday morning 8:00-1:00 and the following
Ages            16 years old and older                                                   Saturday day trip 8:00-5:00 [Oct 10, 17]
Class Size      3-9                                                     Location         Renton Boathouse
Cost            $189 includes instruction, and trip transportation.
                Paddling equipment rental (PFD, kayak, paddle,
                skirt, pump, float) $45 for the entire class. Dry suit
                or wetsuit required – Dry suit rental $18. Using
                your own boat – must be approved by instructor.
Spring & Summer Schedule: A Tuesday and Thursday evenings
                6:00-9:00, and the following Sunday day trip
                8:00-5:00 [Jun 2, 4, 7], [Jun 30, 7/2, 5]
Fall Schedule:  Saturday morning 8:00-1:00 and the following                   LEVEL IV: COASTAL KAYAK TOURING
                Saturday day trip 8:00-5:00 [Sep 13, 20]                Take your skills to the ocean for more adventures! Learn
Location        Renton Boathouse                                        to launch and land from the beach, play in the waves
                                                                        and gear up for those conditions. As with all Cascade’s
                                                                        programs, skills are broken down into easily learned
                                                                        components so you ran master them readily. We start in
                                                                        very moderate conditions and gradually advance.
                                                                        Prerequisite       Ability to swim 50 yards, Level III or
                                                                                           equivalent with instructor’s permission
                                                                                           Eskimo roll recommended
                                                                        Ages               16 & older
                                                                        Cost               $165 includes instruction. Paddling
                                                                                           equipment rental (PFD, kayak, paddle, skirt,
                                                                                           pump, float) $45. Dry suit or wetsuit required
                                                                                           on the Lake and Sound – Dry suit rental $18.
                                                                                           Using your own boat – must be approved by
                                                                        Class size         4-10
                                                                        Schedule           We have one meeting at the Renton Boathouse
                                                                                           to cover skills on Aug 25, and then a trip on
                                                                                           Aug 28-30 to the ocean.
                                                                        Location           Renton Boathouse

                              425-430-0111                             | 11
 Learn to Kayak                                                         KAYAK NAVIGATION, BOATING SAFETY &
 The Eskimo Roll is by far the most effective recovery            Add a new and important dimension to your kayak touring
 from a capsize. Cascade takes the mystique out of this           with our Navigation course. This is one of our few programs
 simple yet effective recovery and breaks the skill down          with classroom sessions, filled with hands-on projects and
 into easily learned components. You will have the                exercises. You will work with charts, a plotter, a divider, a
 personal attention of a highly qualified instructor as we         parallel ruler and a compass. At your worktable, you will
 keep the student to instructor ratio very small. In the          have lots of opportunity to practice exercises and real world
 spirit of guiding your learning through all the steps, you       problems. The skills are broken down into easily mastered
 start in the pool, then a session on Lake Washington,            steps. We will finish the class by planning and taking a day trip
 and finish with a trip to the Sound for continued skill           to practice your new skills! It’s fun and rewarding! “I couldn’t
 development in moderate current.                                 imagine going sea kayaking without first taking this class,” an
                                                                  enthusiastic student emphasized.
 Prerequisite    Ability to swim 50 yards, Level I or
                 equivalent with instructor’s permission          Prerequisite    Ability to swim 50 yards, Level I, or equivalent and
 Ages            16 & older                                                       instructor permission
 Cost            $165 includes instruction, pool and some         Ages            16 and older
                 transportation. Paddling equipment rental        Class Size      3-10
                 (PFD, kayak, paddle, skirt, pump, float) $45.     Cost            $189 includes instruction, and trip transportation.
                 Dry suit or wetsuit required on the Lake and                     Paddling equipment rental (PFD, kayak, paddle,
                 Sound – Dry suit rental $18. Using your own                      skirt, pump, float) $30 for the trip. Dry suit or
                 boat – must be approved by instructor.                           wetsuit required – Dry suit rental $18. Using your
 Class size      4-10                                                             own boat – must be approved by instructor.
 Schedule        [Apr 14 (pool), 16 (Renton Boathouse),           Schedule        4 classroom sessions on Monday through Thursday
                 19 Trip]                                                         evenings 6:00-8:30 pm and the following Saturday
                 [Jun 15 (pool), 19 (Renton Boathouse),                           day trip 8:00-6:00 [Apr 21-24, Trip 26]
                 21 Trip]                                         Location        Renton
                 [Oct 6 (pool), 8 (Renton Boathouse), 11 Trip]
 Location        Pool, Renton Boathouse                                      FISHING FROM YOUR TOURING KAYAK
                                                                  You’re out there; why not harvest the ocean’s bounty along
                                                                  the way! Fresh fish never tastes better than at the end of a
                                                                  rewarding day of kayaking. Learn all the tricks to supplement
                                                                  your diet on trips and dine on delicious meals. We’ll meet at
                                                                  the boathouse and get on the water to learn and develop basic
                                                                  skills, then head to fish the waters of Puget Sound on a day
                                                                  trip! Happy Fishing!
                                                                  Prerequisite    Ability to swim 50 yards, Level I
                                                                  Ages            16 & older
                                                                  Cost            $125 includes instruction and transportation.
                                                                                  Paddling equipment rental (PFD, kayak, paddle,
                                                                                  skirt, pump, float) $35. Dry suit or wetsuit required
                                                                                  – Dry suit rental $18. Using your own boat – must be
                                                                                  approved by instructor.
                                                                  Class size      4-10
                                                                  Schedule        Wednesday evening 6:00 – 9:00 and the following
                                                                                  Saturday trip 8:00-5:00 [Jun 3,6], [Jul 9,12], [Aug 5,8]
                                                                  Location        Renton Boathouse

12 |                            425-430-0111
                                                                            Learn to Kayak
When you camp from your kayak you are able to venture
further and expand the horizons of your paddling experience.             KAYAK FORWARD STROKE DEVELOPMENT CLINIC
Watch spectacular sunsets from your beachfront campsite,                 Efficient paddling technique is about maximizing
savor the marvelous flavors of camp cooking and learn to                  distance traveled with each stroke. In this course, we
camp from your sea kayak in comfort and ease. In our class we            combine on-the-water stroke analysis with off-the-water
will begin with one classroom session. This is a hands on class          discussions of technique principles, video analysis of
where you learn about great kayak camping equipment, how                 your technique. Stroke development is then taken to
to pack your kayak, how to paddle a loaded kayak, how to set             the kayak ergometer and back into your boat.
up camp and be comfortable. Then we’ll head out to the San               Prerequisite     Ability to swim 50 yards, Level I or
Juan Islands for your practical instruction. You’ll have hands                            equivalent with instructor’s permission
on instruction on setting up camp, securing your equipment,              Ages             16 & older
wilderness meal preparation and have a wonderful 3-day, 2                Cost             $125 includes instruction. Paddling
night trip!                                                                               equipment rental (PFD, kayak, paddle, skirt,
                                                                                          pump, float) $25. Using your own
Prerequisite      Ability to swim 50 yards, Learn to Sea Kayak 2 or                       boat – must be approved by instructor.
equivalent with instructor’s permission                                  Class size       4-9
Ages     16 & older                                                      Schedule         Sa & Su, Mar 21 & 22, 1:00-6:00
Cost     $329 includes instruction and transportation. Paddling                           Sa & Su, Jul 25 & 26, 1:00-6:00
equipment rental (PFD, kayak, paddle, skirt, pump, float) $75. Dry suit   Location         Renton Boathouse
or wetsuit required – Dry suit rental $35. Using your own boat – must
be approved by instructor.
Class size        4-9
Schedule          Tu, Jul 14 6:00 – 8:30, Trip Fr-Su Jul 17-19
Location          Renton Boathouse

             WORKSHOP - ACA (IDW)
Learn the skills you’ll need to master to become a sea kayak
instructor. This comprehensive course will help you build
your teaching skills, give you great ideas to help your future
students learn more effectively and quickly and solidify your
paddling skills.
Prerequisite     Ability to swim 50 yards, Level II or equivalent with
                 instructor’s permission
Ages             18 & older
Cost             $295 includes instruction and some transportation.
                 Check regarding equipment rental
Class size       3-10
Schedule         Fri – Su, May 29 – 31, 8:00 – 6:00
Location         Renton Boathouse

               EXAM - ACA (ICE)
After completing IDW, you can take the ICE course to
complete your certification requirements.
Prerequisite     Ability to swim 50 yards, IDW
Ages             16 & older
Cost             $245 includes instruction, pool and some
                 transportation. Check regarding equipment rental
Class size       3-10
Schedule         Tu – Th, Jun 16 - 18, 8:00 – 6:00
Location         Renton Boathouse

                               425-430-0111                         | 13
 Learn to Canoe                                                                                         LEARN TO CANOE ON RIVERS
 You and your family can enjoy a quiet                                                              River canoeing is a marvelous way to expe-
 paddle across an alpine lake or float             LEARN TO CANOE ON LAKES                           rience the hundreds of miles of Northwest
 down a mountain river. Bring your           Get the family together and learn to canoe on          rivers. Whether you’re fishing, camping or
 kids; take all the stuff, fish or camp       lakes. In this beginning course you will learn         spending the day in the sunshine, North-
 beside a wandering stream.                  how to canoe safely on lakes; maneuvering              west rivers offer an abundance of marvel-
 Canoes are versatile craft that carry       strokes to take your canoe precisely where             ous experiences for you and your family to
 family, friends, kids, dogs and lots of     you want to go, how to work with wind, small           enjoy! Learn to maneuver your canoe on
 camping equipment – or offer the pure       waves and to paddle with a partner. We’re              rivers, cross from shore-to- shore, coordinate
 joy of a silent companion on a quiet        on the water every session with two 2.5-hour           with your paddling partner and negotiate
 lake. Canoes are easy to load, get in       lessons at our Center and a day trip on a              easy rapids.
 and out of and to paddle. Canoes are        beautiful Cascade mountain lake with lunch             Prerequisite Swim 50 yards, Learn to Canoe
 great platforms for an environmentally
                                             next to a waterfall.                                                Lakes or equivalent and instructor
 sensitive and quiet fishing expedition.                                                                          permission
 Look to the Cascade and Olympic             Prerequisite   Swim 50 yards
                                                                                                    Ages         11 and older, youth under 16 must be
 Mountains, numerous Washington              Ages           11 and older, youth under 16 must
                                                                                                                 accompanied by a responsible adult
                                                            be accompanied by a responsible
 lakes or the protected river deltas                                                                Class Size 3-10
 of the Sound for your canoeing                                                                     Cost         $129 includes instruction. Pad-
                                             Class Size     3-10
 adventure. Many great canoeing lakes                                                                            dling equipment rental (PFD, canoe,
                                             Cost           $119 includes instruction and trip
 and rivers await you.                                                                                           paddle, skirt, pump, float) $45 for
                                                            transportation. Paddling equipment
                                                                                                                 the entire class. Dry suit or wetsuit
                                                            rental (PFD, canoe, paddle, skirt,
                                                                                                                 optional – Dry suit rental $18. Using
                                                            pump, float) $45 for the entire class.
                                                                                                                 your own boat – must be approved
                                                            Dry suit or wetsuit optional – Dry
                                                                                                                 by instructor. Meet at the river.
                                                            suit rental $18. Using your own boat
                                                            – must be approved by instructor        Schedule Two weekday evenings 6:00-8:30 PM
                                                                                                                 and the following weekend day trip
                                             Schedule       2 weekday evenings 6:00-8:30 PM
                                                            and a following Weekend day trip
                                                                                                    Renton       [Tu, Th, Sa – Jun 16, 18, 21]
                                             Renton         [Tu, Th, Su - May 26, 28, 31]

                                                                         CASCADE FOUNDER
                                                                         Dan Henderson, who began paddling in 1972 as a recreational
                                                                         canoeist, founded Cascade Canoe & Kayak Centers, Inc. in 1997. In
                                                                         pursuit of skill development, Dan began racing whitewater canoes
                                                                         in 1976 and flatwater Olympic-style canoe in 1978. Dan raced
                                                                         flatwater in Europe for clubs based in Hungary and for the US Team
                                                                         through 1988. He won several medals in national and international
 CASCADE MISSION                                                         Dan began coaching in 1989, founding the youth team at the Seattle
 Cascade Canoe & Kayak Centers, Inc. is committed to sharing the         Canoe Club and within 4 years lead that program to the top honors in
 joys of paddling with our communities in a manner that’s fun and        the United States. In 1993 USA Canoe/Kayak hired him as National
 safe. We are dedicated to treating all who are associated with our      Development Coach, a position he held through 1996. During his
 company with dignity and respect.                                       tenure with USACK, Junior international performance reached record
                                                                         levels. Dan wrote the coaching manual and numerous articles as well
 At Cascade, we’re dedicated to environmental preservation
                                                                         as taught coaching development programs throughout the US.
 and restoration. We believe the best way to encourage others to
 advocate for natural and special aquatic places and wildlife is         Returning to his recreational roots, Dan began sea kayaking in 1988
 first hand experience. We make special places accessible through         and started exploring the extensive waterways of the Northwest.
 leadership, skill development, excellent equipment and a deep and       At Cascade he brings the technical efficiency and boat performance
 caring passion for the Great Northwest.                                 lessons learned in racing, combined with his love of exploration and
                                                                         natural places, along with a playful approach to life, to recreational
 APPROACH TO SHARING PADDLING                                            paddling and Cascade leadership.
 Through expert evaluation of equipment and careful progressions         In 2004, the International Canoe Federation, the World and Olympic
 of skill development, based on solid exercise science and cutting       Governing body for canoe/kayak racing published its Level 1 Coach-
 edge teaching methods, Cascade brings you a paddling experience         ing Manual, written by Csaba Szanto and Dan Henderson. He was
 second to none. We provide you with the best performing equip-          the featured biomechanics presenter at the ICF Coaching Symposium
 ment, carefully planned lessons of instruction and meticulously         in Warsaw, Poland in February. Dan is also a Master’s Degree Candi-
 selected paddling destinations so you have the best opportunity to      date in Exercise Science at Western Washington University, focusing
 quickly learn skills and enjoy the wondrous Northwest waterways.        on the kinetics and kinematics of the forward kayak stroke.

14 |                              425-430-0111        
Program                                                             Build Your Team
Registration                                                      Why does the whole become greater than the sum of the
                                                                  parts? Help your firm, school, municipal or community
Call in: Call us and we will be pleased to register you for       organization better understand concepts of effective
your class over the phone with your credit card as payment.       teams and develop skills in a neutral and fun outdoor
Call 425-430-0111 or toll-free at 1-888-4U-KAYAK.                 environment.
                                                                  Our beautiful and stable 10-person Voyageur Canoes are
Mail in:     Printable registration forms are available on
                                                                  ideal platforms in which to explore roles and how they
our web site at Please complete
                                                                  impact team performance. Canoeing is combined with
the waiver and registration, and include your credit card
                                                                  on-land team challenges and skill practice to create low
information or a check. Mail to PO Box 4173, Renton, WA 98057.
                                                                  impact, safe and fun activity.
Fax in: Printable registration forms are available on             Communication and dialog concepts are presented in
our web site at Please complete              a positive and supportive environment. We relate all
the waiver and registration, and include your credit card         activities to your team and how it functions. And best of
information. Fax to 425-430-0109.                                 all, we have lots of fun!

E-NEWSLETTER                                                      Our clients range from schools, to small business, to for-
                                                                  tune 500 firms.
Keep up with all the great stuff that’s happening at Cascade.
For announcements, upcoming events, instructional articles,       For more information, call 425-430-0111 or e-mail us at
special sales, trip reports, great photos and much more, sign
up to receive Cascade’s E-Newsletter! Simply send an e-mail
to with message “ADD ME TO
                                                                                     TEAM BUILDING 1
THE CASCADE E-NEWSLETTER,” and we’ll make sure you                Canoe or Kayak Rental: Mon - Thur, 25% off rental of 6
receive the latest news!                                          or more boats - 2 hour minimum paid as one transaction
                                                                  – self-guided paddle on beautiful Lake Washington

                                                                                     TEAM BUILDING 2
                                                                  10 -person Voyageur Canoe Rental with Guide: $65 per
                                                                  hour with a 2 hour minimum – go for a paddle on beauti-
                                                                  ful Lake Washington

                                                                                     TEAM BUILDING 3
                                                                  Facilitated Team Building: Combines 10-person voya-
                                                                  geur canoe paddling, games and discussions in a four-
                                                                  hour session. $85 per person

                                                                                     TEAM BUILDING 4
                                                                  Facilitated Team Building: Combines 10-person voya-
                                                                  geur canoe paddling, games, discussions and lunch in an
                                                                  eight-hour session. $130 per person plus meal costs.

                           425-430-0111                      | 15
                                                                                                            Visit our Paddlesports Shop
                                                                                                            Paddle from Renton Boathouse
                                                                                                            on the water at the south end of Lake Washington
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Directions to 1060 Nishiwaki Lane
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   (formerly N. Riverside Dr.)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   From the Eastside
                                                                                                                              Lake                                                                                 From I-405, take exit #5 (Park Drive) to the
Paddle from Enatai Beach                                                                                                    Washington                                                                             west (right at the bottom of the off ramp).
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Remain on Park Drive through the Landing
Boathouse in Bellevue                                                                                                      Enatai
                                                                                                                           6 Miles                                                          Gene
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   shopping center and as it bends to the south
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   (left) by Boeing and becomes Logan Ave. N.
on the eastern shore of Lake Washington                                                                                         Cascade Center
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Turn west (right) on North 6th St. and go to
                                                                                                                                 at Cedar River
                                                                                                                                  Boat House                                                                       the end, which takes you into the Cedar River
                                                                                   Directions to                                                                                                          Exit 5   Trail Park. Just 15 minutes from Bellevue.

                                                                                   3519 108th Ave SE                                                                                                               From the Seattle & South

                                                                                                                       r Av


                                                                                                                                                                             The Landing
                                                                                                                                                                                             Park Ave N
                                                                                                                                     Renton Airport
    Meydenbauer                                                                                                                                                                                                    From I-405 take Rainier Ave. (SR 167)
        Bay                                                                        From I-90                                                                                                                       northbound. Turn east (right) on Airport

                                                                                                                                                         i Ln.
                                                                      SE 8th St.   Take the Bellevue Way
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Way. Airport Way bends to the left (north)

                                                                                   exit northwest; turn
                                      112th Ave SE                                                                                                                                          N. 6th St.             and becomes Logan Ave. N after it crosses the

     Lake                                                                          south (left) on 108th
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Cedar River. Turn west (left) on N. 6th St. and

   Washington                                                                      Ave. SE to the lake.    Ra
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   go to the end, which takes you into the Cedar
                                                                                   1½ miles south of                            Airport Way
                                                    r Slough Nature

                                                                                                                    ve S                                                                                           River Trail Park.
                                                                                   downtown Bellevue.             A


                       108th Ave SE

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Once in the park you can only turn north
                                            e Way

                                                                                                                                                         (right) – this is Nishiwaki Lane (formerly

                                                                                                            MLK Jr Way/

                                                                                                           SW Sunset Blvd.                               Riverside Dr.) Go to the end of the street and
                                                                                                                                                         park near the north end of the one-way loop.
      I-90                                                                                                                  167                          Walk across the ramp and onto the pier to the
                                                                                                                                                         boathouse, which is built on pilings over the
    Mercer      Cascade Center                                                                                                                           lake. Boeing used to build hydrofoils here!
                   at Enatai                                               405                                     •     Complete paddlesports shop for touring canoes & kayaks
                                                                                                                   •     Launching from our attached floating dock
      To Cedar River
          6 Miles                                                                                                  •     Rental, demo and racing canoes & kayaks
                                                                                                                   •     Views of the Olympic Mountains, Mount Rainier, Seattle and Bellevue
• Paddle through Mercer Slough Nature Park canal that winds                                                              downtowns, and Mercer Island
  through the park, is limited to human-powered watercraft                                                         •     Eagles, herons, jays, river otters and blackberries!
• Great blue herons, green herons, bald eagles, jays, beavers,                                                     •     Exercise & strength development room
  muskrats, wild iris, water lilies, and tasty blackberries!                                                       •     Locker rooms with hot showers

Bellevue Rental Hours                                                                                              Renton Rental & Shop Hours
May - June 19th                                               Sa & Su 11:00-7:00                                   Jan 1–14                                                                                          By appointment
Jun 20th - Labor Day                                          Daily 11:00-7:00                                     Jan 14 – Mar                                                                                      Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon 11:00 – 6:00
Sept after Labor Day                                          Sa & Su 11:00-6:00                                   Apr – Labor Day                                                                                   Daily 11:00-7:00
                                                                                                                   After Labor Day – Dec 21                                                                          Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon 11:00 – 6:00

          PO Box 4173
        Renton, WA 98057

 Visit your complete paddlesports
shop for canoes, sea kayaks and all
 your paddling gear – with friendly
      and expert staff to help!

    Bring your family & friends
together for a fun & relaxing rental,
  rewarding lesson or scenic trip!

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