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                                                                                                                                                                      (Rev 01/06)
    Disaster Victim

FORM 304996-C                               CRIME SCENE LOCATION REPORT                                                                    FBI HOMICIDE
Location (street address)

Please           Residential Area                      Commercial Business Area                            Regional (Forest)                         Construction Site
Check              Yes           No                      Yes         No                                      Yes           No                          Yes           No
Weather Condition                        Obstacles                                         Automobiles                                    Terrain Class
 Poor       Fair            Moderate       Yes              No                               Yes            No                              1        2           3         4
Witness Number At Crime Scene Location                                                     Houses/Homes In Area
 1        2        3      4      5             6        7           8        Other           1      2         3            4          5          6        7       8       Other
Street Location                          Direction                                         Crime Scene Visibility                         Time of Day (present)
  N         S          E        W          NW NE            SW          SE                   Fair       Poor                                Day        Night
Individual Who Called In Report (if officer, list name, rank)                              Address Of Individual Who Called In Report

Name:                                                                                      Address:
Officer In Charge (Rank)

C                    LOCATION GRID 1                                                                                LOCATION GRID 2
W        N W-       N W-      N W-      N      N E-1        N E-2        N E-3       E         W         N W-3      N W-       N W-          N         NE-1    NE-2       NE-     E
         3          2         1                                                                                     2          1                                          3
W-A                                                                                  E-A       W-A                                                                                E-A

W-B                                                                                  E-B       W-B                                                                                E-B

W-C                                                                                  E-C       W-C                                                                                E-C

W-D                                                                                  E-D       W-D                                                                                E-D

W-E                                                                                  E-E       W-E                                                                                E-E

W-F                                                                                  E-F       W-F                                                                                E-F

W-G                                                                                  E-G       W-G                                                                                E-G

W-H                                                                                  E-H       W-H                                                                                E-H

W-I                                                                                  E-I       W-I                                                                                E-I

W-J                                                                                  E-J       W-J                                                                                E-J

SW       S W-3      S W-2     S W-1     S      S E-1        S E-2        S E-3       SE        SW        S W-3      S W-       S W-          S         SE-1    SE-2       SE-3    SE
                                                                                                                    2          1

Supplemental Remarks:


Completed By: ___________________________________________________________________________                                      Time: _______________________________

                      FBI HOMICIDE UNIT DIVISION RECORDS DEPARTMENT                                       FILE No. 54776432-0097533-79589320

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