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					Crosstown Digest
                                                AORN OF DALLAS

     August 2003

                                                 President’s Message
As we approach September, I would like to welcome everyone to another exciting year for the Dallas Chapter of the Association
of periOperative Registered Nurses. Several projects are being planned for and we will need everyone's support. Thank you for
electing me as your president and allowing me to serve you and perioperative nursing. I am sure the chapter would join me in
expressing appreciation for the work Susie Sharrock and the board and committees accomplished last year.

Lately I have been thinking about when I became a perioperative nurse. I joined AORN immediately for two reasons. First was
because my manager and many of the seasoned staff nurses were members and set a good example by attending the meetings.
Second was because I realized I had much to learn. My real commitment to the Dallas Chapter began a few short years later
when I decided to become more active on committees. After one year, I became a committee chair and started to learn about
chapter leadership. Now, just a few short years later, I am serving as your chapter president.

This to encourage you to commit to the chapter and perioperative nursing. Everyone is busy with full lives, but you can enrich
your life by committing a small amount of time to better AORN and perioperative nursing, which ultimately affects your patients.
Committing to volunteer for your professional organization means, to me, that you have a career, not just a job. Commitment is a
two-way street. We, the officers and board, are committed to you and your needs as a member of the Dallas Chapter. I plan to
distribute a needs assessment to the membership, which you may have already received. Please get this back to us as soon as
possible so we may provide you with the opportunities you desire.

As your president, my goals for the chapter during the 2003-2004 year are:

1)   To improve the chapter's fiscal base by continuing to examine ways to increase revenue and decrease expenses, i.e. the
     November education seminar and examining delegate funding;

2)    To promote AORN's and perioperative nursing's awareness in the community by identifying one or two activities in which
     the chapter can participate; and,

3)    To increase member commitment to the Chapter by assessing member needs and implementing those needs into action.

I am so excited about working with all of you and hope you will choose to show your perioperative patients your commitment to
them by participating in AORN activities, if only in a small way. Each person can make a difference. Our chapter can make a

I look forward to seeing all of you in September.

Remember we will be meeting at Children's Medical Center in their brand new auditorium .

I am available for your comments or concerns anytime.

                              Jennye D. Cox, R.N., BSN, CNOR

                                     AORN OFFICERS AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS
Jennye Cox         Scottish Rite

W - 214-559-7500

Renee Bailey        Baylor, Dallas

W - 214-820-2159
Melissa Stephens     Baylor, Dallas

W - 214-820-6605

Ed Ballard     Baylor, Garland

W - 972-487-5047

Marty Geer     Cook Children’s

W—817-885-4424          martyg@cookchildren’

Susie Sharrock      VA Medical Center

W - 214-857-1813

Jennifer Duncan      Baylor, Dallas

W - 214-820-2153

BJ Hidalgo     VA Medical Center

W - 214-857-1813

Kathleen Lauzon     Children's Medical Center

W– 214-456-8194

Margaret Taylor      Scottish Rite

W - 214-559-7500

Seifu Tesfay      UT Southwestern

W - 214-648-7961

Committee Chairs 2003—2004
Debi Wedding      Texoma Medical Center


Susie Sharrock     VA Medical Center


Tamre Scott      VA Medical Center

Belinda Galipp    VA Medical Center


Seifu Tesfay      UT Southwestern


Lisa Dahl     Scottish Rite


Arlene Joya      Baylor, Dallas


Pat Stearns      Scottish Rite


Renee Bailey     Baylor, Dallas


Karen Huggins Presbyterian, Dallas


Richard Gilder Texas Health Resources

817-462-7061 richardgilder@texashealth.or

                              By Mindi Shafer

The board highlight for this month is 2003-2004 Dallas AORN President Jennye Cox.

She has been in the nursing field for 33 years. She has received her diploma from the Methodist Hospital School of
Nursing in Dallas. In 1999 she earned her BSN from the University of Texas at Arlington. She has worked in the
nursing fields of Oncology, ICU and Surgery. Jennye has been a nurse at Tx Scottish Rite Hospital for Children for
15 years, where she has filled the roles of OR staff nurse, OR Clinical Coordinator, and is currently the
Assistant Director of Perioperative Services.

On a personal note, Jennye has been married to Stan for 34 years and has one son, Chris, and three step-children,
Vickie, Lisa, and Leslie. Jennye is an avid dog lover, especially of her golden retriever, Abbie. She has lived with
her family in Carrollton for 30 years. Her main interests are movies and camping in luxury in a motor home.

Jennye’s personal goal in life is to stay healthy. Jennye has been a member of AORN for fifteen years.
This department is for sharing interesting information about nurses and Perioperative Nursing in the Chapter area.

Please contact a newsletter committee person or your AORN Hospital Captain with your promotions, transfers,
retirements, changes in specialty, etc.

Pat Stearns, 214-559-7500

Mindi Shafer, 214-559-7500

                                         Report on the AORN Leadership Conference


                                                 Jennye Cox, R.N., BSN, CNOR

I attended the AORN Leadership Conference in Denver on July 25 - 27, 2003. The weekend started with a visit to
our headquarters building. It was very exciting to turn the corner and see our logo on the building. A self-guided
tour showed us all the different departments, and they had snacks for us on the way. Tom Cooper, our executive
director, and many members of the board and staff greeted us as we went from room to room, and explained the
function of each department. The building is beautiful and very well maintained. We certainly get a lot for the small
amount of dues we pay.

The following two days were spent in lectures on topics such as working with diverse populations, chapter financial
issues, leading with confidence, are you fun to work with, and expanding your horizons, to name a few. Each chapter
had breakfast with their board liaison on Sunday.     It was fun to meet other chapter leaders and discuss chapter
successes and needs. The weekend ended too soon on Sunday where I promptly spent six hours in the Denver airport
trying to get home while the airplane sat in Dallas getting repaired!
Thank you for sending me to this worthwhile conference. I feel like I learned a few things to bring back to the chapter.

9/10— 6:30 Business Meeting

         to follow: Loraine Butler

         National AORN Committee Member

10/08— 6:30 Business Meeting

         to follow: Mike Nalley

          To be Announced

11/08 — 7:30 Registration Meeting 8:00

          Seminar - Safety: A Perioperative Potpourri

            coordinated by Education Committee

National News — —
Congress is at San Diego this year March 21—25
You may make your hotel reservations on line now.

The Awards deadline is October 1st
Park in the Purple Park Garage then board a shuttle (they run every 5 minutes until 1am) that will bring you to the Children’s main
campus. Enter the building across the street from the shuttle drop-off. Take the nearest elevator to the first floor where
someone will be there to greet and direct you to the auditorium.

 Directions for Parking at CMC —
You will park in the Purple Parking Garage, stop & take ticket

Park on levels 2 & above

Please note where you park, it’s a big place, and don’t forget your ticket so it can be validated at the meeting

Take elevators or walk down to the shuttle bus pickup area

Ride shuttle bus to CMC campus (buses run every 5 minutes until 1am)

Walk across street to the Lobby level of the hospital

Take D elevators to 1st floor and the auditorium will be straight ahead

There will be someone or signs posted at the Shuttle loading area and at the elevator to offer assistance through the entire
process until members become comfortable with the facility.

We really want to be a warm and helpful host

Patricia Maxwell RN
Local News — —
We are planning a Chapter 50th Anniversary Celebration for the December Meeting

… more to follow

     Revisions to Registered Nurse First Assistant Rule Adopted by BNE at July Meeting
                                              Virgina Campbell RN, BSN, CNOR

                                   State Board of Nursing Member Representing Practice
Background: House Bill 803, passed in the 77th Legislative Session (2001), amended the Nursing Practice Act by adding Section
301.1525. The section defined a “nurse first assistant” as a registered nurse who is certified in perioperative nursing by an
organization recognized by the Board of Nurse Examiners (BNE) and has completed a nurse first assistant program approved by
an organization recognized by the Board. The bill granted the BNE the authority to develop rules relating to Registered Nurse
First Assistants (RNFA). The BNE passed the revisions to the rule in April 2002 and adopted an interpretive statement in July
2002 for additional clarification of the intent of the rule.

At the October 2002 BNE meeting, the Board was approached by representatives from the Texas Nurses Association (TNA), the
Texas Hospital Association (THA), the Texas Council of perioperative RNs (TCORN) and the Texas RNFA Network with
requests to amend the rule to permit RNs who did not meet the criteria specified in the rule and the Nursing Practice Act (NPA)
to continue to perform functions and activities that are most associated with the role of the first assistant. The request was
made on behalf of numerous RNs who did not meet the criteria and indicate that they were unfamiliar with the Board’s 1995 policy
relating to RNFAs. Surgery centers and hospitals expressed concern that these individuals could not first assist based on the
language in the rule and the NPA. The nursing community expressed concern that RNs could be removed from the assistant role
andreplaced by less qualified personnel. The Board granted this request and amended the rule by adding alternative criteria that
allowed RNs to continue providing these services through January 1, 2005.

                                                      New Revisions to Rule §217.18

     In the 78th Regular Legislative Session (2003), House Bill 2131 further amended the Nursing Practice Act by adding Sections
301.1426 and 301.1527. The new sections provide an alternative for RNs who do not meet the criteria for RNFAs to “directly
assist” in surgery. The new sections also provide a definition for “directly assist” by listing functions that may/may not be
performed by RNs in this role. Section 301.1526, relating to certain RNs who directly assist in surgery, is only in effect from
September 1, 2003 through January 1, 2007. Section 301.1527, relating to certain RNs who directly assist in surgery in small
hospitals does not become effective until January 1, 2007. The proposed revisions reiterated the language from the
corresponding sections of the NPA almost verbatim. The big difference was an increase from 500 hours of experience directly
assisting to 2,500 or more hours required to apply for RNFA status. At the July meeting, the BNE moved to authorize staff to
publish the proposed revisions to §217.18 in the Texas Register with a comment period of 30 days. To access the Texas Register,
go to: ttp://

      Qualifications for application to the Board for registration as an RNFA include the following: RN license, current national
certification in perioperative nursing (CNOR), and evidence of completion of a nurse first assistant educational program
approved by an organization recognized by the Board or current certification as a registered nurse first assistant (CRNFA) by a
national certifying organization recognized by the Board. A registered nurse who wishes to function as a first assistant (RNFA)
in surgery must submit an application and all applicable fees to the Board including evidence that the nurse has met the required
qualifications. At this time, the registration process for RNFAs is being developed. Information will be forthcoming when
available. Visit the BNE Web Site, for the latest information and updates.

                                                 July RN Update Available Only On-Line

    Due to cost containment implemented by agency staff, the July edition of RN Update is only available on-line. To read the
issue, go to Nurses are still responsible for reading the quarterly
newsletter. The October edition will be mailed.

A New Look for the Newsletter                      ——
As B.J. alluded to in his last column, he has “passed the torch” for newsletter editing duties. And, like a school kid with a new
box of crayons, I am ready to go!
With this committee change comes some changes to the look and process of providing the newsletter to you, the chapter
members. You will see our format re-develop over the next year.

Because of the need to reduce costs we are also opting to go on-line. The newsletter will be posted on our Chapter web site.
Starting with the November Issue the newsletter will be e-mailed to the address provided on the AORN Roster. Of course,
those without access to a computer, or who just prefer a hard copy, will continue receiving the paper issues via regular mail.
Just let us know your preference.

B.J.’s “Accolades” column will continue in an abbreviated fashion under the title ‘What’s Happening Locally”. This is for sharing
positive information about members of the Chapter. We need to acknowledge our peers for their accomplishments—promotions,
anniversaries, degrees achieved, or even moving to a new specialty, as we find new challenges in our old workplace. The goal is for
you to share this information with us and we will pass it on in each issue. Please contact Mindi Shafer, myself, or your Hospital
Captain, and we will make every effort to get the name and event in print.

To make everyone familiar with our Chapter leaders we will be offering information about them. This month we have featured
Jennye Cox, our current president.

And, of course, as we get down to business, you will see committee reports, business meeting minutes, and just any and all
information vital to keep you the member aware of what is going on within the chapter.

Please enjoy, and feel free to contact me with any suggestions for improvement!

Pat Stearns, Chair, Newsletter Committee

Pat Stearns RN CNOR, Editor
2222 Welborn St
Dallas, Texas 75219
Fax: 214-559-8346

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