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                                                                   number and email address, if possible, to assist in
     PURCHASING POLICY AND                                         obtaining fax quotes. A minimum of 10 days should          G. Purchases made from State Contract: Purchases
                                                                   be allowed for quotes to be received, analyzed,               made on State Contract in excess of $5000 do not
                                                                   awarded and the purchase order issued.                        have to be bid. You can access the state web page
          PROCEDURE GUIDE                                                                                                        at http://www.doa.louisiana.gov/osp/osp.htm. Most
                                                              D.   Purchases greater than $15,000, but less than                 of these item are office supplies, computers, office
                                                                   $25,000:      When the estimated cost of materials,           furniture, etc.
                                                                   supplies or equipment is less than $25,000, price
                                                                   quotations will be solicited by fax or mail by the              1.   A state contract number and line item number
                                                                   Purchasing Department. Quotes will be solicited                      must be included on your requisition for price
                                                                   from at least five (5) bonafide, prospective vendors.                verification.
                                                                   A minimum of three (3) working days shall be
                                                                   allowed for the receipt of quotes. A minimum of 10              2.   On catalog contracts, save your quote and send
                                                                   days should be expected for quotes to be received,                   a copy with your requisition.
           PURCHASING DEPARTMENT                                   analyzed, awarded and a purchase order issued.
           ADMIN BUILDING, Room 1-29                                                                                          H.   Sole Source and Proprietary: A sole source
                                                              E.   Exempt Items:
           PHONE:       318-342-5205                                                                                               purchase is permissible only if an item is available
           FAX:         318-342-5218                               1.   Certain items have been considered small                   from a single supplier. This means the merchandise
                                                                        purchase by the Governor and are exempt from               is sold only by a single supplier which is usually the
                      August 2010                                       the competitive process under Section 5 of                 manufacturer. If the item is manuactured by a single
                                                                        Executive Order No. BJ 2010-16. A copy of the              supplier but is sold through distributors, then it is not
                                                                        Executive Order is on file in the Purchasing               a sole source purchase.
The Purchasing Director has the sole authority to order
materials and contract for services. The University                     Department and an electronic copy can be
assumes no obligations except on a duly authorized                      found                                       at             The requisition is to be accompanied by a letter from
                                                                        http://www.doa.louisiana.gov/osp/osp.htm.                  the national marketing representative (not a sales
Purchase Order. Requesting departments may not order
materials or contract for services without first contacting                                                                        representative) on the vendor’s letterhead stating
                                                                   2.   Scientific and laboratory supplies and                     that he is the only known source for the particular
the Purchasing Department.
                                                                        equipment for laboratory scientific research not           product, that he does not sell through distributors,
                                                                        to exceed twenty-five thousand dollars                     and a firm price quote. Obtain a list price from the
      REQUIREMENTS FOR PROCUREMENT AS                                   ($25,000) per transaction. A Request for Non-              vendor to determine that the university is getting a
      PROVIDED UNDER PUBLIC PURCHASING                                  Competitive Purchase Form must accompany                   fair price.
                  STATUES:                                              your requisition.
                                                                                                                                   A proprietary purchase is similar to sole source in
A.   Purchases of $5000 or less: Competitive bids are              3.   Wire, related equipment, time and material                 that a certain unique product is the only one that will
     not required, but the price(s) must be competitive                 charges to accomplish repairs, adds, moves,                meet the needs of the university, but the
     and reasonable. Requisitions shall not be artificially             and/or changes to telecommunications systems               manufacturer has chosen to distribute his product
     divided to total less than $5000 to avoid competitive              not exceeding two thousand five hundred                    through more than one source. The requesting
     bidding. Executive Order BJ 2010-16.                               dollars $2,500).                                           department is to send a letter justifying the need for
                                                                                                                                   the purchase. Bids must be solicited for proprietary
B.   Purchasing Card Purchases: Purchases of $1,000           F.   Purchases greater than $25,000: Purchases with                  purchases.
     or less may be made via use of the State of LA                an estimated cost greater than $25,000 will be made
     purchasing card without having to take bids or                by sealed bid after publicly advertising in the official        Sole Source and Proprietary files cannot be
     obtain quotes.                                                journal of the state (Morning Advocate in Baton                 renewed without first obtaining new letters from the
C.   Purchases greater than $5000, less than $15,000:              Rouge), in a newspaper in the locality of the budget            vendor to confirm that justifications are still valid and
                                                                   unit (News Star in Monroe), and on the LaPac web                vendor declarations and marketing strategy remain
     A minimum of three (3) bonafide, prospective
                                                                   page. Bids will be solicited from at least five (5)             the same. The form is located under Purchasing
     vendors selling the item(s) will be solicited for
                                                                   bonafide, prospective bidders. A minimum of 25 to               Department under Forms.
     quotes by the Purchasing Dept., using a standard
                                                                   30 days must be allowed for bids to be received,
     written Request for Quotation form sent via fax.
                                                                   analyzed, awarded and a purchase order issued.
     Please provide current address, phone and fax
I.   Excluded Parties List System (EPLS): All federal       Account #:       The account number which correlates           Unit Price:     Enter the actual unit price or estimate,
     funded requisitions are verified through the           to the account name. Use the Banner number and the             which corresponds with the unit of measure for that item.
     Excluded Parties List System as received and prior     old FRS number. Individual capital outlay items costing
     to processing.                                         less than $1,000 should be coded to the supplies               Amount:            This is the extended amount (unit price
                                                            expense code. See (704000)s.                                   X the quantity).
J.   University Policy for all departments:                                DELIVERY INFORMATION                            Requesting Agent:         Required on all requisitions.
                                                                                                                           Must be the approved requesting agent for that particular
     1.   Graphic Services SHOULD be contacted about        Department:        The name of the department receiving        department/budget unit. Requesting agents can approve
          all jobs pertaining to printing.                  the material/service.                                          all purchases $1000 and below. $1000 includes freight, if
     2.   Capital Outlay items other than software                                                                         applicable.
          CANNOT be purchased from the Bookstore.           Required Information:      The building name, street
                                                            address, room number and name of person for whom the           Approving Agent: Required on all requisitions which
     3.   Food/meals CANNOT be charged to most              material/service are intended.                                 exceed $1000. Must be the approving agent for that
          Operating fund Accounts.                                                                                         particular Org/Fund. All requisitions for Grants and
                                                            Delivery Date: The requested delivery date to the              Contracts must be approved by the Director of
     4.   Copy paper SHOULD be ordered from the             requesting department. NOTE: Consideration must be             Sponsored Programs and Research, Admin Bldg. Room
          Graphic Services Department.                      given for administrative processing and vendor                 1-19. Grant and Contract equipment requisitions must be
                                                            requirements.                                                  approved by the appropriate Dean.
     5.   Pager and Cell phone rental/service MUST be
          obtained through the Telephone Office For                     REQUISITIONS MUST INCLUDE                          Please send ONLY the white and pink copies of the
          information call extension 5555.
                                                                                                                           requisition - the yellow copy is for the department’s files.
                                                            Name and Address of suggested vendors: For                     If all copies are sent to Purchasing, we cannot guarantee
     PURCHASE ORDER REQUISITION (PAPER)                     purchases estimated to be between; $5000 to $15,000 -          the yellow copy will be returned.
                                                            Provide a minimum of three (3) vendors, greater than
A.   A Requisition Form, available in the Purchasing        $15,000 - Provide a minimum of five (5) vendors. Note:         Should an item(s) need to be canceled or changed
     Department, must be prepared to purchase               If the requesting department cannot provide a list of          (quantity or price, etc.) from a purchase order or
     supplies, materials, equipment, and/or services from   vendors as specified, Purchasing will complete the             requisition, submit a new requisition/change order form
     off-campus vendors. This guide includes instructions   list.                                                          noting “please cancel... or please change...” Do not call
     to facilitate requisition preparation.                                                                                or send a memo. A requisition/change order form is
                                                            Description:        Submit     full   descriptions     and     required for our files. The Change Order Form can be
B.   Requisitions that require bidding are normally         specifications (i.e. model #, brand, catalog #, etc.) on all   found under forms on ULM Web site.
     processed within 2 to 3 working days. Processing       items requested for expedient processing of requisitions.
     may be delayed if specifications are incomplete.       Failure to do so could cause delays. For requests of           Each year the Budget Office sends out an Approving
C.   Requesting agents should provide accurate price        more than ten (10) items, please do not type the items         Agent List. Be sure to use the MOST current listing when
     estimates to insure that adequate funds are            on several requisitions, instead type “see attached” and       preparing your requisitions. That will save both your time
     available at award time.                               submit on a disk (in MS Word format) along with a              and that of those in the Purchasing Department.
                                                            requisition or email the file to purchasing agent to
              PROCEDURE TO COMPLETE                         expedite.                                                               PURCHASING MODULE ON BANNER
                A PAPER REQUISITION
                                                            Item:    Indicate the item # associated with the number        Requisitions
All Purchase requisitions MUST be typed.                    of items on the requisition (i.e. if three (3) items are
                                                            requested, then each item would be numbered 1, 2, 3,           A.   Procedures for all PO Types: A properly executed
Date:     The date the requisition is initiated.            respectively).                                                      purchase requisition whose total for all items is less
                                                                                                                                than or equal to $5000 or commodities covered by
                                                            Quantity:        Enter the quantity of each item                    an existing state contract may be submitted to the
Account Name: The account name which correlates             requested. The quantity must correlate with the unit.               Purchasing Department through Banner. Funding
with the appropriate account number. The name must be                                                                           must be available in the specified account. Funds
                                                            Unit:   Enter the unit of measure for the item being                are encumbered electronically at the time a
specific (i.e. Pharmacy would be department name,
Pharmacy Ops would be account name).                        requested (i.e. each, dozen, etc.)                                  Purchase Requisition is approved by the Approving
                                                                         telephone, fax number, and e-mail address, if                 Purchasing Dept. will release the order. The
     Procurement Specialists or Procurement Manager                      possible for of each vendor. (see Vendor Forms)               vendor (white) copy is mailed/faxed to the
     will process approved Requisitions in accordance                                                                                  vendor, a pink copy is sent to the Controllers
     with R.S. 39:1594 and Executive Order for Small                4. Provide a complete description of the commodity.                office, a yellow copy is sent to requesting
     Purchases that have been issued by the Governor                   Use only one class of commodity per request.                    department and the ledger buff copy remain in
     of the State of Louisiana.                                        For example, do not request office furniture and                the Purchasing Department Vendor file. After
                                                                       scientific equipment on the same requisition.                   the merchandise is received, the requesting
B.   Description: Submit full and complete descriptions                Specify manufacturer, make and model. Indicate                  department signs and forwards a copy to the
     and specifications to the Purchasing Department on                quantity, size, color, etc. To duplicate a purchase,            Controller's Office for payment to be made. If
     all items requested to expedite processing of                     refer to your copy of the previous Purchase Order               the item is for a capital outlay item, a copy is
     requisitions. Descriptions, specifications, etc. may              and copy complete specifications.                               then forwarded to Property Control so that
     be submitted electronically in Micro Soft Word                                                                                    movable equipment can be tagged.
     format, faxed, or campus mail. Failure to do so could          5. State the physical address where materials are to
     delay processing. The department is responsible for               be delivered. If delivery address is different from        2.   Property Control gets a copy of POs for capital
     typing all items and their estimated costs on the                 department’s address, enter the information on                  outlay with a cost greater than $1,000.
     purchase requisition in Banner.                                   the Document text screen. All capital outlay                           BUDGET TRANSFERS:
                                                                       items must be delivered to the Warehouse unless
     If the requesting department can not furnish a                    exempt by Property Control or other                             Budget Transfers are not required for TRAVEL
     vendor(s) as required, Purchasing personnel will                  circumstances. (See Property Control)                           (702000's),      OPERATING           SERVICES
     identify a vendor(s) for the commodity listed.                                                                                    (703000's) and SUPPLIES (704000's) account
                                                                    6. Provide an estimate of the cost in the space                    codes. Requisitions will be processed as long
C.   Attachments:       Purchase Requisitions with PO                  designated in the system. A realistic cost                      as a positive balance exists in NON
     Types - State Contract (SC), Check with Order                     estimate must be provided. The estimated cost                   PERSONAL SVCS. The exception is in
     (CO), Quote Order (QO), Ongoing Research, or Bid                  determines the type of bid to be taken and the                  PROFESSIONAL         SVCS      (705000s)     and
     Specifications must have attachments. The form                    time required to obtain bids, evaluate, and award               CAPITAL OUTLAY (707000's) accounts.
     “Departmental      Correspondence”      located  on               the bid.                                                        Budget transfers for these items must first be
     Purchasing Web Page, along with the type of                                                                                       processed prior to submitting requisitions to the
     attachment is to be completed and forwarded to the             7. Requisition(s) must be approved by the                          Purchasing Department. Requisitions will be
     Purchasing Department.        Purchase Requisitions               appropriate personnel in the system. NOTE: The                  returned to the department if received before
     without the necessary attachments/forms will not be               requisition cannot be approved by the approving                 necessary transfers have been completed.
     processed until all forms are submitted.                          authority unless a sufficient amount of funding is
                                                                       available.                                             If you have questions, please call 5205, fax to 5218 or
D.   Request For Competitive Bids : The following                                                                             email to estess@ulm.edu; or clay@ulm.edu
     procedures shall be used to request the purchase of       After bids have been received and evaluated, the
     items or commodities with an estimated cost               electronic requisition already approved for funding, is
     exceeding $5000 or those not covered by a state           updated to reflect items to be purchased from vendor(s)
     contract   or    Governor’s      Executive     Order.     and a Purchase Order is issued.
     Departments submitting the Request for Competitive
     Bid Form must follow the following guidelines:                              PURCHASE ORDERS:

     1. Enter quote order (QO) requisition in Banner.          A.   Purchase Orders under $5000:
                                                                    1. Purchase Orders for less than $5000 can be
     2. Be sure to specify a realistic delivery date.                   processed without obtaining quotes. All costs
        Considerations must be made for University                      are to be included in the $5000 (i.e. processing
        closure, holidays, etc. Submit request in sufficient            charges, freight, handling, etc.).
        time to permit the Purchasing Department to                 2.    Segregation (splitting) of purchases to keep
        secure competitive quotations and place an order                  each amount less than $5000 is NOT permitted.
        without causing undue delivery.
                                                               B.   Purchase Order Distribution:
     3. The department should furnish suggested                     1. After quotes have been awarded, Purchase
        sources of supply, giving the name, address,                    Order typed, and funds encumbered, the

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