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					                 FUMC YOUTH MINISTRY SURVEY
Circle Appropriate description:_____ Male or Female ______Age Range: 13-19, 20-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51
53 Surveys received                   18       26         7w/no age   31      0      2      2     11

What do you feel the aim of youth ministry should be?
Build relationship with God                     22
Support group of believers                       4
Involvement in worship                           4
Bring others to Christ                           3
Form good habits & firm foundation               3
Learn to serve others                            3
Safe, Fun, Christian fellowship                  2

What do you feel the purpose of Sunday School should be?
Bible Study                                     16
Learn how to build relationship with God         8
Fellowship                                       3
Learn Scripture & relate it to their lives
Worship & Application

What do you feel the purpose of Wednesday Family Night should be?
Fun & fellowship                              21
Bible study & fun                             10
Relate bible to current life situations        5
Unite families in worship                      5
Building relationship with God                 4
Family time/activities                         2

What do you feel the purpose of Sunday Night MYF should be?
Fun & spiritual fellowship                    22
Mission work/other service opportunities       4
Discuss events of past week/personal & social  4
More fun activities than Wed. night            3
Discuss previous acts of service               3
Team building

What are your top three priorities related to addressing the needs of youth in the church?
Love others as Christ loves them                     7
Youth make decisions based on Christian values 5
Raise money for youth programs                        5
Youth have more involvement in church                 4
Provide safe environment                              4
Be happy & learn about God                            4
Pay attention, be quiet, don’t ask dumb questions 4
Put faith into action                                  4
Don’t leave anyone out/everyone included              3
Strong Christian base                                 3
Support community activities that uphold           2
  Christian values
Homework area & computers                           2
More travel on Sundays

What are your top three priorities related to addressing the needs of youth in the community?
Be welcoming
Local mission work
Invite others to attend youth
Make FUMC “THE PLACE” for youth
Help educate youth to be leaders
Address social issues/ sex, drugs, & alcohol
Offer educational programs not available elsewhere
Computers for homework
Joint activities with other youth groups
Youth group should be seen & be recognizable

How would you change Sunday Morning Programming if you had the opportunity?
Leave it the same
Youth should be part of rotation of lay readers in worship service
Scripture memory
More youth participation
Start later
New study book/lessons
Have more fun
Less playing around
Warm atmosphere
More challenging
Each child bring their own bible
Variety of teachers
How would you change Wednesday Night Programming if you had the opportunity?
Stay the same
Scheduled program
More adult control
Small groups
More hands on activities
More bible study
Youth should minister to children/mentoring
More prayer & share
Involve more youth in discussion
More movies
Start at 5PM
How would you change Sunday Night Programming if you had the opportunity?
More organized activities/God centered
Stay the same
Go on more outings
All ages interact
More music
Start earlier
More outside youth participation
Use members of congregation as speakers
I don’t know what the program is

We do not currently have a Youth Choir or a Youth Handbell Choir. Would you like to see these programs
No         17
Yes        28
Youth band

Would you be willing to make a commitment to a program in order to bring about needed changes? Yes No
Yes        28
No         15
Later       4

Do you have youth or grandchildren actively participating in youth ministry programs? Yes No
If yes, in which programs do they participate:
Sunday School                        Wednesday Night Bible Study                Sunday Night MYF
UM Army (Sr. High)                   Big House (Jr. High)                       Summer Camp
Wed. Night Live (Summers only) Highway Clean-up                                 Spring Retreat
Drama Team                           Local Mission Work Days                    Holiday in the Park
Youth Praise Band                    S.A.L.T.                                   Countryfest
Kairos Luncheons                    Spring Break Trips                         Oilier Activities (List)

List ages of youth attending:
What is currently taking place in youth ministry that you feel is effective?
All programs are effective
Wednesday night/bible studies
Great leadership
Talking about Virginia Tech

What is currently taking place in youth ministry that you feel is not effective?
Youth should show more respect to speakers
Too much horseplay not enough worship
Not enough control
Inappropriate PDA
Sunday nights
Wednesday nights
Teach effective lessons
Not enough reverent prayer time
Too much pastor control

Do you currently volunteer in an area of youth ministries? If yes which area(s):
Yes                   15
No                    17
Never been asked       1

How are youth involved in the life of the congregation?
Missions/UM Army
Serving/ church projects
Not enough/ only see them when they want money
They are the future of this congregation
Being Christian friends

Do you feel youth have opportunities to serve as well as be served, is yes how?
No               8
Youth do excellent job, would like to see them offered more leadership/responsibility
Youth should regularly assist in services
Service projects
Could help some elderly members with household chores
Do you feel the church excludes youth, if so how and when?
Yes           16
No            22
Youth should have more exposure in every day church activities
Adults should attend and be invited to youth activities
Youth aren’t valued by others
Youth not involved in decision making/ opinion not valued
Youth exclude themselves

If you or your youth are not attended some or all of the youth activities, what keeps them from attending?
Rude behavior by others/cliques
Other activities
Need new youth minister/reorganization

RATE THE PROGRAMS On a scale of 1 to 5 (one being the least and five being the best) circle the number
that best answers the question.
Overall how do you rate the youth Sunday School program?  1 2 3 4 5 Program Quality
                                                          1 0 10 11 14
                                                          1 2 3 4 5 Child Participation
                                                          3 1 11 10 10
                                                          1 2 3 4 5 Adult Involvement
                                                           0 5 8 9 13
Overall how do you rate the youth Sunday Evening program? 1 2 3 4 5 Program Quality
                                                          0 3 9 11 16
                                                          1 2 3 4 5 Child Participation
                                                          2 1 10 10 13
                                                          1 2 3 4 5 Adult Involvement
                                                          1 3 10 9 13
Overall how do you rate the Wednesday Evening program?    1 2 3 4 5 Program Quality
                                                          1 4 9 12 13
                                                         1 2 3 4 5 Child Participation
                                                          3 5 6 14 9
                                                          1 2 3 4 5 Adult Involvement
                                                          1 5 8 11 12
Overall how do you rate the Summer Camp opportunities?              1    2     3    4     5 Program Quality
                                                                    2   0     10     6    16
                                                                   1    2     3    4     5 Child Participation
                                                                    2   1     9    12     9
                                                                   1    2     3    4      5 Adult Involvement
                                                                    2    3    10    6    11
How do you rate the congregation as an advocate for youth?                1        2      3    4      5
                                                                          5        3     18    8      9

Name: _____ _____________________                     _____        Email: _____________________
Please email additional comments about Children's Ministry to fumclindale@suddenlinkmail.com or send it
to the church office. This survey is available for download at www.fumclindale.org
                                                                                              Children's Ministry Survey Revised 3/28/

1. Our church needs to be more aware of our youth and what all they can do. I would like to see the youth all sit
   together on Sunday mornings—make themselves known.
2. Sorry, I’m no help in this survey. I’m too old to be involved or informed.
3. Youth need family and adult participation to be role models and people they can turn to to lead them and teach them
   to live in the world. The youth program “Leadership Training for Christ” in the Church of Christ, is excellent in
   preparing Jr. High—High School youth to serve their God, their church and their lives in a variety of activities with
   a Christian goal.(music, puppets, drama, sign language, power point, photography, bulletin boards, etc.)
4. I think there is much more we can include the youth in; their current programs are excellent, but they can be less
   isolated from the rest of the congregation. The rest of the church needs to reach out to the youth and view them,
   include them more as adults than children.
5. You have to have fun. I know some do UM Army and I know they washed the walls of the hall.