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    CATALOGUE 2009-2010
2   Photo: Stryn Skisenter - Terje Rakke/Nordic Life/Fjord Norge
WEATHER & CLOTHING                                                    6
XC-SKIING & HEALTH                                                    7
HOTEL TO HOTEL                                                        8
OUR DESTINATIONS - MAP                                                9
RØROS                                                                 10
TROLLHEIMEN                                                           11
BJORLI – LESJA                                                        12
JOTUNHEIMEN                                                           13
RONDANE                                                               14
PEER GYNTS RIKE                                                       16
LILLEHAMMER – NORDSETER – SJUSJØEN                                    17
VALDRES                                                               18
SPÅTIND                                                               19
ÅL IN HALLINGDAL                                                      20
NESBYEN                                                               21
GOL & GOLSFJELLET                                                     22
GEILO                                                                 23
FJORD NORWAY                                                          24
HOVDEN                                                                26
TOUR OPERATORS                                                        27
ACCOMMODATIONS                                                        28

                                                                               Photo: Nils-Erik Bjørholt/Innovasjon Norge

Skiing Norway is a nationwide interest group for cross-country skiing and winter activities in Norway. It was established
in 2001 in collaboration with Innovation Norway, Norges Skiforbund (Norwegian skiing association), The Association for
the Promotion of Skiing and the Norwegian Trekking Association.

Skiing Norway’s main objective is to market cross-country skiing and winter activities, both at home and abroad, on be-
half of its shareholders. In addition, Skiing Norway arranges annual educational forums for trail preparation and training
of personnel. In collaboration with, we are in the process of incorporating all Norwegian cross-country ski
trails into one digital skiing atlas.

Skiing Norway wants to ensure that you have great experiences in the Norwegian nature, both with and without skis! We
would like to wish you a hearty welcome to Winter Norway!

Skiing Norway - Anita Koot and Monique van Dijk Seppola
Address: Postboks 7, N-2675 Otta
Tel. +47 61 23 06 53 - Fax +47 61 23 59 52 -

Frontpage photo: Kjell Arne Berndsen/Valdres Destinasjon. Design: Kreativt Hjørne. Print: Nordby Grafisk.
For free distribution abroad.

Side 4   Photo: From Blåhø towards Rondane - Kjell Andersen Vågå
Norway has a long tradition of cross-country skiing and winter activities. Our winter destinations are located
at the heart of the ski trails. Most trails are prepared frequently. If you would prefer to ski outside of the
prepared trails, there are vast tracts of unspoilt nature. Read more at:

ACTIVITIES WITHOUT SKIS                                       Many enthusiasts are not finished with their regular skiing
These days, winter resort businesses can offer much           until May. Right through to the middle of summer, quite a
more than just cross-country skiing. A wonderful trip on      few Norwegians will ascend the high mountain glaciers,
a horse and sleigh with bells and torches, or a visit to a    in order to enjoy warm summer days on white snow,
lavvo with a bonfire, where you will be served a warm         under a blue sky and a blazing sun.
drink, will add another dimension to your experience.
Most locations offer ski rental and skiing lessons, and       Christmas and New Year in the mountains is a very
will also have slalom slopes/ski tows. Many locations         special experience, built around festivals and traditions.
have special activities for children and offer discounts to   Use the daytime to take refreshing skiing trips and in the
families. The soft, white snow inspires you to play. From     evening you may enjoy authentic food and savour the
vigorous snowball fights amongst teenagers to more cre-       wonderful atmosphere.
ative forms of expression, such as small children mak-
ing snowmen, or grown-ups building impressive snow            From January until March there is usually plenty of snow
sculptures. Snow also equals speed for many on skis,          and excellent trails. Even though the days are short and
rump-sleds, toboggans, kick-sleds or sleds. Fun and           temperatures are at their lowest, this is the time for great
excitement for people at play, regardless of age.             nature adventures. The snow glistens in the snow-clad
                                                              trees. Dusk brings with it the mystical, fascinating blue
CONTENTMENT AND WELL-BEING                                    light, which has inspired many artists both past and
After your ski trip, you might like to enjoy a sauna or a     present. If the night should reveal a star-filled sky, you
swim, relax around an open-hearth fire or even have a         will often witness the Northern Lights dancing across the
dance after dinner. Everywhere, you will experience a         heavens. A moonlit trip is highly recommended. This is
distinct and cosy environment where the individual is ca-     the time for those who seek calm, tranquillity and recre-
tered for. Fine cuisine is an important part of a success-    ation.
ful holiday and, at our full-service establishments, you
will find a sumptuous Norwegian breakfast and excellent       Easter in Norway is a symbol of sun, snow and joy of life.
food, with many Norwegian specialities.                       Many Norwegians want to be on the white, sun-drenched
                                                              plateaux at this time and will travel in their droves, year
                                                              after year, to seek out wonderful nature adventures and
SEASONAL VARIATIONS                                           to enjoy peace and recreation. Or they may spend time
The snow has a magnetic attraction to us. Real ski
                                                              in the mountains with friends and family, in cabins or at
enthusiasts hurry to put on their skis as soon as the first
                                                              hotels. Much of the day is spent outdoors, on the sun
snow falls in November, forming a thin, white blanket
                                                              terrace, on the ski trails, or simply playing in the snow.
over the landscape.

Photo: Strandafjellet - Terje Rakke/Nordic Life/Fjord Norge                                                                5
IN NORWAY, SNOW IS GUARANTEED                                SKI EQUIPMENT
Our destinations can usually guarantee snow from No-         There are different types of skis. The most commonly
vember until the end of April. In the high mountains, the    used are cross-country skis or mountain skis, with or
snow’s depth is not so important. Open mountain ridges       without steel edges. At certain ski rental establishments
will, as a rule, be more sparsely covered, while a lot of    it is also possible to rent wax-free skis, but these are not
snow will accumulate in the hollows and on the leeward       so common in Norway. Your choice of skis should be
sides. What matters most to skiers is a stable inland        based upon the type of terrain and the type of trip that
climate, with a temperature several degrees below zero,      you are intending to undertake. If you have any doubts,
and dry snow. With the exception of April, temperatures      ask for advice from your tour operator or directly from
remain below zero throughout the country and, on most        your hotel/holiday accommodation before you travel.
days, we would recommend blue, dry wax for ski waxing.
During April, you should prepare your skis for wet snow,     If you are planning to take your own ski boots and rent
or use wax-free skis.                                        skis, check beforehand that the bindings are compat-
                                                             ible. SNS and NNN bindings are most commonly used in
THE NORWEGIAN MOUNTAIN CODE                                  Norway. Mountain skis often use Rottefella bindings. If
To ensure that your stay in the mountains is as compre-      you require tips and advice regarding ski waxing, please
hensive and successful as possible, it is important to       visit:
abide by the 9 mountain codes.
1. Do not set out on any long trips without practicing       You will also be able to rent a pulk sled at most es-
   first.                                                    tablishments. It is recommended that children under 6
2. Notify others of your route.                              months of age should not be placed in a pulk sled. Nor
3. Respect the weather and the weather forecasts.            should the air temperature be below -10 degrees centi-
4. Learn from the locals.                                    grade.
5. Be equipped for bad weather and cold, even on short
   trips.                                                    If you are intending to take a longer trip over several
6. Always take a rucksack and proper mountain gear.          days, it is important to pack properly. The Norwegian
7. Never go alone.                                           Trekking Association has some useful tips for mountain
8. Turn back in time. Sensible retreat is no disgrace.       trips on its website at:
9. Save your energy and dig yourself into the snow, if
   necessary.                                                Enjoy your trip!

Even in overcast weather in the mountains, the sun can
be very intense. Cover all exposed areas of skin with sun
tan lotion containing the appropriate sun protection fac-
tor. In extremely cold temperatures, sun tan lotion should
be water-free. If you have any doubts about which sun
protection factor you should use, please seek advice
from the nearest chemist.

You should always dress according to the level of activity
you are going to undertake. You should dress in order to
maintain body temperature and avoid sweating. Vigor-
ous activity requires less clothing than lighter activity.
Take warm and comfortable clothing with you. Generally,
clothes are separated into 3 layers:

1) The inner layer should be insulated with woollen un-
dergarments, as well as woollen socks. The inner layer
should function as a sweat-transporting layer.
2) The middle layer should consist of wool, cotton or
fleece clothing.
3) The outer layer should be windproof and/or waterproof
with adjustable air vents at the wrists, neck, waist and
below the knees.

6                                                                                          Photo: Strandafjellet - Terje Rakke/Innovasjon Norge
Cross-country skiing is an activity that is suited to             GLIDE
everyone and you will encounter every type of skill level         Rather than shifting their weight from side to side and
and tempo on the trail. Regardless of whether you are a           sliding slightly forward for each step that they take, it is
fast or slow skier, cross-country is all about technique.         usual for novices to ski with their weight evenly distrib-
At first, it may be a little difficult to establish the correct   uted on both skis for the whole time.
movement and weight distribution that will make the ski-          To achieve optimum weight distribution, you should be
ing easier. To gain experience and to whet your appetite,         able to flex your ankles and bend your knees slightly,
it might be smart to practice a little first.                     while at the same time attempting to carry the weight
                                                                  of your body forward in order to kick back. Then you
EXCELLENT FITNESS TRAINING                                        will achieve a greater sliding movement, which is part of
Skiing is perhaps the best endurance sport to be found.           the fun of skiing. At first, it can be difficult to find your
One of the reasons for this is that skiing usually takes          balance and your ski sticks can be more of a hindrance
place out in nature, far removed from road traffic and            than a help. Practice a little by taking some trips without
built-up areas. This offers the opportunity for variety           ski sticks. Then you will be forced to kick back correctly
and adventure. Cross-country skiing is a gentle activity          in order to move forward.
that does not put as much strain on the legs as jogging.
Cross-country skiing affects the back, arms and legs and          TOTAL RELAXATION OF THE MIND
involves all the major muscle groups.                             Once you have found your rhythm, you will begin to
                                                                  think about other things and time will fly past. Before you
In other words, you are improving your physical condi-            know it, you will have travelled a good distance, will be
tioning, endurance strength, balance, weight distribution         well and truly out of breath and will have rosy cheeks.
and technique. Neither are there any particular require-          You will also be in a great mood, having navigated your-
ments regarding how you are built. Whether you are tall,          self through snow-clad spruce trees and around other
short, lightweight or a little heavier, you can enjoy cross-      skiers actively using the nature.
country skiing. Weight training for the arms, upper body
and legs, as well as roller skiing, can help to improve           A relaxed cross-country skiing trip, or a shorter trip at
your skiing proficiency.                                          a greater pace, offer great variety to an exercise pro-
                                                                  gramme. Skiing is so natural and so pleasurable that,
                                                                  once you have started, you never think of it as exercise.
                                                                  It is also very motivating to do something different during
                                                                  the winter to keep yourself in shape. It is easy to imagine
                                                                  that a ski trip will take ages but you can, in fact, achieve
                                                                  great exercise benefits by taking shorter trips from half
                                                                  an hour to one hour’s duration, at a slightly greater pace.
                                                                  Skiing trips through forests and mountains will give you
                                                                  energy. You will be extremely refreshed, mentally. A ski-
                                                                  ing trip is medicine for the heart. And for weight loss, it is
                                                                  time well spent.


    Photo: Knut Koren, Fjellferie

There is a continuous trail from Ustaoset over Geilo to Sangefjell and Veståsen to Myking. The trail passes over Dyna,
which lies at the border between Ål and Nes. From Dyna it runs to Myking and continues towards Synstevann (crosses
the road to Tunhovd). If you would prefer a shorter stage between Myking and Haglebu, you can take a detour to the
E.K.T. Langedrag Nature Park. Here you may stay overnight during weekends/Easter and on individual weekdays when
there is no school camp. The trail continues further towards Hallingnatten. From Hallingnatten it runs along Lake Rein-
sjøen and down to Flatvollen. The descent to Flatvollen is steep and difficult and represents a challenge as the slope is
not easy to prepare. The trail then continues towards Haglebu, Tempelseter and finishes at Norefjell. As an alternative,
you can also take the trail over Høgevarde on the section between Haglebu and Norefjell.

A wonderful skiing trip from the striking high mountain terrain in the Rondane National Park in the north, via a ’more
gentle’ mountain terrain, to the Winter Olympics town of Lillehammer in the south. The trip starts at Høvringen and, with
the Rondane Massif in the background, runs via Kvamsfjellet to Venabygdsfjellet, further to Øksendalen, and continues
past mountain farms at Øyerfjellet to Nordseter. From here, you can choose to take a longer loop around Lake Sjusjøen
or descend to Lillehammer. The skiing trip also offers transportation of luggage and there are different departures for trips
with and without a tour guide. The trail passes through varied terrain and is marked from 1st February until the end of
Easter. The day stages are of 17-42 km duration. The trip is best suited to competent, well trained skiers. Mountain skis
(skis with steel edges) are recommended as the trail is only partly prepared. The trip can also be taken from Lillehammer
and northwards to Høvringen.

The Peer Gynt trail offers you a varied skiing experience in authentic surroundings, from Espedalen via Fefor, Gålå and
Kvitfjell to Skeikampen. The trip will include views of the Jotunheimen, Rondane and Dovrefjell national parks. This will
give you stunning and dramatic impressions of the otherwise friendly mountain areas that the trail passes through. You
will be skiing at 700-1,500 metres above sea level! The daily stages are relatively short and there are many interesting di-
versions enroute. The whole Peer Gynt trail is frequently maintained and ordinary cross-country skis may be used. There
are various places to stay overnight along the trail and also a wide range of activities. The Peer Gynt trail is easy and is
therefore suitable for all.

              OUR DESTINATIONS



Norge                                                                            Trollheimen                Røros


                                          Fjord Norge                                   Dombås
                                              Stryn                                 Vågå
                                     Nordfjordeid                       Lom                         Mysuseter
                                     Sandane                                               Otta
                                                                        Jotunheimen               Vinstra Venabygdsfjellet
                                                                                             Peer Gynts Rike
                                                  Fjord Norge                                                          Nordseter
                                                                                  Beitostølen            Lillehammer
                                                                                  Valdres             Spåtind Sjusjøen

                                        Fjord Norge                              Gol
                                Voss                                         Ål i Hallingdal
                                                                         Geilo     Nesbyen
                                                                                                           Hønefoss            Gardermoen






     Destination Røros offers a pulsating cultural life, wild and unspoilt nature, two national parks, a dramatic history and
     locally produced food of superb quality. At the heart of Røros is Europe’s oldest preserved timber town, which appears
     on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. The region is easily accessible, has extremely stable snow conditions and is
     able to offer skiing activities in most types of weather. You will find open mountain plateaux and forest-clad valleys. The
     Røros plateau is situated 600-800 metres above sea level, with summits as high as 1,600 metres above sea level, and
     represents an agreeable challenge to most people.

Photo: T. Gustavsen, E. Borgos og G. Tønset

       Highest summit                Elgspiggen 1604 m.a.s.l.
       Marked ski trails             Totalt 500 km i regionen, herav 120 km tilknyttet Røros sentrum. DNT-merking.
                                     2 lysløyper. Daglig maskinpreparerte løyper for skøyting og klassisk i tur- og treningsløyper.
       Winter activities             History, culture, culinary experiences, sleigh rides, dog sledding, Sami adventures, ice fishing,
       without skis                  snow kiting and snow scooter
       Ski rental                    Røros Sport, tel. +47 72 41 12 18 and Røros Hotell tel. +47 72 40 80 00
       Recommended trips             Live in Røros and take daily trips
       Alpine facilities             Hummelfjell Alpinanlegg, 15 min by car from Røros,
                                     Ålen Skisenter, ½ hour by car fra Røros,
                                     Savalen Opplevelser, 1 time hour by car from Røros,
                                     Funäsdalen, Sweden’s third largest alpine resort just a 45 min drive from Røros.
       Nearest railway station       Røros, see
       Nearest airport               Røros Lufthavn / 2 min drive from Røros town centre.
       Further information           Røros Reiseliv - Tel. +47 72 41 00 00 - -

Trollheimen is regarded as a pearl among Norwegian mountain regions with the alpine summits and sheltered valleys of
Surnadalen and Rindal to the north, Orkdalen and Dovrebanen/highway E6 to the east, Sunndalen and Oppdal to the
south and the fjords to the west. The special climactic conditions at this watershed between the coast and the interior
have made their distinctive mark on the lush nature and cultural landscape, the rich fauna and colourful wildlife.

Photo: Saga Trollheimen Hotell

                                                                                   Recommended accommodation:
Highest summit                   Trolla 1850 m.a.s.l.                              SAGA TROLLHEIMEN HOTEL
Marked ski trails                2 floodlit trails (Rindal and Rindalsskogen)      Tel. +47 71 66 55 02
                                 15 km trail from Rindal to Rindalsskogen
                                 Tørsetmarka by Bolme, 15 km of prepared trails
                                 Romundstadbygda, 35 km of prepared trails
Winter activities without skis   Hunting, fishing, snowshoe trips, sleigh rides
Ski school                       Contact Saga Trollheimen Hotell
Ski rental                       Contact Saga Trollheimen Hotell
Alpine facility                  Seterlia in Surnadal, 30 km
Nearest railway station          Berkåk / 70 km
Nearest airport                  Trondheim Airport Værnes 120 km
                                 Direct airport coach Rindal-Værnes
Further information    

The winter sport centre of Bjorli can be found in the upper reaches of Gudbrandsdalen, surrounded by Romdalsfjel-
lene, Tafjordfjellene and Dovrefjell. Lesja municipality’s beautiful mountain village is situated here, easily accessible by
car, train and bus. Bjorli is one of the country’s most snow-sure places, offering marked and prepared trails throughout
the whole region. There is also mile after mile of open mountain plateaux. Bjorli is a tightly knit community and, within a
radius of just 500 metres, you have access to the ski lift, cross-country trails, shops, restaurants and accommodation.

Photo: Bjorli-Lesja Reiseliv

 Highest summit                     Gråhøe in Reinheimen 2014 m.a.s.l
 Marked ski trails                  A total of 82 km, comprising 18 km of high mountain trails and 64 km of forest trails
 Winter activities without skis     Hunting, fishing, snowshoe trips, sleigh rides and dog sledding
 Ski school/Ski rental              Bjorli Skiskole & Skiutleie - Magnar Velure -
                                    Tel.: +47 61 24 55 93 / +47 901 19 990
 Recommended trips                  Into Tafjordfjell towards Pyttbua
 Alpine facilities                  Bjorli Skisenter -
 Nearest railway station            Bjorli -
 Nearest airport                    Molde, 107 km
 Further information      

Jotunheimen is Southern Norway’s most alpine landscape and offers an astonishing variety of activities. You may take
advantage of well-prepared trails on wooded slopes or whizz down from high summits. There are 250 kilometres of pre-
pared trails and almost 200 summits above 2,000 metres, for those who would rather trample their own paths. Lemonsjø
Alpinsenter offers a family-friendly alpine facility with a snowboard park and a variety of slopes for both adults and chil-
dren. Rental of snowboards, alpine and telemark equipment. Would you prefer a winter holiday without skis? Very few
areas in Norway offer as many ski-free alternatives as Jotunheimen.
News! Hindseter Fjellhotell offer a new recreation department with sauna, jacuzzi and a relax area.

Photo: Hindseter Fjellhotell

 FACTS                                                                                 Recommended accommodations:
 Highest summit                Galdhøpiggen 2.469 m.a.s.l.                             BESSEGGEN FJELLPARK
                               200 summits over 2000 m.a.s.l.                          Tel. +47 61 23 89 22
 Marked ski trails             Ca. 250 km, comprising 100 km of high mountain
                               trails, 100 km of forest and 30 km of floodlit trails
                                                                                       BESSHEIM FJELLSTUE
 Winter activities             Hunting, fishing, snowshoe trips, sleigh rides, ice     Tel +47 61 23 89 13
 without skis                  canyoning, moose safari, ice climbing         
 Alpine facilities             Lemonsjø Alpinsenter                                    HINDSETER FJELLHOTELL
 Ski school/ski rental         Tel: +47 61 23 87 55        Tel. +47 61 23 89 16
 Recommended trips             DNT -                 
 Nearest railway station       Otta / ca 45 km                              LEMONSJØ FJELLSTUE &
 Nearest airport               Oslo Airport Gardermoen                                 HYTTEGREND
                                                                                       Tel. +47 61 23 87 22
 Further information           Jotunheimen Reiseliv as,
                               Tel: +47 61 21 29 90,

Varied ski terrain with rocky peaks and both rocky and wooded mountain plateaus. National park. Stable snow condi-
tions. Once you visit Rondane, you’ll long to return year after year. Easy hikes for beginners and families, challenging
hikes for the more experienced, activities and cultural events. Rondane Høyfjellshotell has a spa and wellness centre,
Rondablikk is located near the peaks, and Venabu is situated on a mountain plateau south of Rondane and offers guided
tours. All have excellent food, a friendly atmosphere, good ski tracks and international clientele.

                                                                                     Photo: Rondane - Terje Rakke/Innovasjon Norge

 FACTS                                                                               Recommended accommodations:
 Highest summit           10 summits in Rondane Nasjonalpark over 2.000 masl.        Rondablikk Høyfjellshotell
                          Venabygdsfjellet 30 summits ca 1000-1460 masl.             Tel. +47 61 29 45 40
 Marked ski trails        Ca 200 km prepared tracks in high mountain and
                          forrest terrain.                                           Rondane Spa
 Winter activities        Snowshoeing, canoeing, chair sledging, walking tours       Tel.. +47 61 20 90 90
 without skis                                                              

 Ski school/ski rental    Contact the hotels
                                                                                     Venabu Fjellhotell
 Recommended trips        The Troll trail from Høvringen to Sjusjøen, spending the   Tel. +47 61 29 32 00
                          night at a hotel or unmanned DNT cabin and pre-ar-
                          ranged tours through the Norske Bygdeopplevelser
                 or booked directly.
 Alpine facilities        Small slope 3 km from Venabu Fjellhotell.
                          Small slope 1 km from Rondane Høyfjellshotell.
 Nearest train station    Otta (Rondane Spa) - Vinstra (Rondablikk) - Ringebu
 Nearest airport          Oslo Airport Gardermoen
 Further information      Contact the hotels.
                                                                           RONDANE                           HØVRINGEN
A popular area for skiing in the Rondane National Park. Mountain hamlet with shops, mountain cafes and several estab-
lishments offering accommodation. A wonderful high mountain terrain with prepared and marked cross-country trails,
extending up to 1,500 metres above sea level. Several of the trails have glorious views over the mountains and valleys.
You may choose shorter trips closer to Høvringen or longer trips into Rondane. You will also find sheltered forest trails.
Friendly hosts, good food and our own Høvringen wine will add a special touch to your holiday. Høvringen will give you a
real mountain adventure!

 Photo: Rondane - Terje Rakke/Innovasjon Norge

                                                                                             Recommended accommodations:
 Highest summit                       Rondslottet 2128 m.a.s.l.                              Høvringen Fjellstue
                                                                                             T. +47 61233718,
 Marked ski trails                    A total of 140 km, comprising 80 km of high moun-
                                      tain trails and 60 km of forest trails. Ca. 10 km of   Høvringen Høgfjellshotell
                                      skate skiing track                                     T. +47 61233722,
 Winter activities                    Snowshoe trips, sleigh rides, snow mobiles             Putten Seter
 without skis                                                                                T. +47 61 23 30 12,
 Ski school/Ski rental                Høvringen Skiskole Henrik Morell                       Rondane Haukliseter Fjellhotell
                                      Tel. +47 918 08 671        T. +47 61 23 37 17,
 Recommended trips                    The Troll Trail from Høvringen to Sjusjøen.            Rondeheim Den Norske Fjellskolen
                                      Booking:                T. +47 61 23 37 14,
 Alpine facilitites                   Children’s ski tow at Øigardseter                      Smuksjøseter Fjellstue
 Nearest train station                Otta / 25 km                                T. +47 61 23 37 19,
 Nearest airport                      Oslo Airport Gardermoen, 320 km. Direct airport   Øigardseter Fjellstue - Storhytte
                                      coach on Saturdays booking: +47 61 23 37 17 post@ - Leiligheter
                                                                T. +47 61 23 37 13,
 Further information                  Høvringen Aktivitetsselskap AS
Peer Gynt’s Kingdom in Gudbrandsdalen embraces Espedalen, Fefor and Gålå, and is one of the most authentic and
snow-sure skiing areas in the high mountains, at 700-1,517 metres above sea level. A fairytale winter landscape with
prepared and marked cross-country trails. There are family-friendly mini-circuits, trails in sheltered forest terrain and high
mountain trails with wonderful views.

Photo: Peer Gynts Rike

                                                                                   Recommended accommodations:
 Highest summit            Ruten 1517 m.a.s.l.                                     Dalseter Høyfjellshotell
                                                                                   Tel. +47 61 29 99 10
 Marked ski trails         A total of 630 km, comprising 14 km of floodlit
                           trails, 210 km of forest trails and 420 km of high
                           mountain trails                                         Fefor Høifjellshotell
 Winter activities         Tobogganing, sleigh rides, snow rafting, ice            Tel. +47 61 29 33 00
 without skis              canyoning, ice fishing, guided tours, children’s
                                                                                   Gålå Høgfjellshotell og Hytter
 Ski school/Ski rental     Contact your hotel/hostel                               Tel. +47 61 29 76 00
 Recommended trips         The Peer Gynt Trail from hotel to hotel, a total of
                           60-100 km, depending on route.                          Ruten Fjellstue
                           Bookings:                Tel. +47 61 29 73 20
 Alpine facilities         Gålå: several lifts. Fefor: 1 lift. Espedalen: 1 lift
 Nearest railway station Vinstra                                        Strand Fjellstue
 Nearest airport           Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen                                Tel. +47 61 28 57 20
 Further information
                                                                                   Wadahl Høgfjellshotell
                                                                                   Tel, +47 61 29 75 00

                                                   LILLEHAMMER                      NORDSETER - SJUSJØEN
3 excellent alpine facilities with different ability levels, children’s park and terrain park. Ca. 600 km of prepared and
well-marked ski trails through easy forest terrain and into the high mountains. You will find a wide range of activities for
the whole family, with or without skis. A trip on a dog sled, an atmospheric sleigh ride at dusk. Water Park and magical
adventures in the Winter Park! Speed and excitement on the bobsleigh, toboggan and sled slopes. Shopping and sight-
seeing in Lillehammer town centre.

Photo: Nordseter Hyttegrend og Esben Haakenstad

 FACTS                                                                                         Recommended accommodations:
 Highest summit                     Skeikampen 1124 m.a.s.l.                                   LILLEHAMMER:
 Marked ski trails                  Totalt 600 km, herav 450 km høyfjellsløyper, 200 km        Lillehammer Vandrerhjem
                                    skogsløype, 50 km lysløype                                 Stasjonen
                                                                                               Tel. +47 61 26 00 24.
 Winter activities                  Dog sledding, sleigh rides, ice fishing, snowshoe trips,
 without skis                       toboggan trips, ice skating, snow scooter, bob rafting
                                    Hunderfossen Vinterpark
 Ski school/Ski rental              Skeikampen skiskole
                                    Skiskolen Hafjell, Øyer,
                                                                                               Nordseter Hyttegrend
                                                                                               Tel. +47 61 26 40 12
                                    Sjusjøen Skisenter,
                                    Sjusjøen Sport & Aktiviteter,
                                    Sjusjøen Fritid.                    Nordseter Fjellstue og Hytter
                                    Nordseter Ski & Aktivitetssenter,         Tel. +47 61 26 41 00
                                    Ellen og Franz skiutleie,    
                                    Hafjell skiutleie, Øyer,
 Recommended trips                  The Troll Trail Høvringen – Lillehammer, 170 km.           SJUSJØEN:
                                    Beautiful 8 day trip.
                                                                                               Rustad Hotel og Fjellstue
 Alpine facilitities                Hafjell Alpinsenter,                        Tel. +47 62 36 34 08
                                    Skeikampen Alpinsenter,        
                                    Sjusjøen Skisenter,
                                                                                               Sjusjøen Hytteutleie
 Railway station                    Lillehammer                                     Tel. +47 62 33 49 60
 Nearest airport                    Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen / 145 km                
 Further information                Lillehammer Turist AS, Tlf. 61 28 98 00
Valdres is one of Norway’s most attractive and diverse winter regions for the whole family. There are over 1,100 km of
continuous ski trails that extend from Hedalsfjella and Vassfaret in the south, to Jotunheimen in the north. Experience
sheltered forest trails, open, idyllic mountain farm areas, and bare mountains with white plateaux – or you could try one
of the many floodlit trails. In Valdres it is easy to find a trip that is suited to both adults and children. All trails are GPS
logged, marked and signposted.

                            Photos: Karianne Borchgrevink, Ingvild Haadem Brekke, Beito Aktiv & Skiskole, Filefjell Reinlag, Herangtunet, Thor Østbye, Tyin Resort & Booking og Tyin Aktiv.

                                                                                                                            Recommended accommodation:
 Highest summit            Vestre Kalvehøgda 2208 m.a.s.l.                                                                  NYTHUN HØYFJELLSSTUE
                                                                                                                            Tel. +47 61 35 79 30
 Marked ski trails         A total of 1,100 km in varied terrain, comprising forest                               
                           trails and high mountain trails, as well as 12 floodlit trails
 Winter activities         Snow scooter, sledding, snow rafting, airboard, SMX, ice
 without skis              fishing, snowshoe trips, sleigh rides, reindeer safari
 Recommended trips         Beitostølen – Danebu 70 km. Varied terrain in high moun-
                           tains, forests and valleys. Marked from Feb until April.
 Ski school/Ski rental     Tyin-Filefjell Skisenter
 Alpine facilities         Beitostølen Skisenter & Raudalen
                           Valdres Alpinanlegg
                           Brattstølen Skisenter
                           Vaset Skiheiser
                           Stavadalen Skisenter
                           Children activitites and cafées.
 Nearest railway station Gol, tlf. 815 00 888
 Nearest airport           Fagernes Airport Leirin,
                           Tel. +47 67 03 02 00
 Further information       Valdres Destinasjon, tlf. +47 61 35 94 10
On the mountain plateau between Gudbrandsdalen and Valdres is Synnfjell, with Spåtind and Spåtindtoppen. The massif
is situated between Fagernes and Lillehammer, just a couple of hours’ drive from Oslo. Rejoice – because the snow ar-
rives here early! As soon as the snow has fallen, we will challenge you with glorious ski trails, professionally prepared in
varied and beautiful terrain. It’s no wonder the skiing elite loves Spåtind. You can choose between family-friendly trails in
sheltered forest terrain and challenging trails in the bare mountains. There are many wonderful and different trip options!
If you would like to follow in the footsteps of the skiing elite, you can put on your skis and set off on professional compe-
tition trails right outside your door.

                                                                                                                        Photo: Spåtind

                                                                              Recommended accommodation:
 Highest summit                Spåtindtoppen 1440 m.a.s.l.                    SPÅTIND HØYFJELLSHOTELL
                                                                              Tel. +47 61 11 95 06
 Marked ski trails             A total of 350 km, comprising 175 km 
                               of forest trails, 175 km of high mountain
                               trails, as well as 16 km of skate skiing
 Winter activities without     Snowshoe trips, sleigh rides and dog
 skis                          sledding
 Ski school/Ski rental         Contact Spåtind Høyfjellshotell
 Alpin facilitites             3 slopes by Spåtind Høyfjellshotell
 Nearest railway station       Lillehammer / 50 km
 Nearest airport               Gardermoen / 120 km
 Further information 

Ål is an all-round skiing destination, between Oslo and Bergen, where everyone can find their winter paradise. Ål offers
a total of 400 km of cross-country trails, spread over six different skiing areas. Liatoppen Skisenter is an internationally
approved cross-country and ski-shooting arena. We have one of Norway’s longest toboggan slopes and excellent alpine
conditions. In Ål town centre is the Thon Hotel Hallingdal and a selection of shops, together with Ål cultural centre, offer-
ing a cinema, concerts and art exhibitions. In the well-known Bergsjø area in the high mountains above Ål, you may stay
in a hotel, a mountain lodge or a cabin/apartment.

Photo: Syningen, Ål Utvikling AS

                                                                                             Recommended accommodation:
 Highest summit                    Raudbergnuten 1819 m.a.s.l.                               Thon Hotel Hallingdal
                                   Reineskarvet 1791 m.a.s.l.                                Tel. +47 32 08 20 11
 Marked ski trails                 A total of 400 km GPS-marked ski trails, comprising
                                   234 km of high mountain trails, 166 km of forest trails
                                   and several floodlit trails
 Winter activities                 Toboganning, dog sledding, sleigh ride, ice fishing,
 without skis                      kiting/ski sailing
 Ski school/Ski rental             Ål Skiskole in Ål Skisenter,
 Alpine facilitites                Skarslia Ski-og Akesenter,
 Recommended trips                 The Hallingdal Trail South Ustaoset-Norefjell, 144 km
                                   The Hallingdal Trail North Myrland-Golsfjellet, 77 km
 Nearest railway station Ål stasjon,
 Nearest airport                   Gardermoen Airport Oslo 227 km
                                   Fagernes Airport Leira 81 km
 Further information               Ål Tourist Information, Tel. 32 08 10 60,

The Nesfjella mountains offer great, wide plateaux and sheltered high grade trails in the tree line. This is terrain for
everyone, not least if you would like to enjoy a skiing trip that involves a minimum of effort. This is why, in Hallingdal,
the Nesfjella mountains are called ’the kind mountains’. The region extends towards the Dyna summit in the north and
towards Såtefjell in the west and Hallingnatten in the south. On the eastern side are Vardefjell and Blåfjell, among other
mountains. Visit, where you will find many travel tips and recommended places to take a break. The
season lasts from November until May.

 Photo: Nystølen, Ola Arnfinn Haraldset

 Highest summit                           Hallingnatten 1315 m.a.s.l.
 Marked ski trails                        A total of ca. 260 km over varied terrain in the tree line and bare mountains

 Winter activities                        Tobogganing, dog sledding, horse riding, jigging and swimming. Visit the Langedrag Nature
 without skis                             Park or Vassfaret Bjørnepark (Bear Park)
 Ski school                               Nesbyen Alpinsenter (trained by the Norwegian Skiing Academy)
 Ski rental                               Nesbyen Alpinsenter
                                          Nystølkroken Kafe- og skitrekk
                                          Ranten Hotell/Ski- og kjelketrekk
                                          Fagerhøy Fjellstue
 Recommended trips                        The Hallingdal trail from Geilo via Nesbyen to Norefjell. Voted as one of Norway’s most beau-
                                          tiful skiing trips. 4-7 days, 144 km. Booking:
 Alpine facilities                        Nesbyen Alpinsenter - 12 slopes, skiingarea for children, snow park
                                          Nystølkroken Kafe- og skitrekk - 1 slope, half pipe
                                          Ranten Hotell/Ski- og kjelketrekk - 2 slopes -
 Nearest railway station                  Nesbyen / 0-20 km
 Nearest airport                          Oslo Airport Gardermoen / 181 km
 Further information                      Nesbyen Tourist Office/booking - tel. +47 32 07 01 70 - -

The Golsfjellet mountain is located between Hallingdal and Valdres and offers more than 160 km well-prepared cross-
country trails, partly in sheltered forest terrain and partly above the tree line in an open area with spectacular views in all
directions. For example, you may enjoy the scenery of Hallingskarvet and Jotunheimen. In Golsfjellet mountain there are
2 alpine centres, with a ‘fun park’ for children and easy downhill slopes for adults, in addition to cross-country skiing. If
you would like more challenging alpine slopes, you can visit Hemsedal, Gol and Valdres Alpine, all within a reasonable
distance. If you would prefer not to ski, we can offer traffic-free walking paths, snowshoe trips, sleigh and sledge rides
with horses or dogs. Or you could let the children enjoy the swimming pools and spoil yourself with a SPA treatment.
In the centre of Gol you can visit the ice rink, go shopping, or relax in the Tropicana Water Park.

                                                             Foto: Thorgeir Røer

                                                                                      Recommended accommodations:
Highest summit             Nystølfjellet 1296 m.o.h.                                  Kamben Høyfjellshotell
                                                                                      Tel: +47 32 07 39 00
Marked ski trails          A total of 160 km, comprising 90 km of high mountain
                           trails, 70 km of forest trails and 7 km of floodlit trails
Winter activities          Snowshoe trips, dog sledding, sleigh rides, Gol ice        Oset Høyfjellshotell
without skis               rink, tobogganing and making snowmen.                      Tel: +47 32 07 95 00
Ski school/Ski rental      Storefjell Skisenter (8) - Golsfjellet Alpinsenter (3)
Alpine facilities          Gol Skisenter (4). Ski school. Ski rental at the hotels.   Storefjell Resort Hotel
                           GPS-tracking at the hotels websites.                     Tel: +47 32 07 80 00
Recommended trips          Hallingdalsløypa north/south. Valhall.
Nearest railway station Gol - 2,5 hrs by car from Oslo / 4 hrs from Bergen            Ørterstølen Sportell
               The hotels pick you up at the station.            Tel: +47 32 07 92 00
Nearest airport            Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen. Direct airport coach 2 x
                           Fridag and 3 x Sundag (3 hrs).
Further information        Gol Turist Office, 3550 Gol, Tel +47 32 02 97 00

Geilo is a classic winter sport location and one of the most complete and popular Norwegian winter destinations. With
its beautiful terrain, bustling town life and variety of skiing options, the region is perfectly suited to an abundance of
memorable winter adventures. We can offer 39 alpine slopes and 220 km of prepared cross-country trails. Few skiing
destinations in Norway can boast such a variety of accommodation, activities and services, in the town centre.
Geilo offers the excitement of skiing, with children as the main focus.

Photo: Destinasjon Geilo/Terje Bjørnsen

 Highest summit                           Hallingskarvet 1930 m.a.s.l.
 Marked ski trails                        A total of 220 km, comprising 50 km of high mountain trails, 170 km of forest trails, 90 km of
                                          skate skiing tracks and a 5 km floodlit trail
 Winter activities                        Treasure hunt, tobogganing, snow climbing park, safari, snow pirate’s fort, snowshoe trips,
 without skis                             ice fishing, sleigh rides
 Ski school/Ski rental                    Cross-country equipment and pulk sleds can be rented at sports shops and ski rental outlets
 Recommended trips                        Combined mountain and fjord holiday. The beautiful fjord landscape is just 90 mins. from
 Alpine facilities                        39 slopes, comprising 5 children’s slopes, 6 floodlit trails, 3 snowboard facilities. Longest
                                          descent 2,000 metres. Height difference 378 metres. 20 lifts
 Nearest railway station                  Geilo
 Nearest airport                          Fagernes Airport Leirin, 1 hour 30 min by car
                                          Oslo Airport Gardermoen, Bergen Flesland and Sandefjord Torp
 Further information             - Tel. +47 977 57 000

In Western Norway you will find some of the country’s most picturesque cross-country skiing facilities. Explore the region
of Fjord Norway, which has produced a long line of international champions in cross-country and ski-shooting events. In
addition to excellent skiing, you may combine skiing and nature adventures with beautiful cities, charming and authentic
fjord and mountain villages, and exciting fjord experiences. Several of the cross-country locations offer snow-sure and
child-friendly ski facilities. There are also a large number of comfortable cabins and hotels with excellent facilities for
both adults and children.

Photo: Stryn Skisenter -Terje Rakke/Nordic Life/Fjord Norge

 Marked ski trails                               Voss - Voss Fjellandsby (20 km) and Voss ski og tursenter (20 km)
                                                 Ski Sogn - Hodlekve Skienter (15 km) and Sogn Skisenter (12 km)
                                                 Stryn og Nordfjord - Ullsheim, Nordfjord (100 km) and Stryn Skisenter (40 km)
 Winter activities                               Round trips, fjord cruises, fjord and sea fishing, snowshoe trips, indoor climbing, kiting,
 without skis                                    tobogganing. Visit for more travel tips
 Ski school/Ski hire                             Contact the ski centres below for more information about ski rental
 Alpine facilitities                             Voss Fjellandsby
                                                 Voss Resort
                                                 Ski Sogn
                                                 Stryn Skisenter
 Nearest railway station                         Voss station: 300 metres from Voss Resort - 30 km from Voss Fjellandsby,
 Nearest airport                                 Bergen Lufthavn (100 km from Voss)
                                                 Sogndal Lufthavn (20 km from Sogndal)
                                                 Sandane Lufthavn (50 km from Stryn)
 Further information                             Fjord Norway -

                                         FJORD NORWAY
If you prefer to trample your own trail, then Fjord Norge is the place for you! Western Norway offers several snow-sure
high mountain regions with a network of serviced and self-service cabins owned by The Norwegian Trekking Associa-
tion. These are perfect for long skiing trips. Here you will find some of Norway’s best summit trips, with snow-clad peaks
and unspoilt mountain sides. There are several companies in the area that offer guided tours and some of them are certi-
fied to the international UIAGM standard. You can choose yourself where you would like to stay: Comfortably in a hotel,
with flexibility in a cabin, in one of the charming hamlets, or in the mountains, ski-in, ski-out?

 Photo: Strandafjellet -Terje Rakke/Nordic Life/Fjord Norge

 Areas for mountain skiing                        Finse, Hardangervidda, Stølsheimen, Breheimen, Jotunheimen
 Areas for summit trips                           Sunnmørsalpene, Stryn and Nordfjord, Indre Sognefjord (Breheimen, Jotunheimen og
                                                  Jostedalen) and Voss
 Winter activities                                Round trips, fjord cruises, fjord and sea fishing, ice climbing, avalanche course, indoor
 without skis                                     climbing, kiting, air sport, surfing. Visit for more travel tips
 Ski school/ski rental                            Fjellski – Finse 1222, tel. +47 56 52 71 00,
                                                  Summit tour equipment and guiding: Contact the ski centres below for more informa-
                                                  tion about ski rental. For information and booking of guides, visit
 Alpine facilities                                Ski Sogn,                                  Alpepasset,
                                                  Voss, /          Finse,
 Nearest railway station                          Voss stasjon: 300 metres from Voss Resort and 30 km frrom Voss Fjellandsby
                                                  Finse stasjon 0 metres from Finse 1222
 Nearest airport                                  Bergen Airport Flesland (100 km from Voss)
                                                  Sogndal Airport (20 km from Sogndal)
                                                  Sandane Airport (50 km from Stryn)
 Further information                              Fjord Norway -
In the uppermost part of Setesdal is Hovden – a small village with a great choice of activities, shopping and accommo-
dation options. Hovden Skisenter offers trails that are well-suited to both families and extreme skiing. There is also a ski
shop, cafes and after-ski on the slope. The cross-country skiing is of an international class and the trails are situated in
terrain up to 1,250 metres above sea level. Hovden Badeland (Indoor Water Park) is open throughout the year and in the
winter season 2009/10 a new Well-Being Centre will be opening. The village offers sports shops, cafes, a bank and gro-
cery stores. In Hovden there are hotels, as well as tourist cabins that you may rent. Make sure you visit Hovden – high
and mighty!

                                                          Photo: Hovden Ferie

 Highest summit                Sæbyggjarnuten 1507 m.a.s.l.
 Marked ski trails             A total of 160 km, comprising 135 km of prepared trails for both skate and classic skiing
 Winter activities             Hunting, fishing, Hovden Badeland (Indoor Water Park) with new Well-Being Centre, dog
 without skis                  sledding, ice rink, snowshoe rental, kick-sled rental, skateboard hall, shopping and cafes
 Ski school                    Hovden Skisenter,
 Ski rental                    Hovden Skisenter
                               Hovden Høyfjellssenter tel. +47 37 93 95 01
                               Skiservice Hovden      tel. +47 37 93 82 00
 Alpine facilitites            Hovden Skisenter
 Nearest railway station       Kristiansand
 Nearest airport               Kristiansand
 Further information           Hovden Turist Information - Tel. +47 37 93 93 70 -

                                                                                                                     Photo: Stryn Skisenter - Terje Rakke/Nordic Life/Fjord Norge

Dutch tour operators

                                             Norske Turist Service
                                            Info en reserveringen: 023-528 98 56


                                                                    sinds 1953

                                                     dé Noorwegen specialist!


English tour operators
                                                      01653 617922
                                                                                                                     Norsc Holidays
                                                                                                                     Norwegian Travel Specialists
       ‘Ski with the best’                                                             +44 (0)1297 560033
    Top quality Nordic ski coaching
      Track Skiing, Telemark and
         Ski Mountain Touring                                                                                 
           All Ability Levels
                                                One week at Hemsedal from
                                                                                                                     Log cabins and mountain hotels for                    £855 pp halfboard, including
                                                                                                                      independent cross-country skiing.
     Phone: +44(0)1969 663388                       flights & transfers.

Norwegian tour operators
                                          Join us for some exciting days in the Norwegian Mountains!
                                          Guided skitours                       Biketour packages
                                          * "VALHALL" with or without guide     * Geilo - Bergen, Mountain & Fjord
                                                                                                                                    SKIING • BIKING • HIKING
                                          * Hallingdalstrail North and South      and around Hallingskarvet,
                                          * Rondane/Ringebu                       all with famous “Rallarroad”
                                                                                * Family biketour in Hallingdal       Ski trips from hotel to hotel with luggage transport
                                          Guided trekkingtours                    and Valdres.
                                                                                                                      Organised trips:
                                          * Hallingdals ella
                                                                               Call us, or mail us for info           • Troll – Løypa, Rondane – Lillehammer, 170 Km
                                          * Jotunheimen / Beitostølen
                                          * Breheimen m/ base i Luster                                                • Rondane, Høvringen – Venabygds ellet, 63 Km
                                                                                                                      • Peer Gynt Løypa, Skeikampen – Espedalen, 60 Km
                                                                               Tel +47 32 07 60 33                    Information and booking:
                                                                               Fax +47 32 07 53 53
                                                                               E-mail: askeladden@        Tel. +47 61 28 99 70
                                                                               Web: www.                  E-mail: info@norske-bygdeopplevelser
Bjorli - Lesja                                          Rondane
Bjorli-Lesja Reiseliv AS                  Brekkeseter
                                                        Høvringen Fjellstue
Dovre                                                   Høvringen Høgfjellshotell
Dovre Næringsforening/Turistkontoret   Putten Seter
                                                        Rondablikk Høyfjellshotell
                                                        Rondane Haukliseter Fjellhotell
Fjord Norge                                             Rondane Spa
Fjord Norge
                                                        Rondeheim - Den Norske Fjellskolen
Hallingdal                                              Smuksjøseter Fjellstue
Bergsjøstølen                      Spidsbergseter Gudbrandsdal Hotel
Geilo                                      Trabelia Hyttegrend
Gol Reisemål AS                          Venabu Fjellhotell
Guriset Fjellstue                        Venabu Hytter AS
Hallingdal Reiseliv AS             Øigardseter Fjellstue
Kamben Høyfjellshotell
Liatoppen Fjellstove og Reiseservice
Nesbyen turistkontor/booking
                                                        Røros Reiseliv
Oset Høyfjellshotell
Rødungstøl Høyfjellshotell
Storefjell Resort Hotell              Setesdal
Skarslia Apartment                      Hovden Ferie
Thon Hotel Hallingdal
Ørterstølen Sportell                 Spåtind
Ål Utvikling AS                               Spåtind

Hardangervidda                                          Trollheimen
Rauland Turist                          Saga Trollheimen Hotel

Jotunheimen                                             Valdres
Besseggen Fjellpark                   Merket - Norges Røde Kors Sentrene AS
Bessheim Fjellstue            
Hindseter Fjellhotell                  Nythun Høyfjellsstue
Jotunheimen Reiseliv AS        Sanderstølen Høyfjellshotell
Lemonsjø Fjellstue Og Hyttegrend       Valdres Destinasjon
                                                        Vasetstølen hyttetun
Lillehammer - Nordseter - Sjusjøen
Birkebeineren Hotel&Apartments     Trysil
Lillehammer Turist             Destinasjon Trysil
Lillehammer Vandrehjem
Nordseter Fjellstue og Hytter    Turoperatører
Nordseter Hyttegrend                   DNT Oslo og Omegn
Rustad Hotell Og Fjellstue          Fjellferie AS
Sjusjøen Hytteutleie                    Norske Bygdeopplevelser
Sjusjøvangen Turistsenter 

Peer Gynts Rike                                         Andre samarbeidspartnere
Dalseter Høyfjellshotell                Norges Skiforbund
Fefor Høifjellshotell Og Hytter            Innovasjon Norge
Gudbrandsdal Leirskole AS     
Gålå Høgfjellshotell Og Hytter
Ruten Fjellstue                            Interested in further information:
Strand Fjellstue                Tel. +47 61 23 06 53
Wadahl Høgfjellshotell          

Photo: Strandafjellet - Terje Rakke/Nordic Life/Fjord Norge
     Photo: Hindseter Fjellhotell

                                    At you will find updated track information!

               Side 31
Photo: Oliver Franke/ide Stampe

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