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					1   ASID Alabama ♦ Perspectives ♦ Winter 2009
                     WHAT’S INSIDE:                          CALENDAR OF EVENTS
    3  President’s Message
    3  New Members                                       March 2009
    4  ASID Alabama Member Honored by                    20     Board of Directors Meeting
       NCIDQ                                                    9:00 AM Teleconference
    4 ASID Membership Fee Options
    5 Legislative Update                                 April 2009
    6 Alabama CEU Requirements                           3-4    NCIDQ Spring 2009 Exam
    7 ASID Alabama Design of Distinction
       2009 Awards                                       30     Board of Directors Meeting
    9 2009 ASID Alabama State Conference                        The Beach Club, Gulf Shores, AL
       And Annual Member Meeting
    11 Alabama Interior Design Coalition                 May 2009
       Member Enrollment Form                            1-2    ASID Alabama State Conference and
                                                                Annual Member Meeting Gulf Shores,
    The Board of Directors now have e-mail address              Alabama
    where they can be reached at any time. Please
    feel free to contact us with any question,           8      Spring 2009 Perspectives
    comment, or suggestion.                                     Deadline for submission of articles or
             ASID Alabama - Board of Directors
        President:                                       July 2009
        Perry Umphrey, ASID                              10     Board of Directors Meeting                                    9:00 AM Teleconference
        President Elect:
        Susan Pendleton, ASID                            24     Summer 2009 Perspectives Deadline for                              submission of articles or photographs

        Financial Director:                              For more information on any of these events,
        Betsy Keller, ASID                                       please contact the office at
        Professional Development Director:
        Carla Hall, ASID                               ON THE COVER:            Lynne Dunn, ASID, Kyser Office Works in
        Communications Director:                       Montgomery, winner of the Corporate design
        Bryant Williams, Allied Member ASID            category in the 2008 Design of Distinction awards.
        Membership Director:                           If you would like to submit a photo for the cover
        Gina Kitchens, Allied Member ASID              please contact the office at:                              
        Director at Large:                                                       OR
        R. Martin Choate, ASID Industry Partner                            ASID Alabama                                           P.O. Box 10983
        Student Representative to the Board:                           Birmingham, AL 35202
        Mary Cowan, Student Member ASID                                Phone: 205-441-8187                                      Website:

2          ASID Alabama ♦ Perspectives ♦ Winter 2009
                                                                            NEW MEMBERS!
                                                                       WELCOME TO ASID ALABAMA!!

President’s Message                                                 Professional:
                                                                    Laurie Echols, North Central Design Community
Greetings fellow Interior Designers!!
Now more than ever we need to stand strong                          Allied:
as an organization and show our pride in our                        Courtney Henson, North Design Community
profession.     Very soon we will be Perry Umphrey, ASID            Andrea Kocher, South Design Community
bombarded by several groups of people that   Chapter President
feel interior design is something anyone         2008—2009
can do properly. It is our time to make sure
our clients and future clients know who and what we are all         Auburn University
about.                                                              Margaret Albritton          Danielle Kessler
                                                                    Melissa Austin                Jamie Krywicki
                         These factions are telling everyone that   Molly Austin             Lindsey Krzeminski
… time to make           we (ASID) are trying to destroy the
                                                                    Sarah Bonn                  Meghan Medford
sure our clients         decorator’s livelihood. Much to the
                         contrary, we as registered designers are
                                                                    Anna Campbell                   Katie O'Brien
and future clients                                                  Elizabeth Christopher        Meredith Olsen
                         proud of our education and
know who and             accomplishments which includes             Kacey Clark                   Emily Richards
what we are all          passing the NCIDQ exam or striving to      Kendall Clark                Lauren Sanders
about.                   accomplish it, and just want to make       Caroline Davis                  Shellie Sauls
                         sure everyone is aware of the level of     Kristina Dudley                Rachel Setzler
professionalism we possess. With that said let me ask that we       Megan George                    Lauren Shaw
wear our pride on our sleeves. Make sure your vendors know you      Laura Giles                    Chae Sprague
are an ASID member and are state registered. Make it a point to     Sarah Green                Ashley Strickland
come to gatherings, whether it is a CEU or just a networking        Katie Hampton                  Erin Strickney
event. I know with our busy lives it can be hard, but if everyone
                                                                    Sallie Keene
makes an attempt to come to just one gathering it would be
great!                                                              Mississippi State University
Please thank those industry partners that proudly display their     Meagan Jordan
                                                                    University of Alabama
With that said, I hope to see a great turnout for the state         Caroline Campbell
conference this spring; you will have the opportunity to
complete .06 hours of CEU time in one weekend!                      University of Montevallo
We at the state level are embarking on a new endeavor in            Stephanie Hughes
conjunction with IIDA, AIA, and several of the engineer and
contractor organizations called ACE. It is a mentoring program      Virginia College
for high school students. Please take a look at the information     Charles Byars               William McNider
on line when you have time.
                             Alicia Griffin              Stefanie Russell
There will be a cocktail networking party soon for the              Heather Hendon              Natalie Spradlin
Birmingham area group. Keep a look out for it!!                     Susan Markovitz              Becky Stafford
The state Design of Distinction is upon us again. Please submit     Hali McDonald
your work for the competition! I feel we have some of the best
designers in our state and it brings pride to show it off to the    Unafilliated
world!                                                              Kate Killebrew

Remember: Good Design is not an accident                            Industry Partners:
Perry Umphrey, ASID                                                 Farmboy Fine Arts & Design, Brent O’Connor
                                                                    Triton Stone Group, Sam Nasser

   3      ASID Alabama ♦ Perspectives ♦ Winter 2009
Shirley Hammond, Alabama Interior Designer, Presented with NCIDQ's 2008 Tregre Award
December 4, 2008

WASHINGTON, DC - The National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) presented the Louis S. Tregre Award to
Shirley Hammond during the 2008 Annual Council of Delegates meeting last month in Kansas City, Missouri. The award
recognizes an individual for outstanding volunteer service at the grassroots level in support of the NCIDQ's mission to
protect the health, life safety and welfare of the public by establishing standards of competence in the practice of interior

The award was created in 1991 to honor the memory of Louis Tregre, a founding director and first president of NCIDQ. He
                            worked tirelessly, beginning in the late 1960s until his death in 1991, to form an
… tireless in her           independent, autonomous organization to develop standards and guidelines for determining
                            competency in the practice of interior design.
commitment and has
shown that same                  Hammond is the owner of Perceptive Designs in Decatur, Alabama. She has been actively
dedication in her                involved with NCIDQ for many years. She was appointed to the Alabama State Board for
                                 Registration of Interior Design, where she served for five years. In 2002, she served as
volunteer activities             NCIDQ's President and has continued to serve on numerous Council committees and task
with NCIDQ.                      forces. She continues to advocate for NCIDQ as a speaker and mentor to emerging

"The power of what NCIDQ can do to transform the built environment is just beginning," Hammond told the assembled
delegates. "NCIDQ may be the very catalyst for saving our planet through protecting the public by testing, for example,
interior design knowledge of renewable, sustainable and green design. NCIDQ is the model for the United States and Canada
and therefore, the model for the world. Qualified interior designers represent the best in the world and have the opportunity
to lead the world into better places, safer places--quality spaces."
Presenting the award, NCIDQ President Sandra Friend said, "Shirley's persistence and determination as a champion for the
public's safety captured the attention of lawmakers in Alabama when she was a founding member of the coalition that wrote
interior design practice legislation. She was tireless in her commitment and has shown that same dedication in her
volunteer activities with NCIDQ. She continues to speak with legislators, professionals and students about NCIDQ as the
benchmark of professionalism for interior designers. When asked to assist, Shirley's first response is always 'How can I
help?' This sort of on-the-ground spirit embodies the spirit of Louis S. Tregre's original vision for NCIDQ."

    Finding it Hard to Pay Your Dues? Consider This ...
All practitioner members have the option of signing up for a monthly debit on their credit card. This will reduce the initial outlay of
money to renew your membership and allow you to divide the overall dues amount across 12 months. You may sign up for this
program either when you renew online or via the mailed invoice. The debit will continue until you notify ASID in writing that you
would like it to stop.

Beyond the monthly debit option, below are a few special statuses and incentives that may apply. To take advantage of these
opportunities or for more options contact ASID Customer Service at

All Practitioner Members:
• LEED or AAHID Exam: ASID provides a one time $100 discount of dues when a practitioner member notifies us of their passage
     of the LEED or AAHID exams within one year.

Professional Members
• Professional Inactive: If you are not practicing interior design but want to continue your involvement in ASID this status is for
    you. Dues are $250 annually and the status must be renewed each year.
• Professional Retired: If you are at least 65 years of age, have been a member of ASID for 20 year and no longer practice
    interior design, you are eligible for retired status. The cost for this status is $95.

Allied Members
• NCIDQ Dues Waiver: Active Allied members who notify ASID of NCIDQ passage within one year will be given their first year of
     Professional dues for free. Proof of passage must be shown through an NCIDQ certificate number.
• Leave of Absence: Allied members who are not practicing interior design may go on a leave of absence for a period of up to
     three years across the lifetime of their membership. The dues rate is one half of the full dues rate.

    4       ASID Alabama ♦ Perspectives ♦ Winter 2009
AIDC Proposes New Legislation and Opposition Rises

The Alabama Interior Design Coalition is currently working on new proposed interior design legislation for this
legislative session. This new legislation is in the process of being negotiated with various entities and is
constantly evolving; however, it will resolve the issues that prompted unfavorable verdicts in the court system,
and will also reconcile the concerns of those who opposed our current law (see below). Although this new
legislation makes numerous concessions, there is still active opposition to any form of interior design legislation in
the State of Alabama. Once again, we find our profession under attack by the same group we have seen in the
past. Many in this group do not understand our current law or the proposed legislation, and are only going on what
is told to them by their more aggressive members. While certain persons in this group are determined to see the
licensure of interior designers disappear in Alabama others seem to be more understanding once the law is
properly explained. One elected official who recently voted against our legislation stated the reason she voted
negatively was because of the letters and calls she received from the opposition in her district. It is time for all
concerned interior designers and citizens to take action in support of protecting the health, safety and welfare of

The opposition's main argument is that interior designers do not affect the health, safety, and welfare of the public
and do not need to be regulated. It has been shown that furnishings and finishes
are major contributors to accelerants and toxic gases in deadly fires, so this is     … interior designers do
certainly an uninformed position. If you are so inclined, we need all the support     not affect the health,
we can get through phone calls and letters to our elected officials in Montgomery.
                                                                                      safety, and welfare of
Please contact only your representatives, both senate and house, from your place
of residence and your place of business and ask them to support the Interior          the public and do not
Design Consumer Protection Act; for the senate - #SB344, and for the house -          need to be regulated.
#HB491. Use the appropriate bill # for each representative. You can call (fastest)
or write. They only look at whose stack is higher - support or opposition - in order to decide their vote, so EVERY
contact is important. You can find your legislators through this link - <
index.html> (look in the dark blue bar on the left where you can find your legislators by zip code).

Furthermore, every designer who values their license should join, support, and be active in AIDC. This is your
ONLY defense against what goes on down at the State House on a daily basis. This is simply a necessary function
in today's business environment as none of us can afford to leave our real jobs to watch our backs down at the
State House 24/7 - and that is what it takes. AIDC membership is only $35.00. If you are not already a member,
please fill in the attached form and mail to the AIDC address on the form. They also will appreciate any extra
donations, which go to pay the lobbyist and the attorney who help us protect our licensure and write and
interpret legislation.

Following are bullet points to explain the new 2009 proposed Interior Design bill:
•This law only applies to Licensed Interior Designers to establish code-required credentials for seal and submission of
construction documents on projects under 5001 square feet, and/or who are business owners in partnership with architects
or professional engineers.
•The title “Interior Designer” or “Designer” is not restricted.
•It will not affect the right of NKBA members to practice their profession.
•It will not affect right of those who are interior designers to practice their profession.
•The title “Interior Designer” in the previous 2001 law is amended to “Licensed Interior Designer” (LID) in the new
legislation. The definition has been revised to show the technical aspects of our profession. The term Interior Designer is
too broad and cannot be protected.
•The State Board will now be The Alabama Board for Licensed Interior Designers.
•The language in the proposed legislation has been condensed into a statute that is more easily understood and easier to
navigate. It also addresses the legislature and Supreme Court’s instruction regarding the rights of allied professions.

  5       ASID Alabama ♦ Perspectives ♦ Winter 2009
Do You Know the CEU Requirements for State Registration Renewal?
•    8 CEU hours are required for each reporting period.
•    Reporting periods run October 1 through September 30 each year.
•    All CEU’s must be pertinent to Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) of the public.
•    At least one (1) CEU must be related to Codes & Standards.
•    Courses with the IDCEC Subject Code Index numbers 8.2 and 8.5 DO NOT meet the HSW requirement.
•    4 hours must be through a structured course offered in a classroom setting. 4 hours can be self directed or
     independent study.
•    It is the responsibility of each registrant to submit appropriate documentation and proof of participation for
     continuing education credits (i.e. certificates of completion, NCIDQ transcripts, etc.).
•    First-time registrants are exempt from continuing education requirements until the reporting period following their
     first renewal date.

Structured Course Study.
•    Proof of completion or transcripts with course information provided by the presenter or institution must be submitted
     for all structured CEU courses.
•    A structured course is a board-approved course that is awarded continuing education credits, offered in a classroom
     setting, and is presented by qualified professional individuals. Delivery methods may include lecture, multi-media,
     panel discussions, application of skill, or instructional tours such as the following:
     ♦ Attending professional or technical CEU presentations at professional association meetings (i.e. ASID),
         conventions, or conferences.
     ♦ Attending in-house CEU programs sponsored by corporations or other organizations related to the profession of
         interior design.
     ♦ Successfully completing seminars, tutorials, or short courses related to the interior design profession.

Self-Directed or Independent Study.
•    Proof of participation, proof of completion, and a brief description of
•    the activity as it relates to HSW issues must be included with the Continuing
•    Education Report Form.
•    Self-directed activities may include:
     ♦ Successfully completing interior design-related HSW courses offered on-line, by correspondence courses, by
         televised courses, or by videotaped courses.
     ♦ Gaining certification through examination from design-related organizations such as LEED, Construction Specifiers
         Institute (CSI), etc. will earn 4 self - directed hours per reporting period for each certification. Annual renewals
         will not be accepted. Subsequent advanced or specialized certifications requiring additional examinations will be
         accepted. NOTE: The NCIDQ examination (or any future examination approved by the Board which is required for
         registration) is NOT accepted for CEU credits.
     ♦ Making professional or technical HSW CEU presentations at public professional association (i.e. ASID) meetings,
         conventions, or conferences will earn 4 self - directed hours per reporting period
     ♦ for all presentations combined. In-house presentations are not accepted. Proof of instruction shall be provided.
     ♦ Actively participating in an Alabama Chapter of an interior design practice-related society or organization (i.e.
         ASID) as an elected officer or elected director will earn 2 self - directed hours for all activities combined per
         reporting period.
     ♦ Publishing professional journal research articles, research papers, or books on HSW issues or topics will earn 4
         self - directed hours per reporting period for all published items combined. Proof of publication and the date is

    The following organizations sponsor many structured and on-line courses that will qualify for HSW approval by the
    board (please note that not all courses provided by these organizations will qualify):
       ASID - American Society of Interior Designers            IDCEC - Interior Design Educators Council
       IIDA – International Interior Design Association         NCIDQ - National Council for Interior Design Qualification
       NKBA – National Kitchen and Bath Association             AIA – American Institute for Architects
       CSI – Construction Specifiers Institute

     6       ASID Alabama ♦ Perspectives ♦ Winter 2009
The Alabama Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers invites all registered chapter members in good
standing to submit projects to its annual Interior Design Competition. ASID Alabama takes great pride in recognizing the
outstanding contributions to design and innovation made by our talented members. This year’s award winners will be
announced at the Black & White Gala on Saturday May 2nd, 2009 at the Beach Club, Orange Beach, Alabama.
                                                    Deadline:                   Fee:
 Entry requirements:                                ASID Alabama must           ASID members: $40.00 per entry.
 Any chapter design professional who is an          receive completed           Kits will not be mailed until payment is
 ASID member in good standing may submit            entries by 4:00pm           received.
 design work completed and built after January      Friday, March 20th,         Kits may be requested until March 1st.
 1, 2007. Projects that have been previously        2009. Late entries will     Make all checks payable to: ASID Alabama.
 entered but were unsuccessful in winning an        not be accepted.
 award may be resubmitted one additional time.                                                   Please submit entry
                                                         Please submit all questions to:          forms and fees to:
                                                         Cindee Benson Holladay, ASID               ASID Alabama
 Entry Number /Entry Kits:
                                                                 205.706.4618                      P.O. Box 10983
 Your entry number and kits will be mailed upon
 receipt of your entry form and fees.                                                           Birmingham, AL 35202

                                            Competition Categories
Residential: New construction or renovation of a
Residential:                                                Commercial: New construction or renovation from one of
  primary living space, or vacation residence.                the following categories.

   Residential – Small (under 3000 square feet)                 Corporate
   Shall include dining, living, bedroom and bath               Offices, business lobbies, financial institutions.

   Residential – Large (over 3000 square feet)                  Institutional
   Shall include dining, living, bedroom and bath               Educational, religious, municipal spaces.

   Residential – Single Space                                   Hospitality
   Any permanent single space (cannot be entered in any         Hotels, restaurants, resorts, bars, clubs and spas
   other category)
   Kitchen                                                      Department stores, shopping centers, specialty retail
   Any new construction or renovation (cannot be entered        spaces
   in any other category)
                                                                Health Care
   Bath                                                         Hospitals, medical offices, geriatric care facilities,
   Any new construction or renovation (cannot be entered        retirement residences, specialty health care facilities.
   in any other category)

Unique Categories

   Universal Design
   Residential or commercial spaces that clearly demonstrate sensitivity and the use of elements that make up Universal

   Historic Preservation, Restoration and Adaptive Reuse
   Residential or commercial spaces. Before and after photos are recommended for this category.

   Temporary Spaces
   Show House rooms, showrooms, special events.

   7       ASID Alabama ♦ Perspectives ♦ Winter 2009
                                          2009 DESIGN COMPETITION
                                     1.    RESIDENTAL SMALL                        10.   HEALTH CARE
                                     2.    RESIDENTAL LARGE                        11.   UNIVERSAL DESIGN
                                     3.    SINGLE SPACE RESIDENTAL                 12.   HISTORIC PRESERVATION

                                     4.    KITCHEN                                 13.   TEMPORARY SPACES
                                     5.    BATH                                    14.   STUDENT COMPETITION
                                     6.    CORPORATE
                                     7.    INSTITUTIONAL
                                     8.    HOSPITALITY
                                     9.    RETAIL

                                      THIS IS ONLY THE APPLICATION FOR THE COMPETITION

                                      Your entry kit and number will be sent to you upon receipt of your entry form.

                                                                    Submit all questions to:
                                                                 Cindee Benson Holladay, ASID

                                                                 Mail all forms and entry fees to:
                                                                           ASID Alabama
                                                                           P.O. Box 10983
                                                                      Birmingham, AL 35202

                                      Make checks to ASID Alabama
                                      ASID Alabama must receive completed entries by 4:00 PM Friday March 20th,
                                      2009. Late entries will not be accepted.

    Please complete the following, detach and mail to the address shown above:

DESIGNER NAME                                                                             ASID ID #


ADDRESS                                                     CITY                         STATE           ZIP
                                                                           Student Competition - $20.00 per entry
AMOUNT ENCLOSED               $__________________________________ Design Competition - $40.00 x # of entries


8      ASID Alabama ♦ Perspectives ♦ Winter 2009
                        ASID Alabama State Conference
                          and Member Meeting 2009
                              May 1st & 2nd, 2009 - Gulf Shores, Alabama

Friday May 1
10:00 - 11:00 AM         Early Conference Registration
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM      CEU #1 - “Indoor Air Quality” - Andy Anderson (0.1 hr)
12:30 PM                 Exhibits Open - Will be open throughout the day until 5:00 PM
12:30 - 1:30 PM          Lunch/Networking (On your own)
2:00 - 3:00 PM           Late Conference Registration
2:15 - 3:15 PM           CEU #2 - “Sustainable Interior Environments” - The Mohawk Group (0.1 hr)
3:00                     Hotel Check-In
2:30 - 4:30 PM           Student Competition
6:00 PM                  Luau Reception with Heavy Appetizers

Saturday May 2
8:00 - 9:00 AM          Breakfast
9:00 - 10:00 AM         Exhibits & Time with our Industry Partners
9:00-10:00 AM           Student Panel Discussion - Hospitality & Commercial
10:00 AM-12:00 PM       CEU #3 - “Let the Genie out of the Bottle: Use Daylight Magically” - Jane Grosslight (0.2 hr)
12:00-1:30 PM           Annual Member Meeting Luncheon
1:30-2:30 PM            Exhibits & Time with our Industry Partners
2:30-3:30 PM            Students - Succeeding after Graduation
2:30-4:30 PM            CEU #4 - “The New ADA Codes” - Donna Kirby (0.2 hr)
3:30-4:30 PM            Student Panel Discussion - Residential & Healthcare
6:00 - 7:00 PM          Social Hour
                        2009 Design Awards Banquet - Black & White Gala (Black & White attire; Black Tie Optional)
7 - Until
                        Silent Auction

Hotel Information
The Beach Club offers a unique opportunity in accommodations with large suites containing 1 to 5 bedrooms. Each
suite contains a common living room, kitchen and each bedroom has its own dedicated bath. This allows you to save
money by sharing with a friend and still have privacy!
      Reservations must be made prior to Wednesday April 1, 2009 by calling 1-866-229-7350 or 251-224-3351.
                      You must also mention the group name - ASID and group number 255857
                      The Hotel is located at 925 Beach Club Trail, Gulf Shores, Alabama 36542.

   9        ASID Alabama ♦ Perspectives ♦ Winter 2009
                  “Indoor Air Quality”                                                                                      11:30-
                                                                                                                     Friday 11:30-12:30
                  Instructor: Andy Anderson of Hall/Weir Associates                                IDCEC #4610 / Sub. Code 5.1 / 0.1 CEU
                     Description: How specifying different products and fabrics affect indoor quality. This course will prepare you in specifying the
                     appropriate products that will affect the well being of the consumer.

                 “Sustainable Interior Environments”                                                                          2:15-
                                                                                                                       Friday 2:15-3:15
                 Instructor: The Mohawk Group                                                   IDCEC #4406 / Subj. Code 2.12 / 0.1 CEU
                    Description: To gain a general knowledge of sustainable design as well as learn practical steps on how to begin deploying con-
                    cepts. Attendees will gain an understanding of the organizations that are influencing the marketplace and how they can par-
                    ticipate in helping shape the future. Additionally, attendees will receive an overview of sustainable design and why it is impor-
                    tant along with an overview of the USGBC and the various rating systems.

                 “Let the Genie out of the Bottle: Use Daylight Magically!”                                         10:00am-
                                                                                                          Saturday 10:00am-12:00pm
                 Instructor: Jane Grosslight                                                   IDCEC #8030 / Subj. Code # 5.3 / 0.2 CEU
                    Description:Daylight comes either direct from the sun or indirectly from the sky. Either way interior designers can utilize the
                    beneficial effects of daylight for their clients’ advantage and save electrical energy use. In this interactive workshop, interior

                    designers will explore the causes and the cures for too little daylight, which include architectural, interior, and landscape, and
                    lighting schemes. In other cases, daylight is too hot and glaring. Interior designers will explore the geometry of sun-control
                    related to the altitude and azimuth of the sun. And learn what they can specify inside and out to ameliorate the sun’s effects.
                    Too little or too much daylight affects our use of electricity for either needing electric lighting during the day in order to see
                    and/or requiring air conditioning to remove sun’s heat in order to have a comfortable interior environment. Both conditions
                    put demands on electric production and exacerbate global warming. Interior designers can lead the way to magically manipu-
                    late daylight, letting the genie out of the bottle for everyone’s benefit!

                 “The New ADA Guidelines: What you need to know!”                                                         2:30-
                                                                                                                Saturday 2:30-4:30pm
                 Instructor: Donna Kirby, ASID Distinguished Speaker                           IDCEC #7924 / Subj. Code # 6.1 / 0.2 CEU
                    Description: The focus for this class is on ADA Guidelines and ANSI A117.1 for building interiors. This class covers the changes
                    that were made with the Revision of the Americans with Disabilities Act, July 2004, and compares it to the ANSI documents
                    that are part of the 2006 International Building Code. It covers a brief history of accessible building codes and the general
                    building blocks needed for updated reach ranges, restroom clearances, and signage. The new ADA format is also reviewed and
                    discussed along with the inclusion of the Architectural Barriers Act. The class explains which jurisdictions have already
                    adopted the new ADA guidelines, which rules can be used immediately without adoption and which will have to wait for the
                    adoption of the building codes. If you do government design work or use the International Building Code 2003 or 2006, this
                    class is a must.

                     Find out what’s new in services and products available for the interior designer, meet our Industry Partners, and possibly win a
                     prize or two!
                 Reception                                                                                                    Friday 6:00 PM
                    Don’t miss this opportunity to meet your fellow ASID Members and Industry Partners!
Special Events

                 Student Panel Discussion - Hospitality and Commercial                                                     AM—
                                                                                                             Saturday 9:00 AM—10:00 AM
                 Student Panel Discussion - Residential and Healthcare                                                       PM—
                                                                                                               Saturday 3:30 PM—4:30 PM
                    Students will have the chance to ask those burning questions, get advice, and find out how to make the most of their career
                    through interaction with a panel of outstanding and successful professionals in the industry. Students are invited to attend all
                    events including CEU courses (based upon available seating).

                 ASID Alabama Annual Member Luncheon                                                                         PM—
                                                                                                              Saturday 12:00 PM—1:30 PM
                    The annual Member Meeting provides the ASID Alabama member the opportunity to learn what is going on in their chapter, get
                    up-dates, and voice questions and comments. All ASID members are welcome.

                 Design Awards & Banquet                                                                                   Saturday 7:00 PM
                    Black & White Gala. Once again ASID Alabama will recognize the outstanding designers in our state, and celebrate another
                    year of being the premier interior design organization in the country. Join us for an evening of fabulous dining and inspiring

                        For more information contact Bradley Logan at

          10           ASID Alabama ♦ Perspectives ♦ Winter 2009
                                     ASID Alabama State Conference
                                          And Annual Member Meeting
                                               Enrollment Form
Name:                                                                                   Please mail the completed form and
                                                                                       check, made payable to ASID Alabama,
Company:                                                                                                 to:
                                                                                                  ASID Alabama
Address:                                                                                          P.O. Box 10983
                                                                                              Birmingham, AL 35202
City/ST/Zip:                                        Phone:

Circle one:          ASID Member          ASID Student         Industry Partner           Non-Member

        Costs and Fees                                           Prior to April 1, 2009            On or after April 1, 2009
                                Registration Fee             $25.00                            $35.00
ASID Members                    CEU Courses                  $25.00 per hour                   $35.00 per hour
                                Banquet                      $50.00 per person/guest           $60.00 per person/guest
                                Entire Conference            $30.00 per student                $30.00 per student
ASID Student Members
                                Student guest (Banquet)      $30.00 per person                 $30.00 per person
ASID Industry Partners          Banquet                      $50.00 per person/guest           $60.00 per person/guest
                                Registration Fee             $50.00                            $70.00
Non-ASID Members
Non-                            CEU Courses                  $50.00 per hour                   $70.00 per hour
                                Banquet                      $100.00 per person                $120.00 per person

    EVENT / COURSE                                                                          COST         COST
                                                                                           (prior to    (on/after     Total
    Check each you plan to attend.                                                          April 1)     April 1)

    Student Events                                                                         $ 25.00      $ 25.00
    (indicate any additional events you would like to attend at no further cost)
    Course I:                                                         Members              $ 25.00      $ 35.00
    “Indoor Air Quality”                                              Non-members          $ 50.00      $ 70.00

    Course II:                                                        Members              $ 25.00      $ 35.00
    “Sustainable Interior Environments”                               Non-members          $ 50.00      $ 70.00

    Course III:                                               Members                      $ 50.00      $ 70.00
    “Let the Genie out of the Bottle: Use Daylight Magically” Non-members                 $ 100.00      $ 140.00

    Course IV:                                                        Members              $ 50.00      $ 70.00
    “The New ADA Codes”                                               Non-members         $ 100.00      $ 140.00

    Awards Banquet (per person)                                       Members/IP’s         $ 50.00      $ 60.00
          Number attending                                            Non-members          $ 85.00      $ 95.00

                                                                                     Total Amount Enclosed:

   11      ASID Alabama ♦ Perspectives ♦ Winter 2009
                                           Interior Design
                          2008-2009 AIDC Membership Application

     Name:_________________________________________ Date:_____________________


     Mailing Address:___________________________________________________________

     City:_________________________________ State:_______ Zip:____________________

     Business Phone:_________________ Fax:________________ Home:_______________


     Professional Organizations (circle all that apply):    IIDA    ASID     other:_____

                                Categories of Membership

          Member                                                $35
          Professional Member (NCIDQ certified)                 $35
          Student                                               $5
          Industry Sponsor Donation                             $__________(fill in amount)

Note: It is important that this membership contribution be collected in the fall prior to the legislative
winter and spring sessions. We encourage you to renew, join for the first time or plan for your
contribution during this time frame.

Please return this completed form along with your contribution payable to AIDC to:
   Alabama Interior Design Coalition
   PO BOX 130484
   Birmingham, AL 35213.

Note: A portion of your membership fee is not deductible as a business expense. This portion relates
to lobbying expenses of AIDC.

AIDC protects the profession of Interior Design. Support your profession. Get involved!


12    ASID Alabama ♦ Perspectives ♦ Winter 2009

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