Yorkshire Regional Club Development
          Funding Agreement for Coach Education Course

This funding agreement is between Canoe England and ______________________.
The candidate as a member of _________________ Canoe Club is attending a Level
_____________ course. As payment in kind for the coach education course the
candidate is making an agreement that they will volunteer to run coaching in their
canoe club.

The candidate is accepting that by receiving the funding of £100 pounds (equivalent)
they promise to:-
    Run a 12hr ‘Introduction to Paddlesport’ course for a minimum 6 new
      participants (to canoe sport) before the end of October 2010

The structure of the intro to paddlesport course can take any form that works for the
club and the candidate, for example 12 x 1hr sessions, 6 x 2hr sessions or 2 x 6hr
sessions. The 12hr course must include membership to the canoe club as part of the
course package.

The candidate’s canoe club is also responsible to help make this happen for the
candidate. The canoe club is responsible for helping organise an introduction to
paddlesport course. They will also sign to say the candidate has completed their 12hrs
of coaching.

If the candidate does not run the Intro to Paddlesport sessions and returns a signed
form to Gareth Field by the end of October 2010 they are liable to repay the full
amount of £100 to Canoe England (Yorkshire & Humberside-Humber Canoe Assoc).

I _________________________ understand the above terms and conditions and am
signing this agreement with full understanding of what I need to achieve and will
return the attached form back to Canoe England.

Signed:                                        Date:

As the chair or senior coach I am signing on behalf of ____________ Canoe Club that
we will support the candidate and will sign off his intro to paddlesport course upon

Print Name:                                            Date:

          Volunteer: Introduction to Paddlesport courses

Name of Candidate: ______________________________________________________________

This is to be used as a record of working with the same group of a minimum of 6 people on a
12hr Intro to Paddlesport course.

Date          Session Length                        Names of people attending

On behalf of _________________ Canoe Club I am signing to say:

      This is an accurate record of the candidates volunteer coaching of an intro to paddlesport
       course over a period of 12hrs.

      That all the students on the course became club members.

Print Name:                                           Position in Club:

Signed:                                               Dated:

                 Please return to Gareth Field, Helm Grove, Burton Rd, Oxenholme, Kendal, LA9 7EP

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