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									Model Agency Affiliated Model         Portrait Rights Use Agreement (for adult use)

__________________________________ ( ”Agent”) , as the representative duly
authorized to make this Agreement by the model stated below, agrees that the
photographer, the agent thereof (amana images inc.) and a party that amana images
inc. has designated shall use under the terms provided for below the photographs
(“Photographs Concerned”) of a model __________________ (“Model Concerned”)
affiliated with Agent that photographer ___________________________ (pen name:
_____________) took on [date] _______________, at ________________________,
on the theme of _____________________.

                                                              Date: _______________
Company Name:
TEL:                                                                    Attach
                                                                    Model’s picture
Representative’s Name:                                seal

(Model Concerned):
Name:                                          seal or signature

1.      Agent, as the agent of the Model Concerned, warrants that there will be no
claims or the like objections from the Model Concerned or a third party with regard to
the use of the Photographs Concerned, and, after having thoroughly understood the
following terms, agrees to all the details stated in this Agreement, and permits the use
of the Photographs Concerned.

2.      Agent permits the Photographs Concerned to be used on all media such as
advertising, print, broadcasts, products, and various types of media (CD-ROM, the
Internet and the like).

3.      Agent permits the worldwide use of the Photographs Concerned without
limitation of the use territory.

4.      Agent will not object to the selection, optical creation, synthesis, modification
and the like of the Photographs Concerned.

5.      Agent will not request delivery of advertising, printed matter, products and the
like that has used the Photographs Concerned regardless of the form such as
photographic print, negative, positive, or digital data.

6.      Agent will receive the model fee that the photographer has separately provided
for as compensation for the use of the Photographs Concerned, and not seek or
demand other compensation.

7.      Agent confirms and has agreed that the effective term of this Agreement shall
continue for five (5) years from the date set forth in this Agreement. Furthermore,
when Agent has not notified the photographer or amana images inc. in writing by one
(1) month prior to the end of the term to the effect that the term will end, this
Agreement shall be automatically renewed for one further year under the same terms,
and the same shall also apply hereafter. On such occasion, Agent will not demand a
renewal fee or other compensation. Furthermore, with respect to the use of the
Photographs Concerned that comes into existence during the effective term, Agent
will not seek a prohibition of use or the collection of media or the like.

8.      Agent, when there has been a change in the address or contact information of
Agent’s office or the Model Concerned, will promptly notify the photographer or
amana images inc. of the new address and the like. When notice has not been given
and contact has been interrupted, and even in the event some harm has been suffered
thereby, Agent will not seek compensation of damages, a prohibition of use or make a
claim of objection against amana images inc. or the users of the Photographs
Concerned. Furthermore, the photographer or amana images inc. will be promptly
notified also in the event the Model Concerned transfers to a different office.

9. Agent will retain a duplicate of this Agreement during the effective term of this
                                                          AS STATED


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