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									For Immediate Release
Contact: Shannon Hoffman
School of Public Health
University of Maryland, College Park
Phone: (301) 405-9418

   Joy Bauer: From College Park to The TODAY
COLLEGE PARK, MD—Joy Bauer returned to her alma mater, the School of Public
Health at the University of Maryland, College Park to share stories about her journey
from the school to becoming the nutrition expert on The TODAY Show and developer of
one of the nation’s largest nutrition centers.

Bauer gave her talk on Friday at SPH, titled “From College Park to The TODAY Show,”
drawing a crowd of both students and faculty. In addition to her lecture, Bauer has
offered to write a regular post to the schools blog, The Healthy Turtle

She began on Friday talking about her start at College Park in 1986, when she left her
freshman orientation still not sure how to pronounce her newly chosen major,
kinesiology. She is now one of the most recognized experts in the field of nutrition.

Bauer shared stories about individuals she’s worked with at the Joy Bauer Nutrition
Center, helping them to eat nutritiously, raise and lower blood pressure, and develop
other healthy habits to transform their lifestyles. One of the cases she talked about was
about a young boy who was considered obese and suffered from self-confidence issues.
Bauer worked with the boy, helping him to lose 100 pounds, and as a result renewed his

Bauer said that its instances like this—when she can help others—that fulfills her No. 1
for studying nutrition. In case her audience needed more convincing, she shared nine
other reasons why she’s in her field.

The event was a part of the Passport Program at the School of Public Health, requiring all
graduate and undergraduate students to attend one lecture that pertains to each of the five
public health competencies. The program was initiated this semester. You can find out
more about the lecture series at

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