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					List of Document Templates NOT Included in the Basic Edition
Business-in-a-Box Basic DOES NOT INCLUDE the following 495 templates:

•   54 documents for holding board of directors/shareholders meetings
    (certificates, minutes, resolutions, proxies, etc.)

•   17 checklists & worksheets relating to strategic management
    (management audit, Porter’s 5 forces analysis, affinity diagram, brainstorming checklist, etc.)

•   24 documents for seeking investment and/or venture capital
    (stock agreement, term sheets, sale of shares, investment & due diligence checklists, etc.)

•   258 documents for hiring & managing employees
    (compensation plans, policies, insurance, employee records, hiring letters and agreements,
    reference letters, termination letters, etc.)

•   20 important agreements specifically used by IT & software companies
    (consulting agreement, service level agreement, end-user agreement, NDA, distribution
    agreement, etc.)

•   31 advanced legal documents
    (affidavits, assignments, sale of intellectual property, deeds, etc.)

•   56 useful leasing & real estate documents
    (assignments, notices, evictions, lease, sublease, property management, mortgage, etc.)

•   35 marketing documents to support your PR activities
    (announcements, press relations & releases, event management, trade show, etc.)


        Board of Directors & Shareholders
          Certificates & Notices
          Certificate of Abandonment Business Name
          Certificate of Corporate Resolution
          Certificate of Corporate Vote
          Certificate of Minutes of Meeting of Directors
          Checklist_Steps to Planning an Annual Meeting
          Letter to Stockholders_Holiday
          Notice of Meeting of Directors
          Notice of Meeting of Directors_Special
          Notice of Meeting of Shareholders_Special
          Waiver of Notice of Meeting of Directors
          Waiver of Notice_Meeting of Incorporators

          Minutes for a Formal Meeting
          Minutes of Meeting of Directors

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Minutes of Meeting of Directors_First
Minutes of Meeting of Directors_Special
Minutes of Meeting of Incorporators


Resolutions & Resignations
Action by Written Consent of Shareholders
Board Resolution Affirming Non-Discrimination Policy
Board Resolution Appointing Officers
Board Resolution Approving Acquisition of Business Assets
Board Resolution Approving Budget
Board Resolution Approving Financial Statements
Board Resolution Approving Grant of Options
Board Resolution Approving Loan of Funds
Board Resolution Approving Sale of Assets
Board Resolution Approving the Award of a Contract
Board Resolution Regarding Banking Account
Board Resolution Regarding Organization
Board Resolution to Adopt a Fiscal Year
Board Resolution to Adopt a Trade Name
Board Resolution to Commence Litigation
Board Resolution to Issue General Release
Board Resolution to Lease Motor Vehicle
Board Resolution to Negotiate a Specific Contract
Board Resolution to Purchase Equipment
Board Resolution to Retain a Professional Consultant
Board Resolution to Retain an Attorney
Board Resolution to Settle Litigation
Board Resolution to Terminate a Contract
Board Resolution to Terminate an Employee
Board Resolution to Terminate Lease
Board Resolution
Resignation of Directorship
Resignation of Officer
Shareholders Res. to Ratify Prior Acts of Officers & Directors
Shareholders Resolution

Articles of Incorporation
Pre-Incorporation Agreement
Pre-Incorporation Designation of Directors
Shareholders Agreement
Stock Certificate and Common Stock

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  Strategic Management
 Affinity Diagram
 Assessing the Primary Activities in the Value Chain
 Assessing the Support Activities in the Value Chain
 Characteristics of Competitive Strategies
 Checklist_Conducting a Brainstorming
 Checklist_Possible Information Systems Strategies
 Management Audit
 One Minute Goal Setting
 Organization Wide Goals
 Possible Financial & Accounting Strategies
 Possible Human Resource Management Strategies
 Possible Marketing Strategies
 Possible Production & Operations Management Strategies
 Possible Research and Development Strategies
 Worksheet_Evaluating Management Performance
 Worksheet_Industry & Competitive Forces Analysis
 Worksheet_Strengths & Weaknesses Analysis


  Buying & Selling of Shares
 Agreement of Purchase and Sale of Business Assets
 Agreement of Purchase and Sale of Business Assets_Short
 Agreement of Purchase and Sale of Shares
 Agreement of Purchase and Sale of Shares by Shareholder
 Assignment and Transfer of Stock Certificate
 Assignment of Shares
 Bill of Sale for Corporations
 Checklist_Evaluation to Buy a Business
 Checklist_Sale of a Business
 Checklist_Sale of a Business_Critical What if
 Option to Buy Agreement
 Proposal to Buy a Business
 Stock Agreement
 Stock Certificate and Common Stock
 Stock Purchase Agreement

 Investment Calculator

  Investor Relations
 Checklist_Dealing with Shareholders and Investors

  Raising Capital
 Bank Loan Application Form and Checklist
 Checklist_Alternate Term Sheet Provisions
 Letter of Request for an Equity Investment
 Term Sheet

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 Term Sheet for Series A Round of Financing
 Term Sheet_Important Things to Know


  Compensation & Benefits
 Checklist_Worker's Compensation Claims
 Compensable Work Chart
 Health Reimbursement Arrangement Plan HRA
 Profit Sharing Plan
 Reimbursement Form_Medical Expenses
 Simplified Employee Pensions Plan

  Employee Reference Letters
 A Tactful Way to Decline to Write a Letter of Recommendation
 Employer's Verification on Loan Applicant
 I am Most Pleased to Write a Character Reference
 I Highly Recommend (Person)
 Letter of Reference
 Offer of Letter of Recommendation
 Personal Recommendation and Reference
 Personal Recommendation of Employee
 Refusal of Request for Letter of Recommendation
 Request for Character Reference
 Request for Employment Reference
 Request for Reference
 Response to Inquiry Concerning Former Employee
 Verification of Employment and Letter of Recommendation

  Firing & Termination
 Acceptance of Resignation
 Acknowledgement Of Obligations
 Announcement of a Retirement
 Checklist_When Should You Fire an Employee
 Employee Dismissal Letter
 Employee Proprietary Rights Acknowledgment Upon Termination
 Exit Interview Form
 Final Warning Before Dismissal
 Letter of Resignation
 Mutual Termination of Contract
 Notice of Layoff_1
 Notice of Layoff_2
 Notice of Revocation of Authority
 Notice of Termination
 Notice of Termination_False Employee Information
 Notice of Termination_Work Rules Violation
 Resignation 2
 Resignation Letter_Going Back to School
 Resignation Letter_Moving to Another Company

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Separation and Release Agreement
Severance Agreement
Termination Certification
Worksheet_Termination of Employment

Hiring Employees
  Contracts & Agreements
  Acknowledgment Of Obligations
  Assignment of Pre-Employment Works
  Authorization, Waiver, & Release_Employee Credit Report
  Checklist_Employment Agreements
  Commission Sales Agreement
  Cover Letter_Employment Agreement
  Disclosure Notice
  Drug Testing Consent Agreement
  Employee Authorship Certificate
  Employee Non-Compete Agreement
  Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement
  Employee Proprietary Rights Acknowledgment
  Employment Agreement For Technical Employee
  Employment Agreement_At Will Employee
  Employment Agreement_Executive
  Employment Agreement_Executive2
  Employment Agreement_Executive with Car Allowance
  Employment Agreement_General
  Employment Agreement_Key Employee
  Information Release Authorization
  Letter to New Employer of Former Employee_Non-Disclosure
  Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreement
  Physical Exam Consent
  Proprietary Information and Inventions Agreement
  Restrictive Covenants for Employment Agreements
  Sales Representative Agreement

  Forms & Checklists
  Applicant Appraisal Form_Evaluation
  Applicant Appraisal Form_Questions
  Applicant Selection Criteria Record
  Checklist_19 Strategies for Hiring the Best
  Checklist_Employment Agreements
  Checklist_Hiring Employees
  Checklist_Home-Based Employee
  Checklist_New-Employee Orientation
  Checklist_Routine Managerial Duties
  Driving Record Check Letter
  Educational Reference Check Letter
  Employment Application Form
  Employment Contract Worksheet
  Job Analysis
  Job Description Form

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  Job Description_Example for CFO
  Position Request Form
  Worksheet_Contingent Worker
  Worksheet_Job Requirements
  Worksheet_Routine Clerical Responsibilities

  Appointment for Employment Interview & Testing
  Interview Confidential Disclosure Agreement
  Job Applicant Interview Script
  Knowledge Worker Interview Questionnaire
  Pre-interview Questionnaire
  Questions to Avoid During an Interview

  Job Announcement
  Notice of Job Opening_Form
  Notice of Job Opening_Letter

  Letters to Applicant
     Applicant Confirmation Letters
    Letter Confirming Employment Terms
    Letter Confirming Employment
    New Employee Welcome Letter

     Applicant Rejection Letters
    Acknowledgment of Application_Job Position Filled
    Decline to Interview Referred Job Applicant
    Negative Response to Job Candidate_Postinterview
    Negative Response_Experience
    Negative Response_No Opening
    Negative Response_Qualifications

     Reference Check & Thanks
    Application Acknowledgment
    Personal Reference Check Letter
    Receipt of Resume
    Reference Check Letter
    Reference Check Phone Script
    Reference Checking Form
    Reference on Qualifications
    Reference Request and Release
    Thank You to Applicant for Testing

Announcement of a Change in Health Benefits Coverage
Checklist_Directors and Officers Insurance
Checklist_Health and Disability Insurance
Checklist_Key Employee Life Insurance

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Employee Request to Participate in Medical Plan
Explanation of Insurance Rate Increase
Request Immediate Insurance Coverage for New Employee

Managing & Motivating Employees
  Discipline & Behavior
  Acknowledgment and Waiver About Employee Dating
  Checklist_Investigating Complaints of Harassment
  Checklist_Progressive Discipline
  Checklist_Progressive Discipline Documentation
  Employee Correction Form
  Notice to Employees of Unsatisfactory Behavior
  Record of Disciplinary Action and Proposed Changes
  Warning Notice

  Employee Records
  Checklist_Personnel File
  Commission List
  Commission Summary
  Employee Absence Tracking
  Employee Records
  Employee Shift Schedule
  Employee Time Record
  Time Sheet
  Time Sheet (spreadsheet)

  Letters & Memos
  Addressing Harassment
  Christmas Bonus Letter
  Christmas Employee Discount Offer
  Commendation and Refusal of Request for Raise
  Company Bonus Letter
  Confusion Regarding Sick Leave Policy
  Discounted Membership for Employees
  Employee Suggestion for Company Meeting
  Letter Explaining Family and Medical Leave
  Letter to Sexual Harassment Complainant
  Notice of Promotion
  Notice to Employee Unqualified for Christmas Bonus
  Notice to Employees of Bonus Cancellation
  Notice to Employees of New Vacation Policy
  Offer of Assistance to Family During Employee Illness
  Please Welcome New Employee
  Promotion Announcement
  Refusal of Employee Request for Early Raise
  Reminder to Employee to Renew Drivers License
  Request for Leave of Absence
  Request to Locate Former Employee
  Retirement Party Invitation_Guest

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Retirement Party Invitation_Internal
Thank You for Submission and Request for Revision
Thank You for Support During Illness

Complimentary Letter to Employee on Handling of Difficulty
Complimentary Letter to Employee on Handling of Emergency
Congratulations on a Job Well Done
Congratulations on Increased Sales
Congratulations on Outstanding Achievement
Congratulations on Promotion
Congratulations to an Employee on 5-Year Anniversary
Employee Job and Motivation Improvement Meeting
Letter of Appreciation to Employee
Letter of Encouragement to Sales Staff
Motivation Survey

Personality & Ability Tests
Test_Personal Flexibility Skills
Worksheet_Strengths and Weaknesses

Staff Management
Absence Form
Check Request Form
Checklist_Harassement Investigation
Direct Deposit Enrollment Form
Employee Emergency Notification Form
Employee Reference Release Agreement
Employee Suggestion Form
HR Recruiting Guide_US Department of Labor
Mediation and Arbitration Agreement
Overtime Authorization Form
Payroll Deduction Authorization
Post-Employment Information Release Agreement
Response to Employee Request for Family or Medical Leave
Telecommuting Agreement
Telephone Tracking Log
Tuition Approval for Refund Request
Witness Statement Form

Surveys & Evaluations
Checklist_Giving Job Performance Feedback
Checklist_Sales Rep Evaluation
Employee Appraisal Form
Employee Complaint Form
Employee Compliance Survey
Employee Satisfaction Survey
New Employee Survey

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   Peer Improvement Form
   Performance Evaluation
   Sexual Harassment IQ Test
   Superior Improvement Form

 Policies & Documentation
Absence Policies
Business Ethics and Conduct Disclosure Statement
Checklist_21 Things to Do for a Safe Workplace
Checklist_Emergency Procedures
Checklist_How to Be an Excellent Employee
Code of Ethics
Computer Use Policy
Disability Plan_Long-Term
Disability Plan_Short-Term
Drug and Alcohol Policy
Drug Testing Policies
Email Policy_Strict
Employee Email Policies_Long
Employee Handbook
Employment At Will Policy
Funeral Leave Policy
General Safety Policy
General Safety Rules
Grievance Policy
Jury Duty Policy
Military Leave Policy
Overtime Policy Guidance
Paid-Time-Off Policy
Personal Leave Policy
Policy Letter on Vehicle Expense Reimbursement
Policy on Privacy and Employee Monitoring
Polygraph Consent
Post-Employment Reference Policy
Pregnancy Leave Policy
Progressive Discipline Policy
Prohibited Activities
Sales Commission Policy
Sales Expenses Reimbursement Policy
Sick Leave Policy
Smoking Policy
Statement and Policy Prohibiting Illegal Discrimination
Telecommuting Policy
Third Party Confidential Information Policy
Time Off Policy
Time Off to Vote Policy
Vacation Policy
Work Rules
Workplace AIDS Policy
Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

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  IT Support & Maintenance
 Administrative and Technology Services Outsourcing
 Service Level Agreement

 Checklist_Software Development Contract
 Checklist_Software License Agreement Provisions
 Confidential Information Exchange Agreement
 Consulting Agreement with Sharing of Software Revenues
 Custom Software Development Agreement
 Distribution Agreement_Software and Multimedia
 End-User Software License Agreement
 End-User Software License Agreement_B2C
 Independent Contractor Agreement_For Programming Services
 Licensee Oriented Software License Agreement
 Licensor Oriented Software License Agreement
 Limited Warranty
 Multimedia Publicity-Privacy Release
 Non-Disclosure Agreement_Beta Tester
 Non-Disclosure Agreement_Prospective Licensee
 Software Development and Consulting Services Agreement
 Trial Software License Agreement
 Vendor-Oriented Software License Agreement


 Affidavit of No Creditors
 Affidavit of No Lien
 Estoppel Affidavit of Mortgagor

 Agreement to Assign
 Assignment of a Claim for Damages
 Assignment of Assets
 Assignment of Contract
 Assignment of Lien
 Notice of Assignment

 Copyright, Patent & Trademark
 Application for a License to Display Trademarks
 Checklist_ FAQ About Patents

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 Copyright Assignment
 Guide for Buying & Selling Intellectual Property
 Guide for Registering a Trademark_USA
 IP Sale Agreement
 Notice of Infringement of Copyrighted Work
 Patent Assignment
 Patent License Agreement
 Permission to Use Copyrighted Material
 Permission to Use Quote or Personal Statement

 Assignment for Deed
 Assignment of Deed of Trust
 Deed Granting Easement
 Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure
 Mortgage Deed
 Quit Claim Deed
 Transfer of Title Warranty Deed
 Warranty Deed


 Assignment of Lease by Lessee With Consent of Lessor
 Assignment of Mortgage
 Assignment of Real Estate Contract
 Assignment of Real Estate Contract and Sale Agreement
 Assignment of Rents by Lessor
 Assignment of Sublease

  Contracts, Agreements & Checklists
 Addendum to Rent Agreement
 Agreement for Permission to Sublet
 Agreement to Cancel Lease
 Agreement to Lease
 Agreement to Rescind Contract of Sale
 Application for Zoning Variance
 Buyer's Property Inspection Report
 Contract of Sale of Commercial Property
 Escrow Agreement
 Exclusive Right to Sell
 Exercising Option to Renew Lease
 Extension of a Lease
 Guaranty of a Lease
 Lease Agreement
 License Agreement
 Modification of Lease
 Mortgage Note
 Mutual Cancellation of Lease
 Notice of Breach of Lease

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 Notice of Late Fee Owed
 Notice of NSF Check Charge and Late Fee Owed
 Notice_Eviction Will Be Filled in Court
 Option to Lease Agreement
 Property Management Agreement
 Real Estate Salesman Independent Contractor Agreement
 Receipt for Lease Security Deposit
 Request to Include Landlord in Tenant's Liability Insurance
 Termination of Lease Obligation
 Worksheet_Location Conditions

 5-Day Notice to Quit
 Notice to Pay Rent or Quit
 Notice to Quit for Non-Payment of Rent
 Notice To Tenant of Rent Default

 Landlord Notice of Termination of Lease
 Notice of Bulk Transfer
 Notice of Change in Rent
 Notice of Claim of Mechanics Lien
 Notice of Exercise of Lease Option
 Notice of Exercise of Option to Purchase
 Notice of Intention to File a Mechanic
 Notice of Other Lease Default
 Notice of Rent Default
 Notice of Right of Rescission
 Notice of Unclaimed Property at Auction
 Notice to Excavate Along a Common Boundary
 Notice to Terminate Tenancy_At-Will by Landlord
 Notice to Terminate Tenancy_At-Will by Tenant
 Welcome From New Landlord


 For the Record, We'll Be Meeting at (Location)
 May We Reprint Your Article for our Conference
 The Presentation You Gave Was Very Helpful
 Would You Be our Keynote Speaker
 You Are Highly Recommended as a Speaker for our Banquet

  Press and PR
    Announcement of Business Merger
    Announcement of Catalogue Price Reductions
    Announcement of Change of Address

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Announcement of Free Delivery Limitations Change
Announcement of New Area Representative
Announcement of New Discount Offer
Announcement of New Pricing Policy
Announcement of Partnership Buyout
Announcement of Price Increase
Announcement of Price Reduction
Customer Incentive Program Announcement

Checklist_Trade Show
Checklist_Trade Show Booth Setup
Trade Show Exhibit Questionnaire

Press Relations
Acceptation of Invitation to Seminar
Confirmation of Interview Appointment
Congratulations on Article
Media Relations Policy
Responding to Inaccurate Press

Press Releases
Press Release_Company Has Completed a Merger
Press Release_Company Has Completed an Acquisition
Press Release_Company Has Expended its Facilities
Press Release_Company Has Reached a Milestone
Press Release_Company Has Received Financing
Press Release_Company Reports Quarter Results
Press Release_Company Won an Award
Press Release_New Distribution Channel
Press Release_New Partnership-Collaboration
Press Release_Opening a New Office
Press Release_Promotion of Employee

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