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									                                                                            Career Ink
                                                                                          Fall, 2010
                                                                                           Volume 1, Number 3

What‘s Inside                        Wildcat Career
 2   From the Director‘s Pen         Network Makes
 3   What‘s New at Career Services
                                     Finding a Job Easier
                                     Searching for a job or internship can be exciting and challenging all at the same time.
                                     From managing all your information to ensuring it‘s up-to-date, accurate and accessible
     Career Fair News                by employers, exploring career paths, and finding the right opportunities for you, now is
 5                                   the time to weigh your options and discover the possibilities.

     Career Services: Who we         Visit and you can access The Wildcat Career Network—an online
 6                                   resource that‘s designed to make your job search process easier and more targeted to
     are, what we do                 your needs. With The WCN, you can effectively connect to employers that are
                                     specifically looking for you, and ultimately launch a career you‘ll love.
     Career Bites:
 8                                   Powered by our partner Experience, The WCN makes it easy to upload your resume,
     News about the job market       search and apply to job postings that are geared towards CWU students, find company
     and finding a job               contacts and gain access to other important resources including articles and career tips
                                     via the greater Experience Network.

                                     The features of these career and job search resources include:
                                         Jobs & Internships: Explore opportunities targeted to CWU, with the option to
                                         further your search to more than 800,000 jobs from 100,000+ employers available
                                         within the Experience Network
                                         Alerts and Job Search Agents: Receive recommended jobs that suit what you‘re
                                         looking for based on your profile
                                         Document management: Upload and maintain resumes, cover letters, writing
                                         samples and other documents, all stored in the same place for easy access
                                         Applications: Apply for jobs directly through The WCN and track the status of
                                         your applications
                                         Calendar: Find out directly from Career Services about events, such as resume
                                         workshops, career fairs, networking events and which employers are coming to
                                         campus so you can apply for a job and schedule an interview
                                         Employer searches: Refine your search by location and industry, and save results
                                         from specific employers who have targeted jobs to CWU
                                         The Experience Network: You have instant access to the many tools and
                                         resources within the Experience Network,, including
                                         industry-specific content, city and salary guides, communities, a Career Portfolio,
                                         Mentoring Module and much more
    From the Director’s Pen
    Welcome to the new academic year.                 are a student who ferrets out opportunities,
                                                      generates business ideas, looks for a unique
    Our career counselors are often asked, "How       niche in the marketplace, you may have the
    do you decide if a career path is good for        qualities of a future entrepreneur.
    you?" The simple answer is that a career
    path is good for you if you believe in what       If you believe you are entrepreneurial or
    you are doing, are good at it, and it             you‘re interested in what it takes to become
    complements your values and is or can be,         an entrepreneur, you will have a chance to
    good for others. The career path can take         put your ideas to work at the Extreme
    the form of building something, making            Entrepreneur Tour, coming to campus
    something better, finding something new,          Tuesday, February 15th in the SURC
    helping someone do something they need to         ballroom. Please stay tuned for more details
    do, solving someone's problems, healing           throughout fall and winter quarters.
    someone's pain.
                                                      The workplace can be much more than
    What are your passionate about? Keep in           engines of growth. The job is an expression
    mind that when you‘re young, it is easy to        of what is important to employees, of how
    feel passionate about everything and              they want to live their lives, engage their
    nothing. True passion is deeply seated and        minds and talents, treat other people, feed
    grows over time and throughout life. One          their families and influence the world.
    quality of millennial students is the desire to   Having a sense of mission and purpose
    give back.                                        brings satisfaction.

    You may ask yourself, where are you               Come visit with a career counselor to share
    prepared to work in order to make a               your ideas. See you soon.
    contribution? To yourself? To your family?
    To your community? Will your work create          Jackie Johnson
    jobs for others and improve life for others? It
    is fine to make a lot of money as long as one
    does it honestly. Your success can help
    others succeed as well. No industry is too
    humble or too sophisticated for the truly

    Learn to be entrepreneurial; to live your life
    in such a way as to see the world and
    recognize the anomalies in life as
    opportunities to make things better. If you

               Accounting Pre-Screen Update
    Annually, Career Services organizes and hosts fall accounting pre-screen recruiting.
    Accounting firms seeking candidates for upcoming jobs and internships post positions to the
    Wildcat Career Network. Prior to the start of fall quarter, recent and upcoming CWU
    accounting graduates, as well as students seeking internships, apply through the Wildcat
    Career Network, and, if accepted by a firm, are scheduled for an interview. On-campus
    interviews are held on the CWU Ellensburg main campus as well as at the Lynnwood and
    Des Moines Centers.

    Starting in late September, CWU and accounting firms hold employer-student social
    functions in Seattle and Yakima. This fall, 15 regional and national firms are participating in
    fall accounting recruiting, with 13 on-campus first-round interview days scheduled. Four
    firms are holding first-round interviews in their home offices. To date, 459 applications have
    been submitted for the 35 positions posted.

2                                                                      Career Ink, Spring 2010
                                            What’s New at Career Services
                                              Peer Advisors
                                                                                      Unfortunately in this ―economic
                                                                                      recovery‖ year the number of firms
                                                                                      participating was down from prior
                                                                                      years. According to Becky Evans of
                                                                                      Vine Dahlen & Company CPA firm, the
                                                                                      larger firms are laying off staff and
                                                                                      medium sized firms like hers have
                                                                                      limited openings and are able to pick up
                                                                                      experienced staff from those laying off.

                                                                                      Students and recent graduates interested
                                                                                      in public accounting are advised to gain
                                             Members of the Design Your Future        any experience they can through
                                            Club at last year‘s ‗Night Owl Resume     internships, volunteer tax work or any
                                                          Café‖ event.                accounting or bookkeeping work they
                                                                                      can obtain. Students should also make
                                           The peer advisor program had several       an extra effort to gain training in
                                           accomplishments in 2009-10.                additional software, accounting or tax
                                           1) Three successful Design your Future     skills while preparing for and taking the
                                           Club events                                CPA exam so they will be as highly
                                                                                      prepared and competitive as possible as
Fall Quarter Events
                                           2) Running the Resume Doctor tables
                                           3) Presenting at the CWU Leadership        the market improves.

                   Information Table:
                                           4) A great video modeled on the ―Lost‖
                                           theme                                             New Co-op
                   10:00-1:00, SURC        5) Nominated for a National
                                                                                            Ed. Learning
                                           Association of Colleges and Employers
                   Hallway                 Innovation award. All the peer advisors

                                           attended the Florida conference in June.
                   Resume Doctor
    10/13-11/24    Table: 10:00-1:00,      Kelsey Whiteside is returning this year,
                                           and is joined by Darina Davidson, Cori     According to employers, as you move
                   SURC Hallway            Montgomery, Jazmarae Beebe, and            into the world of work, it can be
                                           Jordan St. John on the Ellensburg          advantageous to have participated in an
                                           campus.                                    internship in your chosen field. Many
                                                                                      employers are looking for that
      Getting Into Graduate School         ChunMi Araki and Sangkyung Sung            internship listed on your resume.
      Workshop: 4:00-5:30, Black           will be our peer advisors on the Des
                                           Moines campus.                             Starting Fall Quarter 2010, all students
      151                                                                             seeking a Cooperative Ed internship will
      Fall Job, Internship, and                                                       be required to submit the NEW
      Graduate School Fair: 11:00-         Rocksalt Hosts                             Cooperative Education Learning
                                                                                      Agreement/Student Internship Release
      3:00, SURC Ballroom                                                             Form to Career Services for internship

           CAH Grad School Workshop:
                                             Accounting                               credit registration.

           4:00-5:30, SURC 137A              Recruitment                              The new form includes information
                                                                                      about student, university and updated
                                                                                      internship site responsibilities along
                                           Accounting recruiting season is in full
         Engineering Technologies &        swing and once again kicked off with       with insurance information and a hold
    11/4                                                                              harmless clause. The Word version of
                                           the annual CWU networking event for
         Construction Management                                                      this form can be found on our web site
                                           students from all campuses held at the
         Fair: 11:00-3:00, SURC            Rocksalt Steakhouse over-looking Lake      at
                                           Union in Seattle. About 150 ―dressed-
         Ballroom                          for-success‖ students turned out and       oads/LearnAgreeInternRelease(0710).d
                                           made a good showing of themselves and      oc.
                                           the employers were pleased with the
                                           excellent candidates they saw.             Please contact our office for assistance
                                                                                      with the internship process.

       Keep up-to-date on our events and                                                                          (continued)
     workshops at
3                                                                                                  Career Ink, Spring 2010
Coming Winter                                    Ask a Career                                   Winter &
Quarter                                            Counselor                                       Spring
           Majors Fair: 12:00-3:00,
           SURC Ballroom
                                                           By Rich Schillinger
                                           How can I be professional?
                                                                                            Partnership in
           Extreme Entrepreneur Tour:      Dear readers,                                       Excellence
           12:00-6:00, SURC
                                           Students often ask me how to make a
                                           ―professional‖ resume, or how they will
                                                                                            (PIE) Awards
           Education Career Fair: 12:00-
           3:00, SURC Ballroom
                                           get their first job if they don‘t have any
                                           ―professional‖ experience. In the past,
                                           we in Career Services have put on a
                                           quarterly workshop series called,             The winners of the cooperative
                                           ―Become a Professional.‖ But the best         education Partnership in Excellence
       Keep up-to-date on our events and   way to explain how to be professional is      awards for spring quarter 2010 have
     workshops at      to give great examples of                     been announced.
                                           professionalism from your peers here at
                                           Central.                                      Student of the Quarter:
                                           Just yesterday, a young man whose goal
                                           is to become a firefighter shared with me
                                           that he paid $5,000 to attend the
                                           Washington State Firefighting Training
                                           Academy! This is the training where a
                                           newly hired fire recruit would be sent as     Tim Jeffris, Biology major, Mid-
                                           a part of his job. To help himself get        Columbia Fisheries Enhancement
                                           hired, this student went ahead and            Group
                                           invested the time, effort, and money to
                                           get this training on his own. This young      Employer of the Quarter:
                                           man demonstrates being professional;          Tim Blocher, Sustainable Energy
                                           he is doing what professionals do:            Development
                                           investing in his development through
                                           education, trainings, workshops,              Faculty of the Quarter:
                                           certifications, credentials. Now, please
                                           don‘t equate spending thousands of
                                           dollars with professionalism, although
                                           all of you qualify through the cost of
                                           your degree. There are less costly
                                           examples of professionalism, such as the
                                           students I run into whom, when I give         Prof. Jim Nimnicht, Management
                                           them my business card, give me one of         Department
                                           theirs!! Or, it‘s the students of Alpha
                                           Kappa Psi who seem to always be               The winter quarter winners can still be
                                           wearing dress shirts, ties, slacks, and the   found on our website, along with other
                                           like when they invite me to present to        past winners. They were:
                                           their group.
                                                                                         Student of the Quarter:
                                           Professionalism is anything related to        Travis Gnehm, Law and Justice major,
                                           being a professional and it abounds here      City of Renton Police Department and
                                           at CWU – not just in Career Services or       Bellevue Police Department
                                           all the other great departments on
                                           campus. Students from freshmen to             Employer of the Quarter:
                                           seniors demonstrate professionalism.          Andrea Easlick, Central Washington
                                           Are you one of them?                          University Wellness Center

                                           Send your resumes, cover letter, or           Faculty of the Quarter:
                                           questions to                  Prof. Dave Majsterek, Department of
                                                                                         Language, Literacy, & Special

4                                                                                                     Career Ink, Spring 2010
         Fall Quarter Brings Two Job
               Fairs to Campus
              Fall Job,                                Engineering
          Internship &                              Technologies &
       Graduate School                                Construction
                   Fair                            Management Fair
    Career Services‘ Fall Job, Internship and     The 11th Annual Engineering
    Graduate School Fair will be held             Technologies & Construction
    Thursday, October 28, from 11 am – 3          Management Fair, hosted by Career
    pm, in the Student Union & Rec Center         Services, will be held Thursday,
    (SURC) ballroom.                              November 4, from 11 am – 3 pm, in the
                                                  Student Union & Rec. Center (SURC)
    The annual all-major event draws              ballroom.
    agencies, companies and graduate
    school programs from a breadth of             This annual event draws regional and
    academic, industry and career areas.          international companies and
    They will be recruiting for upcoming          government agencies from a breadth of
    graduates seeking employment and for          industry and career areas, including
    students applying for internships.            Engineering Technologies, Construction
    Students seeking graduate school              and Safety Management. Many
    information will have opportunities to        companies also recruit for IT, geology
    talk with grad school recruiters. Nearly      and business, environmental science,
    50 employers and schools have                 and environmental studies candidates.
    registered for the fair. Several recruiters   Recruiting will be for upcoming
    will hold on-site interviews, as well as      graduates seeking employment upon
    campus and company interviews later           graduation and for students inquiring
    this quarter.                                 about future co-op and internship
                                                  opportunities. 30 employers have
    Candidates attending the fair are             registered for the IET fair. Several
    encouraged to bring resumes and dress         recruiters will hold on-site interviews, as
    professionally.                               well as campus and company interviews
                                                  later this quarter.
    For more fair and preparation details
    contact Career Services or go to our          Candidates attending the fair are
    website. The list of participating            strongly recommended to bring resumes
    recruiters is available from our web site     and dress professionally.
    fair link.
                                                  For more fair and preparation details
                                                  contact Career Services or go to our
                                                  website. The list of participating
                                                  recruiters is available from our web site
                                                  fair link.

               A student talks with a recruiter at a previous IET/CMGT Fair

5                                                               Career Ink, Spring 2010
     Career Services:
      Who We Are,
       What We Do

       Career Services Staff in June
    2010, at the departmental retreat

    Jacqualyn Johnson, Director:
           Director of department             Ken Webber, Assistant Director:         Merridy Rennick, Career Counselor
            operations                               Career Services contact for             Career Services contact for
           Meets with students                       CWU Westside students                    CWU Westside students
            individually for career                  Coordinates the Cooperative             Assists our Westside students
            counseling, career assessment             Education/Internship Program             with their career development
            interpretation, resume checks,            for the University Centers at            needs including career
            portfolio development,                    Lynnwood, SeaTac, Puyallup               assessment, interview, job-
            interviewing skills and career            and Pierce County                        finding assistance, internship
            transitions                              Assists our Westside students            development, and resume
           Oversees Cooperative                      with their career development            preparation.
            Education/Internship Program              needs including career                  Teaches the Career
                                                      assessment, interview, job-              Management (UNIV 301)
                                                      finding assistance, internship           class.
                                                      development and resume
                                                     Teaches the Career
                                                      Management (UNIV 301)

    Vicki Sannuto, Career Counselor            Teresa Youngren, Employer               Rich Schillinger, Career Counselor
            Career counseling, career         Recruitment Coordinator                        Career counseling, resume
             assessment interpretation,               Employer recruitment                    checks, portfolio development,
             resume checks, portfolio                 Career event coordination               interviewing skills and career
             development, interviewing                Marketing/Publicity                     transitions
             skills and career transitions            Cover letter/Resume checks             Interprets self assessments
            Encourages the search for the            Job Search Assistance                  Teaches the Career Exploration
             right career "path" through the                                                   (UNIV 103) class
             use of self-assessment tools,
             information interviews, and

6                                                                                                    Career Ink, Spring 2010
                                    Sandra Lindelof, Placement File
                                                                                     JoAnn Ryan, Internship Assistant
                                                                                           Coordinates the Cooperative
                                           Management of Career
                                                                                            Education/Internship Program
                                            Services employment data base
                                                                                            for the University.
                                            and Educator Placement Files
                                                                                           Assists students, employers,
                                           Education Career Fair
                                                                                            and faculty with the Co-op
                                                                                            Ed./Internship process.

                                    Ray Wells, Office Assistant
                                                                                     Kristina Paquette, Departmental
                                           Serves as receptionist for the
                                            204 office area.
                                                                                             Web development
                                           Assistance in all Career
                                                                                             Oversees budgets/payroll
                                            Services Programs
                                                                                             Organizes scheduling
                                           Manages volunteers for career
                                                                                             Supports career events

                                         Some of what Career Services has to offer you:
    CWU Career Services             Career counseling:
                                    Don‘t know what major or career is right for you or how to get there? Resume is
    400 E University Way            outdated? Job search is confusing? Need interviewing experience and tips? We can help.
    Barge Hall 202 & 204M
    Ellensburg, WA 98926-7499       Career assessments:
                                    Find out what type of career suits your interests and personality best.
    509-963-1921 and 509-963-2404                  Cooperative education and internships:             An educational plan designed to integrate classroom study with planned, supervised and
                                    evaluated work experience that will earn you credits and professional skills

    Des Moines Center               Career fairs and events:
    206-439-3800 x3841              Network with employers, learn dining etiquette, interview with businesses, meet with
                                    faculty, review graduate school information, and more.

    Lynnwood Center                 On-campus job recruiting:
    425-640-1570 x3878              Grab opportunities early when employers conduct on-campus interviews for jobs and
                                    internships, and hire for permanent positions.

                                    Wildcat Career Network:
                                    Search criteria to find current job and internship openings within your field. Enter a
                                    personal profile and post your resume online for employers to browse.

                                    Need help from an alumnus who‘s been there and done that? Let us help by steering you
                                    towards a mentor.

                                    Education placement files:
                                    If you‘re an education major, you will need to open a placement file to help you get a
                                    job. Complete our job placement survey online once you graduate.

                                    Graduate school preparation:
                                    Learn what to do here and now in order to prepare for graduate school.

7                                                                                                 Career Ink, Spring 2010
                                                                              An open letter to students and parents
        Career Bites                            Featured                      College career offices are reporting
                                                                              dramatic hikes in use by first-year
                                                 Articles                     students looking for early employment
                                Firms assess young interns' potential
                                (Wall Street Journal)
                                                                              Not everyone is clear about what we do
                                                                              at Career Services. Here are some of the
                                According to the Wall Street Journal,
                                                                              questions they have:
                                companies are turning first to their
                                intern pool when looking to fill full-time              How can Career Services get
                                positions.                                              students into the office earlier
                                                                                        in their program?
                                A quarter of recruiters responding to a                 Can Career Services place
                                Wall Street Journal survey, said that 50%               students in jobs?
                                of their new-graduate hires had been                    How can Career Services get a
                                interns at their company. NACE                          specific employer to come to
                                reported that 57% of students from the                  campus?
                                class of 2009 were converted from                       How can Career Services help
                                interns to full-time hires.                             me pursue jobs that match my
                                                                                        skills and interests?
                                To get started on your internship search                Can Career Services write my
                                or job search, contact Career Services to               resume for me?
                                schedule an appointment with a career                   Will Career Services tell me
                                counselor.                                              what job offer to take?
                                                                                        Can Career Services
                                Hired: Job seekers need office hours,                   recommend me to an
CWU Career Services             self discipline (Forbes)                                employer?
400 E University Way                                                                    Can Career Services tell me
                                Wind is the new cash crop in rural                      whether to go to graduate
Barge Hall 202 & 204M           Wash. town (New York Times)                             school?
Ellensburg, WA 98926-7499                                                     This article has the answers to these
509-963-1921 and 509-963-2404   Tips for the informational interview          questions, and more….
                                (Puget Sound Business Journal)                                                                Vocation, career, and job: Which do             13 big mistakes job seekers make              you have? (Christian Science Monitor)
                                                                              Many heads can be better than one –
                                Land a job: Promote the brand of you          especially when they belong to women
Des Moines Center               (CNN Money)                                   (Fast Company)
206-439-3800 x3841
                                Holiday hiring outlook brightens              Start-ups 2010: How to launch your
                                (National Public Radio)                       dream company (INC.)
Lynnwood Center
425-640-1570 x3878

                                                    The SURC Ballroom during last year‘s Majors Fair.
                                                         Majors Fair 2011 will be on February 2.

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