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   Brian Allison – USA Funds
     Tim Cameron – Meteor
 Christopher Cooper – NY HESC
• Meteor Overview & Project Update
• Meteor v3.3 Update
• Meteor Collaboration & Customization
  – NY HESC and Mapping Your Future
  – USA Funds Exit Counseling
  – NSC School Based Authentication
  – Online Award Letters
  – Student Aid Inquiry
• Getting Involved!
Meteor Overview & Project
• Meteor is a valuable tool that provides
  Financial Aid Professionals (FAP) and
  borrowers secure access to real-time
  financial aid information.
• Information from multiple data providers is
  aggregated to assist the FAP and the
  borrower with the financial aid process,
  repayment and default aversion.
• Meteor is a collaborative effort of the
  FFELP community.
• Access real-time, student-specific financial
  aid information from multiple sources
• Intuitive user interface and navigation
• Currently provides information on FFELP
  and alternative loans (working to include
  Direct Loans, Perkins Loans, Pell Grants,
  and state aid)
            Meteor Today
• 14 Points of access to the Network
• 20 Data providers
• Averaging over 20,000 hits per
  month…and growing
• Industry leader in standards
• Respected Federated model of
        Upcoming Legislation
• Legislative changes may make it difficult for
  students and schools to keep track of their debt
  – Schools and students will need to work with more
     • Direct to consumer products
     • PLUS Loan auctions
• Meteor can help!
  – Single point of access to multiple loan providers
        Industry Collaboration
• Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council
  – Student Aid Inquiry Standard
     • Collaboration with ELM and FSA
  – Electronic Authentication & Authorization Task Force
     • GOAL: Work on building interoperability among Federations
       in the higher education community
     • Members include:
        –   Educause
        –   InCommon
        –   Liberty Alliance
        –   U.S. Department of Education
        –   The Meteor Project
Meteor v3.3 Update
  Highlights of the Latest Software
• Final stages of testing
• Software will be released in the next 30 –
  60 days
• Restores NSC LoanLocator services for
• New security features
• Usability and other navigation
Meteor Collaboration &
• Flexibility
  – Standard Implementation
     • Data Provider
     • Access Provider
     • Authentication Agent
  – Integrate with OSLC
     • Mapping Your Future OSLC
     • Proprietary OSLC
  – Customized Implementations
     • What could you do with Meteor data?
    Standard Implementation
• Meteor Standard Implementations
  – Data Provider Implementation
  – Access Provider Implementation
  – Authentication Provider/OSLC
• Technical Support is Available
  – Technical Documentation
  – Technical Listserv
  – Technical Team
     OSLC Implementation with
       Mapping Your Future
• Mapping Your Future’s OSLC application
  is offered free of charge
• Existing Meteor implementation model
• Requires Meteor Authentication Agent
• Very small footprint
       MYF OSLC Features
• Lender/guarantor neutral
• Step-by-step instructions
• Explanations of loan types
• Annual loan limits (entrance)
• Advice on borrowing conservatively and
  maintaining the loan
• Debt/salary wizard
• Optional budget calculator
• Customization options
    How Does It Work?

 Student Initiates Counseling
Session from School’s Web Site
Borrower is Authenticated &
    Redirected to MYF

       NY School   NYSHESC

       MYF OSLC Session
• Reads content and answers questions
• Read and acknowledge Meteor disclaimer
• Views Meteor data (customized screen)
Meteor Data is Requested



Lenders /
Student Views Meteor Data
Student Completes the Counseling
•   Views calculator (debt/salary wizard)
•   Completes form, providing required data
•   Views, prints confirmation page
•   Can view complete Meteor data
  Customized implementation with
    proprietary OSLC systems.
• Requires Meteor Access Provider
• Allows for a more customized look & feel
• Can be integrated into existing
• Requires prior approval by Meteor
  Advisory Team
  Customization Options Beyond

• How Could You Use Meteor Data?
  – Integration into Debt Management Solutions
  – Integration into CSR/Call Center Solutions
  – Integration of Meteor Data into Award Letters
• What’s the Catch?
  – Need prior approval from M.A.T.
  – Need to implement Meteor Access Provider
  – Need to acknowledge Meteor Network
• Both are collaborative projects in the
  financial aid industry
  – Sharing diverse experience
  – Sharing technological expertise
• Both have similar missions
• Both serve students, families,
  and schools
• Both services are offered free of charge
• Meteor school display:
  Display data for school users who login to
  On-line Student Loan Counseling (OSLC)
  Financial Aid Office (FAO) Access Area
• Meteor borrower display:
  Display data for students completing
  OSLC (exit counseling)
• Receive loan information and counseling
  in one web visit
• Can do what-if analysis on data in
  counseling calculator
• Enhanced ability to budget
• Accurate, real-time information
• Data in one place
• More likely to remember loan status,
  holder, etc.
• Single point of contact for information
  using established login
• Real-time information
• Full scope of student's history in one
• Enhanced exit counseling; meet regulatory
  requirement to provide estimated
  repayment information
• School user logs into MYF FAO Access
• MYF passes authentication to Meteor
• School user views Meteor data
• School elects to display Meteor data for
• School selects their preferred
  authentication providers
• School instructs student to complete exit
       USA Funds & NELA
        Several Customization Examples

• USA Funds & NELA Exist Counseling
• USA Funds Loan Payment Solutions
• USA Funds & NELA Connection
       USA Funds & NELA Exit
• USA Funds and NELA has its own suite of
  counseling tools known as
  – USA Funds Loan Counselor
  – NELA Loan Counselor
• This suite is currently comprised of two
  different kinds of counseling
       USA Funds & NELA Exit

• Historically within the online exit
  counseling session USA Funds & NELA
  has been able to show a borrower loans
  its own systems.
• The risk had always been providing a
  “false positive”…making the borrower think
  ALL of his loans were displayed when in
  fact (due to no access to the data) the borrower
  had other loans and they were not
       USA Funds & NELA Exit

• Options included:
  – Directing the borrower to NSLDS
  – Directing the borrower to the NSC’s
    LoanLocator application
• If other loans were found, borrower had to
  key enter these loans
      USA Funds & NELA Exit

• With the implementation of Meteor
  borrower access, a new option is available
• Using the XML data provided in a Meteor
  inquiry response, USA Funds and NELA
  populates the loan screens of its exit
  counseling tool with real-time loan data
  from the system of record
  With the
    ion of
 Meteor 3.3
 will replace
  this text
 with actual
   URL to
 access for
 loan data.
Loan Payment Solutions

   Web-based application
uniquely designed to appeal
to delinquent and defaulted
                 An explanation
                   of Meteor

Access to loan
   NELA (and USA
  Connection are
  school directed
     portals to
  provide access
    to school-
  based products
   and services.

Meteor is one of
 the services.
network data
 is presented
    in NELA
branded style
NSC School Based Authentication
• Earlier this year the National Student
  Clearinghouse (NSC) stopped providing its
  LoanLocator Service
  – Concerns related to login with only SSN &
• NSC approached the Meteor Advisory
  Team to implement a revised service that
  used Meteor to retrieve and display data.
NSC School Based Authentication
• After working through the details and
  making sure the NSC could appropriately
  authenticate borrowers, a “new”
  LoanLocator service is in development
  – NSC will use “authentication agents” to
    authenticate Meteor inquirers, i.e. borrowers
  – Schools that have entered into an amended
    Electronic Services Agreement with the NSC
    will act as such agents.
NSC School Based Authentication

 – Schools that have entered into an amended
   Electronic Services Agreement with the NSC
   will act as such agents.
 – NSC will verify that the school’s authentication
   policy & procedure adheres to the Meteor
   network’s level 3 authentication. This level is
   required for loan data to be returned.
 – NSC will use this authentication with its
   access provider implementation to perform a
   Meteor inquiry & retrieve data from the Meteor
   network to display data to inquirers.
        Online Award Letters

• Another potential implementation is with
  two different schools in Florida
• Both schools have an online award letter
• As a default prevention tool (as well as an
  aggregate borrower reminder) the schools
  are contemplating integrating a Meteor
  network inquiry into the presentation of a
  new award package
        Online Award Letters

• The idea is to present the borrower with as
  much information as possible while asking
  for a new loan so the borrower is well
  aware of the potential impact of increasing
  his aggregate loan(s) amount
  – Total current outstanding
  – New total outstanding with the addition of the
    new loan
  – Repayment scenarios based on aggregates
Getting Involved!
    Ways Your Organization Can
• Meteor Member
• Meteor Participant
  – Standard or Custom Implementation
• School and Student Outreach
• Brian Allison
  USA Funds
  (555) 555-1212
• Tim Cameron
  Meteor Project Manager
  (954) 565-7229
• Christopher Cooper
  Manager E-Business Application
  Development & File Transfer Systems,
  NYS Higher Education Services
  (518) 473-8824

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