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					    UMVIM, SC
    Leesville, SC
    November 2, 2010

   In the absence of Chair Tony Rowell and Vice Chair Nick Elliott, Secretary Treasurer Lee McMillan
    opened the meeting of 29 people.

    Harriet Strait led the devotions on and our opening prayer.

    Lee updated the members on the status of Terry Rawls, Hal Crosswell’s mother and John Culp’s
    granddaughter. Members were asked to continue praying for these folks and their families. As
    well as the people of Haiti due to the hurricane, cholera and the conditions still remaining from the
    earthquake in January of this year.

     Lee also updated the members on the recent team leader training that was held in Hilton Head at
    St. Andrew-by-the-Sea. Twenty seven folks were trained.
    Lee asked the members if they knew why we had team leader training. If they knew why teams had
    to be approved? If they knew that UMVIM-SC could stop their already approved team?

    There was discussion among the group giving answers and helpful advice to the members who will
    take teams. We discussed the Safe Sanctuary policy and how our team members, churches and the
    team leader can be protected by simply doing background checks on the members and being
    approved through the conference. We talked about how important the size of a team ultimately
    affects the experience of the team members.

    We also discussed the fact that UMVIM-SC is not mainly a group who take international teams.
    Folks responded to the question, what is your mission? We have members who have set up food
    banks, feed the elderly, care for children after school; we have a member who will be teaching ELC
    classes to Hispanic ladies and members who feed the homeless. We noticed how different our
    ministries are but how we are still UMVIM-SC. A new ministry was mentioned W.A.R.M. by Jim
    Dennis. Jim stated that his new church Grace/North Augusta will be doing a project in their
    community. Mike Watson mentioned Mission House that was started in the Bamberg area 27 years
    ago. That ministry has grown to over 35 houses now known as the Shalom Ministry.

    Lee mentioned the two members of UMVIM-SC who had articles in the most recent “Advocate”,
    Bob Sargent on his recent trip to Colombia and the taking of a very special stained glass window he
    had made, and Ann Watkins of Saluda. Ann has started from a merger beginning in her church a
    Harvest Hope Food Bank, and after school care and book bags filled with food for the children to
    take home over the weekend so the family will have food to eat. This ministry has now spread
    throughout the Saluda area, with churches of many denominations helping.
 Mary Carolyn Watson requested if you have any articles you wish printed in our newsletter “The
 VIM” please send your stories to Mary Carolyn at .

 There being no further business, the group joined hands and the meeting was adjourned with a

Respectfully submitted,
  Lee McMillan