Police Officer Performance Evaluations

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					                                                       Cobb County School District
                                           Classified Performance Evaluation – Police Officer
Refer to the Classified Performance Evaluation Instructions for guidance on completion of this form.
Name                                       SSN                        Location

School Year                                Date of Hire:                      Evaluator


III. PERFORMANCE CATEGORY and OVERALL ANNUAL RATINGS – Assign a rating for each descriptor within a performance category
     and for the overall category rating; overall ratings are determined by quantity of meets expectations earned for the descriptors within the category
    MEETS EXPECTATIONS (ME): Consistently accomplishes assigned tasks and demonstrates specific competencies needed for the responsibilities at
     or above the expectations of the supervisor.
    NEEDS IMPROVEMENT (NI): Inconsistently accomplishes assigned tasks or fails to demonstrate specific competency for the responsibility.
    NON-APPLICABLE (NA): Not applicable to the position’s responsibilities for this employee; NA counts as an ME.
    UNSATISFACTORY: Consistently fails to accomplish assigned tasks and/or fails to demonstrate specific competency for the responsibility.

IV. PERFORMANCE CATEGORIES Place a check by the assigned descriptor rating.                                                 PERFORMANCE RATINGS
Job Competencies (6 of 8 ME Required for ME Overall).
       1. Performs job duties to support student achievement (see Job Description)*                                 ME           NI
       2. Communicates effectively in written and oral form                                                         ME           NI        NA
       3. Handles confidential/sensitive information appropriately                                                  ME           NI        NA
       4. Performs law enforcement duties professionally and appropriately                                          ME           NI        NA
       5. Responds appropriately to emergency situations                                                            ME           NI        NA
       6. Provides guidance and support to students and school staff as needed                                      ME           NI        NA
       7. Adheres to District Policies, Rules, and procedures                                                       ME           NI        NA
       8. Adheres to Public Safety policies, procedures and mandates                                                ME           NI        NA
*A “Meets Expectations” is required for Descriptor #1 in order to receive an overall rating of “Meets Expectations” in Job Competencies.

                                                                OVERALL CATEGORY RATING (Check One)                       ME          NI
Workplace Qualities (4 of 6 ME Required for ME Overall )
        1. Is punctual, adheres to assigned work hours and attendance reporting procedures                          ME           NI        NA
        2. Self-motivated; demonstrates personal initiative                                                         ME           NI        NA
        3. Maintains composure in stressful situations                                                              ME           NI        NA
        4. Demonstrates positive support of CCSD                                                                    ME           NI        NA
        5. Completes assigned tasks with accuracy and in a timely manner                                            ME           NI        NA
        6. Helps support a safe and orderly school environment                                                      ME           NI        NA
                                                             OVERALL CATEGORY RATING (Check One)                            ME        NI
Human Relations (4 of 6 ME Required for ME Overall)
       1. Uses appropriate language and tone with District personnel                                                ME           NI        NA
       2. Responds to and implements supervisor’s instructions in a cooperative manner                              ME           NI        NA
       3. Interacts with staff/parents/public in a courteous and tactful manner                                     ME           NI        NA
       4. Fosters teamwork and works effectively with District employees                                            ME           NI        NA
       5. Maintains positive and appropriate relationship with students, staff and parents                          ME           NI        NA
       6. Demonstrates professional behavior within peer group                                                      ME           NI        NA
                                                             OVERALL CATEGORY RATING – (Check One)                          ME        NI


              MEETS EXPECTATIONS                            NEEDS IMPROVEMENT                                     UNSATISFACTORY
MEETS EXPECTATIONS = ME in all 3 Overall Ratings       NEEDS IMPROVEMENT = NI in 1 Overall Rating        UNSATISFACTORY = NI in 2 or 3 Overall Ratings


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