Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro Tutorial

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					                          Importing Images into Boardmaker

Launch Boardmaker
1. Double click on the Boardmaker SD Pro Icon on the Desktop.

2. Click on Open a new board.

3. The board you are creating will need to be set for landscape orientation.
4. Select Print Setup (Board Size/Ruler/Grid/Gaps) in the File menu. In the
   dialog box (shown here), click on the Print Setup button.
5. Click on Landscape in the Orientation box. Click on OK button when
6. Click on the Use Printer Page button to set the correct board size.
   The board is now sized to exactly fit the paper size and orientation you
   set in step 5. Click the OK button when finished.
7. You will see the Boardmaker “Draw Window” view.

Create a Grid of Buttons
1. First you must create a button for your symbol. Select the Button Tool in the
   tool palette.
2. Position the Cross Hairs at ½ inch vertically and horizontally
   from the upper left corner of the screen. (Red position
   indicators in the rulers will help in locating the cursor.
3. Click and drag diagonally to create a small button. To create a
   square button, hold down the Shift key while dragging out the
4. To resize the button, move the cursor over the bottom right
   corner of the button until the cursor turns into a two-sided
   arrow. Click and drag the button corner until it is positioned at 2
   inches vertically and horizontally in the ruler.
5. Select the Button Sprayer Tool in the tool palette.
6. Move the Button Sprayer Tool on top of the button. Click and drag
   horizontally to spray out a grid of 6 buttons.
   Importing Saved Pictures or Pasting onto a button
If you intend to use pictures again, you should import them into the Symbol Finder where they
can be easily accessed again and again. If you paste onto a button, you will have to find and re-
paste the next time you want to use that picture again.

   Search the Internet for favorite books
   1. Minimize the Boardmaker Program.
   2. Launch Internet Explorer.
   3. Type in the Internet Address title bar.
   4. Search the Barnes and Noble site for a favorite storybook.
   5. When you find the book you are looking for, right click on the
       picture of the book.
   6. A drop down menu will appear. Select Save Picture As….
   7. Boardmaker will import .wmf, .emf, or .bmp picture files.
   8. Save the picture and title it.
   9. Return to Boardmaker.
   10. With the Symbol Finder visible, select Import>Picture in the File menu.
   11. Locate and open your saved photo or picture.
   12. The imported graphic will appear in a dialog
       box where it will be named and categorized.
   13. Type in the name for your symbol.
   14. Select Add a Name.
   15. Select Assign Categories.
   16. Select the categories of Toys, Other
   17. Leisure, and Reading and Writing.

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