One of the best gifts I received was
                                                                  from my good friend. She wanted
                                                                  me to meet with Bill to see if he
                                                                  could channel my sister, Nicole
                                                                  Brown Simpson, who you may
                                                                  know was murdered in 1994. I
                                                                  was a bit skeptical at first because
                                                                  everyone knew everything about
                                                                  Nicole and my entire family from
                                                                  the media circus. But, I thought
                                                                  I would visit with him anyway.
                                                                  I cannot tell you what a gift this

                                                                  Bill suggested that I take notes
                                                                  during our visit and thankfully I
                                                                  did because I will have these notes
                                                                  for a lifetime. Bill knew things that
                                                                  no one knew, not only of Nicole,
                                                                  but many of my friends and family
EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED                                             who passed many years prior.
                                                                  These were individuals that were
                                                                  never spoken of in the public. So,
With Psychic Medium                                               of course, he had my attention.

BILL PHILIPPS                                                     How did he know of those
                                                                  who passed from a suicide, car
                                                                  accidents, and my relationship
                                                                  with my grandparents? How
IS THERE LIFE AFTER DEATH?                                        would he have known what my
CAN THE DEAD REALLY SPEAK?                                        grandparents wanted to share with
                                                                  my mom? How would he have
Join renowned Psychic Medium Bill Philipps as he takes you on a   known that my friend wanted to
                                                                  thank me for taking care of his
journey beyond the physical realm.                                sister when he died suddenly?

Bill’s amazing gift of communicating with the deceased is         Bill was not vague in any of his
unparalleled; as he brings through messages, validations and      connections. The messages he
specific details from spirits of those who have crossed over,     received were clear, concise,
                                                                  descriptive and emotional. So
proving that the soul lives on after death.                       emotional in fact, that I could
                                                                  not help but to share them with
WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 27, 2010                                        my entire family. They were
7:30 PM – 10:00 PM                                                confident and astonished by his
THE CURTIS THEATRE                                                Bill’s compassion to truly offer
1 CIVIC CENTER CIRCLE                                             healing hearts to those who suffer
BREA, CA 92821                                                    was apparent. I would highly
                                                                  recommend a visit with him. You
Ticket Price $27 in advance | $35 at the door (if available)      never know what joy or closure
                                                                  you will experience.
Available Online at www.brownpapertickets.com/event/130202
                                                                  With Gratitude Bill!
For more information please contact info@BillPhilipps.com         Tanya Brown

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