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					                            BOARD OF SELECTMEN

In July, 2005 a Board of Ethics Ad Hoc Committee was appointed to review the existing
Code of Ethics.

The plans submitted to the Army Corps of Engineers and to the Department of
Environmental Protection in connection with the “Clinton Landing” project were

The Clinton Landing Project was awarded a $25,000 State grant. $12,500 of this has
been received to date.

The Board of Selectmen enacted two ordinances: “Dogs Roaming on Private or Town
Owned Property Ordinance” and “Blight-An Ordinance Regarding Unsightly Materials
and Abandoned Vehicles in Residentially Zoned Areas”.

A new contract with the Supervisors’ Union was negotiated and signed for the period
July 1, 2003 to June 30, 2007.

The Selectmen approved a Resolution objecting to the establishment of a liquefied
natural gas facility in Long Island Sound.

State Senator Eileen Daily and State Representative Brian O’Connor advised that they
had been successful in obtaining a $250,000 grant for use in renovations to the old
police station.

Consultant Lawrence Wagner advised that he had obtained State approval for the Town
to use a $350,000 grant for site improvements for an elderly housing complex on Cream
Pot Road for a different location on Glenwood Road.

Local Capitol Improvement Funds (LoCIP) in the amount of $483,000 were received
from the State.

A new Gazebo was placed at the new Police Station on East Main Street in memory of
Lorraine Joel, a former Chairman of the Board of Police Commissioners, with funds
donated by the Joel Family.

Changes were made by Amtrak to the boarding platform on John Street Extension.
Further major changes are to be made.

A $7,000 grant from the State Library for the preservation of documents was accepted.

Donations for evacuees of southern states whose homes and residences were lost or
damaged by “Hurricane Katrina” were accepted at several town agencies.
Jeremy Hansen, Emergency Management Director for the Town of Clinton, was called
back to active duty with the United States Coast Guard. Police Officer Glen Smith was
also called to active duty with the National Guard.

The Revolutionary War cannon at the foot of Waterside Lane was vandalized and
removed to be repaired.

Representatives of the Bank of America, now Trustee for the William Stanton Andrews
Trust Fund, were contacted to see if some of the principal of the Trust Fund could be
released to cover costs of repairs to the town hall roof and museum room lighting. The
Trust Fund is now valued at over one million dollars. The Bank advised that only the
earned interest could be released, and that is sent to the Town periodically.

The Selectmen approved requested appropriations for $179,410 for a Skate Park and
$145,000 for the Town Hall Front Entry project. An appropriation of $335,000 for
technology implementation for the Town Hall was also approved.

Sue Cunningham was hired as Assistant Town Treasurer.

In November 2005, James M. McCusker, Jr. noted that his retirement came after eleven
years as First Selectman, and that he had conducted over 500 meetings during that
time. Several retirement parties were held in his honor.

Newly elected First Selectman William W. Fritz, Jr. and other newly elected persons
were sworn in on November 21, 2005 in the Town Hall Rotunda. Town Clerk Karen
Marsden swore in all but Mr. Fritz, who was sworn in by the Secretary of State. A large
audience was present.

The first meeting of the new Board was held on November 22, 2005. Dolly Mezzetti
was appointed Acting First Selectman.

A “Meet the Selectmen” continental breakfast, sponsored by the Chamber of
Commerce, was held in the Town Hall in January.

Attorney John Bennet continues to be Town Counsel.

An appropriation of $985,000 for replacement of the Boilers at The Morgan School was

The Medical Outpatient Transportation Service (MOTS) was transferred to the Estuary
Council of Seniors in Old Saybrook effective July 1, 2006. Transportation will continue
to be available for Clinton residents.

In February, Gina McCarthy, Commissioner of the Department of Environmental
Protection, met with First Selectman Fritz, and members of the Water Pollution Control
Commission to review wastewater management concerns.
On February 20, 2006 Selectman Edward Hidek suffered a fatal heart attack. He had
been a very active member of the Board of Selectmen

Interest in a new position of Town Planner was reviewed, and it was agreed to present
this proposal in the 2007-08 budget request.

An “Accrued Benefits Sinking Fund” was established.

Charles Venter, IT Specialist, was employed in March and will have an office in the
Town Hall.

First Selectman Fritz, Selectman Townsend, Director of Health Grenon, Water Pollution
Control Commission Chairman Staunton, Deputy Commissioner of the DEP Winfield, a
representative of the Attorney General’s Office and several state officials attended a
meeting to discuss solutions to waste water pollution. Fritz thanked State Senator Daily
and State Representative O’Connor for their assistance. If the DEP accepts the Town’s
time schedule, the State would assist with funds.

At a Special Meeting of the Board of Selectmen on March 20, 2006, (D) Jeremiah F.
Dunn was appointed to fill the vacancy on the Board of Selectmen created by the recent
death of (D) Selectmen Edward Hidek.

A State Grant for $44,000 was awarded in connection with the construction of dugouts
and a press box at the Eliot Little League Field.

Recent Property Revaluations were completed, and many appeals were reviewed.

An Agreement was made between Unilever and the Department of Environmental
Protection that will permit Unilever to handle their own wastewater disposal without
sending it to the Hammonasset River.

The Selectmen, Board of Finance and a Special Town Meeting approved having the
Town of Clinton join a new Regional Health District, eliminating the Town’s own Health
Department. Ryan Grenon, Clinton’s Director of Health, will be employed by the Health
District, which is known as the Connecticut River Area Health District, with offices in Old

The Town received $18,000 for a new generator at the Town owned North End Fire
Station and $15,500 for new pagers for the Volunteer Fire Department from Homeland

The roof of the Henry Carter Hull Library was replaced. The Town of Clinton owns this
First Selectman Fritz and Board of Finance Member Peter Neff were appointed to the
Board of Directors of the new Health District.

A new, revised Affirmative Action Policy was approved.

The Board of Selectmen would like to thank our employees and all of the volunteers
who give of their time and efforts on behalf of our community.

William W. Fritz, Jr., First Selectman
Dolly G. Mezzetti
Jeremiah F. Dunn
Arthur H. Isaacson
David S. Townsend

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