Batteries and Buttons Activity by wpr1947


									                                 Batteries and Buttons Activity

       In groups, you will frame and film several varying shot so as to learn the basics about the
video camera. Pay specific attention to the type of shots you make as they should be planned out
ahead of time (prior to actually turning the camera “on”). To earn full credit, your shots must
show some minimal level of creativity.

   One video camera
   One tripod
   DVD/Burner

        This activity in not meant to be an actual film as much as it gives you an opportunity to
try using the cameras and practice in setting up shots. Complete the following three tasks in your
groups. You should plan on switching roles for each task so as everyone gets a chance to be the
cinematographer and/or director as well as the subject. While filming the shots, please voice-
over the name of the shot (so I know what you are doing if the video doesn’t make sense)

       Task 1: Framing, Angles, and Distances
              For all of the shots in this section please hold the shot for no less than 3 seconds
              (count it off in your head).

               1a. High Angle Shot
               1b. Low Angle Shot
               1c. Extreme Angle Shot (high or low)
               1d. Head-on shot
               1e. Profile (side-side view)
               1f. Extreme Long Shot (ELS)
               1g. Long Shot (LS)
               1h. Medium-Long Shot
               1i. Medium-Close up
               1j. Close Up (CU)
               1k. Extreme Close Up (ECU)
               1l. A frame within a frame shot

       Task 2: Pans, Tilts, and Zoom
              For all of the following camera movements make sure you take no less than 5
              seconds to complete (5 seconds for a pan, zoom, etc.) except for part 2d.

               2a. Zoom in on subject (subject should start far away).
               2b. Start zoomed in one subject and slowly zoom out.
               2c. Pan slowly from one subject to another.
               2d. Pan quickly from one subject to another in a whip pan motion. BE
               2e. With one subject walking by the camera, pan the camera to follow his/her
                   motion (reframing). The camera should move at the a reasonable speed
                   compared to the person (keep the person in the center of the frame)
               2f. With subject walking, have the camera complete a tracking shot. Hold the
                   shot for at least 6 seconds.
               2g. Tilt the camera up from one subject to another (BE CAREFUL)
               2h. Tilt the camera down from one subject to another
               2i. Carefully holding the camera, complete a hand-held shot

       Task 3: Practical, Functional, and Decorative shot
              3a-c. As a group, come up with three shots that combine the framing and camera
              movement from the previous tasks. These shots should be done in one take and
              should show your creativity as a group. Make sure you hold each shot for at least
              five seconds, but no more than 15 seconds. (Be careful and creative. Some ideas
              to consider… a hand-held shot, a level shot, try a frame-within-a-frame, or a
              canted shot, combine various motions, etc.)

To get full credit, remember…
    Make sure the image is in focus
    Don’t forget the rule of thirds when filming people.
    Each group member actively participates in filming (I should be able to tell this by your
        video footage)
    Watch lighting as I need to be able to clearly see the shot/person
    Make sure the eye-lines of people match if moving the camera from one person to
                             10 points    9 points      7 points    5 points    0 points
                             Exceeds       Meets      Approaching    Below
                                                                                Missing       Total
                             Standard     Standard     Standard     Standard

Group Participation

Clear and Focused Image

Following Rule of Thirds

Following Eye-lines
                             20 points    18 points    14 points    10 points   0 points
                             Exceeds       Meets      Approaching    Below
                                                                                Missing       Total
                             Standard     Standard     Standard     Standard

Task 1:
Task 2: Camera

Task 3: Creative Shots

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