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The Sign of The Times


									                            The Sign of The Times
                              Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Point West – Sacramento, CA
                                          October 6, 2004 – Volume 20, Issue 14

                               Copeland Returns                                    Upcoming Greeters, Tickets & Cashiers
                               SACRAMENTO, CA, President Mark Cope-
                               land returned from his R & R to retake control      Oct. 8 th      Dist. Gov. Steve Lemmon – Speaker
                               of the PWR spaceship for the fourteenth meet-                       Tim Armstrong – Greeter
                                                                                                   Jane Gallagher – Greeter
    Rotary International
                               ing of the 20th term of the Rotary Club of Point
         President                                                                                 Sandy Thompson – Tickets
   Glenn E. Estess, Sr.        West – Sacramento.                                                  James Woodside - Cashier
  District 5180 Governor
      New Lemmon                                                                                   Gary Disher – Invocator
      Steve                    Tom Slagle led the pledge. Guy Heilman
  Dist5180 A-5 Assist Gov
                               helped the club membership limp through a less      Oct. 15th       Joe Genshlea – Speaker
    Lynette Andersen
                               than inspiring rendition of It’s a Grand Old                        James Woodside – Greeter
                                                                                                   Jane Gallagher – Greeter
                               Flag –next time lyrics will be handed out or we
 Rotary Club of Point West                                                                         Tim Armstrong – Tickets
         President             will need a video screen version of Mitch                           Sandy Thompson – Cashier
     Mark Copeland             Miller’s old bouncing ball to help the lyrically-                   “Rotarian of the Year” Charlene
                               challenged members.                                                 Drabant - Invocator
      John Koogle
                               Bruce Levering, who this reporter recently          Oct. 22nd       Francie Dillon - Speaker
 Immediate Past President
    Drew Houghton
                               witnessed taking his mother out to dinner at the                    Sandy Thompson – Greeter
                               Sacramento Brewing Company restaurant in                            Jane Gallagher – Greeter
        Treasurer                                                                                  Jim Woodside –Tickets
                               the Town & Country village (what a good
       Gary Disher                                                                                 Tim Armstrong – Cashier
                               son!), evidently has not received enough po-
        Secretary                                                                                  Bill Dunk – Invocator
                               dium time lately as he rolled out a three-part
       Candy Dahl
                               invocation. The invocation consisted of a seri-
     Sergeant-at-Arms          ous thanks to and acknowledgment of the great
        Dan Hall
                               contribution and sacrifice of our troops            minded the members of the upcoming Cen-
      20 th Term Board         throughout the world, a short joke (wife says to    tennial Project involving the replacement of
       Paul Adams              husband “tie me up and do whatever you want
       John Caselli                                                                the snack shack at Encina High.
     Kathy Copeland            to with me”; whereupon husband ties his wife
      Walter Helm              up and heads for the golf course) and an origi-     HOSTS Program: Walter Helm an-
        Ken Morris
        Carl Naake
                               nal poem about making sure that you vote in         nounced that tutoring has commenced and
     Cary Okumura              the upcoming election.                              that additional tutors are still needed for the
        Doug Weill
                                                                                   program. The contribution of your time only
  RI Foundation Chairmen       President Mark introduced the head table con-       involves 1 hour per week, and possibly as
Dave Sarten & Larry Sudd-      sisting of honorees Candy Dahl, for serving as      little as one hour every two weeks, and may
                               Club Secretary, Gary Disher for serving as          have a lasting impact on someone’s life—
 PWR Foundation Chairman       PWR Treasurer for the term, Dan Hall as ser-        the students will learn with your assistance
     Keith Tronson
                               geant at arms and X- Pres. Drew Houghton,           and realize that there are people in the
    Program Chairmen           for stepping down as President thereby              world who will lend a helping hand. This
Don Jamison & Rich Fathy       relieving the membership of the agony of an         may inspire them to do likewise during their
  New Member Chairmen          impeachment trial. Mark introduced himself          lives. Please contact Nancy Ferguson or
   Judge Dave Abbott           and reminded us of the PWR Term Theme of
      Gary Woods
                                                                                   Walter for more information.
                               “Great People Doing Extraordinary Things”
      Newsletter Editors       and the RI Theme of “Celebrate Rotary”.             Upcoming Cocktail Party: The cocktail
         Chris Little                                                              party is coming up on Saturday October 23.      Centennial Project: Gary Hardesty was
       John DiGiusto
                                                                                   Thirty-three couples have already signed up    missing in action, but President Mark re-           for a wonderful evening of cocktails and
                                                                                   dinner. Sign up for some relaxed fellowship
    Point West Rotary                                                              over drinks and a good meal! Call Bud
                              The Sign of The Times
                                  Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Point West – Sacramento, CA
                                               October 6, 2004 – Volume 20, Issue 14

 Board of Directors Meet-
                                   Phillips for details.                           •   Tom Mischley and Jamie Williams –
 Held at 7:00am on the first
  Tuesday of each month at                                                             Treasurers
      Wickland Oil Co.                                                             •   Politicos Don Levin and Doug Yoa-
3610 American River Dr., 140                                                           kum, with some supporting help from
   Sacramento, CA 95864            Foundation Dinner: Past PWR President
                                   Larry Suddjian and David Sarten are co-             sweet Candy Dahl – Brewers
                                   chairing the upcoming Foundation Dinner on      •   Roger Gaskin and Jane Gallaghe r –
                                   November 6. The dinner is FREE for club             Sponsorships
                                   members and $37 for significant others.         •   Paul Adams (who was also the board
                                   Stayed tuned for more information. Put it on        advisor for the Brewfest) – Promotions
                                   your cale ndar.                                     & Media
                                                                                   •   Carl Naake (last year’s Brewfest co-
                                   ********************************                    chair) and Jane Gallagher – Procure-
 To support its member clubs
 in fulfilling the Objectives
                                          Membership Column                        •   Candy Dahl – Judging (Great job!)
 of Rotary by:                     The following individual was presented at       •   Tim “Mr. Security” Armstrong –
• Fostering unity among
                                   the September board meeting for consid-             Security (great job except for the po-
  member clubs;                    eration as a prospective new member.                liceman’s bike and helmet that were
• Strengthening and expand-
  ing Rotary around the
                                                                                       ripped off)
                                   Eric Manning
  world;                                                                           •   Kathy Copeland and Bob “Bull-
• Communicat ing worldwide
                                   Business: Tri Counties Bank
                                                                                       horn” Porter (faced with significant
  the work of Rotary; and          Classification: Banking – Commercial
• Providing a system of in-
                                                                                       increase in person power) – wo/man
                                   Sponsor: Mike Cendro & Sandy Thompson
  ternational administration.                                                          power
                                   Share the Rotary experience. If you know        •   John Caselli – Entertainment, with
    The Objectives of
                                   of anyone interested in Rotary or someone           assistance from Tom Slagle and Gary
  1 st. The development of         who would benefit from the Obje ctives of           Woods (great magician)
  acquaintance as an opport u-     membership in Rotary please contact Dave        •   Kirk Smith – Tickets/Printing/Posters
  nity for service.
                                   Abbott (874-8690) or Gary Woods (567-           •   Maria O’Neil – Graphics/Design
  2 nd. High ethical standards     2625) or visit the PWR website for more         •   Jack Kasper – Stuff and old sage ad-
  in business and professions;     information on requirements for membership          vise and woodchip advisor. Also kudos
  the recognition of the wo r-     as well as requirements for sponsoring a
  thiness of all useful occupa-                                                        to Rotarian Paul Jones’ son Brent
  tions, and the dignifying of
                                   prospective member.                                 Jones for helping out with the web
  each Rotarian’s occupation       *******************************                     page
  as an opportunity to serve
  society.                                                                         •   Mike Cendro and Paul Snyder –
                                   Thank Youfest: Brewfest Co-Chairs
                                   Extraordinaire Bud Ackerman and Earl
  3 rd. The application of the                                                     •   Rob Angell and John Di Giusto –
  ideal of service in each Ro-     Dempsey took a well-deserved bow for a
  tarian’s personal, business                                                          BrewPub sales
                                   very successful event. Bud and Earl pro-
  and community life.                                                              •   Dan “Will Call” Hall, with all day
                                   ceeded to give thanks to all club members
                                                                                       help from Walter Helm and Lou Fifer
  4 th. The advancement of in-     and their spouses, children and significant
  ternational under-standing,                                                          – Gate Sales and office
                                   others who helped out at the event and some
  goodwill, and peace through
                                   very nice glasses and thanks to the following   •   Scott Graham and Ray Benetti – Lo-
  a world fellowship of busi-                                                          gistics
  ness and professional per-       event sub chairs:
  sons united in the ideal of                                                      •   Rich Graber – Event Architect
                                   The Sign of The Times
                                    Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Point West – Sacramento, CA
                                                 October 6, 2004 – Volume 20, Issue 14

  Dist5180 MAKE-Ups
(See             •   Tom Safford – Food ticket sales                   pressing the grapes for Fiesta De Vino
 MONDAY                              •   President Citation/Centennial Pin to         •    Bob Porter and Todd Murray are
  11:30 - South Sacra-                   President and former Brewfest co-chair            planning the PWR 20th anniversary
mento                                    Mark Copeland.                                    party
    Casa De Los Ninos Rest
  Noon – Oroville                                                                     •    Chris Little and John Di Giusto are
      Depot Restaurant               Candy Dahl Located and Indicted.                      defaming their way through the term as
  Noon - Citrus Heights              Candy Dahl, finally located and brought to            the newsletter “editors”.
    CH Comm Center
  Noon - Foothill High -
                                     justice is fined $20 for calling President       •    Drewbie Houghton and Don
lands                                Mark a girlie-man (isn’t truth a defense?)            Jameson are heading the District Con-
 Lionsgate Hotel-McClelland Park     for not finding his own screen for the PWR            ference effort—scheduled for April 8-
   Noon - Walnut Grove
     Wimpy’s Restaurant
                                     meeting – Candy, defiant to the end, threat-          10.
   6:45 pm - Fair Oaks               ens to appeal. However, rumor has it that        •    X Pres. Sandra Thompson and Bud
      F.O. Comm. Clubhouse           some rebel PWR members stepped forward
                                                                                           Phillips have resurrected the 2 X 2
   7:00am - Mather/Perkins           and paid Candy’s fine for her-would you               presentations
   Mills Station Community           expect anything more from a slippery attor-      •    Rich Graber and Monte Watson per-
Hall                                 ney. Candy may not be aware of President
   7:00am – Oroville-                                                                      formed admirably as the softball team
Sunrise                              Mark’s new September 30, 2004 policy to               field generals.
     Depot Restaurant                double the fine of any member who has
   7:00am – Sacto Break -                                                             Kathy Copeland: Golf Tournament,
                                     their fine paid for them---we will see if
     Ganul’s J Street Cafe           Candy continues to challenge Mark’s              Membership, Roster, Wedsite, Greet-
   7:00am – Sutter Buttes            leadership.                                      ers and Invocators
     Bonanza Conv Center
                                                                                      • Roger Gaskin is leading off the Golf
   Noon - Arden Arcade
     Chateau Restaurant
                                     Orthodontic Society: Brewfest Father                 Tournament again next year.
   Town & Country Village            Jim Peck contributes $100 to the PWR             • Gary Woods, Dan Hall and David
   Noon - Rancho Cordova             Foundation to celebrate the conclusion of            Abbott are heading membership this
     Elks Lodge
   Noon - Roseville
                                     his service as the Western head of the Or-           term, with Dan Hall focusing on mem-
     Sierra View CC                  thodontic Society (I’ll bet that they have           ber retention.
   6:30 pm - Carmichael              some wild get togethers.)                        • George Daniels is handling the Ros-
     Café Capri Restaurant
 WEDNESDAY                                                                                ter—get any changes that you have to
   7:15 am - Natomas
                                     Areas of Board Responsibility: The                   George. The club is going to start using
     Uptown Café                     balance of the meeting was spent having              on online service known as the club
   7:15 am - Laguna/EGrove           the board members stand and indicate what
     Valley Hi Country Club                                                               wizard. If you do not want your per-
                                     their areas of responsibility, individuals who
   7:15 am - El Dorado Hills                                                              sonal information on line, let George
     EDH CommSvcPavillion            are heading various efforts and the need for
   Noon - Rocklin / Loomis
                                                                                          Daniels know. The new service will
                                     some additional member involvement, as
     Sunset Whitney CC                                                                    also store old copies of the newsletter.
   Noon - East Sacramento                                                             • Charlene Drabant and Dick Prater
     Del Paso Country Club
   Noon - Elk Grove                  Paul Adams : Parties, Brewfest.                      are in charge of the greeters.
     Vince’s Restaurant              • Bob Halleck and Geoffrey Simcoe                • Dick Goodell is handling the invoca-
   Noon - North Sacra-                                                                    tors.
mento                                   are heading the upcoming cocktail
     Double Tree Hotel                  party.
                                                                                          John Caselli: Community Service
   5:30 pm - Midtown Sacto
                                     • Tom Safford is working on the anni-
     Harlow’s Restaurant                                                              •     Judee Daniels and Bob Halleck are
 THURSDAY                               versary party and needs at least two
                                                                                            giving their time handling benevolent
   7:00am - Roseville Sun -             club members to help him.
rise                                                                                        giving.
     Carrow’s Restaurant
                            The Sign of The Times
                             Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Point West – Sacramento, CA
                                             October 6, 2004 – Volume 20, Issue 14

PWR Fellowship begins at     •    Gary Hardesty is in charge of the Centen-       Cary Okumura: Community Service
7:00a.m. with the meeting         nial Project, with much help to be needed      • Tim Armstrong, with assistance from
 beginning promptly (sort         soon.                                            Thom Christianson and Kirk Smith, is
            of)              •    Bob Tilly and Charlene Drabant lead the          chairing mentoring at Encina High.
       at 7:15a.m.                Sunshine Committee                             • Dick Oliver has tentatively agreed to chair
                             •    Al Howenstein and Rob Sowell are                 the tour of business event—if you are inter-
                                  handing out the community fire and police        ested in being involved, contact Cary
                                  awards.                                        • Don Rasberry is going to head the speech
                             •    Dave Garese is handling the Food Give-           contest.
                                  away and needs a co-chair.                     • Walter Helm has volunteered to handle co-
                             •    Scott Graham is standing by with this ket-       ordination with Encina.
                                  tle for the Salvation Army holiday fun rais-
                                  ing efforts. Another co-chair is needed.        Doug Weill: International Service
                             •    Big Lou Fifer and famous son Bruce             • Doug and Tom Mischley are overseeing
                                  Levering will be seeking your blood in the       the international project, which is the market-
                                  annual blood drive.                              ing of guilts made by South Africans related
                                                                                   to our sister club in South Africa.
                              Ken Morris: PWR Foundation, Commu-                 • GSE outbound and inbound teams are also
                              nity Service Awards and Rotary Youth                 being handled by Roger Andriesse and
                              Activities                                           Doug Yoakum.
                             • Keith Tronson is chairing and former              • Dave Garese, with some assistance from
                                President Drew Houghton is assisting as            Rob Angell, is overseeing the rotary youth
                                treasurer of the PWR Foundation, with              exchange program.
                                Roger Andriesse, Bob Berger, Mark                • Jerry Reguera is handling matching grants,
                                Copeland, Lou Fifer, Bob Halleck, Ed               with some assistance from Walter Helm
                                Harrington, Larry Suddjian, Doug                   and Cary Okumura.
                                Weill, Buzz Wiesenfeld, Gary Woods               • Dave Sarten and Larry Suddjian are
                                and Ken Morris serving as board mem-               rounding up contributions for the RI Founda-
                                bers. Carol Van Bruggen is financial ad-           tion.
                                visor and Ken Morris is the board advisor.
                             • Gary Pevey is helping with the rotary              Williams -Little Return From Hone ymoon:
                                youth activities.                                 Members Betty Williams and Chris Little
                                                                                  return to action following their honeymoon
                                 Walter Helm: Vocational Service                  …Beware President Mark is looking at fines
                             •    Nancy Ferguson and Don Rasberry are             or details!
                                  hosting the member hosts.
                             •    Jennifer Curtsinger and Mike Cendro             Meeting adjourned.
                                  are awarding the academic schola rships.
                             •    A volunteer to head the vocational minutes
                                  is needed—give Walter a call if you are in-
                             •    Pam Lapinski will be the Community Ser-
                                  vice Awards commentator.

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