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									                                                                                  Volume 1, Issue 1

                                                                                   January 2011
                               Binky Patrol                                     Chapter Established
                                  South Carolina                                 February 28, 2010

                                                                               Binky Patrol SC
 Our Progress in 2010…..                                             
 We were off to a slow      donated over 50 items    and many of their
                                                                               Web Site:
 start with our chapter     to GTA over the          residents leave home
 in February of 2010.       course of 2010 includ-   with very little.     A

 We began by creating       ing blankets, socks,     handmade gift of a        Email:
 a FaceBook Fan Page        hats, pacies and more.   doll or a blanket can
 and trying to find vol-    One of the most won-     mean so much. We are      Mailing/Delivery Address:
 unteers      through       derful things about      also working on pillow    BPSC
 crafting and sewing        the Binky Patrol is      cases for this shelter.   149 Collumwood Circle
 groups.      We sent       that Susan, Finch,       (continued on Page 2)     West Columbia, SC
 hats and booties to        Founder of the Binky                               29170
 God’s Tiny Angels as       Patrol, allows each                                803-603-5091
 our very first project.    chapter to find the
 This wonderful group,      need in their own area                             National:
 run by Danette Lemas-      and decide where the                     
                                                                               Binky Patrol, Inc.
 ter of West Virginia,      blankets and other                                 PO Box 652
 is   just    amazing.      items will go.                                     Beaverton, OR 97075-
 Danette sends items                                                           0652
                            Next, we contacted                                 Email:
 to hospitals all over      SisterCare here in                       
 the country—one of         Cayce—this is a bat-                               503-214-8346 Phone
 which is here in           tered women’s shelter
 Charleston, SC.    We

 What’s A Binky?
A binky is a homemade       pictured here was                                         If you can,
blanket that can be sewn,   made by our member,                                     help others; if
knitted, crocheted or       Anita Black. We are                                     you cannot do
quilted. They range in      happy to have any size                                        that,
size from 20 x 20 up to     or shape—we can al-
                                                                                        at least do
twin bed size.       The    ways find a need for
                                                                                         not harm
smaller binkies (2' x 2’)   it. Many children just
are for Preemie babies,     need a security blan-
stroller size and our       ket to have with them
                                                                                        Dalai Lama
Binky Angels. The one       always.
Our Progress in 2010 (Continued from Page 1)
Then we moved on to find a chil-         cases, all of which we hope to help      procedures to the children and help
dren’s shelter right here in West        provide over the coming year. Cur-       to ease their fears about what is
Columbia—The Dickerson Center for        rently we have a package of boys         going to happen. We will also be
                                         clothing ready for them as well as a
Children. This shelter treats chil-                                               making blankets for parents and
                                         blanket. We plan to do more of this
dren newborn through age 18 years                                                 children in this hospital.
                                         as well as hats, scarves, blankets and
of age who have been abused or bat-                                               We have an ongoing Preemie Project,
                                         pillow cases which they also need.
tered or have suffered other trau-                                                making preemie sized hats, booties
mas. We make blankets for this           We are working to provide small
                                                                                  and blankets for the new little
shelter and are working on a journal     blankets, dolls and stuffed animals
                                                                                  one. We also try to provide siblings of
project for the teens. These will        to the Ronald McDonald House Fam-
                                                                                  the preemie with a blanket and a
assist the kids in writing about their   ily Room at the Palmetto Richland
                                                                                  preemie size doll to assist with their
feelings and will have handmade          Children’s Hospital. These are to
                                                                                  preparation of the arrival of the
covers.                                  assist with visiting families and are
                                                                                  baby brother or sister home. At
                                         used in their family waiting room as
Soon after that we found out about                                                that time we plan to provide a NICU
                                         well as the RM House.
the Nancy K. Perry Children’s Shel-                                               Grad gift for the baby and any sib-
ter. The children they currently         Our newest project is making blank       lings. We are currently working with
house range in age from newborn to       dolls for the Medical University of
                                                                                  our very first family —
about 14 years. Their needs include      Charleston Children’s Hospital—
clothing, toys, blankets and pillow-     these dolls are used to illustrate       (continued on page 3)

Our Wonderful Sponsor….
We are so excited that Peggy             There is a class for most any-
Ledford with Creative Sewing             thing you have ever dreamed of
M achi ne Center ( http: //              and I just love to visit and
www.creative-sewing-machine-             browse and talk to the ladies— contacted us last           they are all so helpful and inspi-
year and donated a bolt of the           ration abounds. This shop is the
most beautiful fabric as well as         Disney World for sewers. If I
a huge package of batting for            could only pick one place to shop,       person in West Columbia—you
our quilts. If you sew or quilt or       it would be this beautiful store.        won’t be sorry you did.
would like to learn, Creative            Check them out online and in
Sewing is the place to learn!

The Good Fun Book
                                         Binky Patrol was included be-            it on Amazon as well. What a
We were honored to be included
                                                                                  perfect birth-
in this new book by Kate Hanni-          cause our Binky party idea is
                                         catching on as a way for friends         day gift for any
gan Issa and Karen Duncan, "The
Good Fun Book: 12 Months of              of any age to get together while         Child! We can
Parties That Celebrate Service."         helping others.     Every child          Change the World
This book is filled with party           should read this book and own a          One Child at a
ideas to let kids learn to make a        copy. We have a link on our
difference while having fun.             FaceBook page and you can find

Page 2                                                                                                       Binky Patrol
Our Progress in 2010                          (Continued from Page 2)

—Baby Ethan—born just shy of 28          way and it is our goal that individu-
weeks. He has a big sister Emma          als let us know when there is a fam-
and a wonderful family. He is grow-      ily going through this experience so
ing stronger everyday and doing          that we can pull together and do all
very well! Here is Big Sister Emma       that we can to help.
with her Baby Boy Riley—he can           The last effort we are working on is
wear preemie clothing and will be        for individuals—no matter the age.
able to use Baby Ethan’s hand-me-        If you know of someone who is hav-
downs. ;o) He is handmade and do-        ing difficulty—a cancer treatment,
nated by Vicki Riley of Dinky-           loss of a loved one, suffered the He was very proud to go        loss of their home through fire or
and live with Emma and help her          other devastation—whatever the
prepare for her sweet little             case—please let us know and we will
brother.                                 make a special blanket for them.
We hope to be able to help ease the      As we grow, we hope to be able to            Big Sister Emma with Riley
stress just a little of having a pree-   do more. Please let us know if you
mie in the NICU and the long wait        have any suggestions or ideas for       community. Join us if you can—you
to bring them home safely. Some-         those in need. We are always look-      can help in may ways!
times just a little help can go a long   ing for the best ways to serve our

Our 2010 Volunteer of the Year ~ Anita Black
I still remember the day that I          that she would change her mind and      ers took notice and be-
first heard from this wonderful          join a NC group. She has been the       gan to join. Anita also
lady—I was beside myself! My very        most wonderful diligent member of       brought in a good friend
first volunteer. I had been sending      our little group and her quilts are     who also quilts and cre-
out emails, writing on FaceBook,         just the most beautiful colorful        ates. I believe she has
Twitter, blogging and begging as         works of art and each one is unique     been the impetus to get us moving
well as pestering everyone that I        and clearly made with love. What a      and continues to be! We are so for-
knew to join me and help with the        selfless beautiful person she is!       tunate to have her as part of our
mission of the Binky Patrol SC. She      Anita is retired and has been col-      group!!
sent me the kindest email asking to      lecting her stash for years with        Thank you so much Anita!! We so
be a part of the group. She resides      quilting in mind. Once Anita’s quilts   appreciate you!! Our 2010 Volun-
in Charlotte, NC and I was so afraid     started coming into the BPSC, oth-      teer of the Year!

“Like” Us on FaceBook…...
If you are on FaceBook—check             working on. We love to hear             Patrol SC. Check us out.
us out! We have a fan page and           from those who are interested
we would love for you to “Like”          in Binky Patrol SC and this is a
us. We post our pictures there           great way to let us know about          id=1484244257#!/pages/
as well as updates and informa-          kids in need. Here is the link or       Binky-Patrol-South-
tion on what projects we are             just search us by entering Binky        Carolina/353948326581

Page 3                                                                                                   Binky Patrol
BPSC Wish List
                    • Fabric - we     •    Yarn - any kind any color       •  Pillows - new standard size
                  accept anything     •    Thread - any color any kind             sleeping pillows for chil-
                  and will be happy   •    Blankets - new or gently used           dren to keep
                  to have it - even   - any size - we will even wash       • Stuffed Animals - any type
                  scraps - nothing    them if necessary                    • Handmade Dolls of all kinds
                  is too small        • Pillow Cases - any size - any              that are safe for children
                  • Stuffing -                color                                of all ages
                  any kind for        • Baby Items - Newborn or            • Slippers/Socks - any size -
dolls, pillows, etc.                          Preemie sizes                        infant through adult
• Batting - to make quilts            • Underpants - small sizes -         If there is something else you
• Sheets - they make wonder-          toddler through 5 or 6 - boy and     would like to donate - chances
ful backing and pillow cases          girl                                 are we can use it!

Where Do Binkies and Other Donations Go……….
Currently our donations are sent to the following groups. We are working to include more and also send
items out to individuals when we are notified of a need. Please let us know if you are ever aware of a
child in need.

The Dickerson Center ~ Assistance for Troubled Children in Need

SisterCare - Cayce, SC ~ Shelter for Battered Women and Children

Ronald McDonald House ~ Housing for parents and siblings of children at the
Richland Children's Hospital

God's Tiny Angels ~ Group which supplies items for preemies and newborns in need

Nancy K. Perry Children's Shelter ~ Housing and care for abused children

Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) ~ Blank Dolls to help children facing sur-
gery and or procedures/blankets for kids and parents at the children's hospital

SC Preemie Project ~ Support to families with a preemie

Individual Families with a sick child, a preemie, or children who have lost family mem-

Do you know of a child in need or an organization locally that helps children - if you
would like to recommend them for help, please email us at .
Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                      Page 4
 Binky Patrol SC
                                     Binky Patrol ~ Our Mission Statement
 (803)603-5091 Phone
www.scbinkypatrol.som               All volunteer, national, non-profit organization
  Mailing and Delivery:             making and distributing homemade blankets to
          BPSC                     children born HIV+, drug-addicted, infected with
 149 Collumwood Circle
   West Columbia, SC               AIDS or other chronic & terminal illnesses, those
                                             who are abused, in foster care
                                                 or experiencing trauma
                                                        of any kind.

                                                    Check out our Blog at
We create comforting covers         Great information and pictures of all of our projects!
for Children in Need and So
         Much More!

Binky Patrol ~ South Carolina…                                       Baby Binky Bunny
                                   booties, and socks as well as
We make Binkies and More                                           This is our new little mascot—
                                   sweaters. We send them to
for Children in Need....                                           he is the Baby Binky Bunny and
                                   children in need and so much
                                                                   he has his very own Binky!
                                   more..... Check out our Wish
The Binky Patrol SC is a non-                                      Larissa from MMM Crafts has
                                   List on Page 4.
profit chapter of the national                                     given us permission to use her
Binky Patrol. We are the only                                      pattern. Find out more about
chapter in the State of South                                      Larissa and purchase her pat-
Carolina. Binkies can be sewn,                                     terns at:
knitted, crocheted, or quilted.                          
The only requirement is that
they are at least 20 inches by
20 inches, soft, washable -- all
pins removed! and that they
come from the heart.
We have no set patterns be-
cause we have volunteers work-
ing with all skill levels and
styles. We can always use hats,

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