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					                     PADS        OF    E LGIN

             H OME
                                     V OLUME 6, I SSUE 1      W INTER , 2011                PADS Board of
     WINTER HARVEST FOR THE HOMELESS 2011!                                                    Ronald Barkby
We can barely believe it      celebrity judges Norm        reason to join us in             President, Consultant
is already 2011. This         and Heidi Lucky (as seen     January. You can also pick        Susan Angell-Case
year’s Winter Harvest for     in the movie “Straight       up some great items at our          Baird & Warner
the homeless is just weeks    Talk” with Dolly Parton)     silent auction. Just a few    Dr. Douglas Kramp, PHD
away, which means your        to provide expert            prizes include a Sony                   Retired
chance to start the year      commentary.                  Reader, Box Seats to a                 Dan Fox
off right with food,          You can help decide the      Chicago Cubs Game, and a
auctions, dancing and fun     fate of our dancers in two   chance to win a brand new
                                                                                               Susan Moylan
is fast approaching.                                       Ipad. With so much fun to
                              ways, by coming to the                                               Retired
                                                           be had for such a great
This year’s event will        event in January to vote                                          Charles Falls
                                                           cause, there is no reason
take place on Saturday,       for the winner or by
January 29th at a new         voting online for your       not to start off your year          Demi & Cooper
venue, the Holiday Inn in     favorite couple, each        with the Winter Harvest!        Emi Morales Salazar
Crystal Lake (800 Route       dollar pledged to your       Visit the news and events           Attorney at Law
31, in Crystal Lake), and     favorite team counts as      section of           Joyce Lueth
will begin at 6pm.            one vote (There is a $10     for a pdf of the invitation     First Community Bank
                              minimum for online           or to view videos of past       Clemon McCullough
This year we celebrate
                              votes, but checks or cash    dance contests.                 Second Baptist Church
the 5th anniversary of our
Stars Dance for PADS of       in any amount are always
                                                     Ticket cost is $85 per                    Deb McGuire
Elgin dance contest, with     accepted at the PADS   person. Silent Auction and                  Ecker Center
                              office).               sponsorship opportunities
routines sure to please.
                                                     are still available by
Joining us again this year    But wait, the dance contacting the PADS office
will also be last year’s      contest isn’t the only at 847-608-9744.

                 Vote Online to Support Your Favorite Team!
    They’ve been perfecting their steps but they can’t win without your help.
     This year you can vote online for your favorite dance team by visiting:
      Team 1-Kerry Kelly and Rich Jacobs, Instructor Abbie Eklund
    Team 2-Dominique and Marvin Jr. Wilson, Instructor Elena Tsirlin
     Team 3-Marian and Arlen Cordoba, Instructor Patricia Kassanits
        Team 4-Laura and Jeff Swoboda, Instructor Celia Lopez
       Team 5-Laura and Steve Newman, Instructor Jamie Vargo
V OLUME 6, I SSUE 1                                                                                                           P AGE 2

                                              LETTER FROM THE DIRECTOR
I read with interest a letter to the editor    Agreed. But I find it interesting that        that over half attended either GED classes
in a local newspaper recently. I seldom        Emergency Shelter should be responsible       or Community College while with us and
take much creed in these things and            for accomplishing in a few weeks or           9 received some sort of certificate or
have never responded to one                    months what a person’s family was unable      degree.
personally. However, this letter was so        to do in 18 years. However, that is
                                                                                             In addition, our overall successful housing
lacking in facts that I felt a response        exactly what PADS of Elgin’s case
                                                                                             placement last year was second to none.
was needed.                                    management program is doing. Here are
                                                                                             74% (2.5 times the national average) of
                                               the facts:
The letter was from a Hampshire                                                              our exited clients were successfully
resident that felt that a transitional         According to a national study, 34% of         housed somewhere and only a few of
housing program was needed in Elgin            generation “Y” are not capable of handling    those have returned to us this year. Sadly
because of all of the young homeless           their own finances because of poor math       the number of children and young adults
people living on the streets with no           skills and lack of needed life skills. PADS   in shelter continue to grow. We have
home and no help from anybody. She             focuses on financial literacy as a primary    already served almost double the number
goes on to say that “Some stay at PADS         goal for all of our guests. We also aid in    of children in six months that were
homeless shelter in Elgin, which they          developing resumes, successful interview      sheltered all of last year. At the same
don’t help you with getting a job or           skills and education.                         time, state support for homeless services
living on your own.” Clearly this                                                            has been cut 48%. The challenges
                                               Last year we sheltered 70 young adults
writer has no actual knowledge of our                                                        continue to grow, but the staff, with your
                                               between the ages of 18 and 30. Over one
program or case management activities.                                                       continued financial and volunteer help, is
                                               third suffered from the effects of parental
Then, she actually comes to the fact of                                                      committed to meeting them.
                                               substance abuse either as a fetus or young
the matter when stating, “When youths
                                               child. 14 others were affected by some        -Dennis Hewitt, Executive Director
move out when they are 18,most aren’t
                                               other form of developmental disability of
responsible enough to support
                                               mental health problem. The good news is

                                               GET ONLINE WITH PADS!
Happy new year to all of           happen. And see photos             Events” page.
our supporters! And                and videos of what is              This report covers the
with a new year comes              happening at the shelter.          most recently completed
new ways to keep up                And while you’re typing,           shelter season (June 2009-
with PADS online.                  don’t shut down your               July 2010) and includes
Resolve to join us on              computer without                   narrative summaries of the
facebook (search for               checking out the new               year as well as facts and
PADS of Elgin, Inc.)               PADS annual report,                figures about services
where you can get the              which can be found in pdf          provided and our vision
latest updates on news             format on our website              for the future of the PADS
and events as they                 under the “News and                organization!

                                              Looking for a place to stay after the Winter
                                              Harvest? Contact the Holiday Inn in Crys-
                                                    tal Lake to reserve a room at
                                                  (815) 447-7000 or book online at
V OLUME 6, I SSUE 1                                                                                                   P AGE 3

    Here is a look at the haircutting festivities at the PADS shelter this December.
  Thanks so much to the stylists from Regis Salon in Spring Hill Mall who came out
      and gave haircuts to 20 of our guests. Everyone looks simply marvelous!

Name_______________________________________                           I would like more information on:
Address______________________________________                         ◊   Upcoming events
City_____________       State____           Zip_________              ◊   Volunteering in the shelter
Email___________________________                                      ◊   Volunteering for special events or in the
Phone___________________________                                          PADS office

                        I would like to donate to PADS of Elgin to help fight
                      homelessness in my community, please accept my gift of:               Please fill out this form and
                                                                                            return to:
                         __$25 __$50 __$75 __$100 __$200 __Other                            PADS of Elgin, Inc.
                                                                                            1730 Berkley St.
                    Please make all checks payable to PADS of Elgin                         Elgin, IL 60123
               PADS   OF   E LGIN

                                                          PADS of Elgin, Inc. is committed to breaking the cycle of homelessness by
                                                       addressing the needs of the local homeless population. PADS provides temporary
         1730 Berkley St.                                       overnight shelter and counseling services to individuals in need.
         Elgin, IL 60123                                 PADS has been the catalyst in fostering community and social service agency
                                                      partnerships that effectively and efficiently provide coordinated services in support
          Phone: 847-608-9744                           of short-term as well as longer-term customized care targeting client growth,
           Fax: 847-608-9746                                                    development, and self sufficiency.
   Office Hours: Mon-Friday 9:00-4:00

For yesterday and for all tomorrows, we
dance the best we know how.

-Kate Seredy

                  G ET I NVOLVED W ITH PADS OF E LGIN
There are many different            way Museum’s Thomas              please contact the PADS                   Foam Cereal Bowls
ways to volunteer with              The Tank Engine Event,           Office at 847-608-9744.                     Luncheon Plates
PADS.                               and The Winter Harvest            PADS Ongoing Needs                   Liquid and Powder Laun-
                                    Dinner Dance and Auc-
Individuals are needed to                                                     Toilet Paper                         dry Soap
help at shelter sites.
Volunteers check in the             Finally, PADS accepts                        Coffee                        Kool Aide Packets
guests, distribute blankets         donations of food supplies               Peanut Butter                Large Plastic Garbage Bags
and sleeping pads, and              and personal items. These
assist serving coffee and           items are distributed to                  Jam or Jelly                 Travel Size Foot Powder*
snacks.                             our guests to help fill basic            Sugar Packets                    Travel Size Kleenex*
                                    needs. Some examples of
Volunteers are also                                                    Sugar Substitute Packets                   Rain Ponchos
                                    required items are listed to
encouraged to assist with
                                    the right. For details and         8oz Foam Coffee Cups                    Men’s Work Boots
organizing and operating
                                    sizes needed for clothing
fundraisers and special                                                      Plastic Spoons                      Men’s Sneakers
                                    items please contact the
events. PADS operates                                                                                       *Personal hygiene prod-
                                    PADS Office.                              Plastic Forks
several such events a year,                                                                                  ucts in travel size only,
including The Illinois Rail-        To Volunteer in any way                     Napkins

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