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NPS Area 25 Good Friday Show NPS Area


									NPS Area 25 Good Friday Show

NPS/Area 25 Home Produced in hand Large breeds youngstock
1st S Peake’s Dunbury Hot Chocolate
4 & over large breeds
1st S Peake’s Ashgrove Red Rose, 2nd J Wyman’s WalsteadWillow Warbler, 3rd J
Muggleton’s Nashend Harris Hawk
Small breeds youngstock
1st T Waterhouse’s Pansi’s Bounty, 2nd H Isgar’s Whitebridge Phantom
Small breeds 4 & over
1st K French’s Blackthorn Poteen, 2nd S Wilkinson’s Dukeshill Mario, 3rd J Wyman’s
Greenferns Ben Lomond
Mixed M&M in hand
Exmoor Youngstock
1st & 2nd S Poulter’s Maenad and Faience, 3rd F Matthews’ Hasellnut
Small breeds youngstock
1st Pansi’s Bounty, 2nd H Ponsford’s Durleyhall Mendius, 3rd H Horler’s Brookhall
Maxi Million
Welsh A & B 4 & over
1st Dukeshill Mario, 2nd S Smith’s Fontmell Beau Garçon, 3rd J Warren’s Tynporth
Exmoor 4 & over
1st P Cox’s Blackthorn Sea Puffin, 2nd & 3rd M Williams & I Nash’s Waltersgay
Primrose and Friar Tuck
Small breeds 4 & over
1st & res Mrs Jeffries’ Shilstone Rocks Dark Gale, 2nd T Waterhouse’s Jay of Jopa
Large breeds youngstock
1st & ch J Cooper’s Rivervalley Roger, 2nd HM the Queen’s Balmoral Wren, 3rd L
Hall’s Pinefields Music Maker
Welsh C&D 4 & over
1st Ashgrove Red Rose, 2nd D Collins’ Rodley Flyer, 3rd K Matravers’ Blaengrove
Welsh Magic
Large breeds 4 & over
1st T Good’s Underwoods Icarus, 2nd M Dando’s Kewstoke Saffron, 3rd T Good’s
Abervale Mulberry
SP/SHP youngstock inhand
1st & ch L Goodall’s Silvermoor First Edition, 2nd H Lomas’ Fourseasons Arabesque
SP/SHP 4 & over inhand
1st & res H Andrews’ Waxwing Rhandom
The NPS Show Pony Home Produced In Hand National Championship Yearling
1st & ch Silvermoor First Edition
NPS / Vale UK Ltd M&M Novice lead rein National championship.
1st H Crowley’s Glanerch Sandman. 2nd K Wickham’s Frithesden Flute, 3rd K
Lockhart’s Sunnyfields Danny Blue
NPS/Simpson Refractories M&M Novice First Ridden National Championship.
1st & res Frithesden Flute. 2nd Mr Wilsson’s Delami Indigo, 3rd Fontmell Beau Garçon
NPS/Micor Demolition Ltd M&M Leading Rein Championship
1st Fontmell Beau Garçon, 2nd Mr Wilson’s Ceffyl Llwyd Snowdrop, 3rd K Hill’s
Coppice Freeman
NPS/Micor Demolition Ltd M&M First Ridden Championship.
1st & ch Coppice Freeman, 2nd A McHale’s Dryknowl Branzil, 3rd Ceffyl llwyd
NPS/Picton M&M Novice Ridden Championship.
Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland, 1st Coppice Freeman
Welsh A & Welsh B, 1st K Hill’s Heaton Pinnochio, 2nd Durleyhall Maximus
New Forest, Connemara, 1st K Humble’s Lovelyhill Village Cygnet, 2nd P
Chambers’ West Tide Oisin, 3rd, S Jobling’s Wootton Heath Strider
Fell, Highland, Dales
1st & res, C Eldridge’s Pontsgreen Clansman, 2nd S Tonkin’s Abdylane Jasmin, 3rd,
Abervale Mulberry
Welsh C & Welsh D
1st & ch Mr Wilson’s Maesbrythdir Melody, 2nd J Church’s Peasedown Agatha, 3rd C
Williams’ Synod Mr Vegas
NPS/Dargavel M&M Young Ridden Pony 2011 National Championship.
Small Breeds
1st & ch J James’ Thistledown The Governor, 2nd Greenferns Ben Lomond, 3rd, J
Matthews’ Pantmanrs Journeyman
Large Breeds
1st & res Pontsgreen Clansman, 2nd G Wozencroft’s Tardebigge Lord Thomas, 3rd K
Chappell’s Harradene Chico Time
The NPS Ridden Grand Prix
Exmoor, Shetland
1st V Morgan’s Hayne Blackberry, 2nd Blackthorn Sea Puffin, 3rd J Matthews’
Waulkmill Swift
Dartmoor, Welsh A
1st L Hall’s Collstone Bonanza, 2nd H Jeans’ Bengad Stonecrop
Welsh B, Welsh C
1st Thistledown the Governor, 2nd C Williams’ Mynach Buccaneer, 3rd Mr Johnson’s
D’abernon Rock DJ
Connemara, New Forest
1st K Chappell’s Furzeley Accolaide, 2nd K Humble’s Kingstown Barney, 3rd
Walstead Willow Warbler
Dales, Fell, Highland
1st T Good’s Underwoods Icarus, 2nd S Pound’s Gemma of Carlung
Welsh D
1st Maesbrythdir Melody, 2nd Tardebigge Lord Thomas, 3rd K Chappell’s Brynseion
NPS/RHR Demolition Mountain And Moorland Junior Ridden National
Small breeds 1st S Barlow’s Shilstone Rocks Champagne, 2nd Pantmanr Journeyman,
3rd Waltersgay Primrose
Medium 1st & ch H Jeans’ Peasedown Savannah, 2nd & res S Johnson’s Estoro Blush,
3rd, K Wickham’s Polmesk Ruan Rambo
The NPS / Nick Snelling Novice Ridden Show Pony/Show Hunter Pony
Championship 128cm-153cm
1st Waxwing Rhandom, 2nd A Dawe’s Sycamore Show Girl
The NPS/Tambrook Stud Open Ridden Show Pony/Show Hunter Pony
Championship 128cm-153cm
1st A Enticott’s Pocahuntas, 2nd Waxwing Rhandom, 3rd Sycamore Showgirl
The NPS/Ringside Stud M&M Open Ridden National Championship.
1st & res Blackthorn Sea Puffin, 2nd Collstone Bonanza, 3rd Hayne Blackberry
Welsh A & B
1st Thistledown the Governor. 2nd C Worsdale’s Ronswood Atlantis
1st Gemma of Carlung, 2nd A Carslaw’s Neathrose Georgie Girl
New Forest/Connemara
1st R Baskett’s Daniels Karamel, 2nd Kingstown Barney, 3rd Furzeley Accolaide
Welsh C & D
1st & ch Maesbrythdir Melody, 2nd J Pring’s Ollerset Prince, 3rd Harradene Chico
The NPS/Peasedown Stud M&M Intermediate Ridden National Championship.
1st Walersgay Primrose, 2nd Shilstone Rocks Champagne
Welsh A&B
1st Ronswood Atlantis
1st Gemma of Carlung, 2nd Saffron of Kewstoke, 3rd Neathrose Georgie Girl
New Forest/Connemara
1st & rex Furzeley Accolaide, 2nd I Bergman’s Willoway Gulliver
New Forest/Connemara
1st & ch Tardebigge Lord Thomas, 2nd K Spillers’ Terackle Golden Charm, 3rd J
Cooper’s Rivervalley Storm

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