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Auckland Population:
-Auckland :      1,2 million
-New Zealand : 3,8 million
-The average summer temperature is 20˚C
-Warmest months are December to March.
-The winter average temperature is 13˚C
-Auckland has an average of 245 of sunshine per year.
-The annual rainfall is 1200 mm.
-English is the common language

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Best Attractions:
-Auckland Art Gallery
-Auckland Explorer Bus
-Auckland Museum
-Auckland Zoo
-Bridge Climb
-Fullers Cruises
-Kelly Tarlatan's
-Lion zone Experience
-Maritime Museum
-Rainbow’s End
-Victoria Park Market

Best Beaches:
-Long Bay

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-White sandy beaches
-Ferries to Devonport
-Award winning cafes
-Outstanding wineries
-Superb regional park
South & East:
-Stunning scenic driving
-Rainforest, ancient waterfall
-War Birds- vintage aircraft
-New Zeland handcrafts           City Central:
-Award winning vineyard          -Breathtaking views
                                 -Adrenalin adventures
                                 -Island cruises
                                 -Dolphins… penguins…
                                 -Cappuccino cafés
                                 -America’s Cup Village
                                 -New Zealand rainforest
                                 -Wild west beaches
                                 -Fantails, Tuis, Wood Pigeons
                                 -Art Deco restaurant
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-Harbor Bridge
-Sky tower
-Waiheke Island
-Auckland Zoo
-Victoria Park Market
-Auckland Bridge Climb

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The Auckland Harbour Bridge is an
eight-lane, box truss motorway bridge
over the Waitemata Harbour, joining
Saint Marys Bay in Auckland City with
Northcote in North Shore City, New
Zealand. It has a total length of 1,020 m
(3,348 feet), with a main span of 243.8
m, rising 43.27 m above high water
allowing ships access to the deepwater
port at the Chelsea Sugar Refinery up
harbour (nowadays one of the few
remaining wharves needing such access
west of the bridge). It is part of the
Auckland Northern Motorway running
from the Central Motorway Junction in
downtown Auckland to Orewa.
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Standing 328 meters tall, it’s pretty to miss
the sky-scraping Sky Tower. But it’s just one
part of New Zealand’s most popular
entertainment destination, Sky City.
With its free entertainment, two casinos, ten
restaurants and bars, 4+ star hotel and
theatre, it really in Auckland’s unmissable
entertainment destination.
Come visit us in the city today – we bet you’ll
have fun!
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Waiheke Island the gem of the Hauraki Gulf is only
35 minutes by ferry from Auckland New Zealand but
a million miles away in pace and beauty. The Island
has award winning vineyards, olive groves and
pasture land. The residential areas are in small
village settings each with it's own character. There is
a slower pace of life than the city across the water
and is a great place for a holiday or vacation and to
relax and unwind.

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Experience the unique flora & fauna of New Zealand first hand on this trail witch
features many animals and plant life native to Nea Zealand. Walk throught the native
aviary where you will meet many native birds in the spectacular New Zealand forest
setting. Visit the noctural house and see kiwi and tuatara, immerse yourself in the costal
shoreline at Bluebird Sealion and Penguin Shores…

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Auckland New Zealand's unique tourist shopping destination.

-Open from 9am to 6pm, 7 days a week
-Admission free
-Wheelchair and disabled access
-Explorer & Link bus connect Victoria Park to central city
-All major currencies including traveller's cheques can be exchanged
-ATM machines
Take some time out to have a meal in one of three licensed restaurants, visit our food court
which offers delicacies from around the world, enjoy the cultural richness of a shopping
centre which enjoys support from the range of peoples who live in our city or learn about
the history of the site upon which the shopping centre has been developed. Live
entertainment is often provided to make your experience even more enjoyable.

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The Auckland Harbour Bridge Experience takes you on a 1 1/2 hour adventure - a must do
for those wanting to experience outstanding views of the harbour, volcanic geography,
city and outer Auckland region.

Learn about the bridge and city during the commentary and check out the AJ Hackett
Bungy site in the centre of the bridge!

If you don't want the fun to end there, then why not book one of the Climb n Dine
packages below?

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1                              12
Mercure Hotel Auckland         Kingsgate Hotel Parnell
USD 78                         USD 98
2                              13
Mercure Hotel                  Citylife Hotel
Windsor Auckland               USD 153
USD 93                         14
3                              Hyatt Regency Hotel
President Hotel                USD 137
USD 107                        15
4                              Duxton Hotel
Heritage Hotel                 USD 140
USD 161                        16
5                              Copthorne Harbour City Hotel
City Central Hotel             USD 116
USD 82                         17
6                              Quest On Eden Hotel
Skycity Hotel                  USD 139
USD 159                        18
7                              Sebel Suites Hotel
Rendezvous Hotel               USD 160
USD 105                        19
8                              Spencer On Byron Hotel
Langham Hotel                  USD 115
USD 170                        20
9                              Stamford Plaza Hotel
Scenic Circle Airedale Hotel   USD 172
USD 122                        21
10                             Grand Chancellor Auckland Hotel
Crowne Plaza Hotel             USD 122
USD 163                        22
11                             Aspen House Hotel
Copthorne Anzac Avenue Hotel   USD 86
USD 127

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                                       Day 1

 8:00 – Introduction:
 Meet your guide and hear about the exciting mix of activities and attractions the City
 of Sals has to offer!
 12:00 – Rainbow’s End:
 Find out if you are brave enough to take yourself on thrilling ride at New Zealand’s
 premier theme park!
 13:00 – Villa Maria:
 Set in 42 hectares of landscaped grounds, you tour this boutique winery and
 samples gold medal wines!
 13:30 – Sail NZ:
 You take the helm of an America’s Cup yacht and participate in a match race on the
 Waitemata Harbour!
 14:00 – SKYCITY Grand Hotel:
 A perfect place to relax is at this five-stars hotel and dining at its award-winning
 restaurant, dine by Peter Gordon!
 18:00 – Nightlife and Base Backpackers:
 You head out on whirlwind experience of restaurants, bars and the great nightlife to
 be found at Base Backpackers!
 19:00 – Minus 5:
 You encounter a chilly reception at the “coolest” bar in Auckland!

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                                 Day 2

10:00 – Sky Jump:
Hurtling down the side of Sky Tower – the Southern Hemisphere’s tallest building
standing at 328 meters - gives you a new lease on life.
11:30 – Bush & Beach:
You discover Auckland’s lush rainforest and black sand beaches with an
experienced guide
13:00 – Tamaki Hikoi:
You learn of Auckland’s Maori culture and history with a guide from the Ngati
Whatua tribe.
15:00 – Auckland Museum:
With live cultural performances and amazing exhibitions, you concludes this
museum is far from the “dusty, crusty” museums of the past.
17:00 – Bliss Reflexology and conclusion:
After almost 48 hours on-the-go, you indulges in reflexology while reflecting on the
amazing attractions Auckland has to offer.

Day 1
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