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Product Category Index

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Your listings must be referred solely to the product category index arranged
according to subject which is available in a separate brochure.

You should use the alphabetical index of all product categories and their synonyms to
help you assign your products and services to the product categories and associated
code numbers. The code number behind each term in the alphabetical index refers to
the product category index arranged according to subject.
The product category index arranged according to subject is                                                                   Accident prevention facilities for work on
the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media                                                                                                 live parts

                                                              Accessories for accumulators; parts                              Accessories for lightning protection
A                                                                and
                                                              Accessories for actuator drives;
                                                                                                          and earthing materials
                                                                                                                               Accessories for low-voltage switching

Aanalysis/consultancy; manufacturing                             components and                              equipment up to 1 kV; parts and
  and production optimization            Accessories for analysis devices                                 Accessories for low-voltage switching
Abattoir drains                          (e.g. measuring cables);                                         systems; parts and            
                                                                 componentsand                         Accessories for measuring amplifiers
Abrasionproof nanocoatings        
                                                              Accessories for automatic controls and                              and transducers; parts and      
ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)
                                                                 automatic control systems; parts                              Accessories for measuring and
Absence; sensors for recognising                                 and                                      monitoring relays; other parts and
  object presence/object          
                                                              Accessories for Automation; other                                Accessories for measuring
Absolute distance measuring systems;                             housings and housing                     transformers; parts and         
                                                              Accessories for automation; slip ring                            Accessories for motor protection
Absolute pressure; sensors for                                   transformers and                 
  (sensors for mechanical measured                                                                                                systems; parts and            
  variables)                       Accessories for barcode systems;                                 Accessories for mould and die
                                                                 other                                    construction                    
Absolute transducers
  (2D measuring technology)           Accessories for bus systems                                      Accessories for networks and transfer
                                                                 (factory bus systems); parts and            systems; parts and            
Absorbers for building engineering;
  solar systems, solar energy                                 Accessories for cable fittings        Accessories for pipelines; other
  collectors and                         Accessories for cable processing                                    special fittings and          
Absorbers for solar thermal systems      technology; other                     Accessories for plug-in connectors
Absorbers; motor vehicle spring                               Accessories for casings; Parts and       (e.g. safety interlocks); parts and
  systems and vibration                  Accessories for command and                                      Accessories for power engineering;
Absorbers; shock                                                 signalling devices; other parts and        maintenance and services of other
  (vibration damping units)                                                                               systems and                     
                                                              Accessories for contactors up to 1 kV;
Absorption, expansion); testing                                  parts and                          Accessories for power plug-and-socket
  equipment for material properties                                                                                               devices and switches; parts and 
                                                              Accessories for controls; other parts
  (water resistance, water               and                                Accessories for primary elements and
Absorption photometers (VIS and UV)                                                                        batteries; parts and                            01.01.07
                                                              Accessories for DeviceNet systems;
Absorption refrigerating plants             parts and                             Accessories for PROFIBUS systems;
Absorption; structure-borne noise                                                                            parts and                       
                                                              Accessories for dust extraction
Absorption, transmission; sensors for                            technology, for dust extraction                               Accessories for recorders, printers,
  turbidity,                          systems                                  plotters                        
Absorption type refrigerating plants;                         Accessories for electric motors and                              Accessories for sample conditioning   
  solar refrigerating plants, solar air                          generators; current supplies,         Accessories for sensor/actuator bus
  conditioning plants, solar       Accessories for electric power supply                               systems; other interfaces, parts,
A.C. and three-phase current;                                    systems; parts and                          and                             
   positioning drives                 Accessories for electrical drive control                         Accessories for servo components and
(A.C. and three-phase current); servo                            units; parts and                         actuators for building engineering
   drives                             Accessories for electrical engineering                           Accessories for signalling devices;
A.C. and 3-phase motors; variable-                               and electronics; screwed cable                                   parts and                       
   speed                                 glands as                          Accessories for solder technology;
A.C. converters; D.C./                Accessories for electrical equipment                                peripheral devices, parts and   
A.C. drives via bussystems; controls                             for ships; parts and                  Accessories for special cables for
   for                                Accessories for electrical equipment                                networks, transfer systems,
A.C. drives via CAN; controls for        for vehicles; parts and                  fieldbus systems; cable fittings,
                                                                                                                                  connection units and            
A.C. meters                           Accessories for electrical heating
                                                                 devices for industry; parts and    Accessories for switchgear and
A.C. miniature motors                                                                                     switching systems from 1 kV to
A.C. motors in actuator technology;                           Accessories for electrical heating
                                                                                                                                  60 kV; parts and              
   frequency converters for three-                               systems; parts and               
                                                                                                                               Accessories for switchgear; parts and
   phase                              Accessories for electrical switchgear
                                                                 systems; chassis                   Accessories for switching systems,
A.C. servomotors                  
                                                                                                                                  transformer substations; parts and
A.C. servomotors; three-phase         Accessories for electrical vehicle
                                                                 equipment and vehicle safety             Accessories for transformers; parts
A.C. voltage; stand-by power supplies                                                                                             and                           
   for D.C. and                       Accessories for electricity meters and
                                                                 tariff switching clocks; partsand     Accessories for transmission
Acceleration measuring instruments                                                                        equipment; parts and            
                                                              Accessories for electrocarbons and
Acceleration, rotational acceleration;                                                                                         Accessories for ventilators and fans
                                                                 carbon brushes; parts and        
   sensors for angular                                                                                 (electric drives); parts and       
                                                              Accessories for electromagnetic
Acceleration, vibration, shock; sensors                                                                                        Accessories for X-ray devices; parts
                                                                 equipment; parts and                
   for                                                                                                 and                                             08.04.12
Access control; gate and door-opening                         Accessories for equipment; parts and   
                                                                                                                               Accessories; hoop-casing systems
   systems for                        Accessories for fieldbus systems;
Access control systems                   components and                   
                                                                                                                               Accessories; infrared spectrometers
Access control systems                   Accessories for final control elements
                                                                                                                                  and specific                    
Access control systems; biometric                                                                      Accessories; metallic electrical
                                                              Accessories for frequency converters;
Access control systems; identification                                                                                            conduits and                    
   devices for                                                                                         Accessories; neozed fuses and      
                                                              Accessories for generators; parts and  
Access control systems; other                                                                          Accessories; NH quick-break fuse
                                                              Accessories for high-power ultrasonic                               links and
Access controls in the machine area                                                                                                                               
                                                                 systems; parts and               
   for assembly, handling and robotics                                                                     Accessories; OCTG
Access monitoring equipment for                               Accessories for high-voltage                                        (Oil Country Tubular Goods) pipes
   machinery and plants                  capacitors; parts and                 and                           
Accessories and components for                                Accessories for housing and switch                               Accessories; other industrial valves
   electric motors and generators;                               cabinet construction; other                                      and                           
   other                                    (Subcontracting)                    
                                                                                                                               Accessories (pipes, valves, etc.)
Accessories and equipment for                                 Accessories for i.c. engines and gas                                (building engineering)          
   welding technology; other          turbines; other                     
                                                                                                                               Accessories; plastic electrical conduits
Accessories and fasteners for                                 Accessories for industrial control                                  and                             
   hydraulic control systems                systems and process control
                                                                 systems; components and                  Accessories (refrigeration engineering)
Accessories and fasteners for                                                                                                     ; fittings and                     
   pneumatic control systems             Accessories for industrial gates  
                                                                                                                               Accessories, tools and fabricated
Accessories and modules for                                   Accessories for installation distributors        materials for electronics
   programmable logic control                                 Accessories for installation safety                                 manufacture; other              
   systems (PLCs); other              switches; parts and                   Accident prevention; Applied research
Accessories; bolt firing tools and       Accessories for INTERBUS systems;                                   on occupational medicine, health
Accessories; construction machine        parts and                                and safety at work,             
Accessories (e.g. cables, plugs);                             Accessories for laser systems; parts                             Accident prevention facilities for work
   DeviceNet                             and                                         on live parts                      

According to customer-specific                                                                       The product category index arranged according to subject is
requirements; visualization systems                                                                   the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

According to customer-specific                                 Acquisition systems for the process                              Actuator drives;
   requirements; visualization                                   industry; data                               (explosion-proof drives)            
   systems                             Acquisition systems; integration of                              Actuator drives;
According to the Coriolis principle;                             further modules and different                (gearing units and motors)          
   sensors, measuring equipment and                            Acquisition systems); linear encoders                            Actuator drives; hydraulic          
   transmitters for flow, flow velocity     (measuring data                        Actuator drives;
According to the differential pressure                         Acquisition systems                                                 (non-speed controlled drives)       
   principle; sensors, measuring                                 (measuring data acquisition
   equipment and transmitters for                                                                                               Actuator drives; other              
                                                                 systems); general measuring        
   flow, flow velocity                                                                               Actuator drives; other motion drives,
                                                               Acquisition systems; PC measuring                                   servo drives,                       
According to the oval wheel principle;                           data                               
   sensors, measuring equipment and                                                                                             Actuator drives; pneumatic          
   transmitters for flow, flow velocity   Acquisition systems with cable
                                                                                                                                Actuator drives; (rotary transducers)  
                                                                 transmission; mobile data
According to the suspended particle                              acquisition terminals with cable                               Actuator drives, valves for building
   principle; sensors, measuring                                 transmission/data                                                 automation                          
   equipment and transmitters for
                                                               Acquisition systems with radio                                   Actuator drives;
   flow, flow velocity           
                                                                 transmission; mobile data                                         (variable speed drives)             
According to the turbine principle;
                                                                 acquisition terminals with radio                               Actuator interface modules; sensor/ 
   sensors, measuring equipment and
                                                                 transmission/data                      Actuator interface systems
   transmitters for flow, flow velocity
                                                               Acquisition; terminals/consoles for                                 (actuator sensor interface/AS-I);
According to the ultrasonic principle;
                                                                 order                                     sensor/                             
   sensors, measuring equipment and
   transmitters for flow, flow velocity   Acquisition terminals/consoles; time     Actuator interfaces for incorporating
                                                               Acquisition via Internet, as a service;                             pneumatic drives; sensor/        
According to the vortex principle;
   sensors, measuring equipment and                              time data                                 Actuator interfaces for I/O modules in
   transmitters for flow, flow velocity   Acquisition with fieldbus; measuring                                IP 65; sensor/                   
Accounting and accounting; software                              data                                   Actuator level; CANbus systems and
   and solutions for financial            Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene          modules on sensor/               
Accounting; information management                             Acrylonitrile SAN; Styrene/           Actuator level; DeviceNet systems and
   systems for power trading and                                                                           modules on sensor/               
                                                               Acrylonitrile styrene acryl ester  
Accounting sector management                                                                               Actuator Sensor interface
                                                               Activable primary batteries                          01.01.07       (AS interface) for fieldbus systems
Accumulators (batteries); lead-acid
                                                               Activated coal processes for NOx                                 Actuator sensor interface/AS-I;
Accumulators; charger systems for                                 reduction; activated coke and               (sensor/actuator interface systems) 
                                                               Activated coke and activated coal                                Actuator technology, actuators; local
Accumulators; lithium ion                 processes for NOx reduction                 intelligence in                  
Accumulators; lithium polymer          Active and passive; fire protection                              Actuator technology; current
Accumulators; monitoring equipment                                systems for machines and plants;            converters for D.C. motors in the
   for                                 Active light controls                          field of                         
Accumulators; other                    Active matrix OLEDs, AMOLEDs          Actuator technology; dydraulic drives
Accumulators; parts and accessories                                                                                                for                            
                                                               Active noise reduction systems       
   for                                                                                                  Actuator technology; electric drives for
                                                               Active vibration reduction systems   
Acid fuel cells, PAFC; phosphorus                                                                       Actuator technology; electro-
                                                               Active vibration reduction systems for
Acoustic measured variables; other                                                                                                 mechanical drives for          
                                                                  linear vibrations                 
  sensors for                                                                                        Actuator technology; frequency
                                                               Active vibration reduction systems for
Acoustic measuring instruments; other                                                                        converters for three-phase A.C.
                                                                  torsional vibration               
Acoustic signal devices                                                                                    motors in                        
                                                               Activities and production scheduling;
Acoustic signalling devices for building                                                                                        Actuator technology; general new
                                                                  consultancy for assignment of        
  engineering                                                                                                                      developments and trends in       
                                                               Activities; basic research in civil                              Actuator technology; inspection
Acoustic signalling devices); signalling                          engineering and building                          03.01.06
  devices (incl. optical and                                                                               services
                                                               Activities; basic research in the field of                          (quality, EMC protection, etc.),
Acoustic signalling systems for                                   civil engineering and building                    03.01.06       quality assurance for sensor
  assembly, handling and robotics;                                                                                                 technology/                      
                                                               Activities; basic research in the field of
  switch matting, switch buffers,  
                                                                  mechanical engineering                            03.01.03    Actuator technology; other drives for
Acoustics components; micro                        05.04.06
                                                               Actual value transmitters; other set-                            Actuator technology; pneumatic drives
Acoustics; Research on                       point and                             for                            
Acoustics; sensors for Sound,       Actuating and locking magnets            Actuator technology; Research on
Acquisition, analysis and graphics; PC                         Actuating drives; positioners,                                      micro-                              
  software for measuring data             electropneumatic (i/p) positioners                            Actuator technology; speed-regulated
Acquisition and data storage in                                   for                                         electric drives for              
  process technology; integrated                               Actuating drives; programming                                    Actuator technology with INTERBUS   
  solutions for data                         software, configuration software for     Actuator technology with INTERBUS      
Acquisition and processing; computer-                          Actuating mechanisms, servo drives,
  aided measuring                                                                                       Actuators; accessories for
                                                                  actuators                                                        (final control elements)            
Acquisition, as a service; factory data       (electrical energy equipment)     
                                                                                                                                Actuators; actuating mechanisms,
Acquisition, as a service; machine data    Actuator boxes; sensor                      servo drives,
Acquisition, as a service; process data    Actuator bus components for the input/                              (electrical energy equipment)    
Acquisition, factory data collection,                             output level; sensor/                 Actuators); actuators specially for
  FDC, MDA; software and solutions                             Actuator bus systems for building                                   building automation (e.g. roller blind
  for production data                        automation; sensor/                      switches, switching/dimmer          
Acquisition (FDA); consultancy in the                          Actuator bus systems for machines                                Actuators (e.g. drive control units);
  field of factory data                      and system manufacture; sensor/          CANopen                          
Acquisition; FDC/MDA terminals, with                           Actuator bus systems; other                                      Actuators; environmentally resistant,
  storage data                               interfaces, parts, and accessories                               shock-resistant                     
Acquisition; general plug-in cards for                            for sensor/                           Actuators for assembly, handling and
  PCs for measuring data               Actuator bus systems; other sensor/         robotics                         
Acquisition modules; decentralized                             Actuator bus systems; software for                               Actuators for building engineering;
  data                                       sensor/                                  accessories for servo components
Acquisition, sloppy modelling;                                                                                                     and                              
                                                               Actuator buses in building automation;
  Research on expert systems,                                     sensor/                                  Actuators for building engineering;
  knowledge                                           03.06                                                                        other servo components and       
                                                               Actuator drive systems               
Acquisition systems and equipment;                                                                                              Actuators for electric power; other final
                                                               Actuator drives; braking systems and
  machine data                                                                                                control elements               
Acquisition systems; attendance data                                                                       Actuators for flowing material; other
                                                               Actuator drives; components and                                     final control elements         
Acquisition systems; customized                                   accessories for                      
  measuring data                                                                                        Actuators for mobile automation        
                                                               Actuator drives; electric            
Acquisition systems for assembly,                                                                                               Actuators for ship keels; hydraulic part-
  handling and robotics; measuring        Actuator drives; (electric motors)             turn valve                     
Acquisition systems for mobile                                 Actuator drives; electromechanical       Actuators in the field of adaptronics;
  machines; production data            Actuator drives; electropneumatic           intelligent materials, structures and

The product category index arranged according to subject is                                                                        AI; Research on production systems
the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media                                                                          interpreter strategies of artificial

Actuators; linear                       Adhesive tape devices and                                     Advanced control; other integrated
Actuators; local intelligence in actuator                         accessories                              solutions for process optimization
   technology,                          Adhesive tapes and adhesive sheets     and                                
Actuators; micro (see also MDA 02.11)      Adhesive tapes; insulating               Advanced Motion Control Products);
                                                                                                                                highly developed positioning
Actuators; Micro                           Adhesive technology; further
                                                                                                                                controls (Servos,                  
                                                                  education and qualification in  
Actuators; Nano-                                                                                         Advanced Planning and Scheduling
Actuators; safe                                                                                            (APS) solutions                       
                                                                Adhesives for electronics manufacture
Actuators specially for building                                                                                              Advanced training and further
   automation                                                   Adhesives for metal                  education in automatic control     
   (e.g. roller blind switches,                                 Adhesives for plastics             Advanced training and further
   switching/dimmer actuators)             Adhesives for textiles and leather     education in automation technology 
Actuators with low power consumption       Adhesives, sealants for manufacturing                         Advanced training and further
A/D - D/A-converters                                              in electrical engineering and                                 education in control technology    
   (measuring transformers)               electronics                      Advanced training and further
Adapters and function models and                                Adhesivse for glass and ceramics     education in measuring and testing
  plug-in cards                      ADI cast iron, austempered              technology                         
Adapters; busbar                     Adjustable revolution speed;                                  Advanced training and further
Adapters for sensors; bus                                          circulating pumps,                education in PLC technology        
                                                                Adjustment and fine adjustment in                             Advanced training and further
Adapters, modules, memory; IDE,
                                                                   optics; equipment for                   education in the use and
                                                                                                                                programming of process
Adapters); parts and accessories for                            Adjustment in optics; equipment for
                                                                                                                                visualization software             
  CANbus systems (e.g. CANbus              adjustment and fine               
                                                                                                                              Advanced training and further
Adaptive control systems                   Adjustment in optics; positioning
                                                                                                                                education in the use of process
                                                                   systems for fine                  
Adaptive load-bearing structures;                                                                                               visualization systems              
  lightweight plane load-bearing                                Adjustment in optics; submicrometers
                                                                                                                              Advanced training; multimedia learning
  structures,                                 for fine                          
                                                                                                                                systems for training and                           20.08.02
Adaptive systems                                                Administration; nanotechnology
                                                                                                                              Advice on; technology road mapping,
  (optimized anti-vibration,                                      applications for medicine and
                                                                                                                                technology planning;               
  improvement of functional                                       vaccine                            
                                                                                                                              Aeration and bleed valves for water
  capability of previous passive                                Administrative buildings; facility
  systems, etc.)                             management for office buildings,   
                                                                                                                              Aeration equipment for rivers and
Adaptive vibration reduction systems,                           Advanced control in cement and
  noise reduction systems                 construction material industries
                                                                  (cement, lime, gypsum, concrete,                            Aeration equipment for water and
Adaptronics applications and
                                                                  glass, bricks, ceramics); integrated                           sewage water treatment          
  solutions; other                  
                                                                  solutions for process optimization                          Aeration; grit separator           
Adaptronics; intelligent materials,                               and                             
  structures and actuators in the field                                                                                       Aeration; sewer                      
                                                                Advanced control in chemical and
  of                                                                                                     Aeration systems, ventilation systems,
                                                                  pharmaceutical industries;
Adaptronics solutions for aeronautics                                                                     air-conditioning systems for plants
                                                                  Integrated solutions for process
                                                                                                                                 and workshops                     
Adaptronics solutions for contour                                 optimization and                
  deformation and stabilisation                                                                       Aereospace industry; microsystem
                                                                Advanced control in consumer goods
                                                                                                                                 technical solutions for the                       05.08.07
Adaptronics solutions for damage                                  industries
  detection                               (wood, textiles, paper, printing,                           Aerial cables, RF cables             
                                                                  etc.); integrated solutions for                             Aerodynamics, hydrodynamics;
Adaptronics solutions for medical
                                                                  process optimization and               Research on flow engineering,        
                                                                Advanced control in disposal                                  Aeronautics; adaptronics solutions for
Adaptronics solutions for noise and
  vibration reduction                                                                                 Aeronautics applications for
                                                                  (waste water treatment, waste
Adaptronics solutions for precision                                                                                              nanocoatings                      
                                                                  treatment, recycling); integrated
  positioning                             solutions for process optimization                          Aeroplanes; mobile automation
Adaptronics systems and solutions                   08.05.05      and                                    systems for                          

Adaptronics systems; other                 Advanced control in electrical and                            Aerosols/sprays; technical           
                                                                  electronics industries; integrated                          Aerospace; electrical equipment and
Additional education at technical
                                                                  solutions for process optimization                             systems for airports and             
  colleges and training colleges       
                                                                  and                                 Aerospace engineering; basic
Additional energy production utilizing
                                                                Advanced control in food and feed                                research in the field of                          03.01.05
  renewable and future primary
                                                                  industries; integrated solutions for                        Aerospace research; Applied research
  energy sources                                    01.02.09
                                                                  process optimization and               on                                   
Additives for flue gas desulfurisation
                                                                Advanced control in mechanical
  and flue gas denitrogenisation                    01.08.04                                                                  Aerospace technology
                                                                  engineering; integrated solutions                              (innovative technologies)                         03.09.21
Additives for liquid and solid fuels                01.08.03      for process optimization and    
                                                                                                                              AFC; alkaline fuel cells,            
Additives; Nano-                           Advanced control in; mining
                                                                  (extraction and preparation of ores,                        AFM; (Atomic Force Microscopy)          
Additives; oils and oil             
                                                                  coal, crude oil and gas); integrated                        After-sales service for the field of plant
Add-on (custom CAD software)           
                                                                  solutions for process optimisation                             engineering; support and          
Add-on (custom calculation software)         and                                 Agents; anticorrosive                
Add-on                                                          Advanced control in petroleum                                 Agents for gas line monitoring;
  (custom production data                                         industries                                                    Foaming                            
  management systems)                        (refineries and petrochemical
                                                                  industries); integrated solutions for                       Agents; other adhesive             
Add-on (custom simulation software)    
                                                                  process optimization and            Aggregates; refrigeration machines
Adhesive agents; other            
                                                                Advanced control in power plants;                               and systems for building
Adhesive applicators                                                                                 engineering, cold water            
                                                                  integrated solutions for process
Adhesive bonding and sealing units                                optimization and                    Aggressive ambience conditions;
  (assembly technology)                 Advanced control in pulp, paper and                             housings for                       
Adhesive bonding of metal/foam                                    cardboard industries; integrated                            Aggressive ambient conditions;
  materials                               solutions for process optimization                            housings for
Adhesive bonding systems; other        and                                   (electrical connection technology)
Adhesive coating inspection; image                              Advanced control in the metal-                                Aggressive media; seals for          
  processing systems for                  producing industry                                          Agricultural machinery
                                                                  (steel works, foundries, hot-rolling                           (application of hybrid/electric
Adhesive dosages                       and cold-rolling mills); integrated                            drives); mobile machinery,           
Adhesive dosing devices for                                       solutions for process optimization
  electronics                             and                                 Agricultural machinery; hydrostatic
                                                                                                                                 traction drives for building and  
Adhesive engineering; research for         Advanced control in utility companies
                                                                  (electricity, water, natural gas,                           Agricultural machinery; mobile
Adhesive guns                                                                                         automation systems for            
                                                                  district heating); integrated
Adhesive hardening; systems for                                   solutions for process optimization                          Agricultural machines; component
  inductive                            and                                    parts for tractors and                            12.07.07
Adhesive insulation foil for coil                               Advanced control in vehicle industries;                       AI; Research on production systems
  technology                                        26.02.04      integrated solutions for process                                interpreter strategies of artificial
adhesive sheets; adhesive tapes and     optimization and                        intelligence/                                       03.06

Aided control systems; PLC-                                                                             The product category index arranged according to subject is
                                                                                                         the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Aided control systems; PLC-             Air storage systems, compressed air                              Alarm devices for i.c. engines;
Aided test and inspection systems for                               generation systems for mobile                                   pressure/vibration monitoring and 
   coil technology; automatic testers,                              automation; compressed               Alarm equipment; sensors for fire    
   computer-                                        26.05.03    Air storage units; mobile compressed-       Alarm instruments for i.c. engines;
Aids; electronic minilifters/lifting       Air supply and extraction systems for                               monitoring and                    
Aids for the forging industry; lubricants                           ventilation and air conditioning     Alarm modems for mobile radio/GSM,
   and lubrication                      Air supply); energy efficient supply                                fault indicators & alarm modules for
Aids for the foundries; lubricants and                              technology (heating, air-                                       mobile radio/GSM               
   lubrication                              conditioning, ventilation,                                   Alarm modules for mobile radio/GSM;
                                                                    compressed                                          22.04       alarm modems for mobile radio/
Aids; standing                         
                                                                Air supply technology; automation                                   GSM, fault indicators &        
Aids; weld fillers and welding              systems for compressed                  Alarm systems and other monitoring
Air and gases; filter systems for          Air traffic control; electrical equipment                           systems; danger                   
Air and other gases; equipment for                                  for                                     Alarm systems; fire                  
    dust extraction from                Air tubes for vehicles; tubes, brake                             Alarm systems for the process industry
Air and other gases; measuring and                                  hoses, fuel hoses,                  
                                                                                                                                 Alarm systems for vehicles           
    control equipment and plants for                            Airbags                                 
    technology for dust extraction from                                                                     Alarm systems in building automation;
                                                                Air-borne sound dampers                                             integrated fire                   
Air cleaning, gaseous matter and                                    (intake, blow-out)                  
    odours; exhaust                                                                                      Alarm systems in building automation;
                                                                Air-cables for transmission equipment;                              integrated intruder warning and   
Air condensation systems                            09.02.08        lightning protective cables, self-
                                                                    supporting                                                   Alarm systems via telephone or mobile
Air condensers                                                                
                                                                                                                                    radiotelephone; remote            
Air conditioning; air supply and                                Air-conditioned rooms and booths;
                                                                    precision                                                    Alarm systems; warning devices and
    extraction systems for ventilation                                                                               07.03.02
                                                                                                                                    light barriers for security systems,
    and                                 Air-conditioning; air filters for
                                                                    ventilation and                                              Alarms                            
Air conditioning; drying systems for                                                                  
    ventilation and                                                                                      Alarms and light signalling systems for
                                                                Air-conditioning elements; other
                                                                                                                                    building engineering; emergency
Air conditioning; other building heating                            ventilation and                   
                                                                                                                                    exit lighting, light           
    technology, refrigeration                                   Air-conditioning equipment; other
    engineering and ventilation and                                                                      Alcohols; sensors for           
                                                                    ventilation and                   
Air conditioning plants, solar                                                                                                   Algorithms; industrial applications by
                                                                Air-conditioning; heat exchangers
    absorption type refrigerating plants;                                                                                           integration of fuzzy logic, neuron
                                                                    (air heaters, air coolers) for
    solar refrigerating plants, solar                                                                       networks and genetic              
                                                                    ventilation and                   
Air conditioning; switch cabinet                                                                         Aligners; aligners, laser         
                                                                Air-conditioning; switch cabinet
Air conditioning systems for ventilation                            (casings - Accessories for electrical                        Aligners for shafts in a row      
    and air-conditioning                    engineering and electronics)      Aligners, laser aligners          
Air conditioning, ventilation; other                            Air-conditioning systems for clean                               Aligning roller bearings; self- 
    automation systems for heating,            rooms; ventilation and              
                                                                                                                                 Aligning systems for shafts; measuring
Air conditioning, ventilation, technical                        Air-conditioning systems for offices                                 and                           
    building equipment and                                          and business premises; ventilation
    installations; CAD software for                                 and                               
    heating,                                                                                             Alignment systems for pipelines   
                                                                Air-conditioning systems for plants and
Air conditioning, ventilation, technical                            workshops; aeration systems,                                 Alkaline fuel cells, AFC          
    building equipment and                                          ventilation systems,                 All types of coiled material; storage
    installations; CAE software and                             Air-conditioning systems for vehicles           and processing equipment for     
    solutions for heating,                                                                            All-current; small motors, (A.C./D.C.)
                                                                Air-conditioning systems; measuring
Air control valves for burners                 and control equipment and                                    Alloy conductors; bare Al/Al         
Air coolers, air heaters; air heat                                  installations for ventilation and   
                                                                                                                                 Alloy conductors; bare Cu/Cu         
    exchangers,                         Air-conditioning systems; monitoring
                                                                                                                                 Alloy; drop forged parts made of
Air; coolers for for i.c. engines              systems for heating and             
                                                                                                                                     aluminium, light              
Air coolers) for ventilation and air-                           Air-conditioning, ventilation automatic
                                                                                                                                 Alloy; spheroidal graphite cast iron
    conditioning; heat exchangers (air                              electrical control systems for
    heaters,                                building automation; heating,           Alloy steel castings; high        

Air decontamination in plant                                    Air-conditioning, ventilation automation                         Alloy steel castings; low         
    engineering and construction; wet                               systems for buildings; integrated                            Alloy steel; sintered                
    scrubbers for exhaust                heating,                            
                                                                                                                                 Alloyed chill castings            
Air decontamination systems; exhaust    Air-conditioning, ventilation,
                                                                                                                                 Alloys (aluminium-bronzes); copper-
                                                                    compressed air supply); energy
Air engines; pneumatic rotating piston                                                                          aluminium                   
                                                                    efficient supply technology
Air filters for ventilation and air-                                (heating,                                           22.04    Alloys (brasses); copper-zinc   
    conditioning                                                                                         Alloys (bronzes); copper-tin    
                                                                Air-cored rotor; small motors with    
Air generation systems for mobile                                                                                                Alloys; cast aluminium          
    automation; compressed air
                                                                   (application of hybrid/electric                               Alloys; cobalt-based            
    storage systems, compressed            drives)                                  Alloys; copper-nickel           
Air heat exchangers, air coolers, air
                                                                Aircraft construction; lightweight
    heaters                                                                                              Alloys for lightweight construction;
                                                                   construction for                             aluminium, magnesium, light metal
Air heaters, air coolers for ventilation
                                                                Aircraft, etc.; function test devices for
    and air-conditioning; heat                                                                                                   Alloys for lightweight construction;
                                                                   internal combustion enginesin
    exchangers                                                                                               titanium, titanium               
                                                                   motor vehicles,                    
Air heaters; air heat exchangers, air                                                                                            Alloys (German silver); copper-zinc
                                                                Aircraft industry; software and
    coolers,                                                                                             Alloys; hard                         
                                                                   solutions for the                                 14.03.22
Air heating systems                                                                                      Alloys in pigs and shapes; aluminium
                                                                Aircraft maintenance; electrical
Air humidification and dehumidification                            equipment for                                and aluminium                 
    systems                             Aircraft; mobile automation systems                              Alloys; magnesium-aluminium       
Air humidifiers with jet systems           for                                      Alloys; memory (foundry products) 
Air humidity meters                     Airport terminals; facility management                           Alloys; memory (metallic materials)               12.10.02
Air hybrid engine; compressed                 for airports,                            Alloys; nanometals and nanometal     
Air pollution monitoring, measuring                             Airports, airport terminals; facility                            Alloys; nickel-based            
    stations/measuring networks;                                   management for                       
                                                                                                                                 Alloys; noble                     
    stationary environmental                                    Airports and aerospace; electrical
    measuring systems,                        equipment and systems for                Alloys; other aluminium         
Air pollution; other systems and                                Al), HF stranded conductors for coil                             Alloys; other super-            
    equipment for the prevention of         technology; stranded conductors                              Alloys; wrought aluminium       
Air pollution prevention; Applied                                   (Cu and                                 Alloys; zinc-nickel             
    research on                         Al/Al alloy conductors; bare                Alphanumeric displays             
Air preheaters; combustion              Alarm and emergency call systems            Also for large areas; optimised
Air pressure; sensors for barometric                            Alarm and safety systems                    manufacturing processes for
    pressure,                        Alarm contacts, monitors, limiters;                                 OLEDs,                         
Air purification systems for lasers           other                                 alternative fuels for vehicles; other             24.03.04

The product category index arranged according to subject is                                                                       Annealing, tempering, stress relieving
the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media                                                                                      systems; induction

Alternatives fuels; production, blending                        Analog multimeters                      Analysis software; pipeline        
   and trade with bio fuels, biogene                            Analog voltmeters                       Analysis systems for environmental
   fuels,                                                                                                    technology; automatic            
                                                                Analogue components for
Altitude measuring systems for mobile                             microelectronics (ICs)                            08.01.05    Analysis systems; mobile gas          
                                                                Analyses and certificates for the field                         Analysis tools; CAN                
Alumina ceramics; engineering             of materials technology; analyses,                            Analysis tools; CANopen            
Alumina ceramics for electronics          damage                               
                                                                                                                                Analysis tools; DeviceNet hardware
Aluminium alloys (aluminium-bronzes);                           Analyses, damage analyses and                                     and software development,
   copper                              certificates for the field of materials                         development tools,               
Aluminium alloys; cast                 technology                           
                                                                                                                                Analysis using material characteristic
Aluminium alloys in pigs and shapes;                            Analyses for power engineering;                                   values and performance
   aluminium and                          environmental compatibility             characteristics; material           
Aluminium alloys; magnesium-            Analyses for power engineering; fault    Analysis with electrochemical auxiliary
Aluminium alloys; other              Analyses for power engineering; mains      reactions
                                                                Analyses for power engineering; other                             (including amperometric and
Aluminium alloys; wrought         
                                                                  measurings and                          coulometric oxygen sensors);
Aluminium and aluminium alloys in                                                                                                 measuring equipment for liquid   
   pigs and shapes                      Analyses for power engineering;
                                                                  system safety                         Analytic measuring equipment, heat
Aluminium cases                                                                                              image cameras; thermo-              
                                                                Analyses for the field of plant
Aluminium castings                                                                                      Analytic values; other sensors for gas-
                                                                  engineering; execution of safety
Aluminium composites                                                                                 Analytical scales and laboratory scales
                                                                Analyses, mobile environmental
Aluminium die castings                    measuring devices; mobile                                     Analytics; application research for
Aluminium drop-forged parts                  environmental                              nano-                               
Aluminium dust filtration                  Analyses, risk analyses and                                     Analytics for the characterisation of
                                                                  certificates for the energy trade          coatings; nano-                  
Aluminium electrolyte capacitors    
                                                                Analyses; testing kits and testing sets                         Analytics; microsystem technical
Aluminium foam                    
                                                                  for water and soil                         solutions for                                    05.07.01
Aluminium, light alloy; drop forged
                                                                Analysis and diagnosis technology;                              Analytics; sensors for gas analytics
   parts made of                    
                                                                  Research on medical                        and fluid                        
Aluminium); light metals and light
                                                                Analysis and evaluation, as a service;                          Analytics systems, components and
   metal alloys (except             
                                                                  factory data                               processes; Nano-                    
Aluminium, magnesium, light metal
                                                                Analysis and evaluation of future laser                         Analyzer systems for environmental
   alloys for lightweight construction 
                                                                  technology                                 technologies                        
Aluminium nitride ceramics for
                                                                Analysis and graphics; PC software for                          Analyzer systems
                                                                  measuring data acquisition,             (operational and R&D); laboratory   
Aluminium or magnesium); cast parts
                                                                Analysis and system development;                                Analyzer systems; process             
   for vehicle construction (iron, steel,
                                                                  Applied research on system                        03.07.12    Analyzers; CAN                     
Aluminium sand castings           
                                                                Analysis, codeless identification                               Analyzers; CAN configuration and test
Aluminium sections; processed     
                                                                  systems; identification systems by                              tools, CAN                       
Aluminium sheets                       means of image                           Analyzers; FFT                     
Aluminium strips, aluminium winding                             Analysis computers, portable gas                                Analyzers; flue gas                
   strips                                    chromatographs; portable gas         
                                                                                                                                Analyzers for liquids utilizing    
Aluminium surfaces; chrome-free                                 Analysis; data network diagnosis and
   conversion of                          data                                                          Analyzers for smoke density,
                                                                                                                                  suspended dust particles, dust
Aluminium titanate                      Analysis devices and systems; other       concentration, soot value        
Aluminium winding strips; aluminium                             Analysis devices                                                Analyzers; gas                     
   strips,                                   (e.g. measuring cables);
                                                                                                                                Analyzers; harmonic                
Aluminium wire; enamelled                    components and accessoriesfor     
                                                                                                                                Analyzers; moisture                
Ambience conditions; housings for                               Analysis, diagnosis and optimization of
  aggressive                              systems                                  Analyzers; network                 
Ambient conditions; housings for                                Analysis, diagnostics and optimization                          Analyzers; network metrology, network
  aggressive                                                      of processes and products for                                 Analyzers, operating and display
  (electrical connection technology)     quality assurance                       equipment) for programmable logic
Ambient temperature sensors);                                   Analysis                                                          controls (PLCs); peripheral devices
  sensors specially for building                                  (e.g. analyses of strengths and                                 (e.g.                          
  automation (e.g. temperature                                    weaknesses, efficiency                                        Analyzers; particle size           
  sensors for external/ground                                     measurings, benchmarking);                                    Analyzers; protocol                   
  temperatures,                              business                          
                                                                                                                                Analyzers; water analyzers, wet    
Ambient temperatures; contact inserts                           Analysis (electronic nose); sensors for
  for high                                multi gas                          Analyzers, wet analyzers; water    
Ambient temperatures; contact inserts                           Analysis equipment and systems; gas     Analyzers with FTIR detectors; gas 
  for high                                                      Analysis equipment;                                             Anchors; stays, ties, guys,           
  (electrical connection technology)     (dosing equipment for gases)          Ancillary contactors               
Ambient temperatures; housings for                              Analysis equipment;                                             Ancillary processes; system solutions
  high                                                            (dosing equipment for liquids)          for energy efficient                                22.02
  (electrical connection technology)
                                                                Analysis equipment for laboratories,                            Ancillary solder media and operational
Ammeters; other voltmeters,               general; measuring and                  materials                        
Ammeters; universal clip-on             Analysis equipment; mobile laser                                Ancillary supplier services; pipe
Ammonia; sensors for                   assisted                                shaping, pipe working               
AMOLEDs; active matrix OLEDs,        Analysis equipment; (pumps)             Angle, inclination, orientation; sensors
Amorphous metals                                    12.10.01                                                                      for                            
                                                                Analysis equipment; water           
Amperometric and coulometric oxygen                                                                                             Angle measuring equipment          
                                                                Analysis, image processing; software
  sensors); measuring equipment for                               for pattern recognition, image           Angular acceleration, rotational
  liquid analysis with electrochemical                                                                                            acceleration; sensors for      
                                                                Analysis; market research and market
  auxiliary reactions (including                                                                        Angular grabs; two-claw            
                                                                Analysis, microscopy for sensor
Amplifiers and transducers; parts and                                                                                           Angular grabs; 180 degree          
                                                                  technology; surface                  
  accessories for measuring         
                                                                Analysis of existing communication                              Angular momentum; sensors for    
Amplifiers, cable connectors, plugs,
                                                                  systems and optimization                 Angular velocity, rotational velocity;
  interfaces in fiber-optics        
                                                                Analysis; other laboratory                                        sensors for                    
Amplifiers; isolating               
                                                                  instrumentation for                   Animal husbandry; mobile automation
Amplifiers; measuring                                                                                      systems for                        
                                                                Analysis; other measuring equipment
Analog and digital speed indicators       for gas                               Animal husbandry; RFID,
Analog and digital technology for                               Analysis; other measuring equipment                                identifications systems for animals,
  building automation; systems in         for liquid                            Animals, animal husbandry; RFID,
Analog built-in measuring instruments    Analysis procedures; other laser-                                  identifications systems for        
Analog coupling modules for industrial                            assisted measuring, test and          Aninico magnets                    
  PCs                                               08.08.04    Analysis; sensors for modal          Annealing oven for coil technology    
Analog displays                         Analysis; sensors for relative                                  Annealing, tempering, stress relieving
Analog input/output modules (fieldbus)      movement                                systems; induction               

Announcement and public address                                                                        The product category index arranged according to subject is
systems                                                                                                 the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Announcement and public address                                 Application development systems for                             Application software for Customer
  systems                                 automation equipment; PLC                                       Relationship Management, CRM,
Annunciators; signal relays and           programming systems,                       standard software                
Anode batteries                                     01.01.07    Application development systems for                             Application software for dosing and
                                                                  CNC controls                               weighing operations; software tools
Anodic oxidisation                                                                                                                and                              
  (laminated composite materials)    Application development systems for
                                                                  embedded systems                         Application software for human
Anodised metal products; semifinished                                                                                             machine interfaces (HMI), control
  (non-ferrous metals)                  Application development systems for
                                                                  mobile, industrial applications            systems; software tools and         
anorganic); hybrid materials (organic/                                                                    Application software for logistics;
                                                                Application development systems for
Antenna cables, RF cables                 process control systems,                                        training for                     
Antibacterial nanocoatings                visualization systems                    Application software for power supply
Anticorrosive agents                    Application development systems for                               companies                        
Anti-cut protective gloves                   Rapid Prototyping systems                Application software for Product Life
                                                                Application development systems for                               Cycle Management, PLM               
Anti-estatic clothes and threads       
                                                                  robot controls                           Application software for quality
Antifingerprint nanocoatings        
                                                                Application development systems for                               assurance (measuring)               
Antiflooding flap valves for water                                Soft-PLC systems                         Application software for quality
                                                                Application development systems for                               assurance (testing)                 
Antiflooding valves                    Virtual Reality systems                  Application software for remote meter
Antifogging nanocoatings                Application development systems                                   reading                          
Anti-friction bearing steels                 using C++, C, Basic                      Application software for technical sales
Anti-lock braking systems                  Application development systems with                            Application software for vertical IT
Antimicrobial textiles; Applied research                          Java                                       integration                                      14.02.10
   on                                   Application in magnetic separators;                             Application software for visualization
Antistatic equipment, antistatic ionisers           04.06.08      superconductor                          systems                             
Antistatic ionisers; antistatic                                 Application Layer) and CANopen;                                 Application specific circuits and
   equipment,                                       04.06.08      communication controls with CAN                                 functional modules); designing and
                                                                  based on CAL (CAN                       testing of electrical modules (PCBs,
Anti-theft devices for vehicles        
                                                                Application of hybrid/electric drives;                          Application, visual justify; laser
Anti-vibration, improvement of                                    (aircraft]                           
   functional capability of previous                                                                                              projectors for industrial        
   passive systems, etc.); adaptive                             Application of hybrid/electric drives;                          Application-oriented CANbus
   systems (optimized                        (communal vehicles and mobile                                   technology; other                
Anti-vibration mountings and vibration                                                                                          Application-oriented DeviceNet
   dampers for assembly, handling                               Application of hybrid/electric drives;                            technology                          
   and robotics                           (industrial trucks, autonomous
                                                                  transport systems, intralogistics)       Application-oriented INTERBUS
Anti-virus software for industrial IT                                                                        technology                          
                                                                Application of hybrid/electric drives;
Aparatus for coil technology; other test      [mobile machinery, agricultural                               Application-oriented INTERBUS
APG closing units and APG moulds             machinery)                                 technology; other                   
APG moulds; APG closing units and          Application of hybrid/electric drives;                          Applications and solutions; other
                                                                  (mobile machinery, construction                                 adaptronics                      
APG; systems for
  (Automatic Pressure-induced                                     machinery]                               Applications; automatic control
  Gelling)                                 Application of hybrid/electric drives;                            engineering for general industrial  
API, ASME, Marine, Pressure                                       (mobile machinery, other work                                 Applications; automation devices for
  Equipment Directive PED;                                        machinery, off-highway)                    mobile                              
  (certified pipeline construction                              Application of hybrid/electric drives;                          Applications; automation software
  companies)                              other                                                           solutions for general industrial                 14.04.01
API valves and fittings; valves and                               (vehicles and mobile machinery)      
                                                                                                                                Applications; automation software
  fittings for oil pipelines,           Application of hybrid/electric drives;                            solutions for other branch-specific              14.04.21
Apparatus construction; standards for                             two-wheelers                         
                                                                                                                                Applications; customer specific
  machine and                              Application of hybrid/electric drives;                            CANbus products/                 
apparatus, containers, tubular                                    watercraft                           
                                                                                                                                Applications; customer specific
   constructions; other                    Application of nanotechnology; other         INTERBUS products/                  
Apparatus manufacturers, fabricators    Application programming and                                     Applications, danger zones; mobile
Apparatus, vessels, tanks                                         engineering for Factory Automation         automation systems for security     
  (non-pressurized)                        Application related process automation                          Applications; data transfer systems for
                                                                  solutions; other                        special industrial
Apparatus, vessels, tanks
  (pressurized)                            Application research for lateral                                  (industrial networks)          
                                                                  nanostructures                           Applications; DeviceNet in industrial 
Appliance connection cables       
                                                                Application research for nanoanalytics     Applications; displays for mobile     
Appliance plug-in connectors; sub-
  Miniature-D                           Application research for nanobiology       Applications; electrical infrared
Appliance safety switches up to 1 kV;                           Application research for                                          radiators for industrial       
  appliance switches,                  nanochemistry                                                 Applications for building automation;
                                                                  (supramolecular chemistry)                 Intranet, Internet               
Appliance switches, appliance safety
  switches up to 1 kV                Application research for                                        Applications for medicine and vaccine
                                                                  nanoelectronics                            administration; nanotechnology      
Appliances for energy conversion and
  energy storage; maintenance and                               Application research for                                        Applications for nanocoatings;
  services of electrical                  nanoencapsulation                          aeronautics                      
Appliances; safety checks of stationary                         Application research for
                                                                                                                                Applications for nanocoatings;
  and mobile electric                     nanometrology                        
Application and system hosting             Application research for ultraprecise
                                                                                                                                Applications for nanocoatings;
Application areas; assembly and                                                                                                   chemical                         
  handling systems for other branch-                            Application research for ultrathin films
                                                                                                                                Applications for nanocoatings; design
  specific                                 Application research in the field of                              and architecture                 
Application areas; CANbus technology                              nanotechnology; other                
                                                                                                                                Applications for nanocoatings;
  in other                              Application servers                                 14.01.05      electronics                      
Application areas; INTERBUS                                     Application Service Providing (ASP)                             Applications for nanocoatings;
  applications in other                      for industry                               environmental technology         
Application areas; management                                   Application software for                                        Applications for nanocoatings;
  consultancy for other branch-                                   communication; software tools and          mechanical engineering           
  specific                              Application software for Customer                               Applications for nanocoatings; medical
Application development for industrial                            Relationship Management, CRM,                                   technology                       
  IT, development tools; other                                    individual software                
  software for                                                                                             Applications for nanocoatings; other
                                                                Application software for Customer
Application development systems AI                                Relationship Management, CRM,                                 Applications for nanocoatings; sporting
  systems                                    mobile computing systems                and consumer goods               
Application development systems,                                Application software for Customer                               Applications for nanocoatings; tool
  expert systems, diagnosis systems,                              Relationship Management, CRM;                                 Applications for other vehicle
  artificial intelligence systems            other                                   construction; CANbus             

The product category index arranged according to subject is                                                                     Approval procedures for the setup and
the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media                                                                   modification of systems; consultancy

Applications for superconduction;                               Applications; seals for pipeline    Applied research on image processing
  other                                 Applications; software for fuzzy logic                           by means of neural networks                  03.07.11
Applications; general visualization                               systems and fuzzy control in                                 Applied research on internal
  systems in industrial                   industrial                                combustion engines;             
Applications; image processing                                  Applications; valves and fittings for                          Applied research on interpretation and
  systems for laboratory                     high-pressure and high-                                        simulation of nerve signals                  03.07.11
Applications in building engineering;                             temperature                          Applied research on logistics     
  DeviceNet                                Application-specific automation                                Applied research on materials flow
Applications in current limiters;                                 systems for Industrial Building                                engineering                     
  superconductor                          Automation; other                                07.02.09
                                                                                                                               Applied research on mining and
Applications in electrical energy                               Application-specific image processing                            exploitation of raw materials   
  equipment; other inductive resistors                            system solutions for non-contact
                                                                  measuring and quality assurance                              Applied research on motive power
                                                                  (image processing systems for                                  engineering                     
Applications in environmental
                                                                  quality assurance)                   Applied research on; motor vehicle
  technology, fIltration, membrane
                                                                Application-specific image processing                            and road transport technologies 
  technology; nanotechnology           
                                                                  system solutions for non-contact                             Applied research on neuron
Applications in genetic engineering;
                                                                  measuring and quality assurance           electronics                                  03.07.11
                                                                Application-specific integrated circuits                       Applied research on neuroprosthetics
Applications in high-frequency filters;
                                                                  (ASICs)                                          08.08.03      and implants                                 03.07.11
                                                                Application-specific measuring                                 Applied research on occupational
Applications in induction heaters;
                                                                  software                                                       medicine, health and safety at
                                                                  (PC-measuring equipment)               work, accident prevention;    
Applications in industrial heating
                                                                Application-specific services for                              Applied research on ocean technology,
  systems; superconductor           
                                                                  Factory Automation; other                 offshore technology             
Applications in linear motors;
                                                                Application-specific software;                                 Applied research on primary energy/
                                                                  development of                         new sources of energy         
Applications in machine building;
  INTERBUS                                                      Applicators; lubricant and coolant     Applied research on process
Applications in other application areas;                        Applied economics; basic research in
  INTERBUS                                   the field of industrial management                           Applied research on process
                                                                  and industrial                                   03.01.07      techniques                      
Applications in power engineering
  (fuel cells, catalysts, fuel additions,                       Applied materials research; other         Applied research on process
  photovoltaics); nanotechnological                                                                         technology for innovative textiles
                                                                Applied research for power
Applications in robotics; DeviceNet          engineering                          Applied research on production
Applications in the automotive                                  Applied research in logistics         
  industry; DeviceNet                                                                                     Applied research on production
                                                                Applied research in the field of
Applications in warehouse/logistics                               electrical engineering; other       
  areas; INTERBUS                                                                                         Applied research on prospecting for
                                                                Applied research in the field of
                                                                                                                                 raw materials                   
Applications; lead-acid accumulators                              industrial automation; other        
  for stationary                                                                                       Applied research on protection against
                                                                Applied research in the field of
                                                                                                                                 ionising radiation            
Applications; measuring equipment for                             information transmission and
  laboratory                                 communication; other                    Applied research on quality control and
Applications; medical and                                       Applied research on aerospace
  pharmaceutical nanotechnology              research                                Applied research on railway
Applications; mobile palmtops, pocket                           Applied research on air pollution
  PCs for industrial                         prevention                           Applied research on recycling of raw
                                                                                                                                 materials/secondary raw materials
Applications; mobile PCs for industrial    Applied research on antimicrobial
                                                                  textiles                             Applied research on recycling of
Applications; nanobiology              
                                                                                                                                 wastes and garbage, pyrolysis 
Applications; nanomechanical               Applied research on artificial neural
                                                                  networks                                         03.07.11    Applied research on robots        
Applications; Nanooptical              
                                                                Applied research on broadband                                  Applied research on satellite
Applications                                                                                                                     communications systems          
  (notebooks, cell phones,
                                                                Applied research on chemical safety                            Applied research on secondary
  camcorders..); fuel cells for
                                                                  engineering                            energy/energy recycling       
Applications of lateral nanostructures     Applied Research on cold/heat                                  Applied research on sensory textiles
                                                                  protection textiles                  Applied research on shipping
Applications of nanotechnology;
  innovative sensor                        Applied research on communication                                technologies                    
                                                                  networks and systems;                   Applied research on soil conservation
Applications on superconductors in
  billet furnaces                       Applied research on conductive                                   and water protection          
Applications on superconductors in                                textiles                             Applied research on sound insulation
  hydraulic power generators            Applied research on conveyor and                               Applied research on surface
Applications on superconductors in                                materials handling engineering            technology                      
  ship engines                          Applied research on digital                                    Applied research on system analysis
Applications on superconductors in                                communication                             and system development                       03.07.12
  ship generators                       Applied research on dirt-repellant                             Applied research on transponder
Applications on superconductors in                                textiles                               textiles                      
  wind power generators                 Applied research on eco-balance        Applied research on UV protection
Applications; optical technologies for                          Applied research on ecosystems           textiles                      
  biotechnological                                              Applied research on energy                                     Applied research on waste gas
  (Research & Technology)                           03.02.01      conversion                             desulphurization              
Applications; optical technologies for                          Applied research on energy saving      Applied research on waste water
  medical (Research & Technology)                   03.02.02                                                                     purification                  
                                                                Applied research on energy storage 
Applications; other; assembly                                                                                                  Applied research on water pollution
  installations, assembly equipment,                            Applied research on energy transport,                            prevention                    
  assembly                                   energy conduction                
                                                                                                                               Applied research on water production
Applications; other industrial network    Applied research on fieldbus systems        and treatment                   
Applications; other lightweight                                 Applied research on freight transport                          Applied research on water supply
  construction                               technologies                              management                      
Applications; other Microelectronics                            Applied research on functional,                                Applied research on welding and
  module technology for professional         innovative textiles, other             fastening                       
Applications; other MicroTechnology                 05.07.14    Applied research on GPS systems           Appraisals for technology-oriented
Applications; other mobile automation                           Applied research on harmful                                      start-ups; innovation           
  systems &                                  substances, toxicology               Appraisals; technology            
Applications; other special industrial                          Applied research on heatable, coolable                         Approval planning for power plants,
  robot                                      textiles                               heating stations, block-type thermal
Applications; other task-specific                               Applied research on hoisting, lifting,                           power stations                  
  control                                 hauling (lifting devices)               Approval procedures for the setup and
Applications; other task-specific image                         Applied research on hydraulics,                                  modification of systems;
  processing                                 pneumatics                                consultancy on                  

APS sollutions;                                                                                          The product category index arranged according to subject is
                                                                                                          the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

APS sollutions;                                                    As engineering for flexible automated                          Assembly and handling systems for
  (Advanced Planning and                                              manufacture fields; system                                     the construction industry        
  Scheduling)                                    planning, system simulation,                                Assembly and handling systems for
Aramide reinforced plastics/ARP parts         system realization as well                the electrical engineering industry
Aramide-fiber reinforced plastics                                  AS interface for fieldbus systems;                             Assembly and handling systems for
   (ARP)                                     (Actuator Sensor interface)             the glass industry, ceramics
                                                                   As well as engineering for flexible                               industry                         
Aramide-fiber reinforcing of plastic;
                                                                      automated manufacture fields;                               Assembly and handling systems for
   ARP processing,                     
                                                                      system planning, system                                        the metal producing and working
Arc welding and cutting machines and                                  simulation, system realization     
   apparatus                                                                                                                         industry                         
                                                                   As well as pumps and their drives for                          Assembly and handling systems for
Arc welding machines and apparatus ;                                  liquid fuels; pumping stations         the packaging industry           
                                                                   ASA (Acrylonitrile styrene acryl ester)   Assembly and handling systems for
Arc welding; robot periphery for                       15.02.06    Asbestos substitutes; parts made of          the paper industry and printing
Arched sheet metal, Cambered                                       ASIC design for sensor technology;                                industry                         
   lightweight structures                       ASIC development,                       Assembly and handling systems for
Architectural planning; determination                              ASIC development, ASIC design for                                 the pharmaceutical industry and
   of site location and                         sensor technology                          medical technology               
Architecture applications for                                      ASICs;                                                         Assembly and handling systems for
   nanocoatings; design and                  (application-specific integrated                                the plastics industry            
ARCNET systems and components                circuits)                                        08.08.03    Assembly and handling systems for
Area heating elements, incl. pliable                               ASICs for fieldbus systems                the provisions industry/foodstuffs
   ones; electrical                     ASICs for sensors                         industry                         
Area monitoring via movement                                       ASICs; INTERBUS-                       Assembly and handling systems for
   detectors, presence detectors                                                                             the semiconductor industry       
                                                                   ASICs; PROFIBUS-                    
Area of nanotechnology; particle                                                                                                  Assembly and handling systems for
                                                                   ASME, Marine, Pressure Equipment                                  the textile industry             
   production systems in the                    Directive PED); certified pipeline
Area OLEDs; control concepts and                                     construction companies (API,         Assembly and handling systems for
   systems for OLEDs, large-                                                                              the timber and woodworking
                                                                   ASM/synchronous                                                   industry                         
Areas; INTERBUS applications in                                      (servo-drive control units for 3-
   other application                            phase drives)                        Assembly and handling systems for
Areas; INTERBUS applications in                                    ASP for industry;
   warehouse/logistics                          (Application Service Providing)         Assembly and handling systems in
                                                                                                                                     microsystem technology           
Areas; optimised manufacturing                                     Asphalt recyclers                   
   processes for OLEDs, also for large                                                                    Assembly and handling technology
                                                                   Asphalt road building machines      
                                                                                                                                     applications; customer-specific  
Argon ion lasers                              Assembled power current lines; pre-
                                                                                                                                  Assembly and order picking; Poka-
Armature test equipment                    Assembled sheet metal parts made of                               Yoke racks for                                04.03.06
Armature testing devices and systems             black steel                   
                                                                                                                                  Assembly and order picking; zero error
Armature winding machines                     Assembled sheet metal parts made of                               rack systems for                              04.03.06
                                                                      coated steel                  
Armatures, gate valves, flaps, valves,                                                                                            Assembly applications; other;
   ball-cocks for gas; shut-off         Assembled sheet metal parts made of                               assembly installations, assembly
                                                                      high-grade steel                    equipment,                       
ARP; aramide-fibre reinforced plastics 
                                                                   Assembled sheet metal parts; other   Assembly bays; controls for      
ARP parts/aramide reinforced plastics  
                                                                   Assemblies and metal constructions;                            Assembly bays; individual        
ARP processing, aramide-fiber                                         other                                           12.06.10
  reinforcing of plastic                                                                                  Assembly cells                   
                                                                   Assemblies and systems;
Arranged condition; other handling                                    microcomputer                                   08.08.03    Assembly centres
   installations for stockpiling and                                                                                                 (for screw, press-fitting and
                                                                   Assemblies; building of                                           handling tasks)               
   provision in                           
                                                                      electromechanical components and   
Arranging installations; hoppers with                                                                                             Assembly controls; screw         
                                                                   Assemblies; building of special
   powered discharge and                                                                                     Assembly conveyors); assembly
                                                                      electrical or electronic           
Arrays; detectors, detector                                                                                     conveyors (e.g. double-belt   
                                                                   Assemblies; building of special
Arrays; infrared detectors, rows,                                     hydraulic or pneumatic components                           Assembly conveyors
   (infra-ed measuring technology)            and                                       (e.g. double-belt assembly
Arrays; logic                                          08.01.05    Assemblies; building of special
                                                                      mechanical individual components                            Assembly devices; cable          
Arresters for building engineering;
   overvoltage                                and                                    Assembly devices, clamping devices               04.03.05
Arresters for low voltages; surge          Assemblies; building of special                                Assembly devices; general                        04.03.05
                                                                      precision mechanical or optical                             Assembly equipment
Arresters for switchgear and switching                                components and                     
   systems from 1 kV to 60 kV; surge                                                                      (manually operated assembly
                                                                   Assemblies                                                        installations)                
Arresters up to 1 kV; overvoltage          (energy conduction, current lines);                         Assembly for the subcontracting
Articles over 1 kg; injection mouldings,                              slip-ring                           industry; micro-                 
    injection moulded                   Assemblies for transport, conveying or
                                                                                                                                  Assembly from 1 kV to 60 kV; power
Articles up to 1 kg; injection mouldings,                             materials handling equipment;
                                                                                                                                     circuit breakers for external
    injection moulded                      building of special-purpose        
                                                                                                                                  Assembly from 1 kV to 60 kV; power
Articles with inserts; moulded plastic     Assembling equipment; hose presses,
                                                                                                                                     circuit breakers for internal
Articulated robots                                     15.01.05                                                                   Assembly, handling and robotics;
                                                                   Assembling in the manufacturing
Artificial DNS for technical plagiarism                                                                                              further education and qualification
                                                                      chain; installations,              
    protection                                                                                                  in the field of               
                                                                   Assembly and handling systems for
Artificial implants; neuron-integrated                 03.07.11                                                                   Assembly, handling and robotics; PC-
                                                                      Factory Automation; general        
                                                                                                                                     based control systems for     
Artificial intelligence; expert systems                            Assembly and handling systems for
    and                                                                                                      Assembly, handling and robotics;
                                                                      general machine building           
                                                                                                                                     programmable control systems for
Artificial intelligence in the field of data                       Assembly and handling systems for
    mining                                                03.06                                                                   Assembly, handling and robotics;
                                                                      loading and unloading              
                                                                                                                                     sensors for                 
Artificial intelligence in the field of                            Assembly and handling systems for
    robotics; Research on                                 03.06                                                                   Assembly, handling and robotics
                                                                      measuring and control technology   
                                                                                                                                     services; other               
Artificial intelligence                                            Assembly and handling systems for
    (Research and Technology)                             03.06       other branch-specific application                           Assembly installations, assembly
                                                                                                                                     equipment, assembly applications;
Artificial intelligence systems;                                      areas                              
    application development systems,                               Assembly and handling systems for
    expert systems, diagnosis systems,           other vehicle construction             Assembly installations for machine-
                                                                                                                                     operated assembly; other      
Artificial intelligence/AI; Research on                            Assembly and handling systems for
    production systems interpreter                                    precision engineering and the                               Assembly installations for manually
    strategies of                                         03.06       optics industry                           operated assembly; other      
Artificial neural networks; Applied                                Assembly and handling systems for                              Assembly lines                   
    research on                                        03.07.11       the automotive industry                Assembly lines; basic units for  
Artificial resins; plastics,                                       Assembly and handling systems for                              Assembly lines; CANbus for robot
    (electrical insulation materials)         the chemical industry                     control systems and           

The product category index arranged according to subject is                                                                   Automatic control engineering for other
the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media                                                                                  vehicle construction

Assembly lines; hydraulic drives for                           Associations, authorities in the power                         Attenuation; housings for high
   assembly machines, automatic                                   plant technology sector;                                       screening
   assembly machines and                  organizations,                                  09.03.05       (electrical connection technology)
Assembly lines; other basic units and                          Associations, cooperations,                                    Audio input systems, voice recognition
   drive units for the basic                                      organisations for mobility, hybrid                            systems                                          14.01.06
   construction of                        and electric drive technology;                              Audits; environmental              
Assembly machines                                                 research                                        24.08.02
                                                                                                                              Audits (system, product, process);
   (machine-operated assembly                                  Associations for coil technology;                                quality                          
   installations)                         organisations,                                     26.07
                                                                                                                              Austempered ADI cast iron,         
Assembly machines and cabling                                  Associations for contracting, plant
                                                                                                                              Authentication servers and directory
   systems; other automatic cable         engineering, industrial construction;
                                                                                                                                 servers                                         14.01.05
Assembly machines and lines,                                      organizations,                     
                                                                                                                              Authorities & certification authorities
   general; power units for assembly                           Associations for education, job and                               for explosion protection, (ATEX);
   machines, automatic                    career; organizations and                          20.14       inspecting                      
Assembly machines, automatic                                   Associations for industrial software,                          Authorities for explosion protection,
   assembly machines and assembly                                 Digital Factory; organizations and              14.05.07       (ATEX); inspecting authorities &
   lines; hydraulic drives for         Associations for mobility, hybrid and                             certification                   
Assembly machines, automatic                                      electric drive technology; trade                24.08.01    Authorities in power engineering;
   assembly machines and lines;                                Associations for Open Source;                                     organizations, associations,                    01.10.09
   pneumatic drives for                   organizations and                               14.05.08    Authorities in the power plant
Assembly machines; automatic cable     Associations for process automation                               technology sector; organizations,
Assembly machines; basic units for        technology; organizations,                      17.04.06       associations,                                   09.03.05
Assembly machines; basic units for                             Associations for research and                                  Authorities; robots for emergency
   automatic                              technology; organizations and                   03.08.08       services, fire brigade services,
                                                                                                                                 safety                                          15.07.22
Assembly machines; complete cable      Associations for robotics;
                                                                  organizations and                               15.08.05    Auto-calibration; calibration in testing
Assembly machines, manually
                                                                                                                                 technology, including
   operated                            Associations for the field of
                                                                                                                                 (production engineering for
Assembly machines; other basic units                              MicroTechnology; organizations,                 05.09.05       electrical engineering and
   for manually operated               Associations (Global Business);                                   electronics)                    
Assembly machines; other basic units                              organizations and                                  21.17    Automated component insertion; feed
   for the basic construction of                               Associations in the field of building                             equipment for                      
   machine-operated                       automation, Industrial Building                             Automated manufacture fields; system
Assembly machines; other cable            Automation; organizations,                      07.04.08       planning, system simulation,
Assembly of cable leads, with                                  Associations in the field of                                      system realization as well as
   integrated plug injection-moulding                             regenerative energy sources;                                   engineering for flexible           
   systems; transfer line machines for                            organizations,                         Automated manufacturing plants;
   fully-automatic processing,         Associations, networking for                                      complete flexible                               04.01.06
Assembly of presses and other                                     nanotechnology; organisations,                  05.10.06    Automated shelving systems;
   production plants; business                                 Associations, organizations for the                               automated storage technology,      
   relocations, machine relocations,                              field of subcontracting                         12.14.08    Automated storage technology,
   dismantling and                                                                                       automated shelving systems         
                                                               Associations, organizations in the field
Assembly plants; compact                  of Factory Automation                           04.19.10    Automated test stations for electric
Assembly robots for general tasks                  15.04.03    Assurance; Applied research on                                    motors                          
Assembly services for the field of plant                          quality control and                    Automated testing devices for the
   engineering                         Assurance; image processing systems                               manufacturing technology of
                                                                  for quality                            electrical engineering and
Assembly systems; environmental
                                                                                                                                 electronics; other              
   switch cabinet housings for      Assurance; laser-assisted measuring
                                                                  technology in manufacturing and                             Automatic analysis systems for
Assembly systems; flexible         
                                                                  quality                                environmental technology        
Assembly systems for
                                                               Assurance; measuring systems for                               Automatic assembly machines and
   MicroTechnology; assembly
                                                                  quality                                assembly lines; hydraulic drives for
   technologies and                                05.01.03
                                                                                                                                 assembly machines,              
Assembly systems for solar thermal                             Assurance; other image processing
                                                                                                                              Automatic assembly machines; basic
   systems                             systems for quality             
                                                                                                                                 units for                       
Assembly systems; screw                                        Asynchronous generators for low
                                                                                                                              Automatic assembly machines, linear
   (assembly technology)                  voltages, three-phase generators
Assembly tables                        Asynchronous generators for medium
                                                                                                                              Automatic assembly machines, rotary
                                                                  voltages, three-phase generators
Assembly technologies and assembly                                                                                               transfer                        
   systems for MicroTechnology                     05.01.03    Asynchronous generators, single-
                                                                                                                              Automatic backflush filters for water,
                                                                  phase generators                
Assembly technology; other marking                                                                                               oils and liquids              
   units for                           Asynchronous machines; high-voltage   Automatic boring and threading
Assembly technology; presses for the    Asynchronous machines; low-voltage      machines for the machining of
Assembly technology; turnkey                                   Asynchronous main spindle motors          switch cabinet casings        
   systems and complete systems for                04.01.02    Asynchronous motors; smooth start                              Automatic cable assembly machines  
Assembly tools                            devices for                         Automatic cable assembly machines
                                                               Asynchronous motors; starting current                             and cabling systems; other      
Assembly tools; special            
                                                                  limiters for large synchronous and    Automatic cable processing systems 
Assembly transfer installations    
                                                               AT cards for fieldbus systems;                                 Automatic cable reeling devices
Assembly transfer systems; complete                                                                                              (energy conduction, current lines)
                                                                  diagnostic tools, programming                                                                
   flexible                                        04.01.02
                                                                  devices,                            Automatic cable reeling devices
Assembly trolleys                                                                                           (workshop technology)              
                                                               ATE systems (automatic test systems)
Assessment of remission,                                                                                                      Automatic component insertion
   transmission, colour, moisture,                             ATEX;
                                                                 (explosion protection equipment for                             machines); component insertion
   gloss; modular measuring systems                                                                                              machines and systems
   for                                                           machinery and plants)               
Assessments for power engineering;                             (ATEX); inspecting authorities &
                                                                  certification authorities for                               Automatic component insertion
   environmental compatibility                                                                           machines for SMDs               
                                                                  explosion protection,           
Assessments for workplaces; risk                                                                         Automatic control and process control
                                                               Atex-approved operating material up
Asset Management, media databases;                                to 1 kV                             technology; other services in the
   software and solutions for Media                                                                         field of control,               
                                                               Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)         
Asset management software and                                                                                                 Automatic control engineering for
   solutions                              Attachments and accessories for                                   general industrial applications    
                                                                  machines and off-road vehicles for
Assignment of activities and                                                                                                  Automatic control engineering for
                                                                  earthwork purposes            
   production scheduling; consultancy                                                                                            general machine building           
   for                                    Attack, intruder, and theft alarm
                                                                                                                              Automatic control engineering for
                                                                  systems; robbery,                  
Assisted measuring technology in                                                                                                 measuring and control technology   
   manufacturing and quality                                   Attendance and maintenance;
                                                                                                                              Automatic control engineering for other
   assurance; laser-                      software                                  branch-specific applications       
Associations, authorities in power                             Attendance data acquisition systems       Automatic control engineering for other
   engineering; organizations,                     01.10.09    Attenuation; housings for high screen       vehicle construction               

Automatic control engineering for                                                                  The product category index arranged according to subject is
precision engineering and the optical                                                               the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Automatic control engineering for                             Automatic translation systems                     14.01.13    Automation software solutions for the
   precision engineering and the                              Automatic transmissions, gear                                    paper industry                              14.04.13
   optical industry                         components; motor vehicle                                  Automation software solutions for the
Automatic control engineering for the                            gearing,                                 pharmaceutical industry                     14.04.19
   automotive industry                   Automatically driven transport vehicles    Automation software solutions for the
Automatic control engineering for the                         Automation accessories for analytics        plastics industry                           14.04.09
   chemical industry                                                                                   Automation software solutions for the
                                                              Automation; Applied research on
Automatic control engineering for the                            process                                  printing industry                           14.04.18
   construction industry                                                                               Automation software solutions for the
                                                              Automation; Applied research on
Automatic control engineering for the                            production                               provisions industry/foodstuffs
   electrical engineering industry                                                                        industry                                    14.04.08
                                                              Automation buses; other fieldbus
Automatic control engineering for the                            systems and building               Automation software solutions for the
   glass industry, ceramics industry                                                                      semiconductor industry                      14.04.07
                                                              Automation; communication networks
Automatic control engineering for the                            for process                        Automation software solutions for the
   metal producing and working                                                                                                 textile industry                            14.04.12
   industry                              Automation Controllers (PAC);
                                                                 Programmable                       Automation software solutions for the
Automatic control engineering for the                                                                                          timber and woodworking industry             14.04.11
   packaging industry                    Automation devices; environmentally
                                                                 resistant, shock-resistant            Automation solutions for buildings;
Automatic control engineering for the                                                                                          process                      
   paper industry and printing industry    Automation devices for increased
                                                                 temperature requirements              Automation solutions for cement and
Automatic control engineering for the                                                                                          construction material industries
   pharmaceutical industry and                                Automation devices for mobile
                                                                                                                               (cement, lime, gypsum, concrete,
   medical technology                       applications                             glass, bricks, ceramics); process
Automatic control engineering for the                         Automation devices with low power
                                                                                                                            Automation solutions for chemical and
   plastics industry                        consumption                              pharmaceutical industries; process
Automatic control engineering for the                         Automation; image processing
                                                                                                                            Automation solutions for consumer
   provisions industry/foodstuffs                                systems for production          
                                                                                                                               goods industries
   industry                              Automation; manufacturing                                        (wood, textiles, paper, printing,
Automatic control engineering for the                            (PROFIBUS-DP)                         etc.); process               
   semiconductor industry                Automation; network and system                                Automation solutions for disposal
Automatic control engineering for the                            cabinets for Secure                   companies
   textile industry                      Automation; organizations,                                       (waste water treatment, waste
Automatic control engineering for the                            associations in the field of building                         treatment, recycling); process
   timber and woodworking industry          automation, Industrial Building                07.04.08    Automation solutions for electrical and
Automatic control systems for special                         Automation; other network systems for                            electronics industries; process
   applications                          Secure                             Automation solutions for foodstuff and
Automatic control systems; other      Automation; other terminals for          feed industries; process     
Automatic control systems; parts and                          Automation (PA); PROFIBUS-process     Automation solutions for Industrial
   accessories for automatic controls                                                                                          Building Automation; other
                                                              Automation plants; commissioning of
   and                                                                                                 integrated                                  07.03.05
Automatic control systems; universal                                                                  Automation solutions for laboratories;
                                                              Automation plants; erection,
Automatic data acquisition and                                   installation of process         
   identification; other complete                                                                                           Automation solutions for logistics and
                                                              Automation plants for heat distribution;
   solutions for                                                                                          material flow; process       
                                                                 measuring and                     
Automatic dip soldering systems                                                                     Automation solutions for mechanical
                                                              Automation plants for heat distribution;
                                                                                                                               engineering; process         
Automatic electrical control systems                             other measuring and               
   for building automation; heating,                                                                                        Automation solutions for petroleum
                                                              Automation plants for railway
   air-conditioning, ventilation                                                                          industries
                                                                 operation; measuring and          
                                                                                                                               (refineries and petrochemical
Automatic filters for liquids      Automation plants for supply/disposal                            industries); process         
Automatic fuse devices for automation                            companies; measuring and          
                                                                                                                            Automation solutions for power plants;
   technology; rail-mounting       Automation plants; other measuring                               Process                        
Automatic hose reeling devices; hose                             and                               
                                                                                                                            automation solutions for process
   drums,                                Automation plants; procurement                                   industries; other            
Automatic lathe work                        services for process            
                                                                                                                            Automation solutions for pulp, paper
Automatic lighting automation systems                         Automation plants; technical planning                            and cardboard industries process
   for buildings; fully                     of process                      
                                                                                                                            Automation solutions for the metal-
Automatic material supplies control;                          Automation; remote inquiry systems                               producing industres
   software and solutions for                                    for building                          (steel works, foundries, hot-rolling
   electronic kanban,                    Automation software; CAD/CAM             and cold-rolling mills); process
Automatic milling parts                  Automation software solutions for                             Automation solutions for utility
Automatic placement machines in                                  general industrial applications                14.04.01       companies
   COB (chip on board), MCR                                   Automation software solutions for                                (electricity, water, natural gas,
   (moulded carrier ring), flip-chip                             general machine building                       14.04.02       district heating); process   
   technologies                                                                                     Automation solutions for utility
                                                              Automation software solutions for
Automatic power-factor correction                                measuring and control technology               14.04.17       networks; Process            
   equipment up to 1 kV                                                                          Automation solutions for vehicle
                                                              Automation software solutions for
Automatic Pressure-induced Gelling                               other branch-specific applications             14.04.21       industries; process          
   (APG); systems for                                                                                  Automation solutions with Internet
                                                              Automation software solutions for
Automatic Pressure-induced Gelling;                              other vehicle construction                                    connections                    
   closing units and moulds for                                                                        Automation systems for building
                                                              Automation software solutions for
Automatic reclosers; load-sensitive                                                                    services technology; other     
                                                                 precision engineering and the
Automatic refill systems with dosage                             optical industry                               14.04.16    Automation systems for compressed
   apparatus                                      04.03.06                                                                     air supply technology          
                                                              Automation software solutions for the
Automatic riveting systems               automotive industry                            14.04.03    Automation systems for driverless
Automatic screw tightening units         Automation software solutions for the                            transport systems            
Automatic screw tightening units                                 chemical industry                              14.04.14    Automation systems for heating, air
   (assembly technology)              Automation software solutions for the                            conditioning, ventilation; other
Automatic soldering systems              construction industry                          14.04.10    Automation systems for lighting
Automatic stokers, combustion                                 Automation software solutions for the                            technology; other              
   managers for burners                     electrical engineering industry,                           Automation systems for power
Automatic test stations                                          electronic industry                            14.04.07       engineering; other measuring and
   (hardware and software) for                                Automation software solutions for the                         Automation systems for power supply
   transformers, contactors, coils,                              glass industry, ceramics industry              14.04.15       technology                     
   capacitors, etc.; fully-           Automation software solutions for the                         Automation systems for steam and hot
Automatic test systems (ATE systems)       medical technology                             14.04.20       water supply technology        
Automatic testers, computer-aided test                        Automation software solutions for the                         Automation systems for water, process
   and inspection systems for coil                               metal producing and metal working                             water, and sewage supply
   technology                                     26.05.03       industry                                       14.04.05       technology                     
Automatic testing devices; high-                              Automation software solutions for the                         Automation systems in building
   voltage                               packaging industry                             14.04.06       security technology; other     

The product category index arranged according to subject is                                                                                                         Basement gullies
the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Automation systems in forging press                            Autonomous, driverless vehicles;                               Ball-bearings, plastic bearings, plastic
   plants; complete                                04.01.05       navigation systems for                          15.06.04       bearing shells; plastic           
Automation systems in structural fire                          Autonomous, mobile robots                          15.05.07    Ballcocks                          
   protection; other                      Autonomous photovoltaic systems,                               Ball-cocks for gas; shut-off armatures,
Automation systems in technical                                   autonomous stand-alone                                         gate valves, flaps, valves,     
   building equipment systems; other       photovoltaic systems             Balls; ball-bearings in steel and other
Automation systems; open control                               Autonomous road sweeper, turn                                     metals, shifting (Subcontracting) 
   systems, flexible                      robots                                 Balls; plastic                       
Automation systems; other pipeline        Autonomous stand-alone photovoltaic                            Band
Automation systems; PROFIBUS                                      systems; autonomous photovoltaic                              (Industrial, Scientific, Medical
   applications for                       systems,                           Band) transfer systems; ISM        
Automation technology; engineering                             Autonomous systems; solar-operated                             Bandages and shrink-fit flexible tubing
   and integration in process                                     power supply systems for network-     for gas lines; paints,             
                                                               Autonomous transport systems,                                  Bands; foils and thin
Automation technology; general virtual
                                                                  intralogistics                                                (non-ferrous metals)               
   reality in                         
                                                                  (application of hybrid/electric
Automation technology; industrial                                                                                             Bands; friction linings, sintered friction
                                                                  drives); industrial trucks,        
   networks and serial bus systems in                                                                     linings, brake                        
                                                               Autonomous vehicles, autonomously
Automation technology; instructive                                                                                            Bands (non-ferrous metals)           
                                                                  navigating systems for inland water
   teaching systems for                            20.08.03       transport                              Bands; patterned sheet metals and
Automation technology; rail-mounting                                                                                            (non-ferrous metals)               
                                                               Autonomous vehicles, autonomously
   automatic fuse devices for          navigating systems for rail transport    Bands; shaped sheet metals and
Automation technology; transfer                                                                                                 (non-ferrous metals)               
                                                               Autonomous vehicles, autonomously
   systems in                             navigating systems for road                                 Bar code systems;
Automation; turnkey system solutions                              transport                                 (identification carriers)         
   in the field of industrial                      04.01.04    Autonomously navigating systems for                            Barcode encoders                        
Automation via PROFIBUS;                                          inland water transport; autonomous                          Barcode labels and forms for
   decentralized                          vehicles,                                 automation                        
Automation, wireless communication,                            Autonomously navigating systems for                            Barcode printers for automation         
   optical data transmission; other                               rail transport; autonomous vehicles,    Barcode readers for automation; hand-
   wireless                               Auxiliary heating; electrical          held                                 
Automation/measuring robots;                                   Auxiliary reactions                                            Barcode readers for automation; other   
   measuring                             (including amperometric and                                  Barcode readers, reader pens for
Automatisation and industrial use;                               coulometric oxygen sensors);                                    automation                           
   other internet services for              measuring equipment for liquid
                                                                 analysis with electrochemical        Barcode readers; sensors for       
Automatization software; other custom 
                                                               Auxiliary relays; switching relays,    Barcode receipt reader terminals for
Automobile industry; CANbus                                                                                                      automation                           
   applications in the                 Aviation industry; jointing systems for
                                                                  the                                    Barcode recognition software for
Automobile industry; innovative textiles                                                                                         automation                           
   for the                             Axial fans                         
                                                                                                                              Barcode scanners for automation         
Automobile industry; jointing systems                          Axis control systems               
                                                                                                                              Barcode systems; contactless write/
   for the                                Axis controls; modular multi-             read systems for                     
Automobile industry sector; wage work                          Axis controls; multi-                  Barcode systems; other accessories
   in the sheet metal working -           Axle components; motor vehicle axles,        for                               
Automobile industry; visualization                             Axles, axle components; motor vehicle     Barcode systems, 2D symbol systems
   systems for the                                                                                       for automation; 2D                   
Automotive applications for                                                                                                   Bare Al/Al alloy conductors             
                                                                                                                              Bare conductors                         
Automotive engineering; microsystem
   technical solutions for                         05.08.01    B                                                              Bare Cu/Cu alloy conductors             

Automotive industry; assembly and                                                                                             Bare flex and ropes
   handling systems for the               Back services; sell and lease                (non-ferrous metals)              
                                                               Backbone bus systems, general             Bare PCBs                            
Automotive industry; automatic control
   engineering for the                    Backflush filters for water and liquids   Barometric pressure, air pressure;
                                                                                                                                 sensors for                     
Automotive industry; automation                                Background lighting for backlit
   software solutions for the                      14.04.03      displays; (LCD backlighting)         Barrels; rolls made of metal, roll      
Automotive industry; DeviceNet                                 Backlighting                                                   Barrier drives; monitoring systems for
   applications in the                      (background lighting for backlit                                door, window and                     
Automotive industry; image processing                            displays); LCD                       Barrier packing; cleanroom packing,     
   systems for the                        Backlighting; LCD                      Barriers and enclosures                 
Automotive industry; industrial robots                         Backlit displays); LCD backlighting                            Barriers; diagonal light           
   for the                                         15.07.03      (background lighting for             Barriers for assembly, handling and
Automotive industry; industrial                                Backplane for VMEbus systems                       08.06.06       robotics; photoelectric         
   services for the                       Back-up power supplies, UPS systems                            Barriers for security systems, alarm
Automotive industry; lasers for the         for building automation                 systems; warning devices and light   
Automotive industry; management                                Backup; software for computer data        Barriers; laser light              
   consultancy for the                 BACnet systems;                                                Bars, capillaries made of glass; tubes, 
Automotive industry; measuring and                               (Building Automation and Control                             Bars for the manufacture of carbon
   testing technology for the               Network)                                brushes; carbon blocks, plates and
Automotive industry; networks/                                 Balancers; hydraulic                   Bars; half-round                        
   industrial communication for the       Balancers; pneumatic                   Bars; steel                             
Automotive industry; sensors for the    Balancing; dynamic and static          Base series terminal blocks for
Automotive industry; software and                              Balancing, ecological controlling;                               industrial PCs                                     08.08.04
   solutions for the                               14.03.14       ecological                          Baseboard heaters, panel and flat
Automotive system supply for brakes    Balancing instruments and machines       surface radiators); heating
Automotive system supply for chassis    Balancing machines, unbalance                                    elements (radiators,               
Automotive system supply for drive                                measuring equipment                 Based alloys; cobalt               
   trains and steering                 Ball bearing slewing rings, roller                             Based alloys; nickel               
Automotive system supply for                                      bearing slewing rings; slewing                              Based DeviceNet controls; PLC-       
   electrical equipment and                                       rings,                             
                                                                                                                              Based Monitoring; systems for
   electronics                         Ball bearing steels                         Condition                          
Automotive system supply for engines    Ball bearings (Subcontracting)      Based on CAL
Automotive system supply for interior                          Ball bearings, special models         (CAN Application Layer) and
   fittings                            Ball transfer units, cylinders ball                              CANopen; communication controls
Automotive system supply for safety                               transfer units                     with CAN                           
   systems                             Ball-and-socket joints for steering                            Based PLC systems; PC-               
Automotive system supply for                                      systems                                Based production techniques for
   structural components, bodies       Ball-bearings in steel and other metals,                         electronics; microtechnology          
Automotive system supply; other           shifting balls (Subcontracting)     Basement gullies                     

Bases; fuse                                                                                            The product category index arranged according to subject is
                                                                                                        the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Bases; fuse                             Batteries                                                       Bearing bushes; plain (Subcontracting)
Bases up to 1 kV; low-voltage fuse      (mobile, electrical energy storage                           Bearing parts and components; plain
                                                                   units); removable                      (Subcontracting)                
Basic; application development
  systems using C++, C,                    Batteries; monitoring devices for       Bearing parts and roller bearing
Basic construction of assembly lines;                           Batteries; primary elements and                     01.01.07      components; roller
  other basic units and drive units for                         Batteries; protective gear, high-voltage                          (Subcontracting)                
  the                                      protection for                       Bearing shells; plastic ball-bearings,
Basic construction of machine-                                  Batteries, removable battery systems,                             plastic bearings, plastic         
  operated assembly machines;                                      vehicles, fleets, mobility concepts;                         Bearing slewing rings, roller bearing
  other basic units for the                (operator models for hybrid, electric                          slewing rings; slewing rings, ball   
Basic research for power engineering                03.01.10       mobility)                                        24.06.01    Bearing slewing rings; slewing rings,
Basic research in aerospace                                     Batteries; stationary charging systems                            ball bearing slewing rings, roller   
  engineering                                       03.01.05       for removable                           Bearing steels; anti-friction          
Basic research in civil engineering and                         Batteries/accumulators; charger                                 Bearing steels; ball                   
  building activities                               03.01.06       systems for                         
                                                                                                                                Bearing structures, adaptive load-
Basic research in electric and                                  Battery bus systems; battery                                      bearing structures; lightweight
  electronic engineering                            03.01.02       monitoring equipment and               plane load-                          
Basic research in proteomics, proteins              03.01.12    Battery changing and battery storing                            Bearing structures; lightweight
                                                                   systems; battery management, incl.        construction for buildings, load-    
Basic research in system biology                    03.01.11
                                                                Battery charging                                                Bearing structures; lightweight plane
Basic research in the field of                                     (electric/hybrid drive train);
  aerospace engineering                             03.01.05                                                                      load-bearing structures, adaptive
                                                                   generators for recuperation,                                   load-                                
Basic research in the field of civil                               regenerative braking,             
  engineering and building activities;                                                                                          Bearings; ball (Subcontracting)   
                                                    03.01.06    Battery charging ICs and switching
                                                                                                                                Bearings, etc.
Basic research in the field of industrial                          regulator ICs                       
  management and industrial applied                                                                                               (electric/hybrid drive train);
                                                                Battery components, cells, electrodes,                            components for electric motors,
  economics;                                        03.01.07       separators, electrolytes, etc.         magnetic steel sheets, magnets,   
Basic research in the field of; materials                       Battery contacts, cell contacts                                 Bearings for electric motors           
  technology                                        03.01.04       (mobile, electrical energy storage
                                                                                                                                Bearings; other rolling contact   
Basic research in the field of                                     units)                            
  mechanical engineering activities;                03.01.03                                                                    Bearings, plastic bearing shells; plastic
                                                                Battery cooling, battery temperature
                                                                                                                                  ball-bearings, plastic            
Basic research in the field of                                     control; battery management
  nanotechnology;                                   03.01.08       thermal,                             Bearings; roller                  
Basic research on chemistry,                                    Battery driven vehicles; electrical                             Bearings; self-aligning roller    
  biochemistry                                      03.01.09       equipment for                        Bearings; self-lubricating bronze or
Basic research; other                               03.01.13    Battery management electric, battery                              steel                                
Basic scientific research                           03.01.01       monitoring, cell monitoring          Bearings; sintered                     
Basic software and systems-oriented                             Battery management, incl. battery                               Bearings, special models; ball    
  industrial software; other                        14.01.16       changing and battery storing                                 Bearings, vibration reducing; machine
Basic systems for mobile automation;                                                                                            Bedding systems for pipelines; bracket
  other                                    Battery management thermal, battery                               systems, supports,              
                                                                   cooling, battery temperature control
Basic units and drive units for the basic                                                                                       Beds; measuring equipment for engine
  construction of assembly lines;                               Battery monitoring, cell monitoring;                              test                                 
  other                                    battery management electric,      
                                                                                                                                Bell transformers                   
Basic units for assembly lines          Battery monitoring equipment and
                                                                   battery bus systems                  Bell transformers, door openers        
Basic units for assembly machines                                                                       Bellow expansion joints and pipe joints
                                                                Battery replacement systems;
Basic units for automatic assembly                                                                                                 made of rubber                      
                                                                   removable battery systems,          
  machines                                                                                              Bellows made of rubber                 
                                                                Battery storing systems; battery
Basic units for machine substructures                                                                                           Bellows of leather                     
                                                                   management, incl. battery
  (e.g. frameworks)                 
                                                                   changing and                            Bellows of metal                       
Basic units for manually operated
                                                                Battery systems, battery replacement                            Bellows of rubber                      
  assembly machines; other          
                                                                   systems; removable                  
Basic units for single workstations                                                                     Belt conveyors (handling technology)   
                                                                Battery systems
Basic units for the basic construction                                                                                          Belt drives; V-belt drives, synchronous
                                                                   (electric/hybrid vehicles); batteries,
  of machine-operated assembly                                                                                                  Belt hoppers                           
                                                                Battery systems for mobile automation
  machines; other                                                                                       Belts; conveyor (handling technology)  
                                                                Battery systems for vehicles           
Basin inlets, free-overfall weirs,                                                                                              Belts of rubber; conveyor              
  skimmers                           Battery systems, new developments
                                                                   and modes of operation; batteries                            Belts; safety                          
Basis; remote control technical
                                                                   and                                              01.01.07    Benches; work-                         
  systems on a teleservice          
                                                                Battery systems, vehicles, fleets,                              Benchmarking); business analysis
Basis; sensors on ultrasound        
                                                                   mobility concepts); operator models                            (e.g. analyses of strengths and
Batch control, coupled batch                                       for hybrid, electric mobility                                  weaknesses, efficiency
   processes; process automation                                   (batteries, removable                            24.06.01      measurings,                       
   solutions for batch processes,   
                                                                Battery temperature control; battery                            Bending and cutting machines;
Batch control systems; time and                                    management thermal, battery                                    reinforcing steel,              
   sequence control systems;                  cooling,                             Bending machines; workshop bending
Batch processes, batch control,                                 Battery/capacitor components                                      machines, workshop pipe              
   coupled batch processes; process                                (mobile, electrical energy storage                           Bending machines, workshop pipe
   automation solutions for                units); materials/material                                     bending machines; workshop           
Batch processes; process automation                                development for                   
                                                                                                                                Bending, power, etc.; testing machines
   solutions for batch processes,                               Battery-powered vehicles and power                                and equipment for pressure,
   batch control, coupled                  supply systems; contactors for         tension,                          
Batching and filling; scales for                                Bays; controls for assembly             Bending, power; universal testing
   counting,                                                                                              machines for pressure, tension,   
                                                                Bays; individual assembly            
Bath drains                                                                                             Bends, fittings for pipeline systems;
                                                                Bays with robots; MIG/MAG welding    
Batteries and battery systems, new                                                                                                pipes,                          
                                                                Beam coating; systems for laser        
   developments and modes of                                                                                                    Bends for gas lines; pipes and pipe 
   operation                                        01.01.07    Beam cutting; systems for laser        
                                                                Beam drilling; systems for laser           Bends, reductions, fittings made of
Batteries, battery systems                                                                                                        cast iron; pipes,               
   (electric/hybrid vehicles)           Beam guidance optics for robot
                                                                  operation; laser                                  04.05.02    Bends, reductions, fittings made of
Batteries; chargers for fixed                                                                             nonferrous metals; pipes,       
Batteries; chargers for other           Beam guidance optics; general laser                 04.05.02
                                                                                                                                Bends, reductions, fittings made of
Batteries; chargers for starter         Beam hardening; systems for laser            plastic and other nonmetals; pipes,
Batteries; chargers for traction        Beam marking; systems for laser            Bends, reductions, fittings made of
Batteries for motor drives; lead-acid                           Beam soldering; systems for laser            stainless steel; pipes,         
   accumulators,                        Beam welding and cutting machines;                              Bends, reductions, fittings made of
Batteries for motor vehicles              electron-                            steel; pipes,                   
Batteries in small equipment; chargers                          Beam welding; systems for laser            Bent metal parts                       
   and power supplies for               Beams; wide-flange                         Bent plate parts                       

The product category index arranged according to subject is                                                                                                    Boards; CompactPCI
the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Bent plate parts; stamped                 Biomass; plants for pyrolysis of            Blister strap packing modules,
Bent, rolled, and edge-worked plate                            Biomass power plants; large-scale               packaging modules); production
  products; pressed, flanged, dished,                                                                          machinery and equipment for
                                                               Biomass processing plants; biological           electronic componentry (incl.      
Beryllium), MRP reinforced plastics;                           Biomass raw materials; renewable
   metal-fibre reinforced plastics                                                                                              Block industry, precast concrete parts
                                                                  (Research and Technology)                   industry; machines and equipment
   (whisker, steel,                
                                                               Biomass systems; boilers,                                           for the concrete                 
Bevel gears                                  components and equipment for             Blockage and control units for water
Bevelled sections; pressed and            Biomass; systems for utilising                 technology                     
Beverage industry; plants for the      Biomass-fired combined heat and                                  Blockage and control units for water
BFV systems, special stand-by power                               power plants with steam process             treatment plants               
  supplies; UPS/                       Biomechatronics; Research on                         03.04.10    Blocking bubbles, bubble injectors,
Big screen displays                    Biometric access control systems            insert plates for gas lines;
Big screen displays                                                                                                                provisional pipe blocking devices,
                                                               Biometry, face recognition; image
   (big screeen monitors, big screen                              processing systems for personal                               Blocking choke coils              
   projectors, screen walls)              identification,                          Blocking devices, blocking bubbles,
BIGBAG emptying devices                   Bionic component optimisation;                                      bubble injectors, insert plates for
BIGBAG fillers                               Research on                                       03.04.14       gas lines; provisional pipe    
Billet furnaces; applications on                               Bionic kinematics and dynamics;                                  Blocks, plates and bars for the
    superconductors in                    Research on                                       03.04.05       manufacture of carbon brushes;
Billet heating; superconductor systems                         Bionic prosthetics; Research on                      03.04.03
    in                                                                                                  Blocks; sliding                        
                                                               Bionic robotics; Research on                         03.04.04
Billing services for pipelines and                                                                                              Block-type combined heat and power
                                                               Bionic robots                                        15.05.10
    pipeline systems; metering and                                                                            plants and combined heat and
                                                               Bionic sensor technology; Research                                  power plants/systems;
Billing software for energy suppliers       on                                                03.04.12       maintenance and service for         
Bimetals and thermostatic bimetals        Bionics, construction bionics;                                   Block-type combined heat and power
Binding machines; cable winding and       Research on structural                            03.04.02       plants and combined heat and
Bins and hoppers for handling                                  Bionics design; Research on                          03.04.08       power plants/systems; planning,
   technology                                                                                                 project management and
                                                               Bionics; other research on                           03.04.15
Bins for workpieces and parts; hoppers                                                                                             contruction management for          
                                                               Bionics; Research on marine                          03.04.13
   and storage                                     04.03.06                                                                     Block-type thermal power stations;
                                                               Bionics; Research on material                        03.04.01       approval planning for power plants,
Bio fuels, biogene fuels, alternatives
   fuels; production, blending and                             Bionics; Research on neuro-                          03.04.11       heating stations,                   
   trade with                             Bionics; Research on organizational                  03.04.07    Block-type thermal power stations
Bioalcohols, biodiesel; biofuels,                              Bionics; Research on process                         03.04.06       (complete); contracting for power
   bioethanol,                                     24.03.01                                                                        plants, heating stations,           
                                                               Bionics; Research on process                         03.04.09
Biochemical plants for water and                                                                                                Block-type thermal power stations for
                                                               Biosensors;                                                         fuel oil/diesel, natural gas, biogas,
   waste water treatment; other        (other sensors for biological                                    biodiesel, vegetable oil            
Biochemistry; basic research on                                   variables)                      
   chemistry,                                      03.01.09                                                                     Block-type thermal power stations;
                                                               Biotechnological applications; optical                              leasing for power plants, heating
Biochemistry; Research on                    technologies for                                                 stations,                           
Biocide dosing systems                                            (Research & Technology)                           03.02.01
                                                                                                                                Block-type thermal power stations;
   (for algae control)              Biotechnological fermentation                                       operations contracting for power
Biodiesel; biofuels, bioethanol,                                  processes; Research on                      plants, heating stations,           
   bioalcohols,                                    24.03.01    Biotechnological processes for the                               Block-type thermal power stations;
Biodiesel systems and system                                      production of raw materials and                                  other; operation and financing of
   components                                reuse thereof; Research on                  power plants, heating stations,     
Biodiesel, vegetable oil; block-type                           Biotechnological research; other            Block-type thermal power stations with
   thermal power stations for fuel oil/                        Biotechnologies for food; Research on          fuel cells                       
   diesel, natural gas, biogas,           Biotechnology and genetic engineering                            Block-type thermal power stations with
Bioethanol, bioalcohols, biodiesel;                               (innovative technologies)                         03.09.16       fuel cells; mini                 
   biofuels,                                       24.03.01    Biotechnology and genetic                                        Blow moulding of hollow plastic parts
Biofuels, bioethanol, bioalcohols,                                technologies; microsystem                                     Blow mouldings; plastic             
   biodiesel                                       24.03.01       technical solutions for                           05.08.11
                                                                                                                                Blowers and roots blowers
Biogas, biodiesel, vegetable oil; block-                       Biotechnology; components and                                       (compressors); rotary piston   
   type thermal power stations for fuel                           systems of microchemistry and of
   oil/diesel, natural gas,                  micro-                                   Blowers (compressors); rotary piston
                                                                                                                                   blowers and roots              
Biogas dryers; gas desulphurisers,     Biotechnology; Research on
                                                                  pharmaceutical                           Blowers for electric drives, electronics;
Biogas, liquefied natural gas LNG,
   liquefied petroleum gas LPG,                                Bipolar plates for fuel cells; electrodes,
   compressed natural gas                          24.03.02       electrode plates,                     Blowers for pneumatic conveying;
                                                                                                                                   ventilators and                
Biogas production systems, biogas                              Black steel; assembled sheet metal
   systems                                parts made of                      Blowers; heating                    
Biogas systems                            Blade servers for industrial use; server                         Blowing and vacuum forming moulds
                                                                  systems, servers for 19" racks,             for plastic articles             
Biogas systems; biogas production
   systems,                            Blades; industrial knives and            Blow-out); air-borne sound dampers
Biogas systems; components and                                 Blanking parts for vehicle
   equipment for                             manufacture; precision                   Blow-out prevention equipment; BOP,
Biogas systems; measuring and                                  Blanks; bonded                           Bluetooth-applications              
   control equipment for                                                                                   Bluetooth-based data transfer
                                                               Blanks; tailored                     
Biogene fuels, alternatives fuels;                                                                                                 systems, LAN systems             
                                                               Bleed valves for water technology;
   production, blending and trade with                                                                                          Board computers                        
                                                                  aeration and                    
   bio fuels,                                                                                              Board computers; operating systems
                                                               Bleeding pipes for water pipes and
Biological biomass processing plants                                                                         for microprocessor systems and
Biological materials; Research on                                                                            single-                                           14.01.01
                                                               Bleeding pipes for water pipes and
Biological variables; other (biosensors)                          canalization                          Board power supply system, contacts,
   sensors for                                                                                         insulation, high-voltage protection
                                                               Blending and trade with bio fuels,                                 (electric/hybrid vehicles, mobile
Biology; application research for nano-       biogene fuels, alternatives fuels;                              machinery); on-                      
Biology applications; nano-                  production,                          
                                                                                                                                Board power supply systems
Biology; basic research in; system                 03.01.11    Blends; Polymer                         (electric/hybrid vehicles, mobile
Biology; Research on cell biology and                          Blind controls, heat and solar altitude                            machinery); electromagnetic
   molecular                                  controlled; central venetian              shielding, EMC for power
                                                               Blind riveting systems and blind                                   electronics and on-                  
Biomass boilers                       
                                                                   riveting tools                       Board production; test equipment and
Biomass fermenters                    
                                                               Blind riveting tools; blind riveting                               instruments for pc                   
Biomass firing systems                
                                                                   systems and                          Board systems
Biomass gasification plants                                                                                  (Global Position Systems) for road
                                                               Blind switches, switching/dimmer
Biomass; plants for gasification of           actuators); actuators specially for                            vehicles; GPS on-                 
Biomass; plants for incineration of           building automation (e.g. roller        Boards; CompactPCI                     

Boards for coil technology; insulation foil,                                                         The product category index arranged according to subject is
insulation                                                                                            the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Boards for coil technology; insulation                          Boxes; branching sockets and          Break power supply systems); rotary
  foil, insulation                                  26.02.02    Boxes, connection technology for                                 uninterruptible electric power
Boards for PCs; image processing                    04.04.03      electric motors; terminal                 supply systems (no-                
Boards; Industrial PCI (IPCI)              Boxes, containers and pallets, etc.;                          Break switches up to 1 kV; safety load
Boards; other meter mounting              once-through cleaning plants for       Breaker strips up to 1 kV; electronic
                                                                Boxes; fuse                              circuit                       
Boards; rigid printed circuit     
                                                                Boxes; house connection               Breaker switches up to 1 kV; no-load
Boards; switching relays for pc
                                                                                                                                 and load                      
  (measuring and monitoring relays)     Boxes; motor terminal                
                                                                                                                              Breakers for external assembly from
Boards; thermoplastic sheets,           Boxes, storage boxes made of plastic;
                                                                                                                                 1 kV to 60 kV; power circuit  
Bodies and superstructures; other;                                pallets, folding                 
                                                                                                                              Breakers for internal assembly from
  motor vehicle components for             Bracket systems; pipe           
                                                                                                                                 1 kV to 60 kV; power circuit  
Bodies; automotive system supply for                            Bracket systems, supports, bedding
                                                                                                                              Breakers; high-voltage power circuit
  structural components,                   systems for pipelines        
                                                                                                                              Breakers; miniature circuit (LS)   
Bodies, body parts; lightweight                                 Brackets and bushings; cable       
  construction for car                                                                                Breakers, motor protection devices up
                                                                Brackets and bushings; cable             to 1 kV; motor circuit        
Bodies; equipment for the electrical                            Braided connectors; copper flexible
  testing of insulating materials and                                                                  Breakers of up to 1 kV; synchronizable
                                                                   braids, copper flexible strands,                              power circuit-                
Bodies; separators for solid            copper flexible                 
                                                                                                                              Breakers up to 1 kV; circuit     
Body manufacture; systems and                                   Braids, copper flexible strands, copper
  equipment for vehicle                 flexible braided connectors; copper                        Breakers up to 1 kV; compact circuit
Body parts for vehicles                       flexible                           Breakers up to 1 kV; high-power circuit
Body parts; lightweight construction for                        Brake bands; friction linings, sintered                       Breakers up to 1 kV; power circuit
  car bodies,                              friction linings,                     Breakers up to 1 kV; safety load 
Boiler casings, boiler heating surfaces    Brake cables                             Breakers with communication
Boiler feed pumps                          Brake components; other motor                                    capability up to 1 kV; circuit-
                                                                   vehicle brakes,                       Breaking capacities up to 1 kV; control
Boiler heating surfaces; boiler casings,
                                                                Brake disks                                 elements for high             
Boiler plants; safety devices, control
   systems for                             Brake hoses, fuel hoses, air tubes for                        Breathing equipment/gas masks         
                                                                   vehicles; tubes,                      Bricks, ceramics); integrated solutions
Boilers; biomass                       
                                                                Brake linings                               for process optimization and
Boilers; burners for oil, gas and oil/gas
                                                                Brake motors                             advanced control in cement and
   combinations for building        
                                                                                                                                 construction material industries
Boilers, components and equipment                               Brakes; automotive system supply for      (cement, lime, gypsum, concrete,
   for biomass systems                     Brakes, brake components; other                                  glass,                          
Boilers for building engineering;                                  motor vehicle                         Bridges; rotating scraper        
   heating                              Brakes; disk                             Bridging cables for gas lines      
Boilers, generators, turbines;                                  Brakes; drum (Subcontracting)            Brigade; mobile automation systems
   protective and regulator systems                             Brakes; eddy current (Subcontracting)       for the fire                       
                                                                Brakes; electromagnetic couplings and   Brigade services, safety authorities;
Boilers; hot-water                     
                                                                Brakes; permanent magnetic                                       robots for emergency services, fire             15.07.22
Boilers; steam generators, steam                                   couplings and                      Bright steel
   boilers, waste heat steam           
                                                                Brakes; power                               (non-alloy steels in St, C and free-
Boilers, waste heat steam boilers;                                                                                               cutting qualities)                 
   steam generators, steam                 Brakes, torque and rotational speed
                                                                   converters for final control                               Bright surface; cold-rolled strip with
Bolt accessories                              elements; remote-controlled                                Brightness control devices; dimmers/
Bolt firing tools and accessories             couplings,                               (installation technology)          
Bolt tensioning cylinders               Brakes; wire                             Broached parts                                     12.04.06
Bolts and screws (Subcontracting)          Braking, battery charging                                     Broadband communication; Applied
Bolts for vehicle manufacture; joining                             (electric/hybrid drive train);                                research on                        
   elements, rivets,                          generators for recuperation,                               Broadband short-pulse lasers          
Bolts, pins                                                                                              Bronze castings                    
                                                                Braking equipment; electromagnetic
Bonded blanks                                                                                         Bronze or steel bearings; self-
Bonded magnets; plastics-                                                                                lubricating                        
                                                                Braking equipment for electric drives
Bonding                                                                                               Bronzes; copper-aluminium alloys
                                                                Braking systems and motors                                       (aluminium)                   
Bonding and sealing; industrial robots                             (actuator drives)                 
  for                                                                                                    Bronzes; copper-tin alloys       
                                                                Branch sleeves (power cable fittings)
Bonding; microsystem technology                                                                                               Brown coal dust burners; wood dust
                                                                Branching sockets and boxes              burners, dry dust burners;      
  solutions for                                     05.07.10
                                                                Branch-specific application areas;                            Brown coal power plants; hard coal
Bonding (service)                      
                                                                   assembly and handling systems for                             power plants,                      
Bonding; systems and equipment for                                 other                             
  structural                                                                                       Brown coal, pulverised lignite;
                                                                Branch-specific application areas;                               combined heat and power plants
Bonding systems for the packing of                                 lasers for other                         for hard coal,                     
  integrated circuits             
                                                                Branch-specific application areas;                            Brush holders
Bonding systems; metal                  management consultancy for other      (electrical carbon elements)    
Bonding systems; Micro-              Branch-specific applications;                                 Brushes; carbon blocks, plates and
Bonding systems; other adhesive         automatic control engineering for                             bars for the manufacture of carbon
Bonvarite quality cast iron with lamellar                          other                             
                                                                                                                              Brushes; other electrical carbon
  graphite                              Branch-specific applications;                                    elements, carbon                
Booths; clean-room islands, clean-                                 automation software solutions for
                                                                   other                                          14.04.21    Brushes; parts and accessories for
  room                                                                                                      electrocarbons and carbon       
Booths for high-power saws and                                  Branch-specific applications; image
                                                                   processing systems for other          Brushes; technical
  processing machines; suction                                                                                                   (maintenance accessory)            
  rooms and                                         07.03.04    Branch-specific applications;
                                                                   measuring and testing technology                           Brushless D.C. motors
Booths; foreman offices, workshop                                                                                                (D.C. motors with electronic
  (manufacturing hall and workshop                                 for other                         
                                                                                                                                 commutation) (small motors)     
  finishing)                         Branch-specific applications;
                                                                   networks/industrial communication                          Brushless D.C. motors, industrial
Booths; precision air-conditioned                                                                                                motors; direct-current motors with
  rooms and                                         07.03.02       for other                         
                                                                                                                                 electronic commutation          
BOP, blow-out prevention equipment   Branch-specific applications; sensors
                                                                                                                              Brushless motors; servo-drive control
                                                                   for other                       
Bored parts                                                                                                 units for (ECM)                 
                                                                Brass castings                     
Boring and threading machines for the                                                                                         Brushless permanent magnet motors  
   machining of switch cabinet                                  Brass mouldings                      
                                                                                                                              Bubble injectors, insert plates for gas
   casings; automatic                Brasses; copper-zinc alloys          lines; provisional pipe blocking
Boring holes and cutting with solid                             Brazing systems; electron-beam          devices, blocking bubbles,     
   state lasers; erosion,                  Break fuse links and accessories; NH                          Bubbles, bubble injectors, insert plates
Boron magnets; Neodym ferrous              quick-                               for gas lines; provisional pipe
Bought-in parts made of other                                   Break fuse links up to 1 kV; low-                               blocking devices, blocking     
  materials                                   voltage quick-                  Bucket excavators; multi-        

The product category index arranged according to subject is                                                                                        Buildings; scaffolding for
the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Bucket wheel excavators             Building automation; remote control                         Building equipment and installations;
Buckminster fullerenes, C60, C70;                                 systems for                         CAD software for heating, air
  Buckyballs,                       Building automation; remote inquiry                            conditioning, ventilation, technical
Buckyballs, Buckminster fullerenes,                               systems for                      Building equipment and installations;
  C60, C70                          Building automation; remote                                    CAE software and solutions for
                                                                  monitoring systems for              heating, air conditioning,
Buckypaper                                                                                         ventilation, technical          
Buffers and parts buffers; general                             Building automation; security
                                                                  management systems in               Building equipment systems; other
   material (handling technology)                                                                        automation systems in technical   
Buffing dust, rubber material             Building automation; sensor/actuator
                                                                  bus systems for                  Building heating technology,
Builders hoists and winches                                                                        refrigeration engineering and
                                                               Building automation; sensor/actuator                           ventilation and air conditioning;
Building activities; basic research in                            buses in                        
   civil engineering and                           03.01.06                                                                   other                             
                                                               Building automation; signalling panels                      Building; image processing systems
Building activities; basic research in                            for                           
   the field of civil engineering and              03.01.06                                                                   for general machine                  
                                                               Building automation; software for               07.01.05    Building industry; innovative textiles for
Building and agricultural machinery;
   hydrostatic traction drives for     Building automation; software for                              the                               
                                                                  communications and data networks                         Building industry; system supply for
Building and construction                                         for                           
   (civil engineering)                                                                                the                                  
                                                               Building automation; switchgear,                            Building installation systems in bus
Building; assembly and handling                                   switch cabinets, switchboards, and
   systems for general machine                                                                                                technology                           
                                             switching consoles for        
Building; automatic control engineering                                                                                    Building installation technology;
                                                               Building automation; systems in                                earthing material for             
   for general machine                       analog and digital technology for
Building automation; actuator drives,                                                                                      Building; INTERBUS applications in
                                                               Building automation; transmission                              machine                              
   valves for                                systems for                   
                                                                                                                           Building legislation and building
Building Automation and Control                                Building automation; visualization
   Network (BACnet) systems                                                                                                   contracts; consultancy on            
                                          systems for                   
                                                                                                                           Building machinery for construction
Building automation and facility                               Building automation with INTERBUS         and civil engineering work; other
   management; visualization
   systems for                         Building boilers; burners for oil, gas                      Building machinery; mobile automation
                                                                  and oil/gas combinations for        systems for                       
Building automation; back-up power
   supplies, UPS systems for           Building; cable laying, cable          Building management systems; other      
Building automation buses; other                               Building cleaning (services);                               Building management systems;
   fieldbus systems and                   maintenance cleaning,               technical                            
Building automation; DDC/MSR                                   Building contracts; consultancy on                          Building management; 24hr fault
   system control devices for                building legislation and               service for                          
Building automation                                            Building engineering; accessories for                       Building of electromechanical
   (e.g. roller blind switches,                                   servo components and actuators                              components and assemblies            
   switching/dimmer actuators);                                   for                           
                                                                                                                           Building of special cable harness       
   actuators specially for                Building engineering; acoustic
                                                                                                                           Building of special electrical or
Building automation                                               signalling devices for        
                                                                                                                              electronic assemblies                
   (e.g. temperature sensors for                               Building engineering; butterfly valve
                                                                                                                           Building of special handling devices    
   external/ground temperatures,                                  drives for                    
   ambient temperature sensors);                                                                                           Building of special hydraulic or
                                                               Building engineering, cold water
   sensors specially for                                                                                 pneumatic components and
                                                                  aggregates; refrigeration machines
Building automation; fault signalling                             and systems for               
   systems for                                                                                     Building of special jigs                
                                                               Building engineering; control valves for
Building automation; fieldbuses for                                                                Building of special mechanical
                                                               Building engineering; DeviceNet
                                                                                                                              individual components and
Building automation; flood warning                                applications in                 
   systems in                             Building engineering; electrical drive
                                                                                                                           Building of special precision
Building automation; heating, air-                                systems for                     
                                                                                                                              mechanical or optical components
   conditioning, ventilation automatic                         Building engineering; emergency exit                           and assemblies                       
   electrical control systems for            lighting, light alarms and light
                                                                                                                           Building of special-purpose
Building automation, Industrial Building                          signalling systems for        
                                                                                                                              assemblies for transport, conveying
   Automation; organizations,                                  Building engineering; energy                                   or materials handling equipment      
   associations in the field of                    07.04.08       management in                   
                                                                                                                           Building of special-purpose machines    
Building automation, Industrial Building                       Building engineering; floor heating
   Automation; publishing houses,                                                                                          Building sealing, flood protection, etc;
                                                                  systems for                   
   specialist publishers for                       07.04.07                                                                   presswatertight joint sealing for 
                                                               Building engineering; heat exchangers
Building automation, Industrial Building                                                                                   Building security technology; other
   Automation; technical literature,                                                                                          automation systems in                
   technical publications for                      07.04.07    Building engineering; heat recovery
                                                                                                                           Building; sensors for general machine
                                                                  systems for                   
Building automation; industrial control                                                                                    Building services management system
   technology in industrial               Building engineering; heating boilers
Building automation; integrated fire                                                                                       Building services management
   alarm systems in                       Building engineering; heating units and
                                                                  radiators (electric/gas) for  
Building automation; integrated                                                                                            Building services management
   intruder warning and alarm systems                          Building engineering; luminous circuit
                                                                                                                              systems, general                     
   in                                        diagrams, luminous displays for
                                                                                                                           Building services technology; other
Building automation; Intranet, Internet                        Building engineering; microsystem
                                                                                                                              automation systems for               
   applications for                       technical solutions for                      05.08.12
                                                                                                                           Building services technology; remote
Building automation; light controls with                       Building engineering; optical signalling                       control systems for               
   central functions for                     devices for                   
                                                                                                                           Building systems engineering            
Building automation; mobile data                               Building engineering; other servo
                                                                  components and actuators for     Building systems engineering, general   
   acquisition and data
   communications for                  Building engineering; overvoltage                           Building technology; integrated speech
                                                                  arresters for                       systems for                          
Building automation; modems,
   multiplexers, controllers,                                  Building engineering; safety switches                       Buildings; fully automatic lighting
   concentratorsfor                       for                                 automation systems for               
Building automation; modular cabling                           Building engineering; saftey door                           Buildings; integrated heating, air-
   systems for                               systems in                             conditioning, ventilation automation
                                                                                                                              systems for                          
Building automation; network                                   Building engineering; Simulation
   communications for                     programs for                                 07.01.05    Buildings, load-bearing structures;
                                                                                                                              lightweight construction for         
Building automation; other                                     Building engineering; solar heated
   communications and data networks                               water systems for                   Buildings; other hall type         
   for                                 Building engineering; solar systems,                        Buildings; Process automation
Building automation; other monitoring                             solar energy collectors and                                 solutions for                     
   systems in                                absorbers for                       Buildings, real estate, hall floors;
Building automation; radio data                                Building entry intercom systems;                               maintenance and repair of         
   transfer for                           integrated                          Buildings; scaffolding for         

Buildings, service water; solar heaters for                                                            The product category index arranged according to subject is
                                                                                                        the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Buildings, service water; solar heaters                          Bus systems and networks; selecting                            Business management courses at
   for                                  and dimensioning of                       colleges, universities, higher
Buildings; sound insulation in           Bus systems and plant controls;                                  technical colleges, vocational
                                                                   general DeviceNet                      training schools; commercial and   
Built-in industrial PC; PLCs with    
                                                                 Bus systems and plant controls on                              Business premises; ventilation and air-
Built-in measuring instruments; analog
                                                                   process level; CAN                     conditioning systems for offices
Built-in measuring instruments; digital                                                                     and                             
                                                                 Bus systems; ASICs for field-       
Bulk goods, dusts; sensors, measuring                                                                                           Business process management;
   transducers for throughput and                                Bus systems; CANopen                
                                                                                                                                  software and solutions for business
   volume for solids,                 Bus systems; components and                                      process optimization,              
Bulk goods stores; mixed cargo and            accessories for field-            
                                                                                                                                Business process modelling and
Bulk material pick-up equipment             Bus systems; components for PCI             simulation; software and solutions
                                                                 Bus systems                                                      for                           
Bulk material spreaders                 
                                                                   (Controller Area Network); CAN       Business process optimization,
Bulk material technology; machines
                                                                 Bus systems (e.g. CANbus adapters);                              business process management;
   and apparatus for                    
                                                                   parts and accessories for CAN          software and solutions for         
Bulk purchasers of power and water;
                                                                 Bus systems, e.g. LONWORKS; LON                                Business process optimization;
   consultancy services for          
                                                                   (Local Operating Network)              consultancy on                  
Bundling and taping machines; cable  
                                                                 Bus systems; engineering,                                      Business process outsourcing         
Bundling systems; wire                  
                                                                   development of                          Business processes; high-capacity
Burner systems; components for                                                                               network systems for             
                                                                 Bus systems
Burners and burners for gaseous fuels;                             (Factory Instrumentation Protocol,                           Business processes; integrated voice
   gas                                     World FIP) and components; FIP         and data network systems for    
Burners and burners for liquid fuels; oil    Bus systems for building automation;                           Business relocations, machine
Burners; brown coal dust burners;                                  sensor/actuator                        relocations, dismantling and
   wood dust burners, dry dust           Bus systems for machines and system                              assembly of presses and other
Burners; catalytic hydrogen                manufacture; sensor/actuator           production plants               
Burners; combined oil and gas            Bus systems; gateways for factory         Business startup consultancy
                                                                 Bus systems; general DeviceNet           (see also Job & Career Market
Burners; diaphragm plates for oil       
Burners, dry dust burners; brown coal                            Bus systems in automation
                                                                   technology; industrial networks and                          Busses; electrical equipment for rail
   dust burners; wood dust           
                                                                   serial                                 vehicles and trolley            
Burners; flame pipes for oil            
                                                                 Bus systems; industrial I/O for PCI       Busses, trucks; fuels cells for   
Burners for fuel oil                 
                                                                 Bus systems (OLE for process control)                          Bussystems; controls for A.C. drives
Burners for oil, gas and oil/gas                                                                                                  via                             
                                                                   ; OPC Foundation based            
   combinations for building boilers 
                                                                 Bus systems; other interfaces, parts,                          Butadiene SB; Styrene           
Burners; fuel oil preheaters, fuel oil
                                                                   and accessories for sensor/                                  Butterfly valve drives for building
   pumping stations, fuel oil fittings for
                                                                   actuator                                engineering                    
Burners; gastrains, gas fittings for 
                                                                 Bus systems; other sensor/actuator     Butterfly valves for flowing material
Burners; hydrogen                    
                                                                 Bus systems                                                    Button cells and batteries                        01.01.07
Burners; mixer units for oil                  (Peripheral Component                                        Button rotary switches; push-
Burners; wood dust burners, dry dust                               Interconnect); PCI                      (special switches)             
   burners; brown coal dust              Bus systems; segment couplers for                              Button switches; push-          
Bus adapters for sensors                   field-                            
                                                                                                                                Buttons and switches; special
Bus adapters); parts and accessories                             Bus systems; signal converters for                                manufacture of push-           
  for CANbus systems (e.g. CAN             field-                            
                                                                                                                                Buttons; illuminated push-      
BUS applications in the automobile                               Bus systems; software for           
                                                                                                                                Buttons; input push-            
  industry; CAN-                         Bus systems; software for sensor/
                                                                                                                                Buttons; membrane push-         
Bus bar distributors; low-voltage       actuator                          
                                                                                                                                Buttons; other push-            
Bus bars up to 1 kV; 3-phase          Bus systems; 19" housings for       
                                                                 Bus technology; building installation                          Buttons; push-                  
Bus capability; command and
  signalling devices with                  systems in                          
Bus capability;                                                  Bus terminals; field-               
  (frequency converters/servo-                                   Bus, VMEbus and VXI-bus measuring
  controllers with digital
  communications unit)               
                                                                   instruments; IEC-                       C
                                                                 Busbar adapters                  
Bus capability; proximity switches with 
                                                                 Busbar distributors                                            C, Basic; application development
Bus components for measuring                                       (electro-magnetic and mechanical                                systems using C++,                
  technology                               components)                          C++, C, Basic; application
Bus components for the input/output                              Busbar systems                        development systems using          
  level; sensor/actuator             
                                                                 Busbar systems                                                 Cab control unit; driver's        
Bus components; other field-               (energy conduction, current lines)   Cabinet air conditioning; switch  
Bus connection; CNC control systems                              Busbar systems for control cabinets    Cabinet air-conditioning; switch
                                                                 Busbars, PCBs, measuring heads;                                  (casings - Accessories for electrical
Bus connection; universal controllers                              measuring transducers/isolating                                engineering and electronics)  
  with                                  transformers for standard            Cabinet construction; chassis for
Bus controllers for fieldbus systems     Bus-based robot controls                 housing and switch                 
Bus couplers for fieldbus systems        Buses; manufacturer-specific           Cabinet construction; front panels for
BUS developments and CANopen-bus                                 Bushes; forged                           housing and switch                 
  developments; customer-specific                                                                                               Cabinet construction; other
                                                                 Bushes; plain bearing (Subcontracting)
  CAN-                                                                                                    accessories for housing and switch 
                                                                 Bushings; cable brackets and        
Bus for robot control systems and                                                                                               Cabinet cooling modules;
  assembly lines; CAN                    Bushings; cable brackets and cable       thermoelectric modules for the
Bus interfaces; CANopen                  Bushings, plugs, casings, etc.);                                 cooling switch                     
                                                                   specific sensor technology                                   Cabinet elements                     
Bus interfaces; general              
                                                                   components (current               
Bus measuring cards; PCI                                                                                   Cabinet housings according to EMC
                                                                 Bushings, post insulators                                        for modular systems; switch   
Bus measuring instruments; IEC-bus,                                (energy conduction, current lines)
  VMEbus and VXI-                                                                                          Cabinet housings for assembly
                                                                 Business analysis                                                systems; environmental switch 
Bus modules for programmable logic                                 (e.g. analyses of strengths and
  control systems (PLCs); other         weaknesses, efficiency                                       Cabinet housings for Automation;
Bus monitors for fieldbus systems          measurings, benchmarking)              electromagnetically safe switch 
Bus systems and components;                                      Business continuity & risk                                     Cabinet housings for clean-room
  DICNET                                   management; consultancy on                technology; switch            
Bus systems and components;                                      Business continuity and risk                                   Cabinet housings for outdoor
  European Home System (EHS)               management; other                         installation; switch          
Bus systems and components;                                      Business continuity management                                 Cabinet housings in maximum
  modbus, Modbus Plus                      services; disaster recovery &             protection class; switch      
Bus systems and modules on sensor/                               Business management consultancy                                Cabinet housings; metal switch  
  actuator level; CAN                      services; other                      Cabinet housings; plastic switch

The product category index arranged according to subject is                                                                                                                 Cables
the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Cabinet systems for Automation;                               Cable fittings, connection units and                         Cable; sea                       
  switch                                accessories for special cables for                         Cable selecting equipment                          01.04.09
Cabinet systems; switch              networks, transfer systems,
                                                                fieldbus systems                   Cable sets; vehicle wiring and   
Cabinet systems; 19"              
                                                              Cable fittings for communication                             Cable sleeves; coupling sleeves, 
Cabinets and casings for low-voltage                            networks                                                   Cable surge voltage generators                     01.04.09
  switching systems; (empty)         (cables for transmission
                                                                                                                           Cable systems in power engineering;
Cabinets; busbar systems for control      technology; other)                   complete solutions for              
Cabinets, climatic rooms                                      Cable fittings for power cables; other
  (test chambers); climatic                                                                           Cable systems; trailing          
                                                              Cable fittings for transmission
Cabinets; cloakroom/clothing                                                                          Cable testing equipment                            01.04.09
Cabinets; complete medium-voltage                                                                                          Cable throughlets for casings and 19"
                                                              Cable fittings); other heat-shrunk
  switch                                                                                          module systems                 
                                                                products (power              
Cabinets for Secure Automation;                               Cable fittings); repair sleeves (power   Cable throughlets for housings and 19"
  network and system                                                                                 module systems                   
                                                              Cable fittings); sealing ends (power
Cabinets, mechanical engineering,                                                                                          Cable ties                         
                                                              Cable fittings); shrink tubing (power
  vehicle construction and special                                                                                         Cable ties                         
  applications; roller shutters for                           Cable fittings); transition sleeves
                                                                (power                          Cable tools, cable processing devices
  switch (Subcontracting)            
                                                                                                                             and processing tools; other      
Cabinets; meter                       Cable glands as accessories for
                                                                electrical engineering and                                 Cable transmission/data acquisition
Cabinets, switchboards, and switching                           electronics; screwed              systems with cable transmission;
  consoles for building automation;                                                                                          mobile data acquisition terminals
  switchgear, switch                  Cable glands for power cables;
Cabinets; tool/sheet steel/tool issue/                                                                                     Cable trays, cable carriers, cable
  sliding-door                           Cable glands; screwed            
Cabinets up to 1 kV; cable distribution   Cable grommets (material)        
                                                                                                                           Cable troughs and ducting for cable
Cabinets up to 1 kV; network       Cable guide systems                    laying/line construction         
Cabinets; 19"                         Cable harness; building of special  
                                                                                                                           Cable troughs; cable trays, cable
Cabinets; 19" computer                Cable harness for motor vehicle           carriers,                        
Cabinets (19" design); electronic                             Cable installation, cable laying for                         Cable winding and binding machines 
  equipment                          power engineering                 
                                                                                                                           Cables above 0.6/1 - 20/35 kV with
Cabinets; 19" LAN network             Cable installations and GIS;                                   paper insulation/plastic insulation;
                                                                commissioning tests of high-                                 medium-voltage                 
Cabinets; 19" server                    voltage                           
Cabinets; 19" standard                                                                             Cables and conductors; other coil
                                                              Cable joints                        winding wire,                       
Cabins                                Cable laying and line construction;                          Cables and leads; fire containments
Cabins; noise protection                                        tools for                            for                                 
  (manufacturing hall and workshop                            Cable laying, cable building        
  finishing)                                                                                    Cables and leads for control systems
                                                              Cable laying for power engineering;
Cable Accessories for Communication                                                                                        Cables and lines for house installation,
                                                                cable installation,               
  Network                                                                                                                    general                          
  (cable accessories, parts and                               Cable laying material, cable laying
                                                                                                                           Cables and lines for weak-current
  accessories for transmission                                  systems; other                 
  technology)                         Cable laying systems; other cable
                                                                                                                           Cables and lines; long-distance    
Cable assemblies; waterproof                                    laying material,               
                                                              Cable laying/line construction; cable                        Cables and railway lines; railway  
  connectors and                     
Cable assembly devices                  bushings for                       Cables and strands; manufacturing
                                                              Cable laying/line construction; cable                          lines for                        
Cable assembly machines and cabling
  systems; other automatic              carrier systems for                Cables and wires for control systems;
                                                              Cable laying/line construction; cable                          halogen-free                   
Cable assembly machines; automatic
                                                                troughs and ducting for            Cables; antenna cables, RF         
Cable assembly machines; complete 
                                                              Cable laying/line construction;                              Cables; appliance connection     
Cable assembly machines; other          protective cable conduits for  
                                                                                                                           Cables; brake                         
Cable brackets and bushings           Cable leads, with integrated plug
                                                                                                                           Cables, cable looms for vehicles      
Cable brackets and bushings             injection-moulding systems;
Cable building; cable laying,              transfer line machines for fully-                          Cables; co-axial                   
                                                                automatic processing, assembly of    Cables; connecting                 
Cable bundling and taping machines
                                                              Cable locating equipment                         01.04.09    Cables, connections, etc.;
Cable bushings and -brackets      
                                                              Cable looms; test desks for            (CAN accessories)                
Cable bushings for cable laying/line
  construction                        Cable lug presses                    Cables); control wiring (insulated
                                                              Cable lugs, connector sleeves for coil                         power                          
Cable carrier systems for cable laying/
  line construction                     technology; connection flex,                               Cables; fiber optic
                                                                connection terminals,                   (cables and lines for transmission
Cable carrier systems, installation
                                                              Cable manufacture; compression                                 equipment)                       
  wiring systems                     
                                                                moulding dies for                  Cables; fiber optic instrument and LAN
Cable carriers, cable troughs; cable
  trays,                              Cable markers; marking tapes,        Cables; fiber optic PCM            
Cable coiling and uncoiling devices      Cable marking systems                Cables; flat neoprene and PVC    
Cable conduits for cable laying/line                          Cable measuring cars                             01.04.09    Cables; flat strip                 
  construction; protective            Cable networks and local networks;                           Cables for clean rooms             
Cable conduits, installation material;                          complete solutions for         
                                                                                                                           Cables for gas lines; bridging     
  protective                          Cable plug connectors; ribbon    
                                                                                                                           Cables for networks, transfer systems,
Cable conduits (metal), electrical                            Cable power supplies for moving
                                                                                                                             fieldbus systems; cable fittings,
  installation conduits; protective      loads; moving                
                                                                                                                             connection units and accessories
Cable conduits (plastic), electrical                          Cable power supplies for moving                                for special                      
  installation conduits; protective      loads; other moving          
                                                                                                                           Cables for networks, transfer systems,
Cable conduits/flexible conduits);                            Cable pre-assemblies with plug                                 fieldbus systems
  energy channels made of steel and                             connectors with connection leads      (fiberglass, coaxial, copper cables,
  plastic (piping systems,            Cable processing devices and                                   twisted copper cables, etc.); special
Cable connectors, plugs, amplifiers,                            processing tools; other cable tools,    Cables for signalling and data
  interfaces in fiber-optics          Cable processing systems; automatic      transmission; other special      
Cable distribution cabinets up to 1 kV   Cable processing technology; other                           Cables for transmission equipment;
Cable drum storage equipment               accessories for                      indoor                           
Cable drums                                                   Cable processing technology;                                 Cables for transmission equipment;
  (energy conduction, current lines);                           silicones, silicone rubber for       other                            
  motorized                        Cable protection hoses            Cables for transmission equipment;
Cable ends; multicore                 Cable; ready-made flexible fiber optic      outdoor                          
Cable fittings; accessories for    Cable reeling devices; automatic                             Cables for transmission equipment;
Cable fittings); branch sleeves (power     (energy conduction, current lines)     ready-made                       
Cable fittings; Casting compounds and                         Cable reeling devices; automatic                             Cables (FRNC); fire-resistant halogen-
  casting resins, and                   (workshop technology)                   free safety                    

Cables); high-voltage and extra-high                                                                  The product category index arranged according to subject is
voltage cables over 20/35                                                                              the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Cables); high-voltage and extra-high                           CAD viewers, CAD visualization                                  Calorimetric sensors, measuring
  voltage cables over 20/35 kV with                              software                                 equipment and transmitters for
  paper insulation (oil or pressure   CAD visualization software; CAD                                    flow, flow velocity         
Cables); high-voltage cables over 20/                            viewers,                              CAM automation software; CAD/    
  35 kV with plastic insulation (VPE   CAD/CAE solutions for domestic                                  CAM services for the field assembly,
Cables; house wiring power            engineering                                       07.01.05      handling and robotics; CAD/CAM
Cables; installation                                                                                     and CAD/                       
                                                               CAD/CAM and CAD/CAM services for
Cables; instrument cables, LAN           the field assembly, handling and                              CAM; Software and solutions for
                                                                 robotics                                computer-aided manufacturing/  
Cables; insulated hoses for        
                                                               CAD/CAM automation software             CAM solutions; other Computer Aided
Cables, LAN cables; instrument                                                                           Manufacturing,                 
                                                               CAE software and solutions for
Cables; machines and systems for the                                                                                           Cambered lightweight structures;
                                                                 electrical engineering          
  manufacture of multi-core circular                                                                      arched sheet metal,               
                                                               CAE software and solutions for
Cables, marine cables, off-shore                                                                                               Camcorders..); fuel cells for consumer
                                                                 heating, air conditioning,
  cables for transmission equipment;                                                                                             applications (notebooks, cell
                                                                 ventilation, technical building
  ship wiring                                                                                            phones,                        
                                                                 equipment and installations     
Cables; measuring                                                                                      Camera inspection system; industrial
                                                               CAE software and solutions for
Cables; other cable fittings for power     hydraulics                           robots for the equipment of
                                                                                                                                 machine tools from lattice boxes
Cables; other insulated power       CAE software and solutions for                                    with                              
Cables; other power                   mechanical engineering and plant
                                                                 construction                                                  Camera-based measuring systems      
Cables over 20/35 kV with paper                                                                  
                                                                                                                               Cameras and systems; optoelectronic 
  insulation (oil or pressure cables);                         CAE software and solutions for
  high-voltage and extra-high voltage     pneumatics                         Cameras for image processing; CCD
Cables over 20/35 kV with plastic                              CAE software and solutions for                                  Cameras for image processing; colour
  insulation (VPE cables); high-                                 toolmaking, diemaking and mould                               Cameras for image processing; high-
  voltage                             making                               resolution digital             
Cables; PCM                            CAE software and solutions; other    Cameras for image processing; high-
Cables, plugs (DeviceNet accessories)    CAE systems (add-on); custom                 sensitivity                    
Cables, plugs for electric vehicles;                           Cage); standard 3-phase motors                                  Cameras for image processing; high-
  charging                                  (squirrel                               speed                          
Cables, power cables; off-shore     Cage tension spring connection;                                 Cameras for image processing;
                                                                 contact inserts with                                            infrared                       
Cables, power cables; ship wiring                                        
                                                                                                                               Cameras for image processing;
Cables; power current lines and     Cage); trans-standard 3-phase motors
                                                                                                                                 intelligent cameras, intelligent PC
Cables; pre-assembled                                                                                    cameras, intelligent line      
                                                               Caged tension spring connection;
Cables; pre-assembled fiber-optic                                                                      Cameras for image processing; line
                                                                 contact inserts with
Cables, RF cables; antenna               (electrical connection technology)   Cameras for image processing;
Cables, self-supporting air-cables for                                                                                           monochrome                     
                                                               CAL (CAN Application Layer) and
  transmission equipment; lightning                              CANopen; communication controls                               Cameras for image processing; other
  protective                             with CAN based on                       high-resolution                
Cables, twisted copper cables, etc.);                          Calculation and dimensioning in the                             Cameras for image processing; other
  special cables for networks,                                    field of construction technology          special                        
  transfer systems, fieldbus systems                                                                                           Cameras for image processing;
  (fiberglass, coaxial, copper         Calculation, FEM calculation for the
                                                                  subcontracting industry                   surface                        
Cables; wire                                                                                           Cameras for image processing;
                                                               Calculation for the subcontracting
Cables 0.6/1 kV with plastic insulation;                          industry; calculation, FEM                                     surveillance                   
  low-voltage                                                                                       Cameras) temperature distribution;
                                                               Calculation of tenders; consultancy for
Cables/material for contact line and                                                                                             sensors for (e.g. infrared   
  overhead line construction;                                  Calculation software (add-on); custom  
                                                                                                                               Cameras; thermoanalytic measuring
  lightning conductor               Calculations and simulation; other                                equipment, heat image             
Cableways and ski-lifts; electrical                               software and solutions for technical   Cam-operated controllers         
  equipment for                        Calculations for lightweight                                    Cam-operated switchgear; electronic
Cabling for programmable logic                                    construction; simulations, technical
  controls (PLCs); system           Calculations; software and solutions
                                                                  for finite element                Camshafts, valves, and valve
Cabling systems for building
                                                                                                                                 components for motr vehicle
  automation; modular                     Calculations; software for production                             engines                           
Cabling systems; installation                cost                                
                                                                                                                               CAN accessories
Cabling systems; other automatic                               Calibrating and measuring systems         (cables, connections, etc.)    
  cable assembly machines and          Calibrating instruments and calibration                         CAN analysis tools               
CAD application software for program                              systems for electric variables    
                                                                                                                               CAN analyzers                    
  design                               Calibration current sources, calibration
                                                                                                                               CAN analyzers; CAN configuration
CAD generators                            voltage sources                           and test tools,                
CAD, product data management;                                  Calibration equipment                      CAN and CANopen; customer-specific
  further education and qualification                          Calibration equipment and systems;                                solutions for                  
  in Product Life Cycle Management,       other measuring equipment,           CAN and CANopen; Development of
CAD software (add-on); custom             Calibration equipment                                             hardware and software for      
CAD software and solutions for the                                (for operational use)                CAN and CANopen; training and
  generation of product data; other    Calibration in testing technology,                                seminars for                   
CAD software for electrical circuit                               including auto-calibration                                   CAN Application Layer and CANopen;
  plans and electrical engineering        (production engineering for                                    communication controls with CAN
CAD software for heating, air                                     electrical engineering and                                     based on CAL                   
  conditioning, ventilation, technical                            electronics)                      
                                                                                                                               CAN based on CAL
  building equipment and installations    Calibration standards, reference                                  (CAN Application Layer) and
CAD software for hydraulics               standards                                 CANopen; communication controls
CAD software for mechanical                                    Calibration systems for electric                                  with                           
  engineering and plant construction       variables; calibrating instruments                           CAN configuration and test tools, CAN
                                                                  and                                    analyzers                      
CAD software for mould and die
  construction                         Calibration voltage sources; calibration                        CAN connections for VMEbus                       08.06.06
                                                                  current sources,                        CAN controller modules           
CAD software for pneumatics        
                                                               Calibrators                                CAN; controls for A.C. drives via
CAD software for software design/
  programme design                     Calibrators for temperature measuring                           CAN development tools, engineering;
                                                                  instruments                               other                          
CAD software for tank construction
  and pipeline construction            Calibrators; three-phase                CAN hardware and software
CAD software for 2D graphics           Call systems; emergency and help             development, development tools 
CAD software for 3D graphics           Call-off; stockholding/provision for    CAN in industrial applications   
CAD software packs; supplementary      Calorific measured variables; other                             CAN interfaces                   
CAD systems for electrical engineers,                             sensors for                       CAN I/O modules                  
  building systems engineering                     07.01.05    Calorimeters for biogas systems            CAN modules                      

The product category index arranged according to subject is                                                                Cast iron; Meehanite quality spheroidal
the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media                                                                                            graphite

CAN modules and systems for                                  CAP; software and solutions for                               Carbon brushes; parts and
  programmable logic controls                                  production planning/computer-                                 accessories for electrocarbons and
  (PLCs)                            aided planning,                        Carbon elements, carbon brushes;
CAN products for IP 65               Capability; command and signalling                              other electrical                 
CAN products for the extended                                  devices with bus                    Carbon monoxide CO; sensors for  
  temperature range                  Capability of previous passive                                Carbon nanotubes, SWNT, MWNT     
CAN seminars and consultancy           systems, etc.); adaptive systems
                                                                                                                           Carbon oxides (CO2); sensors for 
                                                               (optimized anti-vibration,
CAN technology; industrial VMEbus                              improvement of functional              Carbon parts                          
  cards with                                     08.06.06
                                                             Capability operator terminals for                             Carbon reinforced plastics/CRP parts
Canalization; pipes and fittings for                           controls; full graphic-          Carbonate fuel cells, MCFC; melting
  water pipes and                
                                                             Capability; proximity switches with bus    Carbon-based nanocoatings          
Canalization; shafts and special
                                                             Capability up to 1 kV; circuit breakers                       Carbon-fiber reinforced carbons    
  constructions for water pipes and
                                                               with communication               Carbon-fiber reinforced plastics (CRP)
CANbus adapters                  
                                                             Capacitive; humidity meters           Carbon-fiber reinforcing of plastic;
CANbus applications for other vehicle
                                                             Capacitive proximity switches              CRP processing,                  
                                                             Capacitive sensors, measuring                                 Carburettors and injection systems    
CANbus applications in measuring
                                                               equipment and transmitters for                              Card Reader for Industrial PCs; IDE   
CANbus applications in the automobile                                                                                      Cardboard, and graphics industries;
                                                             Capacitor components                                            plants for the cellulose, paper, 
                                                               (mobile, electrical energy storage
CANbus applications in transport                               units); materials/material                                  Cardboard industries; integrated
  technology                           development for battery/              solutions for process optimization
                                                                                                                             and advanced control in pulp,
CANbus based-robot controls          Capacitor motors, industrial motors;                            paper and                        
CANbus developments and CANopen-                               single-phase                    
                                                                                                                           Cardboard industries; process
  bus developments; customer-                                Capacitor motors; single-phase                                  automation solutions for pulp,
  specific                             (up to 750 W)                         paper and                        
CANbus for robot control systems and                         Capacitor systems with and without                            Cardboard; other vendor parts made of
  assembly lines                       control; ready-to-connect          paper and                        
CANbus; hand-held configurators for    Capacitors; aluminium electrolyte     Cardboard packaging, creative
CANbus, interfaces, components,                              Capacitors and dielectric materials      packaging, display packaging;
  tools; other                       Capacitors; capacitors, high-power                              corrugated                       
CANbus modules                         capacitors, supercaps, double layer    Cards; adapters and function models
CANbus products/applications;                                Capacitors; coupling and control     and plug-in                    
  customer specific                  Capacitors, etc.; fully-automatic test                        Cards); DeviceNet interface cards
CANbus systems and modules on                                  stations (hardware and software)                              (e.g. PC                         
  sensor/actuator level                for transformers, contactors, coils,    Cards (e.g. for PCs); CANopen
CANbus systems and plant controls on                         Capacitors for electric motors             interface                        
  process level                      Capacitors for heavy-current                                  Cards (e.g. for PCs); DeviceNet
CANbus systems                                                 technology; radio interference                                interface                        
  (Controller Area Network)            suppression                      Cards for Industrial PCs; Compact
CANbus systems                                               Capacitors for high-voltage systems     Flash                               
  (e.g. CANbus adapters); parts and                          Capacitors for inductive heating   Care and maintenance services;
  accessories for                                                                                    cleaning machines and equipment
                                                             Capacitors for lights and motors     for                                 
CANbus technology in other
                                                             Capacitors for low-voltage systems   Care, occupational medical services;
  application areas              
                                                             Capacitors for power electronics     occupational medical                
CANbus technology; other application-
  oriented                           Capacitors for power station                                  Career consultancy                                    20.03
                                                               technology and thermal                                      Career; organizations and
CANbus transfer systems; Wireless
                                                               engineering                              associations for education, job and                 20.14
Canned motors
                                                             Capacitors, high-power capacitors,                            Caretaker services                 
  (e.g. for circulating pumps)   
                                                               supercaps, double layer capacitors
CANopen actuators                                                                                                          Cargo and bulk goods stores; Mixed    
                                                             Capacitors; other high-voltage  
  (e.g. drive control units)                                                                       Cargo handling; transfer units and
                                                             Capacitors; parts and accessories for                           systems for mixed                   
CANopen analysis tools                 high-voltage                  
CANopen bus interfaces                                                                             Cargo safety using sheets             
                                                             Capacitors; power               
CANopen bus systems                                                                                Carrier heaters, waste heat thermal oil
                                                             Capacitors, supercaps, double layer                             heaters; heat                       
CANopen; communication controls                                capacitors; capacitors, high-power
  with CAN based on CAL                                                                                                    Carriers, cable troughs; cable trays,
                                                             Capacity planning and setting                                   cable                            
  (CAN Application Layer) and          deadlines for door-to-door times;
CANopen; customer-specific solutions                                                                                       Carriers for positioning of workpieces
                                                               consultancy for                    
  for CAN and                                                                                                                and parts; other workpiece       
                                     Capacity semiconductors for drives;
                                                                                                                           Carrying chains; energy            
CANopen; Development of hardware                               power electronics, semiconductors,
  and software for CAN and             high-                                  Cars; fuel cells for private       
CANopen device profiles                                      Capillaries made of glass; tubes, bars,    Carton; vendor parts made of       
  (for I/O modules, drivers, encoders,                       Capital for startup companies, spin-                          Carton-sealing machines               
  etc.); implementation of             offs; venture                          Cartridges for printers; print heads,
CANopen devices                                              Capsulation; application research for                         Casing pipes                     
  (e.g. controls or MMI)               nanoen-                                Casings and 19" module systems;
CANopen gateways                     Capture/ODC terminals; handheld                                 Cable throughlets for          
CANopen input/output devices           operating data                         Casings, boiler heating surfaces; boiler
CANopen interface cards                                      Capture/ODC terminals; vehicle                                Casings, etc.); specific sensor
  (e.g. for PCs)                       operating data                           technology components (current
CANopen I/O modules                  CAQ systems; software and solutions                             bushings, plugs,                 
                                                               for                                    Casings for low-voltage switching
CANopen sensors
  (e.g. for temperatures or pressure)    Car bodies, body parts; lightweight                             equipment up to 1 kV           
                                                               construction for                    Casings for low-voltage switching
CANopen specific tools and interfaces;
  other                              Car superstructure shock absorbers         systems; (empty) cabinets and  
CANopen; training and seminars for                           Carbide metals; sintered                 Casings for 19" chassis; desk    
  CAN and                            Carbide; silica-infiltrated silicon    Casks, containers and tanks;
CANopen-bus developments;                                    Carbide; sintered silicon               machines and equipment for
  customer-specific CANbus                                                                                                   cleaning the insides of             
                                                             Carbon and graphite; products made
  developments and                     of                                     Cast aluminium alloys            
Canopies and waiting rooms              Carbon blocks, plates and bars for the                        Cast iron, austempered; ADI        
CAN-PC interface cards                 manufacture of carbon brushes       Cast iron (engineering materials)     
Caoutchouc articles; injection                               Carbon brushes; carbon blocks, plates                         Cast iron; Ferrocast quality; spheroidal
  moulding, extrusion and pressing                             and bars for the manufacture of       graphite                         
  moulds for plastic and             Carbon brushes; other electrical                              Cast iron; Meehanite quality spheroidal
Cap and profile rails                  carbon elements,                      graphite                         

Cast iron pipes                                                                                        The product category index arranged according to subject is
                                                                                                        the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Cast iron pipes                             Castings; low alloy steel                 Cells; assembly                     
Cast iron; pipes, bends, reductions,                             Castings; non-magnetizing steel           Cells (batteries); large dry                        01.01.07
  fittings made of                    Castings; Rapid Prototyping/Rapid                                 Cells; block-type thermal power
Cast iron; unalloyed spheroidal                                    Manufacturing                              stations with fuel               
  graphite                               Castings; sand casting processes,                                 Cells, DMFC; direct methanol fuel   
Cast iron with lamellar graphite; alloy      light metal                          Cells; electrodes, electrode plates,
Cast iron with lamellar graphite;                                Castings; sand casting processes;                                    bipolar plates for fuel          
  Bonvarite quality                        non-ferrous                          Cells, electrodes, separators,
Cast iron with lamellar graphite;                                Castings; sand casting processes;                                    electrolytes, etc.; battery
  Ferrocast quality                        non-ferrous heavy metal                 components,                      
Cast iron with lamellar graphite                                 Castings; sand casting processes;                                 Cells; electrolytes for fuel        
  (grey cast iron); other                  other                                Cells for busses, trucks; fuels     
Cast iron with lamellar graphite;                                Castings; stainless steel                 Cells for consumer applications
  Meehanite                              Castings; unalloyed steel                    (notebooks, cell phones,
Cast iron with lamellar graphite;                                Cast-resin and impregnation                                          camcorders..); fuel              
  unalloyed                                technology; laboratory and special                              Cells for hydrogen technology; fuel 
Cast iron with nodular graphite; other      systems for                                Cells for jointing, separation, handling,
Cast parts                                                       Cast-resin and impregnation                                          processing; robot                   
  (cast parts made of several alloys);                             technology; storage and conveyor                                Cells for mobile automation; fuel   
  gradient/hybrid                          systems for                            
                                                                                                                                   Cells for private cars; fuel        
Cast parts for vehicle construction                              Cast-resin systems for electronics;
  (iron, steel, aluminium or                                       impregnating and drying systems,           Cells for ships; fuel               
  magnesium)                                                                                                  Cells, MCFC; melting carbonate fuel 
                                                                 Cast-resin technology; driers and
Cast parts for vehicle construction;                               hardening systems for                      Cells; measurement and control
  precision                                                                                                      systems for fuel                 
                                                                 Catalogue software for the field of
Cast plastic parts; rotomoulded and                                 Factory Automation; interactive                    04.19.07    Cells; membranes for fuel           
  centrifugal                                                                                              Cells; mini block-type thermal power
                                                                 Catalogue systems                        
Cast products; general precision                                                                           stations with fuel               
                                                                 Catalysis; Research on                   
Cast products; other                                                                                       Cells; mobile weighing systems,
                                                                 Catalysts, catalyst components; motor
Cast products over 1t; sand casting                                 vehicle                                      weighing                            
  process; iron/steel                                                                                Cells; optical technologies for
                                                                 Catalysts; DeNOx                         
Cast products up to 1t; sand casting                                                                                                  photovoltaic technology, solar
                                                                 Catalysts for i.c. engines                      (Research & Technology)                          03.02.05
  process; iron/steel           
                                                                 Catalysts, fuel additions,                                        Cells; organic photovoltaics, organic
Cast resin and sealing foams for
                                                                    photovoltaics); nanotechnological                                 solar                            
  vehicle construction; polyurethane    
                                                                    applications in power engineering
Cast resins; polyester/polyurethane,                                (fuel cells,                              Cells; other fuel                   
  epoxy resins, methacrylates;                                                                                                     Cells, PAFC; phosphorus acid fuel   
                                                                 Catalysts; Nano-                         
  casting compounds, putties and
                                                                 Catalytic hydrogen burners                Cells, PEFC; polymer electrolyte
  (electrical insulation materials)  
                                                                                                                                      membrane fuel                    
Cast steel (engineering materials)          Catalytic nanocoatings                
                                                                                                                                   Cells; Proton Exchange membrane
Casting; centrifugal                     Catalytic reduction, SCR systems, low-                               PEM fuel                         
                                                                    dust variant, high-dust variant;
Casting; chill                                                                                             Cells; reformers for fuel           
                                                                    plants for reducing NOx using
Casting compounds and casting                                       selective                                 Cells; single fuel                  
  resins, and cable fittings         
                                                                 Cataphoretic painting, surface coating,                           Cells, SOFC; oxide ceramic fuel     
Casting compounds, putties and cast                                 electrostatic dip-coating; contract                            Cells; solar                      
  resins; polyester/polyurethane,                                   painting,                             
  epoxy resins, methacrylates                                                                                                      Cells/systems (electric/hybrid vehicles)
                                                                 Catch basin cleaning; suction vehicles                               ; fuel                              
  (electrical insulation materials)  
                                                                    for sewer and                      
Casting, insulating, impregnating                                                                                                  Cellular rubber; shaped parts of       
  machines for electrical equipment                              Catch basin equipment; catch basins,  
                                                                                                              Cellular wheel sluices              
Casting; low-pressure chill              Catch basins, catch basin equipment   
                                                                                                                                   Cellulose, paper, cardboard, and
Casting of plastic                       Cathodic protection                       graphics industries; plants for the
Casting process; iron/steel cast                                 CBT; interactive learning programs,                               Cement and construction material
  products over 1t; sand             (computer-based training)                           20.08.01      industries
Casting process; iron/steel cast                                 CCD cameras for image processing            (cement, lime, gypsum, concrete,
  products up to 1t; sand          CCD line cameras                               glass, bricks, ceramics); integrated
                                                                                                                                     solutions for process optimization
Casting processes; castings according                            CCDs, CCD arrays                               and advanced control in           
  to other                               CE, GS, etc.;                                                     Cement and construction material
Casting processes; composite               (consultancy for product                                          industries
Casting processes; continuous              certification)                            (cement, lime, gypsum, concrete,
Casting processes; other castings;                               CE, GS, etc. for power engineering;                                 glass, bricks, ceramics); Process
  sand                                  product certification                        automation solutions for          
Casting resin, impregnation material;                            CE test certificates for electrical                               Cement, lime, gypsum, trass, and
  mixing and dosage systems for               devices, power engineering plants            chalk industry; machines, plant and
                                                                 CEE; plug-and-socket connectors with                                equipment for the                 
Casting resins, and cable fittings;
  Casting compounds and                    shrouded contacts according to          Cement works                           
Casting systems for MicroTechnology         Ceiling heating systems, etc.); other                             Centers, MCCs; low-voltage motor
                                                                    surface heating systems (wall and        control                         
Casting systems, injection moulding
  machines for coil technology              Ceilings; electrical installation ducts for                       Central building services management
                                                                    walls and                                   systems                              
Casting with ceramic mould;
  investment                             Cell biology and molecular biology;                               Central domestic engineering
                                                                    Research on                                 technology                           
Castings according to other casting
  processes                              Cell contacts                                                     Central functions for building
                                                                    (mobile, electrical energy storage                               automation; light controls with      
Castings according to other moulding
                                                                    units); battery contacts,              Central grabs; three-claw           
                                                                 Cell drives for vehicles and mobile                               Central units and modules for remote
Castings; aluminium                  
                                                                    machinery; fuel                             data transfer                     
Castings; aluminium die              
                                                                 Cell monitoring; battery management                               Central venetian blind controls, heat
Castings; cold-tough steel                  electric, battery monitoring,            and solar altitude controlled        
Castings; creep resistant at high                                Cell phones, camcorders..); fuel cells
  temperatures steel                                                                                       Centralized ripple control systems     
                                                                    for consumer applications
Castings; ferritic stainless steel          (notebooks,                            Centrifugal cast plastic parts;
                                                                                                                                     rotomoulded and                   
Castings for flame and induction                                 Cell stacks; fuel                     
  hardening; steel                                                                                         Centrifugal casting (castings)      
                                                                 Cell systems; other components and
Castings for the subcontracting                                     equipment for fuel                     Centrifugal pumps                 
  industry; deburring or cleaning of        Cellar drains                             Ceramic fibres; piezoelectric                       12.10.05
Castings; heat-resistant steel           Cells, AFC; alkaline fuel                 Ceramic foils; piezoelectric                        12.10.06
Castings; heat-treatable steel           Cells and gas turbines; combined                                  Ceramic fuel cells, SOFC; oxide     
Castings; high alloy steel                  installations with fuel                Ceramic injection mouldings         

The product category index arranged according to subject is                                                                   Chemical industry; measuring and testing
the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media                                                                                      technology for the

Ceramic injection mouldings            Certification (eco audit); consultancy                           Chargers for starter batteries     
Ceramic materials; other                 for ecological                         Chargers for traction batteries    
Ceramic mould; investment casting                              Certification (ecological audit) for                             Chargers; other                    
  with                                   power engineering; environmental    
                                                                                                                                Chargers; solar                  
Ceramic nanocoatings                   Certification for the field of plant
                                                                 engineering                            Charging apparatus for i.c. engines   
Ceramic parts; other (Subcontracting)                                                                     Charging cables, plugs for electric
                                                               Certification; functional safety for
Ceramic substrates and components;                               automation systems, testing and          vehicles                            
  workable                                                                                              Charging concepts, inductive charging;
                                                               Certification; functional safety for
Ceramic/plastic composite materials;                             railway systems, testing and             wireless                            
  metal/                                                                                             Charging (electric/hybrid drive train);
                                                               Certification in china; consultancy for
Ceramics; adhesivse for glass and     product                                  generators for recuperation,
Ceramics and glass articles; moulds                                                                                               regenerative braking, battery    
                                                               Certification institutes; examination
  for                                    and                                    Charging ICs and switching regulator
Ceramics composite materials; metal/                                                                      ICs; battery                        
                                                               Certification procedures, adherence to
Ceramics; cutting                           legal framework conditions in                                  Charging plug-and-socket connectors
Ceramics; engineering alumina            power engineering; performance of      Charging stations for electric vehicles
Ceramics; fibre-reinforced industrial    Certification                                                    Charging systems for removable
                                                                 (process automation systems);                                    batteries; stationary               
Ceramics for electronics; alumina        conformity tests, interoperability                             Charging technology, electric filling
Ceramics for electronics; aluminium                              tests, performance tests and             stations; other                     
  nitride                              Certification services for pipelines and
                                                                                                                                Charging; wireless charging concepts,
Ceramics for electronics; other          pipeline systems                         inductive                           
Ceramics for MicroTechnology,                                  Certification services, testing services
                                                                                                                                Chart recorders; pen               
  microsystem technology; functional               05.05.01      for Industrial Building Automation
                                                                 systems                                          07.04.06      Chassis                          
Ceramics; glass                    
                                                               Certified pipeline construction                                  Chassis accessories for electrical
Ceramics industry; assembly and
                                                                 companies                                                        switchgear systems             
  handling systems for the glass
  industry,                                 (API, ASME, Marine, Pressure                                   Chassis; automotive system supply for
                                                                 Equipment Directive PED)               Chassis; chassis components; motor
Ceramics industry; automatic control
  engineering for the glass industry,     Certified PROFIBUS devices with tests                              vehicle                             
                                                                 in multi-vendor environment            Chassis components; motor vehicle
Ceramics industry; automation
  software solutions for the glass                             CFD; complete solutions for                                        chassis;                            
  industry,                                        14.04.15      continuous computer simulation/
                                                                                                                                Chassis; desk casings for 19"    
                                                                 process simulation/            
Ceramics industry; image processing                                                                                             Chassis for housing and switch cabinet
  systems for the glass industry,         Chain conveyors
                                                                                                                                  construction (Subcontracting)       
                                                                 (handling technology)               
Ceramics industry; industrial robots for                                                                                        Chassis; lightweight construction for
  the glass industry,                              15.07.15    Chain conveyors, trolley conveyors,
                                                                 pallet conveyors, etc.;                                        Chassis, modular frames for electrical
Ceramics industry; industrial services                           (conveyor systems)                          switchgear systems             
  for the glass industry,             
                                                               Chain wheels                                Chassis; other; motor vehicle
Ceramics industry; lasers for the glass                                                                                           components for steering and         
  industry,                               Chains; energy carrying            
                                                                                                                                Chassis parts; motor vehicle          
Ceramics industry; management                                  Chains; metal                         
                                                                                                                                Cheaper manufacturing processes for
  consultancy for the glass industry,    Chains; plastic                    
Ceramics industry; measuring and                               Chairs and seatings; ergonomic        
                                                                                                                                Check pipe networks; equipment and
  testing technology for the glass                             Chairs; workshop/work                         systems for                      
                                                               Chalk industry; machines, plant and                              Check valves, high-pressure check
Ceramics industry; networks/industrial                           equipment for the cement, lime,                                  valves; jet                    
  communication for the glass                                    gypsum, trass, and               
  industry,                                                                                                Check valves; jet check valves, high-
                                                               Chambers); climatic cabinets, climatic                             pressure                       
Ceramics industry; plants for the glass                          rooms (test                         
  and                                                                                                   Checking electromagnetic
                                                               Chambers for simulation; test                 compatibility
Ceramics industry; sensors for the
                                                               Chambers of Industry and Commerce;                                 (EMC measuring instruments);
  glass industry,                  
                                                                 international                                       21.08        measuring instruments for        
Ceramics industry; software and                                Chambers; other test                        Checking; image processing systems
  solutions for the glass industry,                14.03.07
                                                               Change systems; pallet storage and                                 for thread checking, internal thread
Ceramics); integrated solutions for                              pallet (handling technology)           Checking, internal thread checking;
  process optimization and advanced
                                                               Changing and battery storing systems;                              image processing systems for
  control in cement and construction
                                                                 battery management, incl. battery           thread                           
  material industries (cement, lime,
  gypsum, concrete, glass, bricks,     Changing equipment; tool                    Checks of stationary and mobile
                                                                                                                                  electric appliances; safety      
Ceramics; Nano-                           Changing; industrial robots for tool  
                                                                                                                                Chemical and electrolytic metal
Ceramics; other industrial             Changing systems for industrial
                                                                 robots; tool                                                     separation on plastic            
Ceramics; piezo-                                                                          15.02.02
                                                               Changing tools and equipment;                                    Chemical and pharmaceutical
Ceramics research; glass and                                                                                 industries; Integrated solutions for
                                                                 lubricating and oil                 
Ceramics technology; development for                                                                                              process optimization and advanced
  sensor technology in the field of       Channel collectors for solar heat                                  control in                       
Ceramics/plaster moulding methods                                                                       Chemical and pharmaceutical
                                                               Channel collectors for solar systems       industries; process automation
Certificates and studies for power
                                                               Channel plug-in connectors; fiber          solutions for                    
  engineering; other               
                                                               Character recognition, OCR; software                             Chemical and pharmaceutical
Certificates for electrical devices,
                                                                 for optical                                 products; complete outsourcing
  power engineering plants; CE test   
                                                               Characterisation of coatings;                                      production of                       
Certificates for the field of materials
                                                                 nanoanalytics for the                  Chemical applications for
  technology; analyses, damage
  analyses and                            Characterisation of materials                 nanocoatings                     
Certification according to DIN ISO                             Characteristic values and performance                            Chemical applications; seals for   
  9000 ff for power engineering             characteristics; material analysis                             Chemical industry; assembly and
                                                                 using material                              handling systems for the            
Certification according to DIN/ISO
  9000ff; consultancy for              Characteristics; material analysis                               Chemical industry; automatic control
                                                                 using material characteristic values                             engineering for the                 
Certification and inspection
                                                                 and performance                     
  organizations for international trade               21.07                                                                     Chemical industry; automation
                                                               Characteristics; plug-in connectors                                software solutions for the                       14.04.14
Certification authorities for explosion
                                                                 with designed EMC                
  protection, (ATEX); inspecting                                                                                                Chemical industry; industrial robots for
  authorities &                        Charge measuring instruments               the                                              15.07.14
Certification (CE, GS, etc.);                                  Charger systems for batteries/                                   Chemical industry; industrial services
  consultancy for product                accumulators                                for the                             
Certification (CE, GS, etc.) for power                         Chargers and power supplies for                                  Chemical industry; management
  engineering; product                      batteries in small equipment             consultancy for the              
Certification companies; examination                           Chargers for fixed batteries             Chemical industry; measuring and
  and                                  Chargers for other batteries               testing technology for the          

Chemical industry; microsystem technical                                                            The product category index arranged according to subject is
solutions for the                                                                                    the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Chemical industry; microsystem                               Chroming large dimensioned parts;                                Clamping clips                       
  technical solutions for the                    05.08.03      hard                                   Clamping devices                  
Chemical industry; networks/industrial                       Chronometers, frequency meters;                                  Clamping devices and systems                      04.03.05
  communication for the                   other                              
                                                                                                                              Clamping devices for assembly,
Chemical industry; plants for the    CI-); sensors for ion selective sensor                              handling and robotics; other   
Chemical industry; sensors for the       technology (e.g. Na+,           
                                                                                                                              Clamping elements for power
Chemical industry; software and                              Circuit board manufacture; sensors for                              engineering                       
  solutions for the                              14.03.06       printed                           
                                                                                                                              Clamping joints; pipe             
Chemical measured variables; other                           Circuit boards; flexible printed   
                                                                                                                              Clamps; hose                      
  sensors for                     Circuit boards; rigid printed      
                                                                                                                              Class IP65 and above; round plug-in
Chemical safety engineering; Applied                         Circuit breaker strips up to 1 kV;                                  connectors to protection       
  research on                                                   electronic                      
  (Research & Technology)                                                                             Clean rooms; cables for           
                                                             Circuit breakers for external assembly
Chemical sensor technology; new                                 from 1 kV to 60 kV; power          Clean rooms; ventilation and air-
  materials for                                                                                             conditioning systems for          
                                                             Circuit breakers for internal assembly
Chemical surface coatings                                       from 1 kV to 60 kV; power          Cleaners; high-pressure              
  (contract coating)                 Circuit breakers for transformers; step                          Cleaning and degreasing plants;
Chemical values; other sensors for                              switches/                             industrial                        
  electro-                        Circuit breakers; high-voltage power   Cleaning and maintenance services 
Chemical-resistant elastomer                                 Circuit breakers; miniature (LS)         Cleaning and processing systems;
  materials                                                                                              maintenance and services of    
                                                             Circuit breakers, motor protection
Chemicals for disinfecting/deodorizing      devices up to 1 kV; motor          Cleaning, building cleaning (services);
Chemicals for electrical engineering                                                                                             maintenance                    
                                                             Circuit breakers of up to 1 kV;
  and electronics manufacture           synchronizable power               Cleaning equipment; cooling lubricant
Chemicals for water and sewage water                         Circuit breakers up to 1 kV           Cleaning equipment for pallets, crates
  treatment                                                                                           and containers                    
                                                             Circuit breakers up to 1 kV; compact
Chemistry and chemical process                                                                                                Cleaning; equipment for sewer
                                                             Circuit breakers up to 1 kV; high-power
  technology                                                                                                                     maintenance and                
  (innovative technologies)                      03.09.18    Circuit breakers up to 1 kV; power 
                                                                                                                              Cleaning exhaust air and waste gas by
Chemistry and of microbiotechnology;                         Circuit breakers with communication                                 extracting solids and liquids;
  components and systems of micro-         capability up to 1 kV                 systems and equipment for      
Chemistry, biochemistry; basic                               Circuit choke coils; short-           Cleaning; gaseous matter and odours
  research on                                    03.01.09    Circuit chokes for frequency                                        exhaust air                    
Chemistry components; micro-               converters; intermediate           Cleaning, gaseous matter and odours;
Chemistry; research on bio-             Circuit diagrams, luminous displays for                             waste gas                      
                                                                building engineering; luminous        Cleaning; glass and facade        
Chemistry (supramolecular chemistry);
  application research for nano-        Circuit manufacture; services for                                Cleaning in the field of plant
                                                                hybrid                                      technology; plant and machine  
Chemistry (supramolecular chemistry);
  nano-                                 Circuit plans and electrical                                     Cleaning; industrial              
                                                                engineering; CAD software for
Chill casting (castings)                                                                              Cleaning machines and equipment for
Chill casting; low-pressure                                                                              care and maintenance services     
                                                             Circuitry; power supplies for        
Chill castings; alloyed                                                                               Cleaning nanocoatings; self-      
                                                             Circuits and functional modules);
Chill castings; unalloyed                                                                             Cleaning of castings for the
                                                                designing and testing of electrical
                                                                                                                                 subcontracting industry; deburring
China; consultancy for product                                  modules (PCBs, application
   certification in                     specific                          
                                                                                                                              Cleaning pits; suction vehicles for
Chip LEDs; multi- (multi-LEDs)          Circuits and hybrid modules;
                                                                customised hybrid                        Cleaning plants for boxes, containers
Chip motor controllers for small and                                                                                             and pallets, etc.; once-through   
   miniature motors; single-         Circuits (ASICs); application-specific
                                                                integrated                                        08.08.03    Cleaning robots                      
Chip on board, MCR
   (moulded carrier ring), flip-chip                         Circuits; bonding systems for the                                Cleaning (services); dry-ice      
   technologies; automatic placement                            packing of integrated              Cleaning services for pipelines and
   machines in (COB)                 Circuits; engraving plants and                                      pipeline systems                  
Chip removal systems                       equipment for manufacturing                                   Cleaning (services); plant and machine
Chips, RFID chips; radio frequency                                                                                            Cleaning; sewer                   
   identification                       Circuits; equipment for manufacturing
                                                                                                                              Cleaning systems for collector basins
Chloride; sensors for hydrocarbon                                                                    Cleaning systems for PCBs            
                                                             Circuits for motors; multi-function
Chlorinated hydrocarbons; sensors for                                                                                         Cleaning systems; industrial vibration
                                                                electronic protection           
                                                             Circuits for motors; start-up            Cleaning systems; ultrasonic         
Chlorinating systems for water 
                                                             Circuits for sensors; hybrid             Cleaning systems; ultrasonic wire 
Chlorine, dissolved; sensors for
                                                             Circuits; integrated film                                        Cleaning systems (vibration, dry, wet);
Chlorine (gaseous); sensors for                                                                       industrial part                   
                                                                (hybrid technology)                  
Choke coils; blocking             Circuits; logic                                                  Cleaning technology and hygiene;
Choke coils; compensating                                                                             service robots for                
                                                             Circuits; plants manufacturing electric 
Choke coils; damping                                                                               Cleaning the insides of casks,
                                                             Circuits; system periphery for
Choke coils, etc.); parts and                                                                                                    containers and tanks; machines
                                                                manufacturing electric               
  accessories for switching                                                                                                      and equipment for                 
                                                             Circular cables; machines and
  equipment and systems (e.g.                                                                                                 Cleaning/winter road clearance
                                                                systems for the manufacture of
  earthing resistors, earthing                                                                        (services); street             
Choke coils; filter               Circular connectors and couplings        Clean-room areas; industrial robots for
Choke coils, power chokes         Circular grinding (Subcontracting);                              Clean-room booths; clean-room
Choke coils; short-circuit           precision grinding, external                                     islands,                          
Choke coils; smoothing               grinding, indoor grinding,               Clean-room furniture                 
Chokes; choke coils, power        Circular saw motors                      Clean-room islands, clean-room
                                                             Circulating pumps; adjustable                                       booths                            
Chokes for frequency converters;
  intermediate circuit               revolution speed                   Clean-room mini environments         
Chromatographs and specific                                  Circulating pumps; canned motors for     Cleanroom packing, barrier packing   
  accessories; laboratory gas        Civil engineering and building                                   Clean-room systems; modular          
Chromatographs and specific                                     activities; basic research in the field                       Clean-room technology; further
  accessories; laboratory liquid        of                                                03.01.06       education and qualification in 
Chromatographs; portable gas                                 Civil engineering; water jet cutting                             Clean-room technology; maintenance,
  analysis computers, portable gas         systems (high pressure) for                                      service and repair for         
                                                                structural and                  
Chromatographs (process) and                                                                                                  Clean-room technology; other
  specific accessories; gas          Civil engineering work; other building                              equipment and installations of    
                                                                machinery for construction and  
Chromatography and specific                                                                                                   Clean-room technology; switch cabinet
  accessories; liquid process        Clad steel plate                               housings for                 
Chrome-free conversion of aluminium                          Cladded plate products                      Cleanroom work clothing, cleanroom
  surfaces                           Cladding systems; surfacing systems,      work clothing for leasing         

The product category index arranged according to subject is                                                                    Coding systems in areas subject to
the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media                                                              explosion risk; inductive identification

Cleanroom work clothing for leasing;                         CNC turned parts made of nonferrous                           Coatings; chemical applications for
   cleanroom work clothing,               metals                                nano-                           
Clean-room works equipment              CNC turned parts made of nonmetals    Coatings (contract coating); chemical
Cleanrooms; complete                    CNC turned parts made of stainless                              surface                         
Clear text displays                                            steel                            Coatings; design and architecture
   (visualization technology)           CNC turned parts made of steel over                             applications for nano-          
Clearance compensating elements;                               100 kg                           Coatings; electroconductive nano- 
   valve                                CNC turned parts made of steel up to                          Coatings; electronics applications for
Clearance (services); street cleaning/                         0.5 kg                             nano-                           
   winter road                       CNC turned parts made of steel up to                          Coatings; environmental technology
Clearance services, 24h hotlines for                           5 kg                               applications for nano-          
   machinery and plants;                                     CNC turned parts made of steel 5 kg to                        Coatings, fluoropolymer coatings,
   troubleshooting services, fault        100 kg                             PTFE coatings; teflon           
Climatic cabinets, climatic rooms                            CO; sensors for carbon monoxide    Coatings for the subcontracting
   (test chambers)                      Coal and gas; process automation                                industry; galvanic and thermal  
Climatic measured variables; other                             solutions for liquefaction of       Coatings; hydrophilic or hydrophobic
   sensors for                    Coal, brown coal, pulverised lignite;                           nano-                           
Climatic rooms (test chambers);                                combined heat and power plants                              Coatings; impregnating nano-      
   climatic cabinets,                     for hard                               Coatings; mechanical engineering
Clinching, joggling                  Coal dust burners; wood dust burners,                           applications for nano-          
Clip-on ammeters; universal            dry dust burners; brown             Coatings; medical technology
Clip-on multimeters                  Coal, petroleum, and gas); process                              applications for nano-          
                                                               automation solutions for mining                             Coatings; metallic nano-          
Clips                                     (extraction and preparation of ores,
Clips; pipe and hose                                                                                                       Coatings; microsystem technology
                                     Coal power plants, brown coal power                             solutions for                                   05.07.12
Clips; wide/clamping                      plants; hard                       
                                                                                                                           Coatings; multifunctional nano-   
Cloakroom cabinets                      Coal power plants; hard coal power
                                                               plants, brown                          Coatings; nanoanalytics for the
Clock timers and clock relays                                                                           characterisation of             
Clocks for control devices; timers,                          Coal; trading with                   
                                                                                                                           Coatings; non-corrosive nano-     
   switching                         Coal); trading with energy derivatives
                                                               (gas, oil,                             Coatings of vehicle engine
Clocks; parts and accessories for                                                                                            components                         
   electricity meters and tariff                             Coalescence separators            
                                                                                                                           Coatings; other applications for nano-
   switching                         Coat metal parts with plastic); insert
                                                               technology/metal-plastic hybrid                             Coatings; polymeric nano-         
Clocks; tariff switching         
                                                               technology (extrusion-              Coatings, protective coatings; pipe
Close tolerance forgings         
                                                             Coat plastic onto metal parts); outsert                       Coatings; PVD surface             
Closed loop and open loop drive
   control systems                        technology/metal-plastic hybrid                             Coatings; safety floor coverings, floor
                                                               technology (spray-              
Closed-loop control systems;                                                                                               Coatings; self-cleaning nano-     
   functional modules for process                            Coated, enamelled winding wire;
                                                                                                                           Coatings; semiconductive nano-    
   control systems, open- and             multiply                           
                                                                                                                           Coatings; sporting and consumer
Closed-loop control systems; hydraulic                       Coated fabrics; products made of
                                                                                                                             goods applications for nano-    
   open- and                           elastomer-                         
                                                                                                                           Coatings; tool applications for nano-
Closed-loop control systems;                                 Coated plastic parts; metal       
                                                                                                                           Coatings; ultrahard nano-         
   pneumatic open- and               Coated steel; assembled sheet metal
                                                               parts made of                    Coatings; vitreous nano-          
Closed-loop control technology;
   Research on open- and                Coated steel sheet; plastic-             Coatings with high temperature
                                                                                                                             stability; nano-                
Closed-loop systems); component                              Coating and painting; industrial robots
   systems (open and                   for                                    Co-axial cables                   
Closers for vehicles; locks and         Coating and surface technology                                Coaxial, copper cables, twisted copper
                                                               (innovative technologies)                       03.09.05      cables, etc.); special cables for
Closing units and APG moulds; APG                                                                       networks, transfer systems,
                                                             Coating; contract painting,
Closing units and moulds for                                                                                                 fieldbus systems (fiberglass,   
                                                               cataphoretic painting, surface
   Automatic Pressure-induced                                                                                              Coaxial plug-in connectors        
                                                               coating, electrostatic dip-        
                                                             Coating, electrostatic dip-coating;                           COB, and wired; flat component
Closures (Subcontracting)                                                                            manufacture in SMD,             
                                                               contract painting, cataphoretic
Cloth filters; microsieves,         painting, surface                      COB (chip on board), MCR
Cloth made of steel; wire meshes, wire    Coating inspection; image processing                            (moulded carrier ring), flip-chip
Clothes; protective                       systems for adhesive                  technologies; automatic placement
                                                                                                                             machines in                     
Clothes; working                        Coating of magnesium; surface     
                                                                                                                           Cobalt magnets; samarium-         
Clothing cabinets                       Coating of plastic parts          
                                                                                                                           Cobalt-based alloys             
Clothing, cleanroom work clothing for                        Coating of plastic parts; flock-  
   leasing; cleanroom work                                                                            Cockpit computers; on-board
                                                             Coating of rubber parts; flock-      
Clothing for leasing; cleanroom work                         Coating; pipeline                 
   clothing, cleanroom work                                                                           Cocks for flowing material; control
                                                             Coating process; laser powder        
Clothing industry; innovative textiles                                                                                     Cocks for gas; shut-off armatures,
                                                             Coating; robot periphery for painting                           gate valves, flaps, valves, ball-
   for the                       
                                                               and                                             15.02.03
Clutch components; motor vehicle                                                                                           Code card entry control devices   
                                                             Coating; systems, equipment and weld
   clutches,                                                                                          Code recognition sensors; identity
                                                               fillers for pouring, extrusion     
Clutches, clutch components; motor                                                                                           recognition,                    
                                                             Coating systems for coil technology;
   vehicle                                                                                            Codeless identification systems;
                                                               varnishing systems,                
CNC control systems                                                                                  identification systems by means of
                                                             Coating; systems for laser beam            image analysis,                    
CNC control systems with bus
                                                             Coating systems, potting machines for                         Codierite (ceramic)               
                                                               coil technology; other impregnation
CNC control systems with PROFIBUS-                                                                                         Coding switches; rotary                           08.02.06
  DP                                                                                               Coding systems by means of infrared
                                                             Coating thickness; sensors for  
CNC controls; application                                                                                                    light; identification and          
                                                             Coating; tool                     
  development systems for                                                                             Coding systems by means of
                                                             Coatings; abrasionproof nano-           microwaves; identification and     
CNC education; interactive teaching
  systems for                                    20.08.07    Coatings; aeronautics applications for                        Coding systems by means of radio
                                                               nano-                                 frequency (high-frequency signals)
CNC milled parts over 1000 kg    
                                                             Coatings; antibacterial nano-           and transponders (RFID);
CNC milled parts up to 10 kg                                                                         identification and                 
                                                             Coatings; antifingerprint nano-   
CNC milled parts up to 100 kg                                                                      Coding systems for technical
                                                             Coatings; antifogging nano-       
CNC milled parts 100 kg to 1000 kg                                                                    plagiarism protection; engravings, 
                                                             Coatings; automotive applications for
CNC processing and precision                                                                                               Coding systems; high-temperature
  engineering of exotic metals;                                                                                              identification and                 
  processing,                           Coatings; carbon-based nano-      
                                                                                                                           Coding systems in areas subject to
CNC technology; further education                            Coatings; catalytic nano-               explosion risk; inductive
  and qualification in               Coatings; ceramic nano-                 identification and                 

Coding systems; inductive identification                                                                The product category index arranged according to subject is
and                                                                                                      the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Coding systems; inductive                                       Coil technology; toroidal cores for         Collectors and absorbers for building
  identification and                       Coil technology; trickle impregnating                               engineering; solar systems, solar
Coding systems; mobile identification                              plant for                                   energy                             
  and                                      Coil technology; varnish impregnation                            Collectors; current                   
Coding systems; optical/optoelectronic                             systems for                              Collectors; cyclone dust collectors,
  identification and                                                                                           multicyclone dust               
                                                                Coil technology; varnishing systems,
Coding systems; other identification                               coating systems for                      Collectors
  and                                                                                                          (energy conduction, current lines);
                                                                Coil technology; winding and
Coding systems; other special                                      withdrawal machines for                     current                       
  identification and                                                                                        Collectors for solar heat systems; flat
                                                                Coil testers                            
Coil forms for coil technology; other                                                                       Collectors, multicyclone dust
                                                                Coil winding machines; other            
Coil forms for cores; coil forms,                                                                                                   collectors; cyclone dust        
   standard                                Coil winding machines; other system
                                                                   periphery for                            Colleges; additional education at
Coil forms for pot cores                                                                                       technical colleges and training    
                                                                Coil winding technology; other
Coil forms, standard coil forms for                                software and services for                                     Colleges and training colleges;
   cores                                                                                                       additional education at technical  
                                                                Coil winding technology; software and
Coil machines; uncoilers, wire-wound                                                                        Colleges and training colleges;
                                                                   controls for                         
Coil presses                                                                                                   commercial education at technical  
                                                                Coil winding wire, cables and
Coil springs                            conductors; other                                             Colleges and training colleges;
                                                                                                                                    technical education at technical   
Coil technology; adhesive insulation                            Coiled material; storage and
   foil for                                         26.02.04       processing equipment for all types                            Colleges; commercial education at
                                                                   of                                                               technical colleges and training    
Coil technology; annealing oven for                                                
                                                                Coiling and uncoiling devices; cable                             Colleges; technical education at
Coil technology; automatic testers,                                                                     
                                                                                                                                    technical colleges and training    
   computer-aided test and inspection                           Coils and magnetic devices
   systems for                                      26.05.03                                                                     Colleges, universities, higher technical
                                                                   (inductive components)             
Coil technology; casting systems,                                                                                                   colleges, vocational training
                                                                Coils; blocking choke                    schools; commercial and business
   injection moulding machines for     
                                                                Coils, capacitors, etc.; fully-automatic                            management courses at              
Coil technology; complete insulation
                                                                   test stations                                                 Colleges, universities, higher technical
   kits for                                         26.02.05
                                                                   (hardware and software) for                                      colleges, vocational training
Coil technology; connection flex,                                  transformers, contactors,                schools; scientific courses at     
   connection terminals, cable lugs,
                                                                Coils; compensating choke             Colleges, universities, higher technical
   connector sleeves for               
                                                                Coils; damping choke                     colleges, vocational training
Coil technology; drying oven for                                                                               schools; technical courses at      
                                                                Coils; earth-fault                 
Coil technology; engineering services
                                                                                                                                 Colleges, vocational training schools;
   for                                     Coils, etc.); parts and accessories for
                                                                                                                                    commercial and business
Coil technology; flexible insulation                               switching equipment and systems
                                                                                                                                    management courses at colleges,
   tubing for                                       26.02.03       (e.g. earthing resistors, earthing
                                                                                                                                    universities, higher technical     
Coil technology; high-voltage                                                                                                    Colleges, vocational training schools;
   insulation components for                        26.02.05    Coils; filter choke                
                                                                                                                                    scientific courses at colleges,
Coil technology; impregnating varnish                           Coils for power electronics; self-                                  universities, higher technical     
   and potting compounds for                        26.02.08       induction                          
                                                                                                                                 Colleges, vocational training schools;
Coil technology; impregnation systems                           Coils; micro                                   technical courses at colleges,
   for                                     Coils, power chokes; choke               universities, higher technical     
Coil technology; induction heating                              Coils; short-circuit choke            Colour cameras for image processing
   plants for                                                                                               Colour image processing; image
                                                                Coils; smoothing choke             
Coil technology; insulation cylinders for           26.02.05                                                                        processing systems for colour
                                                                Coils; wire                           
Coil technology; insulation foil,                                                                                                   inspection and                  
   insulation boards for                                        Coke and activated coal processes for
                                                    26.02.02                                                                     Colour inspection and colour image
                                                                  NOx reduction; activated              
Coil technology; insulation materials                                                                                               processing; image processing
   for                                              26.02.01    Cold and warm appliance sockets;                                    systems for                     
                                                                   plug inserts, inserts for          
Coil technology; insulation oils for                26.02.07                                                                     Colour measuring instruments       
                                                                Cold production rooms                                07.03.03
Coil technology; labelling and                                                                                                   Colour, moisture, gloss; modular
   identification systems for              Cold water aggregates; refrigeration                                measuring systems for assessment
                                                                   machines and systems for building                                of remission, transmission,        
Coil technology; maintenance services
   for                                                                                                      Colour values; sensors for       
                                                                Cold-extruded parts                   
Coil technology; moulded parts,                                                                                                  Combination designs; water treatment
   stamped parts for                                26.01.03    Cold/heat protection textiles; Applied                             plants in                      
                                                                   Research on                        
Coil technology; organisations,                                                                                                  Combination of labour, equipment and
   associations for                                    26.07    Cold-pressed parts                         materials; consultancy for optimum  
Coil technology; other coil forms for      Cold-rolled parts                           Combinations; electrical pressboard
Coil technology; other cores for           Cold-rolled sections from hot and cold-                            and pressboard
                                                                   rolling strips                             (electrical insulation materials)
Coil technology; other impregnation
   machines, coating systems, potting                           Cold-rolled sections with treated                                Combinations for building boilers;
   machines for                               surface                                    burners for oil, gas and oil/gas 
Coil technology; other insulation                               Cold-rolled steel products; other drawn                          Combinations; plug-and-socket      
   materials for                                    26.02.09       and                                      Combined contact-free data and
Coil technology; other special                                  Cold-rolled strip with bright surface         energy transfer (rotary connectors)
   machines for                                                                                             Combined heat and power generation
                                                                Cold-rolled strip with treated surface  
Coil technology; other test aparatus for                                                                       plants; other                       
                                                                Cold-rolling mills and drawing mills  
Coil technology; other test systems,                                                                                             Combined heat and power plants and
                                                                Cold-rolling strips; cold-rolled sections                          combined heat and power plants/
   measuring systems, diagnostic
                                                                   from hot and                               systems; maintenance and service
   systems for                                      26.05.04
Coil technology; plant engineering for     Cold-tough steel castings                  for block-type                      
Coil technology; production plant for                           Collaborative engineering and cross-                             Combined heat and power plants and
   cores in                                   sector product development;                                     combined heat and power plants/
                                                                   software for                            systems; planning, project
Coil technology; protection-rated                                                                                                  management and contruction
   spacers for                             Collar crimes; secret protection and
                                                                   services against white                            04.17.03      management for block-type           
Coil technology; resin impregnation
                                                                Collars                                     Combined heat and power plants for
   systems for                         
                                                                                                                                   fuel oil, gas                       
Coil technology; resistance wire for       Collection, FDC, MDA; software and
                                                                   solutions for production data                                 Combined heat and power plants for
Coil technology; simulation software                                                                                               hard coal, brown coal, pulverised
                                                                   acquisition, factory data            
   for                                                                                                        lignite                             
                                                                Collection systems and equipment/
Coil technology; soldering systems for                                                                      Combined heat and power plants with
                                                                   FDC; factory data                    
Coil technology; stranded conductors                                                                                               steam process; biomass-fired        
   (Cu and Al), HF stranded                                     Collector basins; cleaning systems for
                                                                                                                                 Combined heat and power plants/
   conductors for                          Collector motors; D.C. (up to 750 W)       systems; maintenance and service
Coil technology; technical publications,                        Collector motors for low voltage;                                  for block-type combined heat and
   publishers for                                      26.06       direct-current                          power plants and                    

The product category index arranged according to subject is                                                                    Companies for mobility, hybrid and
the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media                                                                 electric drive technology; technical

Combined heat and power plants/                               Communication controls with CAN                            Communication software for various
  systems; planning, project                                    based on CAL                                               field buses and protocols      
  management and contruction                                    (CAN Application Layer) and                              Communication; software tools and
  management for block-type                                     CANopen                            application software for          
  combined heat and power plants                              Communication drivers; device drivers,
  and                                                                                               Communication; System supply for
                                                              Communication engineering;                                   tele-                             
Combined high-pressure flusher and                              microsystem technical solutions for          05.08.16
  suction vehicles with water                                                                                            Communication systems and
                                                              Communication equipment; door        optimization; analysis of existing
                                                              Communication equipment; intercom                          Communication systems for mobile
Combined installations with fuel cells
                                                                and doorbell equipment with                                automation; M2M                   
  and gas turbines                
                                                                letterbox system for          
Combined oil and gas burners                                                                     Communication systems for mobile
                                                              Communication equipment; other door     automation; wireless              
Combined voice recognition and voice
                                                              Communication facilities ; transport                       Communication systems for pipelines 
  output systems                                  14.01.06
Combustion air preheaters                                                                        Communication systems;
                                                              Communication for general industrial                         multifunctional                
Combustion engines; Applied research                            applications; networks/industrial
  on internal                                                                                       Communication systems; surge
                                                              Communication for general machine                            voltage protection equipment for
Combustion engines for hybrid                                   building; networks/industrial   
  vehicles, range extenders; internal                                                                 powerline                      
                                                              Communication for measuring and
Combustion engines in motor vehicles,                                                                                    Communication systems; wireless  
                                                                control technology; networks/
  aircraft, etc.; function test devices                         industrial                          Communication technologies;
  for internal                                                                                     microelectronics module
                                                              Communication for other branch-
Combustion engines; power generator                                                                                        technology for telecommunications
                                                                specific applications; networks/
  sets with                                                                                           and                               
Combustion of biodiesel; systems for                                                                                     Communication technology
                                                              Communication for other vehicle
  the                                                                                                 (innovative technologies)                      03.09.11
                                                                construction; networks/industrial
Command and signalling devices;                               Communication for precision                                Communication technology; optical
  other                                    engineering and the optical                                information and
                                                                industry; networks/industrial         (Research & Technology)                        03.02.03
Command and signalling devices;
  other parts and accessories for     Communication for the automotive                           Communications and data networks
Command and signalling devices with                             industry; networks/industrial         for building automation; other 
  bus capability                      Communication for the chemical                             Communications and data networks
Command and signalling relays;                                  industry; networks/industrial         for building automation; software
  electronic switches for                                                                          for                            
                                                              Communication for the construction
Command and signalling relays; limit                            industry; networks/industrial       Communications capability;
  sensors, limit switches for                                                                      switchgear with                
                                                              Communication for the electrical
Command and signalling systems;                                 engineering industry; networks/                          Communications couplers, data
  other lighting media for                 industrial                            networks for electric motor systems
Command devices; hydraulic switching                          Communication for the glass industry,                      Communications for building
  and                                      ceramics industry; networks/                               automation; mobile data acquisition
                                                                industrial                            and data                       
Command devices; pneumatic
  switching and                          Communication for the medical                              Communications for building
                                                                technology; networks/industrial       automation; network            
Command equipment; contacts for   
Command equipment housings            Communication for the metal                                Communications systems; Applied
                                                                producing and working industry;                            research on satellite             
Command equipment; other                networks/industrial                 Communications technology; further
Commercial and business                                       Communication for the packaging                              education and qualification in 
  management courses at colleges,                               industry; networks/industrial   
  universities, higher technical                                                                                         Communications unit (bus capability);
  colleges, vocational training                               Communication for the paper industry;                        frequency converters/servo-
  schools                                  networks/industrial                   controllers with digital       
Commercial education at technical                             Communication for the pharmaceutical                       Commutation (brushless D.C. motors),
  colleges and training colleges           industry; networks/industrial         industrial motors; direct-current
                                                              Communication for the plastics                               motors with electronic         
Commercial facility management       
                                                                industry; networks/industrial       Commutation; D.C. motors with
Commercial law; further education and
                                                              Communication for the printing                               electronic (brushless D.C. motors)
  qualification in                
                                                                industry; networks/industrial         (small motors)                 
Commercial sector; other software and
                                                              Communication for the provisions                           Compact assembly plants          
  solutions for management and the   
                                                                industry/foodstuffs industry;                            Compact circuit breakers up to 1 kV
Comminution plants for usable                                   networks/industrial             
  materials/shredding plants                                                                     Compact control systems          
                                                              Communication for the semiconductor
Comminution plants; waste material      industry; networks/industrial       Compact drives                      
Commission, packaged system                                   Communication for the textile industry;                    Compact excavators             
  components including accessories;                             networks/industrial                 Compact Flash Cards for Industrial
  delivery of ready-to-                                                                            PCs                               
                                                              Communication for the timber and
Commissioning of plants; design and     woodworking industry; networks/                          Compact I&C systems              
Commissioning of process automation                             industrial                          Compact industrial PCs in 19-inch
  plants                              Communication; further education and                         installation technology           
Commissioning of projects and plants                            qualification in industrial   
                                                                                                                         Compact machined parts made of
  for the field of plant engineering   Communication management systems        polyurethane                   
Commissioning robots for general                              Communication, monitoring and                              Compact plug connector systems   
  tasks                                    control with Zigbee standard;
Commissioning tests of high-voltage                                                                                      Compact shelves; small part         
  cable installations and GIS            Communication networks and                                 Compact transformer stations     
Communal and industrial disposal;                               systems; Applied research on        Compact transformer stations for
  complete automation systems for     Communication networks; cable                                photovoltaic electricity generation
Communal vehicles and mobile                                    fittings for                                             Compact water treatment plants 
  machinery                                                     (cables for transmission                                 Compacting machines for earthwork;
  (application of hybrid/electric                               technology; other)                 soil                         
  drives)                                Communication networks for process                         Compactors; garbage              
Communication; Applied research on                              automation                    
  broadband                                                                                         CompactPCI boards                   
                                                              Communication, optical data
Communication; Applied research on                              transmission; other wireless                             CompactPCI (CPCI)                
  digital                                  Automation, wireless                Compacts; sintered                  
Communication capability up to 1 kV;                          Communication; other applied                               Companies and industrial use; high
  circuit breakers with              research in the field of information                       and low-voltage switching systems
Communication cards for VMEbus                                  transmission and                      for power supply boards and    
  systems                                         08.06.06    Communication; safety-oriented        Companies; examination and
Communication components;                                     Communication software and network                           certification                  
  integration of different                 software for industrial IT                   14.01.05    Companies for mobility, hybrid and
Communication; consultancy, planning                          Communication software for industrial                        electric drive technology; technical
  for industrial                           networks                              publications, publishing                          24.07

Companies                                                                                         The product category index arranged according to subject is
                                                                                                   the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Companies                                                   Complete photovoltaic technology                               Components and assemblies; building
  (waste water treatment, waste                               systems, photovoltaic electricity                              of special mechanical individual    
  treatment, recycling); integrated                           generation: other                 Components and assemblies; building
  solutions for process optimization                        Complete plug connector systems for                              of special precision mechanical or
  and advanced control in disposal      electrical connection technology       optical                             
Company management and                                      Complete plug systems for automation      Components and equipment for
  organization; other consultancy                                                                                            biodiesel systems                   
  services for                      Complete Product Life Cycle
                                                              Management, PLM systems and                                  Components and equipment for biogas
Company management, organization                              solutions                                 systems                             
  and management; software and
  solutions for                        Complete production plants, plant                              Components and equipment for
                                                              relocations; relocation of             biomass systems; boilers,           
Company succession; consultancy on                 20.10
                                                            Complete solar heat engineering                                Components and equipment for fuel
Comparison; sensors for pattern                                                                                              cell systems; other              
                                                              systems; other                 
                                                            Complete solutions for automatic data                          Components and equipment for
Comparisons; investment planning                                                                                             hydrogen technology; other       
                                                              acquisition and identification; other
  and process (service)            
                                                            Complete solutions for cable networks                          Components and equipment for
Compatibility assessments for power                                                                                          photovoltaic electricity generation;
                                                              and local networks                
  engineering; environmental                                                                         other                          
                                                            Complete solutions for cable systems
Compatibility                                                                                                              Components and equipment for
                                                              in power engineering                
  (EMC measuring instruments);                                                                                               systems using geothermal energy     
  measuring instruments for checking                        Complete solutions for continuous
  electromagnetic                     computer simulation/process                                  Components and interfaces;
                                                              simulation/CFD                      ControlNet                          
Compensating choke coils      
                                                            Complete solutions for high and low-                           Components and operating media-
Compensating elements; valve                                                                                                 special protective type; other low-
  clearance                              voltage switching systems         
                                                                                                                             voltage switching equipment,   
Compensation systems; reactive                              Complete solutions for image
                                                              processing                              Components and systems of
  power                                                                                              microchemistry and of
Compensators for pipework systems;                          Complete solutions for open-air                                  microbiotechnology                  
  flexible connections,            systems                           
                                                                                                                           Components and systems; optical
Complete automation systems for                             Complete solutions for other systems                             (Research & Technology)                          03.02.09
  communal and industrial disposal      in power engineering; other         
                                                                                                                           Components and tools for the field of
Complete automation systems in                              Complete solutions for systems of                                subcontracting; measuring, testing
  forging press plants                          04.01.05      electricity supply companies and                               and technical support for                        12.14.03
                                                              industrial use                    
Complete cable assembly machines                                                                   Components; biodiesel systems and
                                                            Complete steering systems                   system                              
Complete cleanrooms                
                                                            Complete system supply                                         Components, cells, electrodes,
Complete controllers; hydraulic
                                                              (supplier responsible for design,                              separators, electrolytes, etc.;
                                                              development and production),                                   battery                          
Complete controllers;                                         sector-independent                  
  (pneumatic controllers)                                                                             Components; coatings of vehicle
                                                            Complete systems for assembly,                                   engine                              
Complete ControlNet systems              handling and robotics                            04.01.04
Complete delivery and installation of                       Complete systems for assembly                                    (current bushings, plugs, casings,
  Industrial Building Automation                              technology; turnkey systems and                  04.01.02      etc.); specific sensor technology
  systems                                       07.04.04
                                                            Complete systems for handling                                  Components; development of
Complete DP solutions for power                               technology; turnkey systems and                  04.01.03      electronic                       
  engineering; other            
                                                            Complete systems for robotics;                                 Components; DICNET bus systems
Complete embedded systems                       08.07.04      turnkey systems and                              04.01.01      and                              
Complete environmental measuring                            Complete water laboratories            Components
  systems and networks
                                                            Complete 19" module systems              (electric/hybrid drive train);
  (simultaneous measuring of
                                                                                                                             materials/material development for
  different components)                Completeness; image processing
Complete facility management service                          systems for inspection of correct
                                                              assembly and                         Components; embedded PROFIBUS      
                                                            Complex programmable logic controls                            Components; EMC                       
Complete Factory Automation
  systems; other                                04.01.07      PLCs/high-power PLCs                 Components; explosion-proof ethernet
Complete flexible assembly transfer                         Component assembly for the field of                            Components; fiber coupling            
  systems                                       04.01.02      plant engineering                    Components; fiber optic
Complete flexible automated                                 Component characterisation for the                               (MicroTechnology)                                05.03.02
  manufacturing plants                          04.01.06      subcontracting industry; materials                           Components; fiber optic systems and                05.03.04
Complete handling systems                       04.01.03                                                                   Components for burner systems         
                                                            Component identification; optical
Complete home automation, home                                                                                             Components for coil technology; high-
                                                              identification systems for        
  automation systems                            07.02.08                                                                     voltage insulation                               26.02.05
                                                            Component insertion machines and
Complete insulation kits for coil                                                                                          Components for construction
  technology                                                  systems
                                                26.02.05                                                                     machinery                                        12.07.09
                                                              (conventional automatic component
Complete machine upgrades             insertion machines)                  Components for electric motor
Complete manufacturing plants with                          Component insertion machines for                                 construction and transformer
  industrial robots                             04.01.01      SMDs; automatic                                                construction; other                 
Complete measuring and testing                                                                                             Components for electric motors and
                                                            Component insertion systems; other  
  systems for assembly, handling                                                                                             generators; other accessories and   
  and robotics                         Component logistics                 
                                                                                                                           Components for electric motors
Complete medium-voltage switch                              Component management                     (electric/hybrid drive train); cooling
  cabinets                       Component manufacture in SMD,                                    systems and                      
Complete motor vehicle chassis           COB, and wired; flat                 Components for electric motors,
Complete outsourcing of other                               Component optimisation; Research on                              magnetic steel sheets, magnets,
  products                               bionic                                           03.04.14      bearings, etc.
                                                                                                                             (electric/hybrid drive train)    
Complete outsourcing production of                          Component parts for tractors and
  chemical and pharmaceutical                                 agricultural machines                            12.07.07    Components for electrical switchgear
  products                                                                                              systems; current distribution  
                                                            Component systems
Complete outsourcing production of                            (open and closed-loop systems)       Components for holding nut retentions
  electronic equipment, computers                                                                                            for printed board installation and
                                                            Components and accessories for
  and telecommunication equipment                                                                       tool wall mounting               
                                                              actuator drives                     
Complete outsourcing production of                                                                                         Components for hot water systems      
                                                            Components and accessories for
  household and consumer goods           analysis devices                                             Components for hydroelectric power
Complete outsourcing production of                            (e.g. measuring cables)                systems; other                   
  machines and plants                  Components and accessories for                                 Components for identification systems;
Complete outsourcing production of                            fieldbus systems                       other                               
  medical technology products          Components and accessories for                                 Components for industrial networks;
Complete outsourcing production of                            industrial control systems and                                 other                          
  vehicles                               process control systems                 Components for integrated optics      
Complete packages (plastic);                                Components and assemblies; building                            Components for interior fittings and
  packaging systems,                  of electromechanical                      safety; other motor vehicle         

The product category index arranged according to subject is                                                                   Concentration for solid substances;
the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media                                                                sensors, measuring transducers for

Components for measuring                                    Components; production, processing                           Compressor equipment
  technology; bus                     and manufacture of quality tested                            (driving motors, compressors) for
Components for mechanical                                     and finish machined                     gaseous fuels                   
  transmissions                     Components; PROFIBUS network         Compressors                     
Components for microelectronics                 08.01.05    Components; quartzes and                                     Compressors for vehicles             
Components for micro-optics and                               piezoelectric                      Compressors; gas                
  optical engineering; other systems                        Components; roller bearing parts and                         Compressors; other pumps,
  and                                           05.03.06      roller bearing (Subcontracting)     conveyors,                      
Components for microsystem                                  Components; System-on-a-chip            Compressors; rotary piston blowers
  technology; housing                           05.04.09    Components testing; destructive                                and roots blowers             
Components for MicroTechnology;                               materials and construction         Computational fluid dynamics;
  other                                         05.04.10    Components testing; non-destructive                            software and solutions for
Components for MicroTechnology;                               materials and construction           continuous computer simulation/
  piezo                                Components, tools; other CANbus,                               process simulation/           
Components for mobile robots                    15.05.02      interfaces,                        Computer Aided Manufacturing, CAM
Components for optical networks                             Components up to 1 kV; explosion-                              solutions; other                
  (MicroTechnology)                             05.03.05      protected                       Computer and network security
Components for PCI bus systems         Components; wire                       software                           
Components for power and thermal                            Components; workplaces for                                   computer cabinets; 19"            
  engineering; other                     electrically-sensitive             Computer hardware and software
Components for power engineering;                           Composite casting processes                                    (innovative technologies)                       03.09.10
  hydraulic                              (castings)                         Computer lines and lines for electronic
Components for safe power                                   Composite material based                                       equipment                       
  transmission; Systems and              nanocoatings (nanocomposites)      Computer manufacture control
Components for secure automation;                           Composite materials for lightweight                            stations; software for             
  firewalls and virus protection      construction; fibre-plastic           Computer security suites; security
Components for SMD technology;                              Composite materials; intelligent                 12.10.03      packs                              
  electronic                                    08.01.02    Composite materials; metal/ceramic/                          Computer-aided inspection and test
Components for solar thermal                                  plastic                           systems                         
  systems; other                 Composite materials; metal/ceramics   Computer-aided manufacturing/CAM;
Components for steam systems                                                                          Software and solutions for      
                                                            Composite materials; metal/metal
Components for vehicles; other                                                                                           Computer-aided Measuring acquisition
                                                            Composite materials; metal/plastic
  electric drive components, hybrid                                                                                        and processing                  
  drive                                Composite materials; other          
                                                                                                                         Computer-aided planning, CAP;
Components for VMEbus systems                   08.06.06    Composite materials; other multi-layer     software and solutions for
                                                            Composite materials; plastic              production planning/               
Components, hybrid drive components
  for vehicles; other electric drive    Composite materials research            Computer-aided software design
                                                            Composite systems; sandwich         packages                        
Components; hygienic design in
  automation; hygienic automation                           Composites; aluminium             Computer-aided software engineering
  systems & automation                          17.03.07                                                                 Computer-aided testing devices
                                                            Composites consisting of moulded or
Components; integration of different                          shaped parts                                                 (production engineering for
  communication                          (load accepting or transmitting                              electrical engineering and
Components; laser optics                        04.05.02      elements)                            electronics)                    

Components; machine tool               Composites for vehicle construction;                         Computer-controlled current and
                                                              sealing elements, membranes,                                 voltage sources                    
Components made of flat band;
  industrial                          rubber                                Computers and systems; visualization
Components made of glass               Composites; metal/foamed materials,   Computers (building engineering);
                                                            Composites; nano-                         master                             
Components; manufacture of
  electronic                        Composites; Nanomaterials, nano-     Computers, cockpit computers; on-
Components; micro acoustics                     05.04.06    Composites; other fibre          
                                                                                                                         Computers for application in large-
Components; microchemistry             Compound materials and woven
                                                                                                                           scale furnace plants; measuring    
Components; microelectronic              plastic; hoses made of         
                                                                                                                         Computers for industrial applications;
Components; micro-optic                         05.04.07    Compound materials and woven
                                                              plastics; flexible tubes made of
Components; micro-optics systems                                                                                         Computers; image processing                       04.04.03
  and                                           05.03.01    Compounds and casting resins, and
                                                              cable fittings; Casting            Computers; modular touch panels for
Components; microwave                                                                                 industrial                      
                                                            Compounds for coil technology;
Components                                                    impregnating varnish and potting               26.02.08    Computers; operating systems for
  (mobile, electrical energy storage                                                                                       industrial process                              14.01.01
  units); materials/material                                Compounds, putties and cast resins;
                                                              polyester/polyurethane, epoxy                              Computers; operating systems for
  development for battery/capacitor                                                                   microprocessor systems and
                                                              resins, methacrylates; casting
Components; modbus, Modbus Plus                               (electrical insulation materials)      single-board                                    14.01.01
  bus systems and               
                                                            Comprehensive facility management                            Computers, portable gas
Components, modules and systems;                              services, location operators            chromatographs; portable gas
  testing equipment for electric and                                                                                       analysis                           
  electronic                        Compressed air generation systems
                                                              for mobile automation; compressed                          Computers; single-board              
Components; nuclear reactors, reactor                         air storage systems,               Computer-supported systems for
  safety systems, nuclear technology
                                                            Compressed air hybrid engine              electrical installations           
Components of nanotechnology; other
                                                            Compressed air storage systems,                              Computing, pocket PCs, PDAs;
  products and                     
                                                              compressed air generation systems                            realtime operating systems for
Components of nanotechnology;                                 for mobile automation                mobile                                          14.01.01
  research on other                
                                                            Compressed air supply); energy                               Computing Systems and Software;
components of organic electronics;                            efficient supply technology                                  Public Resource                                 14.01.15
  other                               (heating, air-conditioning,                                Computing systems; application
Components; Optoelectronic               ventilation,                                      22.04      software for Customer Relationship
Components; other electromagnetic    Compressed air supply technology;                              Management, CRM, mobile         
Components; other engine                 automation systems for                Concentrating concrete; vibration
                                                            Compressed natural gas; biogas,                                equipment for                 
Components; other microelectric    
                                                              liquefied natural gas LNG, liquefied                       Concentration for gaseous
Components; other micro-fluid                                 petroleum gas LPG,                             24.03.02      substances; sensors, measuring
                                                            Compressed-air storage units; mobile      transducers for vapour        
Components; other Micro-mechanical 
                                                            Compression fittings for pipelines   Concentration for high-voltage
Components; other optical modules                                                                                          equipment; data transfer and data  
  and                                  Compression moulding dies for cable
                                                              manufacture                        Concentration for liquid substances;
Components; other remote control                                                                                           sensors, measuring transducers for
  technology systems and            Compression moulding of plastic  
Components; photonics systems and               05.03.03    Compression refrigerating plants    
                                                                                                                         Concentration for solid substances;
Components; plain bearing parts and                         Compression springs                 sensors, measuring transducers for
  (Subcontracting)               Compression testing devices               vapour                        

Concentration measuring devices                                                                        The product category index arranged according to subject is
                                                                                                        the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Concentration measuring devices                                Conditioning, ventilation automatic                              Conduits (metal), electrical installation
  (CSB, BSB, TOC, ph, etc.)              electrical control systems for                                   conduits; protective cable          
Concentration measuring for hydrogen                             building automation; heating, air-        Conduits (plastic), electrical installation
  technology                              Conditioning, ventilation, compressed                              conduits; protective cable          
Concentrators for building automation;                           air supply); energy efficient supply                           Conduits; protective cable conduits
  modems, multiplexers, controllers,      technology (heating, air-                             22.04      (metal), electrical installation    
Concept profiles; lightweight                                  Conditioning, ventilation, technical                             Conduits; protective cable conduits
  construction                              building equipment and                                           (plastic), electrical installation  
                                                                 installations; CAD software for
Conception, introduction and                                                                                                    Conferences and workshops in the
                                                                 heating, air                        
  implementation of quality                                                                                                       field of research; hosting of          
  management in power engineering         Conditioning, ventilation, technical
                                                                 building equipment and                                         Conferences for logistics; organization
Conception of customer-specific                                                                                                   of congresses and                   
                                                                 installations; CAE software and
  microsystem solutions               
                                                                 solutions for heating, air          Conferencing systems; video-                          14.01.14
Conception of new products for the
                                                               Condition-oriented maintenance,                                  Configuators; software for product
  subcontracting industry; studies
                                                                 condition monitoring; equipment                                  versions, version                   
                                                                 and systems for                     
Conception of power indicators and                                                                                              Configuration and test tools, CAN
                                                               Condition-oriented maintenance;                                    analyzers; CAN                      
  power controlling                
                                                                 further training and qualification for
Concepts and systems; energy                                                                                                    Configuration software for actuating
                                                                 vibration monitoring systems and    
  efficient control                                   22.07                                                                       drives; programming software,          
                                                               Conditions; keyboards for harsh
Concepts and systems for OLEDs,                                                                                                 Configuration tools and test tools;
  large-area OLEDs; control                                                                            DeviceNet                           
                                                               Conducting gauge heads; measuring
Concepts, constructive lightweight                                                                                              Configuration tools and test tools for
                                                                 equipment with                      
  construction; other lightweight                                                                                                 fieldbus systems                    
                                                               Conducting wires and stranded
  construction                                                                                             Configuration tools for INTERBUS;
Concepts for vehicles and mobile                                                                                                  management and                         
                                                               Conduction; Applied research on
  machinery; other drive                                                                                   Configurators for CANbus; hand-held   
                                                                 energy transport, energy            
Concepts, inductive charging; wireless                                                                                          Conformity tests, interoperability tests,
                                                               Conduction, current lines); busbar
  charging                                                                                                   performance tests and certification
                                                                 systems (energy                  
Concepts); operator models for hybrid,                                                                                            (process automation systems)        
                                                               Conduction, current lines); bushings,
  electric mobility (batteries,                                                                                                 Congresses and conferences for
                                                                 post insulators (energy          
  removable battery systems,                                                                                                      logistics; organization of          
  vehicles, fleets, mobility                       24.06.01    Conduction, current lines); current
                                                                 collectors (energy                  Congresses and exhibitions in the field
Concrete and mortar mixers                                                                             of research; hosting of                
                                                               Conduction, current lines); motorized
Concrete block industry, precast                                                                                                Connected PV systems; grid          
                                                                 cable drums (energy              
  concrete parts industry; machines
  and equipment for the                Conduction, current lines); slip-ring                            Connecting and jointing; other process
                                                                 assemblies (energy                    units for                           
Concrete construction and expansion
  joint cutters                        Conduction, current lines); slip-rings                           Connecting cables                     
                                                                 (energy                             Connecting materials); terminals,
Concrete, glass, bricks, ceramics);
  integrated solutions for process                             Conductive elastomer materials;                                    series terminals (routing and       
  optimization and advanced control                              electrically                           Connecting terminals; connection and  
  in cement and construction material                          Conductive nanocoatings; electro-        Connection and connecting terminals   
  industries (cement, lime, gypsum,    Conductive textiles; Applied research                            Connection boxes; house               
Concrete mixing plants; machinery,                               on                                  
  plant and equipment for large                                                                                                 Connection cables; appliance        
                                                               Conductive thermosetting plastics;
  construction sites and                 electrically                        Connection; contact inserts with caged
Concrete parts industry; machines and                                                                                             tension spring
                                                               Conductive transformers (research);
  equipment for the concrete block                                                                                                (electrical connection technology)
  industry, precast                                                                                     Connection; contact inserts with
                                                               Conductivity and specific accessories;
Concrete placers; concrete pumps,                                                                                                 threaded
                                                                 measuring equipment for             
  spraying machines and injectors,                                                                                                (electrical connection technology)
  pneumatic                         Conductivity detectors; thermal       
                                                                                                                                Connection distributor inserts
Concrete pumps, spraying machines                              Conductivity meter                                                 (electrical connection technology)
  and injectors, pneumatic concrete                              (electrical conductivity)           
                                                                                                                                Connection elements for
  placers                           Conductivity principle; sensors,                                   MicroTechnology; construction and      
Concrete; reaction-resin                 measuring equipment and
                                                                                                                                Connection flex, connection terminals,
                                                                 transmitters for level according to
Concrete reinforcing iron; reinforced                                                                                             cable lugs, connector sleeves for
  concrete, reinforcing steel,                                                                                                    coil technology                        
  reinforcing iron,                       Conductivity; sensors for
                                                                 electrochemical                     Connection leads; cable pre-
Concrete, reinforcing steel, reinforcing                                                                                          assemblies with plug connectors
  iron, concrete reinforcing iron;                             Conductivity; sensors for thermal       with                                
  reinforced                              Conductor cables/material for contact                            Connection material; other laying and 
Concrete road building machines                                  line and overhead line construction;
                                                                 lightning                           Connection; plug connectors with
  (distributors and finishers)                                                                            crimp                               
Concrete; vibration equipment for                              Conductor materials; lightning        
                                                                                                                                Connection sockets; multi-function    
  concentrating                     Conductor rails for switching systems
                                                                                                                                Connection sockets; phone, EDP and
Condensate treatment plants               Conductors; bare Al/Al alloy            
Condensation heat exchangers;                                  Conductors; bare Cu/Cu alloy            
                                                                                                                                Connection switch inserts             
  evaporation and                      Conductors; conducting wires and
                                                                                                                                Connection techniques; plug
Condensation reflow soldering                                    stranded                              
                                                                                                                                  connectors in other
  systems                                                      Conductors (Cu and Al), HF stranded                                (spring terminals andscrew
  (vapour phase soldering systems)       conductors for coil technology;                                  connections, etc.)                  
Condensation systems; air                          09.02.08      stranded                              
                                                                                                                                Connection technology; development
Condensers; air                        Conductors for coil technology;                                    for sensor technology in the field of
Condition Based Monitoring; systems                              stranded conductors (Cu and Al),                                 installation and                       
  for                                    HF stranded                           
                                                                                                                                Connection technology for electric
Condition monitoring and diagnosis                             Conductors; high-voltage safety         motors; terminal boxes,                
  systems; other                       Conductors; organic                      Connection technology for electrical
Condition monitoring; equipment and                            Conductors; other coil winding wire,                               switchgear systems                
  systems for condition-oriented                                 cables and                            
                                                                                                                                Connection technology in automation;
  maintenance,                         Conduit unions                             standard housings for               
Condition monitoring services          Conduits and accessories; metallic                               Connection technology; other
Condition monitoring systems                electrical                               housings for electrical           
Condition monitoring systems for                               Conduits and accessories; plastic                                Connection terminals, cable lugs,
  pipelines                                 electrical                               connector sleeves for coil
Conditioning equipment; other                                  Conduits); energy channels made of                                 technology; connection flex,           
  Ventilation and air-                   steel and plastic (piping systems,                             Connection units and accessories for
Conditioning; other building heating                             cable conduits/flexible                  special cables for networks,
  technology, refrigeration                                    Conduits, installation material;                                   transfer systems, fieldbus systems;
  engineering and ventilation and air      protective cable                         cable fittings,                     

The product category index arranged according to subject is                                                                            Construction; networks/industrial
the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media                                                                          communication for other vehicle

Connections, compensators for                                   Consoles for building automation;                             Construction; fibre-plastic composite
  pipework systems; flexible           switchgear, switch cabinets,                                  materials for lightweight            
Connections, etc.); CAN accessories                               switchboards, and switching         Construction for aircraft construction;
  (cables,                              Consoles for control systems; display                           lightweight                          
Connections for pipes and hoses;                                  and operating                       Construction for buildings, load-
  screw                                 Consoles for order acquisition;                                 bearing structures; lightweight      
Connections for vehicle construction;                             terminals/                          Construction for car bodies, body
  rubber-metal                             Consoles; general production                                    parts; lightweight                
Connections; other systems and                                    management terminals/               Construction for chassis; lightweight
  equipment for detachable jointing        Consoles; machine terminals/          Construction for drives; lightweight
Connections; other systems,                                     Consoles; time acquisition terminals/    Construction for gas lines and
  equipment and weld fillers for non-                                                                                           pipelines; pipeline construction and
                                                                Constant voltage control of
  detachable jointing                                                                                      channel                           
                                                                  transformers with step switch   
Connections, plug connections;                                                                                                Construction for interior fittings of
                                                                Constant-voltage regulators       
  systems and equipment for wedge                                                                          vehicles; lightweight             
                                                                Construction ; foundation engineering
Connections; systems and equipment                                                                                            Construction for moving, highly
                                                                  and tunnel                      
  for screw                                                                                                stressed parts; lightweight          
                                                                Construction; aluminium, magnesium,
Connections; systems and equipment                                                                                            Construction for the subcontracting
                                                                  light metal alloys for lightweight 
  for shrink                                                                                               industry; product form, design,      
                                                                Construction and channel construction
Connections; systems and equipment                                                                                            Construction for vehicles and mobile
                                                                  for gas lines and pipelines; pipeline
  for wedge connections, plug                                                                              machinery; lightweight                            24.04.03
                                                                Construction and civil engineering
Connections; systems, equipment and                                                                                           Construction for vehicles and mobile
                                                                  work; other building machinery for
  weld fillers for force fitting, forming                                                                    machinery; other lightweight      
                                                                Construction and connection elements
Connector sleeves for coil technology;                                                                                        Construction; frameworks for
                                                                  for MicroTechnology                
  connection flex, connection                                                                                                   lightweight                          
  terminals, cable lugs,                   Construction and manufacture of
                                                                  models and tool models                 Construction; high-strength steels for
Connector systems; compact plug                                                                         lightweight                          
Connector systems for electrical                                Construction and pipeline construction;
                                                                  CAD software for tank               Construction in vehicle technology;
  connection technology; complete                                                                                               materials for lightweight         
  plug                                  Construction and pipeline
                                                                  rehabilitation; other equipment and                         Construction; industrial robots for other
Connector systems; optical fiber plug                                                                    vehicle                                           15.07.04
                                                                  systems for pipeline            
Connector systems; power plug-and-                                                                                            Construction; industrial services for
  socket devices and                    Construction and pipeline
                                                                  replacement, pipeline rehabilitation;                         other vehicle                        
Connectors / expansion joints; copper                             other services for pipeline         Construction industry; assembly and
  laminated flexible shunts /                                                                           handling systems for the             
                                                                Construction and product
Connectors and cable assemblies;                                  development; software for                                   Construction industry; automatic
  waterproof                                 engineering,                          control engineering for the          
Connectors and couplings; circular      Construction and production of special                        Construction industry; automation
Connectors; coaxial plug-in               machines and prototypes for the                               software solutions for the                        14.04.10
Connectors; combined contact-free                                 field of construction technology       Construction industry; industrial robots
  data and energy transfer (rotary      Construction and special applications;                          for the                                           15.07.10
Connectors; contact springs for           roller shutters for switch cabinets,                        Construction industry; industrial
                                                                  mechanical engineering, vehicle                               services for the                     
Connectors; copper flexible braids,
  copper flexible strands, copper                                                                                             Construction industry; management
  flexible braided                      Construction and transformer                                    consultancy for the               
                                                                  construction; other components for
Connectors; DIN plug-in                                                                               Construction industry; measuring and
                                                                  electric motor                     
Connectors; fiber channel plug-in                                                                       testing technology for the           
                                                                Construction applications; other                              Construction industry; networks/
Connectors for different kinds of                                 lightweight                        
  contacts; hybrid                                                                                      industrial communication for the     
                                                                Construction; assembly and handling                           Construction industry; sensors for the
Connectors for high currents and high                             systems for other vehicle          
  voltages; plug-in                                                                                   Construction industry; software and
                                                                Construction; automatic control                                 solutions for the                                 14.03.02
Connectors for hoses and pipes; snap                              engineering for other vehicle      
  and turn                                                                                            Construction
                                                                Construction; automation software                               (iron, steel, aluminium or
Connectors; HF plug                       solutions for other vehicle                     14.04.04      magnesium); cast parts for vehicle   
Connectors; high-density plug-in        Construction bionics; Research on                             Construction; lasers for other vehicle 
Connectors, hose couplings; hose          structural bionics,                             03.04.02
                                                                                                                              Construction; levelling and measuring
Connectors in customer-specific                                 Construction; CAD software for                                  equipment for pipeline            
  design; plug-in                         mechanical engineering and plant
                                                                                                                              Construction; lightweight construction
Connectors in other connection                                  Construction; CAD software for mould                            for aircraft                         
  techniques; plug                                                and die                         
  (spring terminals andscrew                                                                                                  Construction (low voltage/MCR field);
                                                                Construction; CAE software and                                  supplied products for switchgear     
  connections, etc.)                
                                                                  solutions for mechanical
Connectors in press-in technology;                                                                                            Construction machine accessories    
                                                                  engineering and plant         
  plug-in                                                                                             Construction machinery
                                                                Construction; CANbus applications for
Connectors; interface                                                                                   (application of hybrid/electric
                                                                  other vehicle                   
                                                                                                                                drives); mobile machinery,           
Connectors; lead and line               Construction (civil engineering);
                                                                                                                              Construction machinery; components
Connectors, nipples; hydraulic and                                building and                    
                                                                                                                                for                                               12.07.09
  pneumatic                                Construction companies
                                                                                                                              Construction machinery; radio remote
Connectors; optical fiber plug            (API, ASME, Marine, Pressure
                                                                                                                                control systems for industrial and
Connectors; other plug                    Equipment Directive PED); certified
                                                                  pipeline                            Construction management                
Connectors; PCB plug-in             
                                                                Construction components testing;                              Construction material industries
Connectors; rectangular plug-in           destructive materials and                                     (cement, lime, gypsum, concrete,
Connectors; ribbon cable plug                                                                           glass, bricks, ceramics); integrated
                                                                Construction components testing; non-
                                                                                                                                solutions for process optimization
Connectors; sub-Miniature-D                                       destructive materials and             and advanced control in cement
  appliance plug-in                 
                                                                Construction concept profiles;                                  and                               
Connectors to protection class IP65                               lightweight                            Construction material industries
  and above; round plug-in          
                                                                Construction concepts, constructive                             (cement, lime, gypsum, concrete,
Connectors; USB plug-in                   lightweight construction; other                               glass, bricks, ceramics); Process
Connectors with connection leads;                                 lightweight                              automation solutions for cement
  cable pre-assemblies with plug        Construction; consultancy on                                    and                               
Connectors with crimp connection;                                 lightweight                            Construction; measuring and testing
  plug                                  Construction; design services for                               technology for other vehicle         
Connectors with designed EMC                                      lightweight                            Construction; moulded rubber parts for
  characteristics; plug-in              Construction (electric motor parts);                            vehicle                              
Connectors with integrated electronics;                           stampings made of magnetic steel                            Construction; moulded rubber profiles
  plug                                    sheets for vehicle                       for vehicle                          
Console housings for electrical                                 Construction (electronics field);                             Construction; networks/industrial
  switchgear systems                   supplied products for switchgear         communication for other vehicle      

Construction of assembly lines; other                                                               The product category index arranged according to subject is
basic units and drive units                                                                          the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Construction of assembly lines; other                         Constructional units with or without                           Consultancy for product certification in
  basic units and drive units for the                           integral workpiece feeding; other                              china                          
  basic                                 stationary                              Consultancy for production control and
Construction of machine-operated                              Constructions; other apparatus,                                  production scheduling            
  assembly machines; other basic                                containers, tubular                     Consultancy for project planning and
  units for the basic                 Constructions, steel plate towers,                               project preparation
Construction; organizations,                                    lightweight steel constructions;                               (e.g. project structuring, project
  associations for contracting, plant                           welded                                    calculation, project organization)
  engineering, industrial                Constructions; welded constructions,                           Consultancy for Research and
Construction; other accessories for                             steel plate towers, lightweight steel      Technology; other                
  housing and switch cabinet             Constructive lightweight construction;                         Consultancy for resources scheduling
Construction; other components for                              other lightweight construction                               Consultancy for selection of
  electric motor construction and                               concepts,                                 application specific materials   
  transformer                            Consultancy and consultation for
                                                                                                                             Consultancy for strategic marketing
Construction; other lightweight                                 microsystem technology              
                                                                                                                               (e.g. target group strategy,
  construction concepts, constructive                         Consultancy and planning; electric and                           business segment strategy, product
  lightweight                              electronic                                diversification)               
Construction; other lightweight                               Consultancy and planning for further                           Consultancy for the energy trade   
  material                                 renewable and future energy
                                                                                                                             Consultancy for the energy trade;
Construction; other management                                  sources                           
                                                                                                                               contract management, legal       
  consultancy for vehicle             Consultancy and planning for
                                                                                                                             Consultancy for the field of research
Construction; other production                                  geothermal technology             
                                                                                                                               and innovation; management       
  processes for lightweight           Consultancy and planning for
                                                                                                                             Consultancy for the field of
Construction partition walls; partition                         hydrogen technology               
                                                                                                                               subcontracting; quality
  walls for structural engineering, dry    Consultancy and planning for mains                               management                                    12.14.03
Construction; pipeline                  operation for electricity, gas, water
                                                                                                                             Consultancy for the pharmaceutical
Construction; pipeline                Consultancy and planning for solar                               industry; management           
Construction; plastic granules, plastic                                                                                      Consultancy for the supplied product;
  raw material for vehicle               Consultancy and planning for wind                                production engineering           
Construction; plastics for lightweight                                                                   Consultancy for workflow management
                                                              Consultancy and planning in further
Construction; polyurethane cast resin                                                                                        Consultancy for workflow planning  
                                                                areas of power engineering          
  and sealing foams for vehicle      
                                                              Consultancy and services for energy                            Consultancy; foreign trade       
Construction (power/energy field);
                                                                efficiency and energy saving                        22.08    Consultancy in public promotional
  supplied products for switchgear   
                                                              Consultancy and services                                         programmes for power engineering
Construction; precision cast parts for
                                                                (process automation systems);                                Consultancy in research financing  
                                                                other technical                      Consultancy in research promotion,
Construction processes and
                                                              Consultancy and support of economic                              subsidising organizations        
  production processes for
                                                                cooperations                                        21.06    Consultancy in the field of factory data
  subcontracted products;
  optimization of                        Consultancy; CAN seminars and            acquisition (FDA)                
Construction; procurement of                                  Consultancy; career                                   20.03    Consultancy in the field of
  cooperations, licences, know-how                            Consultancy; ecological controlling      maintenance and repair           
  transfer for plant engineering and   Consultancy engineers, consultancy in                          Consultancy in the field of PPC
Construction; Rapid Prototyping,                                pipelines and pipeline systems            systems                          
  prototype development and                                   Consultancy for assignment of                                  Consultancy in the field of project
  prototype                                activities and production scheduling      implementation                 
Construction; research and                                    Consultancy for calculation of tenders    Consultancy; management
  development for lightweight                                                                             (international management)                       21.01
                                                              Consultancy for capacity planning and
Construction; rubber-metal                                      setting deadlines for door-to-door                           Consultancy); manufacturing and
  connections for vehicle                  times                                     production optimization (analysis/
Construction; sandwich structures for                         Consultancy for certification according                        Consultancy on approval procedures
  lightweight                              to DIN/ISO 9000ff                      for the setup and modification of
Construction; sealing elements,                               Consultancy for controlling              systems                          
  membranes, rubber composites for                                                                                           Consultancy on building legislation and
                                                              Consultancy for design, industrial
  vehicle                                                                                                 building contracts               
                                                                design, product design            
Construction; sensors for other vehicle                                                                   Consultancy on business continuity &
                                                              Consultancy for ecological certification
Construction services; other                                    (eco audit)                            risk management                  
  lightweight                                                                                           Consultancy on business process
                                                              Consultancy for emission trade        
Construction; simulations, technical                                                                                           optimization                   
                                                              Consultancy for enterprise resource
  calculations for lightweight                                                                          Consultancy on company succession                  20.10
                                                                planning (ERP)                      
Construction sites; surveying                                                                                                Consultancy on environmental
                                                              Consultancy for factory planning and
  equipment and instruments for                                                                     protection and ecofriendliness   
                                                                plant planning                      
Construction sites; vibrating equipment                                                                                      Consultancy on lightweight
                                                              Consultancy for implementation
  for                                                                                               construction                     
                                                                possibilities from energy derivatives
Construction; software and solutions                                                                                         Consultancy on maintenance and
                                                              Consultancy for Industrial Building
  for other vehicle                               14.03.15                                                                     repair, plant management         
                                                                Automation                                       07.04.02
Construction; standards for die                                                                      Consultancy on materials           
                                                              Consultancy for industrial engineering
Construction; standards for jigs and                            and manufacturing technology            Consultancy on materials for
  fixtures                                                                                             subcontractors                   
                                                              Consultancy for logistics planning and
Construction; standards for machine                             logistics organization                  Consultancy on product placement
  and apparatus                          Consultancy for medical technology;                              (Equipment and Product Safety Act
Construction; structured sheet metal                            management                             GPSG, EU Machine Directive, EU
  for lightweight                                                                                         Pressure Equipment Directive,
                                                              Consultancy for occupational safety
Construction technology; consultancy,                                                                                          EMC Directive, other EU
                                                                and health protection systems in
  planning for the field of                                                                               Directives)                      
                                                                power engineering                   
Construction technology; publishers in                                                                                       Consultancy on start-ups                           20.11
                                                              Consultancy for operative marketing
  the field of                             (e.g. service concepts,                                      Consultancy on the Industrial Safety
Construction technology; services for                           communication concepts, trade fair                             Regulation                       
  the field of                             organizations)                       Consultancy, personnel department
Construction; titanium, titanium alloys                       Consultancy for optimum combination                              and personnel development;
  for lightweight                          of labour, equipment and materials        personnel                        
Construction; trade publications in the                       Consultancy for payment systems and                            Consultancy, planning, engineering
  fields of contracting, plant                                  job grading                               and development for the field of
  engineering, industrial                Consultancy for power supply                                     subcontracting                   
Construction; wet scrubbers for                                 companies                            Consultancy, planning for control
  exhaust air decontamination in                              Consultancy for preventive                                       technology                     
  plant engineering and              maintenance, total productive                                Consultancy, planning for data
Constructional; equipment for water                             maintenance (TPM)                      management                       
  treatment plants, electrical,                               Consultancy for product certification                          Consultancy, planning for industrial
  mechanical,                        (CE, GS, etc.)                         communication                    

The product category index arranged according to subject is                                                              Contract development for micro fluidics;
the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media                                                                                     engineering,

Consultancy, planning for the field of                      Consulting; innovation                  Contactors up to 1 kV; parts and
  construction technology              Consulting; IT and outsourcing            accessories for              
Consultancy, planning for the field of                      Consulting; outsourcing              Contacts according to CEE; plug-and-
  measuring and testing technology                                                                  socket connectors with shrouded
                                                            Consulting, reports; fire protection
Consultancy, planning in microsystem                                                                                     Contacts, cell contacts
  technology                           Consulting; safety technology             (mobile, electrical energy storage
Consultancy, planning in the field of                       Consumer applications                                          units); battery                
  image processing                       (notebooks, cell phones,                                   Contacts for command equipment   
                                                              camcorders..); fuel cells for  
Consultancy, planning in the field of                                                                                    Contacts; hybrid connectors for
  laser technology                  Consumer goods applications for                                different kinds of             
                                                              nanocoatings; sporting and     
Consultancy, planning in the field of                                                                                    Contacts, insulation, high-voltage
  manufacturing technology for                              Consumer goods; complete                                       protection
  electrical engineering and                                  outsourcing production of                                    (electric/hybrid vehicles, mobile
  electronics                         household and                           machinery); on-board power supply
                                                            Consumer goods industries                                      system,                           
Consultancy, plant service for power
  engineering; plant                     (wood, textiles, paper, printing,                          Contacts
                                                              etc.); integrated solutions for                              (mobile, electrical energy storage
Consultancy; product development 
                                                              process optimization and advanced                            units); battery contacts, cell 
Consultancy, project planning,                                control in                         Contacts, monitors, limiters; other
  engineering for the field of
                                                            Consumer goods industries                                      alarm                          
  assembly, handling and robotics
                                                              (wood, textiles, paper, printing,                          Container handling systems, container
Consultancy; R&D management           etc.); process automation solutions                          identification systems
Consultancy regarding innovations                             for                                  (mobile automation)            
  and technology                    Consumer goods; other                                        Container identification systems;
Consultancy services for bulk                                 Microelectronics module                                      container handling systems,
  purchasers of power and water       technology for                          (mobile automation)            
Consultancy services for company                            Consumption; actuators with low                              Container parking spaces;
  management and organization;                                power                                   environmentally suitable          
  other                             Consumption; automation devices with                         Container units                  
Consultancy services for development                          low power                         
                                                                                                                         Containers and pallets, etc.; once-
  and production; other             Consumption; sensors with low power       through cleaning plants for boxes,
Consultancy services for marketing;                         Contact detectors and systems; earth    Containers and tanks; machines and
  other                                                                                            equipment for cleaning the
                                                            Contact inserts; crimp           
Consultancy services for optimizing                                                                                        insidesof casks,                  
                                                            Contact inserts; crimp-
  the usage of power and water                                                                   Containers and tanks; plastic    
                                                              (electrical connection technology)
Consultancy services for production                                                                                      Containers; cleaning equipment for
                                                            Contact inserts for high ambient
  planning and control (PPC)                                                                          pallets, crates and               
Consultancy services; other business                                                                                     Containers; crates and              
  management                        Contact inserts for high ambient
                                                              temperatures                                               Containers for handling technology;
Consultancy services                                          (electrical connection technology)     grab                                           04.03.06
  (process automation systems)     
                                                            Contact inserts with cage tension                            Containers for handling technology;
Consultancy; software                    spring connection                    storage                                        04.03.06
Consultancy; terminology               Contact inserts with caged tension                           Containers for handling technology
Consultation for microsystem                                  spring connection                                            (system component); special                    04.03.06
  technology; consultancy and            (electrical connection technology)   Containers for handling technology
Consultation for the field of materials                     Contact inserts with threaded                                  (system component); transport                  04.03.06
  technology; process                    connection                                                 Containers for power plant technology,
Consultation in the selection of                              (electrical connection technology)     pressure vessels                  
  materials                            Contact inserts with threaded terminal                       Containers for water-polluting
Consulting; business startup             end                                  substances according to water
                                                            Contact line and overhead line                                 resources law                     
Consulting for general industrial areas;
  management                          construction; lightning conductor                          Containers; mobile environmental
                                                              cables/material for               measuring systems, measuring
Consulting for general machine
                                                            Contact materials for electrical                               vehicles, mobile measuring        
  building; management           
                                                              engineering                           Containers, tubular constructions;
Consulting for other branch-specific
                                                            Contact pins; sprung                   other apparatus,                  
  application areas; management  
                                                            Contact power supplies for moving                            Containments for cables and leads;
Consulting for the automotive industry;
                                                              loads; other sliding              fire                              
                                                            Contact power supplies for moving                            Content management software         
Consulting for the chemical industry;
  management                          loads; sliding                  Content management systems          
Consulting for the construction                             Contact safety relays                Continuity and risk management; other
  industry; management                                                                             business                          
                                                            Contact sensors for electric current
Consulting for the electrical                                                                                            Continuity management services;
                                                            Contact springs for connectors   
  engineering industry; management                                                                  disaster recovery & business      
                                                            Contact-free data and energy transfer
Consulting for the glass industry,                                                                                       Continuity testers, voltage testers
                                                              (rotary connectors); combined  
  ceramics industry; management                                                                  Continuous casting processes
                                                            Contactless transfer systems -
Consulting for the metal producing and                                                                                     (castings)                     
                                                              industrial networks          
  working industry; management                                                                   Continuous computer simulation/
                                                            Contactless write/read systems for
Consulting for the packaging industry;                                                                                     process simulation/computational
                                                              barcode systems                         fluid dynamics; software and
                                                            Contactor combinations                    solutions for                
Consulting for the paper industry and
                                                            Contactor safety combinations           Continuous controllers         
  printing industry; management  
Consulting for the plastics industry;                       Contactors; ancillary                Continuous conveyors
  management                        Contactors, coils, capacitors, etc.;                           (handling technology)             
                                                              fully-automatic test stations                              Continuous conveyors for stocking up,
Consulting for the precision
  engineering and optical industries;                         (hardware and software) for                                  organizing, sorting and supply    
  management                          transformers,                      Continuous operation test stands for
                                                            Contactors, direct voltage contactors;                         luminaires                        
Consulting for the provisions industry/
  foodstuffs industry; management     direct current                     Contour deformation and stabilisation;
                                                            Contactors for battery-powered                                 adaptronics solutions for      
Consulting for the semiconductor
  industry; management                vehicles and power supply systems    Contour (surface/spatial); sensors for
Consulting for the textile industry;                        Contactors; general                  Contouring and path controls     
  management                        Contactors; heating                  Contract and costing management for
Consulting for the timber and                               Contactors; high-current               facility management               
  woodworking industry;                                     Contactors; mini-                    Contract coating;
  management                                                                                       (chemical surface coatings)    
                                                            Contactors; other                
Consulting for vehicle construction;                                                                                     Contract development for
  other management                  Contactors; power                      mechatronics; engineering,        
Consulting in pipelines and pipeline                        Contactors; reversing                   Contract development for micro
  systems; consulting engineers,       Contactors; static                     fluidics; engineering,            

Contract development for micro                                                                         The product category index arranged according to subject is
mechanics, micro structuring;                                                                           the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Contract development for micro                                 Control, coupled batch processes;                                Control engineering for the provisions
  mechanics, micro structuring;                                  process automation solutions for                                 industry/foodstuffs industry;
  engineering,                              batch processes, batch                   automatic                            
Contract development for micro sensor                          Control desks; control rooms and         Control engineering for the
  technology; engineering,                Control devices; code card entry           semiconductor industry; automatic    
Contract development for                                       Control devices; dimmers/brightness                              Control engineering for the textile
  microelectronics; engineering,            (installation technology)                   industry; automatic                  
Contract development for micro-optics;                         Control devices for building                                     Control engineering for the timber and
  engineering,                              automation; DDC/MSR system                  woodworking industry; automatic      
Contract development for microsystem                           Control devices for combined heat and                            Control equipment and installations for
  technology; engineering,                  power generation; measuring and                                  ventilation and air-conditioning
Contract development for                                         control technology,                         systems; measuring and               
  nanotechnology; engineering,                                                                             Control equipment and plants for
                                                               Control devices for D.C. tractive
Contract development for the field of                            motors; pulse                            technology for dust extraction from
  MicroTechnology; other                                                                                                          air and other gases; measuring and   
                                                               Control devices for electricity
  engineering,                                                                                             Control equipment, control devices for
                                                                 generation plants; measuring and
Contract management, legal                                       control technology,                                              power engineering; other
  consultancy for the energy trade                                                                           measuring and                        
                                                               Control devices for electricity
Contract manufacture of lightweight                              generation sets; measuring and                                 Control equipment for biogas systems;
  products                                  control technology,                                              measuring and                        
Contract painting, cataphoretic                                Control devices for flue gas                                     Control equipment for cranes; radio
  painting, surface coating,                                     desulphurising systems; measuring                              Control equipment for energy
  electrostatic dip-coating                 and control technology,                     generation                        
Contract welding                          Control devices for heat generation                              Control equipment for hydroelectric
Contract welding                            plants; measuring and control                                    power stations and systems;
                                                                 technology,                                 measuring and                        
Contracting and energy contracting for
  energy users                         Control devices for power engineering;                           Control equipment for hydrogen
                                                                 other measuring and control                                      technology; measuring and            
Contracting for pipelines and pipeline
                                                                 equipment,                                Control equipment for photovoltaic
                                                               Control devices for reducing nitrogen                              electricity generation; measuring
Contracting for power engineering  
                                                                 oxide; measuring and control                                     and                               
Contracting for power plants, heating                            technology,                               Control equipment for power supplies;
  stations, block-type thermal power
                                                               Control devices; switchgear and            network                           
  stations (complete)                 
                                                               Control devices; timers, switching                               Control equipment for solar thermal
Contracting for power plants, heating
                                                                 clocks for                               systems; measuring and            
  stations, block-type thermal power
  stations; operations                    Control; electrical equipment for air                            Control equipment for transformer
                                                                 traffic                                     plants                            
Contracting in energy management;
  performance                             Control electronics for small and                                Control equipment; switching and
                                                                 miniature motors; other                                          measuring control points, control
Contracting, plant engineering,
                                                                 instrumentation and                      rooms as well as software for
  industrial construction;
                                                                                                                                  power station                        
  organizations, associations for         Control electronics for small-power
                                                                 and subfractional horsepower                                   Control fittings, control valves,
Contracting, plant engineering,
                                                                 motors                                   regulating valves, regulating flaps
  industrial construction; trade
  publications in the fields of           Control elements (actuators) for                                 Control for gas supply; network
                                                                 electric power; other final           monitoring and                       
Contracting services; energy       
                                                               Control elements (actuators) for                                 Control for lifts, cranes; technical
Control and assurance; Applied
  research on quality                       flowing material; other final       Control for lighting; presence         
Control, and logistics; other industrial                       Control elements for high breaking                               Control for power supply; network
  robots for storage, materials                                  capacities up to 1 kV                 monitoring and                       
  management and                          Control elements; positioners for final     Control for pressure equipment;
Control and material flow optimization;                        Control elements; safety final          technical                         
  software and solutions for material                          Control; embedded                           Control for process technology
  flow                                                                                                       systems; technical                
                                                               Control engineering for general
Control and measuring equipment; gas                             industrial applications; automatic                             Control for vehicles, utility vehicles;
  pressure and gas quality                                                                                technical                         
                                                               Control engineering for general
Control and monitoring systems for                               machine building; automatic                                    Control for ventilation technology;
  high-voltage stations                                                                                      presence                             
                                                               Control engineering for measuring and
Control and power electronics                                                                                                   Control; frequency converters with
                                                                 control technology; automatic         
  (electric/hybrid vehicles, mobile                                                                                               sensor-free flow vector
  machinery); other                       Control engineering for other branch-
                                                                                                                                  (sensor-free field orientation)   
                                                                 specific applications; automatic      
Control and production scheduling;                                                                                              Control functions; frequency
  consultancy for production              Control engineering for other vehicle
                                                                                                                                  converters with extended          
                                                                 construction; automatic               
Control and protective equipment from                                                                                           Control; gate and door-opening
  1 kV to 60 kV                     Control engineering for precision
                                                                                                                                  systems for access                
                                                                 engineering and the optical
Control and safety switches for D.C.                                                                    Control gear, incl. line safety switches;
                                                                 industry; automatic                   
Control and safety switches for three-                                                                                            safety switchgear and             
                                                               Control engineering for the automotive
  phase current                                                                                      Control gear with INTERBUS          
                                                                 industry; automatic                   
Control and scheduling; software and                                                                                            Control in cement and construction
                                                               Control engineering for the chemical
  solutions for integrated                                                                                                        material industries
                                                                 industry; automatic                   
  manufacturing                                                                                              (cement, lime, gypsum, concrete,
                                                               Control engineering for the                                        glass, bricks, ceramics); integrated
Control applications; other task-
                                                                 construction industry; automatic            solutions for process optimization
                                                               Control engineering for the electrical                             and advanced                      
Control, automatic control and process
                                                                 engineering industry; automatic           Control in disposal companies
  control technology; other services
  in the field of                      Control engineering for the glass                                  (waste water treatment, waste
                                                                 industry, ceramics industry;                                     treatment, recycling); integrated
Control, automation and robot
                                                                 automatic                                   solutions for process optimization
  (innovative technologies)                                    Control engineering for the metal                                  and advanced                      
                                                                 producing and working industry;                                Control in; mining
Control; battery management thermal,
                                                                 automatic                                   (extraction and preparation of ores,
  battery cooling, battery temperature
                                                               Control engineering for the packaging                              coal, crude oil and gas); integrated
Control cabinets; busbar systems for                                                                       solutions for process optimisation
                                                                 industry; automatic                   
Control capacitors; coupling and                                                                       and advanced                      
                                                               Control engineering for the paper
Control centers, MCCs; low-voltage                               industry and printing industry;                                Control magnets and proportional
  motor                               automatic                                   magnets for hydraulics            
Control cocks for flowing material   Control engineering for the                                      Control modules; development of
Control concepts and systems; energy                             pharmaceutical industry and                                      customer-specific                    
  efficient                                           22.07      medical technology; automatic             Control modules for data transfer via
Control concepts and systems for                               Control engineering for the plastics                               fieldbus; decentralized           
  OLEDs, large-area OLEDs             industry; automatic                       Control modules; lamp/LED           

The product category index arranged according to subject is                                                                 Control technology; Research on open-
the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media                                                                                    and closed-loop

Control monitors and flow monitors,                           Control systems; centralized ripple      Control systems (PLCs); other; bus
  flow limiters; flow                 Control systems; closed loop and open                           modules for programmable logic
Control of transformers with step                               loop drive                             Control systems; pneumatic open- and
  switch; constant voltage            Control systems; CNC                    closed-loop                     
Control); OPC Foundation based bus                            Control systems; compact              Control systems; production       
  systems (OLE for process                                                                          Control systems, production control
                                                              Control systems (DCSs); process
Control; other technical                control systems (PCSs), distributed      systems (add-on); custom process   
Control panels for fieldbus systems;                          Control systems; display and operating                        Control systems; programmable     
  on-site                               consoles for                        Control systems; radio remote   
Control panels for mobile automation     Control systems; electronic           Control systems; safe                
Control panels; manufacture of custom                         Control systems; electropneumatic                             Control systems; security         
  designed keyboards/                   and electrohydraulic                Control systems; software and
Control panels; mobile                   Control systems; engineering for        solutions for manufacturing        
Control points, control rooms as well                         Control systems; fault-tolerant       Control systems; software for
  as software for power station                                                                                               numerical                          
                                                              Control systems; fixed-programmable
  control equipment; switching and
                                                              Control systems, flexible automation                          Control systems; software tools and
                                                                systems; open                         application software for human
Control, PPC in large/medium-scale                                                                                            machine interfaces (HMI),          
  enterprises with series production;                         Control systems for areas subject to
                                                                explosion risk; radio remote     Control systems; text displays for
  software and solutions for
  production planning and             Control systems for assembly,                                 Control systems; time and sequence
                                                                handling and robotics; other          control systems; batch             
Control, PPC in large/medium-scale
  enterprises with single-piece                               Control systems for assembly,                                 Control systems; turnstile, gate and
  production; software and solutions                            handling and robotics; PC-based       door                               
  for production planning and         Control systems for assembly,                                 Control systems; universal automatic
Control, PPC in small-scale                                     handling and robotics;                                      Control systems; universal industrial
  enterprises; software and solutions                           programmable                        Control systems; visualization
  for production planning and         Control systems for boiler plants;                              peripherals for               
Control Products); highly developed                             safety devices,                        Control systems, visualization
  positioning controls (Servos,                               Control systems for building                                    systems; application development
  Advanced Motion                       automation; heating, air-                                     systems for process                
Control; ready-to-connect capacitor                             conditioning, ventilation automatic                         Control systems with PROFIBUS-DP;
  systems with and without           electrical                               CNC                             
Control receivers; ripple                Control systems for building                                  Control systems/visualization systems;
Control, remote measuring and remote                            automation; remote                    PC-aided process                   
  monitoring; modules and unit                                Control systems for drives, drive                             Control technical systems on a
  groups for remote                     management systems                       teleservice basis; remote       
Control resistors up to 1 kV; starter                         Control systems for fuel cells;                               Control technology; assembly and
  and                                measurement and                       handling systems for measuring
Control rooms and control desks       Control systems for gas supply                                  and                                
Control rooms as well as software for                           systems; network                    Control technology; automation
  power station control equipment;                            Control systems for hydroelectric                               software solutions for measuring
  switching and measuring control                               power systems                         and                                             14.04.17
  points,                                Control systems for industrial and                            Control technology; consultancy,
Control rooms, switchgear control                               construction machinery; radio                                 planning for                    
  rooms, software for electric power                            remote                           Control technology, control devices for
  distribution; network                  Control systems for industrial                                  combined heat and power
Control scales; dynamic                 applications; turnkey process         generation; measuring and          
Control; simulation of production                             Control systems for locomotives; radio   Control technology, control devices for
  planning and production                Control systems for pipelines and                               electricity generation plants;
Control; software and solutions for                             pipeline systems; monitoring                                  measuring and                      
  electronic kanban, automatic                                  systems and                            Control technology, control devices for
  material supplies                      Control systems for positioning            electricity generation sets;
Control; software and solutions for                                                                                           measuring and                      
                                                              Control systems for power stations
  machine monitoring and machine                                                                       Control technology, control devices for
                                                              Control systems for special
Control stations; housings for                                                                     flue gas desulphurising systems;
                                                                applications; automatic               measuring and                      
Control stations; housings for                                Control systems; general robot    
  (housings and housing accessories                                                                                         Control technology, control devices for
                                                              Control systems; halogen-free cables                            heat generation plants; measuring
  for Automation)                 
                                                                and wires for                      and                                
Control stations plus software for heat
                                                              Control systems; hydraulic open- and                          Control technology, control devices for
  distribution; thermal control
                                                                closed-loop                           reducing nitrogen oxide; measuring
  switches and                       
                                                              Control systems; identification devices                         and                                
Control stations; software and
                                                                for access                          Control technology; dimensioning and
  solutions for manufacturing
  systems, manufacturing                 Control systems; integration of            system selection for               
Control switches                                              Control systems; interfaces for                               Control technology; engineering,
  (industrial power engineering)        production planning and               development for                 
Control switches and control stations                         Control systems; lighting             Control technology for power stations
  plus software for heat distribution;                                                                                        and remote maintenance; industrial
                                                              Control systems (mobile automation);
  thermal                                  headway                             Control technology for power stations
Control switches up to 1 kV                                                                        and their environmental plants  
                                                              Control systems; multivariable    
Control systems; access                                                                             Control technology for refuse
                                                              Control systems; On-line             
                                                                                                                              incineration plants             
Control systems; access                  Control systems, open- and closed-
                                                                                                                            Control technology in industrial
Control systems; accessories and                                loop control systems; functional
                                                                                                                              building automation; industrial    
  fasteners for hydraulic                  modules for process                
                                                                                                                            Control technology in traffic
Control systems; accessories and                              Control systems; operating systems
                                                                                                                              engineering; industrial         
  fasteners for pneumatic                  for PLC                                         14.01.01
                                                                                                                            Control technology; industrial robots
Control systems; adaptive                Control systems; other            
                                                                                                                              for measuring and                               15.07.17
Control systems and assembly lines;                           Control systems; other access     
                                                                                                                            Control technology; industrial services
  CANbus for robot                    Control systems; other electrical and                           for measuring and                  
Control systems and process control                             electronic                      
                                                                                                                            Control technology; lasers for
  systems; components and                                     Control systems; other electrical drive      measuring and                      
  accessories for industrial             Control systems; other radio remote   Control technology; microsystem
Control systems and process control                           Control systems; PC-based                  technical solutions for sensor,
  systems; management                                                                                 measuring and                                   05.07.05
                                                              Control systems (PCSs), distributed
Control systems; axis                   control systems (DCSs); process     Control technology; networks/industrial
Control systems; batch control                                Control systems; PLC-aided              communication for measuring and    
  systems; time and sequence                                                                           Control technology; other industrial
                                                              Control systems (PLCs); other
Control systems; biometric access       accessories and modules for                                 Control technology; Research on
Control systems; cables and leads for     programmable logic                 open- and closed-loop              

Control technology; sensors for                                                                       The product category index arranged according to subject is
measuring and                                                                                          the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Control technology; sensors for                                Controllers (PAC); Programmable                                 Controls (mobile automation); heavy
  measuring and                          Automation                              load                          
Control technology; software and                               Controllers; PID                     Controls; modular multi-axis    
  solutions for measuring and                      14.03.09    Controllers; pneumatic and                                      Controls; monitoring            
Control terminals with TouchScreen                               electropneumatic single loop         
                                                                                                                               Controls; multi-axis            
  and/or keyboard for fieldbus                                 Controllers; position                
  systems                                                                                              Controls on process level; CANbus
                                                               Controllers; pressure                     systems and plant             
Control transformers (transformers)
                                                               Controllers; process                 Controls, operating and visualization
Control unit; driver's cab         
                                                               Controllers; starter kits for micro-                08.01.04      systems; manual               
Control units); CANopen actuators
                                                               Controllers; temperature                                        Controls; operator panels for 
  (e.g. drive                      
                                                                 (Industrial Automation)            Controls; operator terminals for
Control units for brushless motors;                                                                                                                          
                                                               Controllers; temperature
  servo-drive (ECM)                                                                                    Controls or MMI; (CANopen devices)
                                                                 (single loop controllers)          
Control units for direct-current motors;                                                                                       Controls; other
                                                               Controllers; testing equipment for
  servo-drive                                                                                            (e.g. hand-held operating
Control units for servo components;                                                                                              equipment) terminals for    
                                                               Controllers; three-point          
  explosion-proof drive systems and                                                                                            Controls; other parts and accessories
  drive                                   Controllers; three-point step          for                         
Control units for water technology;                            Controllers up to 1 kV; starters,    Controls; other system periphery for
  blockage and                      Controllers; VME                                    08.06.06      robots and robot                              15.03.06
Control units for 3-phase drives; servo-                       Controllers with bus connection;                                Controls); PLC programming systems
  drive (ASM/synchronous)                universal                            (programmable logic              
Control units; parts and accessories                           Controllers with digital                                        Controls); PLC simulation software
  for electrical drive                   communications unit                                             (programmable logic              
Control valves for building engineering      (bus capability); frequency
                                                                                                                               Controls; PLC-based DeviceNet   
Control valves for flowing material
                                                               Controlling; conception of power                                Controls (PLCs); CAN modules and
Control valves; gas                                                                                   systems for programmable logic
                                                                 indicators and power               
Control valves, regulating valves,                                                                                             Controls (PLCs); decentralized
                                                               Controlling; consultancy for         
  regulating flaps; control fittings,                                                                     programmable logic            
                                                               Controlling; ecological balancing,
Control valves; safety and                                                                          Controls (PLCs); INTERBUS modules
Control wiring for robotics                        15.03.04                                                                      and systems for programmable
                                                               Controlling of robots and of machines;
Control wiring (insulated power cables)                                                                     logic                       
                                                                 image processing systems for the   
Control with Zigbee standard; wireless                                                                                         Controls (PLCs); medium
                                                               Controlling; production
  communication, monitoring and                                                                          programmable logic            
                                                                 (management consultancy)           
Controllable rear axles                                                                                   Controls (PLCs); peripheral devices
                                                               ControlNet applications                
                                                                                                                                 (e.g. analyzers, operating and
Controlled Area Network (CAN)          ControlNet components and interfaces         display equipment) for
Controlled current and voltage                                 ControlNet engineering and tools             programmable logic          
  sources; computer-                  
                                                               ControlNet systems; complete               Controls (PLCs); profibus modules and
Controlled drives (actuator drives);                                                                                             systems for programmable logic
                                                               Controls (actuators) for solids;
                                                                 metering systems, floodgates,                                 Controls (PLCs); system cabling for
Controlled soldering stations and                                valves and                              programmable logic          
  systems; microprocessor-         
                                                               Controls and automatic control                                  Controls (PLCs); teleservice modules
Controlled switchgear;                                           systems; parts and accessories for                              and systems for programmable
  microprocessor-                     automatic                               logic                       
Controller Area Network                                        Controls and regulators; electronic                             Controls (PLCs); VMEbus modules
  (CANbus systems)                       modules for                             and systems for programmable
Controller controlled production                               Controls and regulators; pneumatic        logic                       
  systems with virtual reality;
                                                               Controls and robots; programming                                Controls (PLCs) with DeviceNet
                                                                 tools for                                  connection; programmable logic
Controller ICs; micro-                             08.01.05
                                                               Controls and switchgear; other                                  Controls PLCs/high-power PLCs;
Controller modules; CAN                  stepping motor                       complex programmable logic    
Controller systems                        Controls; application development                               Controls; positioning
Controller systems; hydraulic               systems for CNC                            (control systems for assembly,
Controllers; cam-operated              Controls; application development                                 handling and robotics)        
Controllers, concentrators for building                          systems for robot                        Controls; power system          
  automation; modems, multiplexers,    Controls; CANbus based-robot            Controls; process               
Controllers; continuous             Controls; contouring and path           Controls; PROFIBUS applications for
Controllers; electronic on/off      Controls; customized                      positioning                   
Controllers, electropneumatic                                  Controls; data input terminals for   Controls; screw assembly        
  controllers; pneumatic                  Controls; development and system                                Controls; sequence
Controllers; engine                      integration of embedded                    (controls for special industrial
Controllers; engineering and                                   Controls; distance                        applications)                 
  simulation tools for industrial   Controls; fieldbus security             Controls
Controllers; fault-tolerant                                                                              (Servos, Advanced Motion Control
                                                               Controls; flat operating panels for
Controllers                                                                                                                      Products); highly developed
                                                               Controls for A.C. drives via                                      positioning                   
  (fieldbus, Internet and network                                bussystems                         
  applications); ethernet                                                                           Controls; software and solutions for
                                                               Controls for A.C. drives via CAN          industrial                    
Controllers; flow                  
                                                               Controls for assembly bays              Controls; software and solutions for
Controllers for fieldbus systems; bus
                                                               Controls for biogas systems                  positioning                   
Controllers for process automation;
                                                               Controls for coil winding technology;                           Controls, step sequence controls and
  other single loop                
                                                                 software and                               step-by-step switches; stepping
Controllers for real-time embedded
                                                               Controls for flexible production                                  motor                       
  systems; micro-                     
                                                                 systems (PLCs); decentralized                                 Controls; touch panels for    
Controllers for small and miniature                              programmable logic                 
  motors; single-chip motor                                                                            Controls with CAN based on CAL
                                                               Controls; full graphic-capability                                 (CAN Application Layer) and
Controllers; fuzzy logic              operator terminals for               CANopen; communication        
Controllers; hydraulic                    Controls; general DeviceNet bus                                 Controls with central functions for
Controllers; Industrial PCI (IPCI)                               systems and plant                       building automation; light       
  Ethernet                                Controls; glueing                    
                                                                                                                               Controls with fuzzy logic (PLCs);
Controllers; industrial PCs (IPCs) with                        Controls; hand-held terminals for      programmable logic            
  integrated hardware -
                                                               Controls, heat and solar altitude                               Control-specific software;
                                                                 controlled; central venetian blind         development of                   
Controllers; measuring           
                                                               Controls in the machine area for                                Contruction management for block-
Controllers; microprocessors and                                 assembly, handling and robotics;                                type combined heat and power
  micro-                                           08.08.03      access                                  plants and combined heat and
Controllers (monitoring relays)        Controls (miniature PLCs/mini PLCs);                              power plants/systems; planning,
Controllers; other                    mini programmable logic                 project management and           

The product category index arranged according to subject is                                                                      Corrosion proofing for gas pipelines
the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Contruction management for heating                            Conveyor plants for gaseous fuels;                            Cooling systems; 19"               
  stations and heat generation plants;                          other transport and                 Cooling towers                                     09.02.08
  planning, project management and       Conveyor plants for liquid fuels; other                       Cooling towers; fan                   
Contruction management for power                                transport and                   
  plants and power generation plants;                                                                                       Cooling towers with forced draught                 09.02.08
                                                              Conveyor plants for solid fuels;
  planning, project management and         transport and                          Cooling towers with natural draught                09.02.08
Convection soldering systems; reflow-    Conveyor systems                      Cooling water hydraulic oil filters for
Conventional automatic component                                                                                              i.c. engines                        
                                                              Conveyor systems
  insertion machines;                                           (chain conveyors, trolley                                   Cooling water treatment plants        
  (component insertion machines                                 conveyors, pallet conveyors, etc.)     Cooperations; consultancy and
  and systems)                                                                                        support of economic                                 21.06
                                                              Conveyor systems for cast-resin and
Conversion and energy storage;                                  impregnation technology; storage                            Cooperations, licences, know-how
  maintenance and services of                                   and                                      transfer for plant engineering and
  electrical appliances for energy                                                                    construction; procurement of   
                                                              Conveyor systems, industrial trucks,
Conversion and extension,                                       vehicles, other                        Cooperations, organisations for
  modernisation of installations for                                                                                          mobility, hybrid and electric drive
                                                              Conveyors); assembly conveyors (e.g.
  power engineering                                                                                      technology; research associations,               24.08.02
                                                                double-belt assembly            
Conversion and maintenance                                                                                                  Coordinate gauges                  
                                                              Conveyors; belt (handling technology)
  management systems                 
                                                              Conveyors; chain                                              Coordinate tables                  
Conversion; Applied research on
                                                                (handling technology)                  Coordinate tables; programmable    
                                                              Conveyors, compressors; other                                 Coordination for the subcontracting
Conversion equipment and
                                                                pumps,                                industry; logistics              
  components; other frequency
  converters, current                 Conveyors; continuous                                         Copper                             
                                                                (handling technology)              
Conversion of aluminium surfaces;                                                                                           Copper cables, twisted copper cables,
  chrome-free                         Conveyors                                                       etc.); special cables for networks,
                                                                (e.g. double-belt assembly                                    transfer systems, fieldbus systems
Converters; A/D - D/A-            
                                                                conveyors); assembly                  (fiberglass, coaxial,            
Converters, current conversion
                                                              Conveyors for handling technology;                            Copper castings                    
  equipment and components; other
  frequency                                                                                         Copper; drop forged parts made of  
                                                              Conveyors for stocking up, organizing,
Converters; D.C. voltage                                                                            Copper flexible braided connectors;
                                                                sorting and supply; continuous     
Converters; D.C./A.C.                                                                                 copper flexible braids, copper
                                                              Conveyors; inclined                        flexible strands,                
Converters; D.C./D.C.                 Conveyors; linear                                             Copper flexible braids, copper flexible
Converters; EMC network filters for                             (handling technology)                    strands, copper flexible braided
  frequency                        Conveyors; magnetic belt                                        connectors                       
Converters for D.C. motors in the field                         (handling technology)                  Copper flexible strands, copper flexible
  of actuator technology; current     Conveyors; roller                                               braided connectors; copper flexible
Converters for electro-plating plants;                          (handling technology)                    braids,                          
  static                           Conveyors; steep                         Copper forgeable alloys          
Converters for fieldbus systems; signal    Conveyors; vibrating                     Copper laminated flexible shunts /
Converters for final control elements;                        Coolable textiles; Applied research on                          connectors / expansion joints    
  remote-controlled couplings,                                  heatable,                           Copper strips, copper winding strips  
  brakes, torque and rotational speed
                                                              Coolant applicators; lubricant and    Copper winding strips; copper strips, 
Converters for industrial networks;
  interface                        Coolants for machining operations     Copper wire; enamelled                
                                                              Coolants tubing for machines             Copper-aluminium alloys
Converters for load lifting magnets;
  static                           Cooler groups and cooler networks for                           (aluminium-bronzes)            
                                                                i.c. engines; coolers,                 Copper-nickel alloys             
Converters for three-phase A.C.
  motors in actuator technology;                              Cooler groups for i.c. engines                                Copper-nickel-zinc alloys
  frequency                             (accessories for internal                                     (German silver)                
                                                                combustion engines)                
Converters for three-phase drives from                                                                                      Copper-tin alloys (bronzes)      
  5 kW; frequency                     Cooler networks for i.c. engines
                                                                                                                            Copper-zinc alloys (brasses)     
                                                                (accessories for internal
Converters for three-phase drives up
                                                                combustion engines)                    Copy protection systems for software  
  to 5 kW; frequency              
                                                              Cooler networks for i.c. engines;                             Cords for transmission equipment      
Converters; frequency           
                                                                coolers, cooler groups and             Core circular cables; machines and
Converters; I/I-                  
                                                              Coolers, air heaters; air heat                                  systems for the manufacture of
Converters; intermediate circuit                                exchangers, air                       multi-                           
  chokes for frequency          
                                                              Coolers, cooler groups and cooler                             Core plates for winding technology;
Converters; mini frequency              networks for i.c. engines                stamped                             
Converters; other accessories for                             Coolers for air for i.c. engines         Cored soldering wire; flux         
                                                              Coolers for laboratories; thermostats,    Cores; coil forms for pot             
Converters; other rotary        
                                                              Coolers for oil for i.c. engines         Cores; coil forms, standard coil forms
Converters; static frequency                                                                          for                                 
                                                              Coolers for superconductors       
Converters; U/F - F/U-                                                                              Cores; ferrite                        
                                                              Coolers for superconductors; cyro-
Converters; U/I - I/U-                                                                              Cores for coil technology; other      
                                                              Coolers for water for i.c. engines   
Converters; U/U-                                                                                    Cores for coil technology; toroidal   
                                                              Coolers; liquid                      
Converters with extended control                              Cooling, battery temperature control;                         Cores in coil technology; production
  functions; frequency                  battery management thermal,                                   plant for                           
Converters with sensor-free flow                                battery                             Cores; iron powder                    
  vector control; frequency                                   Cooling electronic equipment);                                Cores; production systems for
  (sensor-free field orientation)       equipment fans (e.g. for                 transformers/transformer                         04.06.07
Converters with servo properties;                             Cooling lubricant cleaning equipment     Cores; transformer                    
                                                              Cooling modules; thermoelectric                               Coriolis principle; sensors, measuring
Converters/servo-controllers with                               modules for the cooling switch
  digital communications unit                                                                                                 equipment and transmitters for
                                                                cabinet                                  flow, flow velocity according to the
  (bus capability); frequency     
                                                              Cooling switch cabinet cooling                                Cork parts (Subcontracting)           
Conveying equipment for waste                                   modules; thermoelectric modules
  material                                                                                             Corporate finance and liquidity
                                                                for the                            
Conveying, loading and handling                                                                                               management                                          21.03
                                                              Cooling systems and components for
  plants; large                            electric motors                                             Corporate Real Estate Management
Conveying or materials handling                                                                                               (CREM)                              
                                                                (electric/hybrid drive train)   
  equipment; building of special-                             Cooling systems for electrical                                Corporate Translation Management
  purpose assemblies for transport,        switchgear systems                 systems, CTM                                     14.01.13
Conveying; ventilators and blowers for                        Cooling systems for power electronics                         Correction equipment up to 1 kV;
  pneumatic                          (electric/hybrid vehicles, mobile                             automatic power-factor         
Conveyor and materials handling                                 machinery)                             Correspondence courses                
  engineering; Applied research on       Cooling systems for pumps          Corrosion monitoring systems for
Conveyor belts (handling technology)     Cooling systems for switching system                            pipelines                           
Conveyor belts of rubber                   housings                            Corrosion proofing for gas pipelines

Corrosion protection services for pipelines                                                              The product category index arranged according to subject is
and pipeline systems                                                                                      the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Corrosion protection services for                              Covering using sheets; load                   Cryogenics; plants for the production
  pipelines and pipeline systems       Coverings, floor coatings; safety floor       of liquid nitrogen for
Corrosion protection systems for                                                                                                     superconductors and            
                                                               Covers; shaft                           
  pipelines and pipeline systems                                                                       Cryogenics; Research on              
                                                               Covers; water treatment plants -     
Corrosion protection testing devices                                                                       Cryogenics systems, cryogene
                                                               CO2 detectors, temperature rise                                       systems for superconduction    
Corrosive nanocoatings; non-             detectors, etc.; smoke detectors,       
Corrugated cardboard packaging,                                                                                                   Cryostaten for superconductors    
                                                               CO2 laser optics; high-power                           04.05.02
  creative packaging, display                                                                                                     Crystallites; research on nano-      
                                                               CO2 lasers                                
  packaging                                                                                               Crystals, nanoparticles; nano-       
                                                               CO2; sensors for (carbon oxides)     
Corrugated pipe for gas lines; stainless                                                                                          CTM; Corporate Translation
  steel                                CPCI; CompactPCI                             Management systems,                             14.01.13
Cost calculations; software for                                CPU cards for VMEbus systems                           08.06.06    Cu and Al,
  production                              CPUs; ISA slot                                   (HF stranded conductors for coil
Cost optimization of production                                Craft                                                                 technology; stranded conductors)  
  processes; environmental and            (application of hybrid/electric                                 Cu/Cu alloy conductors; bare         
Costing management for facility                                   drives); air-                              Cups; lubricating nipples and grease
  management; contract and                Craft                                                              Current and load relays up to 1 kV;
Coulometric oxygen sensors);                                      (application of hybrid/electric                                   other surge                   
  measuring equipment for liquid                                  drives); water-                        
                                                                                                                                  Current and voltage monitors      
  analysis with electrochemical                                Crane sludge vehicles                   
  auxiliary reactions (including                                                                                                  Current and voltage sources;
                                                               Cranes and elevators; maintenance of         computer-controlled                
  amperometric and                 
                                                               Cranes, indoor cranes                   Current and voltage transformers for
Counselling; vocational                               20.04
                                                               Cranes; radio control equipment for       high and medium voltages           
Counters and integrators           
                                                               Cranes; technical control for lifts,       Current and voltage transformers for
Counters; digital                                                                                           high voltage                    
Counters; electromechanical                                                                               Current and voltage transformers for
                                                               Crates and containers                     
Counters; electronic                                                                                        low voltage                     
                                                               Crates and containers; cleaning
Counters; frequency                       equipment for pallets,                     Current and voltage transformers;
Counters, measuring instruments for                                                                                                 testing of                         
                                                               Creation of on-line help systems,
  quantities of heat; heat                   multimedia tutorials, etc.                 Current bushings, plugs, casings
Counters; mechanical                                                                                        (specific sensor technology
                                                               Creative packaging, display                                          components)                     
Counters; multi-purpose                   packaging; corrugated cardboard
                                                                  packaging,                              Current collector motors for low
Counters; operating hour                                                                                    voltage; direct-                
Counters; pulse                        Creep resistant at high temperatures
                                                                  steel castings                          Current collector motors for medium
Counters; service and general                                                                               voltage; direct-                
Counting, batching and filling; scales                           (Corporate Real Estate                                           Current collectors                   
  for                                    Management)                                 Current collectors
Coupled batch processes; process                                                                                                    (energy conduction, current lines)
                                                               Crimp connection; plug connectors
  automation solutions for batch                                  with                                    Current; contact sensors for electric
  processes, batch control,        
                                                               Crimp contact inserts                                              Current contactors, direct voltage
Couplers, data networks for electric                              (Plug inserts for automation)             contactors; direct              
  motor systems; communications  
                                                               Crimp contacts for electrical                                      Current contactors; high-         
Couplers for fieldbus systems; bus        connection technology                Current; control and safety switches
Couplers for fieldbus systems;                                 Crimp-contact inserts                                                for three-phase               
  segment                                 (electrical connection technology)   Current conversion equipment and
Couplers; Opto-                           Crimping, flanging; other systems,                                   components; other frequency
Coupling and control capacitors        equipment and weld fillers for            converters,                     
Coupling components; fiber                Crimping, flanging (service)                  Current converters for actuator
Coupling modules for industrial PCs;                           Crimping machines
  analog                                           08.08.04       (cable assembly machines)               Current converters for D.C. motors in
                                                                                                                                    the field of actuator technology
Coupling sleeves, cable sleeves     Crimping machines
                                                                  (systems, equipment and weld                                    Current distribution components for
Coupling with Ethernet; INTERBUS   
                                                                  fillers for crimping, flanging)           electrical switchgear systems 
                                                               Crimping tongs; crimping tools,            Current drives; direct               
Couplings and brakes;
                                                               Crimping tools, crimping tongs             Current, equivalent leakage current
                                                                                                                                    testing; devices for testing leakage
Couplings and brakes; permanent                                CRM, distribution and marketing;
                                                                 software and solutions for                  Current limiters for large synchronous
                                                                                                                                    and asynchronous motors; starting
Couplings, brakes, torque and                                  CRM, individual software; application
                                                                 software for Customer Relationship                               Current limiters; superconductor
  rotational speed converters for final
                                                                 Management,                                applications in                 
  control elements; remote-controlled 
                                                               CRM, mobile computing systems;                                     Current lines and cables; power 
Couplings; circular connectors and 
                                                                 application software for Customer                                Current lines); busbar systems (energy
Couplings; drive shafts, spline shafts,                          Relationship Management,                   conduction,                   
                                                               CRM; other application software for                                Current lines); bushings, post
Couplings for drive trains                  Customer Relationship                                              insulators (energy conduction,
Couplings for pumps                   Management,                              Current lines); current collectors
Couplings; hose connectors, hose       CRM, standard software; application                                  (energy conduction,           
Courses at colleges, universities,                               software for Customer Relationship                               Current lines); motorized cable drums
  higher technical colleges,                                     Management,                                (energy conduction,           
  vocational training schools;                                 Cross laser for visual justify; dynamic;                           Current lines; pre-assembled power
  commercial and business                                         spot laser, lines laser,             
  management                                                                                                 Current lines); slip-ring assemblies
                                                               Cross laser for visual justify; static;                              (energy conduction,           
Courses at colleges, universities,                                spot laser, lines laser,             
  higher technical colleges,                                                                                                      Current lines); slip-rings (energy
                                                               Cross-flow fans                              conduction,                   
  vocational training schools;
  scientific                              Cross-sector product development;                                  Current meters                    
                                                                  software for collaborative
Courses at colleges, universities,                                                                                                Current; non-contact sensors for
                                                                  engineering and                      
  higher technical colleges,                                                                                                        electric                      
  vocational training schools;                                 CRP; carbon-fibre reinforced plastics   
                                                                                                                                  Current protection devices; fault
  technical                               CRP parts/carbon reinforced plastics    
                                                                                                                                  Current relays                    
Courses at universities; job-related      CRP processing, carbon-fiber
                                                                                                                                  Current relays and trippers up to 1 kV;
Courses for further education &                                  reinforcing of plastic                
  qualification; single and multiweek                          Crushing, screening and sizing
                                                                                                                                  Current relays; differential      
  training                                   machines
                                                                  (building material and concrete                                 Current safety switches; fault    
Courses of further study              
                                                                  block machines)                         Current safety switches up to 1 kV;
Courtyard drains                                                                                            fault                         
                                                               Cryogene systems for
Cover lifters; manhole                    superconduction; cryogenics                                     Current sources, calibration voltage
Covered plastic parts                     systems,                                  sources; calibration               

The product category index arranged according to subject is                                                                    Data acquisition with fieldbus; measuring
the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Current supplies, accessories for                              Customised hybrid circuits and hybrid                             C60, C70; Buckyballs, Buckminster
  electric motors and generators         modules                                      fullerenes,                   
Current technology; radio interference                         Customised manufacture of electrical                              C70; Buckyballs, Buckminster
  suppression capacitors for heavy-     systems                                      fullerenes, C60,              
Current testing and measuring                                  Customized controls                 
  equipment; high-                        Customized measuring data
Current testing; devices for testing                             acquisition systems               
  leakage current, equivalent leakage 
Current transformers               
                                                               Cut parts made of metal; jet-                D
                                                               Cut parts made of metal; laser-        
Current transformers; split-core       Cutter and excavator drives);                                     D. C. drives                         
Currents and high voltages; plug-in                               extrarobust motors (e.g. for rolling                           D/A-converters; A/D               
  connectors for high                     mill, roller table,              
                                                                                                                                 Damage analyses and certificates for
Curtain systems; gate curtains, gate    Cutters; concrete construction and                                  the field of materials technology;
Curtains; fire                               expansion joint                          analyses,                          
Curtains, gate curtain systems; gate    Cutting ceramics                             Damage detection; adaptronics
Curved washers                            Cutting devices                                                     solutions for                   
Custom automatization software; other                             (equipment for welding technology)                             Dampeners for machinery           
                                                                  ; water jet                    
Custom CAD software (add-on)                                                                                Damper systems; spring-           
                                                               Cutting dies and punching tools,
Custom CAE systems (add-on)                  forming and drawing tools                                      Dampers; rubber pneumatic            
Custom calculation software (add-on)      Cutting; Industrial robots for                                    Dampers; vibration                
Custom designed keyboards/control                              Cutting machines and apparatus; arc                               Damping choke coils             
  panels; manufacture of                  welding and                         Damping elastomer materials; highly
Custom manufacturing execution                                 Cutting machines and apparatus; gas                               Damping units, passive vibration
  systems, MES                               welding and                           reduction; other                
Custom process control systems,                                Cutting machines and apparatus;                                   Danger alarm systems and other
  production control systems                                      plasma welding and                    monitoring systems                 
                                                               Cutting machines and devices; wire        Danger zones; mobile automation
Custom production data management                                                                                                  systems for security applications, 
  systems (add-on)                        Cutting machines; electron-beam
                                                                  welding and                         Dangerous goods; safety during
Custom simulation software (add-on)                                                                           storage and transportation of
                                                               Cutting machines; reinforcing steel,
Custom software for other technical                                                                                                (Research & Technology)         
                                                                  bending and                    
  applications                                                                                              Dashboard instruments                
                                                               Cutting; new developments and trends
Customer Relationship Management,                                                                                                Dashboards
                                                                  in the field of laser                                                          
  CRM, individual software;
  application software for             Cutting of plastic parts; stamping and      Data acquisition, analysis and
                                                               Cutting oils; recooling units, heat                                  graphics; PC software for
Customer Relationship Management,
                                                                  exchangers for oils, water,                  measuring                      
  CRM, mobile computing systems;
  application software for             Cutting plastic parts; robots for jet        Data acquisition and data
                                                                                                                                    communications for building
Customer Relationship Management,                              Cutting pliers; pneumatic                    automation; mobile             
  CRM; other application software for    Cutting; robot periphery for                        15.02.08      Data acquisition and data storage in
Customer Relationship Management,
                                                               Cutting; systems for laser beam                 process technology; integrated
  CRM, standard software;
                                                               Cutting systems (high pressure) for                                  solutions for                     
  application software for         
                                                                  structural and civil engineering;                              Data acquisition and identification;
Customer service and support;
                                                                  water jet                              other complete solutions for
  software and solutions for                       14.02.09
                                                               Cutting tools; sintered                         automatic                         
Customer service robots; information
                                                               Cutting; torches gas welding and       Data acquisition, as a service; factory
  robots,                                          15.05.14
                                                               Cutting; valves, fittings and supply                              Data acquisition, as a service;
Customer specific CANbus products/
                                                                  equipment for gas welding and          machine                           
                                                               Cutting, welding and grinding;                                    Data acquisition, as a service; process
Customer specific DeviceNet products/
  applications                               workplace exhaust systems for             Data acquisition, factory data
Customer specific INTERBUS                                     Cutting, welding, grinding, spraying;                                collection, FDC, MDA; software
  products/applications                      exhaust filters for                          and solutions for production      

Customer-specific assembly and                                 Cutting with robots; systems for laser              04.05.04      Data acquisition (FDA); consultancy in
  handling technology applications                                                                             the field of factory              
                                                               Cutting with robots; welding and    
Customer-specific CANbus                                                                                                         Data acquisition; FDC/MDA terminals,
                                                               Cutting with solid state lasers; erosion,
  developments and CANopen-bus                                                                                                      with storage                      
                                                                  boring holes and                    
  developments                                                                                           Data acquisition; general plug-in cards
                                                               Cutting-to-length and insulation
Customer-specific control modules;                                                                                                  for PCs for measuring          
                                                                  stripping machines               
  development of                                                                                            Data acquisition modules;
Customer-specific design; plug-in                                                                                                   decentralized                     
                                                               CVD; stripping processes for organic
  connectors in                                                                                          Data acquisition systems and
                                                                 thin layers, PVD,                 
Customer-specific designs; small                                                                                                    equipment; machine                
                                                               Cyclone dust collectors, multicyclone
  motors to                                                                                              Data acquisition systems; attendance 
                                                                 dust collectors                   
Customer-specific fieldbus                                                                                                       Data acquisition systems; customized
                                                               Cylinder liners                        
  developments                                                                                              measuring                      
Customer-specific industrial                                   Cylinders ball transfer units; ball
                                                                                                                                 Data acquisition systems for mobile
  applications; measuring and testing                             transfer units,                
                                                                                                                                    machines; production           
  technology for                       Cylinders; bolt tensioning          
                                                                                                                                 Data acquisition systems for the
Customer-specific industrial                                   Cylinders, cylinder components for                                   process industry                  
  applications; sensors for               motor vehicle engines               
                                                                                                                                 Data acquisition systems); general
Customer-specific INTERBUS                                     Cylinders; distance measuring                                        measuring acquisition systems
  developments                               systems for hydraulic and                                         (measuring                     
Customer-specific measuring                                       pneumatic                        
                                                                                                                                 Data acquisition systems); linear
  acquisition systems for assembly,                            Cylinders, double-acting; hydraulic                                  encoders (measuring            
  handling and robotics                      (assembly lines)                 
                                                                                                                                 Data acquisition systems; PC
Customer-specific measuring and                                Cylinders; electric lifting                  measuring                      
  testing apparatus; development of    Cylinders for coil technology; insulation           26.02.05      Data acquisition terminals with cable
Customer-specific microsystem                                  Cylinders; hydro-                            transmission/data acquisition
  solutions; conception of                                                                                     systems with cable transmission;
                                                               Cylinders; linear motors/electro-   
Customer-specific PROFIBUS                                                                                                          mobile                         
  developments                         Cylinders, sample receptacles for
                                                                  fluids and gases; sample                  Data acquisition terminals with radio
Customer-specific requirements;                                                                                                     transmission/data acquisition
  visualization systems according to    Cylinders, single-acting; hydraulic                                  systems with radio transmission;
                                                                  (assembly lines)                          mobile                         
Customer-specific solutions for CAN
  and CANopen                          Cylinders, special solutions; hydraulic      Data acquisition via Internet, as a
Customer-specific solutions in the field                       Cylindrical tubing for hydraulics and                                service; time                     
  of laser technology; development                                pneumatics                                Data acquisition with fieldbus;
  and                                  Cyrocoolers for superconductors              measuring                      

Data analysis and evaluation, as a service;                                                             The product category index arranged according to subject is
factory                                                                                                  the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Data analysis and evaluation, as a                                Data transfer and data concentration                           DCM; software and solutions for
   service; factory                             for high-voltage equipment               demand chain management,            
Data analysis; data network diagnosis                             Data transfer; central units and                               D.C.-powered machines              
   and                                          modules for remote                  DCSs; process control systems
Data and documentation systems;                                   Data transfer for building automation;                           (PCSs),
   weighing                                  radio                                 (distributed control systems)    
Data and energy transfer                                          Data transfer; other optical           DDC building automation engineering
   (rotary connectors); combined                                  Data transfer systems; domestic                                  (Direct Digital Control)            
   contact-free                              engineering                         DDC building automation systems       
Data and media guide systems; other                               Data transfer systems for special                              DDC regulations for building
   energy,                                   industrial applications                                       automation                          
Data backup; software for computer              (industrial networks)            DDC systems (Direct Digital Control)
Data capture/ODC terminals; handheld                              Data transfer systems, LAN systems;
                                                                                                                                 DDC/MSR system control devices for
   operating                                    bluetooth-based                       building automation                 
Data capture/ODC terminals; vehicle                               Data transfer systems; radio        
                                                                                                                                 DDC/PLC systems for building
   operating                                 Data transfer systems with infrared;                             automation                          
Data collection, FDC, MDA; software                                  industrial                         
                                                                                                                                 DDE/OPC servers                    
   and solutions for production data                              Data transfer via fieldbus;
   acquisition, factory                                                                                     D/DO fuses                         
                                                                     decentralized control modules for
Data collection; software for industrial                                                                                         Deadlines for door-to-door times;
                                                                  Data transmission for measuring
   factory                                                                                                    consultancy for capacity planning
                                                                     technology; Radio                  
Data collection systems and                                                                                                        and setting                         
                                                                  Data transmission; other special
   equipment/FDC; factory                                                                                   Deaerators and feed water tanks;
                                                                     cables for signalling and        
Data communications for building                                                                                                   thermal                             
                                                                  Data transmission; other; Wireless
   automation; mobile data acquisition                                                                                           Deburring; Industrial robots for      
                                                                     Automation, wireless
   and                                                                                                   Deburring or cleaning of castings for
                                                                     communication, optical             
Data concentration for high-voltage                                                                                                the subcontracting industry         
                                                                  Data transmission systems; other
   equipment; data transfer and                                                                             Decentralized energy supply systems   
Data input terminals for controls                                                                     Decentralized automation via
                                                                  Data warehousing and data mining;
Data line measuring instruments                 software and solutions for               PROFIBUS                         
Data loggers                              Database management systems               Decentralized control modules for data
Data loggers for sensors                  Database servers                                   14.01.05      transfer via fieldbus            
Data logging                                                      Databases and engineering tools for                            Decentralized data acquisition
   (electric/hybrid vehicles, mobile                                 targeted research in the field of                             modules                             
   machinery); sensor systems,                  Factory Automation                              04.19.07    Decentralized programmable logic
Data management and engineering                                   Databases for engineering and                                    controls for flexible production
   data management services;                                         technology                                      04.19.07      systems (PLCs)                   
   production                                                                                               Decentralized programmable logic
                                                                  Databases for industrial application
Data management; consultancy,                                        areas                                           04.19.07      controls (PLCs)                  
   planning for                                                                                             Dechlorination plants for water  
                                                                  Databases for materials information   
Data management, EDM; software                                                                                                   Decontamination in plant engineering
   and solutions for engineering                                  Databases for power engineering     
                                                                                                           and construction; wet scrubbers for
Data management; energy                      Databases, Internet information                                  exhaust air                    
                                                                     services, on-line information for the
Data management; further education                                   field of Factory Automation                     04.19.07    Decontamination systems; exhaust air
   and qualification in                                                                                  Decontamination systems; sludge
                                                                  Databases on economic data;
Data management; further education                                   Economic Information,                              21.09      stabilization and sludge         
   and qualification in Product Life                                                                                             Deep drawing dies; deformation and 
   Cycle Management, CAD, product         Databases; software and solutions for
                                                                     Media Asset Management, media          Deep drawn parts                      
Data management, PDM; software
   and solutions for product              D.C. and A.C. voltage; stand-by power                          Deep-drawing parts for vehicle
                                                                     supplies for                          manufacture; mouldings,
Data management services;
                                                                  D.C. braking equipment;                                          stampings, and                      
   production data management and
   engineering                                  electromagnetic                     Deep-drilled parts                    
Data management; software and                                     D.C. collector motors (up to 750 W)    Defending networks; self-          
   solutions for production                  D.C.; control and safety switches for   Deflection systems for lasers;
Data management software for                                      D.C. converters; D.C./                    modulation and                     
   industrial IT; other                      D.C. generators                           Deformation and deep drawing dies  
Data management systems (add-on);                                 D.C. generators for low voltages          Deformation and stabilisation;
   custom production                                                                                           adaptronics solutions for contour
                                                                  D.C. generators for medium voltages   
Data mining; artificial intelligence in the                                                                                      Defusing robots; reconnaissance
   field of                                              03.06    D.C. meters                         
                                                                                                                                    robots,                                         15.05.06
Data mining; software and solutions for                           D.C. miniature motors               
                                                                                                                                 Degreasing plants; industrial cleaning
   data warehousing and                      D.C. motors and stepping motors;                                 and                                 
Data network diagnosis and data                                      simultaneous regulators for      
                                                                                                                                 Dehumidification systems; air
   analysis                                  D.C. motors in the field of actuator                             humidification and               
Data network systems for business                                    technology; current converters for
                                                                                                                                 Delivery and installation of Industrial
   processes; integrated voice and        D.C. motors), industrial motors; direct-                          Building Automation systems;
Data networks for building automation;                               current motors with electronic                                 complete                                        07.04.04
   other communications and                  commutation (brushless           
                                                                                                                                 Delivery in the field of subcontracting/
Data networks for building automation;                            D.C. motors; variable-speed               just-in-time delivery; production
   software for communications and        D.C. motors with electronic                                       synchronous                     
Data networks for electric motor                                     commutation                                                 Delivery of ready-to-commission,
   systems; communications                                           (brushless D.C. motors)                                        packaged system components
   couplers,                              (small motors)                         including accessories           
Data networks; over-voltage protection                            D.C.; positioning drives               Demagnetizing devices; magnetizing
   in high-speed                       D.C. power supplies; other               and                              
Data; other CAD software and                                      D.C.; servo drives                     Demand chain management, DCM;
   solutions for the generation of                                D.C. servomotors                         software and solutions for          
                                                                  D.C. supplies; special                 Denitrogenisation; additives for flue
Data processing; measuring                                                                                                         gas desulfurisation and flue gas                 01.08.04
   equipment for                             D.C. tractive motors; pulse control
                                                                     devices for                         DeNOx catalysts                       
Data radio modems                     
                                                                  D.C. transformers                      DeNOx reactors                        
Data; radio transfer systems for
                                                                  D.C. voltage converters                Density measuring devices,
                                                                  D.C./A.C. converters                     viscosimeters                       
Data; recording and processing of
   weighing                               D.C.-A.C. converters for industrial                            Density, particle density, soot density;
                                                                     applications                          sensors for dust               
Data storage in process technology;
   integrated solutions for data                                  D.C./A.C. converters for power                                 Density plug-in connectors; high-  
   acquisition and                              electronics                         Density; sensors for             
Data systems; mobile measuring            D.C./D.C. converters                   Density; sensors for heat flow   

The product category index arranged according to subject is                                                                Development, system design for sensor
the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media                                                                               technology; system

Density; sensors for radiation,                                  Desulphurising systems; measuring                         Development for micro sensor
  radiation energy, radiation           and control technology, control                           technology; engineering, contract
Deodorizing; Chemicals for                                         devices for flue gas               Development for microelectronics;
  disinfecting/                       Desulphurization; Applied research on                       engineering, contract          
Deodorizing systems for water           waste gas                    
                                                                                                                           Development for micro-optics;
Department store, shop and store                                 Detachable jointing connections; other                      engineering, contract          
  monitoring systems                           systems and equipment for     
                                                                                                                           Development for microsystem
Depots; tank storage                        Detecting systems for pipelines;                            technology; engineering, contract
Derivatives; consultancy for                                                                                               Development for nanotechnology;
  implementation possibilities from                              Detection; adaptronics solutions for                        engineering, contract          
  energy                                       damage                      
                                                                                                                           Development for Research &
Derivatives (gas, oil, coal); trading with                       Detection; image processing systems                         Technology; other engineering and
  energy                                       for fracture                
                                                                                                                           Development for sensor technology in
Desalination plants for water         Detection in gas lines; leakage
                                                                                                                             the field of ceramics technology
Desalination plants; seawater            Detection method; pulse        
                                                                                                                           Development for sensor technology in
Design and architecture applications                             Detector arrays; Detectors,            the field of installation and
  for nanocoatings                       Detectors and gas monitoring devices;                       connection technology          
Design and commissioning of plants       gas                            Development for sensor technology in
Design and modelling of microsystems        Detectors and systems; earth contact     the field of semiconductor
                                                                 Detectors, CO2 detectors,                                   technology                     
Design Automation; solutions for
  Electronic                             temperature rise detectors, etc.;                      Development for sensor technology in
                                                                    smoke                               the field of thick film technology
Design; CAD software for software
  design/programme                       Detectors, detector arrays           Development for sensor technology in
Design, construction for the                                     Detectors, etc.; smoke detectors, CO2                       the field of thin film technology
  subcontracting industry; product                                  detectors, temperature rise       Development for the field of
  form,                                     Detectors (FID); flame ionization     MicroTechnology; other
Design; consultancy for                  Detectors; gas analyzers with FTIR     engineering, contract          
Design; consultancy for industrial       Detectors (PID); photo ionization   Development for the field of sensor
                                                                                                                             technology; services,          
Design; consultancy for product          Detectors, presence detectors; area
Design, development and production),                                monitoring via movement        Development for the field of
  sector-independent; complete                                                                                               subcontracting; consultancy,
                                                                 Detectors, rows, arrays; infrared
  system supply (supplier                                                                                                    planning, engineering and      
                                                                    (infrared measuring technology)
  responsible for                                                                                     Development in further areas of power
                                                                 Detectors); testing devices for
Design); electronic equipment cabinets                                                                                       engineering; engineering,      
                                                                    permanent magnets and
  (19"                                   permanent magnet systems                               Development in the field of laser
Design for sensor technology; ASIC                                  (magnetic field                  technology; engineering,     
  development, ASIC                         Detectors; thermal conductivity   Development; material            
Design for sensor technology; system                             Determination of site location and                        Development methods
  development, system                          architectural planning              (CAD, simulation); Applied
Design in automation; hygienic                                   Developed positioning controls                              research on                    
  automation systems & automation                                  (Servos, Advanced Motion Control                        Development methods
  components; hygienic                               17.03.07      Products); highly                 (CAD, simulation)
Design, industrial design; product          Development and customer-specific                           (innovative technologies)                   03.09.23
Design; models for industrial              solutions in the field of laser                         Development of application-specific
                                                                   technology                        software                     
Design, optimization and operation in
  manufacturing automation/                                      Development and production; other                         Development of bus systems;
  production; simulation software for         consultancy services for          engineering,                   
Design; PCB (service)                    Development and production), sector-                      Development of control-specific
Design, pipeline engineering; pipeline        independent; complete system                              software                       
                                                                   supply (supplier responsible for
Design; plug-in connectors in                                      design,                            Development of customer-specific
  customer-specific                                                                                  control modules                
                                                                 Development and programming; PLC 
Design; pumps in Hygienic                                                                       Development of customer-specific
                                                                 Development and prototype
Design; Research on bionics                          03.04.08                                                                measuring and testing apparatus
                                                                   construction; Rapid Prototyping,
Design; separating equipment, piston                               prototype                          Development of diesel engines;
  rod                                       Development and system integration                          research and                 
Design services for lightweight                                    of embedded controls               Development of electronic
  construction                              Development; Applied research on                            components                   
Design small motors; other special         system analysis and system                  03.07.12    Development of electronic systems;
Design tools; PCB                           Development, ASIC design for sensor                         engineering,                   
Design up to 1 kV; switching systems -                             technology; ASIC                   Development of energy extraction and
  modular                             Development consultancy; product     generation plants; engineering,
Design; ventilator modules in 19"     Development, development tools,                           Development of hardware and
Designations; line                         analysis tools; DeviceNet hardware                        software for CAN and CANopen 
                                                                   and software                    Development of industrial networks;
Designed EMC characteristics; plug-in
  connectors with                        Development, development tools; CAN                         engineering,                   
                                                                   hardware and software           Development of logistic concepts for
Designed keyboards/control panels;
  manufacture of custom                  Development for battery/capacitor                           the field of construction technology
                                                                   components                                              Development of Open Source software
Designing and testing of electrical
                                                                   (mobile, electrical energy storage                        (industrial software)
                                                                   units); materials/material   
  (PCBs, application specific circuits                                                                                     Development of plants for heat
  and functional modules)                Development for control technology;
                                                                                                                             extraction and generation;
Design/programme design; CAD                                                                                                 engineering,                   
  software for software                  Development for e-motor components
                                                                                                                           Development; other outsourcing
                                                                   (electric/hybrid drive train);
Designs, OLED material; efficiency-                                                                                          product                        
  optimised OLED                                                                                Development; project organization for
                                                                 Development for industrial IT,
Designs; small motors to customer-                                                                                           the field of research and      
                                                                   development tools; other software
                                                                   for application                    Development services in pipeline
Desk casings for 19" chassis                                                                      engineering                    
                                                                 Development for lightweight
Desk housings for electrical                                       construction; research and         Development; software and solutions
  switchgear systems                                                                              for experiment, prototyping and
                                                                 Development for mechatronics;
Desks for cable looms; test                engineering, contract              Development; software for
Desks; switching                      Development for metallic materials;                         collaborative engineering and
Destructive materials and construction                             engineering,                         cross-sector product         
  components testing                     Development for micro fluidics;                           Development; software for
Desulfurisation and flue gas                                       engineering, contract                engineering, construction and
  denitrogenisation; additives for flue                          Development for micro mechanics,                            product                      
  gas                                                01.08.04      micro structuring; engineering,                         Development, system design for
Desulphurisers, biogas dryers; gas         contract                             sensor technology; system      

Development systems, expert systems,                                                             The product category index arranged according to subject is
diagnosis systems, artificial intelligence                                                        the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Development systems, expert                               Device Type Managers (DTM) for                                  Diagnosis and optimization of
  systems, diagnosis systems,                               fieldbus systems                         systems; analysis,                
  artificial intelligence systems;                        DeviceNet accessories                                           Diagnosis and simulation systems;
  application                          (e.g. cables, plugs)                     other expert,                     
Development systems for automation                        DeviceNet analysis tools                Diagnosis, performance evaluation
  equipment; PLC programming                                                                                                 (process automation systems);
  systems, application               DeviceNet applications for other
                                                            vehicle construction                        operational                    
Development systems for CNC                                                                                               Diagnosis services; machine       
  controls; application              DeviceNet applications in building
                                                            engineering                              Diagnosis software for computers and
Development systems for embedded                                                                                             communication                     
  systems; application               DeviceNet applications in robotics     
                                                          DeviceNet applications in the                                   Diagnosis systems, artificial
Development systems for                                                                                                      intelligence systems; application
  microelectronics, microprocessors           08.01.04      automotive industry                  
                                                                                                                             development systems, expert
Development systems for mobile,                           DeviceNet bus systems and plant                                    systems,                          
  industrial applications; application      controls; general                  
                                                                                                                          Diagnosis systems (base software)    
Development systems for process                           DeviceNet bus systems; general       
                                                                                                                          Diagnosis systems for machines and
  control systems, visualization                          DeviceNet configuration tools              installations; systems and software
  systems; application               DeviceNet configuration tools and test                             for remote                        
Development systems for Rapid                               tools                                 Diagnosis systems for the process
  Prototyping systems; application    DeviceNet connection; programmable                                 industry                          
Development systems for robot                               logic controls (PLCs) with            Diagnosis systems; intelligent machine
  controls; application              DeviceNet controls; PLC-based           Diagnosis systems; other condition
Development systems for Soft-PLC                          DeviceNet hardware and software                                    monitoring and                 
  systems; application                 development, development tools,                               Diagnosis systems; remote            
Development systems for Virtual                             analysis tools                     
                                                                                                                          Diagnosis technology; Research on
  Reality systems; application       DeviceNet in industrial applications          medical analysis and              
Development systems; image                                DeviceNet input/output devices          Diagnostic and measuring technology
                                                          DeviceNet interface cards                                          services in maintenance and repair             04.19.08
Development systems;                                        (e.g. for PCs)                        Diagnostic systems for coil technology;
  microprocessor                              08.01.04
                                                          DeviceNet interface cards                                          other test systems, measuring
Development systems; microsystem                            (e.g. PC cards)                          systems,                                       26.05.04
  technology                                  05.06.01
                                                          DeviceNet I/O modules                   Diagnostic systems; Software for
Development systems; multimedia                                                                                              expert and                        
                                                          DeviceNet modules; other             
  virtual product                
                                                          DeviceNet products for IP 65            Diagnostic tools, programming
Development systems using C++, C,                                                                                            devices, AT cards for fieldbus
  Basic; application                 DeviceNet products/applications;                                   systems                        
                                                            customer specific                    
Development systems with Java;                                                                                            Diagnostics and optimization of
  application                        DeviceNet sensors (e.g. limit switches)      processes and products for quality
Development tools, analysis tools;                        DeviceNet systems                          assurance; analysis,           
  DeviceNet hardware and software                         DeviceNet systems and modules on                                Diagnostics for maintenance and
  development,                      sensor/actuator level                    repair; remote                 
Development tools; CAN hardware                           DeviceNet systems; parts and                                    Diagonal light barriers         
  and software development,         accessories for                       Diagrams, luminous displays for
Development tools                                         DeviceNet technology; application-                                 building engineering; luminous
  (embedded tool kits); embedded                            oriented                                    circuit                        
  software                           DeviceNet transfer systems; Wireless    Diameter, particle size, size; sensors
Development tools, engineering; other                     Devices and components used in                                     for                          
  CAN                               power electronics; other              Diamonds; industrial              
Development tools; other software for                     Devices and equipment for                                       Diaphragm plates for oil burners     
  application development for                               MicroTechnology; other
  industrial IT,                                                                                     Diaphragm pumps                 
                                                            manufacturing                                     05.01.10
Development tools, simulation and test                                                                                    DICNET bus systems and components 
                                                          Devices for electrical resistance
  systems for MicroTechnology;                                                                                            Die cast and injection moulding
  other                                       05.06.05                                                                       machines; industrial robots for
                                                          Devices for industrial safety                                      loading/unloading                 
Development work; subcontracted        applications; measuring              
Developments and CANopen-bus                                                                                              Die castings; aluminium           
                                                          Devices for maintenance and repair;
  developments; customer-specific                                                                                         Die construction; accessories for
                                                            other repair media and             
  CANbus                                                                                             mould and                      
                                                          Devices for measuring force, pressure,
Developments and modes of                                                                                                 Die construction; CAD software for
                                                            mass, extension, and oscillation   
  operation; batteries and battery                                                                                           mould and                      
  systems, new                                01.01.07    Devices for mobile applications;
                                                                                                                          Die construction; jigs and fixtures for
Developments and trends for wind-                                                                                            mould and                      
  thermal power stations; new        Devices for power plant technology;
                                                                                                                          Die construction; standards for   
                                                            other thermal                        
Developments and trends in actuator                                                                                       Diecasting dies                   
  technology; general new         Devices for testing leakage current,
                                                            equivalent leakage current testing       Diecasting processes (castings)   
Developments and trends in
                                                          Devices for testing luminaires, LEDs,                           Die-formed parts; other           
  mechatronics; general new    
                                                            luminaire heat-up testers                Dielectric materials; capacitors and
Developments and trends in the field
  of laser cutting; new              Devices for testing partial discharge      Dielectric materials
                                                          Devices for testing residual voltage          (plastic and insulating materials);
Developments and trends in the field
                                                                                                                             testing equipment for          
  of laser surface processing; new    Devices for testing the direction of
                                                            rotation                                 Dielectric strength of power
Developments and trends in the field
                                                                                                                             electronics; measuring and testing
  of Rapid Prototyping in laser                           Devices for testing the polarisation
                                                                                                                             equip. f. transient network surge
  technology; new                      index, PI testing                    
                                                                                                                             voltages, harmonics, and for   
Developments; customer-specific                           Devices for testing the polarity       
                                                                                                                          Dielectric strength testing devices;
  fieldbus                        Devices for testing wind power plants         high-voltage                      
Developments; customer-specific                           Devices, power engineering plants; CE                           Diemaking and mould making; CAE
  INTERBUS                             test certificates for electrical            software and solutions for
Developments; customer-specific                           Devices, protectors                                                toolmaking,                  
  PROFIBUS                          (electric/hybrid vehicles, mobile                             Die-pressed parts                 
Developments for methanol-based                             machinery); safety                   
                                                                                                                          Dies and punching tools, forming and
  energy production                  Devices with low power consumption;                                drawing tools; cutting         
Developments for regenerative and                           automation                           
                                                                                                                          Dies; deformation and deep drawing
  future primary energy sources      Dewatering systems; pressure         
                                                                                                                          Dies; diecasting                  
Developments for saving fossil fuels    Dewatering systems; sludge thickener
                                                                                                                          Dies; embossing                   
Developments for the implementation                         and sludge                         
  of lasers in microtechnology; new                                                                    Dies for powder metallurgy        
                                                          Dewpoint; sensors for humidity,
Developments in sensor technology;                          absolute (gas humidity)            Dies; forging tools               
  new                                Diagnosis and data analysis; data                               Dies; injection moulding          
Device drivers, communication drivers       network                                 Dies (supply parts)                  

The product category index arranged according to subject is                                                                                      Displays for mobile applications
the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Diesel; biofuels, bioethanol,                                     Digital recorders                        Disassembly, packaging, and
   bioalcohols, bio-                                  24.03.01    Digital regulating systems                  reassembly of machinery and
Diesel engines for power station                                                                                                      plants                          
                                                                  Digital regulating systems; multi-
   technology and thermal                                            tasking operating systems for         Disassembly, reassembly of
   engineering                                                                                                   machinery; machine
                                                                  Digital rotary pulse generators      
Diesel engines; lead-acid                                                                                                             modernisations,                                 04.19.08
   accumulators for starters of           Digital speed indicators; analog and 
                                                                                                                                   Disassembly, reassembly of
Diesel engines <Otto>                                 01.05.02    Digital technology for building                                     machinery; other machine
                                                                     automation; systems in analog and        upgrades,                       
Diesel engines; research and
   development of                         Digital technology; measuring                                    Disaster recovery & business
                                                                     instruments for                             continuity management services     
Diesel gas engines                                    01.05.03
                                                                  Digital temperature measuring                                    Discharge; devices for testing partial
Diesel, natural gas, biogas, biodiesel,                              instruments
   vegetable oil; block-type thermal                                                                                               Discharge facilities; hoppers with    
                                                                     (temperature monitoring devices)     
   power stations for fuel oil/                                                                               Discharge machining; parts
                                                                  Digital voltmeters                   
Diesel systems and system                                                                                                             manufactured by electrical
   components; bio-                          Digital-absolute distance measuring                                 (wire and electrodes)                           12.04.09
Diesel-electric drives for vehicles and                                                                                            Discharge systems; rake systems for
   mobile machinery                          Dimensional and QA inspection tasks;                                rainwater                       
                                                                     robots for                           
Diesel-hydraulic drives for vehicles                                                                                               Disconnectors for water technology;
   and mobile machinery                      Dimensioning and system selection for                               pipe                          
                                                                     control technology                   
Different acquisition systems;                                                                                                     Discrete computer simulation; software
    integration of further modules and       Dimensioning of bus systems and                                     and solutions for             
                                                                     networks; selecting and              
Different communication components;                                                                                                Discrete system simulation; software
    integration of                           Dimensions; measuring devices for                                   and solutions for             
                                                                     shape deviations and              
Different kinds of contacts; hybrid                                                                                                Discs and perforated discs; forged
    connectors for                        Dimmer actuators); actuators specially                              (open-die forging)              
                                                                     for building automation (e.g. roller
Differential current relays                  blind switches, switching/                                    Discs; forged discs and perforated 
Differential gear components; motor                                                                                                Disentangling equipment (separators)  
                                                                  Dimmers with integrated remote
    vehicle differential gears,                                                                               Dished, bent, rolled, and edge-worked
                                                                     control (installation technology)    
Differential gears, differential gear                                                                                                 plate products; pressed, flanged,  
                                                                  Dimmers/brightness control devices
    components; motor vehicle                                                                                 Disinfecting/deodorizing; Chemicals
                                                                     (installation technology)            
Differential pressure measuring                                                                                                       for                           
                                                                  DIN ISO 9000 ff for power engineering;
    devices, differential pressure test                                                                                            Disinfection plants for water    
                                                                     certification according to           
                                                                  DIN plug-in connectors                   Disinfection systems for water   
Differential pressure; pneumatic
    measuring equipment and                                       DIN/ISO 9000ff; consultancy for                                  Disinfection with gamma radiation for
    transmitters for pressure,               certification according to               water                         
Differential pressure principle;                                  Diode lasers                                Disk brakes                           
    sensors, measuring equipment and                              Diode lasers; high-power                    Disk lasers                           
    transmitters for flow, flow velocity                          Diodes                                      Disk springs                     
    according to the               
                                                                  Diodes, OLEDs; other organic light                               Dismantling and assembly of presses
Differential pressure; sensors for                                   emitting                              and other production plants;
    (tolerance < 0.5 %)                                                                                 business relocations, machine
                                                                  Diodes; organic diodes, organic
Differential pressure; sensors for                                   rectifier                                relocations,                    
    (tolerance < 1 %)                                                                                Dismantling; power station
                                                                  Diodes, organic rectifier diodes;
Differential pressure; sensors for                                   organic                                  redevelopment/power station        
    (tolerance >= 1 %)                                                                               Dismantling, shut-down of plants in
                                                                  Diodes, phototransistors,
Differential pressure switches, partial                              photomultiplers; photoelectric              power engineering                  
    vacuum monitors; pressure and     
                                                                  Diodes; surge voltage safety             Dispatch; software and solutions for
Differential pressure test devices;                                                                                                   distribution and                   
    differential pressure measuring                               Dip mouldings
                                                                     (articles produced by dipping);                               Dispatchers for power systems; load   
                                                                     plastic                               Dispensing; microsystem technology
Differerential pressure principle;
                                                                  Dip soldering machines                      solutions for dosing,                           05.07.11
    sensors, measuring equipment and
    transmitters for level according to                           Dip soldering systems; automatic         Dispensing, pressing; microsystem
    the pressure/                                                                                          technology solutions for dosing,                05.07.08
                                                                  DIP switches                                         08.02.06
Difficult operating conditions;                                                                                                    Dispersing systems; ultrasonic     
                                                                  Dip-coating; contract painting,
    identification systems for                  cataphoretic painting, surface                                Dispersive infrared measuring
Diffraction gratings; prisms,                   coating, electrostatic                      equipment (NDIR); non-          
Digging teeth                          Direct current contactors, direct                                Displacement pumps; positive-    
Digit displays                               voltage contactors                    Display and message systems for
Digit displays; large-                    Direct current drives                          electric power distribution        

Digital built-in measuring instruments    Direct Digital Control systems (DDC)     Display and operating consoles for
                                                                  Direct methanol fuel cells, DMFC            control systems                 
Digital cameras for image processing;
   high-resolution                        Direct voltage contactors; direct                                Display and signalling modules for
                                                                     current contactors,                      industrial PCs                                  08.08.04
Digital communication; Applied
   research on                               Direct-current collector motors for low                          Display equipment) for programmable
                                                                     voltage                                  logic controls (PLCs); peripheral
Digital communications unit                                                                                                           devices (e.g. analyzers, operating
   (bus capability); frequency                                    Direct-current collector motors for                                 and                           
   converters/servo-controllers with         medium voltage                    
                                                                                                                                   Display modules; LCD               
Digital components for                                            Direct-current motors; servo-drive
   microelectronics (ICs)                             08.01.05       control units for                     Display packaging; corrugated
                                                                                                                                      cardboard packaging, creative
Digital counters                          Direct-current motors with electronic                               packaging,                      
Digital displays                             commutation
                                                                     (brushless D.C. motors), industrial                           Display panels for road vehicles   
Digital displays; large               
                                                                     motors                                Display usage in industrial applications
Digital drive systems                 
                                                                  Direction of rotation; devices for testing                       Displays; alphanumeric             
Digital Factory; organizations and                                   the                                      Displays; analog                   
   associations for industrial software,              14.05.07
                                                                  Directional systems for electrical                               Displays; big screen               
Digital factory services; other                       14.05.06       engineering; permanent magnets
                                                                     and                                      Displays; clear text
Digital harmonic distortion measuring
                                                                                                                                      (visualization technology)         
   instruments                            Directive PED); certified pipeline
Digital input/output modules (fieldbus)       construction companies (API,                                  Displays; digit                    

Digital LCR measuring instruments,                                   ASME, Marine, Pressure                                        Displays; digital                  
   RLC measuring instruments                 Equipment                             Displays for building engineering;
Digital Mock-Up (DMU); software and                               Dirt pumps; thick matter pumps,          luminous circuit diagrams,
   solutions for                             Dirt traps for water technology             luminous                        
Digital multimeters                       Dirt-proof industrial PCs                   Displays for control systems; text
Digital printing for organic materials;                           Dirt-repellant textiles; Applied research                        Displays for fieldbus systems; text
   printing,                                  on                                   Displays for mobile applications      

Displays for tripping apparatus and                                                                     The product category index arranged according to subject is
signalling devices; text                                                                                 the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Displays for tripping apparatus and                              Distribution cabinets up to 1 kV; cable   Documentation systems; weighing
   signalling devices; text              Distribution centres, logistics; facility                          data and                        
Displays; intelligent LED                   management for forwarders,                                    Domestic engineering data transfer
Displays; large digital                     warehouses,                                systems
                                                                 Distribution components for electrical                             (see also Industrial Automation
Displays; large-digit                                                                                       08.06.09)
                                                                    switchgear systems; current                                          
Displays; large-text                                                                                      Domestic engineering technology;
                                                                 Distribution; display and message
Displays); LCD backlighting                                                                                                         central                            
                                                                    systems for electric power           
   (background lighting for backlit                                                                       Domestic services management
                                                                 Distribution; mains and plant
Displays; LED                                                                                               systems                            
                                                                    protection for electric power        
Displays; LED large                                                                                       Domestic signalling systems; push-
                                                                 Distribution; measured value recording
Displays; OLED                                                                                              buttons and switches for           
                                                                    systems, status signalling systems
Displays; other                             and fault notification systems for                            Domestic water treatment plants and
                                                                    electric power                             accessories                   
Displays; plasma                     
                                                                 Distribution; monitoring and regulating                          Domotic microsystems                              05.08.12
Displays signalling devices; flat    
                                                                    systems for heat                         Door communication equipment      
Displays; system supply for embedded
   systems and                              Distribution; monitoring systems for                             Door communication equipment; other
                                                                    electric power                           Door control systems; turnstile, gate
Disposal companies; measuring and
   automation plants for supply/            Distribution; network control rooms,                               and                                
                                                                    switchgear control rooms, software                            Door monitoring systems; video       
Disposal companies
                                                                    for electric power                   
   (waste water treatment, waste                                                                                                  Door openers; bell transformers,     
   treatment, recycling); integrated                             Distribution networks; energy
                                                                    management for                           Door opening systems for industrial
   solutions for process optimization                                                                                               gates                         
   and advanced control in               Distribution of solid, liquid and
                                                                                                                                  Door retainers; fixing systems for fire
Disposal companies                                                  gaseous materials; plants for the    
                                                                                                                                    protection, electromagnetic        
   (waste water treatment, waste                                 Distribution; other measuring and
   treatment, recycling); process                                                                                                 Door systems in building engineering;
                                                                    automation plants for electric power 
   automation solutions for                                                                                 saftey                             
                                                                 Distribution; other measuring and
Disposal; complete automation                                                                                                     Door times; consultancy for capacity
                                                                    automation plants for heat           
   systems for communal and                                                                                                         planning and setting deadlines for
                                                                 Distribution; sensors for                                          door-to-                           
                                                                    (e.g. infrared cameras) temperature
Disposal for power engineering;                                                                                                   Door video equipment              
                                                                 Distribution; software and solutions for
   thermal waste                                                                                             Door, window and barrier drives;
                                                                 Distribution systems; installation            monitoring systems for             
Disposal logistics services; waste   
                                                                 Distribution; thermal control switches                           Doorbell equipment with letterbox
Disposal management and waste
                                                                    and control stations plus software                              system for communication
   material management (services)    
                                                                    for heat                                   equipment; intercom and         
Disposal of electronic elements;
                                                                 Distributor inserts; connection                                  Door-opening systems for access
                                                                    (electrical connection technology)     control; gate and               
Disposal; other mobile automation
   systems for supply and                Distributor systems; switching desks,                            Doors for vehicles                   
                                                                    switching panels for low-voltage                              Doors; intelligent lever tumblers for
Disposal services for hazardous waste       switching systems and                security                        
Disposal services for industrial                                 Distributors; accessories for
   enterprises                                                                                            Doors; safety fittings and equipment
                                                                    installation                            for industrial gates, ramps and
Disposal services for local authorities    Distributors; busbar                                             Door-to-door times; consultancy for
Disposal systems; general system                                    (electro-magnetic and mechanical                                capacity planning and setting
   planning for supply and                     components)                             deadlines for                      
Disposal vehicles; weighing systems                              Distributors; drum                    Dormant scales; weighing technology
   and identification systems for        Distributors; installation upright                                 for industrial trucks              
Dissolved O2; sensors for                                                                              Dosage systems and equipment for
                                                                 Distributors; installation wall    
Distance controls                                                                                           water and sewage water treatment
                                                                 Distributors (insulation, casting, steel);
Distance measuring devices                  encapsulated low-voltage           Dosage systems for casting resin,
Distance measuring devices; optical                                                                         impregnation material; mixing and  
                                                                 Distributors; low-voltage bus bar  
Distance measuring instruments,                                                                                                   Dosages; adhesive               
                                                                 Distributors; other installation     
   thickness measuring instruments;                                                                                               Dosing and weighing operations;
                                                                 Distributors; small                  
   other length measuring                                                                                                           software tools and application
   instruments,                          District heat supply                          software for                    
Distance measuring systems; digital-                             DMFC; direct methanol fuel cells,        Dosing apparatus; weighing,
   absolute                              DMS; document management                                           measuring and                   
Distance measuring systems for                                     systems,                                  Dosing devices for electronics;
   hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders     DMU; software and solutions for                                    adhesive                        
Distance scanners for image                                        (Digital Mock-Up)                         Dosing devices for flowing material,
   processing                               DNS for technical plagiarism                                       pumps                         
Distance sensors; radar                    protection; artificial                    Dosing, dispensing; microsystem
Distance, thickness; laser measuring                             Document management systems,                                       technology solutions for                        05.07.11
   instruments for geometrical                                     DMS                                       Dosing, dispensing, pressing;
   parameters spacing,                   Documentation for power engineering;                               microsystem technology solutions
Distances, sag; sensors for intervals,                             technical                                for                                             05.07.08
   (measuring range < 0.001 m)     Documentation for the field of Factory                           Dosing equipment for gases
Distances, sag; sensors for intervals,                             Automation; technical (service)             (analysis equipment)            
   (measuring range < 0.01 m)      Documentation for the field of plant                             Dosing equipment for liquids
Distances, sag; sensors for intervals,                             engineering                              (analysis equipment)            
   (measuring range < 0.1 m)       Documentation in the field of industrial                         Dosing equipment for solid materials;
Distances, sag; sensors for intervals,                             construction, construction                                       feeding devices and             
   (measuring range < 0.5 m)         technology                                Dosing systems (for algae control);
Distances, sag; sensors for intervals,                           Documentation, information for                                     biocide                       
   (measuring range >= 0.5 m)        regenerative energy sources               Dosing systems for the electrical
Distances; 3D object surveying at                                                                                                   industry; vacuum mixing and        
   great                                   (quality manual, process                                       Dosing technology; Research on
Distances; 3D object surveying at                                  instructions, guidelines); quality       micro-                             
   shorter                               Documentation services                      Dosing technology; weighing
Distortion measuring instruments;                                                                                                   technology                         
                                                                 Documentation; software and solutions
   digital harmonic                        for product                               Dot recorders                     
Distributed control systems (DCSs);                              Documentation; software and solutions                            Double layer capacitors; capacitors,
   process control systems (PCSs),         for technical                               high-power capacitors, supercaps,
Distribution and dispatch; software and                          Documentation, standards for                                     Double-acting; hydraulic cylinders,
   solutions for                              Research and Technology;                                         (assembly lines)                
Distribution and marketing; software                               information,                                       03.08.06    Double-belt assembly conveyors);
   and solutions for CRM,                   Documentation systems; multimedia                                  assembly conveyors (e.g.        
Distribution boards; low-voltage        technical product                         Double-nose sunk keys           

The product category index arranged according to subject is                                                                     Drives); other vehicles and mobile
the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media                                                             machinery (application of hybrid/electric

Dowels                                   Drive technology; technical                                  Drives); communal vehicles and
Down of plants in power engineering;                             publications, publishing companies                           mobile machinery (application of
  dismantling, shut-                        for mobility, hybrid and electric                24.07       hybrid/electric                     
DP; CNC control systems with                                  Drive technology; trade associations                         Drives; compact                        
  PROFIBUS-                              for mobility, hybrid and electric             24.08.01    Drives; components and accessories
DP interfaces; PROFIBUS-              Drive technology with INTERBUS          for actuator                        
DP; PROFIBUS-                                                 Drive train); components for electric                        Drives (D.C.); positioning          
  (manufacturing automation)             motors, magnetic steel sheets,                            Drives (D.C.); servo                
                                                                 magnets, bearings, etc. (electric/
DP solutions for power engineering;                                                                                        Drives; direct current                 
  other complete                                                                                   Drives, drive management systems;
                                                              Drive train); cooling systems and
Drainage gutters                                                                                      control systems for                 
                                                                 components for electric motors
Drains for water technology              (electric/hybrid                  Drives; electric actuator           
Drawbar; electronic (robots)                      15.06.03    Drive train); electromagnetic shielding,                     Drives); electric motors (actuator     
Drawing dies; deformation and deep       EMC for motors (electric/hybrid   Drives; electro-mechanical
Drawing mills; cold-rolling mills and    Drive train); generators for                                    (speed-regulated electric drives)
Drawing tools; cutting dies and                                  recuperation, regenerative braking,                       Drives; electromechanical actuator  
   punching tools, forming and           battery charging (electric/hybrid
                                                                                                                           Drives; electronic starters for electric
Drawn and cold-rolled steel products;                         Drive train); materials/material
                                                                                                                           Drives, electronics; fans, blowers for
   other                                    development for e-motor
                                                                 components (electric/hybrid    
Drawn metal parts                                                                                     Drives; electropneumatic actuator   
                                                              Drive trains and steering; automotive
Drawn parts; deep                           system supply for                 Drives, e-traction; traction motors for
Driers and hardening systems for cast-                                                                                        traction                         
                                                              Drive trains; couplings for         
   resin technology                                                                                   Drives); extrarobust motors (e.g. for
                                                              Drive trains; other electric motors,
Drill point grinding machines and                                                                                             rolling mill, roller table, cutter and
                                                                 electric machinery for electric/
    equipment; twist                                                                                     excavator                        
Drilling equipment and systems                                                                  Drives for actuator technology;
                                                              Drive units for the basic construction of
Drilling equipment (pipeline)            assembly lines; other basic units
                                                                 and                               Drives for actuator technology; electric
Drilling parts; other                
                                                              Drivecom); motive power engineering                          Drives for actuator technology; electro-
Drilling parts; precision            
                                                                 with INTERBUS (e.g.                     mechanical                     
Drilling; systems for laser beam     
                                                              Driven transport vehicles;                                   Drives for actuator technology; other
Drinking water plant construction    
                                                                 automatically                        Drives for actuator technology;
Drive components for vehicles; other                                                                                          pneumatic                      
                                                              Driven vehicles; electrical equipment
   electric drive components, hybrid 
                                                                 for battery                       Drives for actuator technology; speed-
Drive components, hybrid drive                                                                                                regulated electric               
                                                              Driver bits; screwdrivers, screwdriver
   components for vehicles; other
                                                                 sets, screw-                      Drives for assembly machines,
                                                              Driver information systems, passenger                           automatic assembly machines and
Drive concepts for vehicles and mobile                                                                                        assembly lines; hydraulic        
                                                                 information systems              
   machinery; other                  
                                                              Driver sets, screwdriver bits;                               Drives for assembly machines,
Drive control systems; closed loop and                                                                                        automatic assembly machines and
                                                                 screwdrivers, screw-           
   open loop                                                                                             lines; pneumatic                 
                                                              Driver software for industrial IT; OPC
Drive control systems; other electrical                                                                 Drives for building and agricultural
                                                                 drivers, OPC servers,            
Drive control units                                                                                                           machinery; hydrostatic traction  
                                                              Driverless transport systems;
   (CANopen actuators)                                                                             Drives for building engineering;
                                                                 automation systems for         
Drive control units for brushless                                                                                             butterfly valve                  
                                                              Driverless transport systems,
   motors; servo- (ECM)                                                                            Drives for small and miniature motors;
                                                                 driverless vehicles (robotics); other         15.06.06
Drive control units for direct-current                                                                                        piezo servo                      
   motors; servo-                                             Driverless transport systems, DTS;
                                                                                                   Drives for vehicles and mobile
                                                                 driverless transport vehicles, DTV            15.06.01
Drive control units for servo                                                                                                 machinery; diesel-electric          
   components; explosion-proof drive                          Driverless transport vehicles, DTV;
                                                                 driverless transport systems, DTS;            15.06.01    Drives for vehicles and mobile
   systems and                                                                                           machinery; diesel-hydraulic         
Drive control units for 3-phase drives;                       Driverless vehicles; navigation
                                                                 systems for autonomous,                       15.06.04    Drives for vehicles and mobile
   servo- (ASM/synchronous)                                                                           machinery; electric                 
Drive control units; parts and                                Driverless vehicles; obstacle
                                                                 recognition systems for                       15.06.05    Drives for vehicles and mobile
   accessories for electrical                                                                         machinery; fuel cell                
Drive management systems; control                             Driverless vehicles (robotics); other
                                                                 driverless transport systems,                 15.06.06    Drives for vehicles and mobile
   systems for drives,                                                                                   machinery; hybrid                   
Drive shafts, drive shaft components;                         Drivers and system software for
                                                                 embedded computer technology         Drives for vehicles and mobile
   motor vehicle                                                                                         machinery; solar-electric           
Drive shafts, spline shafts, standard                         Driver's cab control unit         
                                                                                                                           Drives from 5 kW; frequency
   couplings                             Driver's cab shock absorbers               converters for three-phase       
Drive systems and drive control units                         Drivers, communication drivers; device    Drives; gate                      
   for servo components; explosion-                           Drivers; device drivers, communication
   proof                                                                                              Drives, gearing and electric motors for
                                                              Drivers, encoders, etc.);                                       wheel hub drives; wheel hub      
Drive systems; digital                   implementation of CANopen device                          Drives); gearing units and motors
Drive systems; electronic                profiles (for I/O modules,           (actuator                           
Drive systems; energy efficient                      22.06    Drivers for small and miniature motors;                      Drives; graps with other            
Drive systems for building engineering;                          stepping motor                 
                                                                                                                           Drives; hydraulic actuator          
   electrical                            Drivers, OPC servers, driver software
                                                                 for industrial IT; OPC               Drives); industrial trucks, autonomous
Drive systems) for servo components;                                                                                          transport systems, intralogistics
   variable speed drive systems                               Drivers, screwdriver sets, screwdriver                          (application of hybrid/electric     
   (motion-                                 bits; screw-                   
                                                                                                                           Drives; lightweight construction for
Drive systems (motion-drive systems)                          Drives (A.C. and three-phase current);
   for servo components; variable                                positioning                       Drives); mobile machinery, agricultural
   speed                                                                                                 machinery (application of hybrid/
                                                              Drives (A.C. and three-phase current);                          electric                            
Drive technology and fluid technology                            servo                          
   industries; software and solutions                                                                                      Drives); mobile machinery,
                                                              Drives (actuator drives); explosion-                            construction machinery (application
   for the                                        14.03.26       proof                                   of hybrid/electric                  
Drive technology; other services for                          Drives (actuator drives); non-speed
   mobility, hybrid and electric                  24.06.02                                                                 Drives); mobile machinery, other work
                                                                 controlled                              machinery, off-highway (application
Drive technology; production                                  Drives (actuator drives); variable                              of hybrid/electric                  
   technologies for hybrid and electric              24.05       speed                                Drives; other actuator              
Drive technology; research                                    Drives); aircraft (application of hybrid/
   associations, cooperations,                                                                                             Drives; other motor vehicle
                                                                 electric                                components for                      
   organisations for mobility, hybrid
   and electric                                   24.08.02    Drives and mobility; energy efficiency           01.02.11    Drives; other speed-regulated electric
Drive technology; research facilities,                        Drives; braking equipment for electric   Drives); other vehicles and mobile
   institutes for mobility, hybrid and                        Drives); braking systems and motors                             machinery (application of hybrid/
   electric                                       24.08.03       (actuator                               electric                            

Drives; pneumatic actuator                                                                              The product category index arranged according to subject is
                                                                                                         the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Drives; pneumatic actuator               Duration; sensors for; Time,         Earthing systems                       
Drives; positioners, electropneumatic                            Duroplastic moulding materials; other   Earthquake monitoring systems for
   (i/p) positioners for actuating          Duroplastic resins; polyester resin,       pipelines                           
Drives; power electronics,                                       Duroplastics; other                     Earthwork purposes; machines and
   semiconductors, high-capacity                                                                                                    off-road vehicles for          
   semiconductors for                       Dust burners; brown coal dust burners;
                                                                   wood dust burners, dry                Earthwork; soil compacting machines
Drives; programming software,                                                                                                       for                            
   configuration software for actuating     Dust burners, dry dust burners; brown
                                                                   coal dust burners; wood               eBusiness software and solutions       
Drives; pump                                                                                          EBusiness solutions; eCommerce and     
                                                                 Dust burners; wood dust burners, dry
Drives); rotary transducers (actuator         dust burners; brown coal              Eccentric screw pumps             
Drives; sensor/actuator interfaces for                           Dust collectors; cyclone dust                                   ECM
   incorporating pneumatic                 collectors, multicyclone                (servo-drive control units for
Drives; servo                               Dust collectors, multicyclone dust                                brushless motors)                 
Drives, servo drives, actuator drives;                             collectors; cyclone                   Eco audit;
   other motion                             Dust concentration, soot value;                                   (consultancy for ecological
Drives; servo-drive control units for 3-                           analyzers for smoke density,                                    certification)                    
   phase (ASM/synchronous)                 suspended dust particles,             Eco-balance; Applied research on    
Drives, synchronous belt drives; V-belt     Dust density, particle density, soot                            Ecofriendliness; consultancy on
Drives; toothed-belt                       density; sensors for                 environmental protection and         
Drives); two-wheelers (application of                            Dust extraction from air and other                              Ecological audit for power engineering;
   hybrid/electric                            gases; equipment for                    environmental certification          
Drives up to 5 kW; frequency                                     Dust extraction from air and other                              Ecological balancing, ecological
   converters for three-phase              gases; measuring and control                                    controlling                       
                                                                   equipment and plants for                                      Ecological certification (eco audit);
Drives, valves for building automation;
                                                                   technology for                             consultancy for                   
                                                                 Dust extraction systems; accessories                            Ecological controlling consultancy  
Drives via bussystems; controls for
                                                                   for dust extraction technology, for
   A.C.                                                                                                  Ecological controlling; ecological
Drives via CAN; controls for A.C.        Dust extraction systems; maintenance,                             balancing,                        
                                                                   service and repair for exhaust and 
Drives); watercraft (application of                                                                                              Ecologically generated electricity;
   hybrid/electric                          Dust extraction systems; other                                    trading with                         
                                                                   (energy-related environmental
Drives; wheel hub drives, gearing and                              technology)                           eCommerce and eBusiness solutions      
   electric motors for wheel hub                                                                         eCommerce complete solutions for
                                                                 Dust extraction systems; suction and 
Driving devices; reciprocating                                                                                                     procurement, eProcurement            
   magnets, electromagnetic              Dust extraction technology, for dust
                                                                   extraction systems; accessories for   eCommerce solutions for industrial
Driving elements made of rubber                                                                                                    use                                  
   (incl. V-belts, toothed belts)           Dust measuring devices               
                                                                                                                                 Economic cooperations; consultancy
Driving motors, compressors for                                  Dust removal installations for plant
                                                                                                                                   and support of                                       21.06
   gaseous fuels;                                                  engineering                     
                                                                                                                                 Economic feasibility studies for the
   (compressor equipment)                Dust-proof industrial PCs              
                                                                                                                                   field of construction technology     
Drop forged parts made of aluminium,                             Dusts; sensors, measuring
                                                                                                                                 Economic Information, databases on
   light alloy                             transducers for throughput and
                                                                                                                                   economic data                                        21.09
Drop forged parts made of copper           volume for solids, bulk goods,  
                                                                                                                                 Economic promotion, establishment of
Drop forged parts made of steel          Dusty, solid fuels; furnaces for     
                                                                                                                                   industries                                           21.05
Drop forging parts; other                Dye penetration testing of pipelines;
                                                                                                                                 Economic services for global business;
                                                                   equipment for                      
Drop-forged parts; aluminium                                                                                  other                                                21.19
                                                                 Dynamic control scales               
Drop-forged parts; other                                                                                 Economics; basic research in the field
                                                                 Dynamic measured variables; other                                 of industrial management and
Drop-forged safety parts             
                                                                   sensors for                          industrial applied                                03.01.07
Drum brakes (Subcontracting)            
                                                                 Dynamic; spot laser, lines laser, cross                         Ecosystems; Applied research on     
Drum distributors                       laser for visual justify;          
                                                                                                                                 Eddy current brakes (Subcontracting)   
Drum storage equipment; cable               Dynamics; Research on bionic
                                                                                                                                 Edge-worked plate products; pressed,
Drums                                                              kinematics and                                    03.04.05
                                                                                                                                   flanged, dished, bent, rolled, and   
   (energy conduction, current lines);                           Dynamos for vehicles                   
   motorized cable                                                                                    Editing and image evaluation
                                                                                                                                    (services); image                   
Drum-type motors; geared and         
                                                                                                                                 EDM); other software and solutions for
Dry cells (batteries); large                         01.01.07                                                                      the provision and management of
Dry construction partition walls;
   partition walls for structural                                E                                                                 product data (PDM,
                                                                                                                                 EDM; software and solutions for

                                                                 Ear protection                               engineering data management,      
Dry dust burners; brown coal dust
                                                                 Earth contact detectors and systems     EDM systems, micro-electrodischarge
   burners; wood dust burners,       
                                                                                                                                   machining; micro-                    
Dry transformers; other               Earth electrodes for transformrs and
                                                                    electric motors                         EDP and glass-fiber connection
Dryers; gas desulphurisers, biogas                                                                         sockets; phone,                   
                                                                 Earth fault relays                   
Dry-ice cleaning (services)                                                                              Education & qualification in electrical
                                                                 Earth leakage method; transient           engineering, information
Drying and impregnation systems for
   electrical components; vacuum            Earth movers                           technology & sensor technology;
Drying devices; electrical            Earth probes                                 further                           
Drying oven for coil technology             Earth-fault coils                    Education & qualification in
                                                                                                                                   mechanical engineering; further   
Drying plants                               Earth-fault locating systems           
                                                                                                                                 Education & qualification; single and
Drying plants for solid fuels; fuel      Earthing and lightning protection
                                                                                                                                   multiweek training courses for
Drying systems, cast-resin systems for                              materials; accessories for        
   electronics; impregnating and            Earthing choke coils              
                                                                                                                                 Education and qualification in
Drying systems for ventilation and air                           Earthing equipment for switchgear and                             automation technology; further    
   conditioning                             switching systems from 1 kV to
                                                                                                                                 Education and qualification in CNC
Drying systems; sludge                      60 kV; lightning protection and
                                                                                                                                   technology; further               
DTM for fieldbus systems;                                        Earthing isolators from 1 kV to 60 kV;
                                                                                                                                 Education and qualification in electrical
  (Device Type Managers)                    isolating links,               
                                                                                                                                   and electronic engineering; further
DTS; driverless transport vehicles,                              Earthing isolators; high-voltage  
                                                                                                                                 Education and training systems and
  DTV; driverless transport systems,                 15.06.01    Earthing material, earthing systems       programs
DTV; driverless transport systems,                               Earthing material for building                                    (process automation systems)         
  DTS; driverless transport vehicles,                15.06.01       installation technology              Education at technical colleges and
Ducts and guards; sheet metal            Earthing material for overhead line                               training colleges; additional        
Ducts for walls and ceilings; electrical                            construction                         Education at technical colleges and
  installation                              Earthing material; other lightning                                training colleges; commercial        
Duplex filters); filters for gases (single                          protection and                       Education at technical colleges and
  filters,                            Earthing resistors                     training colleges; technical         
Duplex filters); filters for water                               Earthing, safety, and short-circuit                             Education, job and career;
  technology (single filters,            devices                                organizations and associations for                   20.14

The product category index arranged according to subject is                                                                     Electrical and electronic control systems;
the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media                                                                                                       other

Education                                                      Electric drive technology; other                                  Electric motive power engineering;
  (technical and other colleges,                                  services for mobility, hybrid and                 24.06.02        PROFIBUS applications in         
  universities); other                             20.05.03    Electric drive technology; production                             Electric motor construction and
Educational robots                                 15.05.13       technologies for hybrid and                          24.05        transformer construction; other;
Effect sensors; hall                   Electric drive technology; research                                  Components for                      
Efficiency and energy saving;                                     associations, cooperations,                                    Electric motor housings                             26.04.01
    consultancy and services for                                  organisations for mobility, hybrid                             Electric motor parts;
    energy                                            22.08       and                                               24.08.02        (stampings made of magnetic steel
Efficiency drives and mobility; energy             01.02.11    Electric drive technology; research                                  sheets for vehicle construction)    
                                                                  facilities, institutes for mobility,                           Electric motor systems;
Efficiency measurings, benchmarking);
                                                                  hybrid and                                        24.08.03        communications couplers, data
    business analysis (e.g. analyses of
    strengths and weaknesses,          Electric drive technology; technical                                 networks for                   
                                                                  publications, publishing companies                             Electric motor test stands
Efficiency-optimised OLED designs,                                                                                                                                   
                                                                  for mobility, hybrid and                             24.07
    OLED material                                                                                     Electric motors (actuator drives)      
                                                               Electric drive technology; trade
Efficient ancillary processes; system                                                                                            Electric motors and generators;
                                                                  associations for mobility, hybrid and             24.08.01
    solutions for energy                              22.02                                                                         current supplies, accessories for
Efficient control concepts and                                 Electric drives); aircraft (application of
                                                                  hybrid/                                   Electric motors and generators; other
    systems; energy                                   22.07                                                                         accessories and components for      
Efficient drive systems; energy                       22.06    Electric drives; braking equipment for
                                                                                                                                 Electric motors and transformers;
Efficient lighting; energy                            22.05    Electric drives); communal vehicles
                                                                                                                                    insulators for                      
                                                                  and mobile machinery (application
Efficient production processes and                                of hybrid/                                Electric motors; automated test
    production plants; system solutions                                                                                             stations for                     
    for energy                                        22.01    Electric drives; electronic starters for
                                                                                                                                 Electric motors; bearings for          
Efficient supply technology                                    Electric drives, electronics; fans,
    (heating, air-conditioning,                                   blowers for                               Electric motors; capacitors for        
    ventilation, compressed air supply);                       Electric drives for actuator technology    Electric motors; earth electrodes for
    energy                                            22.04                                                                         transformrs and                     
                                                               Electric drives for actuator technology;
EHS bus systems and components;                                   speed-regulated                        Electric motors, electric machinery for
  (European Home System)                                                                                    electric/hybrid drive trains; other
                                                               Electric drives for vehicles and mobile
EIB systems and components                machinery                                 Electric motors
Elastomer materials; chemical-                                                                                                      (electric/hybrid drive train); cooling
                                                               Electric drives for vehicles and mobile
   resistant                                                                                                systems and components for       
                                                                  machinery; diesel-                   
Elastomer materials; electrically                                                                                                Electric motors; fans, fan impellers for
                                                               Electric drives for vehicles and mobile
   conductive                             machinery; solar-                         Electric motors for wheel hub drives;
Elastomer materials; expanded          Electric drives); industrial trucks,                                 wheel hub drives, gearing and    
Elastomer materials; flame-resistant       autonomous transport systems,                                  Electric motors; function test devices
                                                                  intralogistics (application of hybrid/        for                              
Elastomer materials; highly damping
Elastomer materials; highly wear-                              Electric drives); mobile machinery,                               Electric motors, magnetic steel sheets,
   resistant                              agricultural machinery (application                               magnets, bearings, etc.
                                                                  of hybrid/                                   (electric/hybrid drive train);
Elastomer materials; non-ageing and                                                                                                 components for                   
   weathering-resistant                Electric drives); mobile machinery,
                                                                  construction machinery (application                            Electric motors; seals and gaskets for
Elastomer materials; snappy                                                                                                         transformers and
                                                                  of hybrid/                                                                       
   (highly elastic)                
                                                               Electric drives); mobile machinery,                               Electric motors sheet                  
Elastomer materials; temperature-
                                                                  other work machinery, off-highway                              Electric motors; terminal boxes,
                                                                  (application of hybrid/                      connection technology for           
Elastomer materials with special
                                                               Electric drives; other speed-regulated     Electric power distribution; display and
                                                               Electric drives); other vehicles and                                 message systems for                 
Elastomer-coated fabrics; products
                                                                  mobile machinery (application of                               Electric power distribution; mains and
   made of                            
                                                                  hybrid/                                      plant protection for                
Elastomers; material and surface
                                                               Electric drives;                                                  Electric power distribution; measured
   technology made of rubber,         
                                                                  (parts and accessories for                                        value recording systems, status
Elastomers; other                         ventilators and fans)                        signalling systems and fault
Elastomers; thermoplastic              Electric drives); two-wheelers                                       notification systems for            
Elastomers TPU; thermoplastic                                     (application of hybrid/                   Electric power distribution; monitoring
   polyurethane                     Electric drives); watercraft (application                            systems for                         
Elbow-arm robots; horizontal                       15.01.03       of hybrid/                                Electric power distribution; network
Elbow-arm robots; vertical                         15.01.04    Electric engineering industry,                                       control rooms, switchgear control
eLearning services, web-based                                     electronics industry; measuring and                               rooms, software for                 
   learning                                           20.07       testing technology for the                Electric power distribution; other
Electric actuator drives               Electric engineering industry;                                       measuring and automation plants
                                                                  measuring and testing technology                                  for                                 
Electric and electronic components,
                                                                  for the                              
   modules and systems; testing                                                                                                  Electric power generation equipment    
   equipment for                       Electric fasteners and switches for
                                                                                                                                 Electric power; other final control
Electric and electronic consultancy                                                                                                 elements (actuators) for       
   and planning                           Electric field indicators            
                                                                                                                                 Electric power supply equipment        
Electric and electronic engineering;                           Electric filling stations; other charging
                                                                                                                                 Electric power supply in the field of
   basic research in                               03.01.02       technology,                          
                                                                                                                                    assembly, handling and robotics  
Electric and electronic systems                                Electric grabs                       
                                                                                                                                 Electric power supply systems
   equipment for vehicles                 Electric haulage cars                           (no-break power supply systems);
Electric and pneumatic transducers;                            Electric laboratory and industrial                                   rotary uninterruptible              
   testing equipment for                  measuring devices; testing                                     Electric power supply systems; other   
Electric appliances; safety checks of                             equipment for                     
                                                                                                                                 Electric power supply systems; parts
   stationary and mobile               Electric lifting cylinders                   and accessories for                 
Electric, battery monitoring, cell                             Electric machinery for electric/hybrid
   monitoring; battery management                                                                                                Electric recorders                  
                                          drive trains; other electric motors,
Electric circuits; engraving plants and                                                                                          Electric sensors; vibration sensors for
                                                               Electric machines; other sensors for
   equipment for manufacturing                                                                              Electric sheet steel; other            
Electric circuits; plants manufacturing                                                                      Electric tools                         
                                                               Electric machines; PTC thermistors,
Electric circuits; system periphery for                           thermistors for                           Electric variables; calibrating
   manufacturing                                                                                               instruments and calibration
                                                               Electric materials; piezo-              
Electric components; other micro-                                                                              systems for                      
                                                               Electric materials; testing equipment
Electric controllers; testing equipment                           for                                    Electric variables; precision measuring
   for                                                                                                      instruments for                  
                                                               Electric mobility
Electric current, contact; sensors for      (batteries, removable battery                                  Electric vehicles; charging cables,
Electric current, non-contact; sensors                            systems, vehicles, fleets, mobility                               plugs for                           
   for                                 concepts); operator models for                                 Electric vehicles; charging stations for
Electric drive components, hybrid drive                           hybrid,                                           24.06.01     Electrical and electronic control
   components for vehicles; other         Electric mobility model regions                      24.08.04        systems; other                   

Electrical and electronic engineering;                                                                   The product category index arranged according to subject is
further education and qualification in                                                                    the only authoritative basis for entry in the electronic media

Electrical and electronic engineering;                          Electrical engineering industry,                                  Electrical machines protected against
   further education and qualification                             electronic industry; automation                                   firedamp and explosion          
   in                                      software solutions for the                         14.04.07    Electrical measured variables; other
Electrical and electronic industry;                             Electrical engineering industry;                                     sensors for                     
   industrial robots for the                        15.07.07       industrial services for the               Electrical, mechanical, constructional;
Electrical and electronic technologies;                         Electrical engineering industry; lasers                              equipment for water treatment
   engineering and integration for            for the                                      plants,                         
Electrical and electronics industries;                          Electrical engineering industry;                                  Electrical modules
   integrated solutions for process                                management consultancy for the            (PCBs, application specific circuits
   optimization and advanced control                            Electrical engineering industry;                                     and functional modules); designing
   in                                      networks/industrial communication                                 and testing of                    
Electrical and electronics industries;                             for the                                   Electrical or electronic assemblies;
   process automation solutions for     Electrical engineering industry;                                     building of special                  
Electrical appliances for energy                                   sensors for the                        Electrical power engineering;
   conversion and energy storage;                               Electrical engineering, information                                  measuring and testing technology
   maintenance and services of             technology & sensor technology;                                   for                                  
Electrical area heating elements, incl.                            further education & qualification in   Electrical power engineering;
   pliable ones                      Electrical engineering; instrument                                   Research on                          
Electrical auxiliary heating            manufacture for electronics,           Electrical pressboard and pressboard
Electrical carbon elements, carbon                              Electrical engineering; other applied                                combinations
   brushes; other                          research in the field of                     (electrical insulation materials) 
Electrical chassis adjustment for motor                         Electrical engineering; software and                              Electrical radiators and heating
   vehicles                                   solutions for the electronics                                     elements                        
                                                                   industry,                                          14.03.18    Electrical resistance heating; devices
Electrical circuit plans and electrical
   engineering; CAD software for        Electrical engineering/electronics;                                  for                             
                                                                   jointing systems for                      Electrical room heaters
Electrical components; vacuum drying                                                                                                                                 
   and impregnation systems for            Electrical equipment and electronics;
                                                                                                                                  Electrical safety-switch mats        
                                                                   automotive system supply for        
Electrical conduits and accessories;                                                                                              Electrical sheet                        
   metallic                             Electrical equipment and systems for
                                                                   airports and aerospace                    Electrical storage units; other mobile,
Electrical conduits and accessories;
   plastic                              Electrical equipment; casting,                                    Electrical switchgear systems;
                                                                   insulating, impregnating machines                                 connection technology for       
Electrical connection technology; other
                                                                   for                                       Electrical switchgear systems; modular
   housings for                   
                                                                Electrical equipment for air traffic                                 switchboards for                  
Electrical control systems for building
                                                                   control                                   Electrical systems; customised
   automation; heating, air-
   conditioning, ventilation automatic     Electrical equipment for aircraft                                    manufacture of                       
                                                                   maintenance                               Electrical systems; installation        
Electrical devices, power engineering
   plants; CE test certificates for        Electrical equipment for battery driven                           Electrical systems; maintenance and
                                                                   vehicles                                  services of                       
Electrical discharge machining; parts
   manufactured by                                              Electrical equipment for cableways                                Electrical testing of insulating materials
   (wire and electrodes)                            12.04.09       and ski-lifts                             and bodies; equipment for the     
Electrical drive control systems; other    Electrical equipment for hoists           Electrical testing/safety testing of
Electrical drive control units; parts and                       Electrical equipment for rail vehicles                               equipment and systems; other
   accessories for                         and trolley busses                        equipment for                        
Electrical drive systems for building                           Electrical equipment for ships; other     Electrical vehicle equipment and
   engineering                             Electrical equipment for ships; parts                                vehicle safety; accessories for      
Electrical drying devices               and accessories for                    Electrically conductive elastomer
                                                                Electrical equipment for tracked                                     materials                         
Electrical energy equipment; other
   inductive resistors for applications                            vehicles (e.g. for mining)             Electrically conductive thermosetting
   in                                Electrical equipment for vehicles; other      plastics                        
Electrical energy storage units);                               Electrical equipment for vehicles; parts                          Electrically heated upset parts         
   battery contacts, cell contacts                                 and accessories for                    Electrically-sensitive components;
   (mobile,                             Electrical external pipe heating          workplaces for                    
Electrical energy storage units);                               Electrical heating devices for industry;                          Electrical/magnetic field strengths;
   materials/material development for                              parts and accessories for              sensors for                     
   battery/capacitor components
   (mobile,                             Electrical heating devices; other      Electric/gas for building engineering;
                                                                Electrical heating systems                   heating units and radiators       
Electrical energy storage units);
   removable batteries (mobile,         Electrical heating systems; parts and                             Electric/hybrid drive train;
                                                                   accessories for                           (components for electric motors,
Electrical engineering and electronics;                                                                                              magnetic steel sheets, magnets,
   adhesives, sealants for                                      Electrical industrial furnaces         
                                                                                                                                     bearings, etc.)                   
   manufacturing in                  Electrical industry; impregnating
                                                                                                                                  (electric/hybrid drive train); cooling
Electrical engineering and electronics;                            machines for the                      
                                                                                                                                      systems and components for
   consultancy, planning in the field of                        Electrical industry; vacuum mixing and                                electric motors                  
   manufacturing technology for            dosing systems for the                
                                                                                                                                  Electric/hybrid drive train;
Electrical engineering and electronics                          Electrical infrared radiators for                                    (electromagnetic shielding, EMC
   manufacture; chemicals for              industrial applications                for motors)                       
Electrical engineering and electronics                          Electrical installation conduits;                                 Electric/hybrid drive train;
   manufacture; enamels for                protective cable conduits (metal),        (generators for recuperation,
Electrical engineering and electronics                          Electrical installation conduits,                                    regenerative braking, battery
   manufacture; optical inspection                                 protective cable conduits (plastic)       charging)                         
   systems for                      
                                                                Electrical installation ducts for walls                           Electric/hybrid drive train;
Electrical engineering and electronics;                            and ceilings                                 (materials/material development for
   other testing devices for the                                                                                                     e-motor components)               
                                                                Electrical installations; maintenance
   manufacturing technology of      
                                                                   and repair of                          Electric/hybrid drive trains; other
Electrical engineering and electronics;                                                                                              electric motors, electric machinery
                                                                Electrical installations; monitoring
   recycling services in production                                                                                                  for                               
                                                                   systems for                           
   technology for                   
                                                                Electrical installations; safety devices                          Electric/hybrid vehicles;
Electrical engineering; CAD software                                                                                                 (batteries, battery systems)      
   for electrical circuit plans and 
                                                                Electrical installations; testing                                 Electric/hybrid vehicles;
Electrical engineering; CAE software                                                                                                 (fuel cells/systems)                 
                                                                   equipment for                       
   and solutions for              
                                                                Electrical installations; testing of                              Electric/hybrid vehicles, mobile
Electrical engineering equipment for                               protection devices for                                            machinery;
   airports                                                                                                     (cooling systems for power
                                                                Electrical insulation material         
Electrical engineering industry;                                                                                                     electronics)                         
   assembly and handling systems for                            Electrical insulation materials; other 
                                                                                                                                  Electric/hybrid vehicles, mobile
   the                                     Electrical IR radiators for industrial                               machinery;
Electrical engineering industry;                                   applications (heating devices)         (electromagnetic shielding, EMC
   automatic control engineering for                            Electrical machines in special designs;                              for power electronics and on-board
   the                                        other