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              Mountain Pointe High School - Phoenix, AZ - Volume 17, Issue 2 - November 2007
                                                                                                        OF THE PRIDE

inside the                              Carpooling: No Longer
VOICE                         Linnea Bennet
                              Staff Reporter
                                                an Option for Teens?
                                   July 1 will be a dreaded day for teen driv-
                              ers. Arizona legislation recently passed a bill
                                                                                                accidents and fatalities were driving while under the
                                                                                                influence. Some find that if drivers were not allowed to
                              that puts a restriction on the number of pas-                     have passengers in the car with them. There would be less
                              sengers a driver under the age of 18 can have.                    influence from others to encourage drinking while driving.
                               To some, this law seems logical and simply a safety               Grace Chang, 9, said, “I think the new law is going to be really
                              precaution. According to the National Highway Traffic             effective in decreasing the amount of accidents teens are in.”
                              Safety Administration (NHTSA), 3,467 drivers between                  The human brain does not fully develop until one is
                              the ages of 15 and 20 died in motor vehicle crashes               in their twenties, so anyone below that age is more
                              in 2005 and teenage                                                                                      suscptible to making
                              drivers       accounted                                                                                  bad     decions.     These
                              for 12.6 of all fatal                                                                                    decisions could be life
                              crashes. In addition,                                                                                    threatening, especially
                              16-year-old drivers are                                                                                  while on the highway.
                              15 times more likely                                                                                        Students, however, are
 News-Tempe Marketplace       to crash than drivers                                                                                    in an uproar over this law.
         Pg. 2                of the ages 20-24.                                                                                       Ellie St. Aubin, 9, “This
                                   A survey taken by                                                                                   law makes me less excited
                              the Children’s hospital                                                                                  about getting my license
                              of Philadelphia found                                                                                    because what’s the point
                              that teens are more                                                                                      of driving if you can’t
                              risk for accidents on                                                                                    roll with your friends?”
                              the highway because                                                                                             Many teens that
                              they      are     easily                                                                                 were looking forward to
                              distracted. The list                                                                                     receiving their licenses
                              of these distractions                                                                                    are now upset that this
                              include, cell phones,                                                                                    law is coming into effect
                              loud music, heightened                                                                                   so soon. Others feel that
                              emotions, and other                                                                                      they are being targeted
                              teens. It has also                                                                                       because of their age.
                              been proved that teen                                                                                        The fact that teens
                              drivers driving with The HOV lane provides carpooling drivers with the opportunity to have a lane to have limited passengers
                                                            themselves in the morning. A new law may change this luxury for teens.
                              another teen passenger                             Courtesy of Google Images
                                                                                                                                       also reduces their ability
Feature-Celebrity Obsession   are 39% more likely to                                                                                   to carpool; an act many
         Pgs. 3-4             get in an accident than if they were driving alone.               students perform daily to save on both time and money.
                                Another key factor that contributed to the restriction          Lindsey Wilson, 9, said, “My brother drives myself
                              of freedom for teenage drivers is the rate of highway             and three other friends to school ever day, so with the
                              accidents they cause while driving under the influence.           new law his friends won’t be able to get to school.”
                              The NHTSA stated in 2003, 30% of all fatal crashes                  But no matter how much excitement it takes out of getting
                              during the week are alcohol related and 53% of the                a license, it is safe to say the legislature had their eye out for
                              fatal accidents that occur on the weekends are as                 teens with this law, and we can all hope it decreases accident
                              well. 23% of all teen drivers involved in automobile              rates among teens as much as it is decreasing their spirits.

                              Morgen Phister
                                                        Be One Less
                              Staff Reporter

                                “O N E L E S S, I want to be ONE LESS, One Less!” normal cells can become cervical pre-cancers, then cancer.
                              This powerful slogan is getting across the nation,      Accoring to Public health of Seattle & King County, HPV infec-
                              letting Americans know that there is now a new       tions are believed to be the most common of all sexually trans-
                              vaccine known as Gardi-                                                                  mitted diseases (STDs). Most
Entertainment-Spotlight on    sil. It helps prevent HPV,                                                               sexually active people get
   Victory Records            otherwise known as the                                                                   at least one HPV infection,
                              Human Papillomavirus                                                                     usually without ever know-
                              and cervical cancer.                                                                     ing it. At any time, somewher
                              HPV is a large family                                                                    around 20 million to 40 mil-
                              of viruses that infect                                                                   lion American are infected
                              the skin, often caus-                                                                    with sexually transmitted
                              ing irregular growth of                                                                  types of HPV, and frequen-
                              warts. There are more                                                                    cy of infection and disease
                              than 60 different types                                                                  appears to be increasing.
                              of HPV. Some types of                                                                      There is good news. Gardisil
                              the virus are transmit-                                                                  is the only vaccine that may
                              ted by nonsexual per-                                                                    help guard against diseases
                              sonal contact and cause                                                                  cuased by HPV types 16 and
                              common skin warts, The new vaccine Gardasil is being administered to women to 18, which cause 70% of cer-
                              which can eventually                     protect them from the HPV virus.                vical cancer cases, and HPV
                              lead to cervical cancer.                    Courtesy of Google Images                    types 6 and 11, which causes
                                      Cervical cancer is                                                               90% of genital wart cases.
                              the cancer of the cervix. Certain types of HPV           Gardisil is for girls and women ages 9 to 26. Gardisil works
                              cause cervical cancer. When a female becomes when given before you have any contact with HPV types 6, 11,
                              infected eith certain types of HPV and the vi- 16, and 18. Gardisil, like any other vaccine, works to prevent
                              rus does not go away on its own, abnormal illness so do not wait until later--contact a doctor or physician
      Volleyball Team         cells can develop on the lining of the cervix. If and become One Less personal that has to fight against cervi-
          Pgs. 8-9            not discovered early and treated, these ab- cal cancer. “O N E L E S S, I want to be One Less, One Less!”
    2                   November 2007                                      news                                    Voice of the Pride

                          New Marketplace Opens in Tempe
Melissa Mercier
Staff Reporter

 The new Tempe Marketplace Shopping       Ally Sosa, 9.                             “Mall of America” in Glendale, and         Busters, and other entertainment may
Center has many new stores, and may          There are two parts to this center.    other shopping centers opening, this       be referred to as “The District”. The
be a great place for ASU students to      On one side, there are fewer, larger      center is expected to do very well.        Harkins in The District is one of the
be.                                       stores which you probably would not       It has the right location, and attracts    newest Harkins in the Valley.
 The Tempe Marketplace recently had       find in a normal mall. On the Other       the right age group for the area.           Being such a new center, more people
its grand opening, September 28. It                                                                                            may want to be there, rather than
is more of a strip mall, though not as                                                                                         many of the other shopping centers in
spread out.                                                                                                                    the Valley. If people want to be there
 “The location seems perfect for ASU                                                                                           more, it may take some focus off of
students. It’s extremely convenient                                                                                            other malls in the area.
for students without transportation,                                                                                              “I think that the people who live in
because they can walk or ride their                                                                                            Tempe, but went to Chandler Fashion
bike.” Andrea Fazz, teacher.                                                                                                   will now go to Tempe Marketplace
   If you do not prefer shopping, there                                                                                        because it’s closer, and all of their
are plenty of other things to do there.                                                                                        friends will be there.” Rachel
There is a movie theater and also an                                                                                           Howard,9.
arcade in Arizona’s first, Dave and                                                                                               Many of the same stores can be
Busters.                                                                                                                       found at both locations, but for many
  “Dave and Busters is better than any                                                                                         Tempe Marketplace is closer to them,
other game place, and it’s bigger.”                                                                                            even though they went to Chandler
Marcus Loomis,9.                                            Customers browse the new mall in Tempe.                            Fashion Center. Hopefully this new
  Not only is it a new shopping center,                             Courtesy of                                     mall will take some attention away
there are new stores too. For example,    side, there are stores which one would       It is located just off of the Loop      from Chandler Fashion Center, so that
there is the new store, Sports Chalet.    find in most malls.                       101 at Rio Salado Parkway. It has          mall will not be as crowded as it has
It has all sporting needs, including        Having two slightly separated parts     120 retailers, restaurants, and            been lately. This new mall has a lot to
clothes, and shoes.                       might make it a little less crowded       entertainment venues spread out over       offer to Tempe, the ASU students, and
  “They have cool clothing brands, but    than other shopping centers.              1.3 million square feet of land.           the companies surrounding it.
I really like their little skate shop.”      Even with the rumors of the new           The area with Harkins, Dave and

            Women’s World Cup                                                                           The Price of
Morgan Phister
Staff Writer
     For hundreds of years men were contact sports, the primary issue of            Joe Jaeger
known to be powerful, driven, and more concern with regard to competition           Staff Reporter
respected athletic figures. With the between the sexes, is one of safety
drastic increase in female athleticism and fair competition. In general, sports       $60 million, 2500 parking spaces,       thing about this until a few days ago.”
over the years, women have proven have separate teams and competitions              750 slot machines, 3 fast-food            Scowen, like most of the attendees
themselves to be just as derived for men and women because at higher                establishments,        2       sit-down   was disappointed that the move was
and        athletically                                     levels of skill and     restaurants, and a bingo hall. Casino-    essentially a done deal by the time the
coordinated as men                                          competition.      The   moving madness hits Chandler.             open house was held, as the Gila River
are today.                                                  “average        male        The Gila River Indian Community       Indian Community is a sovereign nation
   The U.S. Women’s                                         athlete” has greater    will be moving their Lone Butte Casino    and are not governed by state laws.
National Soccer Team                                        muscle mass per unit    to the intersection of Kyrene and               Another concern of the people
demonstrated       this                                     volume of body tissue   the Loop 202 West from its current        who lived in the neighboring houses
when they received                                          (and      therefore,    location northwest of Wild Horse Pass     was how property values would be
third place after                                           greater in strength)    Blvd. and the I-10 Freeway, despite the   affected by a casino going up nearby.
defeating     Norway,                                       than the “average       neighbors’ protests at the open house     A realtor at the open house, not
4-1, on September                                           female      athlete”.   on October 4. Casino representatives      affiliated with Gila River Casinos,
27 in the 2007                                              Since most sports       attending the open house told the         assured the folks that casinos have
FIFA      (Fédération                                       involve overcoming      attendees that they expected “about       never caused problems with property
Internationale      de                                      the resistance of a     5000 customers every day”, and, in        values in Chandler in her experience.
Football Association)                                       mass or propelling a    an effort to reassure the community             Mayor Boyd W. Dunn, however,
Women’s World Cup                                           mass through space,     that the impact on traffic would          had another take on the casino’s
in China.                                                   strength and muscle     be minimal, they stated that the          construction, he said in a Press
    Not only was the                                        mass are critical       projected traffic increase on Kyrene      Release, “I congratulate the Gila River
defeat a tremendous                                         variables        with   road would only be about 300 cars a       Indian Community on this new venture.
accomplishment for                                          regard to designing     day. To accommodate all of the extra      The decision to replace an industrial
the whole team it          The Women’s World Cup Tro-       fair   competitions.    traffic, Kyrene road south of the         site with a new casino will be a true
also proved to many                    phy,                Therefore, putting       freeway will be widened to six lanes.     benefit to the area, and I look forward
fans across the nation       Courtesy of        males versus females       That leaves approximately 4700 cars     to seeing the project develop,” Mayor
that Women’s Soccer                                        would in most cases,     taking the Loop 202 West to reach the     Dunn, however, may be inclined to
is becoming more popular everyday give males a significant strength                 casino, to which Wendi Lowthorp, a        support Gila River’s construction as
and it has come a long way. Now advantage.”                                         freshman English teacher, said, “Will     they regularly contribute money to
some may disagree with the fact that        This would imply that men have a        definitely increase traffic around        their neighboring cities, towns, and
Women’s Soccer is just as popular as significant advantage over females             that exit.” Couple those 4700 extra       counties for governmental services
Men’s Soccer, but everyone has their due to their greater muscle mass.              cars with the mad rush to the mall        that benefit the general public.
own opinions.                            Strength abilities, body size, and their   on Saturday afternoons, and one             People have expressed many varying
   Sophomore Brandon Hansen said, genetics making them physically built             could have a recipe for disaster.         opinions on this topic, concerns like
“I think Women’s Soccer probably to be stronger than women. With that                     The most common concern             traffic, lighting, alcohol consumption,
will not ever be as popular as Men’s being said, muscle and body type is            expressed during the open house           and obstructive signage had all surfaced
because there are more men soccer not everything needed to be a great               was by far the lighting surrounding       several times during the open house.
players and they are more famous and athlete. Will power and determination          the casino.      Representatives from     The reactions to the news have been
stuff, but I am a guy, and my opinion within women make up for their                Gila River assured the attendees          good, bad, and indifferent. Alyx Martin,
may be biased.”                          compelling disadvantage they have          that the casino would comply with         9, mostly expressed the former of the
       On the other hand, Senora against male athletes.                             Phoenix’s Dark Sky policy, even           three when she said,“It’s cool because
Hinajosa said, “Any sport that women        Freshman Ellie St. Aubin said, “I       though it is not required in Chandler.    my mom doesn’t have to go far to get
participate in is great, especially think it’s awesome that people are                Paul Scowen, a citizen of Chandler      to a casino, and she likes the casino.”
soccer, since it has always been a into the girls’ games just as much as            who expressed concern about how                     The Lone Butte Casino broke
male dominated sport.”                   the boys’; as it should be.”               close the casino will be to elementary    ground October 8, and is expected
        According         to       the                                              schools in the area, said, “The worst     to open some time in Fall next year.,         “In                                             part is that most of us didn’t know a
                         November 2007                                    feature                                       Voice of the Pride                                 3

 Jessica Phister
 Susie Varela
                                  Obsess much?
                                           or they may be desperate attempts
                                           to     improve      one’s   self-esteem.
                                                                                       body, which most of the time is in
                                                                                       an unhealthy state to begin with.
                                                                                                                                     disorder to look like
                                                                                                                                     a celebrity.          For
 Staff Editor & Reporter                                                                                                             some, simply having
                                             Jordan Laughlin, 9, said, “I think that   Celebrities lead an unhealthy lifestyle
                                           there is nothing wrong with celebrity       and they are constantly watched by            the same hairstyle,
                   People are obsessed     obsessions. If you want to look like        the paparazzi and are criticized on a         brand of clothing,
               with pop culture; it is     someone you are not, go ahead and           regular basis, so I do not understand         or even the same
               a fact, not an opinion.     do it. It is not any of my business.”       why someone who is “normal” would             car      is    sufficient
                   Paris Hilton goes to       People that go to the extremes as        want to portray a person simply               enough       to     fulfill
               jail, Ashlee Simpson        to being anorexic or bulimic in order       because they live in the public eye.”         a           celebrity          aspiration.
               gets a nose job,            to look like a particular celebrity            Michael Covey, 12 said, ‘Celebrities              Meredith Amadee, 11 said,
 Britney Spears loses custody of her       are not uncommon, unfortunately.            are imitated because people are               “If you have the money, go for
 children, and the world remains                    According to the National          unoriginal sheep that watch shows             it,     but     having      life-changing
 hanging onto every scrap of news          Institute of Mental Health and The          like Oprah. Plain and simple.”                surgery is a little extreme.”
 that has to do with celebrities. What     Renfrew Center Foundation for                     Have people truly run out of                There is never an equal balance
 is it about celebrities that act as in    Eating disorders, respectively, “1          originality to such extents that the          to the diverse beliefs that come
 instant trigger for attention from the    in 5 women struggle with an eating          only way to be is the Hollywood way?          along with wanting to be like a
 public? Daily lifestyles are centered     disorder, and eating disorder affect           According to a spread in Seventeen         celebrity. For many years, pop icons
 around celebrities, from what they        up to 24 million Americans and 70           Magazine, “91% of teen girls feel anxiety     have been held up on an everlasting
 are doing to what they are planning       million     individuals     worldwide.”     or stress about some part off their looks     pedestal, and have been labeled as
 on doing. Tabloids fill grocery lines         It is said that one is one’s worst      when getting ready in the morning.”           role models, objects of beauty, and
 and countless television shows            critic, and this is no exception when it       This statistic is a direct reflection of   the definition of perfection; they
 are dedicated to informing about          comes to the topic of eating disorders      the mental state of teen girls across         are the people we love to hate.
 the latest gossip in a star’s life.       such as anorexia and bulimia. These         America. No matter how shocking it               It does not matter how celebrities
       The question remains as to          terms are often confused with one           may be, it is true that almost everyone       are labeled in everyday interaction.
 why people wish to be like these          another so here are the meanings            stresses over his or her imperfections.       There will always be those who resist
 “supreme” human beings. They are          of these illnesses.       According to           It is safe to say that a lot of          falling into the contemporary fashion
 no more intelligent than the rest of, “People with           people are not satisfied with their           proposed and executed by celebrities.
 the population, and some of them          anorexia are obsessed with being            body image and want to change                 Then there are those who gladly
 never even finished high school.          thin. They do not want to eat, and          something about their appearance.             shape themselves to fit the mold
       Shelby Cummings, 10, said,          are afraid of gaining weight. Bulimia       However, others take a different              society has shaped over the years.
 “Becoming obsessed with looking           is eating a lot of food at once (called     route by either starving themselves             When the news of Britney Spears’s
 like celebrities just ruins self-         bingeing), and then throwing up             or consuming large amounts of food            custody battle flooded the national
 image and people believe what             or using laxatives to remove food           and then forcing themselves to vomit.         news to the point where updates on
 they want to believe by making            from the body (called purging).”              As unfortunate as it is, in this day and    far more important things like the
 themselves become another person.”            Eating disorders can have serious       age, image matters and looks area a           war on terrorism were neglected
     From subtle hairstyle imitations,     repercussions such as dehydration,          key factor in how people are accepted         and were reverted to being shown
 to eating disorders, to literally going   rotting of teeth/gums, tears in             among their peers. Time and time              on a minuscule information banner
 under the knife to acquire a desired      the esophagus, to the more life-            again, people, particular teenage girls,      at the bottom of the screen was a
 nose, or even a completely different      threatening problems such as heart          are smacked in the face with how they         clear indication that
                face, how do people        attacks, strokes, or even death.            should look. They see countless photos        this society values
                reach such extremes?             Brittni Witherill, 11, said, “I       of celebrities who look as though they        these pop culture
                Those actions may          think people who are obsessed               have not had a decent meal in weeks           icons more than they
                be           considered    with celebrities and have an eating         and yet feel that they have to look like      are willing to admit.
                nothing more than          disorder are ridiculous because they        this in order to feel like they belong.
                spontaneous       whims    are not in a good mental state and              Not every celebrity-obsessed fan
                laced with vanity,         are trying to emulate a celebrity’s         goes as far as surgery or an eating

Lauren Covey
Staff Reporter
                                 Kidneyless for Sixteen Years
    “We thought she was dead,” said        first; Melissa is a member of the Varsity   take my class.”                                   “The doctors were everywhere,
biology teacher Roger LeBlanc.             team.                                          By the time he reached home, the           trying to diagnose me. I had a rotation
He was speaking about his daughter,           “It’s weird to think that we worked      paramedics had already arrived and            of 24 nurses, 6-8 general doctors, a
Junior Melissa LeBlanc. She had a non-     so hard and we got first place and to       were loading Melissa into an ambulance.       nephrologist, neurologist, urologist,
                       Epileptic seizure   celebrate this glorious event, I spent      Luckily, CPR was unnecessary.                 and a gynecologist. It was crazy!”
                       on October 30,      seven days in the hospital,” she said.          Later, her family was to find out         Melissa said.
                       due to kidney         Of Sunday the 28th, she said, “I woke     that the seizure was caused by a                Finally, the doctors discovered the
                       failure.            up in the night throwing up, I felt like    kidney stone. This in itself was not life     source of the problem and operated
                             The chain     I was going to pass out.”                   threatening, but it was also discovered       Wednesday afternoon to remove the
                       of the events        Obviously, she did not attempt to go to    that Melissa only has one working             stone successfully. They inserted a
                       that     followed   school Monday morning. She continued        kidney.                                       stint six inches long in the urethra to
                       was shocking,       throwing up until Tuesday morning.             “Some people live their whole lives        keep it open so it wouldn’t swell after
                       unpleasant,            She said, “I couldn’t hold down any      not knowing they only have one                the surgery. It was removed a week
                       and completely      solid food.”                                kidney,” Roger said.                          later.
                       unexpected.              October 30th was the climax of           The stone, which was roughly the size         When asked what the worst part of
                       Before        her   Melissa’s terrible ordeal.                  of a grain of sand, caused the kidney to      her ordeal was, Melissa said, “The
                       weeklong stay           [Roger] LeBlanc said, “Claire [his      dramatically increase the production          hospital was like prison. All of my
                       in the hospital,    wife] called me at 10:15 in Academic        of creatine.                                  friends came to see me, but I was
Melissa began to feel the telltale         Lab, because Melissa’s vision started          “The seizure is the body’s wall of         still depressed and down. It was a
warning signs of the unfortunate           going blurry. I told her to wait until      a cold shut down, like a computer,”           nightmare more than a dream.”
situation to come.                         their 11am doctor’s appointment.            Roger said.                                        Despite going through painful
   “ I thought I was getting the flu,”         Unfortunately, Melissa’s body had          An increase in creatine leads to an        surgery and spending seven days in
she said.                                  other plans.                                increase in blood pressure, which             Mesa Banner Hospital, Melissa is back
  The symptoms are often similar, but          “Claire called me again at 10:30        caused blood to overflow in the brain.        at school and busy catching up on
the indication of kidney failure was       screaming ‘Come back, Melissa! Come         The seizure was a clear signal that           schoolwork.
missed simply because LeBlanc was          back!” he said.                             something was wrong with her body.               “It happened so fast and I don’t
too busy to acknowledge it.                     Melissa was having a metabolic            Roger stated, “It was a metabolic          feel any pain. It’s so weird to think
  “On Saturday [October 27] I started      seizure. Her body went completely           seizure though, usually a once in a           that one week ago I was almost dying
feeling pain in my lower back, on the      rigid, and turned dark blue.                lifetime thing. But, she now has a            and now I’m back at school doing
side, but I thought it was cramps from        “Immediately after the seizure, she      fifty percent chance of having another        homework,” she said.
exercise or just soreness,” LeBlanc        went completely limp and became             kidney stone.”                                  Her family and friends are glad to
said.                                      white,” Claire LeBlanc said.                 The doctors had difficulties diagnosing      have her home after this stressful
   The soreness would be an obvious           After the rushed phone call, Roger       Melissa at first. It took two full days to    situation.
side effect from the competitive State     said, “I called 911 in school from the      find the blockage to the kidney, which          Claire LeBlanc said, “People don’t
Badminton Championships on Saturday,       hallway. I ran down the hall and Mrs.       was in the urethra, a tube from the           realize how close          we came to
in which the team successfully placed      Sampanes, spani sh teahcer, ran to          kidney to the bladder.                        losing her.”
4                        November 2007                                    feature                                      Voice of the Pride

Nicole Schulke
Staff Editor
                                 “DUST-OFF” DANGER
     These days, it seems kids will do anything to         The National Survey on Drug Use and Health also          realize that there’s more to life than getting
get high, and one of most recent trends is huffing       reports that kids as young as 12 and 13 using inhalants    high off of dusting products. Why don’t they
computer and electronic dusting equipment.               such as dusting products. Females are reported to          go outside, enjoy a book, sing a song, dance,
      These computer dusters may appear as just          start before males and most of these teens were            or do something constructive. Not get high.”
compressed oxygen, but they actually contain                                                                              There are certain things parents can look out
Freon. When Freon enters the lungs, it pushes                                                                           for when determining if a child is using inhalants
the oxygen in the lungs out, which can cause                                                                            or not, such as complaints from their child about
anything from a mini-stroke to a heart attack.                                                                          numbness of the throat, or surrounding area,
      According to the Partnership for a Drug-                                                                          and remnants of an inhalant on their child’s
Free America, even the first time could                                                                                 clothes or hair. Inhalants like dusting, however,
leave the user dead within minutes.                                                                                     are seemingly undetectable because they
   Sophomore Michelle Turner said, “I find it sad                                                                       are clear, and leave no chemical smells. Most
that someone would actually put themselves in                                                                           parents are completely blinded by the fact that
that sort of danger for a temporary high. I do not                                                                      kids are using these products as an inhalant.
know about other people, but there are quite a                                                                             Falcon, the maker of Dust-Off has posted
few things I would like to accomplish in my lifetime                                                                    rules on its website about how to use the
that I find more important than the possibility                                                                         product to clean the dust out of its keyboards,
of getting high. Frankly, its pretty pathetic.”                                                                         and not take lives of teens and kids.
    It is said that the user will be paralyzed for                                                                         Falcon also states on its website, “As a
several minutes, and during this time, they                                                                             leading manufacturer of one of the world’s
gain a sense and experience of euphoria.                                                                                most versatile aerosol product distribution
  The term used for the habit is called “dusting.”                                                                      and usage is that of inhalant abuse or
The term comes from the most popular computer                                                                           “huffing.” It is imperative that consumers
duster , “Dust-Off.” Some places like Wal-Mart                                                                          of aerosol products, parents and children all
and Staples are locking up the dusting products,                                                                        understand the seriousness of this practice.”
and only selling them to persons eighteen and over.                                                                      Some say that a mild warning on its website is not
  In an MSNBC news article, teen Jessie Stotz,                                                                          enough. Before the scare of kids using Dust-Off as an
who is now in drug rehab because of dusting                                                                             inhalant, they advertised Dust-Off as compressed
                                                                  Courtesy of:
said, “There wasn’t the hassle of finding                                                                              air, when in reality it is compressed gas. After
somebody to buy it for you and stuff, you could                                                                        the first e-mail Falcon received from concerned
walk into a store being 13 years old, and buy it         using inhalants more than marijuana, because               parents, it changed the products advertisement
yourself. Not only was it the inhalant that was          they are more accessible to the average person.            and adding a warning specifically on the cans.
addictive, it was the lifestyle, the friends and           Senior David Perry said, “Sometimes it’s hard to           Most teens think inhalants are safe because they
the attention that I would receive when I did it.”       believe that kids today would do something so irrational   are available, and not illegal. More restraints need
   It is reported that the number of young adults        and stupid. Then I have to remember, that the kids         to be placed on the sale of these drugs to minors,
and teens that died from this dangerous dusting          of our nation seem to be getting stupider every day.”      because the loose policy is clearly not working.
product was reported to be 150 in the year of 2006.        Junior Li Diab said, “I think kids today need to

            The Sky is Falling!                                                                                          College Prep
Matt Benedick                                                                                                       Lauren Covey
Staff Reporter                                                                                                      Susie Varela
    Although normal, every day life is going             2029. This meteor will not hit the Earth, but will         Staff Reporters
on as usual, the end of the world is coming,             go in between the Earth and our satellites. When
and some are afraid it is coming soon.                   the meteor returns seven years later, however,                  Despite    a     wide     variety     of      enticing
   No one knows the exact date, but as far as how        there is a possibility that it will impact the earth,      colleges      and       universities,      more        and
it will happen, the theories are endless. Among          causing a severe disruption in the water levels.           more       students       are      applying         locally.
the most popular is the belief the Mayans had.              There are other theories, but they seem a bit               Many students are choosing to go in-state solely
The belief was that on                                                               too farfetched to be           for the reason that they offer prime scholarships.
December 12, 2012 a                                                                   true.    Almost all of          “I chose ASU because they offered me more money.
new beginning would                                                                   the end of the world          I have two sisters in college, and it’s less of a financial
occur. Now over time this                                                             theories can be found         constraint on my parents,” Shelby Neal, 12, said.
has been confused and                                                                 at            Arizona State University has a wide array of grants,
twisted to an end of the                                                              exitmundi.htm. One of         ranging from merit-based, which are awarded
world scenario, but that                                                              their theories involves a     to top high school students, to departmental
is not cecessarily the                                                                super volcano erupting.       scholarships, which are “designated for students
case. A new beginning                                                                 AN estimated 40 or            majoring in a particular academic discipline,”
could be anything; a                                                                  so of these volcanoes         according to Scholarship Resources at ASU.
new technological era,                                                                are    located    around          Students may aspire to attend the Ivy Leagues,
or the unification of                                                                 the world, but just           but without any scholarships, these universities are
nations. Still, a new                                                                 one erupting would            extremely expensive, and usually out of bounds.
beginning might mean                                                                  spell doom and gloom               Jeanette Bravo, 12, “If I had a choice of
the end of something big.                                                             for the Earth.       The      going anywhere, I’d choose Notre Dame.”
   The Mayans were not                                                                most prominent one to           However,it seems like there are less and less choices.
only the ones with ideas.                                                             erupt is in Yellowstone          According to, Harvard University
Sean Bacik, 11, believes                                                              National Park. The Last       had a 9.8% acceptance rate in 2007. Not only are
that the world will end                                                               Days of Earth stated that     these colleges prestigious, they are highly selective.
“from Mankind’s own                                                                   the super volcano there             For Arizona residents, ASU tuition is about
actions.” This theory seems all too real. With           erupts once every 600 thousand years and it has            $5,000, as compared to $16,000 for non-residents.
the vast amounts of nuclear warheads that have           been 630 thousand years since the last eruption.              Although slightly more expensive, the University
and are being created, as well as the hostile             Other theories include our world mimicking those in       of Arizona boasts similar statistics, with an
feelings between some countries, a nuclear               the movies, where we are a mere game or T.V. show,         average of $9,000 difference of standard
war is not too hard to believe. All it would take        and we could be turned off or stopped at any time.         direct    costs     for    non-residential       students.
is one nuclear warhead to start off a chain of           We could even be taken over by nano-chips, small                Parents    have a strong effect on college
events that could send the entire Earth into peril.      but very intelligent machines capable of thought.          choices. When asked what would affect her
   Then there is the theory involving outer space.         Then there is the mother of all end of the world         decision, Aubri Carman, 12, said, “Money.
Such a large, vast and limitless area holds a fate for   theories, global warming. Everyone, by now,                The parents are the ones with the dough!”
us that could be beyond our imagination. Chemistry       should have heard at least a tiny bit about global             Many parents encourage in-state attendance,
teacher, Jean Dutton, said, “The world will end in       warming. Theories of the earth’s temperature               purely for the reason of staying close to their child.
five billion years when the Sun supernovas.” Now         rising each year are becoming more evident.                  “My momwanted metogotoMCC,”FernandoOtero,12.
this is an inevitable end, as eventually the Sun will    The polar ice caps are receding, the ocean                      As the cut-throat world of college admissions
burn up all of its hydrogen, causing it to collapse      level is rising and large droughts are occurring.          approaches for each successive class, each will
upon itself. When a History Channel special,                 Whether or not the end of the world is near,           produce its own success stories. For now, continue
The Last Days of Earth, aired, a more recent             the universe is changing and people have                   to apply to the dream colleges, or the Ivy-Leagues,
apocalypse was foreseen. That apocalypse was a           to be able to deal with the consequences.                  but realistically also apply to the “fall-back”
meteor that is due to reach Earth around April 12,       Picture Courtesy of:                          in-state schools…if not for parental gratitude.
                       November 2007                         entertainment                                        Voice of the Pride                            5
 Spotlight on: Victory Records Fall Tour!
  On November 12, The Victory Fall       concert is none other than fantastic.     it out in vans. While touring, it is far     Bayside, The Sleeping, and A Day to
Tour rolled into town for a night of     The 37 stop Victory Fall Tour kicked      too expensive to stay in a hotel every     Remember all sat down for interviews
music. With Bayside headlining, and      off on October 25 and goes through        night, so band members, managers,          with Voice of the Pride, but June was
The Sleeping, June, Drivers Side         December 8.                               and everyone else on the tour have         only able to talk for a few minutes
Impact, and A Day to Remember              Although Bayside were riding a tour     to find friends and family to let them     and Drivers Side Impact were not
accompanying them on tour, the           bus, all four other bands were sticking   shower and wash clothes.                   available for an interview.

    Jessica Teiman
                       Bayside            Walking Wounded. According to the
                                                                                             The Sleeping
                                                                                     Jessica Teiman                            highlights, but we hate Seattle,” said
    Entertainment Editor                                                             Entertainment Editor                      drummer Joe Zizzo.
                                          Victory website, singer and guitarist
                                          Anthony Raneri described the first                                                     Of the many tours they’ve been on,
          As one of the biggest bands                                                     Long Island, New York has pro- their favorite artists to tour with are
                                          album as “a very morbid outlook on
    signed to Victory Records, Bayside                                               duced many talented bands includ- Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy, I Am
                                          life,” the second as “more about
    is frequently on tour, and has gath-                                             ing The Sleeping, but don’t let their the Avalanche, and, of course, Bay-
                                          looking into yourself, figuring out
    ered a “cultish” bunch of fans.                                                  name fool you; on stage and off, the side. Earlier this year, they went on the
                                          why everything is morbid and why
          Since May, Bayside has gone                                                members in The Sleeping are full of “Flip on a Tweek Realm and Set it Off
                                          such things are happening” and the
    on tour in Canada, been a part of                                                energy.                                   Tour” as the headlining band and made
                                          newest album as “the next progres-
    Warped Tour, and is now on their                                                     Backstage before the November an effort to get unsigned bands to play
                                          sion in the story of our lives. We al-
    Fall Tour. Chris Guglielmo, the                                                  12 concert at the Clubhouse Music a few shows with them. Singer Doug
                                          ready figured out what went wrong
    drummer, and Nick                                                                Venue, they attempted to describe Robinson spoke for the whole band
    Ghanbarian,     the                                                              themselves in a few words: “mani- when he said “We like helping small
    Bassist, described                                                               acs”, “not                                                           bands. Also,
    Warped Tour as “re-                                                              right in the                                                         during that
    ally hot, especially                                                             head”, and                                                           tour we got
    in Arizona.”                                                                     “unfocused                                                           to listen to
          “My ultimate                                                               but      pas-                                                        something
    goal was to [one                                                                 sionate,”                                                            new every
    day] be a headlin-                                                               were a few                                                           night.”
    ing band at Warped                                                               of the titles                                                                 The
    Tour. It was amaz-                                                               they came                                                            band mem-
    ing being a [legiti-                                                             up      with.                                                        bers have
    mate] band,” said                                                                The music                                                            been play-
    Guglielmo.                                                                       they create                                                          ing togeth-
        The two agreed Jessica Teiman hangs with Nick (left) and Chris               is     almost                                                        er     since
    that some of the (center) from Bayside during the show                           as unique                                                            2003, but
    best parts of tour-                                                              as the guys                                                          they were
    ing are playing shows for devoted                                                themselves.                                                          playing
                                         and why. Now it’s about discovering
    fans, meeting new people, being
                                         what makes you happy, then going            A l t h o u g h Don’t let their name fool you: The Sleeping mem- their instru-
    away from home, and doing their                                                  they some-               bers are a very energetic bunch!           ments long
                                         out and doing it.”
    own thing, but touring does have                                                 what resem-                                                         before the
                                              For Chris, musically he was in-
    its downsides.                                                                   ble progressive music from the 90s, band formed. Zizzo has been playing
                                         spired by The Police, but Refuse
         Ghanbarian said, “It gets real-                                             they have their own unique style drums since he was five years old; Gui-
                                         inspired him to be aware of things
    ly old not being able to go to the                                               and put an unusual twist on today’s tarist Cameron Keym started piano at
                                         that go on in life. Nick was inspired
    bathroom when you feel like it. You                                              music.                                    age nine and guitar at around fifteen;
                                         to play music by listening to Bad Re-
    also don’t get to stay in one area                                                  The Sleeping and Bayside, anoth- Sal Mignano has been playing bass for
                                         ligion. Although their influences are
    for very long.”                                                                  er band signed to Victory Records, “forever”; Robinson began guitar ate
                                         different, together these two guys
        Ghanbarian and Guglielmo both                                                are very close friends and have age thirteen but never took singing
                                         along with Raneri and Jack O Shea,
    think that Sirens and Condolences                                                toured together six or seven times. lessons.
                                         guitar and backup vocals, create a
    is their best album, although nei-                                               Though they just met many of the            The Sleeping would like to lend some
                                         unique and appealing sound. The
    ther of them worked on it. Sirens                                                other bands, they described all 35 helping advice to high school bands:
                                         four put on an amazing show, and
    and Condolences is the first Bay-                                                people on the tour as “a crazy fam- “learn your instruments well, listen to
                                         although they were just in Arizona
    side album signed on Victory Re-                                                 ily.” Some of their favorite places people with experience, and don’t get
                                         recently, they will no doubt be back
    cords, followed by Bayside, Bay-                                                 to tour are the west coast such as discouraged. The music business is re-
                                         for more shows in the near future.
    side Acoustic, and the newest The                                                LA, Arizona, Orlando, and at home ally difficult to get into, especially for
                                                                                     in New York. “Everywhere has its young kids.”

                                                                                                                                   And If You Liked
A Day To Remember                                                                  meeting new friends and getting to do
                                                                                   stuff that is different than what they
                                                                                                                              Here is a list of other bands that
Jessica Teiman                           eventually got in contact with Victory normally do at home.                          these three have a similar sound to
Entertainment Editor                     Records. A Victory representative            One might wonder what the band’s        Bayside the Sleeping and A Day to
      A Day to Remember is hard to attended one of their shows, and the name comes from: everyone joked,                      Remember.
forget. With a “pop-mosh” sound like rest is history.                              “There was this one day when Tom…”
no other and more energy than                                                          but really there is no meaning         Bayside sounds like:
that energizer bunny, there is                                                         behind the name. Someone just          The Audition, Boy Sets Fire,
no doubt that they put on an                                                           thought it sounded cool. Everyone      Alkaline Trio, Thursday, Brand New,
amazing show.                                                                          agreed that Blink-182 was a huge       Vendetta Red, Taking Back Sunday,
     The members of A Day to                                                           influence to their music, along        My Chemical Romance, Matchbook
Remember played the local                                                              with Less Than Jake, and local         Romance, A Wilhelm Scream, Kane
music scene in Ocala, Florida for                                                      bands from their area.                 Hodder, Aiden, The Sleeping
years until 2003 when they got                                                            A Day to Remember has put out
together as the band we know                                                           one album on Victory Records, and
                                                                                                                              The Sleeping sounds like:
them as today. The five band                                                           describes the studio as amazing
                                                                                                                              Thursday, The Movielife, Gatsbys
members played a 4th of July                                                           and a blessing.
show together and the crowd                                                                                                   American Dream, Spitalfield,
                                                                                        “It’s really fun to record. Working
went wild, a sure sign that they                                                       on the bulk of the album is really     Bayside, Cru Jones
were meant to play together.                                                           hard work, but the feeling of
They soon headed out on many                                                           accomplishment when you are            A Day to Remember sounds like:
“do-it-yourself” tours before         A Day to Remember backstage before the show.     done is great,” said guitarist Neil    Alesana, On the Last Day, Endwell,
being signed to Indianola Records                                                    Westfall.                                Four Letter Lie, This Moment, As
in 2005 where they released their first    All members of the band agreed that         To any concert lover out there, A      I Lay Dying, Senses Fail, Silverstein
record. The band sold 8,000 records seeing the country, and even the world Day to Remember is one band that you               Hawthorne Heights, Scary Kids
strictly by word of mouth and they is a major upside to touring. They love cannot miss seeing live.
  6                                   November 2007                                                                             above &
Hunter Beetham
News Editor
   Since the invention of the Breathalyzer in the early
1950’s the rise of DUI laws has had no halt in getting
more serious.
    Starting in 1982 the laws across the nation for a
DUI began to significantly increase in consequences.
Immediately following this activation of new laws, the
number of DUIs decreased on a large scale. Overtime
though the amount of DUI offenders increased again,            Breath Alcohol Concentration level necessary for a DUI             The cases where chemical evidence is lacking are
finding a baseline.                                            was decreased from .10 to .8, further increasing the            much more arguable in a court of law, however most
     Despite the new laws nationwide, California had           effectiveness that drinking and driving had on people.          officials recommend a person never representing
its peak amount of DUI related deaths in 1987. With              In a DUI court the only evidence looked at is chemical        themselves. In today’s society DUI courts are some of
a high increase in deaths the laws began to get even           evidence, which would be the breathalyzer test. By              the toughest ones out there and hiring a lawyer can
more severe along with the consequences that were              law a person is not required to take the test, however          benefit immensely.
not necessarily law related. In 1995 the number of DUI         one could be convicted if choosing not to.                         With such a vague definition of DUI it is difficult to
deaths in California successfully decreased to half of         By not taking the test, the court can rule the person           avoid the law and more DUI laws are currently trying
what it had been a little over seven years prior.              guilty, by “consciousness of guilt.” Being found of             to get passed throughout the nation that could further
However, the decrease of the DUI related deaths was            consciousness of guilt will get a person the same exact         increase the punishments and definition of a DUI.
partly due to the media’s new obsession with the fatal         consequences of having a DUI,
accidents. News broadcast across the nation began to           or the person accused could
highlight the accidents that occurred during the day           receive a suspended license for
and emphasized the effect and tragedy that often               not complying with the test.
followed.                                                          Another factor is what DUI
  The response to the new highlighting of DUI deaths was       actually means, Driving Under
massive, causing many people to reconsider drinking            the Influence. In truth it does
and driving. There were people though that still did           not matter what influence
not get the point and continued to get arrested.               a person is driving under,
    In the late 1990’s the consequences for first time         anything will get you a DUI.
DUI offenders was often jail time, which was proven            Hypothetically a person is
to be insufficient as the people who were sentenced            pulled over and they are asked
jail time had a twenty percent higher chance to repeat         to take the breathalyzer test
the offense.                                                   and they blow a number below
    Around the same time many insurance companies              the limit. It then becomes the
began to take a stand against the offense and began            officer’s choice to give that
to increase policy prices with every DUI obtained. A           person a DUI.
single DUI for many of the companies can increase                 Most people do not realize
rates about two or three times.                                however what can actually get
   Arizona present day has the most severe laws in the         you a DUI. Lack of sleep and
nation against the offense and much harsher views on           prescription medication are
what DUI actually is. Effective August 31, 2001 the            examples, just to name a few.

  You should
  know:                                                                                                      When police departments and law officials saw messag
                                                                                                                    evident that they needed to crack down on dr
Alcohol related deaths, which peaked at 2,754 in 1987, fell to                                                                                        Courtesy of
less than half that at 1,343 in 1995.                                                                           m
                                                                                                          ing ated 30
                                                                 ,                                                 er th .7 mill
                                                     oa    blood                                                        e in        io
                                                                                                                             flue n perso
                                           sub  mit t ver’s li-                                                                   nce.         ns a
                                   i ng to onth dr                                                                                                  ged
                                                                                                                                                        21 o
                             refus elve-m                                                                                                                    r old
                      es of s a tw                                                                                                                                 er re
        Of se   uenc est i
               q42,000ttraffic deaths in the United States in                                                                                                            port             By
        conthe urine                                                       Nearly 1,400 DUI cases in Phoenix and Glendale wereddis-
                                                                                                                                              a n 24                          ed d
                                                                                                                                                                                   riv- bl
 The 1999, rabout 38.perceent wre related to alcohol
             o                                                             missed in 2000 after judges upheld challenges to1 l inju-s of 8
   bre ath, pension                                                                                               een   the age ntithea     on
            sus                                                            machines.                    ts betw lated uninte
      ense                                                                                      studen
    c                                                                          Jail s ollege               ohol-re
          4                                                                1,400 ic the eear from alc icle crashes. If arrest
                                                                             Fir e ch y    l a st
 tioned 0 percent of                                                       due staime ofing effotor e p
                                                                                    t               e     veh                     is 0.        e
                                                                                                                                         10% d prior t
         from b           the Ph
                                 o                                          s i bse includ fendm ctiv enal
                                                                                                  ers s                          If ar        or m        o Au
                 reath t
                         o bloo enix police p                               ries, quent D                         ty                   r                        g
                               d tests           recinc                    DUI
                                                                                   penal      UI in entenced for first 0i.m8 essted ore Bloo ust 31,
                                                                                                                                t 0 e%
                                       since l          t                                          ciden          to jail              o. f      afte          d or         200
                                               ast Ma s have transi                      ties.           ts tha                          f
                                                                                                                n thos had 20 pe enders. r August Breath 1, the s
                                                      rch.          -                                                  e sent           rce                       31,           A          ta
                                                          “Super Extreme” offenders (those with a 0.20 percent blood-ced to nt more
                                                                                                                               e                                        2001 lcoh90% o
                                                                                                                                                                            About ol Co
                                                                                                                                          other                                , the
                                                          percent of
In 1989, repeat offenders accounted for 37 alcohol content or higher, will face a minimum of 45 days in                                                                               limit
DUI convictions. The figure dropped to 31 percent in      jail.                                                                                                                             s
& beyond                                                                  Voice of the Pride                                  7
                                            What is a DUI?
                      According to, a DUI is the
                     offense of operating a motor vehicle while

G}                        intoxicated by drugs or alcohol.

    & DUI’s
                                                                             DO YOU
                                                                                         What they had to say:

                                                                           Jonathan Falasco, 9           Ryan Adamos, 10
                                                                             “DUI’s help keep             “It’s good people get
                                                                           drunk people off the         arrested for it, it makes
                                                                                                         those teens look bad
                                                                                streets.”              when they drive to parties
                                                                                                                and drink.”
 ges like these popping up accross the nation, it became
 runk driving and driving under other influences.

    most g in the
          D            t
   zatio UI laws he early
         ns su        were         19
  Stud          ch as        bein 80’s a
       ents Phoenix Police Departmentnd thr
 y 2010, the Ag       Mo          g sto
                 ainst thers Ag         ngly will accept only
                       Dr arrests. ainst
lood evidence for DUI un                     enfo ugh the 1
                             k Dri        Drun    rced          990’
                                   ving        k Dri due tono oxs-  i,
                                                               I trga
                                        (SAD         ving hile        I
                                             D)     ng W (MAD r DW i-
                                            a Drivi alties foD) and                                       Nick Loomis, 12
                                      nted         pen                        Kristin Howard, 11
                              mp leme d sevre
                                        e                                   “DUI’s keep us safe        “Driving drunk is really
              8 2, Ar which ma                                                                         stupid. People who get
       ly 19         w                                                    from people who think
  In Ju (DWI) la
 atcate ctions.                                                              it’s a joke to drive       caught deserve maxi-
of utonroffenders are male, the average age is 33 years old.
     o i
    c rv
oncDUI y limit                                                                      drunk.”              mum punishment.”
 stat ration.
          y is
  8                 October 2007                              sports                                   Voice of the Pride

    Sports                                               Girl’s Volleyball
Boys Basketball                                          Shocks The State!
         Fast Facts                         Danielle Green
                                            Staff Reporter
                                                 Balls are flying, parents are cheering, sweat is      Finally, Saturday arrived! The Lady Pride was all
-There are only 2 returning players         pouring off the players, and coaches are using every    pumped to take on Gilbert High School at 1 pm.
who were on Varsity last year.              play in the                                             Gilbert is ranked number 5 in the bracket and has
-They play Mesa, Dobson, Cesar              book; this can                                          just recently beat our rivals at Corona Del Sol, who
                                            only mean one                                           was ranked number 4, but this didn’t stop the girls
Chavez, and Desert Vista, who are           thing… it’s the                                         from doing what they do best. With another match
all top 5 teams.                            State Volleyball                                        full of powerful blocks, heart-stopping saves, and
                                            Tournament for                                          breathtaking kills, the Lady Pride beat Gilbert in 4
      Telling Number                        the Lady Pride.
                                                                                                    games. Winning (26-24) in the first game, (25-16) in
                                                                                                    the second game, losing (20-25) in the third game,

                                            Pointe       Girls                                      but coming out with a strong (25-22) in the fourth
            The Pride play 7 of the pre     volleyball team                                         game.
            season top 10, including        is around once                                             The Sate Match was the final match for the girls.
            top ranked Mesa, number 4       again. This time                                        Playing Xavier Prep. The girls went all out. The
            ranked Desert Vista.            blazing saddles                                         crowd was roaring and adrenaline was pumping. This
                                            and ready to                                            televised game was the one the girls hoped for.

    Five Key Players                        take on all
                                                                                                       Playing in the first game, the girls had amazing
                                                                                                    plays again, but fell just short of the first game
                                                 This season                                        victory, losing (13-25).
Jahii Carson, 9                             has been a                                                The Lady Pride knew this was it. Either they beat
Dynamic point guard who is always look-     big conquest                                            Xavier now and went on to a fifth game or Xavier
ing to make his teammates better.           for the Lady                                            wins and takes the title of State Champs. With
                                            Pride. Starting                                         blocks, kills, serves, and saves from both teams,
                                            off the season
                                                                 Emily Lentz (12) makes a dig
                                                                                                    it is no wonder they both made it to the State
                                                                  as the Pride go on to be the
TJ Loeffler, 12                             with a game                                             Championship Game. Lady Pride, going all out, lost
                                            a g a i n s t number one seeded team in the             gracefully to Xavier (22-25).
Will be looked to by his teamates as a go
                                            Boulder Creek state tournamnet and go all the             Mountain Pointe didn’t walk away with the title of
to shooter.                                 High School,                                            State Champions, but they did prove to the city and
                                                                   way to the state title game
                                            it    was     no                                        other schools around that they took Mountain Pointe
Antonio Iniguez,12                          surprise that the Varsity team was ready to go,         for granted and to watch out. Mountain Pointe Lady
                                            beating Boulder Creek in 3 games.                       Pride is here to stay.
A versital power foward who rebounds            As the season went on, the Lady Pride only got
and defends well.                           better. Many parents and players have noticed
                                            this huge improvement in this Varsity team. Lynn
                                            Lentz, parent, said, “Emily has been playing 4                  3-Peat
Mike Ramirez, 10                            years on varsity. She progresses each year. The
Important wing player who has great
                                            girls as a whole seem to have gained confidence in
                                            themselves. The seniors this year really stepped up
                                            and gave guidance and leadership to the younger
                                                                                                        For Badminton!
                                            girls on the team.”
                                                Finishing the regular season with an astonishing    Daniel Hood
KC Lee, 9                                   15 wins and only 2 loses, the Lady Pride played in      Staff Editor
Another dynamic guard who will have to      the Arizona State 5A-1 Tournament on Tuesday the            The Lady Pride’s Badminton team once again
play multiple positions.                    6, Thursday the 8, and Saturday the 10.                 surprised the state and made history by winning
                                               Tuesday, the crowd all piled into the Pride gym to   their third consecutive state title. By beating tough
    Coach Spotlight                         see Mountain Pointe play Tucson Magnet High School.
                                            Tucson was the number 16 rank in this bracket
                                                                                                    competition all year, the girls came into the title
                                                                                                    game, at Dobson High School, undefeated.
                                            playing Mountain Pointe number 1 rank. Lady Pride          This streak continued as they plowed through the

       Coach Brian                          took down the
                                            Tucson Magnet
                                                                                                    in    a    5-1
                                                                                                                                           finally resulting
                                                                                                                                           victory     over
                                            in just 3 games.                                        Corona Del                             Sol to clinch
         Fleming                            Winning (25-
                                            20) in the first
                                                                                                                                           the first time
This is Coach Fleming’s first year          game, (25-17)                                           that a team                            has won three
                                            in the second                                           consecutive                            titles         in
at Mountain Pointe, as he hails             game, and (25-                                          Badminton                              in     Arizona’s
from Mclintock. He says about the           18) in the third                                        history.
season,                                                Round
                                                                                                          Another                          jinx was broken
                                                                                                    as the Pride                           came out of
“We are a very young group age              two        began                                        this season                             unmarked and
                                                                                                                    Laura Robertson
and experience wise. We will have           on Thursday.                                            undefeated,
                                                                                                                   (12) serves in a match
                                                                                                                                            the first such
                                            Mountain                                                year        in                          the school’s
to be patient and allow time for            Pointe      took                                        history. The
                                                                                                                      against Horizon.
these kids to gell together. The            on      Tucson                                          v i c t o r y                           comes about
team has a chance to do some big            High School         Sam Hodgkins (12) and Charlea
                                                                                                    despite former coach, Fred Quick leaving and
                                                                                                    assistant Pom Brown stepping up as the new head
things now if they will buy into the        with another Hillman (12) go up for the block in        coach. By winning the title in her first year as head
system.”                                    home game.            a match against Mesa High.        coach, Brown continued the legacy of dominance by
                                            Salpointe                                               winning the seventh State Badminton Championship
                                            is      ranked
   Upcoming Games                           number 8 in the 5A-1 bracket. With amazing saves,
                                            kills, and blocks by these fierce ladies, Mountain
                                                                                                    in the school’s history.
                                                                                                        The title comes about from the huge help of
                                                                                                    senior Ashley Dreas, who secured the state title
                                            Pointe came out victorious in 3 games. In each          by coming behind to beat Corona star Carrie Zhao.
Away at Chandler 12/11                      game, the Ladies kept Salpointe under 20 points,        Dreas has been on the team all four years and a part
Home vs. Cesar Chavez 12/14                 winning with        (25-18) (25-14) (25-15). Kaitlin    of the team for all three titles.
Home vs. Trevor Browne 12/17                Conely, sophomore on the Varsity team, said after           “I don’t really know what it is like to lose,”
Away at Desert Ridge 1/08                   the win, “This season we all got along really well.     comments Dreas about her high school Badminton
Away at Mesa 1/10                           We laughed and had fun. Best of all, we never gave      career. This is the type of attitude that has lead
                                            up.” When asked if she was ready for Saturday, her      the team all year and resulted in another season of
Away at Marcos 1/15                         response was a cheerful, “HECK YES!!”                   accomplishing their final goal, the three-peat.
October 2007   sports   Voice of the Pride   9
  10                    November 2007                                   opinion                                        Voice of the Pride

    Texting                                            Long Lunch                                                       Lines
Michael Curry                                          Oriana Gutierrez
Editor                                                                                                             opportunity to eat healthy since most of the
                                                       Staff Reporter- Opinion                                     food in the cafeteria is fast food.” said Spanish
   We have entered the electronic age, where ev-
                                                                                                                   teacher, Mary-Catherine Boatright. A long time
erything we use for work or play uses some sort of      Students are annoyed and angry because of the lack         ago, the school used to serve food that had
circuit or power source. The progress of mankind       of efficiency that is provided to them in their only        a wider variety and food they enjoyed eating
has led us into this era where we can communi-         30 minutes of rest, other wise known as lunchtime.          “They served Pizza Hut, and Taco Cabana, which
cate, record, and entertain with simple wireless,      Some students enjoy eating food from the burrito            was a line of Mexican food, it was really good!”
handheld devices now affordable to the common          line, but what they do not enjoy is having to wait          said Boatright. Now, the school serves the same
people.                                                for 20 minutes to get their cheese and bean burrito         food everyday and students get tired of it. The
    The dispute among adults who have not been         or their nacho grande. There are five lines that are        school should have a broader variety of food, and
raised with such simple electronics as we, the         supposed to serve, but honestly there are only three        should bring back Taco Cabana and Pizza Hut.
youth, have is whether or not it takes away from       efficient ones. In two lines, the cashiers are students        After students get their lunch, which takes about
good old fashioned socializing. Both sides prove       and one of them leaves early, so 15 students have to        10 to 15 minutes, they finally sit down and enjoy
convincing facts.                                      go to the back of the line and start all over again.        their food right? Wrong, now they have to take the
  A recent article in the Ahwatukee newspaper de-         Tasha Green, 11, said “I love the food! That is the      task of finding a table. Then, usually when there is
picted Nicole Truxes, 12, and Lucas Welling, 12,       only reason I risk my whole lunch to eat there, but         a table open there are no chairs to accompany it.
hugging with a caption explaining how teens at         if they want a productive school, then they should          It can take up to seven minutes to complete this
Mountain Pointe have had to resort to actual hu-       have people working in the lines that don’t take 10         quest, which leaves students a very short amount
man contact since the electronic ban.                  minutes for you to get your burrito, and they shouldn’t     of time to finally sit down and eat their food.
   If this photo is the first time the two have ever   have kids working that can’t stay all lunch without            Jessica Dos Santos,12, said “Lunch is too short
physically cuddled, then that must have been a         someone to fill.” It’s time for the school to act on this   for the amount of people that are in it.” Students
lonely year spent only connected by the cell phones    and take the students welfare into consideration.           who don’t have enough time to eat there, eat on
between them.                                            In the meantime other students wait in the cafeteria      their way to class or just simply throw their food
   Adults somehow have gotten the inkling that us      line, which is a bit faster than the burrito line. The      away. This is a waste of money, food and time.
teenagers contact through cell phones and the in-      problem with this line, though, is not the waiting; it is   Anatomy teacher, Terry Cochran said “I haven’t
ternet and have entirely lost the social skills we     waiting for food that sometimes might not even be there.    eaten in the cafeteria for about three years, the
were taught in elementary school.                               Brittany Watkins, 11, said “Some days I            food is expensive and there is not enough variety.”
    I will admit, there are the few teenagers who      really want a salad, but by the time I reach the                     Lunch should be a time to relax from a
have permanently sunken their body figure into         checkout to get my salad, they are already gone!”           hectic day in class, but instead it stresses students
the couch by spending hours at a time playing          This means, she gets stuck with pizza and fries, for the    out. No one enjoys eating their food in less than ten
online video games, surfing the web or texting.        third time this week, and she’s not the only student.
                                                                                                                   minutes after having to wait 20 minutes to get it.
Those few quite possibly have lost the ability to               “Students don’t really         have a good
strike up a conversation with a stranger but as for

                                                                 School Overrated
the rest of us, we could be better.
    Holding three conversations with friends does
have some sense of anonymity, where you feel the
freedom to say things you would not say in person,
but it positively does not substitute for actual hu-      Aly Rowe
man contact.                                              Jordan Johnson
  Banning cell phones during school hours does not         Editors-in-Chief
usher us to hug our significant other, it just frus-                                                               and let them wear the clothes they want, for ex-
                                                           Is high school simply overrated? What does one
trates us and maybe even keeps us from social-                                                                     ample.
                                                        really learn?
izing as much as we could during times like lunch
or between periods.                                       He or she learns that if a day of school is missed,       Sure there should be rules, and that is fine. But they
  This can be argued by a suggestion to eat lunch       teachers will cut one slack, and it is easier to go        should be rules like paying attention in class and re-
with them or visiting them, but in a time restraint     to sweep than to bomb that test one did not study          specting others, but when it comes to taking rights
of 30 minutes (or the seven minutes in between          for. One also learns that when he                                                              away, what kind of
classes) socializing is cut down. Even communicat-      or she misses a day of school, it is                                                           rules are those?
ing with those at other schools (which should be        really like missing two days, and if                                                               Many claim that
influenced) is crippled.                                too many are missed, one be sent                                                               high school is the
  It just irritates me when my parents or others get    to ISS which is causing another                                                                best years of one’s
after me for texting a friend or “talking with my       missed day of school… so what is                                                               life, and that is
fingers” like it is my main source of communicating     the point?                                                                                     agreeable.       High
with those I love.                                        Since when was it okay to punish                                                             school is full of fun
  Texting has been around for about four years or so    someone for being sick or dealing                                                              nights, new experi-
now, it is not something that I was raised around.      with family issues?                                                                            ences and lessons
By the time it came into my life I was mature             Don’t get me wrong; this school                                                              learned, however it
enough to speak with my mouth to others without         has its perks. Good school dances,                                                             is sad to say that the
the use of a phone, so the invention was simply         nice teachers, and pretty amazing                                                              educational part of
an additional way to communicate rather than a          burritos.                                                                                      high school is often
substitute.                                                                                                                                            misinterpreted.
                                                          However, as a senior it has really
   The ones we need to be worried about are the         hit me that I have learned more                                                                  Honestly, preparing
elementary students who carry around 200 dol-           about friends and myself than actual education in          for college is the last thing high school does. Even
lar devices. What possible excuse can suffice for       my time spent at Mountain Pointe. That is not nec-         though Mountain Pointe is an excelling school, it is
someone that young with something that expen-           essarily a bad thing, because I would rather have          scary to say that it is fairly easy for most.
sive. The reasoning can be explained with rea-          gone through all the drama and non-sense of high             In college, however things change. There is no
sons like we live in a more dangerous world and         school fights than to deal with it out in the real         sweep and teachers will not listen to excuses. No
the younger kids need some way to reach their           world.                                                     longer can parents come into the school to defend
parents in time of emergency. There is no excuse                                                                   their child’s grades or detention punishments. You are
                                                           Sure I have learned the wonderful MLA format
because there are phones with simply a calling                                                                     literally on your own, from the second you walk onto
                                                        and the ridiculous synthetic division, but if some-
feature. Spoiling kids is another separate topic,                                                                  that campus, until the second you leave. For some,
                                                        one asked me what I will take out of high school,
but the world today focuses on teenagers texting                                                                   that might be the thrill of a lifetime, however for most
                                                        I can honestly say that finding oneself is the hard-
rather than ending it before it even starts in the                                                                 it is a complete shock, that no one is ready for.
                                                        est things to do, and pleasing people will not get
younger crowd.
                                                        one anywhere. I can also say that people are never           Giving students a heads up on years to come in col-
     In the same way you need to be 16 to drive,
                                                        who others think they are, and unfortunately it is         lege is exactly what kids’ need these days, or else
you should reach an age where cell phones can be
                                                        a lot harder to trust than most realize.                   who knows where they will end up.
used accordingly.
 Whether it is a distraction, toy, or social crutch,      Another thing about high school is the hypocrisy.          So what needs to happen? Should the school tough-
cell phones can be abused, it is just a problem         The adults on campus want us students to act like          en up on academics and loosen up on the irrelevant
when those who are using them moderately for            adults as well, yet by taking cell phones away and         rules?
the purpose which they are made are being re-           handing out punishments for wearing clothes that              One might not be so sure, however high school
stricted and/or criticized. We are teenagers, we        don’t touch finger tips, it defeats the purpose.           does need to realize that for most of us, adulthood
socialize and we can most definitely appreciate           School just needs to chill. Sounds crazy huh? But        is around the corner and we have no clue what is
physical contact.                                       it’s true. Back off and let students text at lunch         going to hit us.
                                 October 2007                                                     opinion                                                    Voice of the Pride               11


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                      December 2007                      the rear end                                 Voice of the Pride                    12

                           Did you Know?
Odontophobia is the fear of teeth.                                                                         Shooting whales from a moving car
According                              to                 suicide                                          is illegal in Tennessee.
statistics,                                 Monday                    is                                   In Kentucky one must bathe once
the favored day for self-                                                                                  a year or pay a fine.
destruction.                                                                                               Ladies in swimsuits may not be on
The first known contaceptive was crocodile                                                                 a highway unless two officers in
dung used by Egyptians                                                                                     uniform accompany them or they
in 2000 B.C.                                                                                               carry a large sack.
1 in 5,000 North                                                                                           In Utah, while driving,
Atlantic lobsters are                                                                                      birds always have the right
born bright blue.                                                                                          away.
A skunk’s smell can be                                                      Courtesy                      The longest Monopoly game ever
detected by a human                                                                                       played was 1680 hours long which
a mile away.                                                                of google                     is 70 straight days.
The word lethologica
describes the state of not
                                                                            images                        The fattest man was 1400
                                                                                                          pounds,           John      Brower
being able to remember                                                                                    Minnoch, he was born in
the word you want.                                                                    1941 and died 1983.
The king of hearts is the only king without a On average, 12 newborns are given
moustache.                                                                            to the wrong parents daily.
The three best know western names in China: Jesus Christ, Right-handed people, on average,
Richard Nixon, and Elvis.                                                             live nine years longer than left
Women are 37% more likely to go to a psychiatrist than handed people.
men are.                                                                              It’s illegal to slurp soup in New Jersey.
When snakes are born with two heads, they fight each other for food.                  Alaska law says that one can’t look at a
 American cars beep in the key of F.                                                                   moose from an airplane.
There are twice as many kangaroos                                                                      In Miami, it is forbidden to imitate an
in Australia as there are people.                                                                      animal.
A lion’ roar can be heard from five                                                                    It is against the law to mispronounce the
miles away.                                                                                            name of the state of Arkansas in that state.
You burn more calories sleeping than you do                                                            In Illinois, the law is that
watching T.V.                                                                                          a car must be driven with
Canadian                     researchers                             have                              the steering wheel.
found that Einstein’s brain                                                                            In         Tennessee,           it       is
15% wider than normal.                                                                                 against the law to drive
The average person spends about two years                                                              while sleeping.
on the phone in a lifetime.                                                                            In Georgia, it is against the law
The largest number of children                                            The king of hearts is
                                                                                                       to slap a man in the back or
born to one woman is recorded                                             the only king without a
at 69. From 1725-1765, a Russian                                                                       In Oklahoma, no baseball team can
peasant gave birth to 16 sets of                                                                       hit a ball over the fence or out of
twins, 7 sets of triplets, and 4 sets of the ballpark.
quadruplets.                                                                          In Ohio, one must have a license to keep a bear
Dueli ng is legal i n P           araguay as long as both parti es are In the state of Kansas, one is not
registered blood donors.                                                              allowed to drive a buffalo through
The United States has never lost a war in which mules were the street.
used.                                                                                 In Singapore, it’s illegal to chew gum.
Children grow faster in the springtime.                                               In Singapore, there is only one train station
The Baby Ruth candy bar was actuall named On average, a four-year-old child ask‘s
after Grover Cleve land’ baby daughter 437 questions a day.  s
Ruth.                                                                                 A shark is the only fish that can blink
  The elephant is the only animal with four with both eyes.
knees.                                                                                An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain.
Its illegal in Muskogee, Oklahoma, to be A dragonfly has a life span of 24 hours.
walking down the sidewalk or just walking A cockroach can live nine days without its head before
period and chewing gum at the same time.                                              it starves to death.

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