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                                    C S H
                                    ISSUE 7
                                                NISSAN/IYAR 5770                            APRIL 2010

Rabbi’s Writings
Cantor’s Notes
                                                                   April 9 and 10
        Yom Hazikaron
Preschool                       4                        Rebecca Rosen
                                                         Psychic Medium
        AIPAC Conference
CJE                             5
YaiSH - Ya’iSH Calendar
                                                                   at Shirat Hayam!
Family Life                     7
        Simchat Shabbat
                                                  Books are now available to purchase at CSH.
        Shabbat Sports                                       Proceeds benefit CSH.
Rebecca Rosen Event             8
Ma’ot Chitin                    9                Tickets available online at: www.shirathayam.org
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        JFS Save the Date
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Contact Information            24

                                                                   Save the Date!
     Save the Date!
    Sunday, April 25                             Rick Recht
Brotherhood presents the
Mensch of the Year Award                          Returns!
           to                                    Friday Night, May 21 at 7:30 pm
   Herb Goldberg                              High School Scholarship Awards Service
 See page 22 for details.
                                                     You can now make donations to CSH
                                              online at: www.shirathayam.org /about/giving.php
   55 Atlantic Avenue, Swampscott, MA 01907 ~ 781.599.8005 ~ Fax: 781.599.1860 ~ www.shirathayam.org
Rabbi Baruch HaLevi - Chagenu Is Coming
                         Purim is a strange holiday on many levels. The story is terrifying and yet it is the most joy-
                         ous day of the year. The message is dark and disturbing and yet it has become the defini-
                         tive children’s holiday. To commemorate our victory over narrowly averted genocide we
                         dress in drag, get drunk and have a carnival... strange holiday indeed.
                         Strangest of all is that it is a holiday which is all about achdut - unity and brotherhood, and
                         yet, it is celebrated so parochially. Every synagogue seems to do their own thing, having
                         their own celebrations and Purim carnival. Whereas logistical challenges obviously take us
                         our own ways on the High Holy Days and halachic divides on other holy days, what keeps
                         us apart on Purim - Reform, Conservative or Orthodox Purim carnival goldfish?
                          The truth is that there is hardly a reason for separate megillah readings, certainly no need
for separate Purim celebrations or carnivals. A holiday as communal as Purim and somehow Jewish communities
can’t get it together to join forces and celebrate in one place, as one community doing it once and doing it right.
It is a major statement on the divided Jewish community in the world today and one which we can no longer af-
ford to perpetuate.
This past Purim, however, on the North Shore we took a major step with a test run at a communal Purim carni-
val. Instead of going it alone, each of us doing our own thing, we created something greater than the sum of our
parts. For anyone who participated at the JCC, it was a fantastic day. Although many of us have had successful
Purim celebrations over the past years, this one was not merely bigger, it was better, as it was about community.
And I’m truly proud of CSH for coming up with this idea, inviting others to participate and making it work (Jed
Filler and Ann Navon, in particular). Although it took a tremendous amount of effort, it was worth it. It reminded
us of what we can accomplish when we come together. It proved that we can have first-rate holiday celebrations
when we unite. We can save money and resources in the process. Most of all, we can reclaim a sense of communi-
ty, which is what Purim and being Jewish is really all about. It was the beginning of a new direction.This, however,
can not be the end.
Indeed, it is only the beginning. As I write, the North Shore Rabbinic Association, along with the J.C.C. and
Cohen Hillel, with and under the auspices of Federation, are heading out in a bold, new, brave direction - selected
shared holy day programming called “Chagenu,” which literally means “our holidays.” As far as I know, it’s the first
of its kind.

Starting this Shavuot (first day only, and Sukkot first day in the fall, as well) we are looking at different types of
tefilah (prayer) experiences, Torah (study) opportunities and, of course, coming together to eat, drink, schmooze,
even play (in the JCC gym and pool). It is our hope, and my deep belief, that this effort will not only reinvigorate
our holidays, it will not only strengthen our respective synagogues and bolster our Jewish institutions, it will
redefine the nature of this Jewish community and reclaim our sense of achdut - brother/sisterhood, which is
what it is all about.
My friends, it has been a tough few years on the Jewish North Shore and beyond. We’ve known our share of
collective tzuris, but the tides are shifting. As it says in our Torah, “there was evening; there was morning - yom
echad;” day always follows night, light always shatters the dark and we are starting to catch a glimpse of our sun-
rise once again. And it will come, in no small way, IF AND ONLY IF, we come together as the brothers and sisters
we were meant to be. When we can pray together, study together, eat together, or at the very least celebrate our
Judaism together it, indeed, will be yom echad - a new day.
Thank you to those who made our Purim celebration a success.
Thank you to those synagogues and Jewish institutions who are heading into the unknown with us on this new
Thank you for opening your mind and your heart to a new direction, new possibilities and a renewed sense of
achdut. We’re not there yet, but if Purim is any indication, we are on our way to a new day in this community and
hopefully beyond.

Shalom - Peace
Rabbi B
Cantor Emil Berkovits - The Countdown Has Started
                    We have all, I hope, celebrated Passover with relatives and/or friends as it is custom-
                    ary. Now as we continue with our calendar we find that it is quite common to move
                    from a celebratory mode to a more somber one. Is this what we do? We laugh and
                    then we cry? Well not exactly. But Passover, which is a joyous time, is followed by a
                    more serious period. We know it as a period of Counting the Omer, and in many circles
                    it is a period of mourning. Whether it coincides with Rabbi Akiva’s 12,000 to 24,000
                    (depending on which version you read) disciples reportedly were killed, some histori-
                    ans have reason to believe that they died as part of Bar Kochba’s last-ditch rebellion
                    against Rome, which culminated in the Fall of Betar in the year 135. Then there are
                    those who believe that it was because of the Crusaders, inspired by the call of Pope
Urban II, who obliterated entire Jewish communities all along the Rhine River in 1096.

But whatever the reason, we also have built in, within that period of time, days that are supposed to be
joyous. One of those days is Lag B’Omer, meaning 33rd day of (counting the) Omer. This day is observed
throughout Jewish communities with a variety of celebrations, such as family picnics, partake in weddings,
and in Israel, there is dancing and singing, along with bonfires. Many parents wait until their son is three
years old before cutting his hair, and on the Lag B’Omer of his third year, they cut the boy’s hair for the
very first time.

There is also an agricultural root to this period of time, which refers to measures of grain that were brought
to the Temple beginning on the 2nd day of Passover and culminating on Shavuot, the 50th day. Some of
the customs associated with Shavuot display remnants of the agricultural tradition. Synagogues are often
decorated beautifully with flowers and foliage. And to conclude this seven week period it was custom-
ary to prolong the last day by beginning the evening service much later than usual in order to be certain
that the entire 49 days were completed. Finally, there is a long-standing traditional custom of “Tikkun Leyl
Shavuot” (preparation for Shavuot), an evening and sometimes the entire night of study which included
excerpts from Jewish sacred writings.

Cantor Emil


                                                                  Yom Hazikaron
                                                                 (Israel Remembrance Day)
                                                             with our North Shore Community
                                                                      at Temple Shalom
                                                                287 Lafayette Street, Salem
                                                                      Sunday, April 18
                                                                      5:00 to 6:00 p.m.
                                                             Light refreshments will be served.
CSH Preschool ~ Leslie Rooks Sack, Director
                                                  CSH PRESCHL
                                        NW ACCEPTING APPLICATINS!
                  •   MAGIC MOMENTS ~ a Mommy and Me group for children 6 months to 2 years, 9 months
                  •   TODDLER MOMENTS ~ a program for toddlers 17 months and up
                  •   PRESCHOOL ~ classes for 3 and 4 year-olds
                  •   TRANSITIONAL CLASS ~ for those children not quite ready for Kindergarten
                  •   SUMMERTHING ~ a wonderful age appropriate 7 week Summer Camp
                       for toddlers and preschoolers

                                  Shabbat with Rabbi B, Cantor Emil and Marcy Yellin
                                            Hebrew with Rachel Jacobson
                                           Music with Dara Vanremoortel
                                       Daily Lunch Options, including Spanish
                                      and LOTS OF OTHER FUN ACTIVITIES!

                                   Congregation membership is not required to be part of the Preschool;
                                     however, a reduced rate is available for Congregation members.
                                For more information about CSH PRESCHOOL, contact Leslie Rooks Sack,
                                             781.598.3311, or email: Leslie@shirathayam.org

Preschool Scholarships Available
For the second year in a row the Jewish Federation of the North Shore has been awarded a very
generous Emergency Education Grant from the Jim Joseph Foundation of San Franciso, CA. The grant
allows the Federation to provide needs-based tuition assistance to families living on the North Shore with
children registering for Jewish preschools for the 2010-2011 school year.
To apply for financial assistance you must complete an application form and return it to the Federation
office with required documentation. An application can be downloaded from the Federation website at
www.jewishnorthshore.org. Applications for preschool scholarships must be received by June 1, 2010.
They will then be reviewed by the Grant Administrator. Award letters will be mailed on July 1, 2010. If
you have any questions regarding the tuition assistance process, you may call me or the Jewish Federation.

CSH and North Shore
Attend AIPAC Conference in Washington, DC
The AIPAC Policy Conference took place March 21-23
in Washington, DC. In less than 72 hours, the 7,500
delegates heard from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Senators
Charles Schumer (D-NY), Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and
Evan Bayh (D-IN), Quartet Representative and Former
British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Professor Alan Der-
showitz, Pastor DeeDee Coleman and Colonel Rich-
ard Kemp, the former Commander of British forces in
Afghanistan. The conference culminated with delegates
lobbying their members of Congress to back crippling                      In photo: Ariella Levy, Susan Goldberg, Benjamin Gold-
sanctions on Iran, reaffirm the U.S.-Israel alliance and                  berg, Barbara Isaacson; Liz Donnenfeld, Risa and Joe
                                                                          Sontz, Nanette Fridman and Rabbi B. Not pictured CSH
support security aid for Israel.                                          members: Carol Denbo, David Finn, Andrea Katz and
                                                                          David Rosenberg.
Center for Jewish Education
Jed Filler, MAJCS, Education Director
                  Shalom Chaverim:

                  This is the time when we usually write about Pesach. Sometimes we talk about slavery, some-
                  times freedom, and sometimes we explore the rituals surrounding this holiday – which is
                  celebrated more than any other by Jews around the world.

                  I write this having just returned from the National Association of Temple Educators confer-
                  ence in Washington, D.C., where we explored ideas of justice, social action, and religious
                  freedom, to name a few. It was an inspiring and interesting few days where many of those
ideas that seem so different synthesized nicely into some common themes.

       I. Legal documents reveal our values. As Jews, we are lucky to have a significant tradition that includes
       both oral and written parts. For many years, our oral tradition was just that – spoken and memorized
       from one generation to the next. Eventually it was codified and we call it the Talmud. Our written
       tradition, the Torah, completes the duo. These documents contain an unusual mix of narrative (history/
       story), religious law (the nitty gritty of being Jewish), and communal law (how to get along with each
       other). Taken separately, they each make sense – but combined into a single religious document they
       seem like a shortcut to confusion. Yet this combination says something important about Jews – that we
       value all of these things – in concert! One is not more important than another.

       II. Stories are important. Just as rules and laws are important, so are stories. Our stories give us our
       context, our history, our sense of tradition and can be a source of guidance. I had the opportunity to
       visit the Native American Museum, and the experience was overwhelming (and wonderful). The way
       that they blend their daily lives, their relationships with each other and the world around them into a
       sense of holiness and awe is amazing. I was captured by a display of Native American creation stories,
       and the intensely personal way they viewed their own creation. They were put in this place, at this time,
       for good reason. While they knew there was a world around them, it wasn’t as ‘real’ as their own place
       was. I was amazed to learn that when they traveled, and then returned home (even as a tribe migrating),
       they engaged in important purification rituals as a requirement to re-entering their home. There were so
       many Jewish connections to these ideas that my head was spinning!

       III. Action creates change. Gathering together with a group of people to ‘do’ a thing not only accom-
       plishes that task, but changes the people engaged in it. By working with others to achieve a common
       goal, we learn to be empowered, to gain and give trust, to rely on others, and to share our greatest gifts
       with one another.

All of these things are embodied in our celebration of Pesach. We gather together to ‘relive’ the redemption of
our ancestors from slavery, we share stories that connect us to one another, and we make promises to try and
bring the gift of freedom to more people next year.

Our text tells us that we, the Hebrew slaves, were all standing at the edge of the Sea of Reeds (i.e. the Red
Sea), with the Egyptians closing from behind, and God promising to part the waters once we step into them.
We were paralyzed by fear – we didn’t move. Until, that is, Nachshon took one step, and another, and another
until the water was in his mouth and traveling up his nose. It was at this point that we joined together and all
stepped into the water, creating the moment that God chose to part the waters, redeeming us from slavery and
giving us the gift of freedom. Passover takes all the various (and numerous) parts of our lives and weaves them
together into a tapestry where we celebrate and proclaim, “Bashanah Haba’ah B’Yerushalayim – Next year in
Jerusalem.” Ziesen Pesach.

                   Ya’iSH - Youth Initiative at Shirat Hayam
                   Darren Benedick, Youth Director
                                           SMARTY/YAiSH Calendar

April                                                     May
 1 - Thursday, Lounge @ Emanu-El 7:00 – 9:00pm             2 - Sunday, NSTI run – Walk for Hunger
 8 - Thursday, Lounge @ Emanu-El 7:00 – 9:00pm             6 - Thursday, Lounge @ CSH 7:00 – 9:00 pm
13 - Tuesday, Jr. Lounge @ Emanu-El 6:30 -9:00 pm         11 - Tuesday, Jr. Lounge @ CSH 6:30 - 8:00 pm
15 - Thursday, Lounge @ Emanu-El 7:00 – 9:00pm            13 - Thursday, Lounge @ CSH 7:00 – 9:00 pm
25 - Sunday, Large Community-Wide J-Serve Day             20 - Thursday, Lounge @ CSH 7:00 – 9:00 pm
29 - Thursday, Lounge @ Emanu-El 7:00 – 9:00pm            27 - Thursday, Lounge @ CSH 7:00 – 9:00 pm

                                      North Shore Teen Initiative

 NSTI has been involved with a flurry of activity this winter. Along with exciting collaborative events at La-
 ser Quest and snow tubing, our teens participated in an amazing four day social justice retreat in Wash-
 ington, DC. Teens from around the North Shore also participated in enriching service learning programs
 throughout the region helping children, seniors and the environment.

 Be sure to check us out on Facebook and at www.nsteeninitiative.org to keep updated on programs
 and events for teens throughout the North Shore.

 Mark April 25th on your calendar for J-Serv 2010 and stay tuned for details.

                                       Library Corner
                                        Elaine Merken, Chairperson
                Come visit the space in the Chapel! Easy access to great books!

                                              NEW ARRIVALS:

                        Louis D. Brandeis-A Life, by Melvin I. Urofsky
                                Day After Night, by Anita Diamant
                         This Is Where I Leave You, by Jonathan Troper
                     Don’t Mind Me and Other Jewish Lies, by Esther Cohen
                             Tuesdays with Morrie, by Mitch Albom
                           Jewish Humor, by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin

                                             Happy Reading!
Family Life Committee
Co-chairs: Amanda Clayman and Mikaela Levine

     Please join us for a Shabbat pajama party!
         There will be stories, songs, games
               and ice cream sundaes!
          Bring your kids in their pajamas,
          along with a new pair of pajamas
       as a donation for Cradles to Crayons

                 Friday, April 9, 6:00 pm
                         at CSH

                  Be a Shabbat Sport!
                 Parents and kids (ages 3-7ish)
                      join us on Saturday,
                            April 17th
                           after lunch
                     for mini basketball,
          Nerf soccer and other fun games and stuff!


    Psychic Medium
                                      The only Massachusetts appearance on her
                                      national book tour at:
                                      Congregation Shirat Hayam of the North Shore
    Join us...                        55 Atlantic Avenue, Swampscott

    Saturday, April 10 at 8:00 pm General Admission
        ...for a “Spirited” evening, when Rebecca Rosen, psychic medium, will
        discuss her new book, “Spirited: Connect to the Guides All Around You.”
        She will conduct a guided group meditation and connect with spirit through
        audience readings. LIVE auction for individual readings with Rebecca
        (individual readings to be held on Sunday morning, April 11) and many
        other fabulous items!
        at Congregation Shirat Hayam
        $54 a person for general admission
                                                  Saturday, April 10 at 7:00 pm
    Benefactors                                   	   ►Dessert	&	Wine	Reception
                                                       with Rebecca
    Friday, April 9 at 7:00 pm                    	   ►Priority	seating
        Please join us for a VIP Reception with
                                                      at Congregation Shirat Hayam
                                                      $125 a person
        at the Swampscott home of
        Rachelle and Jonathan Dubow
        Included in Benefactor Package:
        ►A signed copy of “Spirited”                   Book signing will follow the event
        ►Saturday Dessert & Wine Reception             on Saturday evening. Books will
        ►Priority seating                              be available to purchase prior to
                                                       and following the event.
        $250 a person

               Ma’ot Hittin - Food/Finances For Our Jewish Brothers & Sisters
                                  Here On The North Shore

                                            It’s not too late...

Every year at this time Jews around the world traditionally begin preparing for Pesach. Long before the
first guest sits down at our seder meal, or the kids start complaining around our seder tables crying out,
“When do we eat,” Jews have been cooking and cleaning and cleaning and cooking for days, even for
weeks. We get our physical homes and our spiritual homes in order with all of our necessary preparations
which is probably one reason this is such a deeply rewarding and meaningful time on our calendar.

But what truly adds to this holiday is that it is not only about us and our own private, spiritual journey. It
is not simply about our family or even just the local Jewish communities in which we live. Rather, one of
the holiest aspects of any Jewish holiday, but Pesach in particular, is how it connects us to Jews across
the country, across the world, across the denominational divides, across all of the boundaries and barri-
ers which all too often keep us apart. And perhaps there is no better expression of this than our ancient
custom of Ma’ot Hittin.

Ma’ot Hittin, literally “money for wheat” are the charitable contributions Jewish communities have been
soliciting on behalf of those who can not afford matzah or Kosher for Pesach foods. This custom has
ranged from communities baking matzah for the Jews who could not afford such a luxury, to a special
Passover charity tax where Jewish citizens were entitled to Passover assistance of free wheat so they
could bake their own matzah, to the more recent practice of simply receiving funds to purchase proper
Passover supplies. Whatever the form Ma’ot Hittin has taken it is simply part and parcel of both any de-
cent Jewish community and any authentic and complete Passover experience. No Pesach is completely
kosher without this mitzvah, and this mitzvah is upon us once again.

This year JFS has, once again, asked The North Shore Rabbinic Association to turn to their respective
synagogues and membership to each contribute $500 per synagogue. This modest sum should be suf-
ficient to provide Passover meals for those in need. So, please make your donation now through me so
that I can pool our resources and send them in together. Last year we were the single largest contributing
synagogue and I believe we will be so this year as well.

Together we can not only fulfill the mitzvah of Ma’ot Hittin, we will not only provide Passover meals to
our Jewish brothers and sisters, we can and will uphold the Jewish maxim: Kol yisrael arevim zeh b’zeh
– every Jew is responsible for one another. This is the message of Pesach. This is the message of Ma’ot
Hittin. This what we will do to make this message a reality.

You can make your contributions online at www.RabbiB.com or send a check to CSH in care of Rabbi’s
Discretionary Fund (make a note in the memo for Ma’ot Hittin).

B’Shalom and I’m proud of you for doing this,

Rabbi B

SHI (Shirat Hayam Isha) Shirat Hayam Women
(pronounced shē)
Council: Nanette Fridman, Ariela HaLevi, Diane Knopf, Nancy Klayman,
Michelle Schiowitz, Becky Shepard and Bea Strome
We invite all the women of CSH to bring their energy, wit, wisdom and programming ideas, and be part
of SHI (Shirat Hayam Isha). We believe that women’s programming is unique in many ways, and we seek
to include women of every age and stage of life – young or old, single, married, divorced or widowed – in
supporting and enjoying each other as we all navigate life’s passages. We are planning spring events and
we welcome your participation and help. To get involved, please contact Marla Gay and she will connect
you with the appropriate person or committee: 781.599.8005 or marla@shirathayam.org.

                                     CSH Book Club
                              7:30 pm on the following monday evenings:

        April 19             All Other Nights                   Dara Horn
        May 17               Testimony                          Anita Shreve
        June 21              The Island                         Victoria Hislop
                            The CSH Book Club is open to the community - please join us.
                          For more information, email Becky Shepard at: shepardb@aol.com.

                               Isha L’Isha Women’s Rosh hodesh Group
                         One Monday evening a month at 7:30 pm at the home of Barbara Sidman

                         This program is open to all women who share the desire to enrich their spiritual
                         lives through study from a woman’s point of view. For more information, please
                         contact Barbara Sidman at: barbarasidman@comcast.net.

                         Opening the Circle: Iyar, April 26; Sivan, May 24;
                         Closing the Circle: Tammuz, June 28.

                   No prior Hebrew or Judaic knowledge required. All women are welcome.

                                            Attend one, some or all!
                                        Funding for Isha L’Isha is provided by SHI
Council of Sages ~ Marion Garfinkel, Chair
I consider myself blessed to be chairing such a great
committee consisting of: Harold Mack, Georgianna
Sawyer, Jerome Ogan, Joan Rich, Alan and Harriet                            A guided tour of the

                                                                 WENHAM MUSEUM
Diamond, Ann Landau, Eli Talkov, Bob Milamed,
Mim Ostrovitz and Gloria Sax.
                                                                         with the Council of Sages
We have a dynamic, positive and energetic group with
open minds to get this important committee on the                          Tuesday, April 27
road to service our Seniors, and may we continue with
this wonderful group into the future! If you have any
                                                                                 2:00 pm
thoughts you would like to share, please contact Marla                      $8.00 a person
Gay at CSH and she will pass the message on to one                    Carpool from CSH, as needed
of us!                                                                  meets at CSH at 1:15 pm

Regards,                                                             rsvp to Marylou at 781-599-8005
Marion Garfinkel for the Council of Sages
                                                                       or marylou@shirathayam.org

Chesed Committee
Karynn Needel and Beth Hoffman, Co-chairs
The Chesed Committee has been very busy providing meals, rides, visits and general emotional support to the con-
gregation, as needed. The committee’s mission is to help congregants and their families in times of crisis. They are
the first responders, there to do triage until other “sources” are notified and become available.

If you want to become a part of this GREAT committee, please let us know. There is a little something for everyone
to do within the Chesed Committee!

Contact Karynn Needel at: kneedel@comcast.net or Beth Hoffman at: bkh59@hotmail.com.

CSH Minyannaires
Thanks to these members of Shirat Hayam who helped support our daily services in March:
Howard Abrams, Ellen Alexander, Richard Alexander, Barry Ansin, Gloria Barbacoff, Arnold Bergman,
Rand Foreman-Bergman, Kate Borten, *Joel Cohen, Andrea Costello, Sam Denbo, Larry Feffer, Bernie
Forbush, *Barbara Tobin-Forbush, Fran Levy-Freiman, Herb Goldberg, *Murray Goodman, *Ellen Gordon,
Helyne Hamelburg, Sid Harris, Joseph Henson, Lee Henson, Sandy Hirshberg, Don Hurwitz, Lois Hurwitz,
Gary Insuik, Ralph Kaplan, Suzanne Katchko, Eddie Knopf, Alice Leidner, Charles Leidner, Arlene Leven-
thal, Mikaela Levine, Roz Levy, Sandy Levy, Steven Levy, Elaine Merken, *Mark Messenger, Carolyn Per-
low, Lenny Poster, Sylvia Revman, Stanley Rich, Sheila Rich, *Michael Rosenbaum, Shelley Sackett, Phyllis
Sagan, Bery Sanford, Georgie Sawyer, Gloria Sax, *Carl Shalit, Phil Sevinor, Pablo Schapiro, Becky Shepa-
rd, Burt Shepard, *Alan Sidman, *Jason Stark, Madeline Stark, Bea Strome, Sidney Strome, *Eli Talkov,
Richard Tatelman, Harriet Wallen, Natalie White, Susan Yackolow, Ben Yellin, David Zelermeyer
*denotes service leaders
                         Attend a daily service and add your name to this special list.
CSH Brotherhood ~ Joe Henson, President
On Sunday, April 25th, the CSH Brotherhood will present the Mench of the Year award to Herb Goldberg
for his tireless and selfless service to Shirat Hayam. Please make plans to attend the Brotherhood Break-
fast on that day at 10:00 am to express your appreciation to one of the individuals behind the scenes that
are the heart of Shirat Hayam.

All CSH graduating high school seniors are invited to compete for the Burt Shepard and other CSH schol-
arships. All high school seniors who complete the application, interview process and attend the awards
presentations on Friday evening, May 21, will receive a scholarship award. If you are a graduating high
school senior watch your mail. Applications will be mailed to all high school seniors. If you do not receive
one, please let us know. We encourage everyone to apply.

More information about the scholarship process and event coming soon!

Shabbat Café / Kiddush Lunch Sponsors
Thank you to our Kiddush Lunch Sponsors for February and March:
Sandra and Carl Shalit in honor of the anniversary of Carl’s bar mitzvah; Laura Krivan and Allan Waldman
in honor of their daughter, Emma, becoming a bat mitzvah; Susan and Michael Sinrich in honor of their
daughter, Samantha, becoming a bat mitzvah; Michele and Brian Cohen in honor of their son, Jacob,
becoming a bar mitzvah

The Congregation Shirat Hayam Kiddush Fund helps support our Shabbat Kiddush luncheons, and is a
meaningful and thoughtful way to celebrate a simcha or honor, remember a loved one, or
commemorate a yahrzeit. For information about sponsoring or co-sponsoring a Kiddush, please contact
Barri Stein at: barri@shirathayam.org or 781.599.8005, Ext. 11.

Todah Rabah
Torah Readers for March:
Jake Waldman, Emma Waldman, Samantha Sinrich, Karly Cohen, Michele Cohen and Jacob Cohen

Haftarah Chanters for March:
Emma Waldman, Harriet Wallen, Samantha Sinrich and Jacob Cohen

B’ruchim Ha’baim
Welcome to the Shirat Hayam Family
                               New Members: Leah and Adam Faria
                                    Ella (Kimmel) and Seth

                                  New Spiritual Friend: Diane Levin

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                        Marla Kovner
                       Tel/Fax 781-631-2757
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Shredding • Shrink Wrapping • Mailing Fulfillment
For over 50 years, Heritage Industries, a program of
the North Shore Arc, has been providing high-quality
subcontract services in Massachusetts.

Contact Lisa Field today for an estimate.
(978) 750-6001 • LField@nsarc.org

                 Boker Tov Breakfast is available from 8:30 am with coffee and nosh

                     Babysitting                                           Limud Shabbat -
                                                                         Kids’ CJE Experience
Babysitting                                                   Center for Jewish Education
Ages up to 3                                                  Ages 4 and up
Downstairs Playroom                                            9:00 am - noon, weekly
An adult must remain in the building.
                                                                       For a full schedule of Limud Shabbat
9:00 - 11:45 am, Babysitting - weekly                                  activities, please contact Jed Filler,
      Babysitting will be provided so parents may                      CJE Director, at: cje@shirathayam.org
      attend services

                       Traditional and Alternative Service Schedule

Time                  Service                            Led by                               Location
8:30                  Early Mystic Minyan                Rabbi HaLevi                         Sanctuary
9:00                  Renewal                            Rabbi HaLevi                         Sanctuary
9:00                  Traditional Morning                Cantor Berkovits                     Social Hall
10:00                 Torah Service                      Rabbi HaLevi and Cantor              Sanctuary
10:15                 Torah Yoga                         Alternating Instructors              Chapel
10:15                 Nosh and Drash Torah Study         Alternating Guest Rabbis and         Social Hall Stage
11:25                 Rabbi HaLevi’s Torah               Rabbi HaLevi                         Sanctuary

                             FOR EVERYONE - MAIN SANCTUARY
                                     11:45 am to noon
                                                 Ruach Rally
                                        Concluding Prayers and Kiddush/Motzi

                     Community Shabbat Café at Noon
                                                   Attire is casual.
                      alternative service information
                                 for april
Early Mystic Minyan
As it says in the Mishnah, the early mystics would gather together and sit for an hour before even attempting to for-
mally engage in prayer. So too at CSH we will offer the Early Mystic Minyan as an option for practitioners of medita-
tion to come and sit as we begin to open up the space of our Sanctuary, Shabbat and of our hearts in the early quiet
of hours before the crowds arrive. There will be minimal, if any, instruction for the first fifteen minutes. It is a time to
gather one’s self and one’s thoughts together through individual prayer without words.
Renewal Minyan
The Renewal Minyan is an attempted synthesis of keva – the traditional structure of tefilah (Jewish prayers) with
kavanah – spiritual depth within the prayer itself. During the Renewal Minyan we are committed to traversing the
Shabbat morning tefilot structure (Birkot HaShachar, P’seukei D’Zimrah, Shachrit) up until the Torah Service, but not
necessarily davening (praying) each and every prayer along the way. Our aim, again, is to strike a balance between
breadth and depth, and within a one hour period that is a fine balance to be sure.
Torah Yoga
A full-body Shabbat experience. Torah yoga incorporates yoga practice with a Shabbat theme.
Nosh and Drash
Grab a cup of coffee and nosh at the Boker Tov Café, and join the guest rabbi or scholar for a Torah-based Shabbat
learning experience.

 Nosh and Drash                                                   Passover service schedule

 Pick up your “Nosh” in the CSH Atrium and
                                                                                 April 4 - 6:00 pm
 enjoy a Torah study session on the stage
 at 10:15 am with the following guest scholars:
                                                                  April 5 - 9:00 am with YIZKOR; 7:00 pm
           3 - Dr. Harvey Zarren                             April 6 - regular service schedule: 7:30 am; 7:00 pm
          10 - Rabbi Ken Weiss
          17 - Rabbi Sara Zacharia
          24 - Rabbi Howard Kosovske

   shabbat candle lighting                                        CSH Service Schedule
       times for april:                                                     Daily Minyan
                                                                 Monday - Friday mornings: 7:30 am
                       2 - 6:52 pm                             Monday - Thursday evenings: 7:00 pm
                                                                   Sundays: 9:00 am and 6:00 pm
                  4 - 6:54 (Passover)                  Patriots’ Day - regular 7:30 am and 7:00 pm schedule
                      9 - 7:00 pm
                     16 - 7:08 pm                                           Shabbat
                     23 - 7:16 pm                                   Friday evenings: 6:00 pm
                     30 - 7:23 pm                    Saturday mornings begin at 8:30 (see Synaplex schedule)
                                                                  Saturday evenings: 6:00 pm
                                                                and understanding during this milestone in our
Condolences to                                                  family’s journey
                                                                       by the Krivan/Waldman family
Shep and Judy Remis on the loss of Shep’s brother,
Justin Remis
                                                                CSH PRESCHOOL FUND
                                                                In memory of Michael and Barry Cohen’s father, Leo
Refuah Sh’lemah - Get well to                                   Cohen
                                                                      by Valerie, Alan and Sari Gilbert; Arthur and
Maya Goldman, Georgie Sawyer, Marla Levy                              Cheryl Schwartz

                                                                CENTER FOR JEWISH EDUCATION FUND
                                                                In appreciation of Jed Filler for putting on a great
RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND                                      Purim performance
In memory of Enid Gold’s mother, Esther Barton                        by Chris Hockert
       by Toby and Carl Sloane                                  In memory of Alice Leidner’s mother, Belle
In memory of Alice Leidner’s mother, Belle Rosen-               Rosenkranz
kranz                                                           In memory of Michael Cohen’s father, Leo Cohen
       by David and Susan Kauder; Susan and Larry                     by Harryette and Steve Katzen
Goldberg; Al and Gila Namias;
       Murray and Jill Goodman                                  GENERAL FUND
In appreciation of all the Rabbi’s help for Elise’s Bat         In memory of Michael Cohen’s father, Leo Cohen
Mitzvah                                                                by Ralph and Harriett Kaplan; Philip, Marla,
       by Mark and Carolyn Friedman                                    Allison and Rebecca Gay; Lois and Bobby
With grateful appreciation for all the love and sup-                   Kaplan
port given by the Rabbi during a very difficult time            In memory of Herb Leventhal’s father, George
       by Liza and Jay Goldman                                  Leventhal
In appreciation of the Rabbi                                           by Marjorie and Randy Patkin
       by Christopher Hockert                                   In memory of Alice Leidner’s mother, Belle
In appreciation of Congregation Shirat Hayam                    Rosenkranz
       by David and Harriet Moldau                                     by Richard and Dottie Tatelman; Beth and
In memory of Ellen Turkanis’s father, Harold Cohen                     Marc Andler; Philip, Marla, Allison and
In memory of Michael Cohen’s father, Leo Cohen                         Rebecca Gay; Roz and Brian Moore; Anne
       by Wendy and Rich Polins                                        and Bob Selby; Ralph and Harriett Kaplan;
In appreciation of the Rabbi’s patience, guidance                      Carl and Sandy Shalit; Phil and Elaine
and understanding during this milestone in our                         Sevinor; Gail and Jerry Gerson; Rabbi Edgar
family’s journey                                                       and Yvonne Weinsberg
       by the Krivan/Waldman family                             In memory of Nancy Klayman’s mother, Erma
In memory of:                                                   Schneiderman
Father, Samuel Gilberg                                          In memory of Jack Karas’s father, Hyman Karas
       by Fay Castleman                                                by Judy and Dan White
                                                                In memory of Ruth Mogul
CANTOR’S DISCRETIONARY FUND                                            by Sylvia Brown
In memory of my mother, Belle Rosenkranz                        In honor of the birth of Barbara and Alan Sidman’s
      by Alice and Charles Leidner                              twin grandchildren
In appreciation of all the Cantor’s help for Elise’s Bat               by Mark and Karen Meyer
Mitzvah                                                         In memory of Chuck Sagan
      by Mark and Carolyn Friedman                                     by The Talcofsky family; Brenda and Paul
In appreciation of Congregation Shirat Hayam                           Martin; Robin and Michael Blake; Lester and
      by David and Harriet Moldau                                      Rose Sagan; Sue and Bud Kahn; Rhonda,
In memory of Chuck Sagan                                               John, Amanda and Sammi Gilberg; Alan and
      by Fran Levy-Freiman                                             Phyllis Bolotin; Nathalie and Steve Alpert;
In appreciation of the Cantor’s patience, guidance                     Harvey and Phyllis Levin; Desiree, Arye,
       Rebecca, Chantal and Jonathan Gil; Wendy             Mother, Ida Chiplovitz
       and Rich Polins                                              by Lillian Wacks
In memory of Ellen Turkanis’s father, Harold Cohen          Mother, Ada Greenbaum
       by Phil and Elaine Sevinor; Rhonda, John,                    by Dorothy Tatelman
       Amanda and Sammi Gilberg                             Father, Samuel Tafler
In appreciation of Saturday services at Shirat Hayam                by Beth Tafler
       by Elizabeth Paly                                    Grandmother, Bessie Perlmutter
In appreciation to Helaine and Harvey Cotton and                    by Charlotte Gassman
Lois and Jerry Ogan for all their help                      Grandfather, Siegfried Stark
       by Beverly and Boris Richman                         Aunt, Rose Kohn
In memory of Enid Gold’s mother, Esther Barton              Mother, Margaret Stark
       by Judy and Sherman Eidelman and Ruth                        by Madeline Stark
       Arnold                                               Father, Harold Weiner
Get well wishes to Herb Goldberg                                    by Lawrence Weiner
       by Gail and Jerry Gerson                             Mother, Sadie Sogoloff
In memory of Greg Leidner’s grandmother, Belle                      by Hyman Sogoloff
Rosenkranz                                                  Mother, Sarah Segal
       by Rhonda, John, Amanda and Sammi                            by Jacob Segal
       Gilberg                                              Father, Irving Gerson
In memory of Nancy Klayman’s beloved mother                         by Gerald Gerson
In memory of Janet Lieberson’s beloved father               Mother, Fay Bonfeld
In memory of Susan Drooks’s beloved father                          by Gail Gerson
       by Phyllis and Alan Bolotin                          Father, Sydney Comins
In memory of Rabbi Weinsberg’s mother, Lilli Singer                 by Stuart Comins
       by Desiree, Arye, Rebecca, Chantal and               Father, Lawrence Collier
       Jonathan Gil                                                 by Deborah Comins
                                                            Mother, Ethel Fishman
SAMUEL BRODY MINYAN FUND                                            by Evelyn Handis
In memory of Alice Leidner’s mother, Belle                  Father, George Shauffer
Rosenkranz                                                          by Lil Sherman
       by Harriet and Harold Mack; Harriet and              Husband, Joseph Bean
       Jeffry Brand; Joann Tenenbaum; Francine                      by Marjorie Bean
       and Allan Krumholz; Herb Goldberg                    Grandfather, Philip Geshwind
In memory of Enid Gold’s mother, Esther Barton                      by Eileen Swartz
        by Gloria Sax                                       Father, Abraham Lipson
In memory of Ellen Turkanis’s father, Harold Cohen                  by Robert Lipson
In honor of Carl Shalit’s special birthday                  Father, Morris Germain
       by Audrey, Michael, Melissa and Amanda                       by Arlene Germain
       Baizen                                               Mother, Rebecca Schectman
Get well wishes to Herb Goldberg                                    by Shirley Shulman
       by Natalie White                                     Brother, Donald Silverman
In memory of Sarah Brand                                            by Diana Litman
       by Herb Goldberg                                     Father, George Sloane
In memory of Ben Miller                                             by Carl Sloane
       by Sylvia and Norman Revman                          Sister-in-Law, Ruth Goodman
In memory of:                                               Father, David Grover
Father, Samuel Schnelwar                                    Mother, Rose Grover
       by Alan Schnelwar                                            by Thelma Gibbs
Mother, Anna Sudenfield                                     Father, Samuel Tishler
Father, Edward Sudenfield                                           by Jackie Rosenfield
       by Paul Sudenfield                                   Father, Gordon Rothstein
                                                                    by Elaine Sandler
Father, Louis Morrison                                             Bette and Dan Shoreman; Sandra and Barry
        by Joel Morrison                                           Lerner
Mother, Sadie Kirstein                                     In memory of Chuck Sagan
        by Ruth Turkanis                                           by Beth and Bob Hoffman
Brother, Robert Rudolph                                    In memory of Ellen Turkanis’s father, Harold Cohen
        by Louis Rudolph                                           by Alice and Charles Leidner
Father, Louis Spector                                      In memory of Chuck Sagan
        by Benjamin Spector                                In memory of Michael Cohen’s father, Leo Cohen
Father-in-Law, Samuel Brooks                               In memory of Ellen Turkanis’s father, Harold Cohen
        by Norma Brooks                                    In memory of Alice Leidner’s mother, Belle Rosen-
Mother, Jean Katz                                          kranz
        by Carole Spatz                                    In appreciation of Barri Stein, Burt Shepard, Robert
Mother, Molly Sher                                         Monegro and Gustavo Ventura for all their help
        by Richard Sher                                    for Elise’s Bat Mitzvah
Sister, Molly Levine                                               by Mark and Carolyn Friedman
Brother-in-Law, Frank Levine                               In appreciation of Congregation Shirat Hayam
        by Sidney Price                                            by David and Harriet Moldau
Mother, Rose Alfond                                        In honor of Barri Stein
        by Harriet Mack                                            by Chris and Jen Hockert
Father, Walter I. Cohen                                    In memory of:
        by John Cohen                                      Aunt, Celia Rubenstein
Mother, Phyllis Zeff                                               by Gila Namias
        by Barry Zeff                                      Mother, Jean Gartz
Father, Abraham Siskind                                            by Doris Hirsch
        by Bernard Siskind                                 Mother, Natalie Hotz
Mother, Rhoda Cashman                                              by Joyce Rosenthal
        by Marvin Cashman                                  Mother, Gertrude White
Father, Jacob Gulko                                                by Jerome White
        by Paul Gulko                                      Brother, Murray Weinstein
Brother, Leonard Breitman                                          by Reva Surette
        by Evelyn Ginsburg                                 Brother, Clifton Surette
Daughter, Debbie Schapiro                                          by Daniel Surette
        by Susana and Pablo Schapiro                       Mother, Ida Kagan
Father, Ezrel Alperin                                              by Spencer Kagan
        by Marcia Shuman                                   Brother, Benjamin Rimer
Husband, Donald Roos                                               by John Rimer
        by Eleanor Roos                                    Grandfather, George Cashman
Mother, Rose Calish                                                by Robert Cashman
        by Ruth Weiss                                      Father, Harry Gordon
Uncle, Abraham Simon                                               by Vivian Weisman
        by Sandra Spector                                  Mother, Rose Pottern
First husband, Dr. Abraham Gold                                    by Estelle Epstein
        by Sandra Shalit                                   Mother, Annie Rosen
                                                                   by J. Myron Rosen
KIDDUSH FUND                                               Father, Hyman Goldman
In memory of Barbara Vinick’s father, Isidor Tolpin                by Gloria Sax
      by Harriet and Harold Mack                           Mother, Rose Levine
In memory of Alice Leidner’s mother and Greg                       by Beatrice Hershberg
Leidner’s grandmother, Belle Rosenkranz                    Brother, Hyman Tassel
      by Robert and Jill Gilberg and family;                       by Frances Babbitt
      Ellen and Dick Alexander; Beth and Bob               Father, Theodore Harris
      Hoffman; Roz and Sandy Levy;                                 by D. Sidney Harris
Mother, Lillian Rubin              Father, Max Barr
Father, Leonard Rubin                     by Grace Tuttman
        by Donna Kagan
Mother, Phyllis Dunn               TORAH FUND
        by Ralph Dunn              In memory of Harold Hoch
Husband, John Chapper                    by Charlotte and Donald Fine
        by Rosalie Chapper         In honor of Carl Shalit’s special birthday
Father, Samuel Freedman                  by Joan and Stanley Hecht
        by Robyn Mintzer           In memory of:
Mother, Sara Shoreman              Grandmother, Adelle Germain
        by Daniel Shoreman         Mother, Ida Garfinkel
Father, William Bornstein                by Marion and Bob Garfinkel and family
        by Helaine Cotton
Father, Moses Katz                 HENRY MERKEN TALLIT MEMORIAL FUND
        by Harriet Friedman        In honor of the birth of Gerald and Phyllis
Mother, Marnie Cohen               Dinerman’s granddaughter, Miley Sarah
Husband, Bernard Kaplan            In memory of Rosalyn Weinstein’s husband, Saul
        by Miriam Kaplan                 by Elaine Merken
Grandfather, Donald Roos           In memory of:
        by Karen Rosenberg         Mother, Ruth Dinerman
Mother, Sura Rosenblum                   by Elaine Merken
        by Perlina Levitin
Mother, Mollie Zolot               J. SAMILJAN LIBRARY PROJECT
First Husband, Edward Jaffe        In memory of Enid Gold’s mother, Esther Barton
        by Elaine Finegold               by Jerry Zackin
Father, Edward Tattlebuam
        by Toby Sloane             DR. INSUIK MEMORIAL GARDEN
Mother, Madeline Sidell            In memory of Saul Weinstein
        by Ruth Goldenberg               by The Insuik Family
Father, Theodore Kaplan
        by Howard Kaplan           JACK POLONSKY BUILDING MAINTENANCE
Mother, Annie Rosen                FUND
        by J. Myron Rosen          In memory of:
Sister, Rita Schwartz              Father, Abraham Freedman
        by Bernice Rothbard               by Sherman and Norma Freedman
Husband, Lloyd Castleman
        by Fay Castleman           PRAYERBOOK FUND
Grandmother, Rhoda Cashman         In memory of Ellen Turkanis’s father, Harold Cohen
Grandfather, Samuel Newman         In memory of Chuck Sagan
        by Robert Cashman                 by Amy and Guy Machnes
Father, Bernard Kaplan             In memory of Alice Leidner’s mother, Belle
        by Harryette Katzen        Rosenkranz
Father, Sam Weinstein                     by Paulette and Lewis Gratt
        by Herb Weinstein          In memory of:
Mother, Rhoda Biletch              Father, Jack Abrams
        by Robert Biletch                 by Sandra Lerner
Sister, Matilda Skolnick
        by Esther Shapiro          TREE(S) PLANTED IN ISRAEL
Daughter, Marcy Wommer             In memory of Alan Rabinowitz’s father, George
        by Arlene Wommer           Rabinowitz
Mother, Fannie Siskind                   by Al and Gila Namias
        by Bernard Siskind
In honor of Carl Shalit’s 70th birthday                A CONVERSATION ABOUT COMMUNAL
      by Carol and Sam Denbo                           PRIORITIES
In honor of Dolores Pine’s special birthday
      by Sidney and Beatrice Strome                    The Jewish Federation of the North Shore invites all
                                                       involved community members to join the discussion
LEV FUND                                               and exchange of ideas concerning strategic priorities
In memory of Ben Yellin’s father, Jacob Yellin         for the North Shore Jewish community.
      by The Kurzrok family                            In an effort to fulfill the recommendations of the
                                                       Jewish Community Task Force, the JFNS is taking
BURT SHEPARD SCHOLARSHIP FUND                          this important step to gather information and your
In memory of Michael Cohen’s father, Leo Cohen         suggestions. Please join us at one of the scheduled
In honor of Jill Goodman and Michele Tamaren           Community Forums conversations. We look forward
receiving the Zakim Humanitarian Award                 to meeting with you, hearing your opinions and re-
       by Burt and Becky Shepard                       ceiving help in shaping the future of the North Shore
In memory of Alice Leidner’s mother, Belle             Jewish community.
       by Susan and Larry Weiner                       Wednesday, April 7, 7:30 PM       Temple Ner Tamid
In memory of Morton Slavin                                                               368 Lowell Street,
In memory of Chuck Sagan                                                                 Peabody
       by Phil and Elaine Sevinor
In memory of Leo Cohen                                 Tuesday, April 13, 7:30 PM
       by Eddie and Diane Knopf; Larry and Lori                  Congregation Shirat Hayam
       Groipen                                                   55 Atlantic Avenue
In honor of Becky Shepard’s special birthday                     Swampscott
       by Alice and Charles Leidner
In memory of Francis S. Feldman                        Coffee and dessert will be served. Regis-
       by Larry and Lori Groipen                       tration is not required, but we hope you’ll
In honor of Burt Shepard                               let us know that you plan to attend. To
       by Temple Sinai                                 register and get more information go to
                                                       www.jewishnorthshore.org or call 978-
In honor of Marsha and Lacey Feffer’s birthdays
      by Judith Feffer
In honor of Alan Kalikow’s 65th birthday
      by Larry and Marsha Feffer

In memory of David Hoch’s father, Harold Hoch                 Advertising Rates for the CSH Bulletin
      by Shirley Frisch                                Size         Monthly Rate           Annual Rate
In memory of:                                          2x3½                 $30              $350
Husband, Harold Frisch                                 4x5                  $60              $700
      by Shirley Frisch and Susan, Rhonda and          8 x 5 (1/2 page)    $125              $1,400
      Cynthia Frisch                                   8x8                 $180              $2,100
                                                       Full page           $225              $2,500
In memory of Michael Cohen’s father, Leo Cohen            Please contact Marla Gay to place your ad,
      by The Rudolph Family                                         or for more information.
                                                         marla@shirathayam.org or 781.599.8005 Ext. 27

Team Tikkun Olam
Cara Goldwasser, Joie Reimer Spritz and Rebecca Sontz, Co-chairs
Team Tikkun Olam will be coordinating special days of community service for our kids, grades one through
six, and their families. This will be a great opportunity to work together as a community and help those in

Team Tikkun Olam will meet on the following dates:
May 16: Planting (location TBD)
August 22: Team BBQ
If you would like to participate or obtain more information, contact the co-chairs,
Becca Sontz or Joie Spritz, by calling the CSH office.

CSH Family Announcements
Judy and Shep Remis have a new grandson, William Michael Remis

Dorothy and Richard Tatelman have a new grandson

Abe and Frances Babbitt celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary

It’s so hard to believe that with close to 600 member families that we have no other good news to share!
Please send us news of your special occasions - anniversary, special birthday, b’nai mitzvah, new babies,
new home, new puppy (!), anything that you would like to share with your congregational family.

I hope to see this space filled next month!

Thanks for your help,

                                    SAVE THE DATE
         Jewish Family Service of the North Shore presents our Community Heroes Awards
          Uniting Community: Growing Stronger, Reaching Higher June 10, 2010 6:30 pm

       Honorees: Susan Callum, Maura Copeland, Joan Finn, Kara Gilberg, Ralph Kaplan,
                  Alex Patkin, Steve Perlman, Minnie Singer, Joel Weingarten
              Congregation Shirat Hayam - 55 Atlantic Avenue, Swampscott, MA

     CSH Brotherhood’s Mensch of the Year
                                                                                   You are cordially invited to attend Brunch
                                                                                                   as we honor
                                                                                          CSH Brotherhood Mensch of the Year

                                                                                            Herb Goldberg
                                                                                                       Sunday, April 25
                                                                                                   ten o’clock in the morning
                                                                                                 Congregation Shirat Hayam
                                                                                                     55 Atlantic Avenue
                                                                                                 Swampscott, Massachusetts
                                                                                                $18. per person ~ $10. under 18

Herb, the official “Papparazi” for all congregational events, has been a member of the former Temple Beth
El, now Congregation Shirat Hayam, since 1974. Herb comes to CSH early every morning to make sure
there is hot coffee for the daily morning minyan, he took pictures every day during the recent construction
to document the process for our archives and has sounded the shofar on the High Holy Days for many years.
His involvement in congregational life including Brotherhood, High Holy Days, Shabbat, twice daily minyan,
and more events than we can count, make him an invaluable member of the Shirat Hayam family.

A graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Fine Arts in Photography, Herb is known
for his involvement in the Swampscott and Marblehead Art Associations, and is the photo historian of the
Marblehead Festival of the Arts. In his professional career, he has worked in advertising, sports, weddings
and bar mitzvahs.

Herb’s biggest joy is his family: his wife Jan of blessed memory, his children, Stefanie and Bob Gladstone,
Alan and Donna Goldberg, and 4 grandsons, Jason, Jordan, Jake and Alex.

RSVP by April 16 to: csh@shirathayam.org or 781-599-8005. Donations in Herb’s honor can be made to:
The Burt Shepard Brotherhood Scholarship Fund.

 RSVP by April 16th.
 Make check payable to: CSH Brotherhood, 55 Atlantic Avenue, Swampscott, MA 01907


 Address__________________________________ Email;______________________________________________

 Phone___________________________________ Number attending__________adults _________under 18

 _______ I/we cannot attend, but would like to donate $_______________ to the Burton Shepard Brotherhood
 Scholarship Fund in honor of “Man of the Year” Herb Goldberg
To access the CSH calendar online, please click on
the “Connections” tab and then “Calendar”

                                                                                      Lynn, MA


Congregation Shirat Hayam of the
North Shore Bulletin (USPS 075-
400) is published monthly for $5
per year by Congregation Shirat
Hayam of the North Shore, 55
Atlantic Avenue, Swampscott, MA
01907. Periodicals Postage paid at
Lynn, MA.

Postmaster: Send address changes
to: Congregation Shirat Hayam of
the North Shore, 55 Atlantic Ave.,
Swampscott, MA 01907.

Jerome D. Ogan, Bulletin Editor

                                  CSH Contact Information
                            Main number: 781.599.8005 Fax: 781.599.1860
                             www.shirathayam.org ~ csh@shirathayam.org
                Rabbi Baruch HaLevi                         Center for Jewish Education
              rabbib@shirathayam.org                          Direct line: 781.346.6075

              Cantor Emil Berkovits                         Jed Filler, Education Director
             Direct line: 781.346.6074                           jf@shirathayam.org
                                                      Ann Navon, CJE Administrative Assistant
  Marla Gay, Director of Congregational Life                  ann@shirathayam.org
                                                                   CSH Preschool
Barri G. Stein, Director of Events and Facility               Direct line: 781.598.3311
                                                             Leslie Rooks Sack, Director
          Richard Kelleher, Bookkeeper
             richard@shirathayam.org               Deborah Leibowitz, Assistant Preschool Director
      Marylou Barry, CSH Office Manager
          marylou@shirathayam.org                         Darren Benedick, Youth Director
            Bob Biletch, CSH President
                                                          Rabbi Emeritus Edgar Weinsberg

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