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									                                      THAT'S WEAR IT'S AT
                                                   YWCA Wear to Work Program Quarterly Newsletter - Winter 2005

       Happy Holidays From the Wear to Work Program!

                    Thanks for Giving!!
   Initially we wanted to use this issue of          Great things can be accomplished
the W2W newsletter to spotlight every             through hard work and selflessness.
individual who gave to the program this           Wear to Work is living proof of that.
year. Unfortunately, it would have taken a        Please continue to support our program
small forest to list everyone on the roster of    and know that though we cannot list
over 600 names!                                   the name of every single person that
                                                  has touched our program, each and
    We feel more blessed than we could
                                                  every one of you are in our prayers this
ever put into words that the community has
                                                  holiday season.
been so supportive of our program.
Thanks to your generosity we have been            On behalf of the YWCA Wear to Work
able to assist over 100 women with                Program and its clients,
clothing and job-seeking skills this year. It
is because of you that we were able to take        Thank You Macon County!
one client who started a job at Caterpillar
to get the new steel-toe boots she needed.
Your donations of gifts cards help made it
possible for us to purchase plus-sized                   The following area businesses made significant in-kind
clothing that it is so difficult for us to keep
in stock.                                                  and/or monetary contributions to W2W this year:
    In 2006, Wear to Work plans to attempt                                          Castaways
to double our client base. With more                                         Cromwell Radio Group
volunteers and improved planning, we plan                                  Decatur Herald & Review
to implement more job readiness initiatives                                    DMH Uniform Shop
and form more community partnerships.                                          First Baptist Church
                                                                         First United Methodist Church
                                                                                LSA Resale Shop
INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                                                  National City
                                                                            Next Media Radio Group
1   Happy Holidays from Wear to Work                                      New Vision Hair Care Center
                                                                                 Peerless Cleaners
2   Greater Decatur Y Offers Katrina Relief                                       Regions Bank
                                                                           St. John’s Lutheran Church
2   Community Supports W2W Fundraisers                                          Soy Capital Bank
                                                                    State Farm Insurance – Bloomington, IL
3   W2W Spotlight on Success                                                           UPS
3   Welcome New Volunteers!
                                                                                 Yours Plus Mine
                                                      We could not survive without your kindness. May you be truly
4   Coordinator’s Corner                                              blessed this holiday season!
                                                                                    THAT’S WEAR IT’S AT - pg 2

           Greater Decatur Y
           Offers Katrina                              We’ve Got                    Rummage
                                                       Your Meal                    Extravaganza was a
     There are very few, if any, people                                             Wonderland for
that have not been affected by the                     Ticket!
devastation of Hurricane Katrina.                                                   Bargain Hunters!
                                                      W2W 3rd Annual
Though no one ever wants such tragic                                                    One of the reasons many people
things to happen, it is during these
                                                      Drive-Thru                    decide to give to the Wear to Work
moments that we truly see the best        Chicken Dinner Fundraiser                 Program is because they like the idea
and the worst of our fellow (wo)man.      rakes in record-breaking sales            of knowing that clothing, tools, and
                                              Not even pouring rain and bolts of    services we provide are given to clients
     The Greater Decatur Y (GDY),         lightening could scare off W2W            at no cost. However, because the
dedicated to its Christian values,        volunteers serving up hundreds of         program does not generate revenue on
spared not a moment hesitating when       Nelson’s chicken dinners September        its own, fundraising is crucial to the
the opportunity to help came calling.     19, 2005. The Wear to Work Program        life of the program.
The local Next Media radio stations       sold over 400 of the popular ―golden-         Macon County residents give tons
(WSOY-FM and –AM) worked with             glow‖ dinners raising over $1000 for      and tons of beautiful clothing to the
the Red Cross to coordinate a fund        the program.                              program each year, and we simply do
drive on the front lawn of the Greater                                              not always have space to keep
Decatur Y on Friday, September 2,            Wear to Work volunteers, along         everything. We also get some items
2005.                                     with YWCA staff and board members         that are either not work appropriate or
                                          worked frantically under a tent to get    are considered too worn for clients
     Scores of supporters drove           hot chicken, corn, mashed potatoes        trying to make a good first impression
through the lot to give to the families   with gravy, and bread in containers       on employers.        These items are
that had lost everything. Y employees     and delivered to the endless line of      generally donated to other shelters,
and volunteers from throughout the        cars driving through the St. John’s       charities, etc.
city work tirelessly from 9:00 am to      Lutheran Church Parking Lot behind
5:30 pm to raise all that they could.     the Y. About thirty minutes after            A suggestion was made that we
The one-day event brought in over         serving began, the rain came.             consider selling clothing that we could
$250,000 to support the victims of the    Volunteers serving meals fought the       not keep to raise money for the
country’s worst hurricane.                wind as they tried to keep momentum       program.      The idea was met by
                                          going.     Those running meals to         volunteers and donors alike with very
     As the residents of Louisiana and    awaiting cars donned raincoats and        mixed emotions. To test the success
Mississippi begin to pick up the pieces   garbage bags to stay dry.        Signs    of such an idea, we hosted our first
of their washed out lives, some in area   directing traffic blew in every           ever Rummage Extravanaganza on
shelters, some hundreds, even             direction. Miraculously everyone was      September 29, 2005.
thousands of miles away in places         served including an order of 80               Once again, Wear to Work
they’ve never been, they need basic       dinners anonymously donated to the        volunteers, as well as YW staff and
necessities like food, clothing, and      Boys & Girls Club of Decatur.             board members, worked hard to make
shelter.                                                                            the event run smoothly. The one-day
                                             Wear to Work appreciates all of the    sale brought in over $400. We were
      The YWCA Wear to Work               support of those who bought dinners       happy; the customers were happy, and
Program is doing its part by sending      and made donations. We were thrilled      donors didn’t seem to object too much
bags of women’s clothing donated to       to hear that everybody enjoyed their      once we assured them that every
the center to organizations taking        meals, and we look forward to doing it    penny would be specifically used to
supplies to hurricane refugees, as well   again next year.                          assist clients.
as by supplying clothes to female
victims that have relocated to Central                                                  We thank everyone that donated
                                              A special thanks goes out to all of   clothing and household items for the
Illinois.    The YW’s mission to          the businesses that encouraged their
empower women could never be                                                        sale, all those that came out to shop,
                                          employees to purchase meals and to
stronger. By working with other                                                     and, of course, all of the volunteers.
                                          all of the volunteers that made this
efforts in the community, mothers and                                               This could be the beginning of an
                                          sale a success.                           annual event—maybe even an avenue
wives will rebuild their lives. Thanks
to community donations, when they’re                                                for ongoing program funding. Please
                                          Keep your eyes open for next year’s
ready to find work, Wear to Work will                                               know that we will always provide our
                                          dinner date—this is one meal ticket
be here to help them!                                                               services at no cost to clients, and we
                                          that’s just too god to pass up!           appreciate your ongoing support.
                                                                                         THAT’S WEAR IT’S AT - pg 3

                      W 2W                  Spotlight Cont’d                             Spotlight Cont’d

                    Spotlight                    I agreed that perhaps our chance        picked fit perfectly. It                       truly
                                            conversation was divine intervention.        complemented her new figure.
                   on Success               We set up an appointment, and I
                                                                                              After picking out accessories and
                                            asked her what size she wore. ―I’m not
                                                                                         talking a bit about her prospective new
                                            sure,‖ she said, ―with this change in
     She’s Got Skills!                      weight, I can never tell.‖ She was so
                                                                                         job, she asked me if it would be
                                                                                         inappropriate for her to take her book
     I met Shannon at a job fair. I                                                      bag to the interview. I had just gotten
frequent the fairs to scout potential            The     day     of     Shannon’s        in a beautiful new black leather attaché
clients and volunteers. Shannon was         appointment, she called me almost an         case, and I slipped it in her bag.
new in town and was not familiar with       hour past her appointment. The city
the Wear to Work Program.                                                                     Her eyes welled up with tears. ―I
                                            bus driver had told her there was no
                                                                                         can’t believe this,‖ she said. ―I want to
                                            such place as Wear to Work, so she
     She told me that she was staying                                                    come back next week and volunteer.
                                            took the bus to the YWCA. Now with
with relatives and really needed a job,
                                            proper instructions, she hopped back              ―That’s great,‖ I said, ―but first
but had recently had a dramatic
                                            on the bus and made it to the clothing       call me, and let me know how your
change in weight so she had no
                                            center. I had to admire her                  interview goes. Walk in there like
interview clothing that fit. Though
                                            determination.                               you’ve got the job. This interview is
Shannon spoke quite articulately, she
seemed rather unsure of herself. I                                                       just a formality.‖
                                                 Once Shannon finally arrived, we
asked her what type of job she was          went right to work on her resume. We              The next day Shannon called. She
looking for. She said anything she          discovered that she had plenty of            said she’d been interviewed twice and
could get. I told her to give me a call.    marketable skills including a CDL            even took a drug screening. They had
                                            license. As a matter of fact, while          even discussed pay and benefits—not
     The day Shannon called day I just
                                            waiting to use the phone at the Y, she       something employers do with an
happened to be filling in while the
                                            was invited to apply for a position as a     applicant headed for the circular file.
receptionist out to lunch. To my
                                            bus driver. She told me that though
surprise, the lone phone call I received                                                      Now Shannon has begun her
                                            she’d failed a basic typing test while
that day was from her.                                                                   search for her own home. With some
                                            applying for a customer service job,
     ―I’ve just put in an application at    she passed the 3-hr manufacturing test       suggestions from me and some help
Caterpillar, and I need an interview        with flying colors.                          from a couple of other local agencies,
outfit by next week,‖ she said with a                                                    Shannon will be well on her way to a
                                                 After offering a few tricks of the      new life with a brand new attitude.
mixture      of      excitement     and
                                            trade on her resume, we went to work                   __________________________________
nervousness in her voice, ―I must have
                                            on the perfect interview outfit. We          Note: We value the confidential relationship
been meant to talk to you. It’s a
                                            both decided that she truly was having       we share with our W2W clients. Therefore,
blessing that you answered the
                                            a blessed day when despite her               in our spotlight stories, all of the client names
                                            uncertainty of her size the first suit she   are changed.

  For more information on Wear to Work, please complete the following and
  send to YWCA Wear to Work, 220 W. McKinley Ste B, Decatur, IL 62526.

  Name _______________________________________________________
                                                                                          Wear to Work Welcomes the
                                                                                          Following New Volunteers:
  Address _____________________________________________________
                                                                                                   * Judy Allen *
  City _______________________ State _______ Zip _________________
                                                                                                * Lula Fitzpatrick *
                                                                                                * Andretta Johns *
  Phone (_____)_____-_______ Email ______________________________
                                                                                                  * Gladys Ricks *
                                                                                              * Kimberly Robertson *
               Please check (√) the option(s) that interest you most.
                                                                                                 * Von Simmons *
   _______Volunteer          _______Make a Donation       _______ General Info           Volunteers are the lifeblood of the
                                                                                           W2W Program. Your help is
                                                                                         appreciated more than you know!
                                                                                                                   THAT’S WEAR IT’S AT - pg 4
       It has truly been a fruitful year for the
    Wear to Work Program. I really had no
    idea what to expect when I started this
    job back in May. I feel as over the past
    seven months I have gained a family.
    The YW staff and W2W volunteers have
    been there for me personally and                                     Wear to Work Volunteers are the best!
    professionally, and I am so grateful.
       The W2W clients have been such an                From sorting TONS of clothes and dragging donations to every corner
    inspiration. Meeting so many women                     of the city, to braving rainstorms to serve chicken dinners, our
    that overcome so many obstacles with so                                   volunteers have done it all.
    much grace and determination is just an
    awesome experience. I learn as much                 We would be remiss if we did not thank the following individuals who
    from them as they do from me.                            volunteered regularly in every capacity throughout 2005:
       Witnessing the charitable spirit of
    people in this community warms my                                                           Patricia Cain
    heart and makes my job worthwhile. I
    don’t know if there is any city in the                                                      Gladys Ricks
    country that offers as much help to those                                                  Kathy Sorensen
    that want to succeed as Decatur does.
    Thank you to everyone that has touched                                                      Linda Swartz
    my life over the last seven months. I am                                                   Annie Yarbury
    looking forward to a very prosperous
    2006 for the Wear to Work Program.                   Also a special thanks to all the YWCA staff and board members who
    Happy Holidays!                                                           helped throughout the year!
    Tia White
    W2W Program Coordinator

                                                                 Wear to Work

                                                                Wish List
          The YWCA Wear to Work Program realizes that in the business world, clothes really can make all the difference. That’s
     why we are committed to providing women entering or re-entering the workforce with professional attire and job readiness
     skills to get the job and keep it. However, this mission relies almost solely upon donations from the generous people in this
     community. If you would like to play a part in moving women from dependence to independence by making a tax-deductible
     contribution to the Wear to Work program, we can always use the following items:
                   Women’s business suits (esp. sizes 24+)                                        Gift cards for purchasing of industry
                   Women’s business separates                                                      specific clothing and/or new bras and
                                                                                                    panties (Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, etc.)
                   Women’s jackets and blazers
                                                                                                   Tailored jewelry
                   White or black Polo style shirts
                                                                                                   Pocket Calendars
                   White Oxford-style long-sleeved shirts
                                                                                                   Portable Clothing Racks
                   Nursing scrubs in all sizes and colors
                                                                                                   Newly purchased toiletries
                   New hosiery and white or black socks (still in package)
                   Black or dark-colored dress shoes (esp. sizes 8 ½ +)                           Office supplies (i.e. paper, pens, printer/
                                                                                                    copier ink)
                   White and black skid-proof shoes (i.e. tennis shoes,
                    work shoes)                                                                    Bus passes and/tokens

                         ♦ Monetary donations can be made by visiting our website at www.decaturywca.com ♦
                                                   Please be sure that all clothing is in nearly new condition.
                                              For more information, call the YWCA at 872-9922.
                                                                                       THAT’S WEAR IT’S AT - pg 5

    We want our clients to truly shine on
                                                                         We Want You!
every interview. Because Wear to Work
is a non-profit program, we rely heavily
on volunteers to maintain our center.
Your clothing donations are greatly
appreciated,   however   when    donating
clothing   to   Wear    To    Work,    we
graciously ask the following:

                                                                   Wear to Work is recruiting troops to
DO donate clothing that is in season                               carry out our mission of empowering
DO donate clothing in current style or of timeless                     women through employment.
   design                                                       We are in need of volunteers to
DO donate clothing and shoes that are in nearly                         Sort, press, and hang donated items
   new condition
                                                                        Keep the center looking great
DO provide clean clothing with no spots
                                                                        Consult with clients on image & job seeking
DO donate clothing and shoes with sizes clearly                          skills
                                                                        Help organize fundraisers
                                                                        Serve as workplace ambassadors
DON’T donate clothing that is ripped, torn,
                                                                      Serve as community ambassadors
      missing buttons or broken zippers
                                                                 If you think you’re up for the challenge and you
DON’T donate old, scuffed shoes or handbags                      want to make a difference in the lives of women
DON’T donate underwear, nightwear, or used                         all over Macon County, contact Tia White at
      cosmetics                                                       872-3835 ext. 128, or visit our website at
                                                                           www.decaturywca.com today!
DON’T donate children or men’s clothing.

                                           start on a career wardrobe.               In Case you didn’t know…
         WEAR TO
                                           Q: Do you offer any other services?
         WORK FAQ’S                        A:       We also offer one-on-one
                                           coaching    on   resume   building,
Q: Who can use Wear to Work?
                                           interviewing techniques, workplace,
A:    Any woman in Macon County            etiquette, and other topics as              The Wear to Work Center has
looking for a job or just starting a job   requested.
and truly is in need of professional
                                           Q:     How is the Wear to Work
work attire or uniforms.
                                           Program Funded?
Q: What do clients receive?
                                           A: The program is a not-for-profit         We are now accepting donations
A: All clients receive a maximum of        organization funded through the
five work-appropriate outfits. One         generosity of Decatur & Macon              Wed. 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
complete         outfit       including    County      residents   and     grants.               and
undergarments,       hosiery,    shoes,    Donations come in the form of gently       Sat. 9:00 am – 11:00 am
accessories, and a seasonal coat if        used and new clothing, gift cards from
needed is provided for job interviews.
                                                                                            Stop in and See Us
                                           local merchants, newly purchased                          at
When a job is secured, another four        toiletries, make-up and hosiery, etc.
outfits will be coordinated for the
                                                                                       1165 N. University Avenue.
                                           We also host a number of fundraisers
client, at no cost, giving them a solid                                               (Across from Auto Zone on Rt. 48)
                                           throughout the year.

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