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ComtechmeetingNov fo.. - University of Calgary


									COMTECH – November 15 / 2007

• CIO Update
• Image Baby Image! Making PC Cloning More
• Security Officer Report
• Electronic Communications Update
• Call Centre Anywhere
• Networking Update
• Closing - Questions and Answers
Image Baby Image!
Making PC Cloning More Efficient

          Carol Sin / Danny Wong
          For ACM SIGUCCS 2007 Fall Conference
   Before the presentation…
Does your computer have an image

•Do you have a need to work around the pre-installed OS?
•Do you control your PCs?
•Who’s your Daddy?

                                   BartPE is the answer.

What is BartPE?
•BartPE is a pre-installation environment which runs
Windows regardless of the OS which is installed on
the PC
•Based on Microsoft’s WinPE

What can BartPE do?
•Boot via CD, USB key, hard drive or network
•Network connectivity / Diagnostics
•Inventory collection / Remote management

… and much much more (especially with custom

BartPE – IT Labs Scenario
•New Machine (at least 512MB RAM)
•Boot from USB key into RAM Drive
•BartPE starts by loading network driver
•Pre-flight check (starts Famatech RServer)
•Inventory collection begins – new machine!
•Network speed verification
•Ghostcast session begins

          BartPE Screenshot
          UCIT Customized version of BartPE

Post-imaging tasks and timesavers
    –   Deletes most AD created profiles
    –   Disables CTRL-ALT-DEL to prepare for autoadmin logon

    –   Joins workgroup
    –   Declone.exe runs to rename the computer
          • Writes machine info to hard drive for later use by scripts

More post-imaging
•Autoadminlogon #1 & #2
    –   Netdom joins the domain
    –   Setup task scheduler for daily reboot and profile cleanup
    –   Setup default logon parameters for the domain user


•Entire post-imaging setup is automated.
•The machine operates unattended until ghosting and
post-imaging configuration are complete.
•Compare using Ghost Console to name machines and
perform per machine configuration.
•Everything is standalone, and potential faults with Ghost
Console will not affect the process.

The New Revolution …


PXE Booting
•Shutdown computers with a script
•PXE boot using Wake-On-LAN
•Load BartPE from tftp server

PXE Booting (Where Are We?)
•Can be done across subnets with centralized PXE
and tftp servers
•Still in pilot stage
•Working on automating the Ghost process so that it
is unattended

          PXE Booting - Screenshot
          PXE Server / TFTP Server on a Windows 2003 Server

PXE Booting
•Video Clip of Elbow Room Lab
•University of Calgary


•Our imaging solution has stood the test of time.
Bart’s boot disk was first used in 2003. In 2007,
BartPE offers an open and flexible development
platform that could potentially be used for other pre-
boot applications.
•Provided that the network is at least 100Mbps and
reliable, this solution is ideal in a Windows-based lab

    After the presentation…

  Image, Baby, Image! Making PC Cloning More Efficient

  Full Presentation and Video

  Carol Sin -

  Danny Wong -

Information Security
  Officer's Update
Information Security Officer
•   Background
•   Vision & Mandate
•   Policy
•   Questions
•   Quiz
Information Security is
• The process of protecting information from a wide
  range of threats in order to ensure business
  continuity, minimize business damage, and
  maximize return on investments and business

• The process of protecting the information assets
  of an organization.
Why do we need Security?
         Members                                                                  Good Business Practice
         Inherent expectation that confidential                                   Ongoing effective management of information
         data is appropriately protected.                                         systems and information assets.
                                                                                  Customer confidence has a direct impact on

           Regulatory & Legal Compliance
                   •HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
                   •PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act)
                   •FOIP (Freedom of Information & Protection Act)
                   •HIA (Health Information Act of Alberta)
                   • Many More
Managing Security Risk
 Absolute Security is impossible! Given enough
  time and effort any security safeguard can be

 The challenge is therefore to mitigate the risk
  to an acceptable level. To accomplish this:

    Information Security must work jointly with the Faculties,
     Schools, Units and other business partner.

    Information Security risks need to be identified and
     managed like any other business risk.
  Current Security Threats
                                     Natural Disasters
•Disgruntled Employees
•Hackers/Malicious Code      Accidental
•Cyber-Terrorists/warfare    •Employee Accidents
•Industrial Espionage        •Power Failures
                             •Hardware & Software Failures
Evolving Security Threats
Information Security Vision
 Enable the attainment of the University's goals by ensuring
  the appropriateness of the Information Security controls
  surrounding the Confidentiality, Integrity,Availability of the
  University’s information assets.
Information Security Mandate
      Policies and Standards Develop, implement, review
       and revise Information Security Policies, Standards and

      Information Security Governance, Establish and
       maintain a framework to provide assurance that
       information security strategies are aligned with University
       objectives and consistent with applicable laws and

      Security Awareness, Develop, implement and maintain
       an effective security awareness program.
Information Security Mandate (Cont..)
       Security Architecture, Ensure the appropriateness of
        the technical infrastructure and application-related
        security controls within the U of C computing

       Security Incident Management, Ensure that all security
        related incidents and violations are properly
        documented, investigated and correctly resolved in a
        timely fashion.

       Business Continuity, Provide input to existing Business
        Continuity Plans (BCP), make necessary adjustments to
        the Master Disaster Recovery Plan (MDRP) and Service
        Availability and Recovery plans (SARPs) as the BCP
        changes, and provide effective security direction in the
        event of a disaster.
                 Laws &

 Customer                     University
Expectations     Policy       Objectives


Procedures                        Guidelines
Information Management & Compliance
  Acceptable Use of Information Asset
      Common Sense (legal and courteous)
  Information Identification & Classification
      Mostly UCLASS includes a security classification
  Information Asset Security Monitoring
      UofC will conduct appropriate monitoring
  Information Asset Protection
      protection is commensurate with classification
  Information Asset Management
      Risk Identification, Assessment & Management

     The Official Policies
    My Questions
     Approximately how many computers on the
      Internet are infected with spyware?
      a. 25% b. 45% c. 60% d. 80%

     What is the best protection against spyware?
      a. Disable Active-X in Internet Explorer
      b. A firewall
      c. Install anti-spyware and keep it updated
      d. Only browse websites that you know and trust

Source: SANS
What do these institutions have in
        1, 200            279


     5, 098      23,000         18, 000             16, 000


   64,098 Records Compromised
How are Passwords are like bubblegum?
                    Strongest when fresh
                    Should be used by and
                     individual not a group
                    If left laying around will
                     create a sticky mess
Electronic Communications
     Wolfgang Neumann/Adil Kurji
New WEB Interface
Enterprise-Centric FMC

                     •   Wi-Fi side of the phone is homed to
                         the PBX
                     •   PBX forwards calls to cellular
                         number when phone is out of Wi-Fi
                     •   Sometimes used with cellular data
                         channel for presence & signaling
                         when in cellular coverage
                     •   User experience is like a PBX
                         extension whether inside or outside
                         Wi-Fi coverage
Status Today
• WiFi Voice using U of C ePBX
• Forward call to cell number when out of reach on
• Send all Voice-Mail to ePBX.
• Send Voice-Mail notification via E-Mail.
What is the Supernet?
 “Alberta SuperNet is a high-speed, high-capacity broadband network linking
  government offices, schools, health-care facilities and libraries, including
  approximately 4,200 connections in 429 communities.”

• Supernet locations can enable video
  communication through installation of a Video
  Edge Device (VED)
• The VED acts as a gateway which translates
  video and routes it over the supernet
• Video packets are given higher priority through
• Course: English 504.01 offered remotely to Red
  Deer College.
• Hosted at the TLC and linked over the commercial
• Audio/Video quality & connection issues
• EC & TLC registered an endpoint to the VED
• Conference quality greatly increased
Electronic Communications
For more information Contact:
Call Centre Anywhere
     Ian Whitehead
TELUS CallCentreAnywhere™
University of Calgary
Information Technologies

Ian M. Whitehead
IT Support Centre
Incident Coordinator
on Campus
•   In 2006, Enrollment services launched the use of
    CallCentreAnywhere™ as their call centre solution for
    handling the high volume of calls coming into the
    University of Calgary, Registrars office.

•   In June 2007, the IT Support Centre, the PeopleSoft
    Support Centre and IT Client Relations &
    Communications celebrated the successful collaborative
    effort with Enrolment Services through jointly handling a
    high volume of calls for Fall 2007 open registration.
Implemented at both IT Support Centres

In August 2007, the IT Support Centre and the
   PeopleSoft Support Centre migrated from their old
   call centre technology to TELUS
What is CallCentreAnywhere™?
• Customer contact centre and management
• Web-based
• Hosted entirely on the TELUS network

References from TELUS CallCentreAnywhere™ Enterprise & Industry Contact Centre Solutions web site:
What does
CallCentreAnywhere ™ do?

•   Manages inbound or outbound telephone calls
•   Accommodates Web chat sessions & e-mail
•   Allows for Web collaboration
•   Voice mail service and queue handling
•   Interactive voice response (IVR)
    What are the benefits
    CallCentreAnywhere ™?
•    Fast and easy to install and use.
•    Flexible and versatile
•    Agents can log in to the phone queue from anywhere, providing
     they have a computer, network connection and a phone.
•    Changes can be made on-the-fly to agents and workgroups.
•    Supervisors can alter workflow and messaging from anywhere
•    Changes take effect in "real time", with no service interruptions.
CallCentreAnywhere ™ Quality Assurance &
• Real-time and historical call data can be accessed quickly
• All contact centre operations can be monitored
• From an Internet browser, supervisors can:
   –   listen in on calls without detection
   –   whisper-coach agents
   –   observe desktop interactions
   –   listen to recordings of or view past customer interactions
The IT Support Centre can control:

• Call flow logic
• Interactive voice response (IVR) prompts
• Agent skills, workgroups and projects
The IT Support Centre can determine:

•   How customer interactions are routed
•   What customers hear
•   Which agents handle certain customers
•   How calls are funneled
•   How products are addressed
Closing Message
• CallCentreAnywhere ™ has enabled the IT
  Support Centre along with the PeopleSoft Support
  Centre to quickly shift from a traditional telephony-
  based infrastructure to integrated voice and data
  contact centre functionality.
    Customer Service
•    Our new call centre technology boasts the potential of
     revolutionizing our IT Support model at the University of Calgary
     and offers us greater flexibility in being able to quickly monitor
     phone queues and manage our primary customer contact tool more
•    My goal is that as the IT Support Centre becomes more adept at
     leveraging the power of CallCentreAnywhere™, our level of
     Customer Service will begin to make noticeable improvements as
     we learn how to more effectively control the calls that arrive at the
     IT Support Centre.
The Future
  I anticipate that with the success of TELUS
  CallCentreAnywhere ™ in Enrollment Services
  and Information Technologies that perhaps a
  campus wide implementation may be in order to
  further communication strategies across campus
  in all departments and faculties.
Learn more about CallCentreAnywhere

• Internet Search: “TELUS CallCentreAnywhere”
• Contact: Ian M. Whitehead
      • Phone: 220-4427
      • Email:

      IT Support Centre 220-5555
Network & Voice Services Update
          Doug Doran
What is Network and Voice Services?
•   Network Services
•   Voice Services
•   Routing Group
•   Electronic Communications
•   Technical Writing
Network and Voice Services Projects
•   Break in the new guy
•   Qatar connectivity
•   Wireless
•   VoIP
•   Internet Bandwidth
•   Network Core Update
•   Continuous operations model
•   Working together to meet department needs
Break in the New Guy

• Fantastic team
• Look and learn
• Now I know just enough to be dangerous
Qatar Connectivity
• Challenge - cost effectively provide
  connectivity to main campus for the
  new University of Calgary – Qatar
• The best commercial connection offer
  was 2Mbps for $60K/month
• Further research enabled us to
  leverage existing research network
  connections to achieve a 8x faster
  connection for 1/20th of the cost
• U of C - Netera – CANet – Internet II –
  Qatar Foundation – QTEL – UC-Q
• Wireless Phase II expansion of coverage areas
  was completed
• This summers updates
• Incremental quality improvements moving forward
Wireless Future

• Pilot for WiFi voice
• Planning for encrypted wireless SSID
• We continue to look for new applications of our
  WiFi network.
• Please talk to us if you have specific needs
Voice Services
• VoIP
Internet Bandwidth
• Currently 300 Mbps Internet connection with a 100
  Mbps backup
• Increasing to 400 Mbps and our backup
  connection to 200 Mbps
• Higher level of reliability in our Internet connection
Network Core
Safety Processes

• Reviewing our riser rooms and work areas
• Evaluating our safety processes
• Bob Chomany is becoming our internal safety go
  to guy
Continuous Operations
• The goal of improving our systems and
  procedures to operate continuously
• Decrease in downtime both scheduled and
Working Together
Contact Us
• You can contact us through the UCIT Support
  Centre at 220-5555

• Or you can email me, Doug Doran at
 Riding the Edge of Technology

   Stephanie Weir - Conference Chair
What is CANHEIT?
• Canadian Higher Education and Information
  Technology Conference (CANHEIT)

• Primary objective:
   – to focus on those IT issues that are of Canadian significance
     and of primary interest to universities and community colleges.

• We expect over 350 people to attend
   – This conference brings together senior administrators,
     managers, and staff who are responsible for the management
     and evolution of their campus information systems, learning
     systems, and infrastructure.
CANHEIT in Calgary
•   The sixth annual CANHEIT conference will be held in
    Calgary, Alberta from June 14th-18th, 2008.

•   Conference Theme
     – Riding the EDGE of Technology

•   Planning Committee
     –   Stephanie Weir, Conference Chair
     –   Kevan Austen, Sponsorship Committee Chair
     –   David Buhler, Keynote Committee Chair
     –   Heather Weiland, Communications Committee Chair
     –   Theresa Mueller, Program Committee Chair
     –   Keith Mills, Com/Media Committee Chair
     –   Nancy Brooks, CIO Meeting Committee Chair
     –   Harold Esche, CIO
What to Expect?
• Stimulating technical program
   – Suggested presentation streams
       • Security
       • Green Computing

• Unique keynote presentations

• Excellent networking opportunities

• Evening entertainment
   – Heritage Park
   – COP
How you can help?
• Volunteer…volunteer…volunteer
   –   Welcome/registration
   –   Rovers
   –   Security
   –   Signage
   –   Information personnel
   –   Equipment crew
   –   Com/media

• If interested, send an email to me
For more information….
Questions & Answers
 Harold Esche

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