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					                                   Designer Tours
                              Specialist “Bespoke” Tour Operator

                         O s h k o s h – 2011
Ver3- 04.10.10                 Our fifteenth “pilot’s hadj”
Click here for up-to-date information about the 2011 Oshkosh Airshow:-
“A“ Tour - 14 days - from R31,800 (twin sharing) - features:
Tour includes            - Four days in Washington plus Oshkosh, 14 days.
                         - A day at the Udvar-Hazy Museum, Arlington and Airforce Memorial.
                             The Udvar-Hazy is the world’s largest collection (about 300) of
                             historically significant Aircraft.
                         - A day at the famed Flying Circus, including a Stearman flight for
                             each of the group, and a social evening over beers and pizzas
                             with the Flying Circus pilots and ground crews.
                         - A day for the Air & Space Museum and sightseeing.
                         - Five days at the EAA Oshkosh Airshow.
                             The world’s largest airshow including the foreign visitors’ party.
                             Oshkosh is the only true “aviators” airshow.
                         - A visit to the Harley Davidson Museum en-route back to Chicago.
South African Airlines   - 20 July - Jo’burg to London + 01 Aug - London to Jo’burg.
United Airlines          - 21 July - London to Washington + 25 July - Washington to Chicago.
                           31 July - Chicago to London.
Daily show shuttle       - Come and go as you please, you’re not restricted to group
                             movements. Daily vouchers provided. 29km (20 min) – drop-off
                             the hotel. Hourly returns 0900h until 2000h.
Hotel Accommodation      - Three star, air-conditioned, large en-suite rooms with two queen
                             double beds. Or one queen bed single rooms.
Costs include            - Airfares, taxes, duties, coach transfers, insurance, accommodation,
                             professional escort, “continental” breakfasts at Appleton, cooked
                             breakfasts at Washington embroidered cap and hat.
Harley Davidson           - A visit to the Harley Museum and café, en-route back to Chicago.
Experience                - This will be our 15th successive Oshkosh tour. Many of our
                            tour members are repeaters, some up to four times.
“B“ Tour - 11 days - R26,400 (twin sharing) - features:
                          -   Flights:- SAA to London & United direct London to Chicago.
                          -   Hotel, escort, insurance and transfer arrangements as above.
                          -   Daily shuttle arrangements as above.     .
                          -   Six days at the EAA Oshkosh Airshow.
                          -   Harley Davidson Museum visit as above.
    Interested ? Then read on below and contact us for a reservation.
                  Ph 021-788-8440    Fx 086-618-3156

                                          “the pilot’s hadj”
Ver 3 - 04.10.10
Fares (per person):-
A Tour    R31,800    Standard Two Double-Bedded room, sharing.
A Tour    R31,800    Mini-suite, One Double-Bed, sharing.
A Tour    R36,400    Standard Single-Bedded room, solo.
A Tour    R37,900    Mini-suite, One Double-Bed, solo.
Less      R14,800    Voyager, and “ID” persons, deduct from the above A Tour fares.
B Tour    R26,400    Standard Two Double-Bedded room, sharing.
B Tour    R26,400    Mini-suite, One Double-Bed, sharing.
B Tour    R29,500    Standard Single-Bedded room.
B Tour    R31,500    Mini-suite, One Double-Bed, solo.
Less      R16,100    Voyager, and “ID” persons, deduct from the above B Tour fares.
Add       R   750    Ex Cpt, Els, Plz.
Add       R   400    Ex Dbn, Kim, Bfn.
Add       R   750    Fee for “breakaways”, plus airline costs and taxes applicable, if any.
Deposit            :- R4,000 Secures your place and room selection. See “Cancellations” below.
Final Payments :- Tour fare less deposit, adjusted by the rand-dollar exchange rate, and any fuel
                  surcharge variation - due by May 30th.
Banking :- Account “Designer Tours” Absa Bank - Branch 632-005 – Account # 905-791-4059
                               or   F.N.B       - Branch 203-709 – Account # 620-3522-7877
                               or   Standard    - Branch 025-609 - Account # 27-637-9667
                               or   Credit Card - (Until 30 March) please telephone the details to us.
Fares were computed on an exchange rate of R7.20/$1.00 (08 Sep 2010). On the date of receipt of your
final payment (fare minus deposit), the then current exchange rate will be used to recalculate the fare. The
difference, gain or loss, will be for the account of the traveller. If you are of the opinion that the exchange
rate will deteriorate, or wish to take advantage of the present very favourable rate, then you are advised to
prepay the foreign currency portion of the fare (“A” = R11,000 / “B” = R7,000) as early as possible.
Fuel Surcharge
The tour fare provides for airport and security taxes, and the fuel surcharge to the total value of R4,124 –
which is the 08 Sep 2010 “tax” figure applied to United Airlines tickets destined for the USA. Group
discounted tickets must be simultaneously issued. There is, therefore, no way of freezing this “tax” figure.
If, at the time of ticket issue for the group at the end of May, the international fuel cost has been reduced
or increased, the resulting impact on the ticket “tax” will be adjusted against the tour fare.
2011 Tour details
The "A" tour. Wednesday July 20 to Tuesday August 02 (14 Days).
Wed 20 evening, depart Jnb on South African Airlines for London Heathrow Airport.
Thu 21    noon, depart Heathrow on United Airlines for Washington Dulles Airport, transfer to hotel.
       evening, meet the group - welcome beers and light dinner at Harry’s Bar.
Fri 22     day, coach to The Udvar-Hazy Centre – the world’s finest Aviation Museum, then to
                 Arlington for the changing of the guard, and the Airforce Monument.
Sat 23     day, at own discretion. Suggested:– an early visit (beat the crowds) to the Smithsonian Air
                 and Space Museum, on the Washington Mall, an easy walk from the hotel.
Sun 24      day, coach to the Flying Circus, full day at the Barnstorming Airshow, Stearman flight for
                 each of the group, attend the show flight briefing, beer and pizza social evening supper.
Mon 25 morning, depart Ronald Reagan Airport on United Airlines for Chicago, coach to Appleton.
Tue 26 - Sat 30, daily transfers to and from the EAA Oshkosh Airventure Airshow.
Sun 31 morning, coach to the Harley Davidson Factory Shop at Milwaukee, a stop for lunch, then on
                 to Chicago O’Hare Airport, depart on United Airlines for London Heathrow.
Mon 01 morning, arrive London Heathrow Airport.
       evening, depart London Heathrow on South African Airlines for Johannesburg.
Tue 02 morning, arrive Johannesburg.
The "B" tour. Saturday July 24 to Tuesday August 02 (11Days).
Sat 23 evening, depart Jnb on South African Airlines for London Heathrow Airport.
Sun 24     noon, depart Heathrow on United Airlines for Chicago O’Hare Airport.
Sun 24 afternoon, depart Chicago O’Hare by coach to Appleton.
Mon 25 to Sat 30, daily shuttle services to and from the EAA Oshkosh Airshow.
Sun 31 morning, coach to the Harley Davidson Factory Shop at Milwaukee, a stop for lunch, then on
                  to Chicago O’Hare Airport, depart on United Airlines for London Heathrow.
Mon 01 morning, arrive London Heathrow Airport.
        evening, depart London Heathrow on South African Airlines for Johannesburg.
Tue 02 morning, arrive Johannesburg
Inclusive in the A Tour fares
Tour fares include airfares, fuel surcharges, airport and security taxes; accommodation in air-conditioned
two star (Washington) and three star (Appleton) equivalent hotels; welcome drinks and light dinner at
Harry’s Bar; admission to, a Stearman flight and a beer and pizza social supper at the Flying Circus;
hearty cooked breakfasts in Washington, American version of continental breakfasts at Appleton; assisted
medical and travel insurance; entry fee to the Harley-Davidson Museum; service gratuities; a pilot’s cap
and a sun hat, both discreetly embroidered; coach transfers:- airports to hotels, daily shuttles to the EAA
Oshkosh Airshow, to the Flying Circus, to the Udvar-Hazy and Arlington; a professional tour escort.
Excluded from the tour fares are daily admission fees to the EAA Oshkosh Airshow (EAA Members 2010
rates $25 per day or $110 per week), lunches and dinners (+/- $20 per day), beverages, porterage, and
expenses of a personal nature such as room service, laundry and telephone calls.
Inclusive in the B Tour fares
Tour fares include airfares, fuel surcharges, airport and security taxes; accommodation in an air-
conditioned three star equivalent hotel; American version of continental breakfasts; coach transfers –
Chicago airport to hotel and back, daily shuttles to the EAA Oshkosh Airshow; assisted medical and travel
insurance; entry fee to the Harley-Davidson Museum; gratuities; a pilot’s cap and a sun hat, both
discreetly embroidered; a professional tour escort.
On receipt of written cancellation, (a) prior to 30 May, the full amount paid, less a cancellation fee of
R1,000 will be refunded, (b) after 30 May, refunds are subject to the insurance company’s conditions,
which conditions are defined as certifiable illness, accident preventing travel or bankruptcy as conditions
under which they will compensate. An excess of R1,000 will be applicable.
Please note that it takes up to three months to secure a passport. If you do not have a passport, or if your
passport expires prior to 10 January 2012, please make application immediately for a new one.
To Follow
Written confirmation of your booking together with (a) USA visa application forms; (b) a detailed guide as
to what is required in support of the application; (c) comprehensive notes regarding local (RSA) foreign
currency, customs and luggage regulations; (d) a detailed guide to USA telephone usage, tipping, banking,
postage, shopping, electric current and customs regulations; (e) insurance cover details; (f) an update on
the 2011 Oshkosh Airshow including entry fees; (g) a quick guide to Washington; (h) a detailed itinerary
with the hotel contact numbers and (i) the tour conditions.
“A” Tour Features
1. The finest “aviator’s” aviation museum in the world – The Udvar-Hazy.

for pre-view try this:-
The Steven F Udvar-Hazy Centre is part of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, but is located at
eastern end of the main runway at Dulles Airport – some 30 miles from central DC. Mr Udvar-Hazy is a
multi-billionaire, operating in the aircraft leasing business. He was the major benefactor in establishing
this aviation museum. Some 200 aircraft and 135 large space artefacts are on display in a superb setting
of 760,000 square feet.

Visitors walk among the artefacts on the floor, and view hanging aircraft from elevated walkways. Many
engines, rockets, satellites, helicopters, airliners, ultra-lights and experimental aircraft are displayed for
the first time in a museum setting. The new facility also features a restaurant, an IMAX theatre, a gift
shop, and an observation tower from which the air-traffic at Dulles can be watched.
Amongst the many highlights are the Boeing B-17 Swoose, Boeing B-29 Enola Gay, Boeing P-26A
Peashooter, Caudron G4, Cessna 180 Spirit of Columbia, Chance-Vought F4U-1D Corsair, Curtiss JN-4D
Jenny, Curtiss P-40E Warhawk, Grumman F5F-3 Hellcat, Lockheed P-38J Lightning, Lockheed 5C Vega
Winnie Mae, Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, McDonnel F-4S Phantom 11, North American F-86A Sabre, Piper
J-3 Cub, Dash 80 prototype of the Boeing 707, de Havilland Chipmunk, Spacelab Module, Space Shuttle
Orbiter Enterprise, and many others.
We will arrive as the doors open at 1000h on the day of our visit, and group members are advised to
proceed directly to the “Information” booth, and join an escorted two hour tour. No charge. The guides are
all retired senior US Airforce officers, and they make the tour very interesting indeed. Alternatively, and/or
after the guided tour ends, group members are free to roam the facility to their hearts content, before
departing at 1500h. En-route back to the hotel, we will stop at Arlington Cemetery to watch the famed
precision drill of the guard change at the unknown soldier’s grave. Also, a stop at the Air Force Memorial –
spectacular architecture, and superb views of the city.
2. The Flying Circus “Old Fashioned, Barnstorming Airshow”.
This is a day of aviation experience and camaraderie that you will forever remember - with a great
yearning to return. This we promise. In fact, it may well rate as your finest aviation experience - ever.
Operated by a group of current and retired United Airlines Captains, the Flying Circus takes place every
Sunday from May to October. The location is a grass strip on a farm at Bealeton, located in agricultural
Virginia, about 50 miles south of Washington – an hour by coach.
South Africans in our group enjoy a favoured status at the Flying Circus. Open their web-page, then follow
the links to “photos”, then “good friends and good times” and you’ll see photographs of previous Designer
Tours Oshkosh groups at the Flying Circus.
The show is described as “An Old Fashioned Barnstorming Airshow”, and this is an apt description. Not
one of the participating aircraft is younger than 1936. We spend a full day here:- each member of the
group is treated to a 20 minute Stearman flight, we are guests at the pilots’ briefing, and after the show we
enjoy an evening of beers and pizzas under the shady trees, in company with the performing pilots and the
ground staff – sunset is at 2030 here!
Gruff SA men have been known to have tears in their eyes when it is time to depart the Flying Circus.
Now, some may think that beer has something to do with this - but after you’ve experienced the day, you
decide - whilst you hide your eyes in your cap!
Three days in Washington
On arrival at the hotel on Thursday at about 1500h, your room awaits immediate occupation – no waiting
for rooms! Our hotel is located exactly where it should be – five blocks from the White-House, a block from
the Washington Mall (which is not a shopping centre!), a block from the FBI Headquarters and also Ford’s
Theatre. It is an elderly hotel, family owned, and run by an elderly English Lady. It looks doubtful from the
exterior, and the plumbing and air-conditioning are vintage. But is it very spacious, very comfortable and
very clean. Everything works, and its location is brilliant. Harry’s Bar has great on-tap beer, and the food
is very palatable. Both are inexpensive.
Thursday afternoon. A quick shower, and you’re ready to begin your experience of Washington. A
walkabout on Pennsylvania Avenue, take in the White House, visit Ford’s theatre. Then its time for
sundowners at the hotel – Harry’s Bar will have set aside pavement tables for the group, large pitchers of
Pennsylvanian beer will soon take care of the thirst, and Harry’s offers a burger unequalled to any you
have ever savoured.
Friday, is for the Udvar-Hazy Museum. On the way back, we’ll stop to watch the mesmerising precision of
the changing of the guard at Arlington Cemetery, and take in the views from the new Air Force Monument.
Saturday is a free day. You’ll need at least half of the day for the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.
Then enjoy the city - and Washington is a great city - wide boulevards, low-rise buildings, and plenty of
green open space. It enjoys a laid back atmosphere, and there is much to see and experience. A list of
Washington must sees' is attached below, under the title of “Washington”. Or you may prefer to get your
specialist shopping done here - time and occasion for this type of shopping will be scarce at Oshkosh.
Sunday is Flying Circus Day. 50 miles by coach - south into Virginia - to Bealeton. First on the program is
a Stearman flight for each member of the group, then we are guests at the airshow pilots’ briefing. The
Barnstorming Airshow begins at 1400h and ends at 1800h. We spend the evening under the trees with the
Airshow pilots and ground crew over beers and pizzas.
Oshkosh Accommodation
Our hotel, since 1998, has been the Microtel Inn at Appleton. No different to any of the general American
chain-group hotels, clean, secure, well run, attractive and large functional rooms. Very comfortable.
But it is the Microtel’s location which counts heavily in its favour. There are ten good and inexpensive
eateries and Wisconsin’s largest mall, with a huge “food-court”, all within half a kilometre from the hotel.
No one has had the need to use a taxi or a bus since we changed to the Microtel.
Nationwide Coaches operate a shuttle service between Appleton and the Oshkosh Show which is about
29km (twenty minutes) away. We provide each member with coupons and a timetable and you are free to
choose departures and returns to suite your own lifestyle instead of being locked into a group schedule.
The Microtel is again ideally situated, being about 100 meters from the pick-up point for the service, at
the “Machine Shed”. The Machine Shed is the group’s headquarters. A very good, but very reasonably
priced restaurant and a fine bar serving excellent local beers. On return, from the show, group members
tend to decant directly into the pub. Some to stay there for dinner. Some forget about food!
Getting there and back.
This year we are again opting for United Airlines. That means SAA to London, then United to Washington.
Both groups will be transported by coach from Chicago to Appleton.
On the return leg to Chicago, we break the journey, halfway, at Milwaukee for a visit to the Harley-
Davidson Factory Museum. Your entry fee to the Museum is included in the tour fare. Besides the
museum, there is a Harley-Davison Shop, and a fine restaurant. After a three hour stop here, the coach
resumes the journey to Chicago - from where we all depart directly to London. We’ll have a full day in
London for sightseeing and/or business, departing in the evening on SAA for Johannesburg, and arriving
at 0730h at Johannesburg.
We’re often asked about using the “direct” flights to the USA. These are operated by Delta and SAA. SAA
now operate a morning departure from New York to Joburg, but to take this option means an overnight in
New York. Their Washington to Joburg flight departs at 1800h. To try and secure a connection on day of
departure would mean a flight from Chicago at no later than 1200h, and a prayer for no bad weather. It
might surprise you to know that during July 2009 alone, there were 30,000 domestic flights cancelled, or
“delayed” within the USA ! Please take note that two hours does not count as “delayed”.
Our experiences with the karate teams and Delta suggest that we’d not ever wish to rely on them again.
For three years in succession, our karate groups suffered from Delta’s overbooking policy - and the
subsequent enforced delays and re-routing via Europe as a consequence.
Using SAA to the USA means an arrival in either New York or Washington at 0600h. That implies sitting in
a hotel reception until 1600h before gaining access to your room, alternatively paying for the previous
room night in order to gain access on arrival. In short, the two extra hotel nights implicit in using the SAA
direct option, means R2,000 must be added to the fare. The same applies to Delta.
Finally, opting for SAA will get you to Washington nine hours earlier on the day of arrival, but United will
get you back to Johannesburg nine hours earlier on the day of return.
Designer Tours
Designer Tours has, since 1992, operated tours exclusively for persons who share a common interest.
These persons are closely bonded by membership of an association, club or school. The tours are designed
to take in events and locations central to the interest of the groups.
Regularly operated outgoing (from South Africa) groups are:-
Drama : Crawford College (Jnb), Dainfern College (Jnb), Diocesan College (Grahamstown),
           Kearsney College (Dbn), St Stithian’s Boys’ College (Jnb), St Stithian’s Girls’ College (Jnb),
           Thomas More College (Dbn).
           To New York, Washington, Los Angeles, London and Stratford-upon-Avon.
Karate : WAKO and ISKA to world championships in Australia, USA, UK, and Europe.
Youth    : Crawford College Pretoria (ages 13/14) to Cape Kennedy and Orlando.
Aviation : Local aviation enthusiasts to the legendary Oshkosh EAA Airshow (13 years running now).
Regularly operated incoming (into South Africa) tours are:-
Karate – frequent groups from Wako (Canada); Wako (USA) and the BMAA (UK).
Aviation – frequent incoming “Group Flight-seeing Safari” tours for international aviators. (see under).
Golf – occasional groups from Ireland (notably a group of 76 Londis supermarket operators Jan 2003).
Tours from other countries, to countries other than Southern Africa.
Designer is the only South African Tour Operator operating in this market. These are our annual Aviation
Tours for the USA based Navion Owners’ Association. These tours have been to South Africa (‘01), New
Zealand (‘02), England and Scotland (‘04), Wales and Ireland (‘05), and Portugal (‘07).
Regularly operated Group Flight-seeing Safari Tours:-
Up to 10 light aircraft in a group, for aviators from the UK to self-pilot. A support aircraft, transporting the
flight and tour directors, escorts the group. The tours spend 18 days flying to the most remote airstrips
within Southern Africa. During these tours, the aircraft will typically fly about 3,000 nautical miles
(5,700km) spending about 26 hours in the air. The first of these groups operated during 2003, and there
have been seven to date.
Large Groups:-
The largest groups handled have been:- WAKO (‘96) - 182 karateke to Montreal, New York and Orlando;
Rentokil Achievers (‘98) - 184 passengers to New York and Orlando; IKGA (‘01) - 136 karateke to Perth;
NMA-ISKA groups to the World Sport Karate Championships in Orlando: (‘07)-105 karateke, (‘08)-148
karateke, (‘09)-124 karateke, (‘10)-66 karateke, next up 2011 planned for 140 karateke.

                                    We are a “Bespoke Tour Operator”.

                   This may require a dictionary, but defines our activity precisely.
We’re proud of our product!
Many of our group members are two, three, four time repeaters of our Oshkosh tours!
We will be delighted to provide you with contact details of those who participated in past tours to prove
this claim! However, as a short cut, here are the texts of only a few of the many notes received:-
Calvin, once again most grateful thanks for organising such a splendid trip. My third time with you was as
good as the first two and I cannot imagine any other way to visit Oshkosh other than with Designer Tours.
Washington is such a fine city and the Harrington Hotel, albeit quite old, is more than adequate, and is so
well situated for all the sight seeing we wished to do.
  It was my first time at the Flying Circus and what a treat that turned out to be. Where else in the world can
one fly a Stearman and a Waco in one day for a modest sum and then enjoy a great little airshow? It was a
privilege and honour to attend the pilots’ briefing. It was a stunning day and one I hope I may repeat in the
future. Well done on discovering this jewel in the aviation world.
Our Microtel in Appleton was as comfortable and clean as I remembered it. The breakfast room was a great
improvement and the typical American breakfast was perfectly fine.
Everything else you organised on the trip went like clockwork and the Harley Davidson museum was well
worth the visit. The meals in the restaurant took some beating for size, didn’t they?
Gordon Dyne. (2009 Tour) (Gordon was also with us on the 2002 and 2006 tours)
Our sincere thanks for such a GREAT tour – we really thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for all of your planning
and for introducing us to how Oshkosh works – we could not have done this on our own. Buses, hotels, air-
tickets and all – well done and thanks.
Met a great bunch of people and it was fantastic to enjoy a tour that is organized but still gives you so much
latitude to do your own thing without moving in a group. Thanks Calvin – will start saving for next year!
Chris and Fiona Sparg. (2006 Tour).
Thank you (again) for a brilliant trip. Your organizing skills are unparalleled, we got everywhere at the right
time and everything went like clockwork. I had a great time and I really am grateful for the extra time and
effort you put into getting me on to the trip at such short notice.
Michael Balston. (2001 Tour) (2001 was Mike’s third tour with us - his fourth was 2003)

Marie and I would like to thank you for all of your effort and hard work during the tour to Oshkosh. We could
not believe that that everything ran so smoothly with no hiccups at all. What a great time we had. I feel your
choice of hotels, buses, airlines etc as well as the itinerary, was excellent.
Willie van den Berg. (2001 Tour) (Willie was also on the 2003 tour, and again in 2005)

The following letter was addressed to, and published in, SA Flyer Magazine:
My wife and I are well travelled and have visited the USA on quite a few occasions. We are also not good
candidates for group-type tours. After due consideration, we nevertheless decided to visit Oshkosh via
Designer Tours of Cape Town. In retrospect, this was an excellent choice. The whole tour was well organized
using decent airlines and hotels. Coaches were always on-time and clean. The organizer, Calvin Fabig,
accompanied us most of the time, always seeing to the smooth running of the tour. We had maximum
freedom as individuals, never feeling that we were being ushered from one sheep-pen to the next. If we are
to go to Oshkosh again, we will use the same route – as the all-inclusive price was very reasonable. Thanks
for an always interesting magazine.
Regards. Arnold and Judy Charlton. (2000 Tour).
I wanted to thank you for organising such a great tour to Washington DC and Oshkosh. In particular thank you for
persuading me to do the DC leg – it really was worth it.
Your organisation was great, the hotels were perfectly adequate and all the transport and other arrangements were
faultless. I have already recommended the tour to several of my pilot friends. I must also say that your communication
prior to the tour was also very pertinent and useful – it also built up excitement and anticipation! Overall the entire
experience exceeded my expectations.
Frank Berkeley (2010 tour)
Thanks for a great tour. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to any one wanting to visit `Kosh.
We had no problems at Heathrow with the onward bookings.
 I look forward to visiting the Chapel
Dave Koller (2010 Tour)
Just a short email to express my thanks and gratitude for a wonderful trip. As you know, this was
my first time joining your tour, and it will not be my last. It was a privilege to be part of such a
well organised and very well run tour. Oshkosh 2010 will go down in my books as one of the best
with your tour, I look forward to 2011.
There were too many highlights to single out, but if I must, I think that the Flying Circus and the
legendary Harry’s Bar must take front row, lots of memories made at both these venues and I look
forward to my return next year. The Microtel in Appleton was excellent and very comfortable. The
bus trips to and from Oshkosh worked like clock work and was very well run thanks to your
brilliant planning. It was a pleasure to be part of a very well run and planned tour, where
everything went like clock work, and there were no four day delays like some other operators
experienced! Just goes to show what a difference a professional and well run operation Designer
tours really is! The tour with a difference!
I suppose I can go on and on about my excellent and exciting experiences, but I will fill up plenty of
pages.On the negative side, my only criticism is that it was too short!!! Please sort this out for next
Mark Mansfield (2010 Tour)
Just a quick note to say thank you for a wonderful few days (far too few) on out Oshkosh 05 Tour.
Everything was so well organised, and I had a holiday of a lifetime.
Look forward to traveling again with you soon,
Peter Flint (2005 Tour)

Oshkosh – the airshow!
Oshkosh is truly the enthusiast’s airshow. It is, undoubtedly, the hadj of aviation: every pilot must
attend, at least once in a lifetime. At least.
You are in the company of only like minded enthusiasts. Almost no non-aviators are here !!!
Only Oshkosh!
Oshkosh remains the pilot’s hadj. There is nothing – absolutely nothing – to distract you from your
devotion(s) to flying. No scenic attractions. No Mickeys. No Goofies. No nothing! Well, maybe a beer or two
in the pub at the days end. And, even there, there is no talk of rugby. Or cricket. No, not THAT either!
Here the discussion is about what was seen today, what will be seen tomorrow.
These are the official statistics for the 2010 show:
    - Attendance: 535,000 - A 5% decrease on 2009 – the financial crisis bites.
    - Aircraft: More than 10,000 aircraft arrived at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh and other
      airports in east-central Wisconsin.
    - Total show planes: 2,380. (Includes 1106 homebuilt aircraft, 635 vintage
      airplanes, 374 warbirds, 115 ultralights, 120 seaplanes, and 30 rotorcraft).
    - Commercial exhibitors: 777 (up from 750 in 2009).
    - International visitors registered: 2,167 visitors registered from 75 nations.
      Topping the list were Canada (586), Australia (350), Brazil (221). NOTE: This total includes only
      non-U.S. visitors who register at the International Visitors’ Tent, so the actual international contingent
      is undoubtedly larger.
The most attended day of the show is the fifth day, Saturday. On this day the Warbirds take to the sky en-
mass. The drone of literally hundreds of piston engines is positively orgasmic. The sight Mustangs,
Spitfires, Harvards (some in SAAF colours), Gullwings, Bearcats (all the Cats for that matter) and many
others, taking to the air, three abreast every fifteen seconds, cannot be imagined. And the subsequent
formation fly past will leave you convinced that, somehow, you’ve arrived in (airman’s) heaven.
When so many attend on one day, how do they cope? More to the point, how will you cope? After all, we
South Africans can claim maybe 40,000 at Loftus as our experience of a crowd. Maximum. Well, rest easy.
They have it taped. You won’t even notice that there are 300,000 plus at the show on the Saturday!
Roads are set up as “one-ways” - “inwards” in the morning, and “outwards” in the afternoons. At the
gates, you will stand in a quick moving line on the first day only. Now you are a member of the EAA, you
have a week’s pass to the show in the form of a wristband. Better get used to showering with it on, if you
remove it, you will have to cheat to get in!
There are so many toilets that, if you have to wait, it will be for a minute or two at the worst. Clean and
tidy. They even smell clean. In fact, “clean and tidy” is the general impression you have about Oshkosh
and Wisconsin. With all of the disposable food wrapping and drink containers about, you would, being
South African, expect to see litter. NO WAY! No litter, no waste paper, no rubbish. Makes a change!
Food and drink vendors abound. Wisconsin, as a result of its largely German descended population, is the
sausage (Bratwursts – called “Brats”) capital of the USA. Sausage and beer! But, no beer or any alcoholic
drink available, or even permitted on the grounds. The nearest bar is some 150 metres outside of the
main gate. Between the locals, taking their once a year chance to earn some extra bread, and the EAA
taking their share of the profits, prices at the show tend to be high. The wise and experienced amongst you
will have fruit, fruit juices, and sandwiches in your backpacks.
The same wise and experienced will have their collapsible chairs and will have set them up on the flight
line on arrival each morning. They will not grow legs and disappear. Yes, believe it. They will be there
when you return to watch the afternoons flying from your chosen prime position.
Crowded it is. To be sure. 300,000 crowded on the Saturday. You are aware that there are many people
around. But your space is, somehow, never invaded. You do not have that Loftus on a test afternoon
feeling. At the exhibits, at the museum, at the flymarket, on the flightline, all is flowing; no crowd jambs,
no hassle.
Friday is foreign visitors’ day. We all meet at the foreign visitors’ marquee. (A great venue – shade, tables
and chairs, a place to meet, a place to rest – your headquarters for the week). We all march behind our
national flags to the president’s tower. A short speech from His Royal Highness Tom Proberezny, and its
back to the business of Oshkosh. Same evening is the foreign visitors’ party. Beer at last! And, FREE at
that! From 1700h to 2100h. HRH and the EAA thank us for attending the show, and then we are at the
free beer, wine and food. “Brats”, of course!
Remarkably, despite the frantic attempts made by the Australians and South Africans, the box-car trailer,
yes, that’s right, the box-car trailer - of beer on tap, runs out at exactly 2100h. Closing time! Some South
Africans (no names provided), have developed a system: join one of the four tap lines, fill your mug, go to
the back of the line. By the time you get to the front, you can fill up again. Who needs food?
Oshkosh as a town is probably no larger than Paarl. It has only about 1000 hotel rooms, and those are
taken in perpetuity by the EAA themselves, and allocated to the performing pilots and other senior show
staff. Accommodation-wise, therefore, you have three options.
(a) Camp out on the premises (so to speak). Contact Neil Bowden. Neil has operated the camping tours
annually since 1997, and they are good value for those who appreciate camping, and of course, for the not
inconsiderable convenience of being on the spot. Ph 084-674-5674 or
(b) Hotel/motel accommodation. Attendees accommodate in towns up to 80 miles away and commute
daily. First prize is where we are based, Appleton, 18 miles – twenty minutes – away, with some 5000
rooms. Being so close, competition amongst the FAA, NASA, tour operators and other exhibitors for these
rooms is fierce, and allocations are fixed for years ahead.
Hotels tend to the usual American chain standards – clean, large rooms, all equipped with two double
beds, air-conditioned, bathrooms en-suite, cable television, and free local calls (who would you call
anyway?). Room rates for this week are high.
(c) Bunk down in one of the university residences. These are ad-hoc tours, operating one year, and not the
next. They are organised by individuals not wanting to join either of the tour operator organised groups
described above. The drawbacks are communal bathrooms, no air-conditioning, and some 50 miles each
way daily in vehicles shared by six, and parked up to two km from the gates. By definition, traveling to
and from the show is at fixed times.
Foodwise, dinner can be cheap at fast food outlets. It does not mean hamburgers every night. Some, such
as Ponderosa, offer buffet meals featuring soups, salads, vegetables, roasts, stews, and sweets to follow -
$8 all you can eat. Others, such as Denny’s, offer plated and balanced meals, from $8 to $10. Menu
restaurants and theme steakhouses can be expensive, prices from $15 to $25, plus 15% service. However,
note that hotels do not mind you bringing your own food or drink onto the premises, and consuming same
in your room. This is a much cheaper option.
Most hotels do not have restaurants, but do offer a quaintly named “American Continental” breakfast.
Coffee? Yes, well it is hot and black and smells somewhat like coffee. Awful. Americans drink coffee non-
stop all day. As a consequence, their coffee tends to be weak and watery and alien to our palates.
On the subject of beer, American beers, at 2%, tend to be much lighter in alcohol than ours. Bear in mind
that Wisconsin is beer territory, Germanic background again! There are micro-breweries here, and one of
America’s largest beer producers, Michelob, is located down the road at Milwaukee.
Be assured that, unless this is your third visit, you will not have had enough time to see the entire
Oshkosh Airshow. Even if you have devoted every hour of all seven days.
.   Washington DC.

The city of Washington is also the state of Washington DC (District of Columbia), and just to confuse you
even more, there is another state called Washington. To undo the confusion Americans refer to the state
that you are now in, as “Washington DC”. There are also another fifteen towns and cities in the United
States that are called Washington. Have pity on the poor postman.
Washington DC is the capital city of the United States and as such it is the seat of the Congressional
House of Representatives (a sort of parliament) and of the Senate and, not least, the White House, which is
both the residence and the headquarters of the President.

The hotel which is to be your home is “The Harrington” and is a family owned and managed hotel out of
the old school.    Not many exist in these days of franchises and conformity.       The hotel operates a
reasonable low cost cafeteria restaurant, is located in the middle of the downtown area of the city, and is
within walking distance of most of the places of interest. The more remote places will be easily accessed
by the very modern underground system which is the pride of Washington.
A very good option is the “hop-on-hop-off, continuous commentary” tour trams which pass the hotel every
thirty minutes plying the tourist route. However, this is a relatively costly experience (2009 rates are $42
for a day – but if you purchase a ticket after 1530h you will get the balance of that day and all of the next),
and you might rather consider walking or using the underground. At the end of this document you will
find a schedule of distances and directions to each of the “must see” sites in Washington.
The underground cost is very reasonable (2010 - $2.15 per journey or $9.00 for an all day pass). Likely the
safest, cleanest, easiest to use, and most attractive underground system in the World.
The White House. For nearly two hundred years the White House has been residence and office of the
President of the United States and therefore an obvious selection given the world wide importance and
power emanating from its portals. Visits to the White House, are, sadly, a thing of the past
The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.
Hanging from the rafters in the main entrance gallery, are the “Milestones in Flight” including the original
handmade plane in which the Wright Brothers made the first powered flight in 1903, Charles Lindbergh’s
“Spirit of St Louis”, in which he made the first solo transatlantic crossing, and the black X-15, the world’s
fastest airplane. From here move on to experience the incredible century of advance in aviation.
The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.
Features an insect zoo and a naturalist centre for close-up learning, and is said to be the best in the
world. There are 125 million specimens on display, some are brand new, but the collection spans 200
years. The exhibitions focus on “the earth” and its evolution into the world we live in today, featuring
wondrous displays of animals, plants, fossils, rocks, minerals and cultural artefacts. The total area of the
museum covers 18 rugby fields.
The Smithsonian National Museum of American History.
An amazing, not to be missed, collection of furniture, equipment and machinery. Most were transferred
from the US Patents office and the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exposition. Exhibits include a “hands-
on” science centre, the Hall of Electricity, the Lighting Revolution, America on the Move – including a
majestic Steam Locomotive, Americans at War – including the first US gun-boat, and even an exhibit on
the lives and music of Celia Cruz and Ella Fitzgerald.
Other Smithsonian’s, all within walking distance of the Hotel, being located along the Washington Mall.
The National Museum of the American Indian
The Arthur M Sacker Gallery and The Freer Gallery of Art
The Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
The National Museum of African Art
The Renwick Gallery of American Art
The National Postal Museum
The Pentagon. The world’s largest building, (not highest), the total floor area of over 6,5 million square
feet, three times that of the Empire State Building. It is the headquarters for the armed forces of the U.S.A.
Union Station. One of the city’s most splendid buildings, recently restored and housing 100 retail shops
and restaurants. Also a major “food court”.
Arlington National Cemetery. Thousands of headstones mark the graves of American soldiers who have
died in battles from the American Revolutionary war to the present time. Many famous persons are buried
here including John F and Robert Kennedy, Oliver Wendel Holmes and Joe Louis. The changing of the
guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier takes place every hour, and should not be missed. The precision
drill is mesmerising.
The Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts. Aside from their theatre program, the Kennedy has
frequent programs of mime, puppetry and musical theatre.
United States Navy Memorial. This is the “living” memorial to all who have served in the U.S. Navy since
1775. It features a 70mm film spectacular called “At Sea” and interactive video displays.
Washington Monument. The tallest freestanding masonry structure in the world built in memory of
George Washington, the first US president.
Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial. A long low black granite wall inscribed with the names of the 58,000 who
died or were missing in action during the war.
Lincoln Memorial.       Patterned after a Greek temple. Inscribed on the walls is Lincoln’s famous
Gettysburg Address. A craggy likeness of Abraham Lincoln sits firmly grasping the arms of his throne-like
chair, deep in thought. The view from the memorial is breathtaking.
Georgetown Park. The area is known for its speciality shops and historic homes. The Georgetown Park
is a vast complex in the Victorian style and features over 100 shops forming a unique, one of a kind,
shopping experience and a superb foodcourt.
Ford’s Theatre. A block from the hotel, the site of the assassination of Lincoln. Well worth a visit,
especially to experience the duty ranger’s verbal description of the events leading up to the actual
assassination, the act itself and the consequences.
The Holocaust Museum. Opened in 1993, represents the tragic history of the Nazi persecution and
murder of millions of Jews from 1933 to 1945, featuring permanent exhibitions and special exhibitions. At
the Hall of Remembrance visitors may light a candle in remembrance of victims of the holocaust.
The Udvar-Hazy Aviation Museum. The finest “aviator’s” aviation museum in the world.
This little know gem of aviation was known as the Paul E Garber Museum, and was located near to
Washington. It featured some 335 aircraft stored in about 23 hangars. The facility was not open to the
public, except by arrangement. The Garber closed in March 2003, in preparation of their move to the new
facility near Dulles Airport, which opened in December 2003 to coincide with 100 years of flight.
The new Garber is called the Steven F Udvar-Hazy Centre (he was a major benefactor). Some 200 aircraft
and 135 large space artefacts will be on display in a superb setting of 760,000 square feet.
Visitors walk among the artefacts on the floor, and view hanging aircraft from elevated walkways. Many
engines, rockets, satellites, helicopters, airliners, ultra-lights and experimental aircraft are displayed for
the first time in a museum setting.
Amongst the many highlights are the Boeing B-17 Swoose, Boeing B-29 Enola Gay, Boeing P-26A
Peashooter, Caudron G4, Cessna 180 Spirit of Columbia, Chance-Vought F4U-1D Corsair, Curtiss JN-4D
Jenny, Curtiss P-40E Warhawk, Grumman F5F-3 Hellcat, Lockheed P-38J Lightning, Lockheed 5C Vega
Winnie Mae, Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, McDonnel F-4S Phantom 11, North American F-86A Sabre, Piper
J-3 Cub, Dash 80 prototype of the Boeing 707, de Havilland Chipmunk, Spacelab Module, Space Shuttle
Orbiter Enterprise, and many others.
The new facility is located at Dulles International Airport, and features an observation tower from which
the air-traffic can be watched, restaurants, an IMAX theatre and gift shops.
Most places of interest are within walking distance from the hotel.
        Northerly and easterly from the hotel:-
- Metro Centre Underground Station (N 0.1km)
- Ford’s Theatre (E 0.01km)
- Union Station (E 2.0km)
        Southerly and westerly from the hotel:-
- Old Post Office Pavillion (S 0.02km)
- Washington Mall (S 0.5km)
- Smithsonian Natural History (S 1.25km)
- Smithsonian Air and Space and Natural History (SE 1.25km)
- Holocaust Museum (SW 1.25km)
- Washington Monument (SW 1.25km)
- National Geographic Explorers’ Hall (SE 1.5km)
- Vietnam War Veterans’ Memorial (SW 2.0km)
- Capitol Hill (House of Representatives, Senate) (SE 2.0km)
- Lincoln Memorial (SW 2.25km)
- Korean War Veterans’ Memorial (SW 2.3km)
- The White House (W 0.75km)
        By Underground (your “home” station is “Metro Centre” Blue, Orange and Red lines)
- Jefferson Memorial (NE 2.25km) (Yellow line L’Enfant station then 0.75km)
- Arlington National Cemetery (SW 4.5km) (Blue line)
- Ronald Reagan Airport (aka National Airport) (S 4.5km) (Blue line)
- The Pentagon (S 3.75km) (Blue and Yellow lines)
- Pentagon City Shopping Mall (S 3.9km) (Blue and Yellow lines)

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