SUMMER 2007
Thanks to Docent Dick Griffiths for the cover photo;
 we worked with Museum staffers one full morning
     in March moving four of the five Duesenbergs
  into various positions for ‘group photos.’ Howard
           Hughes’ black Murphy Disappearing Top
    Convertible Coupe is on the turntable opposite
                               these other four cars.
       Blackhawk had the opportunity to share these
     five distinct cars from two renowned Pasadena
             coachbuilders with our visitors this year.
  Archival coachbuilder images of each car with “J”
    numbers and chassis numbers are available as
 handouts (photo, right) and photo credits go to the
  Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum in Auburn, IN.
  The exhibition – Duesenberg: America’s Mightiest
   Motor Car – is a variation on J. L. Elbert’s 1951
   book titled Duesenberg: The Mightiest American
       Motor Car…illustrated by Strother MacMinn.
         Elbert’s book and the updated editions are
               considered by many to be the core of
                     Duesenberg production history.
  Duesenberg is one of the featured marque cars at
            Pebble Beach on Sunday, August 19.
    Thanks to the 140-plus people who attended the
      Ferrari Preservation presentation (photo, right)
     organized by Ed Gilbertson and Patrick Ottis on
 May 12. This was one of the Saturday Lectures and
it was great knowledge shared by these two experts
     with Museum members, Ferrari Club of America
  members, preservationists, and the general public.
 A special thanks to Ferrari North America and the
Ferrari Challenge at Sears Point April 14 – 15, and
  to Alessandro Ribola of Ferrari San Francisco for
           the cross promotion of this presentation!
      Look for Blackhawk’s tent near The Lodge at
Pebble Beach August 15 – 19, and at the Ironstone
                     Concours in Murphys, CA on
                        Saturday, September 22.
      Jon Hart, Marketing & Communications
  Visit for Calendar
   Behind the Ropes - 101
  Behind the Ropes...& Under the Hoods
 Graduates Its Second High School Class
In 2005 the Blackhawk Museum
developed an opportunity for San
Ramon Valley students in grades 9, 10
and 11 to learn about the Museum, its
exhibitions and programs…up-close,
and personal!

The concept was presented to, and
supported by, the San Ramon Valley
Unified School District. The inaugural
class of 18 students was graduated
from this program in the spring of

Students are prepared to become
Museum Gallery Guides at Blackhawk
by learning to interact informally with
the Museum’s visitors about select
cars from the 80-plus automobiles
exhibited in the two galleries.

Blackhawk Museum Docents serve as mentors for students
while they are in the auto galleries; Docents George Beck
(photo, opposite) and Joyce Tucker (photo, top) discuss the
1961 Corvette and the 1933 ALFA Romeo 8C-2300.

Behind the Ropes…& Under the Hoods gives students an
excellent opportunity to perform community service.

For many students, this is the first opportunity they have
had to be inside the Blackhawk Museum and its galleries,
and Program Director Nora Wagner (photo, bottom –
blue jacket – with 1957 Thunderbird,) Museum Staff and
Docents provide an enthusiastic welcome.

Students attend an orientation conducted by Nora Wagner;
Museum Director Dan Dunn conducts three history
sessions and gallery walks of the cars and exhibitions.

These students have committed to be in the galleries for
3-hour shifts, twice a month, through summer 2007.

Jon Hart, Marketing & Communications Manager,
presented the Behind the Ropes…& Under the Hoods
project to the members of the National Association of
Automobile Museums (NAAM) during the group’s annual
conference at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los
Angeles last March.
           The Blackhawk 500                                   A special Design Trophy is given by the Museum to the
               The cars were                                   pinewood model which most realistically replicates a car

                really rollin’
                                                               of the type which might be displayed in the Museum’s
                                                               galleries and embodies the concept of a “rolling sculpture.”
             at the 8th Annual                                 This year’s winner was a model “Cobra” fabricated by
                                                               Webelos Scout Parker Lothamer of Moraga’s Pack 351.
              Blackhawk 500                                                            Parker’s car was remarkably
                                                                                       detailed and beautifully executed.
             Pinewood Derby                                                            Also worthy of mention was the
                     by Roger Evans                                                    runner-up, an exact replica of the
                                                                                       Alfa Romeo 1900 B.A.T. 7 currently
This annual event, sponsored jointly by the Mt. Diablo                                 on display in the Museum. It was
Silverado Council of the Boy Scouts of America and the                                 built by Webelos Scout Patrick
Blackhawk Museum, began promptly on Saturday, April 21                                 Granieri of Pack 405, Pleasant Hill.
on the Museum’s Plaza with a flag ceremony by a Color
Guard of United States Marines and a welcome by event          At the end of the day the Cub Scouts gathered on the
chair Stephan Olvera, Council Executive Al Westberg and        Museum Mezzanine where trophies were given out by
Muir District Executive Desiree Odenbrett.                     Chairman Stephan Olvera to the winners of each of the
                                                               racing events and the design categories. The Blackhawk
                                                               Trophy was presented to Parker Lothamer by Roger Evans,
                                                               a Museum Docent and Scout leader who was one of the
                                                               founders of The Blackhawk 500 event, eight years ago.

Moving indoors, the Pinewood Derby cars began racing
down two ramps at one end of the Lower Auto Gallery while
at the other end of the room other cars competed for design
awards in various categories.                                   From Left, Docents Ralph Cozine, Dave Selway, Ed Holloway and Fran

Pinewood Derbies have been favorite activities in Cub          Over 600 people, including Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts,
Scout Packs for more than 50 years. The best from              leaders, and parents, as well as over 100 paying visitors
throughout the Mt. Diablo Silverado Council, which includes    were at the Blackhawk Museum on April 21. They came
most of Contra Costa County and much of Napa and               from a wide area, and many were first-time visitors drawn
Solano Counties, enter The Blackhawk 500.                      by The Blackhawk 500 event. We trust that many will
                                                               return to look again at the Museum’s many attractions.
This year there were about 130 cars entered in the racing      The Blackhawk 500, like most Scouting activities, is
events, and about 160 additional cars were entered in the      educational, but it is also “fun” for the participants and the
Design Competition.                                            spectators. This partnership between Scouting and the
                                                               Blackhawk Museum has been very successful, and we look
Dick Griffiths and his group of Docent judges were busy        forward to the ninth running next year!
picking winners in the Design Competition. Over 160
pinewood cars, representing unbelievably clever designs,        For the Complete Article and More Photographs visit
had been entered so picking the best cars in five categories                 the Museum’s Website:
was not easy.                                                    
            GR8 Reunion
           1975 Le Mans
      Winners Reunited During
        2007 Amelia Island
       Concours d’Elegance
The Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance is considered
by many to be the first concours of the year. Bill Warner
and his staff always organize a great event at this
outstanding venue just north of Jacksonville, FL.

The 2007 Concours was extra special for Blackhawk
as the 1975 Le Mans-winning Mirage GR8 Spyder that
is on exhibition in the Museum was also on the field at
Amelia with several other outstanding competition cars.
                                                                                 Derek Bell photo by Chris Clarke

And attending this event as honoree and five-time Le
Mans winner was Derek Bell MBE who, with Jackie
Ickx, won the 1975 24-hour race at Le Mans, France
driving this GR8.

The only other GR8 Spyder built was entered in
the 1975 Le Mans and finished in third place; it is
positioned beside the first-place car in the Museum’s
Lower Auto Gallery.

John Wyer had successfully raced his Gulf Research
Racing Ford GT40 cars with the highly recognizable
light-blue-with-orange-stripe livery throughout 1968 and
into 1969, running them in the first three rounds of the
World Championship and at Le Mans in June.

In 1967 a new 3-litre engine capacity limit for the
Prototype group was mandated. Wyer contracted to
head up the factory Porsche 917 racing team with Gulf
Research livery in 1970-71, and the M2/300 Mirages
were parked and not raced again. The Mirage M6 came
in late 1971 and the Gulf Team raced the GR7 (formerly
Gulf-Mirage M6) during the 1974 season, finishing
second in the World Championship.

In 1975 two Cosworth-Ford V-8-powered GR8 Mirages
were entered in Le Mans, the Gulf Team’s only race
of the season, and finished first (Ickx & Bell) and third
(Schuppan & Jaussaud.) Gulf Research withdrew its
sponsorship from racing following the 1975 season.

Derek Bell and Jackie Ickx would go on to share many
wins on the podium as co-drivers.
                                                            Photo by Nigel Snowdon is from the book Directory of Classic Prototypes and
                                                            Grand Touring Cars by Anthony Pritchard, Aston Publications Ltd., U.K., 1988
 More on the GR8 at
                             Media Alert
                                                                   Throughout the month of May and repeating at various
  Local, Regional, National…                                       times during June were several 4-minute segment
                                                                   interviews with Blackhawk Museum staffers and docents
   Print, Web, Electronic…                                         that were broadcast on Comcast Northern California’s
                                                                   “Local Edition” program.
         Blackhawk –
                                                                   These studio-based informational programs aired at
      got you covered!                                             24- and 54-minutes after the hour, every hour on CNN
                                                                   Headline News in Bay Area communities. The “studio”
It is always exciting to see the Blackhawk Museum and              was the Blackhawk Museum’s two auto galleries, and the
its exhibitions appear in print, on newsprint, as well as on       automotive art gallery. Three staff members and nearly a
glossy offset paper stock. It’s more exciting when the ink is      dozen docents and Guild members were interviewed; some
in color with an image or two for readers to enjoy.                of the “talent” experienced mild anxiety, but viewers saw
                                                                   no furrowed brows through the heavy layers of makeup
But it’s really exciting when the ink is in color, with an image   applied by a professional makeup artist!
or two, and the color is on the cover of a national monthly
read by car collectors and hobbyists.

                                                                    Left: Program Director Nora Wagner gets sponged before her interview;
                                                                      Right: Guild co-founder Pat Behring with Comcast’s Aimee Allison.

                                                                          K N R Y AM 1240…M o n t e r e y
                                                                   Museum Program Director, Nora Wagner, and I went live
                                                                   on Saturday April 21 at 8:05 AM on Monterey’s KNRY AM
                                                                   1240. This station reaches Sunnyvale to the North, King
                                                                   City to the South and Gilroy/Hollister to the East as well
                                                                   as many ships at sea. The program, Museum Adventures,
The February 2007 issue of Car Collector magazine                  was focused on Blackhawk’s automobile and automotive
focused on the Museum’s 18th annual post-Pebble Beach              art exhibitions, and the Alfa Romeo B.A.T.s and the Dodge
Open House on August 21, 2006. Kind words by writer                Firearrows and Firebomb were of great interest. The five-
Harvey Geiger, great images by Geiger and the Museum,              car Duesenberg exhibition – America’s Mightiest Motor
and you can read the posting on Car Collector’s website            Car – was also promoted along with The Motor Car in Art
at There’s also a hard copy in the           exhibition. Educational opportunities, including children’s
Museum’s Automotive Research Library off the main lobby.           education and Docent training, were discussed. I’m pleased
                                                                   that Nora and I took twenty-eight of the twenty-two minutes
Blackhawk had the cover position in March as a lead into           we were given!
the article 150 ‘Must See’ Automotive Museums. Yes!
                                                                                               - Jon Hart -
                               Our Docents
   Docent Graduation &
    Awards Ceremony
   Monday, June 11, 2007

          Nora E. Wagner,
          Program Director

Docents at the Blackhawk Museum
are very aware of their role as the
bridge between our exhibitions and
our visitors. For this reason their
contributions are so important.
Many thanks to all of these women
and men!

The keynote speaker for this
year was Museum member Raffi
Minasian, a freelance automotive
designer and widely published
illustrator. He holds degrees in both
Product Design and Transportation
Design and has participated in
the Museum’s popular Saturday                Docent Class of 2007, from left to right: Back Row: Ed Bader, Michael Walker, Ron Pearl, Paul
                                           Truschke, Donald Burns; Center Row: Juergen Habermeier, Suzanne Stroh, James Hanafee; Front
Morning Lecture Series.                      Row: Cindy Wu, Jane Shah, Mary Man; and Not Pictured: Darrel Leckliter & Sandra Pohutsky.

Not all Docents are active at any one time, but we have             Docents also go on outreaches to automotive events as
Docents from the Charter Class of 1992 when the formal              well as to school and community events to tell visitors
Docent training program had its first graduation.                   about the Museum, its exhibitions and programs, and their
                                                                    shifts can last several hours.
86 Docents were recognized for their many hours of
continuing Museum service. Awards were presented for the            The total number of docent-recorded service hours
Most of Everything to Ed Holloway, Most Hours by Tenured            between June 1, 2006 and May 31, 2007 was an incredible
Docent to Jim Hale & Ed Holloway, and Most Hours by First           1,620 hours! And more than 150,000 Bay Area and Central
Year Docent to Marc Kagan.                                          Valley youth have participated in Museum programs since
                                                                    1991 when the Education Department was established.
The Docent of the Year Award is given at the Guild Holiday
Party in December. It will be awarded in memory of Bill             For more information please call me at 925-736-2277 ext.
Roper, an outstanding Docent, who passed away last year.            238 or email me at

Docents give tours and are gallery hosts for people of all              For the complete article and a look at all the award
ages coming, either as touring groups or to attend a special            winners:
event. We are an educational institution and docents must
be present for part of the event.

 The commitments for becoming a Docent are:

 (1) to attend the bimonthly training sessions on content
 and tour techniques given by staff and guest speakers
 from October to June;

 (2) prepare an oral and written assignment; and

 (3) give 30 hours of service each year for 2 years following
 the training and graduation.
                               THROUGH THE LENS & BEHIND THE ROPES
     Combining a life long photographic avocation and a love of
all things automotive has enabled Dick Griffiths to find much
satisfaction in his 14 years as a museum docent.

     "The composite of the many small styling details make for
the beauty of the automobile. Everything from door handles,
vents, mirrors, taillights and hood ornaments when added to the
sheet metal makes the cars come alive and be a thing of
grandeur!" "Photographing in the museum using only the
overhead lighting can be challenging," according to Dick. But
we think the results are worth the effort - witness the number of
"Blackhawk Museum News" covers that have come from Dick's

Here is more of his work:

                                                                                     "Reflections" in the museum's outer lobby

             Berlinetta Aerodynamica Technica (B.A.T.) #7

                                                                    Porsche 911 GT3 headlight photographed on the museum plaza on a car club visit

       Docent George Beck's Concours winning Packard's Cormorant     Saoutchik's striking fender trim on 1928 Mercedes Model S Torpedo Brevete
"For the visitor with an eye for detail…. and who takes the time, the
museum and its collection holds a wealth of beauty and can amaze
and delight the discerning observer."

                                                                                Horn on the 1926 Daimler Model 45 HP Salon Cabriolet

                                                                             Porsche Cayman S Air Duct photographed on the museum plaza

            Lalique "Téte de paön" mascot on the1934 Delage D8-SS

                                                                                    Side view mirror on 1957 Jaguar XK-SS Roadster

                                                                        Dick uses a Panasonic DMZ-FZ30 8Mp digital camera with a Leica
                                                                        Elmarit 35mm-420mm zoom lens. Images are captured in high res.
                                                                        .tiff format and are "processed" on an iMac G5 computer using both
                                                                        Apple iPhoto and Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0. Interior shots
                                                                        were 8 to 12 sec. time exposures taken using a tripod and only the
          Horn trumpets on '32 HorchV-12 Type 670, Sport Cabriolet      museum's overhead halogen lights.
Saturday Morning Lecture
                                                                                      The 2006 Great Race started in
                                                                                      Philadelphia and finished in San
                                                                                      Rafael…just 5 miles away from
                                                                                      John and Angela Harris’ home. The
                                                                                      ‘Guacamole Ghost’ (68ZG) is well
                                                                                      known around Marin County, and John
                                                                                      was encouraged to enter; friends had
                                                                                      done it and were enthusiastic. So
                                                                                      with Cyril Kenzie as navigator, John
                                                                                      entered and they called themselves
                                                                                      The Ghost Riders.

                                                                                      Admission of $8 / $5 for seniors 65+
                                                                                      and students with valid ID will be
                                                                                      charged for non-Museum Members.

                                                                                      For additional information please
                                                                                      contact Jon Hart at the Museum,
                                                                                      925.736.2277 ext. 248
             John Harris in his 1922 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Open Tourer 68ZG

  Saturday October 20, 2007 • 10:15 am – Noon with John Harris

 All Aboard! European Train Enthusiasts
The European Train Enthusiasts will be returning to the Museum for the holiday season with their collection of model
trains, exotic layout of track, and wealth of knowledge on European railroading. For those of you unfamiliar with the Eu-
ropean Train Enthusiasts (ETE), this is their 8th visit to the Museum and they promise to bring their largest display to date!
The ETE is a nationwide organization dedicated to preserving the history and detailing the benefits of European railway
systems, all while recreating the spirit of the rails through their extravagant layouts and collection of past, present, and
prototype train models.

Arriving November 23 and Staying Through the January 6, 2008
Hold your next party here!

                           Photo Courtesy of Photos in a Flash™
The Museum is Unmatched in
      its Versatility

    MICKEY ADZA AT 925.736.2277 x249
          DANVILLE, CA 94506
                                                    Photo Courtesy of Photos in a Flash™

                                                    Photo Courtesy of Photos in a Flash™

       Te Executive Room               Te Automotive Dining Room

        Reserve Your Date: 925.736.2277 x249
                                                                                                     OF EVENTS

Every Saturday & Sunday          2:00pm              Docent-led Tour of the Museum’s Renowned Exhibitions. Free with admission—this
                                                     insightful tour of our 80-plus classics is excellent for all visitors. Meeting in the lobby at 2:00
                                                     pm on every Saturday and Sunday, this tour of the exhibition will be led by one of our highly
                                                     trained, volunteer docents and will run for an hour or more.

Sunday, July 22                  2:00pm              Robert Welch Lecture: “Life and Times of Autos and Art” A slide presentation & gallery walk
                                                     by Robert Welch, art historian and auto aficionado. Trough period and contemporary art
                                                     works and anecdotes Mr. Welch will demonstrate how the automobile has influenced our
                                                     social and technological life. Women at the wheel, steam, gas and electricity, sculptures on
                                                     the hood, the ethyl edge, kids and cars are some of the topics that he will cover.

Saturday, July 28                10:00am–1:00pm Docent’s Favorite Ride Join the Museum’s Docents on the Plaza in front of the Museum to
                                                check out what they’re driving when they’re not being Docents, & see their automobilia.

Saturday, October 20             10:15–noon          Coast-to-Coast in The ‘Guacamole Ghost’ with John Harris. Nicknamed for its unique color,
                                                     the ‘Guacamole Ghost’ (68ZG) is very well known around Marin County. Hear wonderful
                                                     stories about the car’s cross-country trek in the 2006 Great Race that started in Philadelphia
                                                     and finished in San Rafael.

Friday, October 26               8:00pm–1:00am       Halloween Party: That Old Blackhawk Magic XI. Radio Stations KKIQ & KKDV sponsor this
                                                     night to remember with dancing , drinks, appetizers & prizes.

Sunday, November 4               2:00pm              “Reminiscence: American Art Dance of Isadora Duncan” (1878-1927) Dance performance
                                                     by Lois Flood, dancer and director of Diablo Dance Teater. A narration of Duncan’s life &
                                                     comment on how it is reflected in the cars of that period by Joanna Harris, PhD.

Monday, December 31              7:30pm–1:00am       New Year’s Eve Celebration: Paradise Under the Stars at the Tropicana Club. Spend a night
                                                     in Havana during its heyday. Check the website for information on making reservations, this
                                                     event will sell out and you don’t want to miss the music, mojitos & magic of the night.
   Family Hands-On Funshops

        Family Funshops are oriented for Children under 10 & their families and are Free with Admission. Drop in at Anytime!

Sunday, July 29                  1:00pm–4:00pm       “On the Go!” Learn about different forms of transportation from around the world.
Sunday, August 19                1:00pm-4:00pm       “Construction: Tractors and Trailers” All of the machines that shape our world.
Sunday, September 9              1:00pm-4:00pm       “Horseless Carriages” A special Grandparents Day funshop.
Sunday, October 27               1:00pm-4:00pm       “Bippity, Boppety Move” Forms of transportation from Children’s Literature and Movies
                                                     from Aladdin’s magic carpet to Harry Potter’s broom.
Sunday, November 25              1:00pm-4:00pm       “I Think I Can: Trains!” In conjunction with the European Train Enthusiast’s exhibition of
                                                     HO Scale Model Trains.

       Exhibition Schedule

On-going                        International Automotive Treasures™—An ever-changing exhibit of 80-plus automobiles housed in two
                                expansive galleries. Tese automotive works of art date from the turn of the twentieth century to the beginning
                                of the twenty-first. With everything from one-off luxury sedans to race-proven sports cars, there is something
                                for everyone here.

Trough November 4, 2007         The Motor Car in Art: Selections from the Blackhawk Museum Automotive Art Collection—Te Blackhawk
                                Museum’s extensive collection of automotive art objects—including paintings, and sculptures—celebrates
                                the automobile since its development in the mid-1880s. The Motor Car in Art exhibition presents paintings,
                                illustrations, sculptures, toys, games, and other three-dimensional automotive-themed objects from the
                                Blackhawk Museum Automotive Art Collection.

Trough November 4, 2007         Duesenberg: America’s Mightiest Motor Car. Several of these uniquely American automobiles will be on display.
                                See for yourself why this car created a legacy that changed both industry and culture.

Opening November 23             All Aboard! European Train Enthusiasts. Tis popular traveling exhibition of HO Scale European Model Trains
through January 6, 2008         returns for the holidays. Tis year they will bring their most ambitious layout to date. A separate exhibit of Lionel
                                Trains and Victorian Era blocks will be on display in an upstairs gallery.                                    rev. 6.13

                        Programs and dates subject to change, visit the website for the most current information.
                       Programs are free with paid admission (Museum Members free) unless otherwise noted.
                                 For more information and confirmation please call 925.736.2280 or visit:

                     Automotive Research
Our Automotive Research Library
is constantly updated with monthly
periodicals and contains information
dating to the early 1900s to satisfy
the needs and questions of auto
enthusiasts and restorers.

We have factory-issued press kits with
black & white photos, as well as 35mm
slides, showroom sales literature,
books and magazines. An up-to-date
set of Automobile Quarterlys with
Indices provides ready-reference for
history buffs.

When you visit our new website you’ll
find a downloadable Library Research
Request form that you can fill out
and fax or mail back to us at your
leisure. Of course you can also call
925.736.2277 ext.254 if you can’t wait   Herb Jorgensen, Librarian at Blackhawk Museum, among the stacks
to start your research.

Library Hours are Wednesday–Sunday, 10 am–5 pm and visitation to the Library is free
                    (Please call ahead to make an appointment.)

The Museum Shop & Bookstore

                                                                                  Part of the
                                                                                  Experience You
                                                                                  Can Take Home
 Monthly Family FunShops with Robin Wiley                                        Upcoming Public Program
Robin Wiley is one of those creative, resourceful people                            Sunday, July 22, 2 PM
who can look at an exhibition and come up with myriad                            “Life and Times of Autos and Art”
ways to approach it with hands-on activities for children,               by Robert Welch, Art Historian and Auto Aficionado
particularly three to ten years old. She has a multi-discipline
background, which complements how her mind works since              Bob will present a slide presentation of art works that
she thinks in a matrix rather than in a linear fashion, much        give a provocative context for how the automobile has
like children do. Family programs provide an excellent              influenced our social and technological life. Ladies at the
opportunity for adults and children to interact and enjoy           wheel, steam, gas and electricity, sculpture on the hood,
being together in an educational setting.                           the ethyl edge, kids and cars are some of the topics he will
                                                                    address. A gallery visit
Robin holds college degrees in Early Childhood Education            of the “Motor Car in Art”
and in Developmental Disabilities. However, beyond these            exhibition will follow his
she has many interests and actively pursues them since              presentation.
she majored in graphic arts, drama and music.
                                                                    Bob has been active
She has been in the education field for many years. At the          with the Museum for
Hayward Unified School District she designed the Pre-               a number of years as
School Science curriculum for parent education and taught           a guest speaker. He
high school Special Education classes.                              informs new docent
                                                                    classes about the art
Robin has also worked with the Hayward Parks and                    historical periods of the
Recreation Department as a pre-school naturalist and as a           cars we exhibit and how
storyteller with East Bay Regional Parks. Currently she is          these influence one another. His passion for art history is
an educator for the Hayward Area Historical Society. When           reflected in the many years he has taught this subject at the
I asked her what her passion is, she replied, “Educating            college level. His passion for the automobile is displayed
young children and sharing information. They don’t have as          in owning and restoring old cars. This blend creates a
many opportunities for hands-on now.”                               memorable experience for all who attend his programs.

Her experiences                                                                 Sunday, November 4, 2 PM
and her                                                                “Reminiscence: American Art Dance of Isadora Duncan
professional                                                             (1878-1927)” by Lois Flood and Joanna Harris PhD
training have
qualified her to                                                    This dance performance by Lois Flood is taken from the
know the best                                                       lyrical and dramatic repertory of Isadora Duncan. Joanna
techniques for                                                      Harris, PhD, dance critic and historian will narrate Duncan’s
reaching the                                                        life and art and comment on how they are linked to the cars
adult/child public.                                                 of that period.

      Upcoming Family Sunday FunShops                               The end of the Victorian Era and the beginning of the
          1-4 PM, On-Going, Drop-in                                 1900s brought a burst of classical elegance and grandeur
                                                                    to dance and design. Isadora’s classical aesthetic dance
      July 29 – “On the Go: Different Forms of Transportation all                                     was the beginning of
                over the World”                                                                       modern dance; during
   August 19 – “Construction: Tractors and Trailers”                                                  this period cars were on
                                                                                                      a path toward modern
September 9 – Grandparents Day, “Horseless Carriages”                                                 design. For Duncan,
  October 27 – “Bippity Boppety Move: Forms of Transportation                                         pioneer, legend and
               taken from Children’s Literature and Movies”                                           revolutionary, “To awaken
               such as Aladdin’s magic carpet and Harry                                               human emotion is the
               Potter’s broom.                                                                        highest level of Art.”
November 25 – “I Think I Can: Trains” in conjunction with our
                                                                                                      Lois Flood, solo dancer
              ETE/HO-scale model train exhibition
                                                                                                      and director of Diablo
Dance Theater, has performed and taught in Paris, New             three-wheeled motor carriage with her two teenage sons in
York and the greater San Francisco Bay Area for years.            1888. Tours for other grades emphasize History & Social
                                                                  Science, Language Arts and Visual Arts. Some students
          Saturday, July 28, 10 AM - 1 PM                         in middle and high school are enrolled in the “Behind the
                  “Docent’s Favorite Ride”                        Ropes and Under the Hoods” community service program
                                                                  in which they learn to become gallery hosts at the Museum
Docents Favorite Ride is a marvelous show and tell for            (article on Page 3.)
Docents about his or her own special “ride,” artwork or
automobilia. Bill Dormandy chairs this event; his Committee       Another group coming in greater numbers is the home-
of Heroic Deeds includes Joyce Tucker, Norm Christie, Dick        schoolers. Museums are the perfect venue for these
Griffiths, Ed Spencer, Ralph Cozine, Fred Kern, Lawrence          students since independent and mixed age study is
Magnus, Tom Dodd, Doug Morse and Ed Holloway. After               encouraged.
the Docent Breakfast they talk about features that make
their entry a favorite. It is a fellowship opportunity for them   Since the automobiles are exhibited as “rolling sculptures”
to share something of their own with each other and the           there are many ways to approach learning about them.
general public. “Rides” on the Plaza have included cars,          Besides enjoying our automotive galleries, students also
motorcycles, and golf carts; art works, photographs, quilts       visit our changing exhibitions. Our exhibitions can be used
with auto designs, collectibles and other items are shown         to illustrate and experience many facets of automotive
in the lobby. The Docents Favorite Trivia Quiz is a great         history and design. More than 150,000 youth have had
favorite! Prizes are given for the best Docent presentation       contact with the Museum since its education program
and for scoring 100% on the quiz.                                 began in 1991.

                                                                  The Children’s Education and Transportation Fund is an
                                                                  innovative reimbursement bus fund for public and private
                                                                  schools to visit the Museum provided by the fund-raising
                                                                  efforts of the Blackhawk Museum Guild.

This year DFR has its own logo/identity courtesy of
Dick Griffiths who offered to create one during the May
Continuing Docents meeting.

This year something new has been added: Docents have
been asked to dress to be “One with the Spirit of Your
Ride.” Another first is a mystery story involving the Ride
by Docent/author Tom Dodd for the Museum Guild’s

All programs are free for members and are included with
admission for non-members. Please check our Website                         The Blackhawk Museum Guild Steering Committee
and recorded phone message for updates on all programs.           Youth groups such as Scouts, camps, boys and girls clubs,
                Educational Presence                              and others come for an enrichment opportunity throughout
                                                                  the year. Adults, either in car clubs, senior, service or other
School programs for all ages have continued to be an              interest groups, find a Docent-led visit to the Museum an
important and effective way for students to learn about           intriguing experience. Docents also lead public tours on
our exhibitions and link what they see and hear to the            Saturdays and Sundays at 2 PM. Many folks enjoy the
grade-appropriate curricula standards they are studying.          restaurant and shopping offerings within the Blackhawk
For some teachers it is surprising that we offer Docent-led       Plaza’s beautiful grounds while here.
tours beginning with Kindergarten. Young children enjoy
hearing stories about cars and looking at them through            To schedule a self-guided or Docent-led tour please contact
a storytelling tour program called “Let’s Go for a Ride”          Maria Chafin at or call
developed for Kindergarten - Second graders. Storyteller          her at 925-736-2277 ext. 239.
Robin Wiley in period dress tells the story of Bertha Benz,
wife of Karl Benz, and her 60-mile road adventure in a            Nora E. Wagner, Program Director
                                                                          Car Clubs
 A Destination for
   Bay Area and
    Car Clubs
Since the Blackhawk
Museum’s grand opening in
August 1988, it has become
a favorite destination for Bay
Area and Northern California
car clubs; and about twice
each year, Blackhawk hosts
car clubs traveling on coast-
to-coast tours. During 2006,
several Muscle Car owners
dropped by the Museum for
a catered buffet lunch and
                                                    Ferrari Club of America, photo courtesy of Docent Dick Griffiths
a Docent-led tour as they
made their way from Southern California to Wine Country.         Members of the Ferrari Club of America, Pacific
Without regard to the year, the marque or the quantity…          Region (Northern California and Nevada – www.
Blackhawk is happy to be an “agenda item” on numerous   came to Blackhawk on May 12 for
car club calendars.                                              the presentation on Ferrari Preservation.

CSRG…( Classic Sportscar Racing            The diversity of the car clubs and the frequency with which
Group…frequently holds its holiday dinner at the Museum;      they visit are truly amazing! During the ‘Dry Season’ we’ll
members can admire the new arrivals into the galleries        frequently have two or three car clubs every Saturday and
since their last visit, and they enjoy the ambience and the   Sunday…many taking advantage of the 2:00 PM Docent-
great dining.                                                 led tour each of those days that is free with paid admission.

The Z Owners of Northern California – aka ZONC, which         Maria Chafin in the Programs Department schedules the
supports Datsun/Nissan 240-, 260-, 280- and 300-Z cars        car club tours, and Docents are frequently available for
( – held its 8th Extravaganza at Blackhawk       tours, when requested.
on June 30 with 100-plus cars registered for exhibition; in
past years, the Museum has welcomed “Mr. K” – Yutaka
Katayama, President of Nissan USA from 1965 to 1974 –
who is considered the ‘Father of the Z Car.’

Members of the Pierce-Arrow Society, NorCal Region
( came to Blackhawk on March 11
for their annual Blackhawk Brunch Tour. Pierce-Arrow was
the American marque car for the 51st Annual Hillsborough
Concours – at Crocker Middle School in Hillsborough –
on Sunday, May 6, and Museum Docents staffed our 10’
x 10’ tent promoting upcoming lectures, programs and
                                                                Pierce-Arrow Society, NorCal Region, photo by Docent John Finneran

 To Book Your Car Club, Call Maria at 925.736.2277 ext 239
Individual Membership - $60                                Unlimited free admission to the Museum’s Exhibitions for one year
Senior Couple Membership                                   10% discount in the Museum Shop and Bookstore
                                                           Blackhawk Museum Membership Card(s)
                                                           Quarterly Color Newsletter
                                                           Invitations to Members-Only Programs and Exhibition previews
                                                           Eligibility for Docent Training Program
                                                           Smithsonian Affiliate Membership Card
                                                           12 Issues of Smithsonian Magazine
                                                           10% Discount at Smithsonian Shops
                                                           Advance notice for Smithsonian Seminars and Events in your area

Family Membership - $75                                    One Smithsonian Affiliate Membership Card
                                                           Free admission for up to 4 children under 18

Car Club Membership - $50                                  All of the benefits of a Family Membership at a reduced price when you
                                                           already belong to a Car Club. Include proof of membership.

AMG Reciprocal Membership - $175                           Two one-time guest admission tickets
                                                           Automotive Museum Group (AMG) Membership
                                                           Unlimited admission to AMG Museums*

Supporter Membership - $500                                15% Discount in the Museum Shop
                                                           Six one-time guest admission tickets
                                                           One gift certificate for Museum Family Membership

Patron Membership - $1,000                                 Ten one-time guest admission tickets
                                                           One private tour for a group of up to 10
                                                           Admission for 2 to Museum Guest Lecture

Lifetime Membership - $10,000                              Receive all of the benefits above, and become one of the elite members
                                                           of the Museum.

Corporate Memberships are also available, as are opportunities for exhibition sponsorships. For Lifetime and Corporate
Membership details, please call: 925.736.2277 x229

*The AMG Group Includes: Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum - Auburn, IN • Auto Collections at the Imperial Palace - Las Vegas, NV • National
Automobile Museum - Reno, NV • National Corvette Museum - Bowling Green, KY • Petersen Automotive Museum - Los Angeles, CA • San Diego Auto
Museum - San Diego, CA • Saratoga Automobile Museum - Saratoga, NY • Studebaker National Museum - South Bend, IN

                                                                PERSONAL INFORMATION                          Member # ___________________
                                                                Name(s)	_____________________________________________________
  MEMBERSHIP CATEGORY DESIRED                                   Address ______________________________________________________
   $60 - Individual or Senior Couple                            City __________________________________ State ___ Zip ___________
   $75 - Family Membership                                      Email _________________________________ Phone ________________
   $50 - Car Club Membership
   $175 - AMG Reciprocal Membership                              PAYMENT INFORMATION
   $500 - Supporter Membership                                  My Check for $ ______ payable to BLACKHAWK MUSEUM is enclosed.
   $1,000 - Patron Membership
                                                                Please Charge My:            AMEX           Visa        Master Card         Discover
   $10,000 - Lifetime Membership
                                                                Name on Card _________________________________________________
       TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION                                  Card Number ___________________________________ Exp. _________
   $________ - Tax Deductible Donation
                                                                Signature _____________________________________________________
   	        	         A	Not-for-Profit	501(c)(3)
         Blackhawk Museum • 3700 Blackhawk Plaza Circle • Danville, CA 94506 • Ph: 925.736.2277 • Fax: 925.736.4818 •

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