Bicyclist and Pedestrians Demand Better Community SMART Train by wuyunyi


                                    promoting bicycling for transportation and recreation

Bicyclist and Pedestrians
Demand Better Community
Planning Timothy Bacon
On July 12, the SCBC, in cooperation with
the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the
Economy (Leadership Institute) and the Santa
Rosa Neighborhood Alliance, hosted a town
hall meeting on creating a Santa Rosa that is
more walkable and bikeable. Over 120 people
attended the meeting at the Odd Fellows Hall,                Sonoma County residents want “complete streets.”
including many city employees as well as City     ITE Pedestrian Bicycle Council
Council members Bob Blanchard and Steve            on the importance of and needed changes to
Rabinowitsh. Assemblywoman Noreen Evans            how the City treats pedestrians and bicyclists.
and Suzanne Wilford, executive director of         Lynn Walton of Sonoma County Health
Sonoma County Transportation Authority were        Department noted that the health of
also in the audience.                              communities is directly affected by choices
The meeting was moderated by Tanya Narath,         that encourage walking and biking. Creating an
executive director of the Leadership Institute.    environment that encourages healthy choices
Six panel members presented their perspectives                                              continued on page 8

SMART Train heads for the
ballot Beth Galleto
                                                   The SMART train will run from Cloverdale
                                                   to Larkspur on right-of-way already owned
Voters in Marin and Sonoma Counties will           by the public and a pedestrian/bicycle path
decide whether to fund a Sonoma-Marin              will run alongside the tracks for most of the
commuter train with a quarter-cent sales tax       distance. Trains are expected to run every half
November 7. The Sonoma Marin Area Rail             hour during morning and afternoon rush hours.
Transit (SMART) District voted 10-to-1 last        The trip is projected to take about an hour from
month to place the measure on the ballot. The      Santa Rosa to Larkspur where commuters can
Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition and many           catch the Golden Gate Ferry.
other organizations have endorsed this measure.    According to Steve Birdlebough, Chairman
                                                           of Friends of SMART, users of the
                                                           pathway will be protected by fencing
                                                           from any debris in the trains’ wakes.
                                                           In addition, the crossing gates for
                                                           the trains will be integrated with
                                                           traffic signals in cities along the line
                                                           to minimize interference with traffic
                                                           when the trains are passing through.
                                                           Because trains will have only two
                                                           cars, and each car is self-powered,
                                                           the trains can cross streets quickly,
                                                           without slowing traffic.

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                       How do you make change?                                  engineers, students, gardeners, bike shop
                                                                                employees... but they all loved bikes.
                                                                                Politics and understanding the “system” was new
                                                                                to most of them. But having a common goal of
                                                                                making Sonoma County a better place to ride
                                                                                bikes inspired them jump in and get involved.
                                                                                I came to the organization with no political
                                                                                background, I was just sick of being told to
    EDITOR                          We’ve come a long way baby!                 “Get off the road!” I started attending the
    Christine Culver                                                            SCBC board meetings and volunteered for any
                                    That is what I think every time I go to     thing I could do. That is how I learned.
    COPY EDITORS                    some public or governmental meeting.
    Loretta Esparza                 I’m not talking about our 700+              So can you. One of the things that Lou Salz
    Bunni Zimberoff                 members or that we have an actual           talks about in his interview (pg 4) is helping
                                    office (my husband was pretty happy         our members become advocates and getting in
    Timothy Bacon                   to get his home office back!). I’m          there to make the changes that we need. With
    Christine Culver                talking about our members, the public,      this I invite you to sign-up for our e-updates,
    Vicki Duggan                    learning how the political ropes work       attend our board meetings and get involved,
    Loretta Esparza                                                             because it is you and me at the grass root level
    Beth Galleto
                                    and where to pull when needed.
                                                                                that will make changes happen!
    Deb Hubsmith                    When the first folks got together to
    PHOTOS                          create the SCBC, they consisted of
    Becky Schuerman Choi            people from all walks of life; school
    Christine Culver                teachers, housewives, retired planners,     Christine Culver
                                                                                Executive Director
    SCBC Board of Directors
    Bernie Album
    Vicki Duggan (Vice President)
    Mike Eunice (Secretary)
                                    Local Scene
    Tim Gonzales                    City of Petaluma
    Doug McKenzie                   was approved for a Bicycle
    Jeanna Menze                    Transportation Account Grant
    Misty Mesel (Treasurer)
    Shannon Peterson                for Bike Lanes on Petaluma
    Lou Salz                        Boulevard North. Kudos to
    Ken Wells                       Petaluma for following through
    Gary Wysocky (President)
                                    with the promised bike lanes that
    EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR              were not included in the road
    Christine Culver                repair last year.
    MEMBERSHIP                       The Petaluma
    COORDINATOR/                     Pedestrian
    Timothy Bacon
                                     Bicycle Advisory
    LETTERS TO THE EDITOR            participated in the                              Memorial Building. Please check the
    We welcome your comments.
                                     2006 Butter and Eggs                             SCBC website for updates.
    Send letters to:
    SCBC                            Parade and had their                              The new Geyserville bridge has been
    PO Box 3088                     best showing yet.                                 on the fast track since the old span was
    Santa Rosa CA 95402-3088
                                    The crowd applauded                               badly damaged eight months ago. It is
    e-mail comments:             the unicyclists that                              scheduled to open August 18.
                                    led their group, the      Michael Bicheler      Valley of the Moon Teen Bicycle
                     decorated walkers and bicyclists. watches Ron Kuentzel         Recycling program is in need of help on
                                                             as he navagates his
                     They distributed bicycle safety       pennyfarthing bicycle in every level. They need adults who are
                     literature, tire reflectors and red the Butter and Eggs Parade interested in bikes and teens. Volunteers
                     LED flashing lights.                                           can either live in the Sonoma Valley or
                       Sonoma County Transit is hosting “Way                  be willing to travel there to work with the kids.
2                      to Go Expo.” This will be a chance to                  Donations of used bikes, bike parts, and tools
                       experience many modes of transportation.               are needed. Financial contributions also also
                       Many different organizations will be present.          accepted. For more information call 939-1452.
                       October 19, 3-6 pm at Santa Rosa Veteran’s                                              continued on page 5
Bike to Work 2006                                    Agilent Technologies
                                                     hosted an
Loretta Esparza                                      interdivisional contest
                                                     which was won by
Thanks to all Bike to Work Day participants for      the EEsof Divison.
cycling or volunteering organization time. All       They also boasted
nine counties participated in the 12th annual,       an outstanding 11
San Francisco Bay Area event on May 18. It           percent participation
was part of National Bike Month, an annual           for the event day.
recognition of bicycling as a convenient and         Congratulations to
fun form of transportation that is becoming          Agilent for helping
more popular in the United States.                   its employees ride or
In celebration of Bike to Work Day, thousands of     walk to work.
Bay Area residents rode their bicycles to work on    The City of Santa
May 18. The day began with over 19 Energizer         Rosa Transit and
Stations in Sonoma County handing out free           Parking Depatment
coffee, breakfast treats and musette bags stuffed    and Lakeside Rialto
with bike-related goodies. Over 1,800 seasoned       Cinemas kicked off
cyclists and new enthusiasts chose the healthy       Bike to Work May
commute on Bike to Work Day.                         with Pee Wee’s Big
Bike to Work May was a smashing success              Adventure at the               Cindy Lewis from the County Center
and we are thrilled to announce the winners of       Rialto Cinemas. The                  organized a full breakfast!
the San Francisco Bay Area’s Inaugural Team          movie was free to everyone who rode their
Bike Challenge. Congratulations to The Critical      bicycles and parked them with SCBC’s valet
Macs of San Francisco County with 253 points!        bike parking service.
Sonoma County’s PJAMM CYCLES came in                 More than one million Bay Area residents live
fourth place with 225 points from a total of 105     within five miles of their workplace, an ideal
Bay Area Teams. Kudos to PJAMM CYCLES                distance for bicycling. The work commute only
teammates, Michelle Lydon, Wendy Woods,              represents 23 percent of all trips, so consider
Scott Lewis, Malcolm Manwell and Rowena              how you also may be able to bike to shopping,
Arata for a job well done. Sonoma County had a       to school, for errands and for social events.
strong showing with 10 teams.                        Participating in Bike to Work Day has inspired
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MTC Adopts Regional “Complete Streets”
Funding Policy Deb Hubsmith
On June 28 the Metropolitan Transportation            Transportation 2030 plan with a “call to
Commission (MTC) adopted a routine                   action” to develop such a policy. To further
accommodation/complete streets policy which          understand the problem, MTC completed a
states that all funds which are distributed          study to determine why bicycle and pedestrian
through MTC must consider the needs of               facilities were or were not included routinely
bicyclists and pedestrians. MTC is the San           in transportation projects. The adopted policy
Francisco Bay Area’s metropolitan planning           will now result in the development of a check-
organization, and handles transportation             list. All agencies receiving funding from
planning, financing and coordination for the         MTC will be required to indicate through the
nine-county region. This is an important             checklist how their project will consider the
victory for non-motorized travelers as nearly        needs of bicyclists, pedestrians and disabled
all federal funds which flow to Bay Area counties    travelers. Congestion Management Agencies
come through MTC. The Sonoma County                  in each county must review the project check-
Bicycle Coalition worked with the Bay Area           lists, and make them available through their
Bicycle Coalition and other pedestrian and bicycle   websites, and to their countywide Bicycle/
organizations to secure adoption of the policy.      Pedestrian Advisory Committees (BPACs).
The routine accommodation recommendations            The routine accommodation policy also details                       
were developed after MTC approved its 2001           other requirements related to the availability of
Regional Transportation Plan and its 2005            resources, bike/ped planning, monitoring of the
                                                     process, and the composition of BPACs.
    A little bit about the 2006 SCBC board members
    Second in a series of three
    We asked each of the 2006 SCBC
    Board Members a series of questions.

    Lou Salz
    Q: Why did you want to be on the SCBC board?
    Lou: Santa Rosa was a pretty good bicycle
    town when I first arrived here. As the
    population has increased, it has become more
    difficult. I’ve long felt that cyclists haven’t

                                                                                                 Photo: by Christine Culver
    been considered in community planning and
    want to see that change. I think the only way
    that will happen is if a group like the SCBC
    can work to influence policy towards positive
    Q: What is your cycling passion?
    Lou: I’ve always loved just going out and
    exploring different areas of our county. I enjoy   kind is it?
    all the types of bicycle touring ranging from      Lou: I have four bikes I use for various types
    the organized inn-to-inn tours to my own travels   of riding. A Seven Axiom is the nicest light-
    carrying all my gear without a specific plan.      weight road bike I’ve ever owned. The SyCip
    Q: What is your favorite ride?                     mountain bike is great for the off-road riding.
    Lou: Sonoma County has so many nice rides,         I have a Trek I use to ride to work that is set
    but my two favorites are the Geysers road          up for my transportation needs. The favorite is
    loop from my house and the King Ridge loop         likely my Co-Motion Americano touring bike.
    returning on Fort Ross Road.                       It is great for carrying a heavy load over almost
                                                       any type of road surface. I think I like it best
    Q: How long have you been involved in              because it can do just about anything the other
    bicycling advocacy?                                bikes can do.
    Lou: I started actively working on finding         Q: Do you have a particular interest/project
    out how the system worked in about 1985. A         that you would like to see SCBC conquer?
    group of us that worked at Hewlett-Packard at
    the time got organized and showed up at some       Lou: I was one of the founding members of
    public hearings and we actually were able to       the SCBC. My top goal for the SCBC from the
    make a change. I joined the County Bicycle         very beginning has been to see it able to speak
    Advisory Committee in 1993 and have been           with one voice and represent the needs of all
    engaged in various ways since then.                the various different types of cyclists here in
                                                       Sonoma County. If we can be successful, we
    Q: Do you have a favorite bicycle and what         can influence policy to have many different
                                                                                       continued on page 5

    This spring and summer SCBC received funding support from fine
    businesses and organizations. Thank you!

    Santa Rosa Cycling Club $10,000                    Cambria Bicycle Outfitters $175
    Metropolitan Transportation                        Copperfield’s $150
    Commission $5,000                                  Community Market $67
    WHH Foundation $2,500
    Agilent Technologies $1,500
   Anonymous Donor $1,000
    Bay Area Air Quality Management District/
    Community Focus $1,000
SCBC Board continued from page 4

projects completed that help cyclists and the      Q. Do you have a favorite bicycle and what
whole community. I don’t see the SCBC as just      kind is it?
another environmental group. I would like to       Ken: I like all my bikes, each for their own use
think we are focused on making bicycle riding      - a 1996 Litespeed Ocoee for mountain biking;
better for everyone. By doing that, we will be     a 2003 custom Curtlo singlespeed for riding w/
helping the environment too.                       my dog, Buster, and shorter, off-road rides; a
Q: Anything else you’d like to tell our members?   1997 Merlin Extralight CX for road riding and
Lou: I would like to reach a point with the        touring; and my 1989 Ritchey Ultra that’s been
SCBC where all our members would be able           set up for commuting.
to find out how they can work themselves to        Q. Do you have a
positively impact the bicycling conditions in      particular interest/
their own neighborhoods.                           project that you would
                                                   like to see SCBC
Ken Wells                                          conquer?
Q. Why did you want to be on the SCBC              Ken: The bike bridge
board?                                             over 101 at the JC,
Ken: To use my skills and knowledge to help        (which is almost
my community move towards sustainability           accomplished), and
and away from the car                              next, I guess would
Q. What is your cycling passion?                   be to see the bike trail
                                                   along the SMART
Ken: mountain biking with long, smooth             route get built from
single-track, and great, wild vistas               Cloverdale to Larkspur.

                                                                                                       Photo: by Christine Culver
Q. Do you have a favorite ride?                    Q. Anything else you
Ken: North Umpqua Trail, 80 miles of               you’d like to tell our
sweeeeet single-track!                             members?
                                                   Ken: Remember,
Q. How long have you been involved in
                                                   we can succeed with
bicycling advocacy?
                                                   patience, persistence and
Ken: Since 1987, when I became president           passion!
of Responsible Organized Mountain Pedalers
(ROMP) in the south Bay Area.

Local Scene continued from page 2
On April 4, the Santa Rosa City Council            BPAB members serve concurrent terms with
adopted Resolution No. 26536 to restructure        their Council member. The restructure is also
the former Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory         intended to provide Board members a more
Committee (BPAC) to a nine member                  direct communication with the Council through
appointed Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory          the Council member who appointed them. The
Board (BPAB). The BPAB’s primary charge            Council went one step further by appointing
remains the same: develop project lists and        two more At-Large members to the BPAB to
priorities for recommendation to the City          represent the senior and disabled community.
Council pursuant to the Metropolitan               The anticipated results of this restructure -
Transportation Commission regulations.             reduced vacancies, more direct communication
On August the appointments were approved           with the Council, and a broader approach to
by the City Council. The new chair is Dr. Tom      bicycle and pedestrian issues’ - will help bring
Cory, and the other 8 members are Christine        more organization and efficiency to both the
Culver, Beryl Zimberoff, Dr Tracey Jones, Paul     BPAB and City staff in keeping the Council
Klassen, Michael Eunice, Jenny Bard, Rabon         better informed about bicycle and pedestrian
Saip and Beryl Brown                               issues in the City. Stay up-to-date with the        
Elevating the former BPAC to a City Board          latest BPAB meetings. Check the City’s website at
means that seven members are instead     
appointed by individual Council members.           aspx?PageId=160
          A Measure of Safety Law Loretta Esparza
            A bicycle safety law was proposed in the            The bill went to the transportation committee
            California Assembly called “A Measure               for its first round of approval, but was strongly
            of Safety Law.” Assembly Bill No. 1941              opposed by truckers unions and the American
                                     was introduced by          Automobile Association. The controversy was
                                     Assemblyman Pedro          over the responsibility for injuries and damage
                                     Nava (35th District)       settlements. The issue was so controversial,
                                     after University of        that it did not pass committee and is currently
                                     California Santa           on hold for future review.
                                     Barbara student and        Pedro Nava and Kendra’s family, friends, and
                                     triathlete Kendra          teammates are trying to gain more support
                                     Payne was killed in        for the bill from counties statewide. As per
                                     a bicycle accident on      Nava’s website, Kendra’s father Richard Payne
                                        January 11, 2006.
                                   Photo: by Christine Culver   talked about his family’s loss and the safety of
                                        The 21-year-old         others, “This legislation is not about us, it’s not
                                        Payne died after        about my daughter, it’s not about my wife, and
                                        a truck driver hit      it’s not about me. Motorists must realize that
                                        her while trying to     cyclists are not simply objects that slow them
                                        pass with only one      down on their way to a destination. Cyclists
                                        foot of clearance on    are human beings, with families and friends
                                        Gibraltar Road in       who love them.”
    Philip Sales rides along Hwy 116      Santa Barbara.
     during the West County Ride                                Payne also said, “Nothing can bring Kendra
                                         Nava introduced        back, but we need to do everything we can to
          the bill because there is currently no required       prevent this from happening again. You should
          distance for motor vehicles attempting to pass        take this personally. It’s not just someone
          bicycles; the law only requires that vehicles         else’s daughter. Next time this could be you,
          pass bicycles on the left at a “safe distance.”       or your daughter, or someone you know.”
          The bill would also increase the penalty for
          hitting a cyclist to a $250 fine and a possible       Nava encourages all community members to
          felony or misdemeanor charge. (The truck              inform their friends and family throughout
          driver was only punished with a $120 fine.)           California to write letters of support for this
          Legislation similar to AB 1941 already exists         important legislation to his office and to their
          in Arizona, Minnesota, Utah and Wisconsin.            respective legislators. To lend your support
                                                                to “A Measure of Safety Law,” AB 1941, visit
          “The tragic death of Kendra highlights the need       Assemblyman Nava’s website at
          for legislation requiring a safe passing distance
          between a motor vehicle and bicyclists. I am          ab1941.htm.
          honored to carry this legislation in her memory
          in order to prevent more tragedies from               To find the legislator in your district or to track
          occurring,” stated Nava’s official press release.     the status of AB 1941, visit the California State
                                                                Senate website at

          SMART continued from page 1
                                                                It includes trips on the Golden Gate Ferry plus
          Ticketing will be fully automated. Most               rides on the San Francisco light rail, CalTrain,
          riders are expected to have monthly or pre-           AMTRAK, and BART, with a stop for lunch in
          paid passes. The plan is to integrate the fare        Jack London Square.
          structure with those of other transit systems so
                                                                Friends of Smart is a
          that ticketing and transfers will be easy.
                                                                citizens’ group whose
          People who are interested in seeing what it’s         charter is to inform the
          like to ride a modern commuter train can take         public on the benefits
          a daylong tour run by Friends of SMART. The           of rail service in the
          organization holds these tours monthly, and           North Bay. For more
6         the next trip will be Wednesday, September            information, visit
          13. The tour covers both sides of the Bay and
          features rides on four different types of trains.
Bike to Work continued from page 3

many first-time bicyclists. Survey research has       is longer, 30 minutes of extra
determined that once people try bicycling on          sleep won’t be as invigorating
Bike to Work Day, more than one-third continue        as a bike ride. You’ll arrive
to ride regularly.                                    at work or school alert and

                                                                                                                                 Photo: by Becky Schuerman Choi
                                                      refreshed and the ride home
Perhaps you are already a bike commuter,              will leave you more relaxed.
but want to encourage co-workers or friends.          Combining a workout with
Consider advocating for a bicycle commute             a commute is also a time-
program at your workplace; see http://                efficient way to exercise. Often,
people don’t realize how feasible it is to bike       3) I’m out of shape.
to work. Following are the top ten worries that       Allow plenty of time and ride
                                                      at an easy pace. Generally
people have about bike commuting, and logical
                                                      you’ll find cycling no more
reasons and options that you can offer to help        difficult than walking. As you
them get on their bikes.                              ride more, you’ll gradually        This Petaluma Cyclist understands that it
1) I need my car for errands.                         ease into better shape. Still     takes more than one day to make a difference.
Try to consolidate your errands to a few days,        nervous? Try your commute route on the
drive on those days and ride the others. Many         weekend when you’re not pressured by time
tasks can be handled just as well or better on a      constraints. Then you will have a better idea of
bicycle. Riding even one day will save gas and        how much time to allow.
wear on your car, not to mention reducing the         4) I can’t afford a special commuting bicycle.
impact on traffic, noise and air pollution.           You probably don’t need one. Often your old
2) I would have to get up much earlier if I rode      bike gathering dust in the garage will suffice if
            my bicycle.                               properly adjusted and maintained. If you have a
              Because of traffic in urban areas,      recreational bicycle, it might be possible to outfit
                   cycling generally takes less       it with a lightweight rack and bag. With the fixed
                   time than driving for distances    cost of operating a car at approximately $.30/mile,
                        of three miles or less, and   the money you would save commuting by bicycle
                          about the same time for     on an average 10-mile round trip would buy you a
                           trips of three to five     $400 bicycle in six months time.
                           miles. If your commute
                                                                                            continued on page 11

 Thanks to our Energizer Station Hosts and Sponsors!

                                               Windsor Bicycle Center


               Petaluma Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee
                  Town Hall continued from page 1
                  in diet and that makes walking and biking                                                 city is willing to listen to its ideas. The alliance
                  attractive to more people can help make our                                               is also interested in helping new neighborhood
                  communities healthier.                                                                    associations get up and running.
                  Alan Strachan, a local developer, believes                                                The executive director of the SCBC, Christine
                  that “smart growth” which includes denser                                                 Culver, sees no reason why Santa Rosa can’t
                  development that makes biking and walking                                                 become a premier bicycling/pedestrian city.
                  more practical is financially viable in today’s                                           Safer streets will induce more people to get
                  marketplace. The projects must be large                                                   out of their cars, which is a must considering
                  enough to be feasible (1O acres as opposed                                                that Santa Rosa is projected to grow by
                  to one acre), but if marketed properly will be                                            40,000 people. The city needs a commitment
                  successful. He feels that such developments                                               to “complete streets,” which means routinely
                  promote social interactions that are essential to                                         accommodating travel by all modes of
                  humans which he called a “group species.”
                  Susan Gorin, Santa Rosa Planning Commission,
                  reviewed the transportation goals included in
                  the General Plan for Santa Rosa. She noted that
                  there is a disconnection between the goals of the
                  plan and what is actually happening in the city

                                                                                                                                                                   Photo: by Christine Culver
                  presently. There are often conflicting priorities
                  that must be balanced in each individual case.
                  Jenny Bard of the Junior College Neighborhood
                  Association reviewed her group’s activities
                  in dealing with Santa Rosa Junior College’s
                  parking structure. She noted that the city has
                  Design Review Guidelines that were very much
                  in alignment with her group’s goals for their                                                      A pedestrian on Stony Circle walks in the
                  area, which include a pedestrian/bike-friendly                                                     street to get to Santa Rosa Public Works
                  Mendocino Avenue. Her group is eager to work                                              transportation, not just the automobile. Wording
                                                                                                            in the General Plan that is stronger in mandating
                                                                                                            accommodation of bicycles is very important.
                                                                                                            A question session followed the panel
                                                                                                            presentations. Questions were raised as to
                                                                                                            how the General Plan is adhered to and how
                                                                                                            to ensure that it is. A walker noted that some
                                                                                                            bicyclists are very inconsiderate when passing
                                                                                                            and that they should announce themselves
                                                                               Photo: by Christine Culver

                                                                                                            before passing (Culver observed that a bike can
                                                                                                            be as threatening to a pedestrian as a car is to
                                                                                                            a bicycle). Several members of the audience
                                                                                                            were passionate about getting people out of
                                                                                                            their cars and onto their bikes.
                                                                                                             Tanya Narath summarized the main points
                                                                                                            of agreement. The General Plan needs
    Pedestrians are told to take a hike at West 9th street and Stony Point Road.
                                                                                                            to be implemented and probably needs
                  with the city to fulfill the vision of the General                                        to be amended with stronger language
                  Plan and Design Review Guidelines.                                                        accommodating the needs of bikes and
                  John Sutter of the Santa Rosa Neighborhood                                                pedestrians. A full-time bike/pedestrian
                  Alliance (NA) stated that there is a new breeze                                           coordinator to work with the involved
                  of civic involvement in Santa Rosa with over                                              departments would be a big step forward in
                  a dozen neighborhood associations. The list                                               emphasizing the city’s commitment to bike/
                 includes: Juilliard Park, Luther Burbank, Saint                                           pedestrian equality with cars. There should be
                  Rose, historic Cherry Street and many others.                                             a follow-up meeting organized by the city in
                  The NA meets monthly and believes that the                                                two months to respond to the ideas generated
                                                                                                            at this meeting.
                                                                                                                                        SCBC CALENDAR
     Bicycle Santa Rosa Fourth of July Festival                                                                                         SCBC Board Meetings
     offered downhome fun! Vicki Duggan                                                                                                 Regularly held on the third
                                                                                                                                        Wednesday of each month at
     The third annual Bicycle Santa Rosa Fourth                 project and its associated road and bicycle                             6:30 pm at the SCBC office,
                                                                                                                                        445 Orchard Street Suite 205,
     of July event at Juilliard Park was the best               path closures and detours.                                              in downtown Santa Rosa, (open
     ever! A huge thank you to SCBC members                     Santa Rosa Cycling Club member Bill
                                                                                                                                        to the public).
     and volunteers Vicki Duggan and Doug                                                                                               Sonoma County Bicycle
                                                                Oetinger offered a more ambitious                                       Coalition Street Skills Classes
     Simon for their tireless efforts to make sure              alternative bicycle ride at the same time                     
                                  that this event was           from Juilliard Park to Glen Ellen and back.                               Saturday September 23
                                  a real success.               Many thanks to both Janice and Bill for
                                                                                                                                          Sunday October 8
                                                                                                                                          Saturday November 18
                                     The day’s events           coordinating and leading these rides. The                               August 19 Annual Bike Party
                                     started with a             number of participants in both rides was a                              and Fund-raiser
                                     “Mayor’s Ride”             great indication that there are many people                             October 3 Take Back The
                                                                                                                                        Streets, March and Rally
                                     – a bicycle ride           who care about cycling in Sonoma County
                                                                                                                                        October 4 Walk and Roll to
                                     on the Prince              and that bike culture here is on the rise!                              School Day
                                     Greenway, Joe          Other events at Juilliard included live music                               October 19 Way to Go Expo
                                     Rodota and Santa from The Pulsators, featuring SCBC board                                          (please go to www.bikesonoma.
                                     Rosa Creek                                                                                         org for more information on
                                                                                      of director member                                these events)
                                     bicycle                                          Doug McKenzie on
From left to right: Jessica Wysocky,                                                                                                    October 14 Active 20-30 Club
Hope O’Hearn and Vanessa French      trails. The                                      guitar; food booths                               Bicycle Giveaway
   enjoyed the face decorating.      ride was                                                                                 
                                                                                      and free activities
     led by longtime coalition volunteer                                              for kids, including
                                                                                                                                        Public Meetings:
     (and founding coalition member)                                                                                                    Santa Rosa BPAB Bicycle and
                                                                                      a bicycle decorating                              Pedestrian Advisory Board
     Janice Eunice and had over 70                                                      contest, bicycle                                (707) 543-3334
     participants, including Santa Rosa                                                 parade, poster and                              Petaluma Bicycle and
     Mayor Jane Bender, Santa Rosa City                                                                                                 Pedestrian Advisory Committee
                                                                                                           Photo: by Christine Culver

                                                                                        sidewalk chalk art,                             - Second and fourth Wednesday
     Council members Janet Condron,                                                     face painting, water                            (707) 778-4360
     Steve Rabinowitsh and Mike Martini;                                                balloon toss, an                                County Bicycle and Pedestrian
     Sebastopol Mayor Sarah Gurney and                                                  inflatable jump castle
                                                                                                                                        Advisory Committee - Second
     Sebastopol City Council members                                                    and the raffle of a                             (707) 585-7516
     Sam Pierce and Larry Robinson;                                                     cool black and red                              Countywide Bicycle and
     Cotati Mayor Janet Orchard; Rohnert                                                cruiser bicycle.                                Pedestrian
                                                                                                                                        Advisory Committee
     Park Mayor Tim Smith and Rohnert                                                                                                   (707) 565-5373
     Park City Council member Jake                   Announcer Zach Mesel tests
                                                                                        Santa Rosa Police
                                                                                                                                        Santa Rosa Cycling Club -
     Mackenzie and Healdsburg City                    out the Trek Cruiser bike       Department volunteer Iola                         Second Wednesday
                                                       before he raffled it off.      Beckley provided free                   
     Council member Kent Mitchell. The
     participants got to see firsthand how cyclists                            bicycle helmets for kids, and
     are affected by the Highway 101 widening                                  volunteers from the California
                                                                               Highway Patrol, the Bay Area
                                                                              Air Quality Management District
                                                                              (BAAQMD) Spare the Air
                                                                              campaign and SMART provided
                                                                              information related to non-
                                                                              motorized transportation options.
                                                                                         Many thanks to all of the
                                                                                         other volunteers who worked
                                                                                         hard all day to help with the
                                                                              Photo: by Christine Culver

                                                                                         set-up and break-down of
                                                                                         the event, staff the SCBC
                                                                                         information booth, cook over
                                                                                         a hot barbecue grill, provide
                                                                                         free valet bike parking, and
                                                                                         help with all of the day’s                                              
                                                                                         activities. The event could
    Can you name all the council members? (Included in the picture is John
                                                                                         not have happened without
     Sutter of the Northwest Neighborhood association is on the far right).           all of your help.
     Timothy Bacon
     SCBC, in conjunction with the County Bicycle        Healdsburg, Boyes Hot Springs and Sonoma.
     and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, is               The signs were placed by Andy Bunnell, Tim
     sponsoring a bicycle safety campaign in 2006.       Gonzales, Jeanna Menze, Warren Watkins, Tom
     Chairman of the effort is Bernie Album. His co-     Maunder, George Gallegos and Lynn Gallegos
     chairs are Vin Hoagland and Steven Schmitz.         The City of Petaluma was impressed enough
     The first phase of the campaign focused             by the temporary signs that it applied for and
     on bicycle commuting and coincided with             received a grant to put up 40 permanent bike
     California Bicycle to Work Week May 15-             safety signs.
                                19. Three major          Over 2,000 safe bicycle riding kits have been
                                safety issues were       distributed through most bicycle retailers
                                emphasized: riding       in Sonoma County. The kits include age
                                on the right side        appropriate safety information, which include
                                of the road, using       comic books for younger riders as well as
                                appropriate lights       brochures for older riders. Safety kits were
                                when riding at night,    also made available to church groups, Boys
                                and using a helmet at    and Girls Clubs, and other organizations in
                                all times when riding.   the county. The kits were assembled by Tom
                                These three safety       Maunder, Becky Choi-Schuerman, Kit Looftus,
                                issues were part of an   and by Dave and Anna Webster.
                                advertising campaign     The next phase of the safety campaign will
     in the Bohemian, on the lighted sign on 101 in      emphasize putting lights on bikes as summer
     Rohnert Park and in all Cinema West movie           ends and the nights get longer. The plan is
     theaters for the months of May, June and July.      to place ads in newspapers, newsletters, and
     As part of California Bike to Work Week, signs      bulletins distributed locally in every community
     with safety messages were placed at strategic       in the county. Flashing red safety lights and
     locations in Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Graton,          bells for handlebars will also be distributed.

     SCBC Volunteers Are The Best!
     Thank you           Valerie Robertson   Shanna Franklin
                         David Robertson     Kevin Garrison
     Santa Rosa          Nick Robertson      Sondra Gilbert
                                                                      ks      !
                         Adrienne Ruggles    Joy Gipson
     volunteers!         Dave Ruggles        Rich Gird
     Tim Bacon           Lou Salz            Anna Guhin
     Tom Bahning         Doug Simon          Bruce Hagen
     David Ballo         Gary Wysocky        Flora Haluza k
                         Jessie Wysocky      Craig Hamley         Jeanna Menzie
     Avi Ballo                                                    Sarah Miller
     Iola Beckley        Bernie Album        Mark Gonzalez
                                             John Gorman          André Morand
     Wade Belew         And thank you                             Russ Mortensen

                                                                                                                          Photo: by Christine Culver
     Andy Bunnell                            Duane Habkirk
     Dave Coleman
                        Bike to Work         Alex Guglielmini.    John Muela
                        volunteers!          Misti Harris         Sabrina Muela
     Jon Dick                                                     Sammy Nasr
     Vicki Duggan        Joe Andrews         Bob Hasenick
                         Tim Bacon           Jason Hiatt          Dick Nosker
     Loretta Esparza                                              Eve O’Rourke
     Janice Eunice       David Ballo         Vin Hoagland
                         Andy Barclay        Kimberly Hoffman     Shannon Peterson
     Michael Eunice                                               Tom Popenuck
     Tim Gonzalez        Anya Bawden         Kelly Hoofer
                         Wade Belew          Ashley Isaacs        Paula Potter
     Laurel Green                                                 John Prouty
     Donna Hewitt        Jake Booth          Mike Ivory
                         Ken Brown           Jim Janakes          Shaun Ralston
     Skyler Hewitt
                         Andy Bunnell        Jim Jarvis           Steve Reddie        The SCBC held a drawing for a
     Alan Holland                                                 Rubin Rios          Trek Cruiser bike for our Bike to
     Kathy Kellison      Karin Burger        Martin Johnson
                         County Center       Jim Keene            Ron Ruggles        Work volunteers, the lucky winner
     Donn King                                                    Adam Russell        is graphic artist Leslie Williams
     Deanna McKenzie     Becky Choi          Lindsy Lee Keel
                         Michelle Codding    Rhett Lewis          Javier Sanchez
     Brian Mealins                                                Steven Schmitz        Michael Teller
                         Barbara Denlis      Cindy Lewis
10   Misty Mesel
     Zach Mesel          Jock Dixon          Ted Lin              Jill Scott
                                                                  Cherice Silva
                                                                                        Doug Uyehara
                                                                                        Connie Van Driet
     Debra Naeve         Vicki Duggan        Marsha Sue Lustig
                         Mark Elo            Nancy Marinski       Bill Simon            Leslie Williams
     Janice Oakley                                                Peggy Songster        Al Willits
     Linda Picton        Edmundo Feria       Neil Martin
                         Sulema Flores       Manuel Mejia         Kathy Storin          Sarah Zainfield
     Russ Powell                                                  Patrick Sutton        Santa Rosa Kwanis Club
Thanks to these businesses for                                                                          Special thanks to:
                                                                              Craig Gaevert, our volunteer database guru.
supporting the SCBC                                                          Wooden Spoon Tech for donated book-keeping
                                                                                               and computer tech service.
Member Bicycle Retailers                  Member Bicycle Teams                           Sonic for donated Web Hosting.
The Bike Peddler                          and Clubs
605 College Avenue                                                                     North Santa Rosa Physical Therapy
                                          Santa Rosa Cycling Club
Santa Rosa                                                                             1400 North Dutton Avenue, Suite 1
(707) 571-2428                                                                         Santa Rosa, CA
                                          Sonoma Valley Cyclists                       (707) 579-4217
Cambria Bicycle Outfitter       
2885 Santa Rosa Avenue, Suite B,                                                       Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy
                                          NorCal Velo Cycling Team                     795 Farmers Lane, Suite 10
Santa Rosa
                                                           Santa Rosa, CA
(707) 579-5400
                                          Member Businesses and                        (707) 571-7615
Nor Cal Bike Sport
425 College Avenue
                                          Organizations                                Port of Sonoma
Santa Rosa                                Bear Valley Inn                              270 Sears Point Road
(707) 573-0112                            PO Box 58                                    Petaluma, CA
                                          Olema, CA                                    The Results Group
                                          (415) 663-1777                               (707) 577-0818
2715 Santa Rosa Avenue
Santa Rosa                                Chileno’s Mexican Restaurant                 So Co Agricultural Preservation & Open Space
(707) 540-9025                            1079 4th Street                              747 Mendocino Avenue, Suite. 100
                                          Santa Rosa, CA                               Santa Rosa, CA
Spoke Folk Cyclery
                                          (707) 571-7478                               (707) 565-7360
201 Center Street
Healdsburg                                Community Market                             SOULCRAFT
(707) 433-7171                            1899 Mendocino Avenue                        PO Box 2631
                                          Santa Rosa, CA                               Petaluma, CA (707) 775-2453
Member Bicycle Tour Groups                (707) 546-1806
Sojourn Bicycling and Active Adventures                                                SyCip Designs, Inc
                                          Empire Eye Doctors Medical Group             111 5th Street
929 Ferry Road
                                          720 4th Street                               Santa Rosa, CA
Charlotte, VT
                                           Santa Rosa, CA                              (707) 542-6359
                                          (707) 544-3147
Wine Country Bikes                                                                     Wooden Spoon Technologies
                                          Healdsburg Chamber of Commerce               Santa Rosa, CA
61 Front Street
                                          217 Healdsburg Avenue                        (707) 523-2222
Healdsburg, CA
                                          Healdsburg, CA
(866) 922-4537
                                          (707) 433-6935

Bike to Work continued from page 7
5) I have to dress nicely for work/school.                       commuting, the more you’ll look forward to your
Ride in casual or cycling clothes and change when                daily ride. You might eventually decide to invest
you arrive at your destination. Carry your change                in cold weather gear and rainwear so you can
of clothes in a pack or in panniers or transport                 commute year-round.
them on days when you don’t ride. Some bicycle                   9) I would have to ride in the dark.
commuters simply ride in their business attire,                  Wear light-colored and/or reflective clothing
which seems to earn respect from motorists.                      and buy a good lighting system—one of the best
6) There’s no secure place for my bike.                          investments you can make. Adding reflective tags
There is probably a storage room or closet where                 and/or bands to your attire, pack or panniers will
your bike can be secured behind a locked door.                   help with visibility.
Consider also locking it within this area. Or                    10) It’s not safe to ride in traffic.
check to see if parking/storage is available in                  Minimize risk by riding properly—think
nearby buildings or garages. Otherwise, secure                   visibility and predictably. Know and practice
it to an immovable object, preferably where you                  the rules of the road. Always wear a helmet.
can see it.                                                      You may also be able to use a less-congested
7) I can’t shower at work/school.                                secondary road. You may travel an extra mile,
Depending on the weather, you may not need a                     but you’ll be able to enjoy the ride, a worthwhile
shower of you ride at a leisurely pace. If you                   trade-off. For more information about rules of
need to clean up, take a washcloth, soap, towel                  the road and bike safety visit
and deodorant and employ the rest room sink.                     bikesafe and
Or look for a public facility or health club within              The SCBC offers a street skills class presented
walking distance of your workplace/school                        by Martin Clinton, certified by the League of
where you can shower. Encourage installation of                  American Bicyclists.
showers at your workplace.                                       For more information visit
8) I can’t ride if it’s rainy or cold.                 
Start as a fair weather bicycle commuter. If the                                                                                      11
                                                                 Note: Statistics are from and Sonoma
forecast is bad, don’t bike. Even if you only ride               County Bicycle Coalition Web sites.
in favorable weather, it will still make a dramatic
improvement. The more you enjoy bicycle
                                                          NONPROFIT ORG
                                                            US POSTAGE
BICYCLE COALTION                                           PERMIT NO 25
PO BOX 3088
SANTA ROSA CA 95402·3088
promoting the bicycle for transportation and recreation

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