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                                                                                              V O L U M E    1 ,   I S S U E   1

    UPCOMING 2009                Our Mission Statement: To promote, unify, and maintain a strong business community in
          EVENTS                 the Sullivan area with the ultimate goal of making our community a place people want to live,
                                 work, shop, and play.
● Sullivan Junk Parade set
   for Sept. 7th

● Halloween Festival
                                 Welcome to our first chamber newsletter
   October 25th                  A Message from The President:

● Christmas Tree Lighting
                                 Thank you for taking the time to read the all new Sullivan Area newsletter. This is the
   Dec. 5th                      Sullivan Area Chamber of Commerce’s latest efforts to promote local businesses to the
                                 residents of our area. This newsletter is meant to bring the many diverse businesses in
                                 front of the host of people who make up the population of Sullivan. We plan to provide
                                 you with community calendars along with local area business specials (to provide you
Everything You Need       2
From Area Businesses             with value), business advertisements (to inform you about our local businesses), and
Making a Difference In
                                 helpful money saving tips. In closing I would like to thank all those that buy locally when
Your Community                   they can. This is what helps build our community into a great place to live.
Energy Tax Savings from   3
                                 Respectfully, Patrick Klatt
Flood’s Remodeling

Welcome New Business!     3      Sullivan Junk Parade Labor Day 2009                             Rain or Shine!
Sullivan Family Salon

Sullivan Fire Dept        4
                                 Members of the growing Sullivan Chamber of Commerce are bringing back the zany
Fundraiser                       junk parade that entertained and delighted local residents in 2008. Last year’s event
New Changes at The        4      served as a fund raiser for the Sullivan and Rome volunteer fire departments and the
Sullivan Saloon                  Sullivan EMS. The event will again be held over Labor Day weekend and promises to be
Aug, Sept, Oct            5-7
                                 another great time for all members of the family. Photos from last year’s event can be
Calendar of Events               viewed on-line at
                                                           Weekend Schedule of Events: Sullivan Veteran’s Park
                                                           September 6th: Softball tournament starts 7:00am-10:00pm
                                                           8 team double elimination $100.00 entry fee
                                                           For information contact Mike Cheri (920) 723-4513
                                                            Music: 12:00pm-5:00pm DJ Naughty Monkey sponsored by
                                                                   Beacon Maintenance
                                                                   5:00pm-9:00pm The Barracudas sponsored by
                                                                   The Garage
                                                                     Crowning of the King and Queen 5:00pm
                                                            Kids slide and bounce-around available- $5.00 wrist band,
   2008 Junk Parade King and Queen Ken and Kelly Rintala    unlimited usage                         (Continued on page 8)
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                         Everything You Need From Your Sullivan Area Local Businesses
                              Did You Know?
                             When you shop locally owned businesses, your money is re-circulated over and over
                              and creates up to 75% more tax revenue to our community and state.
                             Independent businesses raise the standard of living in your community because they
                              take their profits and buy products and services from other local businesses, thus cre-
                              ating more and more tax revenues needed for the community to thrive.
                             Independent businesses are unique enterprises that contribute to the character of our
                              community by offering a more diverse selection of goods and services.
                             Independent businesses provide meaningful service with a personal touch. It matters
                              to them that you are satisfied and will come back again.
Kurth’s Automotive Inc

                                               Who Are My Local Businesses?
                              The Sullivan/Rome area community is fortunate to have a vast array of goods and
 “There are no great
                              services to choose from:
   limits to growth
  because there are           Automotive, Repair & Service: Gaugert Automotive, Kurth’s Automotive,
  no limits of human          The Garage
                              Agricultural: Deer Crossing Repair
                              ATM’S: Quality ATM’S
                              Banking: Premier Bank of Sullivan
                              Bridal & Floral: Sandy Ley Bridal & Floral
                              Contractors & Remodeling: Flood’s Remodeling, Granite Connections
    Ronald Reagan             Financial Planning & Tax Services: Reinke Financial, North Star Resource Group
                              Government, Police & Fire: Sullivan Fire Department, Sullivan Post Office,
                              Village of Sullivan
                              Health Care: Sullivan EMS
                              Home & Garden: Ground Effects Landscaping
                              Media & Advertising: L and L Midwest Websites
                              Personal Services and Care: Leticia Pagel-massage therapy, Sullivan Salon
  Caption                     Pets & Veterinary: Kendra’s Klipping Kuties, The Grooming Shed, Sullivan
describing                    Veterinary Service
picture or                    Plumbing, Heating & Electrical: Artic Air Cooling/Htg/Duct Cleaning, Lake
  graphic.                    Country Heating & Cooling
                              Real Estate: Frank A. Richter Real Estate
                              Restaurants, Food & Beverages: Gaugert’s Mobil Mart, Janie’s Pub & Grill,
                              Ley’s Bark River Lanes, Pickets, Pour Man’s Pub & Grill, Sullivan Saloon
                              Sports & Recreation: Ley’s Bark River Lanes

                               For a detailed description of your Sullivan Area Chamber members, please log
                               onto and click on “members”.

VOLUME        1,   ISSUE      1                                                                                   PAGE    3

                                                          You Can Make a Difference !
                                          Because of your generous donations to the recent fund drive for the Food
                                          Pantry, the Sullivan Area Chamber of Commerce was able to donate over
                                          $700.00 to the Rome-Sullivan food pantry.
                                          “People helping people is what our community is all about.”
                                           You can make a difference with a few simple steps:
                                           Make a decision to find and patronize a locally owned business, whenever
                                           Dine at a local, independent restaurant and treat yourself to a unique and

   Mark Catton, Premier Bank presenting
                                            personal dining experience.
         check to Nancy Stephan            Tell your associates, family and friends what is happening and why.
 We all create our communities. Let’s create strong and vibrant communities as a legacy for those who follow.
 Support your Sullivan Area Chamber of Commerce by donating or join us as a member business or friend.

              Energy Tax Savings from Flood’s Remodeling
With our economy, there are tax credits out there to help improve your existing home.
Exterior windows and Skylights installed with the correct energy efficiency will get you a tax
credit of 30% of cost, up to $1,500.00 on the cost of the windows.                                   “Only a life lived
Exterior doors and Storm doors with the correct energy efficiency will get you a tax credit of
                                                                                                      for others is a
30% of cost, up to $1500.00 on the cost of the doors.
Metal and Asphalt roofing meeting the Energy Star qualifications will get a 30% of cost, up to           life worth
the $1500.00 tax credit.
Insulation meeting the 2009 IECC 1 and Amendments will qualify for the 30% of cost, up to                 while”
the $1500.00 tax credit.
                                                                                                      Albert Einstein

We encourage everyone to take advantage of these tax credits and improve your home at the
same time. Give Jeff Flood a call at 262-593-8279 and he can help you find the ideal im-
provements for you home. As Jeff always tells everyone, “No Job Is Too Small”.

                         Now Open! A New Sullivan Family Salon
                Best Hair Care in Town!                 Walk-ins Welcome!
The Sullivan Family Salon is a full service styling salon for every member of your fam-
ily. Located at 165A Main St., the salon also features manicures, pedicures and tanning
opportunities. Owners Bob and Edie Buczek have a staff of highly trained and experi-
enced stylists who take pride in offering superior service, treatments and products for
all your beauty needs.
            Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 9-5 Other hours by appointment.
Call us today at 262-593-2175 to learn more about our services or to set up an ap-
pointment for a consultation with one of our professional hair designers, Julia, Rachel
                                                                                        Caption describing picture or
or Michelle.
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                                                                        President:          Patrick Klatt
 Sullivan Fire Department Car Wash
                                                                        Vice President: Bill Gaugert
               at Gaugert’s Mobil Mart
                                                                        Treasurer:      Mark Catton
   Ultimate Car Wash (normally $10.00 ea)
                                                                        Secretary:          Lynn Kramer
             $8.00 ea or 10 for $75.00                                Chamber meetings are held the last Tuesday
                                                                      of every month at Sullivan Veteran’s Park at
           Valid now through 1/15/2010                                5:30pm. Meetings are open to the public and
 Wash coupons available from any Sullivan firefighter,                guests are welcome.

   Premier Bank of Sullivan and Reinke Financial

 Additional Event on Aug. 8th
               9am-3pm                                                “The World’s Greatest Junk Parade”
                                                                      Due to the immense popularity and at-
                                                                      tendance at this event, we are looking
      At Gaugert’s Mobil Mart
                                                                      for volunteers to help in many areas over
      Questions: Call Bill Flood                                      the Labor Day weekend. Sept. 6-7th
            @ 262-593-2508
                                                                              Call Kim at 262-593-5882

                           Sullivan, WI      A Small Town With Big Neighbors

                          Renovations at the Sullivan Saloon
Since 2003 The Sullivan Saloon has been providing food, refreshments and entertainment to residents of Cen-
tral and Southeast WI. As of the first of the year, owners Bob and Edie Buczek added a 750 sq. ft. addition to
their indoor facility which increased 40 additional dining seating for their non-smoking customers. A 1600 sq.
ft outdoor seating deck was also installed to enhance the total dining or party experience. Restrooms were
remodeled and are now handicapped accessible. The Sullivan Saloon is family friendly offering a great lunch
menu and nightly specials at reasonable prices. Come in for a mouth-watering Fri fish fry or steak and prime
rib on Sat. Broasted chicken, home-made pizza and a full sandwich menu is available seven days a week.
Be prepared for toe-tapping music in one of the area’s friendliest, most relaxing sports bars.
                          Come visit us at 165 Main St., Sullivan and make yourself at home.
                          Visit us on the web at

       We at the Sullivan Area Chamber of Commerce welcome and appreciate your feedback on our first newsletter.
        Please visit our website at to learn about your hometown businesses.

SULLIVAN       AREA     CHAMBE R       OF   COMMERCE                                VOLUME        1,   ISSUE       1
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                 Sullivan Area Events-August 2009

     SUN                  MON                  TUE                  WED              THU               FRI              SAT


2    Mariana         3                   4 Village mtg         5    Middle &    6 Bill’s Brat     7                8 Fire Dept Car
Paloucek             Sullivan School     7:00pm                High School      Fest Fundraiser                    Wash 9-3
Fundraiser           Registration        Town mtg 7:30pm       Registration     Gaugert’s Mobil                    Kurth Customer

9                    10                  11                    12               13                14 VFW mtg 15
                                                                                                  at 7:00pm,       VFW Pig Roast
                                                                                                  Veteran’s Park

16                   17                  18                    19               20 Bill’s Brat 21                  22
                                                                                Fest Fundraiser
                                                                                Gaugert’s Mobil

23                   24                  25                    26               27                28               29
                                         Meeting 5:30pm

30                   31                               Feeling stressed out? Can’t relax?
Dalton Kramer
                                               Treat Yourself to a Massage from Leticia Pagel, LLC
                                                W1934 Main St., Rome, WI 920-728-2297
                                               Mention this ad and get $10 off an hour massage

                                                                               August 30th from 7:00 am – 12:00 pm
               August 8th 10:30AM–1:00PM                                          St. Peter’s School– Helenville
                                                                                 Silent Auction, Raffles & More

                                                                               August 2nd from 11:00am – 5:00pm

    Bill’s Brat Fest every other Thursday at Gaugert’s Mobil Mart                     Rome Fireman’s Park
         Proceeds to the Sullivan Area Chamber of Commerce                       Silent Auction, Raffles & More
                                                                                                                        PAGE   6

         Sullivan Area Events– September 2009

     SUN                 MON                TUE                WED               THU                  FRI               SAT
                                       1    Village
                                                          2                 3                  4                   5
                                       Meeting at 7pm
                                                                            Bill’s Brat Fest
                                       First Day of
                                                                            Gaugert’s Mobil

6   Music at the    7Junk Parade       8                  9                 10                 11                  12
park pavilion all   Starting 11am in
day followed by     Rome & arriving
fireworks           noon in Sullivan

13                  14                 15                 16                17                 18                  19
                                                                            Bill’s Brat Fest   VFW mtg at
                                                                            Fundraiser         7:00pm, Veteran’s
                                                                            Gaugert’s Mobil    Park

20                  21                 22                 23                24                 25                  26

27                  28                 29                 30
                                       Chamber Meeting

                                            Sullivan EMS has been a transporting ambulance for over 5 years now. We
                                            serviced 157 calls the first year and last year serviced over 488 calls for
                                            people in need. Did you know that Sullivan EMS has expanded service?
                                            We do private transports with our second truck. We also provide community
                                            education at our place or yours: first aid training & CPR classes.
                                                Call us in your time of need.     911 or 1-877-593-2235 toll free
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             Sullivan Area Events- October 2009

     SUN                MON               TUE                  WED        THU                  FRI               SAT

                                                                     1   Bill’s Brat    2                   3
                                                                     Fest Fundraiser
                                                                     Gaugert’s Mobil

4                  5                 6                    7          8                  9                   10
                                     Village mtg                                                            Janie’s Pub &
                                     7:00pm                                                                 Grill
                                     Town mtg 7:30pm                                                        Harvest Fest

11                 12                13                   14         15                 16                  17
                                                                                        VFW mtg at           Sweetest Day
                                                                                        7:00pm, Veteran’s   See coupon from
                                                                                        Park                Sandy Ley Floral

18                 19                20                   21         22                 23                  24

25                 26                27                   28         29                 30                  31
Halloween                            Chamber Meeting
Costume                              5:30pm

Premier Bank is excited to be able to serve the credit needs of
the Sullivan community with a wide variety of loan products.
                                                                                   October is Black Dog Month!
                                                                                  $5.00 off complete grooming pack-
                                                                                  age for all black dogs if you mention
                                                                                  this coupon. Call Jillane at 593-5173
          PremierBank pledges to provide competitive
          rates, and LOCAL, prompt decision-making
          and quality customer service.
            Don’t hesitate to call Mark at 262-593-2227                                 October 10th
                                     Music at 1:00 PM by the BrandyMans and at 7:00
                                                                      PM, Echo Road. A day of live music, food & more!
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 Labor Day September 7th:                                                 Sullivan Area Chamber of
                                                                                                                        US POSTAGE PAID
9:00am Line up of floats at the Fireman’s ball park                                                                     SULLIVAN WI
                                                                          P.O. Box 34
 in Rome.                                                                 Sullivan, WI 53178-0034
                                                                                                                        PERMIT NO. 101

11:00am Start of The World’s Greatest Junk
 Parade in Rome
12:00pm Start of The World’s Greatest Junk
 Parade in Sullivan
 Music: 12:30pm-4:30pm The Generations                                                               Current Resident
        sponsored by The Garage
        4:30pm-10:00pm DJ Naughty Monkey
        sponsored by Beacon Maintenance
Kids slide and bounce-around available- $5.00
wrist band, unlimited usage
Route maps available at area businesses

                                                                                                     A Place for Great
                                Pour Man's Pub & Grill
                                              150 Main Street                                        Food, Great
                                                Sullivan WI                                          Bowling
                                                                                                     and Great
                                              Open Everyday                                          Friends!
                                              Including Holidays!
  Homemade Pizzas, Daily Specials,            Mon - Sat 11 a.m. to ??                                  Serving Nightly Specials
           Burgers & More!                    Sundays 9 a.m. to ??                                     Sept.-Thanksgiving, the
                                                                                                        German Menu is back!
Come for the food - stay for the fun!         Kitchen always open - breakfast served Sundays!
                                                                                                        Coming Soon-Homemade
                                                                                                       Pizzas- Carry Out or Dine In
                                                                                Someone                 Sept. Bowling & Pool
                                                                                                        Leagues are starting!
Sandy Ley Bridal & Floral is a full                                                                    Call Larry at 593-2422
service bridal store with bridal gowns,
bridesmaid dresses, tuxedo’s, flower
girl dresses, mothers gowns, jewelry, veils, prom and
flowers-both fresh and silk. The floral department is full
service. We make flowers for all occasions including
funerals, weddings, get well, anniversaries, etc. Special
flowers can be ordered with a week’s notice. We
deliver in the local area.
        Flowers: Mon, Tues, Thurs, & Fri from 10:30-4:30
          Sat and evenings: Call for an Appointment
         Visit us on the web at
  Locally owned and operated for over 25 years!
 Mention this ad for $5.00 off of a floral purchase of $25.00 or more
for Sweetest Day purchases between October 11-17th.
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