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					               Dr. Clint A. Baggett
              Haleyville City Schools
             Superintendent’s Report
                  To the Public
                         BOE Meeting

1. We like to highlight student organizations that conduct
   Community Service Projects, this month, DECA,
   (Distributive Education Clubs of America) is accepting
   donations for Breast Cancer Awareness, with all proceeds
   going to the American Cancer Society. If a $10 donation is
   made, the donor will receive a Pink Breast Cancer
   Awareness t-shirt. Mrs. Middleton is DECA coordinator.
   This is DECA’s second year to conduct this Community
   Service Project and we salute them for this venture.

2. We have definitely needed patience beginning school with
   the weather being as hot as it has been. Hopefully, the
   weather is breaking and fall is arriving, bringing cooler
   temperatures. Everybody’s power meters have been
   spinning faster than normal and when there’s 18 to 20
   meters like we have on our campuses, it seems like a jet
   engine about to take off. You know it’s bad when Alabama
   Power Company sends a “thank you” card. In order to help
   lower cost, we have been able to negotiate a new contract
   with Alabama Power for the next several years. Because of
   the amount of kilowatt hours used, for the next three years
   we will receive a 6% discount, the fourth year we will
   receive an 8% discount and year five and after will be 10%.
   I would like to thank our vice-president, Mr. Steve Stott, for
   reading about this discount for a nearby system and
   bringing it to my attention. Also, thanks to Alabama
  Power’s Frank Tidwell, Danny Farris and David Wiggins
  for their assistance in putting together this package.

3. The 2009-2010 fiscal year ends this month and we were hit
   with another 2% of proration. While this doesn’t sound like
   a very large amount but being the end of the FY10 year, it
   actually is much larger than state politicians are making it
   out to be. It’s not just 2% of this month’s allocation, but it
   is 2% of the entire state funded budget for the whole year
   when means this month’s allocation will be reduced by 24%!
   Many systems, some 30 or so, will have to borrow from local
   banks to meet payroll this month. Fortunately, Haleyville
   City Schools are not one of the systems shopping for a loan.
   2% does mean a loss of almost $200,000 for us and while we
   are not borrowing money today, additional cutbacks will
   have to be considered. We get tired of saying “no,” but by
   doing so we have been able to keep ourselves on the plus side
   of the ledger. We ask for your continued understanding and

4. On a bright note, Haleyville Middle School principal, Russ
   O’Rear, has been asked to serve on Jostens National
   Renaissance Program Advisory Council. This is an honor
   that all students, parents, and faculty share with Mr.
   O’Rear and we know he will represent Haleyville well. All
   expenses will be paid by Jostens for his service.

5. The next Regular Session of the Haleyville City Board of
   Education is scheduled for Tuesday night, October 26, 2010
   at 7:00, in the Board Room of the high school with a Work
   Session before if needed.
6. Our “Technology Spotlight” tonight is Mrs. Miriam Tucker
   of our Science Department with a web-quest demonstration
   her classes have been developing.

                         HALEYVILLE BOARD OF EDUCATION
                                    Regular Session
                             Haleyville High School Library
                             September 28, 2010 – 7:00 p.m.
  A. Call to Order

  B. Establish Quorum

  C. Approval of Agenda

  D. Approval of Minutes                   Regular Session August 24, 2010

  E. Old Business

  F.   New Business

       The superintendent recommended:

       1.   To consider approving Board Expenditures for August, 2010, in the amount of $1,260,331.29.

       2.   To consider approving Substitute Teacher List.

       3.   To consider approving Field Trip Request for Haleyville Softball and Greg Taylor to attend
            Softball Tournament in Gulf Shores, AL April 10-13, 2011.

       4.   To consider approving to enter into contract by and between the Alabama Department of
            Rehabilitation Services and the Haleyville City Board of Education to cooperatively fund one
            full-time transition job coach, October 1, 201 through September 30, 2011.

       5.   To consider approving the Children’s Policy Council of Winston County to receive 20% of
            Haleyville City Schools Agency State At-Risk Funds as required by State Legislation.

  G. Any Other Business
     6. To consider approving the following fun-raisers:
     a. HES Library to hold Book Fair, September 29 – October 6, 2010.
     b. HHS Tennis Team to sell chicken plan December 2, 2010, during home basketball game.
     c. HCT Family & Consumer Science Department to sale jewelry through Great American
        Opportunities, November 1 – 19, 2010.
     d. HHS Softball to sell advertising signs February 1 – March 10, 2011.
     e. HHS SGA to sell Haleyville Lions sweatshirts October 25, 2010 – January 31, 2011.
     f. HHS Library to hold Book Fair, October 28; sell coffee and Clodhoppers till the end of the
        school year; sell Fundcraft Community Cookbooks next spring.
     g. HHS Senior & Junior Classes to hold Senior/Junior Powder Puff Football game, October 6,

  H. Superintendent’s Report
I.   Public Relations Report

J.   Hearing Public

K. Adjournment

                          Haleyville Board of Education
                              Personnel Action
1. Approved the retirement of Selena Alls, kindergarten teacher at HES, effective
   November 1, 2010.

2. Approved maternity leave request of Jenny Haughton, HES librarian, November
   1, 2010 – March 31, 2011.

3. Hired Julie Brooks, Lisa Cook, Leah Epperson, Beth Frazier, Donna Jones,
   Tammy McCreless, Shelia Sewell, Julie Wilcoxson, Bryan Ward and substitute
   Beverly Masters as After School Tutors at HES.

4. Hired Tammy McCreless and Donna Jones for HES Homework Hotline with Julie
   Brooks, Lisa Cook, Leah Epperson, Beth Frazier, Beverly Masters and Shelia
   Sewell as substitutes.

5. Hired Emile Gilbreath, Heather Evans, Bettye Creel, Rachel Armstrong, Jason
   Cooper and Steve Spiller as High Hopes Graduation Exam tutors at HHS.

6. Hired Tammy McCreless and Donna Jones as After School Tutors at HMS.

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