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BAS August 2010.indd - San Francisco Bay Area Council


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									the Bay Area Scouter
                           2010 Vol 3                                                                           August-October 2010

                                Family Vacation Camps
                            A Great Scout Camp Experience!
                       Where can you get camping, hiking,                                                                In this issue:
                       swimming, horseback riding, campfires, ice
                       cream, great food and great weather, all for                                                      Scout Executive’s
                       little more than it costs to stay home? At                                                            Note - page 2
                       Family Vacation Camp of course! Camp
                       is a great place to let your kids have fun                                                           Popcorn Sale -
                       without worrying about them tracking in                                                                 page 3 & 4

                       dirt or dripping water on the carpet. They
                       can shoot archery, BB guns, rifle, make                                                           Focus on Finance
                                                                       Sunday. A Monday morning breakfast                         - page 5
                       handicrafts, swim, fish (bring your fishing
                       gear!), go for hikes, or ride horses*. Your     option is also available even if you
                       family can even take a drive to many of the     cooked your own meals the rest of the            Food & Wine Gala
                                                                                                                                 - page 5
                       local scenic landmarks.                         weekend.
                                                                                                                         Scouting for Food
                       Family Vacation Camp is a great place to        At Wente Scout Reservation there is                         - page 7
                       be. It’s inexpensive. It’s fun! That adds       also canoeing and rowboating. Local
                       up to a fabulous vacation weekend. You          attractions include the Skunk Train, the              International
                       can cook your own food or for a small           town of Ft. Bragg and the drive through            Scouting - page 8
                       fee choose camp meals which include             giant redwood tree.
                                                                                                 --see page 2
                       breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and                                                       Cub Scouts - page

                                    Commissioner Basic Training                                                         Order of the Arrow
                                                                                                                                  - page 12

                                      Saturday, September 18                                                                Advancement -
                                                                                                                                  page 12
                       On Saturday, 18 September, the Commissioner Basic training Course will be presented
                       to you free-of-charge in a full-day course. This course will be held at the YLTC from               Shooting Sports
                       8 am to 2 pm. All three required sessions will be presented during the day. While this                 Committee -
                                                                                                                                  page 13
                       may seem like a long day, you will have the opportunity to complete the (--see page 16)
                                                                                                                             New Outdoor
                                                                                                                          Awards - page 13

                            Support Scouting at Exciting Events!                                                            History of the
                                                                                                                         Council - page 14

                                                       October 15, 2010
                                               Construction Industry Lunch-O-Ree                                        Programs - page 17
                                               San Francisco Hilton Union Square
                                                           see page 5                                                   Council Calendar -
                                                                                                                                  page 18

                                                  Saturday, October 30, 2010                                             Training - page 18
                                               26th Annual Food & Wine Auction
                                              The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, San Francisco
                                                            see page 5
 Scout Executive’s Note                                                                   Family Vacation Camp
                                                                                          --from page 1
                                             nearly 30,000 youth and 4,000 plus
                                             adults were registered in Scouting in our
                                             council at the end of 2009. We once again
                                             earned the National Centennial Quality
                                             Council Award and had 205 Eagle Scouts
                                             during the year. To celebrate the 100th
                                             birthday of Scouting our Council hosted
                                             a tremendously successful Nor Cal
                                             Jamboree event in April and at last count
                                             we hosted some 20,000 scouts, leaders
                                             and visitors.                                At Camp Royaneh you are near great
                                                                                          sightseeing locations such as Jenner-by-
                                             Our three San Francisco Bay Area             the-Sea and the Russian River. You’ll
                                             Council Jamboree troops recently left        also love just sitting by the pool and
                                             to attend the big BSA Jamboree at Fort       soaking up the beautiful summer sun.
                                             AP Hill in Virginia. Our Scouts will
           Ken Mehlhorn                      join with 40,000 of their fellow scouts      There is still space available so sign
                                             in what promises to be the most exciting
           Scout Executive                                                                up today on line at and
                                             Jamboree ever. We will be excited to         don’t miss out on a great activity for you
                                             hear their stories when they return.         and your whole family.
Welcome to the Newsletter of the San
Francisco Bay Area Council, Boy Scouts       Thank you for your interest in and support   For those who would like to just sit in
of America. It is our mission to prepare     of the San Francisco Bay Area Council.       the quiet of camp and fish or read, there
young people to make ethical and moral       We always welcome your ideas that can        are spaces available mid-week with no
choices over their lifetimes based on the    help us to bring Scouting to more young      program areas open and no food service.
values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.      people. Feel free to email me at kenm@       This is from Monday 2 pm through
Thanks for taking your time to get to know or call me directly at 510-577-    Friday 11 a.m. Contact joanns@sfbac.
us in the newsletter. You can also find a    9205 if I can help to meet your needs.       org for more information or to make
whole lot more on our excellent website.
                                                                                          reservations for mid-week camping.
Our website has been carefully designed      Thank you for all you do,                    Sign up on line for weekend camping.
to guide you to the information you seek,
whether it be to find a Cub Scout Pack                                                    *24” inseam and age requirements, a small charge
for your son to join, to learn more about                                                 is also required.
our outdoor programs, to make a gift to      Kenneth C. Mehlhorn
Scouting or to do a multitude of other       Scout Executive/CEO
things. Let me know if we can help you       San Francisco Bay Area Council
with anything.

We value your support at all times,
but especially in this time of national
economic concerns, we need your help
and support more than ever. In previous
troubled times, Scouting has endured
because our friends have stepped up with
much needed financial and emotional
support, and we need that now, from
you and others. We can never assume
that others know all the positive things
of Scouting that we know: we must tell
everyone of our belief in and support of                            Check out our website at
the values of the Boy Scouts of America                         
and ask them to help us. So talk it up!
                                                     for the latest in Scouting news, including
We are excited about the 100th                            Council, District, Special Events,
Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of                     Online signups, Calendar for coming year
America. In case you were wondering,                              And much more!
                                                           page 2
       2010 Popcorn Sale                                                        Better Packaging
One of the council’s suggested
money-earning projects is the
                                                                                There is an increased awareness of
annual popcorn sale. With a little
                                                                                Scouting on every package.
imagination, many units have raised
sizable amounts of money for unit                                               Packages are:
accounts.                                                                       - Resealable to keep products fresh.
                                        benefits the council by helping us to   - Easier to identify, store and
For popcorn sale time line / dates,     serve volunteer leaders and members     transfer.      by providing better programs and        - Strong, durable packages - thicker
Popccorn_Leaders_Hadbook.pdf            camping facilities.                     than a soda can.
Now is the time to get your unit
                                                                                - More environmentally friendly
signed up to sell popcorn! All the      To visit the Trail’s End website,
                                                                                eliminating 3.8 million pounds of
popcorn trainings are going to be
held the last two weeks of August.      home_alt.jsp;jsessionid=4E8A5B
To commit to the sale and see the       5A0D8C008A2856EAF3C582600               Research shows, 88% of consumers
date of the training near you, please   E?_requestid=39425                      and 87% of parents prefer the new                                              packages or have no preference
Popcorn_Unit_Sign-up_Flyer.pdf          Better Product Value
                                                                                versus the tins.
                                        Trail’s End has added an average of
                                                                                Better Program Support
Highlights of the 2010 Popcorn          20% more product.
Sale                                                                            Trail’s End will provide a Popcorn
                                        Chocolate Lover’s Collection +28%       Sale in a Box to each unit who
- Better Product Value                  Sweet & Savory Collection +27%          commits to sell.
- Better Flavor                         Cheese Lovers Collection +14%           Boxes will contain promotion
- Better for You                        Chocolaty Caramel Crunch +8%            posters, sales banners, tracking
- Better Packaging                      Caramel Corn w/ Almonds, Cashews        posters, product samples, military
- Better Program Support                & Pecans +13%                           receipts, online selling cards, a
- Better Scout Rewards                  Caramel Corn        +37%                leader play book, Marshmallow
                                        Popping Corn       +20%                 Crossbow and many other items.
Why Sell Popcorn?
Units need a secure and stable source   Better Flavor & Better for You          Better Scout Rewards
of income that a strong popcorn         Trail’s End is committed to bringing
sale can provide. Monies raised by                                              Scouts can combine online and
                                        customers the most flavorful and        face to face sales for even bigger
units have been used to cover the       healthiest snacks.
cost of badges and advancement,                                                 rewards!
special events, and pack and troop      - Caramel corn products are
                                                                                Trail’s End introduces the $600 club.
equipment. Some units create an         naturally sweetened with tapioca
                                                                                Each Scout who sells $600 will
account for each Scout who sells and    syrup and molasses.
                                                                                receive a Marshmallow Crossbow
allow individuals to use those funds    - Microwave products and cheese
                                                                                and a patch.
for camps or events.                    corn are made with canola oil, which
                                        has 0g trans fat and low saturated
                                                                                The two lowest prize levels will
Units that are financially sound can    fat.
                                                                                have three physical prizes to choose
spend more time and resources on        - Canola oil replaces bad saturated
                                                                                from or a gift card. Higher prize
                      providing a fun   fats with good unsaturated fats.
                                                                                levels will have gift cards available
                      and challenging   - Canola oil is sourced from North
                                                                                from Wal-Mart or
                      year-round        America and does not contribute to
                      program.          deforestation.                          Visit www.trails-end.
                                        - Chocolate products contain no         com today to see the
                     The popcorn        hydrogenated oils.                      full Scout Rewards
                     sale also                                                  program.
                                                       page 3
     Why Sell Popcorn?                           $50 gift card to Wal-Mart,                      Unit Kick-Off’s
                                        or Coleman.
       PROGRAM                              •    Trail’s End Scholarship                 September 17th, - 3pm-6pm &
                                                 Program - all Scouts who                 September 18th - 10am-1pm
   People invest in your Scouting                sell $2,500 in popcorn are               Show and Deliver popcorn
  PROGRAM with the purchase of                   eligible for participation.                  distributed to units
             Popcorn.                       •    The $600 Club - for any
                                                 Scout who sells $600 gets            November 3rd, - 5pm-8pm (Council
Selling Popcorn can provide the                  a bonus Marshmallow                               Scout Office)
Ideal Year of Scouting by:                       Crossbow and a patch from             Units return unsold product which
    • Giving your Unit more                      Trail’s End. Online sales              they can not use to fill their own
        money to spend on                        count!                                 Take Order to the Council Scout
        PROGRAM.                            •    Golden State Warriors: Fill-         office for credit. Some Take Order
    • Reducing out of pocket                     it up game in 2011 for all              product can be picked up at this
        expenses for parents.                    Scouts who completely Fill-           time. Take Order and Prize Orders
    • Eliminating the need for                   up a Take Order form.                  are due by going on to the Trail’s
        multiple fundraisers each                                                      End Web Site. Unit’s bring a blank
        year – allowing more time                  Time line:                            signed check for Show and Sell
        for PROGRAM.                          August 24th, - 7pm-8pm                   product dated November 3rd and a
    • Teaching Scouts                           Popcorn Kick-Off                      blank signed check dated December
        communication and selling        Alameda Cnty Sheriff’s Trg Facility             10th for the Take Order product.
        skills.                             6289 Madigan Road, Dublin
    • Helps Scouts earn their way                                                        November 19th, - 3pm-6pm &
        to Camp.                                August 26 , - 7pm-8pm
                                                                                         November 20th, – 10am-1pm
                                                  Popcorn Kick-Off                     Take Order Popcorn distributed to
Unit Incentives:                                     LDS Church                                     units
   • Your Unit can earn a                        810 Walnut, Fremont
        possible 40% commission.                                                                      January
   • Free Popcorn Sale in a Box             August 28th, - 10am-11:30am                  Fill-it up Golden State Warriors
        for every unit that attends              Popcorn Kick-Off                                      Game
        the Council Kick-off /                  Council Scout Office
        Training.                          1001 Davis Street, San Leandro             For more information please
Unit Commission Structure:                                                            contact Scott Evans scotte@
                                                    August 31st             
25% Base Commission.                       Units place Show and Deliver
 5% For attending the district’s                                                      Office 510-577-9254
                                          Popcorn Order on the Trail’s End
Popcorn Sale training session.                                                        Fax 510-577-9002
                                              web site by 11:30 a.m.
 7% For having each of your unit’s
youth sell $150 of product (Total                     September
youth registered in your unit on June
30, 2010)
  Total youth X $150 = Unit Goal                          2010 Popcorn Sale
  3% If a unit chooses the cash
option instead of participating in the                  Unit Registration Form
prize program.
                                          Our unit will participate in the 2010 Popcorn Sale
Your Unit has the potential to earn
up to 40% commission!                     Pack/Troop/Team/Crew/Ship #_______District PE TR MP TV GG
                                          Unit Popcorn Coordinator___________________________________
Youth Incentives:                         Street Address ____________________________________________
   • $100 Summer Camp
        Discount for every $1,000         City/Zip Code ____________________________________________
        sold. Camp Discount can           Home Phone (_____) ____________________
        be used at San Francisco
        Bay Area Council and Mt.          Preferred e-mail address_______________________________
        Diablo Silverado Council          Approx. number of Cubs/Scouts/Venturers in your unit________
        Boy Scout Resident Camps          Choice of Plan: _____ Plan A (youth prizes and unit commission)
        for 2011.
   • $1,500 Popcorn sellers                                _____ Plan B (larger unit commission-no prizes)
        will have their choice of a        Mail to: SFBAC-BSA, 1001 Davis St, San Leandro CA 94577-1514
                                           or fax to: 510.577.9002
                                                     page 4
                                                                                    Food and Wine
                                                                                    Gala Prepares
   Fourth Annual Golden Eagle Reception                                             for 26th Annual
 and Friends of Scouting Victory Celebration
                  to be Held
The San Francisco Bay Area                necessary resources available to
Council’s Fourth Annual Golden            them, so that they can achieve the
Eagle Reception and Friends of            greatest scouting success possible.
Scouting Victory Celebration will         The money raised through the
take place on Thursday, September         campaign helps to maintain and
16, 2010. The event will be held          staff three camping facilities, train
on the dock of the USS Potomac,           and educate volunteer leaders in
a vessel that is best known as            youth protection and keep many
President Roosevelt’s “Floating           other valuable programs funded.           This year’s event will feature 20
White House.” The USS Potomac                                                       wineries from Napa and Sonoma
is currently docked at Jack London        The San Francisco Bay Area                Counties. These wineries will offer
Square in Oakland, and serves as a        Council is eternally grateful to          pouring’s and tastings for your
timeless piece of America’s history.      our Friends of Scouting Campaign          enjoyment. We will also feature our
                                          honorees.                                 traditional silent and live auctions.
The celebration will recognize
individuals and companies that            For more information, please              The 26th Annual Food & Wine Gala
have contributed $1,000 or more to        contact:                                  will take place at the elegant Ritz-
the Friends of Scouting Campaign.         Nicole Bruno                              Carlton, San Francisco on Saturday,
Those generous contributions              Development Director                      October 30, 2010 beginning at 5:00
help to ensure that the young             Phone: (510) 577-9249                     p.m. with the silent auction. The dinner
men in this council have the              E-mail:                 and live auction will begin at 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                    concluding by 9:00 p.m.. This Black tie
                                                                                    event promises to be the highlight of the
             32nd Annual                                                            Scouting calendar.

  Construction Industry Lunch-O-Ree                                                 For more information on how to reserve
                                                                                    your place at the Food & Wine Gala as
                                                                                    a guest, table sponsor or auction item
The 32nd edition of the San Francisco     1,000 people. The committee’s efforts     donor, please contact:
Bay Area Council’s Construction           will generate $350,000 in support of
Industry Lunch-O-Ree will be held         local Scouting programs.                  Frank R. Yoke, III
on Friday October 15, 2010 at the San                                               Director of Finance Services
Francisco Hilton Union Square. This       For more information please contact       San Francisco Bay Area Council
annual event will recognize Andy Ball,    Frank R. Yoke, III, Director of Finance   510-577-9242
President of Webcor Builders with the     at 510-577-9242 or frank.yoke@  
“Good Scout” Award. The keynote 
speaker will be Willie Brown, Former
Mayor of San Francisco. This year’s
event is the largest gathering of the
Construction Industry in Northern
California and the biggest fundraising
event in the Council.

Event Chair Colby Powell, Senior
Project Manager of C. Overaa &
Company leads a dedicated steering
committee from the local construction
industry that plan to attract more than

                                                           page 5
Endowment News                              Silver Beaver recipient, a retirement, a
                                            special accomplishment, or anniversary-
                                                                                         Scout commissioner, and author of many
                                                                                         well-known books and stories for youth;
                                            -or in memory of a special individual.       Beard Level membership: $10,000
HERITAGE SOCIETY                            If an institution is truly “the lengthened   minimum gift
                                            shadow of one man,” it is more than          3) Theodore Roosevelt, first Chief Scout
The Heritage Society has been               fitting that the Boy Scouts of America       Citizen, first Vice President of the BSA,
established by the San Francisco            honor James E. West’s significant            and President of the United States;
Bay Area Council, Boy Scouts                contributions to Scouting in such a          Roosevelt Level membership: $500,000
of America, to recognize those              significant way.                             minimum gift
who believe in preserving the                                                            4) Waite Phillips, one of the BSA’s first
tradition and values of Scouting,           1910 SOCIETY                                 benefactors, and donor to the BSA of
as well as perpetuating its future                                                       almost 130,000 acres of land in New
for generations to come. The                Founded in 1910, the Boy Scouts of           Mexico which became Philmont Scout
Heritage Society is a program for           America has grown into something             Ranch;
individuals that have included              larger and more significant than anyone      Phillips Level membership: $1,000,000
Scouting in their Estate Planning           anticipated. We honor that special date      minimum gift
or have made an outright gift               by presenting the 1910 Society award
to the Endowment Fund. The                  to donors who make gifts of $25,000          Founders Circle
numerous ways to make a gift                or more to their council endowments.
to the Endowment Fund are as                These gifts can be in the form of cash,      The newest level of endowment
follows:                                    securities, land, five-year pledges, or      recognition, the Founders Circle, is
                                            other property suitable for a council        intended to recognize deferred gifts
JAMES E. WEST FELLOWSHIP                    endowment fund or easily converted           designated for Council endowment
                                            to cash. There are four levels of            funds. With deferred giving (also
James E. West was the first chief Scout     recognition in the 1910 Society that         called planned giving) so widely and
Executive of the Boy Scouts of America,     honor four very special individuals who      effectively used by so many donors, the
and he served in that position for more     shaped modern-day Scouting.                  BSA wants to recognize the importance
than three decades. The James E. West       1) Earnest Thomas Seton, nationally          of such major gifts. Donors are
Fellowship Award is available for gifts     known artist and naturalist, author of the   recognized for gift commitments with a
of $1,000 and up in cash or marketable      first official American Scout handbook       minimum value of $100,000. Unlike the
securities to the council endowment         and many other books important to            other endowment recognition awards,
fund. The gift must be in addition to--     Scouting;                                    the donor may qualify for membership
and not replace or diminish--the donor’s    Seton Level membership: $25,000              with gifts made through:
annual Friends of Scouting support.         minimum gift                                 Charitable bequests in a will or a codicil
Many individuals and corporations make      2) Daniel Carter Beard, first chairman       Charitable trusts, such as unitrusts,
these gifts either on behalf of someone     of the National Court of Honor, national     annuity trusts, and lead trusts
else--such as in honor of an Eagle Scout,                                                BSA Gift Annuities or BSA Pooled
                                                                                         Income Fund Gifts
                            Mark Your Calendar Now                                       Life /retirement plan designations
                                                                                         Other deferred gifts approved by the
                                December 15, 2010                                        local council
               Distinguished Citizen Dinner                                              As with the 1910 Society, there are
                                                                                         four levels of membership within the
                             The Ritz-Carlton Hotel                                      Founders Circle. They are:
                                 San Francisco                                           Bronze--$100,000 minimum gift
                                    Chairman:                                            Silver--$250,000 minimum gift
                                  Riley Bechtel                                          commitment
                                Chairman & CEO                                           Gold--$500,000 minimum gift
                                Bechtel Group, Inc.                                      Platinum--$1,000,000 minimum gift
                                     Honoree                                             The early founders of the BSA had
                                   Alan Dachs                                            the vision and commitment to make
                                 President 7 CEO                                         Scouting the number one youth
                                 Fremont Group                                           organization in the world. In that spirit,
                                                                                         we honor the modern-day visionaries
                              Keynote Speaker                                            who qualify for the Founders Circle
                     Captain Chesley M. Sullenberger, III                                in their commitment to perpetuate the
                                                                                                                 --see next page
                                                              page 6
visions and beliefs of those founders.
For more information on how you can
participate in one of these endowment
recognition programs, contact Frank R.
Yoke, III Director of Finance Services at
510-577-9242 or frank.yoke@scouting.

Donations of Stocks & Marketable

Have you considered making a gift to
Scouting through appreciated stock?
This would be a great way to support
                                                    What is Scouting for Food? SFF is the larg-
the San Francisco Bay Area Council                  est one-day food collection in the Bay Area.
at a relatively low cost to you. If                   Scouts of every age from 7 to 97 collect
you have stocks or securities that have
become highly appreciated in the past                food in their chosen areas in Alameda and
year this gifting method may be the right             San Francisco counties to help decrease
fit for you. If you do donate stocks or
securities your tax deduction would be
                                                         hunger for many of our neighbors.
the fair market value of your gift and
your donation would not be subject to
capital gains taxes, which would be
                                                               Door Hanger Drop Off
applied if you sold your stock. The fair                       Saturday, November 13
market value is generally considered to
be the average of the high and low of
your securities on the day on which the                           Food Collection
donation was made. If you own highly
appreciated stocks or securities, this                         Saturday, November 20
method of donation could be right for
you. Contact Frank R. Yoke, III at 510-
577-9242 for additional information
                                                                      “One Million Cans”
on donation of Stocks and Marketable

                                            A contribution of any size is welcomed.     Jean Haydon
            Gifts Program                   Larger amounts will enable Scouting
                                            to be of service to an increased number
                                                                                              Stanley Bertagnini
                                                                                              Gilda Bertagnini
                                            of youth. The amounts are kept
                                            confidential. Gifts are tax deductible      Leon Frederick Kautz
A dignified expression of best wishes       within legal limitations.                          Ann M. Fairbanks
for a speedy recovery, congratulations,
or as a memorial for a loved one or         An appropriate card is sent to the person   Richard Riggs
friend.                                     / family and donor.                                Ronnie Eaton
                                            Contact Sonia Castillo at 510-577-9211.            Ricca Espiridion
The commemorative gifts plan provides                                                          Scott Paulsen
a means of commemorating a special                                                             Raymundo Robles
occasion by a contribution to the San                                                          Patty, Cora, Cheryl, Dennis
Francisco Bay Area Council, Boy                                                                Jill Singleton
Scouts of America. The gift is a means           IN MEMORY OF:                                 Matt Light
of honor or comfort for family, friends
and associates as a living tribute, for     James Deasy                                 Susan White
the benefits derived are measured in the          Hazel and Jeffrey Powell                    Samuel Hutchins
development of youth – America’s most
precious resource.

                                                             page 7
                                                                                     INFORMATION MEETING –
                                                                                     September 14, 2010 – 7:00 PM

      22nd World Jamboree – Sweden                                                  On Tuesday, September 14, 2010
                                                                                    there will be an informational
       Now is the Time to Sign Up!                                                  meeting on the 2011 World
                                                                                    Jamboree. The meeting will be
Don’t let your Scouts miss out on       Trading that one patch could                at the YLTC Council Offices,
this once in a lifetime experience.     lead to a lifelong international            1001 Davis Street, San Leandro
They can join 40,000 other              friendship!                                 from 7-8 p.m. At the meeting
Scouting youth from                                                                 we will discuss this once in a
six continents and                      Join now to insure a lifetime               lifetime experience and adventure.
over 100 countries at                   of wonderful memories! For                  Leaders for the World Jamboree
the 22nd World Scout                    questions please check out the              will be present to answer your
Jamboree in Sweden                      website at                questions and a video of past World
to be held July 27 to                   worldjamboree.aspx. You can also            Jamborees will be shown. Please
August7, 2011. The                      contact Jed Richardson, the                 be aware that the Troop may be
troop from the San Francisco            SFBAC 2011 World Jamboree                   full by the time of this meeting – so
Bay Area Council is over half           Chairman at jedrichardson@cal.              you are encouraged to sign up now
full and we expect the remaining or 209-754-1543.               online at!
spots to be filled soon.

Have your Scout hold a spot in the
Troop for by registering online and
paying a small $10 registration fee

To attend, a youth must be a
Boy Scout or Venturer who will
be between the ages of 14 and
17 on July 27, 2011 – that is,
specifically born between July 25,
1995 and July 27, 1997. The cost
is $3525 which includes all travel,
                                           SFBAC                                      Earn Your
accommodations and food.
                                        International                                 IntErprEtEr StrIp
At the World Jamboree Scouts will
get to live and learn with fellow
Scouts from around the world.
                                        Scouting Day                                  Do you speak a second
                                                                                      language? If so you may qualify for
                                                                                      an Interpreter Strip that you can wear
They’ll be housed in tents in a
                                        All units are encouraged to take part in      on your uniform. A Scout wearing
subcamp with troops from many
                                        the 4th SFBAC International Scouting          the interpreter strip must be able to:
countries. Each day they will be
                                        Day and the 53rd Jamboree on the Air                    • Carry on a conversation
participating in different activities
                                        (JOTA) on Saturday, October 16th                            in a foreign language or
such as water sports, international
                                        2010, at the Youth Leadership Training                      in sign language
games, hiking, an international
                                        Center (Scout Office), from 9:00 AM                     • Write a letter in a
food fair, learning about issues
                                        to 3:00 PM. This free event is open to                      foreign language (not
affecting youth around the world,
                                        all Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, Webelos,                        required for signing).
and many others. Of course there
                                        Boy Scouts, Venture Crews, Girl Scouts,                 • Translate orally and
will also be the opening and closing
                                        and the interested public – Everyone                        in writing from one
ceremonies where all 40,000 youth
                                        is Welcome! A custom International                          language to another
and leaders will gather in an arena
                                        Scouting patch will be available for          Once you have met the requirements
for a spectacular show.
                                        purchase.                                     go to the Scout Shop and upon filling
                                                                                      out the Application Form you may
But the main reason for going to
                                        Participants, who arrive with their units     purchase the Interpreter Strip to wear
the World Jamboree is to make
                                        or individually, will take part in both       on your uniform.
new friends and experience new
things – all in a fun atmosphere.                                  see page 16
                                                          page 8
                                                                                       •   Send a representative (Fall

Membership                                                                                 Roundup Coordinator) to
                                                                                           the District Membership
                                                                                           Kick-off meeting. At this
                                                                                           meeting Troops will learn
                                                                                           how to conduct a Fall

  Fall Membership Roundup                                                                  Roundup, materials will
                                                                                           be distributed, and the
                                                                                           timeline and process of the
During the months of September                      Executive                              campaign will be discussed.
through October, the San Francisco
Bay Area Council will conduct a Fall            •   Send a representative (Fall        •   Utilize the Council-
Roundup to Join Scouting Program. Our               Roundup Coordinator) to                approved recruitment
council’s Vice President of Membership,             the District Membership                materials such as posters,
Dan Walters, has developed a                        Kick-off meeting. At                   roundup flyers, unit
comprehensive Fall Roundup program                  this meeting, your                     invitation postcards, and
and incentive plan to help Cub Scout                representative will learn              high adventure surveys.
Packs, Boy Scout Troops and Venturing               how to conduct a Fall
                                                                                       •   Plan and conduct an Open
Crews recruit youth into their units                Round-up, materials will
                                                                                           House “Sign in Night” for
this fall. This Roundup plan, as well               be distributed, and the
                                                                                           youth and their families to
as the resources available, will be                 timeline and process of the
                                                                                           join Scouting.
discussed at your district’s Membership             campaign will be discussed.
training/kickoff. For dates and times
                                                                                       •   Conduct or participate in
of your District wide fall membership           •   Boy Talk is conducted at
                                                                                           an event that new recruits
recruitment training please contact your            your school by the Pack
                                                                                           (and parents) can attend.
District Executive at 510-577-9000.                 (presenter must attend
                                                    District training) or           Venturing Crews - Crews are
New this year is the “Words to Live                 District. If school does not   encouraged to do the following:
By” marketing slogan and the beascout.              allow boy talks, the Pack
org website which will serve as a                   can use other recruitment          •   Unit leader must complete
resource to parents interested in finding           efforts such as flyers, yard            the Fall Roundup
out information about local Cub Scout               signs, etc.                            Commitment card and
Packs, Boy Scout Troops and Venturing                                                      return it to their District
Crews in their area.                            •   Utilize the Council-                   Executive.
                                                    approved “Words to Live
The Fall Roundup incentive program is               By” Fall Roundup flyer.             •   Send a representative (Fall
available for any Cub Scout Pack that                                                      Roundup Coordinator) to
participates in our Fall Roundup to Join        •   Conduct a Fall Round up                the District Membership
Scouting program. Every new youth                   “Sign in Night” for youth              Kick-off meeting. At this
member recruited will receive a free                and their families to join -           meeting Troops will learn
Pinewood Derby Car!                                 utilizing the promotional              how to conduct a Fall
                                                    materials and recruiting               Roundup, materials will
New Dens of 6+ boys registered before               tools provided by Council.             be distributed, and the
October 29th. The New Den Leader
                                                                                           timeline and process of the
will receive Free Cub Scout Specific          Boy Scout Troops - Troops are
                                                                                           campaign will be discussed.
Training!                                   encouraged to do the following:
                                                                                       •   Utilize the Council-
Cub Scout Packs - The council’s                 •   Complete the Fall Roundup
                                                                                           approved recruitment
Cub Scouting’s Fall Roundup to                      Commitment card and
                                                                                           materials such as posters,
Join Scouting campaign will have a                  return it to their District
                                                                                           roundup flyers, etc.
defined two week period of September                Executive
10-October 1, 2010. We will help market                                                •   Plan and conduct an Open
our school night efforts with newspaper                                                    House “Sign in Night” for
ads, radio announcements, yard signs,                                                      youth and their families to
posters, and flyers. Beyond the numeric                                                    join Scouting.
goals, Packs are encouraged to do the
following:                                                                             •   Conduct or participate in
                                                                                           an event that new recruits
    •    Complete the Fall Roundup                                                         (and parents) can attend.
         Commitment card and
         return it to their District
                                                            page 9
                                                                                     Welcome New Units
               A Word from your Registrar,
                       Georgi Zipse                                                 New Units – April 1, 2010
                                                                                    thru June 30, 2010
                                            NEW EAGLES – Month of June,
EAGLES                                      2010
                                                                                    Pack 3392 (SR-E) – Bowman Elem.
                                                                                    Parents – Edgar Quesada, CM
                                            Samuel D Stringer, Troop 176            Crew 346 (PE) – LDS-Oakland 1st Ward
The Eagle Award                             Matthew William Bloom Gregory, Troop
is the highest of six                                                               – Steve Neville, NL
progress awards a                                                                   Pack 662 (TR) – Operation Helping
                                            Gregory Bryan Moran, Troop 911
Scout may achieve                           Akshay Nanavati, Troop 111              People – Elizabeth Najera, CM
and represents an                           Stephen Michael McEvoy, Troop 343       Troop 660 (TR) – Operation Helping
honor a Scout carries                       Timothy Robert Crowley, Troop 343       People – Elizabeth Najera, SM
with him the rest                                                                   Crew 212 (MP) – League of Volunteers
of his life. The                            William L Rich, Troop 132               – Charles Mabie, NL
San Francisco Bay                           Kyle N Stuart-Willis, Troop 206
Area Council and                                                                    Post 34 (PE) – Oakland Fire Department
                                            Andrew David Nelson, Troop 206          – Daniel Estrada, EA
the National Eagle Scout Association        Paul Daniel Loob, Troop 111
congratulates these young men who                                                   Troop 83 (GG) - LDS-Golden Gate
                                            Andrew Morgan Spencer, Troop 409
have earned the Eagle Award. Eagles         Michael Ryan Walters, Troop 908         Ward - Christian Berger, SM
are listed in the order their awards were   Justin Tyler Wong, Troop 623            Pack 904 (TV) – Chabad – Matthew
approved.                                   Christopher Anthony Orfali, Troop 203   Rotermund, CM
                                            Alex Takashi Hoo, Troop 29              Pack 3221 (SR-E) – St. Leander Church
                                            Larry Steven Louie, Troop 12            – Edgar Quesada, CM
NEW EAGLES – Month of
                                            Ryan Yue-Qiang Foo, Troop 103           Pack 115 (MP) – Montessori School of
April, 2010                                 Casey Aaron Perrault, Troop 726
Kyle Thomas Bachand, Troop 916                                                      Fremont – Michelle Myers, CM
                                            Matthew Wallace Crump, Troop 603
Travis Steven Himebaugh, Troop 934                                                  Crew 131 (MP) – LDS-Hispanic Branch
                                            Seamus Maurice Guerin, Troop 726
Robert Geoffrey Eimerl, Troop 900                                                   – Ryan Valentine, NL
Scott Fisher Nicholas, Troop 941                                                    Post 32 (PE) – Oakland Housing Police
Andrew Christopher Rojas, Troop 999                                                 Dept – Carel Duplessis, EA
Collier John Smith, Troop 305
                                                                                    Crew 708 (TR) – Rotary Club of Castro
Matthew Jordan Lew,        Troop 15
                                                                                    Valley – Tad Miller, NL
Christian Feng, Troop 58
Jared Patrick Benge, Crew 929                                                       Pack 810 (TR) – Lorin Eden Elem PTA
Jacob Tyler Benge, Team 929                                                         – Carl Williamson, CM
Ian Austin Newcomb, Crew 346                                                        Crew 25 (GG) – Youth Emergency Servs
Justin Paul Minor, Troop 708                                                        Camp – Steven Leonard, NL         Pack
                                                                                    530 (TR) – LDS-Hispanic Branch –
                                            Veteran Awards - April 1,
NEW EAGLES – Month of May,                                                          Maria Garcia-Picado, CM
2010                                        2010 thru June 30, 2010                 Troop 530 (TR) – LDS-Hispanic Branch
Christian Joseph Hernandez,                                                         – Maria Garcia-Picado, SM
Team 949                                    Joseph Edwards            25 Years      Team 530 (TR) – LDS-Hispanic Branch
Robert Daniel Harechmak, Troop 941          William C Bergmann        50 Years      – Maria Garcia-Picado, VC
Ryan Alan Marples, Troop 975                                                        Crew 530 (TR) – LDS-Hispanic Branch
David Anthony Sequoyah Hoff, Troop
                                                                                    – Maria Garcia-Picado, NL
                                                                                    Post 80 (GG) – SF Pal – Bayview
Brian David Hausmann, Troop 998
Luke Marston Schlobohm, Troop 176                                                   Station – Matthew Balzarini, EA
Rohun Rajesh Patel, Troop 176                                                       Pack 899 (TR) – Saint Joachim School –
Gregory Michael Jay, Troop 176                                                      Kenneth Kinzler, CM
Jamison Clyde Galvez, Troop 102                                                     Crew 206 (PE) – Montclair Friends of
Gabriel Luis Lucero, Troop 924                                                      Scouting – Irving Willis, NL
William David Hughes, Troop 908
Christopher Ryan Coon, Troop 623

                                                            page 10
               CUB SCOUT ADVENTURES 2010
                                                                                                    A GREAT PACK
Cubmasters and Den Leaders                                                                             ACTIVITY!
                                                                                                   Fulfills your
Let Your NEW Tigers, Cubs, and                                                                   SumMertime Pack
                                                                                                Award requirement
Webelos Know About -- CAMPING                                                                        for August
CONNECTION -- A Special Camp                                                                             and
                                                                                                 It’s LOTS of FUN!!!!
Just for NEW Scouts !!!!                                                                       Family Vacation Camp
If you are a BRAND NEW Tiger Cub, Cub Scout, or Webelos Scout then Camping                          See page 1
Connection is just for you and your families! What will you do at Camping                        and sign up today
Connection? You’ll experience a taste of some exciting Scouting activities to introduce
you to the fun you will have in the months to come. We’ve got archery, BB gun
marksmanship, crafts, songs, hiking and                                                        Don’t Forget to Apply
nature. Come to a great campfire and eat
outstanding camp meals.                                                                          for Your Pack’s
We will provide lunch and dinner on                                                             Summertime Pack
Saturday; and breakfast on Sunday, a place
to set up your tent, (a limited number of tent                                                        Award
platforms are available on a first-come, first-
served basis), a patch for the new Cub Scout,                                                 Record your Pack’s activities for each
activity supplies and lots and lots of fun!                                                   month – June, July, and August. The
Make your stay more fun! You can arrive on                                                    pack receives a certificate and ribbon.
Friday night and preorder a pizza dinner for                                                  Each den with 50% or more of their
your family, or bring a picnic dinner. This                                                   Scouts attending receives a den ribbon.
way you will be here and ready to go for                                                      Each Scout who attends all three events
Saturday morning at 8 a.m.                                                                    can earn the Summertime Pack Award
                                                                                              pin, which is different for each rank
Session Dates are Friday and Saturday,                                                        level and is purchased at the Scout Shop.
October 23, 2010 at Rancho Los Mochos,                                                        Submit your application to the Council
Livermore, CA Cost is only $40 per family                                                     office. We will prepare your award and
member 5 years old or older. Free for new                                                     send it out to be presented at the next
Cub Scout. You can register on line at For more                district Roundtable. Applications are
information contact Emily at (510) 577-9218 or Registration                 available at
deadline Oct 15 if you want Friday evening pizza. The SFBAC Refund Policy applies             filestore/pdf/33748.pdf
and can be found on our website.

    It’s Time to Plan Now for Your Pack’s Fall Schedule!

                                                  6 climbing stations your Scouts and
                                                                        adults are sure to    at least one alternate choice of dates.
                                                                        have a great time.    Climb approvals are based

Cub Scout Packs                                                         Focus of THE ROCK
                                                                        climbing program,
                                                                                              on availabililty of instructors. Weekday
                                                                                              climbs can begin at 6:30 or 7 pm, Satur-
                                                                        including unit        day climbs may begin at 9 a.m., noon,
Climbing THE ROCK at the Youth Leader-                                  climbs, is safety     or 3 p.m. Cost is $12 per person with a
ship Training Center is a great adventure                               training, with lots   minimum group size of 6. Reservations
for all Scouting participants and leaders.                              of fun thrown in!     should be made at least one month prior
Our 32 foot natural looking rock with                                                         to requested date. Call 510 577 9214 or
natural handholds that allow for over                                   Cub Scout Packs       email
500 handhold positions, is an outstand-                                 may make a res-
ing adventure for your Pack. With                                       ervation, giving
                                                                  page 11
          Activity                                                         News from
        Opportunities                                                      Achewon Nimat Lodge #282
  SCOUT DAY FOR CAL                        Order of the Arrow, Lodge Leadership Development Seminar and Officers BBQ.
                                           August 21, 2010, 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. at the Youth Leadership Training Center, 1001
     FOOTBALL!                             Davis Street, San Leandro. All current Lodge and Village Officers, Chairmen and
The California Golden Bears are inviting   Advisers are eligible to attend. All other Arrowmen who are interested are welcome.
all local scouts to come out to Memo-      To RSVP please contact the Lodge Adviser, Charles Hoffman at 510-701-3958 or email
rial Stadium for Scout Day on Novem-       at
ber 13th as the Golden Bears play the
defending Pac-10 champion Oregon           Order of the Arrow, Fall Ordeals to honor and welcome into our Order, those Scouts
Ducks. Come join us for exciting pre-      chosen by their fellow Scouts in their Troops and Teams as the highest example of the
game events, discounted tickets to the     Scouting Ideals. September 10-12 at Rancho Los Mochos. November 5-7 at Camp
game, in-game recognition of the Boy       Royaneh. If your unit has not had an election, and wishes to hold one, please contact
Scouts, Scout Day giveaways and more!      your local Village Adviser, or the Lodge Adviser, Charles Hoffman at 510-701-3958 or
                                           email at
Please encourage your packs and
troops to save the date for Scout Day      Order of the Arrow, W3S Conclave, September 24-26th, Camp Chesebrough,
on November 13th. Also please check        26005 Highway 9, Los Gatos. Online registration is now open at http://www.
out for Cost is $40 until September 20th, then $50. New arrowmen
updated information and further details    who are under the age of 21 and whose Ordeal date is after 9/23/2009 get
                                           a further $10 discount. We encourage all Arrowmen to participate in a
on Scout Day.
                                           fun weekend of training, competition, and fellowship. Last year Achewon
                                           Nimat brought home the very first Section W3S Conclave championship.

      READ                                 Can we repeat it again? With your help we can! - Indy Nelson, Lodge Chief

     Due to liability considerations and
the lack of appropriate facilities, the
San Francisco Bay Area Council must                  Merit Badge Counselor Application Process
enforce the policy that only registered
Scouts attend Scout related functions at
camp. Children and siblings of those                                                    Those desiring to serve as a Merit
registered for that specific program are                                                Badge Counselor need to complete
not to attend unless the program has                                                    the Merit Badge Counselor
been specifically designed with adequate                                                Application and a BSA Adult
facilities to handle them.                                                              Application form. Even if you
        Family Camp is designed to                                                      are already registered in another
handle the needs of the whole family,                                                   Scouting position and so previously
but Camporees, Webelorees, Summer                                                       completed an Adult Application
Cub Scout and Boy Scout long term                                                       you are still required to complete
resident camps, and Order of the Arrow                                                  one for your MBC position. You
events, are not the place for siblings                                                  should also go online to www.
to stay overnight or participate in the                                        and complete your
program.                                                                                Youth Protection Training.

                                                             page 12
Shooting Sports
Committee                                       BOY SCOUT                           Troops Submit
Seeking New
Members                                          CAMPING                          for Summer Camp
                                                                                 Now is the time for your Troop to
The Council Shooting Sports                        2011 CAMP                     plan their summer of 2011. It will
Committee is seeking new adult
members to participate in planning and             SCHEDULE                      be here before you know it and if
                                                                                 you are looking for a campsite now
implementing any items, policies or
camps relating to shooting sports. This                                          is the time to plan. All applications
could include NRA training, staffing
                                             Session 1     June 19-25            received by August 31st will be
Shooting Sports Camps and Field              Session 2     June 26-July 2        scheduled on September 1st based on
Days or supplying trained staff to other     Session 3     July 3-9              placement criteria explained on the
council events, planning events, etc.        Session 4     July 10-16            Stake-A-Claim form. After that time
Contact Jason Lewis at jasonl@sfbac.         Session 5     July 17-23            any applications received will be
org if you are interested in serving on                                          placed solely on availability.
this committee.
                                             Session 6     July 24-30
                                                 Wente Only:
Two New Outdoor                              Session 7     July 31-August 6      DON’T MISS OUT ON YOUR
                                                                                 FAVORITE CAMPSITE, BOOK
                                             Session 8     August 7-14
Awards Introduced                                                                TODAY!

The National Outdoor Challenge (No.
430-016) is a unit award that recognizes
troops/teams that maintain or increase                                  BOOK NOW FOR AUTUMN
the amount of outdoor activity when
compared to the previous year. The info/                                   ROCK CLIMBS !
application at:
scoutsource/boyscouts/adults/awards.                                    Be sure a Rock Climb at the YLTC is on
aspx and is due at the end of 2010. With
the release of this award, the National
                                                                       your Troop or Crew’s schedule this autumn.
Camping Award has been discontinued;                                   Application forms can be obtained at www.
however, patches for camping nights                                  
available until the inventory is depleted.

The National Outdoor Achievement
Award (No. 430-509) recognizes
Boy Scouts/Varsity Scouts that excel
in outdoor participation. The award
consists of five areas of emphasis
(camping, aquatics, hiking, riding and
adventure) with rigorous requirements
to earn each segment. Scouts looking for
an extra challenge can earn the National
Medal for Outdoor Achievement. This     
challenging award requires earning
at least three of the National Outdoor
Achievement segments, planning and
leading a trek, earning Wilderness First
                                                 Find out more about Camp Royaneh and
Aid and becoming a Leave No Trace                Wente Scout Reservation at our website
Trainer plus several other requirements.
Info & application at: http://www.                 
                                                          page 13
                                History of the
                                                                                                             of business for the council was
                                                                                                             to develop a new road into camp,
                                                                                                             make a complete topographical
                                                                                                             map of the property and determine

                              San Francisco Bay                                                              it’s long-range development plans.

                                                                                                               Access into the property was

                                Area Council                                                                   through one of two unimproved
                                                                                                               dirt roads. The first road (which
                                                                                                               we now call the rangers road)
                                                                                                               enters the property via a right
a MoMEnt In BSa HIStorY                           north and south of the Bay Area and as far                   of way through the neighbors
Over the course of the coming year we             north as Oregon. In November of 1958 a                       land immediately after you cross
will reprint brief moments of history             site 9 miles north of Ukiah and 6 miles west                 the main bridge on the county
from Scouting nationally and locally.             of Highway 101 was offered to the Scouts.        road. This entrance to the property is a
                                                  The site was the Leonard Lake property           one-lane road and very steep in spots.
A Look Back in Time, Celebrating 100              owned by Richard Dakin of San Francisco.         Although a car can traverse this road it is
Years of Bay Area Scouting History                Offered to the Scouts was 440 acres of land      near impossible for large trucks to maneuver
                                                  at $125,000 with an additional 1700 acres        around the bends. The second road into camp
Previously we looked at the Oakland
                                                  to be given to the council. Located on the       was a little over a mile past the first entrance
Area camp of Los Mochos. This week                                                                 and was a basic logging road used by the
                                                  property was also the largest natural lake in
we will finish looking at the Oakland                                                              Foley Ranch. This dirt road was located
                                                  Mendocino County. Between January and
Area Camps with the history of Wente              March of 1959 a review and investigation of      approximately five hundred feet before the
Scout Reservation.                                the Leonard Lake property was made. The          current camp entrance. The original logging
                                                  BSA’s National Council Engineering Service       road is still fully accessible by foot although
THE NEWEST SCOUT CAMP                             found that only one campsite could be            trees are now growing in the middle of its
The seeds of Wente Scout Reservation              found on the entire 1700 acres for 200 boys      path and there are a few washouts.
(originally called Willits Scout Ranch and        and it was recommended for the council to
then Willits Scout Reservation) can be traced     withdraw from any further negotiations.          The main purpose of the second road was
back to the summer of 1948. For it was                                                             in order to haul logs off of the property and
that year that the Oakland School district,       As the search continued in May of 1959           deliver them to the local lumber mills. The
needing a large location for two new hill area    the Foley Ranch site (in the hills East of       road meandered its way up the hill at a very
schools, started condemnation hearings on 28      Willits) became available for sale. The Foley    easy grade and had two small creek crossings
acres of land (a mile south of the Montclair      ranch was used primarily for hunting and         (one directly off the county road and another
shopping district) owned by the Oakland           small logging operations and offered a large     further up the hill). Large wooden planks
Area Council. The land in question was that       piece of property (1,928 acres) at a price the   that formed the surface on one of the creek
of Camp Dimond, the first Scout camp of           council could easily afford. Council members     crossings are still present although the
the Oakland Council that opened in 1919.          considered it to be the most desirable           bridge itself has since fallen down. The road
Camp Dimond was the main Oakland camp             location it had found with a large grassy        continued up the hill on the East side of
for almost 30 years where Scout trainings,        meadow surrounded by hills and wide-open         the present camp road and exits at the top
weekend camping and summer camp                   vistas. This new site was again investigated     of the knoll across from the Sunrise Ridge
activities took place. Camp Dimond also           by the Engineering Service Division of the       campsite. The logging road then continued
served as the location for the council office     National Boy Scout Council in New Jersey         down the service road entrance next to the
for over 15 years. When Camp Dimond was           that gave its full approval for the ultimate     campfire area and around the grassy meadow.
forced to close its’ doors forever in 1949,       development of three separate camps, each        Because the logging road was not sufficiently
only the undeveloped Ranchos Los Mochos           camp serving 200 boys on the site.               wide enough for two cars, a new road had
(acquired in 1944) near Livermore and the                                                          to be built and is what we use today. Gravel
summer operations at Dimond-O (acquired           The engineering study showed that a 50-acre      required for the new road was quarried from
in November of 1925) outside of Yosemite          lake would be feasible in the future and that    the camp rock quarry that is located in the
remained as the camping areas for the             adequate supplies of water were available        hills near the south corner of the lake. The
Oakland Council. A new summer camp was            from the local springs. The study indicated,     new camp road however would take drivers
needed.                                           “The natural springs on the property can         around the East end of the giant meadow and
                                                  serve much of the site in the immediate          would connect with another logging road on
Due to the growth explosion of Scouting           future by gravity flow. Power and telephone      the opposite side of the meadow near where
in the 1950’s and its expected continued          lines are already in the area, allowing for      the family camp area is located.
growth, the Oakland Area Council required         immediate use. The altitude of the property
a new site for a summer camp to supplement        ranges between 2,000 and 2,300 feet and          The process to create the topographical maps
its camping operations at Dimond-O and Los        includes fir, pine, oak and other varieties of   and determine the master plan for the site
Mochos. However the Council did not begin         native trees”.                                   would take a couple years but wilderness
searching for a new site in earnest until 1957.                                                    camping on the property would begin
                                                  In July of 1959 the Board of Directors of the    immediately.
Malcom Storm, the Oakland Area camp               Oakland Area Council along with Council
exploration chairmen, had the task of             President Robert Matheison approved              THE FIRST CAMPOUT
locating and investigating any potential camp     $70,000.00 for the purchase of the Foley         The first “encampment” at the Willits Scout
sites. From 1957 until 1959 the Council           Ranch (about $37.00 per acre) and the            Ranch took place on October 24 & 25, 1959
investigated multiple large acreage sites both    newest Scout Camp was born. The first order      when more than 300 Scouts and their leaders
                                                                   page 14
attended a special weekend campout. For the       buildings (used for small logging operations)     competitions would have been great. One
first trial run of the camp, a Scout troop was    were torn down during the construction of         additional area of camp that was never
selected from each of the ten districts within    the dam and the lake area. Only the medics        realized was near the entrance to the camp
the council. After the five-hour car trip from    cabin (a small two room shack) located about      off of Canyon Road. The level area where
the bay area, Scout troops arrived Saturday       thirty feet in front of the existing directors    the remains of an old cabin are was to be the
morning and were guided to their campsites        cabin and the old ranch house (an “L” shaped      family camping area as well as maintenance
by members of the council executive staff         building) located at the end of the auxiliary     buildings for all three camps.
including Scout Exec Frank Dix. After             parking lot remained until the late 1970’s.
setting up their camp, the Scouts explored        Before the dam was in place the main road         In October of 1961 members of the Oakland
the new camp and found an abundance of            across the meadow crossed in front of the         and San Lorenzo Rotary club donated
nature, open meadows, massive oak trees           peninsula, where the Chapel is located,           $15,000 in materials and labor to construct
and many deer. During the day some of the         and exited near the dinning hall. The small       the first two major buildings at the camp,
scouts measured the mighty oaks by seeing         road that is used as a boat launch that can       the Admin building and the trading post/
how many scouts it took to surround the           be seen in front of the dinning hall is the       commissary. The admin building was
trees. At the camp-wide council fire Saturday     last remaining portion of the main road that      constructed and financed by the Oakland
night, all Scouts participated in the building    crossed the meadow.                               Rotary club and would be constructed with
of a stone cairn to mark the spot where the                                                         a shingle roof, plywood interior and a wide
first ever campfire was held in the history of    Between Black Oak point and the canoeing          front porch. The building would also contain
the camp. Each Scout’s name was included          picnic area, a small pond once stood. A           a small kitchen, shower and toilet facilities.
on paper scrolls that were placed inside the      natural spring that is located at the bottom of   The main room of the building would be
rock cairn to be preserved for posterity. The     the lake as well as an existing spring that is    used for both staff dinning and office tasks. A
exact location of the first campfire and the      located across the main road near O’Reily’s       fifteen foot addition to the building in the late
stone cairn is still unknown.                     outpost formed this pond. It is assumed that      60’s would add a staff shower house, first-aid
                                                  this pond was used as a mill pond for the         room and camp office to the east side of the
In August of 1960 a geologist from Berkeley       logging operations, as a small building was       building. If you look at the cement porch and
was hired to investigate a proposed dam           located next to it, which could have been the     the roofline you can see where the original
site and look at the geological make-up of        sawmill. Other than a few bushes and some         building stopped and the addition was added.
the area. The one-day visit investigated the      small scrappy trees, the meadow was a big         Although the interior of the building has
location of the embankment type of dam and        open grassy field perfect for a potential lake.   changed much over the years, the outside of
the rock formations within the dam area. The                                                        the building looks the same as it did in 1961.
geologist noted, “The bedrock at the dam site     CAMPS A, B & C                                    The other major construction project was the
is well exposed in the stream channel and         The original drawings for the scout               building of the original commissary/trading
in outcrops on the abutments. The bedrock         reservation called for three separate camps       post (today’s Handicraft building) by the
in this vicinity is the Franciscan formation      known as Camp A, Camp B and Camp                  Rotary club of San Lorenzo. This building
of Jurassic age (about 150 million years)         C. Each camp would be large enough to             was constructed in an area that was central
which is the oldest rock of the Northern          accommodate 200 Scouts (although that             to the camp during its first few years. If you
California coastal ranges”. The geologist in      limit has been pushed to over 600 Scouts          explore the handicraft building you will
his report goes on the say, “the broad flat       and Scouters in recent years). Camp A             notice that the side that faces the Scoutcraft
valley forming the reservoir area should          would be the main camp that surrounded            area has pull-up doors, as this was the trading
provide ample impervious material for the         the lake. Camp B was to be located on the         post for the camp. The side that faces the
embankment”.                                      west side of Eagle Summit in the upper            lake is where the Scouts picked up their food
                                                  meadow area. Camp C was to be built on            and supplies for the Jamboree style cooking.
For the next couple of years not much took        the East side of Eagle summit between Tan         The back of the building that faces site 4
place other than occasional camping and           Oak Cathedral and Mellow Marsh/Haunted            (Sky High) was the loading dock.
site visits by the executive staff taking tours   Springs where the lodge pole climbing
and planning the development of the camp.         outpost once resided and the overnight            500 TREES ARE PLANTED
In September of 1961, the Durant Plumbing         corral outpost now camps. The secondary           At the beginning of 1962, 100 Scouts from
Company of Oakland donated the first              sites of Camp B and Camp C would both             the Central District of the Oakland council
sailboat to the camp, a small wooden Sabot        have swimming pools, a campfire site and          led by Scout Commissioner Roger Day
Type 2 sailboat, although any semblance of        areas for eleven troop campsites as well as a     planted over 500 trees on the southeast
the lake was still on the drawing board and       staff village and food distribution building.     corner of the lake. This area was to be a
over two years away. The Sabot was the            However, only one structure for the other         picnic grounds for the parents of the Scouts.
number one dinghy for teaching beginners          two camps was ever completed, the kybo            If you look across the lake today a number
to sail. Later the camp would acquire six El      in the area that was designated as campsite       of those trees are still thriving and some of
Toro sailboats for the scouts to learn sailing.   9 in Camp C. This outhouse was built to           the metal containers that shielded the trees
Both the Sabot and the El Toro sailboats          maintain the Scout Reservation designation        can be found lying around. A few months
looked similar but the El Toro featured a         as one camping area did not constitute a          later the camp began to take further shape
small deck over the bow that made the El          reservation. The two-seater kybo can still        as Kaiser Steel of Oakland donated five tons
Toro handle rougher waters. In later years        be found today alone and silent at the top of     of metal pipe that would be used to lay the
the lake would be known for its afternoon         the hill waiting for the eventual Scouts of       lateral water lines for the three camps. It
white caps which the square bowed and box-        Camp C to arrive. Each camp was to be self-       is unclear if any of the water lines for the
shaped El Toro’s could manage                     sufficient but lack of funds did not allow for    two other proposed camps were ever laid.
                                                  these other two camps to be built. However        However walking from the location of Camp
When the ranch land was first purchased a         full color drawings for the secondary camps       C down to Haunted Springs (Pear Orchard
number of old buildings were located on the       still exist and are quite fascinating to look     springs) you can find metal water lines
property where the lake now stands as well        at and ponder what it would have been like        along side the hill. It may be possible that
as near the family camp area. Most of the         with three camps. The camp rivalries and          some of the lines to the springs were laid in
                                                                       page 15
anticipation of building the other camps.        rains began to backup behind the new dam.
                                                 It would take two full winters for the lake to
                                                                                                  Commissoiner Basic
In April of 1963 with the “Specifications for    reach its capacity and overflow the spillway     Training
Construction of Scout Lake Dam” complete,        into Boy Scout creek below the dam.
the council sent bids out for the building of    Although the lake would be ready for use by      --from page 1
the dam. The expected cost of the dam and        summer the completion of the campsites still
the necessary grading was estimated to be        had a long way to go. By December of 1963
around $93,000. The dam would be 51 feet         only two campsites had been completed and        entire Commissioner Basic Training
high, 290 wide and ultimately hold back          five more still needed to be built.              Course in a single day and have a lot
386 million gallons of water with an 80-acre                                                      of fun learning how to be an effective
lake. Over 9000 cubic yards of material          THE COUNCILS MERGE                               Commissioner. (No further session
would need to be excavated and 62,000            During the first months of 1964 a major          will be required, and you will have
cubic yards of fill material borrowed for the    change took place at the council that had
                                                                                                  met the training requirement for the
completion of the dam. The maximum depth         been in the works for almost four years. On
                                                                                                  Commissioner’s Arrowhead award).
of the lake would be 46 feet at which point      February 10, 1964 atop Yerba Buena Island
water begins to flow over the spillway. The      in the middle of the bay, the flags for the      You will also have these options:
elevation of the spillway is listed as 1,921     Oakland Area Council and the San Francisco
feet above sea level while the original creek    Council were lowered for the last time           If you cannot spend the entire day with
bed at the bottom of the lake is at 1875         during a ceremony where the two councils         us, you can elect to attend the sessions
feet. A funny aspect contained within the        merged and the San Francisco Bay Area            that you are able to. You will have to
specifications for the dam is in Division “C”,   Council flag was raised. With the raising of     complete any remaining sessions in the
Section 7 - Guarantee of Work. The camp          the SFBAC flag there now were six camps in       future.
had a one-year guarantee on the failure of the   the united council (Dimond-O, Los Mochos,
dam against any defects in workmanship and       Camp Loomer, Willits Scout Reservation,
                                                                                                  If you have already completed one or
inferior materials. The water from the lake      Camp Royaneh and Camp Lilienthal). With
would be used as the drinking source for the     the cost to operate so many camps the two        more of the sessions previously, you
camp through a filtration plant to be located    undeveloped camps at the Scout Reservation       can elect to attend only your remaining
below the dam. The water would be pumped         (Camps B & C) were dealt a deathblow and         sessions.
up to two 100,000-gallon redwood tanks on        would never be built.
the hillside above the lake and gravity fed                                                       To prepare yourself for this training, you
to the campsites. The lake created by the        In June of 1964, 15 years after the closing      should be familiar with these references:
dam would be the largest on the West coast       of Camp Dimond, Willits Scout Reservation        Cub Scouting: Cub Scout Leader
created specifically for Boy Scout aquatic       the newest camp of the Oakland Area
                                                                                                  Book; Chapters 2, 7, & 23
activities.                                      Council (now the San Francisco Bay
                                                                                                  Boy Scouting: Scoutmaster
                                                 Area Council) opened for its first summer
DEDICATION OF BUILDINGS AND                      camp. During the first summer, there were        Handbook; Chapters 2, 3, & 8
GROUND BREAKING FOR DAM                          only seven campsites to choose from (Big         Venturing:        Venturing Leaders
On June 10, 1963 with the construction bid       Dipper, Wishbone, Sailor’s Rest, Sky High,       Manual; Chapters 1, 2, & 3
process closed for the dam, over 200 people      Madrone, Moss Shadows, and Sunrise
(including Senator William Knowland,             Ridge). In 1978 the camp would be renamed        To register for this course, please notify
who was in charge of the fundraising             Wente Scout Reservation in honor of Carl F.      your District Commissioner. If you
efforts for the new camp) attended the gala      Wente, a long-time board member of the San       have any questions about the course, you
groundbreaking ceremonies for the dam and        Francisco Council.
                                                                                                  can contact them, OR you can call Jim
also the completion of the trading post and
                                                                                                  Smith or send him an email at:
commissary building by the Rotary Club.          Please see our Scouter Weekly for more
Construction of the dam would commence           episodes of the history of the San Francisco     Jim Smith C: 415-215-7220
immediately to ensure the camp was open          Bay Area Council. If you are not signed          Or
for the 1964 season. The building of the         up for the Scouter Weekly please have your
dam required the removal of some small           email entered into your registration record      Or
buildings, the moving of power lines and         at the YLTC. You can do this by emailing
the building of a new road across the  
dam. Also a number of small oak trees
had to be removed from the dam site and                                                           (Norway), Shepherd’s Game (Slovenia),
the waterfront area had to be graded and         International Scout Day                          an International Scouting Booth, a
conditioned for swimming and aquatic
use. With all the work that needed to be
                                                     --from page 8                                display of International Memorabilia
done, the dam, spillway, bridge and new                                                           and Patches, and a chance to make
                                                 outdoor and indoor internationally
main road would still be completed in the fall                                                    various crafts.
                                                 themed games and crafts as well as
of that same year
                                                 JOTA. There also will be a number
                                                                                                  Attendees also will have the opportunity
                                                 of international displays. Last
                                                                                                  to participate in JOTA and talk on an
On October 31, 1963 the single 18 inch           year’s events and displays included
                                                                                                  amateur (ham) radio to other Scouts
diameter pipe and its two flood gates (one       the I Traded For (Kim’s) Game,
                                                                                                  and Scouters around the United States
on the inlet and one on the outlet) were         Concentration Game (Serbia), Four-Man
                                                                                                  and other countries. They can learn
closed-off and the small beginnings of the       Tug-of-War (Portugal), Ethiopian Folk
lake driven by the various springs and winter                                                     about amateur radio, practice Morse
                                                 Dance, Welly Toss (UK), Stilt Walking
                                                                                                                       see next page
                                                                      page 16
          Venturing                                            SFBAC QUARTERLY
                                                               VENTURING FORUM
           Views                                                            September 15

RENDEZVOUS                                 WHO: Crew Officers and Crew Advisors
                                           PURPOSE: Great opportunity to share activities and ideas for crew events, meet
at Wente Scout Reservation                 members from other crews and to find out about Council wide Venturing events.
                                           Also a forum to provide the Council Venturing Committee with ideas to help
                                           develop our Venturing program
   September 24-26, 2010                   FORMAT:
                                           6:00 – 7:00pm Hang out, Activities, Food and Resource Information
Where do Venture Crews have THE            7:00pm Separate Meetings:
most fall fun? Of course the answer is              Council Crew Officers Meeting (youth)
RENDEZVOUS!!!                                       Crew Advisors
Join Venturing Crews and Ships from
all over Northern California for an
                                                                                     Venturing Age/
                                                       “It’s AWESOME!”
                                                       “WE, the YOUTH, pick          Grade Eligibility
                                                     the schedule for the day!
                                                     Do everything or sit back
                                                     and RELAX!”
                                                       “FUN! Wish it was             The National Executive Board recently
                                                     longer!”                        approved a resolution to change the
                                                       “Waterfront was a             eligibility requirements for Venturing
                                                     BLAST!”                         to ensure consistency among Venturing,
                                                       “Can’t wait to do it again    high-adventure bases and other core
                                                     next year!”                     programs.

                                                     What do adults say?             Effective May 1, 2010, the minimum
                                                       “Great opportunity to         age requirement will be changed to
                                                     meet other advisors and get     14 years of age, or 13 years of age
                                                     ideas!”                         and completion of the eighth grade.
weekend of activities! Including:         “Learned so much at the Venturing          The maximum age for participation
rifle, shotgun, black powder, archery,   Leader Specific Training!”                  remains under 21 years of age. Other
swimming, boating, horseback riding,      “Food was GREAT and I had FUN              information is posted at www.scouting.
mountain biking, climbing and much,      TOO!”                                       org/venturing
much more!! Work on Venturing
electives if you want or just hang out                                               International Scout Day
with your new friends! It’s your camp!                                               from page 16
You pick!                                                                            code, and work on Cub and Boy Scout
                                                                                     advancement requirements. JOTA is
Cost: $60 Youth; $50                                                                 the largest annual event of the World
first 2 adults; $80                                                                  Organization of the Scout Movement –
extra adults. Covers                                                                 with over 400,000 participants in close
4 meals, t-shirt and                                                                 to 200 countries around the world. The
activities.                                                                          event is held every third full weekend
                                                                                     in October and lasts for 48 hours in the
We will again offer                                                                  time zone of the participating country.
VLST and for an                                                                      If you would like to participate in JOTA,
extra fee a CPR/First                                                                please call Alan Marples at 510-895-
Aid course for youth                                                                 9080 or email him at kd6yst4577@
and adults!                                                                 to reserve a time so that radios
What do Venturers                                                                    will be available for you. You can
have to say about                                                                    also participate in JOTA without a
Rendezvous?                                                                          reservation, but you may have to wait
                                                                                     for time on the radios.
                                                        page 17
      COUNCIL CALENDAR                                                                   8:00 - 8:30 am         Registration &
                                                                                         Welcome $15.00 fee for Reg. and
August 2010                                                                              materials
                                             October 2010
                                                                                         8:30 - 9:15 am         Introduction to
1-7      Boy Scout Summer Camp                                                           Cub Scouting
         Wente Scout Reservation             1-3       Shooting Sports Camp
                                                       Rancho Los Mochos                 9:15 - 10:00 am        How we have
2-7      Webelos Adventure Camp                                                          Fun
         Camp Royaneh                        16        International Scouting Day
                                                       Jamboree on the Air               10:15 am - 12:00 pm Pack Committee
8-14     Boy Scout Summer Camp                                                           Member
         Wente Scout Reservation                       Youth Leadership Training
                                                       Center, San Leandro               12:00 - 1:00 pm        Lunch on your
9-14     Webelos Adventure Camp                                                          own
         Camp Royaneh                        22-24     Camping Connection
                                                       Rancho Los Mochos                 1:00 - 3:00 pm         Den Leader
20-23    Family Vacation Camp                                                            (includes Tiger, Wolf, Bear & Webelos)
         Wente Scout Reservation                                                         3:15 - 5:00 pm         Cubmaster
27-30    Family Vacation Camp                November 2010
         Wente Scout Reservation                                                         You must take Introduction to Cub
                                             6         HAT Basic Backpack
                                                       ReBoot Course                     Scouting & How We Have Fun, plus
September 2010                                                                           at least 1 other module to complete
                                             13        Scouting for Food
                                                       Door Hanger Distribution          training.
3-6      Family Vacation Camp
         Wente Scout Reservation             20        Scouting for Food
                                                       Food Collection Day               Please RSVP, William English, Peralta
10-12    OA Ordeal                                                                       District Executive, IMMEDIATELY
         Rancho Los Mochos                   25-26     Thanksgiving Holiday
                                                       YLTC Closed                                     Email: William.English@
24-26    Venturing Rendezvous                                                  
         Wente Scout Reservation                       (East Bay Scout Shop
                                                       Closed on 25th)                                 Office ph. 510-577-9222
24-26    OA Conclave
         Camp Chesebrough                                                                If you have not taken Youth Protection
                                                                                         Training within the past two years,
                                                                                         please log on to
                                                                                         and create an account , if you haven’t
       TRAINING                                    o
                                                       pack, troop or crew meeting
                                                       and so much more!
                                                                                         yet, and take the training. Be sure to
                                                                                         have your member ID number which
                                                                                         can be found on your Boy Scouts of
Your Path to Leadership Starts with          Encourage all the leaders in your unit      America membership card.
Training!                                    to take time out of their busy schedules,    If you are not yet registered as a
For many, training seems like another        they will be thankful they did.             volunteer you can still take the Youth
day given to Scouting without a purpose.
                                                                                         Protection training after creating your
Reality is that training courses are vital   “First and foremost Scouting should be      account. Upon completion, print
to Scouting’s success. Training provides     fun for the boys. I thought I had been in   a certificate and submit it with an
leaders with much more than just what        this program long enough to know what       application to the local council.
should we do at our next den or patrol       I was doing, but at training I realized      Everyone with youth contact must
meeting. Training courses teach ideas        I was doing many things the hard way,       have this training NOW.
yes, but also                                that people before me had already gone
     o increase your knowledge of            through what I was going through and
          how to be a better leader          I could learn from them and run my
     o provide maximum skill level           meetings more efficiently, and more          Golden Gate District Training
     o safety                                important, with much more FUN!”             September 2010
     o protection for you the leader
                                                                                         Saturday        18: Cub Leader
          and for our Scouts                 Training courses are listed below by        Specific – No location yet
     o an overview of national and           district but all are welcome to attend      October 2010
          council forms                      whichever one best fits your schedule.      Saturday        BALOO: 9th or 16th
     o programs specific to your
                                                                                         February 2011
          area of Scouting, as well as       Peralta District Training                   Saturday        12: University of
          national and council programs      The following is the schedule for the       Scouting (Cub Leader Specific)
          which your Scouts may wish to      next Cub Leader Specific Training            March 2011
          participate in                     to be held on Saturday, August 21st         Saturday        26: SM/ASM (will
     o resources such as where to get        2010 at the YLTC, 1001 Davis St., San       be held at the Sports Basement on
          this, how to get that              Leandro, and Ca. 94577                      Bryant Street )
     o how to run an effective den,
                                                                                         April 2011
9-10: IOLS w/ Marin at Tamarancho         Webelos Leader
September 2011                            Outdoor Part 2                             Baptist Church, 18550 Redwood Road,
Saturday        10: Cub Leader            Rancho Los Mochos                          Castro Valley.
Specific – We need a location,                                                        Part C – Introduction to Outdoor Skills
October 2011                                                                         – Thursday, Sept 16, 2010 at 7 pm at
Saturday        15: BALOO                 Tres Ranchos District Training             First Baptist; Sept 25-26 at Rancho Los
For further information contact Michael   Part A – This is Scouting! – Required      Mochos, Livermore. Thurs, Fri & Sat
Dotson at         for Part B. Part A is offered on-line at   are all required to complete course.
                                        More information is available from
                                          Part B – Leader Specific Training –        Course Director John Bird at 925-963-
Mission Peak District Training            Class session 1, 2 and 3, Saturday         9557.
September 25     Cub Scout Leader         August 28, 2010, 8am-5pm at First
                 Walnut Bldg.
October 9        Cub Specific (location
to be announced)
April 2, 2011    SM/ASM Leader
                 Scout House
April 3          IOLS part 1 and
                 Webelos Leader
Outdoor Part 1
                 Scout House
April 9          BALOO (Concurrent
with Webelos Woods)

                 (location to be
                                                            The Lodge at Wente
April 15-17      IOLS part 2 and                  Call 510 577 9218 for rental information

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