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					Becky Thatcher
                                  Your character is somewhere around the age of 10 years.
                                  You must have two main outfits (one for school and one for church),
                                  bloomers, black convertible tights, and black jazz shoes.
                                  You may have multiple school outfits, if you think
                                  you’ll have time to change.
                                  Your outfits should be in bright colors.

Act I
Sc. 1-(Meadow in St. Petersburg/School/Streets of Town)     School outfit with bonnet
Sc. 2-(Fence In Front of Tom’s House)
Sc.3b-(Water Pump on Sunday Morning)                        Church outfit with bonnet and shawl
Sc.4-(On The Way To Church)
Sc.5-(Sunday Church Service)
Sc.6-(Outside The Schoolhouse)                              School outfit
Sc.7 (Inside The Schoolhouse)
Sc.9-(Inside The Courthouse)                                Church outfit with bonnet and shawl
Act II
Sc.1-(School is Released—Meadow & in Town)                  School outfit
Sc.4-(On The way to McDougal’s Cave)                        School outfit – This outfit needs to be
Sc.5-(McDougal’s Cave)                                      messy for Sc. 6.
Sc.6-(Inside & Outside the Church)
If anyone knows of a dance company, school, friend, or any other place to borrow these, please let Mrs.
Brockland know.
The bloomers need to be white with lace and sit mid-calf. They can be more decorative than these styles.
If bloomers can not be borrowed, then they can be sewn from one of these patterns.
Butterick B3737                                     Simplicity 9769
You want to find black, convertible tights. If Mrs. Senese asks you to dance barefoot, then these tights
can be pulled up and tucked into your bloomers, without having to change.
You can purchase these at local stores:
    o Dance-n-Tees, which has moved to Randall Road (815-477-0587)
    o CG Dancewear, 19 Jandus Rd, Cary, IL 60013 (847-639-9797)
Or, you can order these from OR 1-800-333-2623.

"The Original" Convertible Tights
One size fits Children Intermediate thru Adult Extra-Large.
PS-101 $11.25

                                     Microfiber Tights
                                     Manufactured in Italy using an innovative 3-D process allows
                                     increased elasticity providing the utmost comfort, fit and durability.
                                     Currently on Sale, While Supplies Last.
                                     ADULT'S CONVERTIBLE
                                     EU-99-CA Sale: $9.59

NYCB Coolmax® Tights
Especially designed by Danskin to meet New York City Ballet standards.
NY-602 $13.50

                                     Supplex® Wrapture™ Convertible Tights
                                     Features a full toe and heel for superior fit over other convertible
                                     tights. Other features include an invisible run guard system,
                                     reciprocating heel, reinforced toe, and is dyed-to-match Tactel
                                     Aquator™ gusset for superior moisture management.
                                     ADULT'S CONVERTIBLE
                                     BW-A31 $10.65

Ultra Soft Tights
C-1816 $9.85

                                     ltraSoft Tights
                                     New and improved convertible foot.
                                     ADULT'S CONVERTIBLE
                                     D-702 $9.70
                    Hair Styles

#1, #2, and #4 above would work for a young girl.
                                         Pattern Ideas
If you are having no luck finding a dress, the Costume Crew will be offering to sew dress and bonnet
styles B3992 (A or B), M2337(C), or #5041 (A). Please print out the “Sewing Request” form, follow the
directions, and turn it into Mrs. Brockland, no later than January 8th, 2008.

              Remember, each dress will be hemmed to mid-calf.
McCall’s M4548
Dress, bonnet, and bloomers

Butterick B3992                                          McCall’s M2337 (lower right C)
Simplicity #3723
Dress styles A or D
Bonnet with style A
Shawl with style D

Simplicity #5041
Dress styles A or D
Bonnet style A
                 For Church ONLY

McCall’s M5414

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