Annual Meeting Minutes
                                        March 5, 2011

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by President Howard McCalla at 10:10 a.m.

Directors Present: Arlen Bell, Russ Erickson, Howard McCalla, Patricia Perkins, and Char

Secretary’s Report: Brenda Chapin moved to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the 2010
Annual Meeting as members received copies. Billy Crego seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Mike Loveland moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report. Todd Johnson
seconded. Motion carried.

Charitable Gaming: Howard reported on the Poker Nights members have worked, raising
$10,146.80 to date (2009-2011). In 2009 the association raised $4,229.00. In 2010 $1,265.00 was
raised and in 2011 $4552.00 was raised. The last series of Poker Nights for 2011 is April 28, 29, 30
and May 1. Volunteers are needed to work on those nights. Howard thanked the following
volunteers who have donated their time to work at the Poker Nights: Keith Bloomensaat, Jane
Chestnut, Gordon Crawford, Bob and Sharon Crawford, Doyle and Renee Dingman, Kathy Douglas,
Todd and Dawn Johnson, Lori and West Luther, Howard, Doreen and Kyle McCalla, Bob and Sally
Pregitzer, Aaron and Gail Rice, Fred and Deb Swihart, Cindy Wieas, and Lori Williams. In addition,
Howard’s sister, coworker and son have worked.

Youth Representative: Kristin Steely, 2010 Youth Representative, thanked the association for the
opportunity to serve as the Youth Representative and for the opportunity to ride on the hitches when
making award presentations. She then presented the 2011 Youth Representative Ashley Kimmett
with her crown and sash.

Michigan Great Lakes International: Chairperson Aaron Rice reported a good show in 2010.
MGLI Secretary/Treasurer Carlene Davis distributed copies of the financial statement. MGLI did not
receive any money from the state in 2010. Aaron thanked members, breeders, corporate sponsors
and friends of MGLI for their support. He announced that Carlene Davis is stepping down as
Secretary/ Treasurer. She has held this position since the show started. Doreen McCalla will take
over for Carlene. He thanked Russ Erickson for his work on the website. He also thanked the Great
Lakes Draft Horse Sale for their donation from the proceeds from the Stallion Service Auction. The
following committee members were up for election: Dale Burger, Diane Moody, Jack VanVorst and
Howard McCalla. Allen Seedorff moved to reinstate the committee members. Seconded by Carl
Witt. Motiion carried. 2011 marks the 35th anniversary of the MGLI. The committee is planning some
special ways to commemorate the anniversary. Premium books and brochures were available, with
posters available the next week.

MDHBA State Breeders Show: Chairperson Aaron Rice informed the membership that the dates for
the show are July 18 and 19, with the 17th as the arrival date. These dates may change as he is
trying to move the show to the weekend before. State Show information will be sent out when a date
is confirmed. Aaron had tried to move the show to the Pavilion, however he was not able to get the
Pavilion in 2011 and 2013 but he could in 2012. He wants to have continuity in the location of the
show so the location will not be changed for just one year.

Michigan Equine Partnership:
Association Reports: Nancy Wieland from the Northwest Michigan Draft Horse Club discussed their
activities which include a plow day and driving school. The driving school, which is August 26-28 this
year, has increased from five participants the first year to 21 participants last year. There has also
been an increase in their membership. They have a driving show on August 7 at their county fair.
She presented a $500 donation to the MGLI. Char VanderHoning reported that the Percheron Horse
Association of Michigan will hold their futurity on June 25 in the morning, with their picnic in the
afternoon. The futurity and picnic will be held at the St. Joe County Fairgrounds in Centreville during
the Centreville Classic Horse Show. Doyle Dingman reported that the Centreville Classic will be June
25 and 26 and will include a full range of hitch classes from cart to a six, with classes for drafts and
Haflingers. There will be a Classic Series Six Horse Hitch Class both days. The Haflinger State Show
will be July 8 and 9 at the Ingham County Fairgrounds in Mason.

Service to the Industry Award: Dan Creyts gave some history of the MDHBA before presenting this
year’s award to Bob Dunton. In January 1909 the Michigan Horse Breeders Association was formed
with one of its purposes was the licensing of stallions. In 1956 this association was disbanded. The
Michigan Draft Horse Breeders Association was subsequently formed, with Harold Clark as
President, Dan Creyts as Vice-President and Bob Dunton as Secretary/Treasurer. Bob served as
Secretary/Treasurer for 23 years. Bob helped with the first State Breeders Show in 1974. Some of
his accomplishments include: MSU graduate, veteran of the US Army, USDA agent in Ionia, breeder
of quality Belgians, judge, and author. He holds the record for the number of years exhibiting at the
Ionia Fair, Michigan State Fair, and MGLI. Dan noted Bob is always quick to help and compliment
others. He thanked him for his years of service and contribution.

Youth High Point Awards: Lori reviewed the 2010 program and recognized the participants. There
were twelve participants. The Senior Champion Showman was Jared Kimmett and the Junior
Champion Showman was Jacob Wieas. In reserve were: Ashley Rogers, Lauren Perry, Kenna Nye,
Ashley Kimmett, Jayci Suseland, Shelby Suseland, Kristin Steely, Jessica Steely, Rebecca Fetch,
and John Fetch. Jacob Wieas thanked everyone who lent him horses to show. The awards were
presented at the MGLI. The funding for the high point awards comes from the Creyts Endowment.

Scholarship: Carrie presented the 2010 scholarship to Tiffany Rogers. David Rogers, Tiffany’s
dad, accepted in her absence as she is a National FFA officer and her responsibilities required her to
be out of the state. Carrie reported that there were five excellent candidates and she encouraged
candidates to reapply for the 2011 scholarship. Carrie had copies of the scholarship application and
they are on the website. This scholarship program is funded by the Creyts Endowment.

Director Election: Pat Perkins was reelected as Clydesdale Director and Brooke VanderHoning was
elected as Percheron Director. Char VanderHoning, outgoing Percheron Director, was presented
with a plaque recognizing her for her years of service to the association.

MSU Draft Horse Program: Cara Robison presented information about the MSU Draft Horse
Program. This year there was only one class which was held in the fall with 24 students. The
university does not want to keep five horses year round. Presently there are only two horses at the
horse barn. Dr. Weber leased two horses last fall. She is looking to lease three horses for next fall,
keeping the horses from mid August until around Christmas. Routine vaccinations and farrier work
would be provided. They need very well broke horses. The MSU College of Agriculture is facing up
to a 15% budget cut. April 16 will be their plow day. Lunch will be provided for participants.

Directory: This year a new directory will be published. Doyle Dingman auctioned ad spaces with
$2,700 raised.
Picnic: Jeff and Kelly Moore will host this year’s picnic at Thistledown Farms in Adrian. It was
decided to hold the picnic May 21. Meat and drinks will be provided by the Moore family. Members
are asked to bring a dish to pass.

Adjournment: Todd Johnson moved that the meeting be adjourned. Blake Griffin seconded. Motion
carried. Meeting adjourned at 1:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Renee Dingman, Secretary/Treasurer

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