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Belinda Banks

               Baby in the House? ‘Floor Nanny’ Stands Guard
        Colorful Cushion with Raised Sides Offers Portable Alternative to Playpen

GREENSBORO, NC — Forget the playpen, the bouncy seat and the baby swing! The
Floor Nanny™, a colorful cushion with a recessed center and six-inch-high “bumpers” on
all four sides, offers a safe haven that lets baby rest, exercise and play next to you while
you’re doing chores. It serves as everything from an infant lounger to a sit-up helper and
eventually a toddler’s cozy corner. It’s as lightweight as a pillow, so it goes wherever you
go. And it’s large enough for Mom or Dad to crawl in for play, cuddle or reading time.

The Floor Nanny was designed by two lifelong friends who had their first babies a month
apart and hunted in vain for a soft, portable product for keeping their little ones nearby
while their hands were occupied with cooking or other activities. When they couldn’t find
what they were looking for, they invented it.

For infants one to two months old, the Floor Nanny functions as both a ringside seat to the
household goings-on and a place to nestle. Babies can be propped against the raised sides
or face up in the center recessed area, providing different ways to view their surroundings.

For babies from three to seven months, the Floor Nanny acts as a kind of exercise mat for
tummy time and sitting practice. Younger babies can be placed with arms and head over
one raised side to help develop abdominal muscles, upper body strength, and the head and
neck control needed for crawling. Older babies can be placed in the center when learning
to sit up, allowing them to safely topple over onto the soft sides instead of the floor.

For children eight months and older, the Floor Nanny becomes a sort of personal play
space. Once babies are crawling, they can move in and out with ease because the sides are
so low to the ground. By toddler age, the cushion provides a special spot for enjoying
toys, reading, watching TV or simply playing king of the world.

The Floor Nanny measures 38” square, is filled with 100% polyester fiber, has a cover
made of 100% cotton, and can be spot-cleaned with soap and water. It is available in three
patterns for $56.99 from Custom coverings are available with
customer-supplied fabric for an additional fee through the website.