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Paul Hunter is an actor, director and writer and founder of the hugely successful theatre company TOLD BY


Theatre includes

The Fantasticks                                         Duchess Theatre, West End                                     Amon Miyamoto
The Fahrenheit Twins                                    Told By An Idiot tour & Barbican                              Matthew Dunster
Trolius & Cressida                                      Shakespeare’s Globe                                           Matthew Dunster
Nocturnal                                               The Gate Theatre                                              Lyndsey Turner
A Midsummer Night’s Dream                               Shakespeare’s Globe                                           Jonathan Mumby
Rapunzel                                                Kneehigh/BAC/Tour                                             Emma Rice
Under The Black Flag                                    Shakespeare’s Globe                                           Roxana Silbert
Beauty and The Beast                                    Belgrade Theatre, Coventry                                    John Wright
The Water Engine                                        Young Vic/Theatre 503                                         Tom Wright
Physick Lies A-Bleeding                                 Apothecary Hall                                               Abigail Anderson
Oliver Twist                                            Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith                                    Neil Bartlett
Playing the Victim                                      Traverse/Royal Court                                          Richard Wilson
The Play What I Wrote                                   Wyndhams Theatre/Liverpool Playhouse                          Kenneth Branagh
The Firework Maker’s Daughter                           Sheffield Crucible                                            Paul Hunter/Hayley
I Can’t Wake Up                                         Told By An Idiot/Lyric Hammersmith and                        John Wright
                                                        on tour
Aladdin                                                 Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith                                    John Wright
The Red Shoes                                           KneeHigh Theatre                                              Emma Rice
Pinocchio                                               Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith                                    Marcello Magni
Happy Birthday, Mister Deka D                           Told By An Idiot : The Lyric Theatre                          John Wright
                                                        Hammersmith & Tour
Richard III                                             The English Shakespeare Company UK tour                       Malachi Bogdanov
                                                        and Australia
Don’t Laugh - Its My Life                               Told By An Idiot : BAC & UK tour                              John Wright
Twelfth Night                                           Northern Stage Company                                        Alan Lyddiard
Animal Farm                                             Northern Stage at The Young Vic & tour                        Alan Lyddiard
You Haven’t Embraced Me Yet                             Told By An Idiot : BAC UK and                                 John Wright
                                                        International tour
Les Enfants Du Paradis                                  The Royal Shakespeare Company                                 Simon Callow
The Servant Of Two Masters                              The Sheffield Crucible                                        Roxana Silbert
I’m So Big                                              Told By An Idiot : UK and International                       John Wright
Baldy Hopkins                                           The Right Size                                                Hamish McColl

Registered Office: Lion House Red Lion Street London WC1R 4GB Registered in England No: 3188697 VAT No: 677 7620 87
On The Verge Of Exploding        Told By An Idiot: UK & International Tour   John Wright
The Wasp Factory                 Glasgow Citizens Theatre                    Malcolm Sutherland
Popeye                           David Glass Ensemble                        David Glass

Radio includes

A Million Different People       BBC Radio 4 (producer Jeremy Mortimer
My Family And Other Animals      BBC Radio 4 (producer Polly Thomas)
The Newbury Arms                 BBC Radio (producer Wils Wilson)
The Anatomy of Melancholy        BBC Radio 4 (producer Polly Thomas)

Film & Television includes

One Day                          Focus Features                          Lone Scherfig
Trinity (series)                 Roughcut/ITV2                           Colin Teague
After You’ve Gone                BBC                                     Tony Dow
Absolute Power                   BBC
The Only Boy For Me              Greenpoint Films/ITV1                   Dewi Humphries
Tunnel of Love                   Thames/ITV1                             John Henderson
Mitchell and Kenyon              BBC                                     Sally Francis
Black Books                      Assembly Film & TV/Channel 4            Martin Dennis
Hardware                         Thames TV                               Ben Kellett
Everything I Know About Men      BBC
My Family                        DLT/BBC 1                               Dewi Humphries
Music At The Close               Blink Productions                       Robert Blishen
Absurd                           Why Not Films                           Rupert Jones
Vertical Hold                    Independent                             Ed Butler
Hanging Around                   BBC
The Edge                         Student Film

   Paul is also a director – for a full biography and CV, see

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