Baby Boomers Scholarship Data Sheet by wpr1947


									                     Baby Boomers Scholarship Data Sheet
The Baby Boomers Association established the Baby Boomers Scholarship in 2002 from
the Baby Boomer Class Reunion profits. It is intended that profits from future reunions
will foster additional scholarships. The profits will be divided to form college
scholarships, for graduating seniors from Chippewa Falls and McDonell High Schools.
Primary Contact: Nancy Cunningham-(715)-271-2828
Secondary Contact: Judy Fox-(715)-726-1503
    This will be a one time, non-renewable award and the amount is dependent on the
    profits of each reunion.
Award Restrictions:
       1. The scholarship payment will be made to the college and the recipient.
       2. To be used for educational purposes.
       3. It may be used at any accredited school of higher education.
       4. Baby Boomer Association members and their immediate family are not
       eligible to receive these scholarships.
Selection Criteria:
         1. Financial Need.
         2. Must have been accepted to an accredited school of higher education.
         3. Application must be submitted to the Baby Boomers Association and must
         contain a minimum of the following:
                  Description of financial need.
                  Field of study and why desiring to pursue that field.
                  Extra curricular activities while in high school.
                  Personal interests and hobbies.
                  Why applicant should be awarded this scholarship.
Application Process:
         1. Application forms will be available from the Student Guidance Office and
         may be downloaded from our web site at
         2. Completed applications are to be submitted back to the Student Guidance
         Office by Friday, April 15, 2011.
         3. The Student Guidance Office will inform the Baby Boomers Association
         contact(s) that completed applications are available for review.
Selection Process:
      The Baby Boomers Association members will review all applications and select the
      recipient based on the above criteria. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
     A member of the Baby Boomers Association will present the scholarship at the
     respective awards program of each school.

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