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					Dear Applicant:

We are excited that you have an interest in spending your summer serving God through the ministry of
Camp Ojibway in Eden Valley, Minnesota on Rice Lake this summer. We will hold the traditional
weeks of camp and family camps at this facility. Please see the bottom of this letter for the summer
schedule. On the back side of this letter is a job description of camp responsibilities as a Camp
Ojibway Staffer. We look forward to the opportunity of talking with you about this important
ministry. We are excited to see how God will use C.O. in new ways this summer.

Please thoughtfully and prayerfully fill out the camp application and return by February 15, 2011. If
you have difficulty filling out the application or have questions about the application process, please
feel free to contact us 612/325-9496. Please turn your application into our mailbox in the main church
office, or mail it to our attention at:

                      Hope Presbyterian Church
                      Attn: David & Kim Laufenburger
                      7132 Portland Ave S
                      Richfield, MN 55423

We will contact you soon after receiving your completed application to set up an interview. Please be
in prayer about this wonderful ministry opportunity. We are excited to hear from you!

In His Service,

David & Kim Laufenburger

Camp Schedule 2011
Camp Ojibway 5K               May 21
Staff Retreat                 May 29-30
Camp Clean Up                 June 4
Staff Training                June 12-17
2nd - 4th Grade               June 19-24
Young Adult                   June 24-26
5th - 6th Grade               June 26 - July 1
Family Camp 1                 July 1-3
Single Mom Camp               July 7-10
Midsummer Training            July 10-13
EPPC Family Camp              July 15-17
Family Camp 2                 July 22-24
Junior High                   July 24-29
Camp Sunday                   July 31
High School Week              July 31 - August 5
Staff Closing                 August 5-9
                                       Position Description
                   Our purpose is to be a fun place of refuge where the Holy Spirit is
                 working to develop and enrich personal relationships with Jesus Christ.

Title: Camp Ojibway Staff (Rotating between Counselor and Work Crew)
Job Location: Eden Valley, MN 55329
Hours/Week: varied
Starting Salary: $1,700 (first summer) $2,000 (second summer) $2,400 (third summer)
How to apply:
       Hope Presbyterian Church
       David & Kim Laufenburger
       7132 Portland Ave S
       Richfield, MN 55423

Purpose: To provide a safe, encouraging, fun and Christ-centered experience for campers (children and
adults) through caring for, playing with, and serving all who come to camp.

Characteristics and Qualifications
This person is…
    committed to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
    a good communicator.
    personable and able to connect with kids and adults.
    a team player.
    committed to the purpose of camp.
    experienced in working with kids and/or diverse groups of people.
    a hard worker.
    willing to try new things.

Roles and Responsibilities
   1. Provides care, FUN, support, encouragement, FUN, direction and love to campers in their direct
       supervision (cabin) to provide for a Christ-centered, faith-filled week at camp.
   2. Provides leadership for assigned daily activities at camp (games, crafts, waterfront, cabin activities,
       mealtimes, etc).
   3. Follows closely the printed weekly schedule with attention to times of activities.
   4. Encourages campers spiritually by praying for them, sharing with them, and connecting with them
       each individually.
   5. Assists with morning and evening worship and classtime for campers including singing, speaking,
       and putting on skits.
   6. Attends morning prayer meetings, afternoon staff meetings, and Wednesday Bible study for
       direction, prayers and encouragement.
   7. Completes daily cleaning and maintenance task (bathrooms, dining hall, grounds, trips to town,
   8. Assists the kitchen cook as needed with meal preparation and clean-up.
   9. Serves as the canteen check out crew; takes orders and re-stocks shelves.
   10. Assists with other tasks as assigned.

Relationships: This position reports to the Camp Director as well as takes direction from the Camp
Program Assistant.

Education: High School graduate (one year out of high school)
                              Camp Ojibway Staff Application
Please type or print clearly. Only legible applications will be processed.

Applications should be mailed to Hope Church (7132 Portland Avenue S, Richfield, MN 55423,
Attn: David & Kim Laufenburger or placed in the Laufenburger mailbox in the main church

Employment Information
         Camp Ojibway exists to demonstrate Jesus Christ and Christian living and principles to all whom we encounter.
         All staff are ministers in Christ in every aspect of their work life, social life and personal life. For that reason, all
         potential employees should:

         1.         Subscribe to the camp’s statement of beliefs (see back of application).
         2.         Be willing to allow all aspects of their life to be examined.
         3.         Be willing to answer personal questions regarding lifestyle and theology.
         4.         Be willing to permit an examination of police and criminal records for any information concerning them.
         5.         Understand that references are required and will be contacted by phone, e-mail, or letter.
         6.         Sign an agreement of employment upon acceptance.
         7.         If employed, agree to model Jesus Christ in all of their activities.
         8.         If accepted, fill out the camp’s health form.
         9.         Understand that camp is a summer mission which requires personal sacrifice of time and comfort, and a
                    servant attitude at all times.

The following information is required solely for the purpose of evaluating the applicant for a position with Camp Ojibway.
In completing this application, we understand that you are voluntarily agreeing to the expectations and terms listed above.
Use additional paper, if necessary, to be complete in providing the information requested.

I.       Personal Data
Name                                                                        Current Phone (            )

Current Address

City                                                                        State                          Zip

Sex:     Male      Female Birthdate                             Year of High School Graduation

Current School Name                                      Year in School               Date Spring Term Ends

Parents’ Name                                                               Home Phone (           )

Home Address

Home City/State/Zip                                                                     E-mail _____________________

Driver’s License #                                       State              Accidents

If hired, can you provide documentation verifying that you may legally work in the United States?            Yes No

Social Security #

Church Affiliation                                                          Pastor

Church Address

Church City                                                                 State                          Zip
II.    Position
       Camp maintains a rotating staff policy throughout the summer in which hired staff members serve as both
       counselor and support staff. Please indicate what age groups you feel most comfortable working with as a
       counselor along with which position you might prefer: (Please note this information is to just help us get to know
       you better and understand your preferences and gifts– the decision of placement throughout the summer is left up
       to the discretion of the director.)

       Age group comfort level:

                 3rd &4th grade             5th & 6th grade            Junior High              High School

       Please list dates of any and all interruptions to your employment (i.e. family reunions, weddings).

       *Please contact David Laufenburger if you are interested in applying for the job of Program Assistant. Special
       application instructions will be given (612/325-9496).

III.   Personal Talents and Abilities
       Please indicate with an X your skill level in any of the applicable areas:

                                        No/Low                                                           Current
                                         Skill         Participant      High Skill      Have Taught    Certification
         Water Safety Instructor
         Lifeguard Certification
             Speed Boat Driving
                   Water Skiing
                 Knee Boarding
               Wilderness Trips
         Cooking (large groups)
                    Store Clerk
                   Office Skills

       Other talents and abilities which could benefit our program including other current certifications you hold:
IV.       Questions
          Please answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper.

          1.      Please list types of work have you done over the past five years, both volunteer and paid?

          2.      Share your experience on becoming a Christian and describe your current relationship with Jesus and the
                  effect it has on your life today. Describe the times during the week you spend reading the Bible, praying,
                  and taking time to be alone with God.

          3.      Share specific camping experiences, either as a camper or a staffer at Camp Ojibway or another camp,
                  which were meaningful to your spiritual growth.

          4.      What does the Bible say about holy living? How are we supposed to respond in today’s world and live a
                  holy life? How does this influence your choices?

          5.      Why do you desire to serve at Camp Ojibway and what would Camp Ojibway gain by having you on

          Biblical Response:
          6.       What do you believe the Bible teaches about each of the following areas and what are your personal
                   views on them? Please list Bible references.
                   a. Homosexual/lesbian involvement            e. Premarital and extramarital sex
                   b. Use of tobacco, illegal drugs, alcohol    f. Divorce
                   c. Confronting others and holding one        g. Servanthood in daily life
                      another accountable                       h. The Bible – is it God’s inspired word?
                   d. Heaven                                     i. Authority

          Required Information:
          7.     Have you ever engaged in, or been informally or formally accused of, sexual misconduct, or physical,
                 verbal, or sexual abuse of children? Please fully describe any and/or all current pending charges.
                 a.       Convictions of any felonies or other crimes.
                 b.       Convictions of any sexual misconduct or sexual abuse.

V.        References
Please list two employers, supervisors or adult friends who know you well, and indicate the person’s relationship to you
(i.e. employer, pastor). Do not list fellow students or relatives.

Name              1.                                           2.






College students, list your Dean of Students, Dorm Supervisor, or R.A. as a third reference (include their title and complete
address). If you are not a college student, give another reference of your choice.

Name                                                           Address

Title                                                          City/State/Zip

Phone     (       )                                            E-mail
            Hope Presbyterian Church and Camp Ojibway’s Statement of Beliefs

1.       We believe that the Bible is the inspired, authoritative Word of God and may be trusted as true and relevant in
         matters of faith and life.
2.       We believe in the one God who is revealed in three persons: Father, son (Jesus) and Holy Spirit.
3.       We believe Jesus is the Messiah, the Christ. He was born of the Virgin Mary and is both human and divine.
4.       We believe Jesus is the savior of all humankind, and that He died on the cross for all sin and all who would believe
         in Him are forgiven.
5.       We believe that those who put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ are born again by the Holy Spirit and are the
         children of God.
6.       We believe God created humanity in His image to be His friends and to reflect His Glory. In order for this divine-
         human relationship to be authentic, God has allowed humanity a measure of freewill. Sadly, we have overstepped
         these freedoms by disobeying God and seeking control of our own life and the lives of others, resulting in a
         separation from God called sin. This sin of disobedience and rebellion (original sin) continues in all persons today
         and leads only to spiritual death.
7.       We believe in God’s timing that all bodies/souls will be resurrected for God’s just judgment. And in that day,
         Christ will separate the just and the unjust to their eternal reward.
8.       We believe in two sacraments: the Lord’s Supper and Baptism. In baptism, we baptize both adults and children of
         adult believers. We also believe in dedicating children of believers as a way of commitment and consecration.
9.       We believe that the Presbyterian Church is only one of many expressions of the larger Body of Christ and is not
         the “only” church. No Christian may claim to exclusively possess Jesus Christ’s authority.

Please read carefully. A check indicates your agreement.

    I certify that I voluntarily agree with the Statement of Beliefs above without reservation or coercion and agree to
     exemplify and teach the principles contained therein, in word and action, in my duties for Camp Ojibway, and in my
     private life.

    I understand that by accepting a position at Camp Ojibway, I will be committing myself to serving others, and that my
     behavior and attitude will be examined in terms of my modeling and ministry to others.

    I certify that statements provided in this application are true and complete, and that any misrepresentation or omission
     may be grounds for rejection of my application or for dismissal if I am employed.

    If I am hired by Camp Ojibway, I agree that my employment will be at-will, meaning that I will be free to terminate it
     at any time, for any reason, and that Camp Ojibway has the same right.

Date                                          Applicant’s Signature

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