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					                                      APC NEWSLETTER

                                     P.O. Box 852, Arnold, Maryland 21012-0852
Vol. 8 No. 7                                                                                              September 2007

                             The next meeting of Arnold Preservation Council will be on
                              Wednesday, October 10 at 7:30 PM         Location TBD
                                                                   following for June, July and August 2007:
               Important Dates and Information                              Balances as of May 31, 2007
                                                                     Checking $    133.31 Savings $2,300.83
  9/19/07 – The new Eastern District Police Chief
                                                                     CD    $1,500.00
  will be I    introduced to the Community.    4:30
  PM,   Woods     Church, 611 B & A Blvd., Severna                   Total    $3,934.14
  Park                                                                                  June
  9/22/07 – Arnold Safeway Party – Closing for                       Income - $105.66; History project $80,
  renovations.    Projected reopening – fall 2008.                    Community Asscn., membership dues $25,
  9/26/07 – Volunteers’ meeting for Kinder Farm                       interest $0.66
  Park’s Fall     Festival; Black Oak Pavilion,                      Expenses - - $224.20; Community Ctr APC
  Kinder    Farm Park, 7:30   PM. Volunteers RSVP                    brick $50, History project note cards
  410-222-6115 by 9/17.
                                                                     supplies $148.20, postage $26.00
  9/27/07     –    ARTMA    (Annapolis     Regional
  Transportation     Association) Annual Meeting;                    Balances as of 6/30/07
  8-10 AM.     Register by    9/24               at                  Checking    $      14.11 Savings; Speakers: Robert C. Lieb, BRAC                       $2,301.49
    and AA Co and Donald C. Fry, Greater                             CD          $1,500.00
  Baltimore    Committee                                             Total       $3,815.60
  9/28/07 – AACC Nonprofit Resource Day; 8:30 –                                         July
  noon,     AACC                                                     Income - $70.63; - History project $20,
  9/30/07 - MRA Annual Meeting/MRA Day, 12 to 3,
                                                                     Individual membership dues, $50,
     Grachur Club RSVP to 410-544-0273
  10/1/07 – Bill 69-07 Public Hearing.                               interest $0.63
  10/9/07 – P & Z Director Larry Tom to speak at                     Expenses $ 156.51; Community Ctr APC
  the Greater     Severna Park Council meeting on                    brick $50, Meeting fee-Calvary UMC $25,
  the   General Development       Plan     Process.                  postage $56.10, copying $25.41
     7:30 PM, Severna Park    Library    conference                  Balances as of 7/31/07
  room.                                                              Checking    $    127.60 Savings
  10/10/07 – APC General membership meeting.                          $2,102.12
  7:30 PM      Location TBD
                                                                     CD            $1,500.00
  10/13/07 - Kinder Farm Park’s 9th Annual Fall
  Festival                                                           Total       $3,729.72
  10/31/07 – BOA hearing; College Parkway Baptist                                      August
  Church    & Bay Manor Real Estate Appeal of                        Income - $0.62 Interest
  denial of a variance     from R-1 to R-5                           Expenses - $25.00 Donation
  11/3/07 – Anne Arundel County Growth Coalition                     Balances as of 8/31/07
  Event.                                                             Checking    $    102.60 Savings
     AACC 9 AM – 3 PM.                                                $2,102.74
  • Bringing FLEXCAR to Anne Arundel County-                         CD          $1,500.00
     Meeting to be scheduled in October.        For                  Total       $3,705.34
  more information       contact       ARTMA     or                The report was filed for audit.
  • Throughout September – AA Co. Dept. of Health                  Membership report:
     telephone survey on health conditions and                     Membership totals as of 9/11/07: 50
  risk factors                                                     individual, 7 CA/HOA, and 10 Business or
  • There is now a direct phone line for                           Institution members, 2 donors and 1
 Minutes of the September 12, 2007 Meeting
          Constituent                                              honorary member.
     Services.     410-222-2222; answered Monday                   APC now represents almost 700 residents
                was called to 4:30 at
 The meeting Friday, 8:30 AM toorder PM. 7:??
 PM                                                                of Arnold.
  • The Sonny Note Cards Eric available.
 Guests 2007 APC Jordon and are now Weilminster                    Sage Mumma reported the following:
 wereCall   410-544-1273  or    410-757-2831  for
  information or           sales.                                    • APC   Vice   president  Andy   Smarick
                                                                       resigned.   The White House Fellowship
 The minutes of the June               meeting     were                program he was awarded would not allow
 approved as distributed.                                              him time to do his APC job.      Diane
                                                                       Scherer has been appointed to fill the
 Treasurer        Lucy    Iliff      reported        the               remainder of the term.
 • The Nominating Committee, chaired by          restricted – No new information.
   Doris Hansen, will be appointed by            Bertha Estates – 1137 Ferber Ave. (tax
   9/30/07. Anyone interested in running         Account   3000-0174-3103)       -   No    new
   for a Board of Director should contact        information.
                                                 Lapham property – 1396 B & A Blvd,
 • The 2008 proposed budget will be drawn        Arnold.    Minor subdivision to create 2
   up soon.   Input from members and APC         lots.
   committees is welcome.
                                                 330  Jones    Station    Road,  Arnold,
Standing and Special Committee Reports           Community   Meeting    on    a  proposed
Land Use:                                        subdivision, held June 21. Koch Homes -
• BA 61-07 R from 2007-0093-R – College          little public support for this project.
    Parkway Baptist Church & Bay Manor
                                                Sage Mumma outlined the information she
    Real Estate Ltd    Partnership,       305
                                                learned from her meeting with Larry R.
    College Parkway, Arnold. 10/31/07.
                                                Tom, P & Z Director, and Carole Sanner,
  Sage Mumma reviewed the earlier APC
                                                Assistant Director.          The major topic
  testimony at the variance hearing.       A
                                                dealt     with     the    upcoming      General
                                                Development Plan and how it would be
                                                The GDP is being seen as an update only.
                                                The process is not being viewed as an
                                                opportunity to reinvent the wheel but
• Pappafotis     &     Lang    –     proposed   rather, an exercise that will use the
    subdivision – Community meeting held        Small Area Plan as a jumping off point.
    8/13/07.    Proposing creating 2 new        As we know, the GDP is mandated by the
    lots (a re-subdivision) within an           state and Leopold has mandated that the
    existing lot.    254 Shore Acres Rd.,       draft of the '08 GDP plan be submitted by
    Arnold. Watch                               August '08. The description that I was
• “White Property” Townhouse Cluster            given of the GDP process is that it is
    Development   –   2005-0168,    Community   really a fiscal impact analysis.
    meeting held    6/21/07.   Koch Homes -     The approach to the GDP will be more
    26 acres, 130 3-story townhouses.           technical with no citizen committee.
    Watch                                       Citizen involvement in the process will
• 2007-0140-V – Stephen Curtis. Variance        come    in     the     form     of    comments,
    for shed with less setbacks than            suggestions, etc. through the county
    required, 1407 Gilbert Rd,        Arnold.   website.     This will be similar to the
    Approved   with   conditions.       Being   BRAC direct link that already exists.
    followed by APC member Cindy Lewis, a       Interim findings and reports will be
    neighbor of Mr. Curtis. Watch               posted on the website, which will have a
• BA 83-06 R from 2006-0264 R – Piera           direct link on the County web page.
    property, 977 Ritchie Hwy, Arnold.          There is an e-link for citizen's to sign
    Request rezoning 1.11 acres from R-1        up   for    electronic    notification     when
    to C-3. The AHO denied the request on       important new things have been posted on
    11/15/06. The BOA granted the request       the website.
    on 8/22/07. If the decision is to be        There will be public forums after the
    appealed to the Circuit Court, it must      draft    is    approved     but    before   its
    be made by 9/20/07. Watch                   adoption. The plan must also go before
• C 2006-0040 – Safeway demolition,             the PAB, which will afford the public to
    renovation and rebuilding; begin on         give input, criticism, etc.
    9/22 with completion expected by fall       The outline of the plan can be viewed at
    2008.    Safeway’s Pharmacy has been
    temporarily    relocated     in    Arnold   fm
    Station.                                    TransAAACT: TransAAACT sent a letter to
 S2006-034  Admirals  Ridge/Joyce  Land        the Editor at the Capital that was
 Properties, LLC – 1395 Ritchie Highway.        published on May 29, 2007.      The letter
 No new information.                            was in support of innovative solutions to
                                                traffic   congestion  including    ferries,
 S1198-108 Arnold Manor 33 Severn Way
 Final Phase – Project # P2006-0073;            Environment /Beatification
 Owner: Lighthouse Development; no new          Scenic Arnold:
 information                                    Richard Ross from the Land for Public
                                                Trust   on   the  possible   purchase   of
 Project 06-0073 Arnold Manor 33 Severn        property along Rte 2 for an Arnold Park.
 Way, Koch Homes, developer, Lighthouse         The APC BOD will meet to formulate a plan
 Dev.  Ltd,   owner,  4   houses,  age-         for PR and funding for the park.
Ann Fligsten will contact Mr. Jonas at         years, Mr. Geisler traveled all over the
SHA to discuss replacement of the trees,       Arnold area in a truck full of vegetables
bushes and flowers that have died in the       and fruit.   Not many people had cars at
Ritchie Highway median strip.                  that time, and if they did, they owned
                                               only one.     Virginia said she always
History Committee:                             looked forward to Mr. Geisler’s visits.
Alberta Stornetta filed the following
report on activities over the summer           The   2007   APC  Note   Cards   are now
months:                                        available.
June:                                          Call 410-544-1273 (Sage) or 410-757-2831
 Alberta and Sage attended a gathering of      (Alberta) for information or sales
Mago Vista Beach residents to meet Wally
Ligon, who had lived and worked at the         Anne Arundel Growth Coalition:
old Mago Vista Beach complex before it         Ann Fligsten gave an overview of this new
became The Moorings. We now have a disk        Growth Management Coalition.
full of photos from the 50s, 60s and 70s.      The   Steering   Committee  (SC)   has  30
Terry Smith, the organizer of the event,       members    to    date,   representing   30
also presented us with a history of The        different organizations
Moorings.    Wendi Winters’ article in The     The first meeting of SC-was on July 17,
Capital of June 25, 2007 described this        2007. At the second meeting, the Mission
event.    Mr. Ligon presented APC with a       and principles were adopted.
chair once used in the pavilion at the                    Mission of Coalition:
old Mago Vista Beach.                          To involve the citizens of Anne Arundel
Virginia collected photos and information      County in the county planning process
on families and residences on Church           through education and advocacy to allow
Road.                                          growth only where infrastructure is
July:                                          sufficient and natural resources
Met with Robert Benson, grandson of            (including water and air quality) are
Robert Benson, who began Mago Vista            protected so that any growth will enhance
Beach.   We acquired more photos from an       the quality of life in the county and
earlier time and a taped oral interview        benefit residents and businesses.
with the younger Mr. Benson.                   The following principles will guide the
Met with Donald LeCompte, whose family         coalition in the planning process:
bought a farm, "Cedar Haven," in the Mago         a. Strengthen county infrastructure
Vista area in the 1940s.      Did a tour of       b. Clean up watersheds and waterways
the   area and a    taped oral    interview.      c. Reuse existing structures
More photos were donated and loaned for           d. Develop transit for AA Co
the History Project book.                         e. Plan for workforce housing near
Alberta was invited to lunch with Miryana      jobs,              integrated with market
Navarro-Monzo, who lives in the remodeled      housing
Revell Station post office building, the          f. Protect remaining farms, forests and
building across from Chesapeake Academy.       open       space
More photos!
August:                                        The Coalition is currently planning a
Met   with    Alton    Nichols   Joyner,   a   Growth Management Forum from 9-3 on
descendant of Thomas H.      Arnold via his    Saturday, Nov 3, 2007.   Eben Fodor, from
eldest daughter Alice Virginia, who has        Oregon, author of Better and Bigger, will
furnished us with a photo of Thomas            be the primary speaker with an expert
Hamilton Arnold and family, which was          panel and workshops following lunch.
displayed at the meeting, as well as an
early photo of the Arnold home and store          Volunteers are needed for help in set
at Revell.       We will meet again in         up and take down and to get the word out
October.                                       about the forum. Contact Ann at 410-544-
Received    email     from    Lynda   Arnold   1454.
Williams, a descendant of John Arnold via      Delegates to Community Organizations
his    eldest     son    Elijah,    with new   GSPC:
information.                                   Proposed Bill 69-07, which deals with a
At   this   point  the   History   Project     large number of zoning issues will be
committee has an outline for "the book",       discussed   at   the   October   1st  County
but no chapters written.                       Council meeting.     The bill is available
Volunteers   for   compiling/typing   oral     online, and APC has a copy that can be
histories and researching archives are         emailed    to   any     interested   member.
still needed.                                  Contact APC at
                                               The   county   is    preparing   amendments.
Virginia Schultz sent a report to say          Anyone with an idea for an amendment that
that she had gotten a picture of Herman        would strengthen the current zoning code
Geisler and his truck.   For over forty        is welcome to propose that amendment.
 Eliot Powell discussed the importance of           Eastern    District    Police    /Community
this bill. Citizen input in the form of             Relations:
amendments and testimony will strengthen            Ed Parker reported that the new Eastern
the current planning and zoning in AA               District Captain is Bob Johnson.     Arnold
County.                                             has had very few reported incidents if
                                                    criminal activity this summer.
Magothy River Association (MRA):                    There have been a few break-ins to cars
Diane Scherer gave the following          MRA       by juveniles.    Often this is a crime of
Summer report:                                      opportunity.   Recently a jogger left her
 The Chesapeake Bay Trust awarded the MRA          car parked at the B&A Trail Ranger
 a grant to fund the new Creek Watchers             Station with her purse on the seat. The
 Program.    The grant will be used to              window was broken and the purse stolen.
 purchase equipment, etc. for use by the            A house and an auto break-in were also
 volunteers.   In addition to monitoring            reported   on   Ridgeway   Drive   in   the
 water quality, the volunteers will be o            community of Pines on the Severn.
 the watch for possible critical area               Eric Weilminster discussed the vandalism
 violations.                                        in Hunters’ Pointe.        Items left in
 This year’s planting day for the Grasses          unlocked    cars    have    been    stolen.
 for the Masses program was on June 18,             Residents are reminded to lock cars that
 when the underwater grasses were planted           are left outside of garages or parked on
 off shore of the Grachur Club on the               the street and to put anything of value
 north shore of the river.                          (purses, cell phone, laptop, etc.) in the
                                                    trunk or glove box.
 The MRA float in this year’s Severna
 Park 4th of July parade featured Dobbins           Friends of the A.A. County Trails:
 Island as part of the Captain Smith                Ed Parker reported that he has written to
 Trail.                                             Speaker Mike Busch requesting information
 In Cooperation with the DNR and Maryland          on the construction schedule for the
 Environmental Services, an oyster reef             Broadneck Trail. Speaker Busch responded
 restoration    project   took   place   in         in a letter that the section of the Trail
 Sillery    Bay.       Unfortunately,   the         from Green Holly east to the 7-11 should
 concrete used by the subcontractor to              begin this fall but the design has not
 create the base for the oysters included           begun for the section from Bay Dale to
 a considerable amount of trash. He also            Green Holly.
 apparently put the concrete in the wrong           Ed announced that he has purchased a
 place.       Both   problems   are   being         bench in memory of his wife that will be
 addressed.                                         located in the Arnold area of the Trail.
                                                    This will be part of a program instituted
 The Board of Appeals hearing on the               by County Executive Leopold in all Anne
 Dobbins Island variance case took place            Arundel County parks permitting donation
 July 31 to August1.     The board ruled            of   memorial    benches   and    drinking
 that   neither    the   Chesapeake   Bay           fountains along County trails.
 Foundation nor the MRA had a special
 interest in the case and therefore                 New Business:
 denied   them   both  standing.     That           Ann Fligsten requested that APC loan the
 decision will be appealed to the Circuit            Growth Coalition the initial fee for Mr.
 Court.   The next hearing is scheduled              Eben Fodor, the main speaker for the
 for October 16.                                     event. Mr. Fodor’s total fee is $2,500
 A group called the Friends of Dobbins              and his retainer is ¼ of that amount.
 Island has been founded to pursue its               It was moved and duly seconded that APC
 possible purchase as a public open                  loan up to $625.00 to the Growth
 space. Their stated aim is to preserve,             Coalition for Mr. Fodor’s retainer. The
 protect and manage the island.         A            motion passed unanimously.
 petition is being circulated in support             The issue of where APC will be meeting
 of making the island an anchorage in the            in the future was discussed. The change
 Captain Smith Trail. .                              of director at the Dept. of Aging and
 A boat parade and rendezvous at Dobbins            County Executive level, there might be a
 Island was   held   over   the   Labor   Day        policy change related to the use of
 weekend.                                            Senior Centers in the evenings, with a
 The MRA annual picnic and meeting will             fee for use being initiated.         Ms.
 be held on September 29 at the Grachur              Nichols,   Executive  Director   of  the
 Club.                                               Arnold Senior Center will be reporting
                                                     to   APC    on   the  outcome   of   the
 MRA meetings are held on the 3rd                   deliberations on this issue.
 Wednesday of the month at the Whitehurst
 Clubhouse. For further information, see             The Maryland PIRG request for support of
 the MRA website,               their position opposing the construction
                                                     of a new nuclear reactor in Maryland was
 discussed.   The APC members felt that           involved!
 our mission of working for local issues
 and the recent issues related to the
 pollution  form   fly  ash   were  more
                                                  Contact APC by email at or by
 important for us to consider at this             phone at [410-544-1273].
 APC will be represented at both the AACC          Your involvement will help us achieve our
 nonprofit Resource Day (9/28) and the                           stated mission!
 ARTMA Annual Meeting (9/27).
The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 PM
Submitted by Sue Freeman,
 Recording Secretary
                                                             MARK YOUR CALENDARS!
                                                          2007 APC Meeting Calendar
                                                        October 10th
There are a variety of ways that you, our
                                                        November 14th
members, can be involved in APC projects and
                                                        December – NONE
committees. Volunteers are always needed.

There is a special need for helpers on                    2007 HAZARDOUS WASTE SCHEDULE
Saturday, November 3rd, when we co-sponsor          10-20-06   Millersville Landfill & Resource
the Anne Arundel Growth Management                                     Recovery Facility
Forum. Contact Ann Fligsten [410-544-1454]                          389 Burns Crossing Road
if you can volunteer.         There are other                               Severn
volunteer activities related to the Forum. Call     11-17-06    Glen Burnie Convenience Center
                                                                        100 Dover Road
and learn more!                                                           Glen Burnie

Do your part as an APC member.             Get

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