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									Blue Ridge
                                                          COMMUNITY PROFILE

  Never heard of Blue Ridge? You’re not alone. Located in the northwest corner of Seattle,
  this tiny neighborhood is one of the most unknown and isolated neighborhoods in the city.
  Blue Ridge is bounded on the south by Northwest 100th Street; on the southeast by
  Holman Road Northwest, beyond which lies Ballard; on the east by Greenwood Avenue
  North, beyond which lies Bitter Lake; on the north by Carkeek Park; and on the west by
  Puget Sound. Blue Ridge was founded in 1927 by William E. Boeing.

  From the onset, William planned for the Blue Ridge hillside community to be a ‘residential
  park.” Today, Blue Ridge still provides that community feel that it did back then.     Com-
  pletely residential, the 200-acre neighborhood of roughly 450 homes offers         breath-
  taking views of Puget Sound, and local access to a community club, a swimming pool, ten-
  nis courts, playfields, and a private beach.

  Blue Ridge holds various community events throughout the year. Their Forth of July pa-
  rade and the December holiday period are two events worth noting.

  The first residences to go up in Blue Ridge were five large brick homes and were          spe-
  cifically built for Boeing executives. These original homes are still standing today and are
  affectionately known by community residents as “the castles.” The five original houses
  offered the most expansive views in the area and that’s why William chose to build them
  there, along Blue Ridge Drive.

  Sources: Seattle P.I., Wikipedia, History Link, Blue Ridge Seattle
Public Education
                                                                                     N W S E AT T L E
                                        Seattle School District 1
                                    815 4th Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109
                                          Phone: 206.252.0100

               The Seattle Public Schools assign schools based on the location of your residence.
          The schools noted below are in the Northwest area of Seattle, but please refer to the Seattle
                School Attendance Area map for more specifics, and for definitive information,
                                      please visit

Elementary Schools                                        Middle Schools                          High Schools
Adams                        Loyal Heights                Broadview-Thomson K-8                   Ballard
6110 28th Ave NW             2511 NW 80th St              13052 Greenwood Ave N                   1418 NW 65th St
Seattle, WA 98107            Seattle, WA 98117            Seattle, WA 98133                       Seattle, WA 98117
206-252-1300                 206-252-1500                 206-252-4080                            206-252-1000

B.F. Day                     McDonald                     Hamilton Int’l School                   Ingraham
3921 Linden Ave N            4400 Interlake Ave N         4400 Interlake Ave N                    1819 N 135th St
Seattle, WA 98103            Seattle, WA 98105            Seattle, WA 98103                       Seattle, WA 98133
206-252-6010                 206-252-2900                 206-252-5810
Broadview-Thomson K-8        North Beach                  Salmon Bay K-8
13052 Greenwood Ave N        9018 24th Ave NW             1810 NW 65th St
Seattle, WA 98133            Seattle, WA 98117            Seattle, WA 98117                       1410 NE 66th
206-252-4080                 206-252-1510                 206-252-1720                            Seattle, WA 98115
Daniel Bagley                Northgate                    Whitman
7821 Stone Ave N             11725 1st Ave NE             9201 15th Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98103            Seattle, WA 98125            Seattle, WA 98117
206-252-5110                 206-252-4180                 206-252-1200

Green Lake                   Salmon Bay K-8
2400 N 65th                  1810 NW 65th St
Seattle, WA 98103            Seattle, WA 98117
206-252-5320                 206-252-1720
                                                          For school report cards, class sizes and more information
Greenwood                    Whittier                     please visit:
144 NW 80th St               1320 NW 75th St
Seattle, WA 98117            Seattle, WA 98117
206-252-1400                 206-252-1650
                                                               or be taken there directly using
John Stanford Int’l School   West Woodland                                        this QR code
4057 5th Ave NE              5601 4th Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98105            Seattle, WA 98107
206-252-6080                 206-252-1600
Public Education
                                                       N W S E AT T L E

To find this map please visit
                                                       N W S E AT T L E

To find this map please visit
Private Schools
                                                                                                  S E AT T L E
Academy for Excellence       Dartmoor School               Hamlin Robinson School          Matheia School
7930 Rainier Ave S           9618 Roosevelt Way NE         10211 12th Ave S                414 W Howe St
Phone: 206-760-9410          Phone: 425-957-9862           Phone: 206-763-1167             Phone: 206-283-1828
Grades: PK-5                 Grades: 1-12                  Grades: 1-8                     Grades: PK-5

Amazing Grace Christian      Educational Advancement       Holy Family School              Maxine Mimms High School
10056 Renton Ave S           Academy                       9615 20th Ave SW                3019 S Angeline St
Phone: 206-723-5526          9750 3rd Ave NE Ste 102       Phone: 206-767-6640             Phone: 206-721-2446
Grades: PK-8                 Phone: 206-285-2702           Grades: PK-8                    Grades: 7-12
                             Grades: 8-12
Assumption St. Bridget                                     Holy Names Academy              The Menachem Mendel
6220 32nd Ave NE             Epiphany School               728 21st Ave E                  Seattle Cheder
Phone: 206-524-7452          3710 E Howell St              Phone: 206-323-4272             4541 19th Ave NE
Grades: K-8                  Phone: 206-323-9011           Grades: 9-12, all girls         Phone: 206-523-9766
                             Grades: PK-5                                                  Grades: PK-10
Bertschi School                                            Holy Rosary School
2227 10th Ave E              Explorer West Middle School   4142 42nd Ave SW                Meridian School
Phone: 206-324-5476          10015 28th Ave SW             Phone: 206-937-7255             4649 Sunnyside Ave N
Grades: PK-5                 Phone: 206-935-0495           Grades: K-8                     Phone: 206-632-7154
                             Grades: 6-8                                                   Grades: K-5
Billings Middle School                                     Hope Lutheran School
7217 Woodlawn Ave NE         Fairview Christian School     4446 42nd Ave SW                Morningside Academy
Phone: 206-547-4614          844 NE 78th St                Phone: 206-935-8500             201 Westlake Ave N
Grades: 6-8                  Phone: 206-526-0762           Grades: PK-8                    Phone: 206-709-9500
                             Grades: PK-8                                                  Grades: 1-10
Bishop Blanchet                                            The Islamic School of Seattle
8200 Wallingford Ave N       Family Academy Academy NW     720 25th Ave                    Northgate Christian Academy
Phone: 206-527-7731          PO Box 66839                  Phone: 206-329-5735             10510 Stone Ave N
Grades: 9-12                 Phone: 206-246-9228           Grades: PK-10                   Phone: 206-525-5699
                             Grades: K-12                                                  Grades: K-12
Bright Water School                                        King’s Elementary School
1501 10th Ave E Ste 100      First Place                   19531 Dayton Ave N              The Northwest School
Phone: 206-624-6176          PO Box 22536                  Phone: 206-546-7258             1415 Summit Ave
Grades: PK-8                 Phone: 206-323-6715           Grades: PK-6                    Phone: 206-682-7309
                             Grades: K-5                                                   Grades: 6-12
The Bush School                                            King’s Schools
3400 E Harrison St           Gatewood Private School       19303 Fremont Ave N             Northwest School
Phone: 206-322-7978          4316 SW Othello               Phone: 206-546-7211             for Hearing Impaired
Grades: K-12                 Phone: 206-932-0648           Grades: PK-12                   15303 Westminster Way N
                             Grades: PK-8                                                  Phone: 206-364-4605
Christ the King Elementary                                 Lake Washington                 Grades: PK-8
415 N 117th St               Giddens School                Girls Middle School
Phone: 206-364-6890          620 20th Ave S                810 18th Ave                    O Dea High School
Grades: PK-8                 Phone: 206-324-4847           Phone: 206-709-3800             802 Terry Ave
                             Grades: PK-5                  Grades: 6-8, all girls          Phone: 206-622-6596
Concordia Lutheran School                                                                  Grades: 9-12, all boys
7040 36th Ave NE             Glendale Lutheran School      Lakeside School
Phone: 206-525-7407          13455 2nd Ave SW              14050 1st Ave NE                Our Lady of Fatima School
Grades: PK-8                 Phone: 206-244-6085           Phone: 206-440-2716             3301 W Dravus St
                             Grades: K-6                   Grades: 5-12                    Phone: 206-283-7031
                                                                                           Grades: K-8
 Private Schools
                                                                                                               S E AT T L E

Our Lady of Guadalupe School          Seattle Jewish Community          St. Benedict School               St. Therese School
3401 SW Myrtle St                     12351 8th Ave NE                  4811 Wallingford Ave N            900 35th Ave
Phone: 206-935-0651                   Phone: 206-522-5212               Phone: 206-633-3375               Phone: 206-324-0460
Grades: PK-8                          Grades: PK-5                      Grades: PK-8                      Grades: PK-8

Our Lady of the Lake School           Seattle Lutheran High             St. Bernadette School             Tilden School
3520 NE 89th St                       4141 41st Ave SW                  1028 SW 128th St                  4105 California Ave SW
Phone: 206-525-9980                   Phone: 206-937-7722               Phone: 206-244-4934               Phone: 206-938-4628
Grades: PK-8                          Grades: 9-12                      Grades: PK-8                      Grades: K-5

Pacific Crest Montessori              Seattle Preparatory School        St. Catherine School              University Child Development
600 NW Bright St                      2400 11th Ave E                   8524 8th Ave NE                   5062 9th Ave NE
Phone: 206-789-7889                   Phone: 206-577-2102               Phone: 206-525-0581               Phone: 206-547-8237
Grades: 5-8                           Grades: 9-12                      Grades: PK-8                      Grades: PK-5

The Perkins Elementary                Seattle Urban Academy             St. Christopher Academy           University Prep
9005 Roosevelt Way NE                 3800 S Othello St                 4141 41st Ave SW                  8000 25th Ave NE
Phone: 206-526-8217                   Phone: 206-723-0333               Phone: 206-246-9751               Phone: 206-832-1130
Grades: K-5                           Grades: 9-12                      Grades: 9-12                      Grades: 6-12

Puget Sound Community School          Seattle Waldorf School            St. Edward School                 The Valley School
660 S Dearborn St                     2728 NE 100th St                  4212 S Mead St                    310 30th Ave E
Phone: 206-324-4350                   Phone: 206-524-5320               Phone: 206-725-1774               Phone: 206-328-4475
Grades: 6-12                          PK -12                            Grades: K-8                       Grades: PK-5

Puget Sound Primary School            Shoreline Christian School        St. George Parish School          Villa Academy
1122 E John St                        2400 NE 147th St                  5117 13th Ave S                   5001 NE 50th St
Phone: 206-322-4329                   Phone: 206-364-7777               Phone: 206-762-0656               Phone: 206-524-8885
Grades: 5-8                           Grades: PK-12                     Grades: PK-8                      Grades: PK-8

Seattle Academy                       Shorewood Christian School        St. John School                   West Seattle Montessori
1201 E Union St                       10300 28th Ave SW                 120 N 79th St                     4536 38th Ave SW
Phone: 206-323-6600                   Phone: 206-933-1056               Phone: 206-783-0337               Phone: 206-935-0427
Grades: 6-12                          Grades: PK-8                      Grades: PK-8                      Grades: 5-8

Seattle Country Day School            Spruce St School                  St. Joseph School                 Westside School
2619 4th Ave N                        914 Virginia St                   700 18th Ave E                    10015 28th Ave SW
Phone: 206-284-6220                   Phone: 206-621-9211               Phone: 206-329-3260               Phone: 206-932-2511
Grades: K-8                           Grades: K-5                       Grades: NS-8                      Grades: PK-5

Seattle Girls School                  St. Alphonsus School              St. Matthew Elementary            Wexford School
PO Box 22576                          5816 15th Ave NW                  1230 NE 127th St                  7317 26th Ave NW
Phone: 206-709-2228                   Phone: 206-782-4363               Phone: 206-362-2785               Phone: 206-706-3379
Grades: 5-8, all girls                Grades: PK-8                      Grades: K-8                       Grades: 6-12

Seattle Hebrew Academy                St. Anne School                   St. Paul School                   Zion Preparatory School
1617 Interlaken Dr E                  101 W Lee St                      10001 57th Ave S                  4730 32nd Ave S
Phone: 206-323-5750                   Phone: 206-282-3538               Phone: 206-725-0780               Phone: 206-725-0580
Grades: PK-8                          Grades: PK-8                      Grades: PK-8                      Grades: NS-5

                           For more private schools and information please visit
                                                                                    BLUE RIDGE

5 Corner Market       India Bistro                   Pig ‘n Whistle Bar & Grill      Taki’s Mad Greek
206-816-3310          206-783-5080                   206-782-6044                    206-297-9200
2200 NE Market St     2301 NW Market St              8412 Greenwood Ave N            8539 15th Ave NW

Ballard Ave Pub       Kalia Indian Cuisine           The Pub at Piper’s Creek        Thai Siam
206-397-4102          206-782-7890                   206-417-5734                    206-784-5465
2236 NW Market St     8518 Greenwood Ave N           10527 Greenwood Ave N           8305 15th Ave NW

Bastille              Lombardi's                     Rays Boathouse                  Thaiku
206-453-5014          206-783-0055                   206-789-3770                    206-706-7807
5307 Ballard Ave NW   2200 NW Market St              6049 Seaview Ave NW             5410 Ballard Ave NW

Bicks Broadview Grill The Market Arms                Romio’s Pizza                   Volterra
206-367-8481          206-789-0470                   206-782-9005                    206-789-5100
10555 Greenwood Ave N 2401 NW Market St              8523 Greenwood Ave N            5411 Ballard Ave NW

Café Besalu           The Matador                    Sam’s Sushi Bar & Grill         Walrus and the Carpenter
206-789-1463          206-297-2855                   206-783-2262                    206-395-9227
5909 24th Ave NW      2221 NW Market St              5506 22nd Ave NW                4743 Ballard Ave NW

Cocina Esperanza      Moshi Moshi Sushi              Shelter Lounge                  Wild Mountain Cafe
206-783-7020          206-971-7424                   206-829-8568                    206-297-9453
3127 NW 85th          5324 Ballard Ave NW            4910 Leary Ave NW               1408 NW 85th St

Cupcake Royale        Mr. Gyros                      Smokin’ Pete’s BBQ              Zaw Pizza
206-782-9557          206-706-7472                   206-783-0454                    206-297-1334
2052 NW Market St     8411 Greenwood Ave N           1918 NW 65th St                 5458 Leary Ave NW

Gordito’s             The Noble Fir                  Staple and Fancy
206-706-9352          206-420-7425                   206-789-1200
213 N 85th St         5316 Ballard Ave NW            4739 Ballard Ave NW

Hattie’s Hat          Olive You                      Stumbling Goat
206-784-0175          206-706-4121                   206-784-3535
5231 Ballard Ave NW   8516 Greenwood Ave N           6722 Greenwood Ave N

The Hi-Life           Original Pancake House         Sunny Teriyaki
206-784-7272          206-781-3344                   206-782-4511
5425 Russell Ave NW   8037 15th Ave NE               10410-B Greenwood Ave N

                             For more restaurants please visit
Parks & Recreation
                                                                                 BLUE RIDGE

 Golden Gardens                                       Licton Springs Park
 8498 Seaview Ave NW                                  9536 Ashworth Ave. N.
 206.684.4075                                         7.60 acres
 87.8 acres                                           Hiking paths, play area, restrooms, weddings
 This popular park offers extraordinary views         and ceremonies, woods
 of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.
 A recent project restored two wetlands,              North Seattle Boys & Girls Club
 established a short loop trail, and restored         8635 Fremont Ave N
 the northern beach. Golden Gardens offers            206-784-5396
 strolls along a rugged coastline, hikes
 through forest trails, sunbathing on sandy           Woodland Park
 beaches, fishing from a pier and a boat              Aurora Ave N & N 59th St
 launch.                                              90.90 acres
                                                      Baseball/softball, fountain, horseshoe pits, lawn
 Carkeek Park                                         bowling, off-leash dog area, paths, picnic areas,
 206.684.0877                                         play area, rental facility, restrooms, soccer,
 950 NW Carkeek Park Rd                               tennis courts, track, wading pool, waterfront,
 Environmental education center, picnic               woods
 areas, trails, waterfront
                                                      North Beach Park
 Green Lake Park                                      9.6 acres
 206.684.4075                                         This wooded ravine is in northwest Seattle. In
 7201 E Green Lake Dr N                               2003, it is home to at least ten great blue heron
 323.70 acres                                         nests. It is located between 28th and 30th
 Baseball/softball, basketball, boat launch,          Avenues NW, and includes a mix of private and
 community center, fishing, golf, paths, picnic       public ownership, primarily between NW 90th
 areas, play area, pool, rental facility,             and NW 92nd Streets.
 restrooms, soccer, tennis courts, wading
 pool, waterfront, woods

 Greenwood Park
 602 N 87th St
 2.22 acres
 Play area, paths

                              For more information visit
Utilities and
      Phone Numbers
                                                                                            BLUE RIDGE

     Seattle City Hall ♦ 600 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98124 ♦ Phone: 206-684-CITY

                                  Comcast                              888-266-2278
                                  Dish Network                         800-333-DISH
                                  DirecTV                              888-777-2454
                                  Seattle City Light*                  206-684-3000
                                  Seattle Public Utilities*            206-684-3000
                                  Puget Sound Energy                   888-225-5773
                                  Qwest                                800-475-7526
                                  Sewer & Water:
                                  Seattle Public Utilities*            206-684-3000

               * Seattle City Light and Seattle Public Utilities share one customer service center, so you
                      can do one-stop set up for electricity, water, sewer, garbage and recycling.

Other Important Numbers
Animal Control:                        206-296-7387            Parks Department:                             206-684-4075
Children’s Hospital:                   206-987-2222            Pike Place Market:                            206-682-7453
Fire Dept. Non-Emergency:              206-386-1400            Police Dept. Non-Emergency:                   206-625-5011
Harborview Medical Center:             206-731-3000            Seattle Center:                               206-684-7200
Library (Ballard):                     206-684-4089            Seattle Times:                                206-464-2111
Library (Greenwood):                   206-684-4086            Seattle Post Intelligencer:                   206-464-2121
Metro Bus Schedules:                   206-553-3000            Space Needle:                                 206-905-2100
Municipal Court:                       206-684-5600            Swedish Medical Center:                       206-386-6000
Northwest Hospital:                    206-364-0500            Virginia Mason Medical Center:                206-223-6600
Pet Licenses:                          206-296-7387

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