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Produced by The Scandinavian
Tourist Board in cooperation with
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                                                                               No matter when you visit
                                                                           Scandinavia, you’ll be awed by
                                                                           the natural beauty and seasonal
                                                                           attractions. During the cooler
                                                                           months from November until
                                                                           March, a winter wonderland of
                                                                           brilliant snowfall, world-class
                                                                           skiing and winter sports, and
                                                                           cosy cafés awaits as the
                                SKÅNE, SWEDEN - RICHARD RYAN/VISITSWEDEN   spectacular northern lights
                                                                           illuminate the sky in the far north.
                                                                           Don’t miss the opportunity to
                                                                           enjoy the festive season in
                                                                           Scandinavia; from the Christmas
                                                                           markets to gourmet fare and the
                                                                           most beautiful decorations in the
                                                                           world, it’s an unforgettable
                                                                           experience. In the summertime,
                                                                           from June to August, the cities
                                                                           and countryside towns hum with
                                                                           an infectious upbeat energy as
                                                                           music festivals, water sports,
WELCOME TO SCANDINAVIA,                                                    hiking and biking tours take
a smörgåsbord of unique                                                    centre stage. It’s the perfect
experiences! Located in the                                                time to visit the legendary fjords
northern part of the European                                              of Norway, the beaches of
continent, Scandinavia is made                                             Sweden and the islands of
up of three countries: Denmark,                                            Denmark.
Norway and Sweden. With its                                                    Gourmet travellers, outdoor
breathtaking natural                                                       enthusiasts, culture seekers and
surroundings, its refined culture                                          history buffs will all find something
and its sophisticated lifestyle,                                           to love in the chic metropolitan
Scandinavia will delight and                                               centres and welcoming towns of
surprise visitors.                                                         Scandinavia. Start your trip in
one of the historic but oh-so-                          departing from major Australian
modern capitals – Copenhagen,                           cities, Scandinavia is well worth
Oslo and Stockholm – and, from                          the journey for a holiday you’ll
there, fan out to explore as                            never forget.
much of this fascinating region
as time will permit. One thing’s
for sure, there’s no limit to the
attractions on offer, from castles
to indigenous culture, from
innovative dining to star-gazing.
    Although Scandinavia is often
                                      AARHUS, DENMARK

perceived to be far away, it is, in
fact, closer than you imagine.
With convenient scheduled
flights by Scandinavian Airlines

 FUN FARE: THE SMÖRGÅSBORD You’re in for a feast of culinary
 treats as you eat your way around Scandinavia. Traditionally, lunch
 and dinner are served smörgåsbord style, with generous portions
 of hot and cold food, fish, meat, salads, desserts and cheeses.
 Herring is a highlight: pickled, smoked, marinated in garlic, tomato
 or mustard, and even served sashimi-style. Tasty meatballs, ham,
 duck, sausages and rice pudding are popular, as is the healthy
 black bread made from rye that forms the perfect base for open
 sandwiches of egg salad, smoked salmon and cream cheese.
 This cuisine varies slightly between countries and even regions.
                         Custom dictates that you should go around
                         seven times to select your food at a proper
                         smörgåsbord. And don’t forget the schnapps,
                         an essential accompaniment. The strong
                         alcoholic drop is flavoured with different
                         herbs and spices such as aniseed, cumin,
                         fennel and elderberry. Sipped from small shot
                         glasses, schnapps is best served ice cold.
Your introduction to Scandinavia
will most likely begin in one of the

                                                                        HOLMEGAARD GLASS, DENMARK
capital cities Copenhagen, Oslo
or Stockholm. As your first port of
call, these stylish cities are a
perfect snapshot of the intriguing
history, cultural heritage and
brilliant design found throughout
Scandinavia. So stop by and
enjoy an unforgettable city
break – or three!
                                          Relax at Nyhavn, a beautiful
COPENHAGEN The capital of              historic canal lined with cafés, bars
Denmark has the heartbeat of           and restaurants. Hop on board
a big city but, at the same time,      one of the guided tour boats. The
everything is within easy reach.       tour will take you past the Little
You can go exploring a world of        Mermaid, The Opera House and
fashion, design, culture and           many other inspiring sights.
gastronomy. For a change of               Tivoli Garden is a world-
pace, the surroundings offer           famous amusement park,
plenty of outdoor activities, and      located in the heart of the city.
Copenhagen is a wonderfully            In addition to the ferris wheel
“green” and sustainable city.
                     and roller coaster, you can also      hotels and museums. Enjoy a
                     enjoy the seasonal flowers, and       good beer along Karl Johans
                     pantomime performances at             Gate, stroll through the Vigeland
                     the Peacock Theatre. Visit during     Sculpture Park and, in winter,
                     the festive season to witness the     admire the ski jump in the middle
                     spectacle of 10,000 fairy lights      of the city at Holmenkollen.
                     strung up throughout the park         Residents say Oslo manages to
                     grounds.                              buzz with an exciting energy

                        Copenhagen's largest               while still retaining its chilled-out
                     shopping area is centred on           village vibe.
                     Europe's longest pedestrian
                                                           DON’T MISS:
                     shopping street, Strøget, and the
                                                           • Getting into the Christmas
                     streets that surround it.
                                                           spirit at Bærums Verk. Take a
                     International labels including
                                                           horse and sleigh ride or just
                     Prada, Louis Vuitton, Cerutti and
                                                           enjoy the beautiful surroundings
                     Chanel are represented at the
                                                           and small shops in old houses
                     Kgs. Nytorv end of Strøget, but if
                                                           from the seventeenth century.
                     you are shopping on a budget,
                                                           Experience an old-fashioned
                     head further down the
                                                           Christmas market and meet
                     pedestrian street, where you will
                                                           Norwegian fairytale characters,
                     find excellent value clothes in
                                                           the Hulder and the Trolls!
                     shops such as H&M.
                     TIP Free city bicycles can be
                     borrowed from Citybike to get
                     you around town in a healthy
                     and eco-friendly way. Pick up a
                     Copenhagen Card from any
                     tourist office and you can whiz
                                                                                             CULTURAL HISTORICAL MUSEUM, OSLO
                                                                                             JOHAN BERGE/INNOVATION NORWAY

                     about on subways, trains, buses
                     and ferries.

                     OSLO Norway’s capital is a
                     bustling city with plenty on offer.
                     Walk the streets – you’ll be
                     impressed with the city’s cutting-
                     edge architecture and design
• The Nobel Peace Centre is         • Be wowed at the Viking Ship
located on the grounds of an        Museum with its displays of full-
old railway station near the Oslo   scale Viking ships, and treasures
City Hall where the world-          from chieftains’ burial sites,
famous award ceremony is held       dating back to the eighth
in December every year. Be          century.
inspired by the exhibits and
                                    TIP The Oslo Pass represents
memorabilia documenting past
                                    great value savings and free
Peace Prize winners and Alfred
                                    entry to galleries, museums, and
Nobel's efforts to raise
                                    sightseeing spots within Oslo as
awareness in resolving wars and
                                    well as discounts on public
conflicts in the aim of achieving
peace around the world.
• The National Gallery is
                                    STOCKHOLM This city sparkles as
Norway's largest gallery,
                                    a leading light of Scandinavian
showcasing a collection of
                                    design and style. Made up of 14
national and international art
                                    islands, the “Water City” is not
works, including 1900 sculptures
                                    only Sweden’s capital but
and 40,000 block prints.
                                    Scandinavia’s largest city.
Compare its exhibits to Munch’s
                                    Grand historic buildings and
masterpieces including The
                                    culture dating back to the
Scream and Madonna at the
                                    thirteenth century intermingle
Munch Museum.

                                                                    STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - VISITSWEDEN
with some of the best                                                               • The Opera House, erected in
contemporary art and design in                                                      Baroque style in the late
the world.                                                                          nineteenth century. Dressing in
                                                                                    your finest to watch an opera is
                                                                                    an unforgettable experience.
• The Modern Museum, home
                                                                                    • Ten Swedish Designers (10-
to an impressive collection of
                                                                                    Gruppen) was founded as a
Swedish and international art,
                                                                                    collaborative effort between
plus a renowned restaurant
                                                                                    ten young textile designers back
overlooking Stockholm’s
                                                                                    in 1970. Their collections often
beautiful bay.
                                                                                    use vivid colours and make for
                                                                                    original, stylish souvenirs.
                                                                                    • The Vasa Museum displays
                                                                                    the world’s only surviving
                                                                                    seventeenth-century ship and
                                                                                    many of its extraordinary
                                                                                    contents, and is Sweden’s most
                                                                                    visited tourist attraction.
                                                                                    • Östermalm is a residential
                                                                                    quarter lined with quality
                                                                                    restaurants, exclusive boutiques
                                                                                    and antique shops. The large,
                                                                                    bustling indoor-market
                                 GAMLA STAN, STOCKHOLM - GÖRAN ASSNER/VISITSWEDEN

                                                                                    (Ostermalms Hallarna) is the
                                                                                    place to pick up souvenirs. If
                                                                                    you’re interested in design and
                                                                                    architecture, this is the area to
                                                                                    check out.
                                                                                    TIP Pick up a Stockholm Card
                                                                                    and gain free entry to 75 of the
                                                                                    best sightseeing spots, plus free
                                                                                    use of city buses and trains.
                                                                                    For more information go to
                                                                                                            BERGEN, NORWAY - JENS HENRIK
                                                                                                            NYBO/INNOVATION NORWAY

                                       FJORDS AND NATURE
                                     VISITING THE FJORDS                    best vantage points, start in
                                     From still lakes and lowlands to       World Heritage-listed Bergen, the
                                     majestic mountains,                    gateway for touring the fjords. It’s
                                     Scandinavia is a true gem of           Norway’s second largest city and
                                     natural splendour, but above all,      was Norway’s capital city in the
                                     it’s the legendary fjords of           twelfth and thirteenth centuries.
                                     Norway that are unforgettable.            Cruising is the most common
                                     Fjords are valleys, formed by          way of enjoying the impressive
                                     glaciers and filled with water         cliffs, with glaciers hovering at
                                     from the sea that over time            the top, although hiking and
                                     forms steep walled inlets. You         trekking trips through this unique
                                     will find these indenting the          natural wonderland are also
                                     entire west coast of Norway,           recommended.
                                     creating one of the world’s most
                                                                            DID YOU KNOW?
                                     amazing landscapes.
                                                                            • National Geographic ranked
                                         Norway boasts some of the
                                                                            Norwegian fjords as the most
                                     longest fjords in the world. For the
popular of all World Heritage-           stable climate ideal for winter
listed sites.                            sports. The season generally
• The five main fjords of Norway         starts in late October and ends
are Geirangerfjord, Sognefjord,          in late April.
Hardangerfjord, Nordfjord and            2. Hafjell is located 15 kilometres
Lysefjord, each offering their           north of Lillehammer, a skiing
own distinctive scenery.                 district in central Norway that
• The Sognefjord is the world's          hosted the 1994 Winter
deepest and second-longest               Olympics. A shuttle bus service
fjord, stretching 204 kilometres         from Lillehammer centre makes
eastwards from the west coast,           it very accessible.
with a depth of 1308 metres.             3. Norefjell is a great all-round ski
The fjord can be reached by              resort, just over an hour from
train and other public transport         Oslo. The terrain is suitable for all
from Oslo and Bergen, and can            types of ski and snow lovers.
be accessed year round.                  Choose between cross-country
                                         skiing, downhill skiing,
SKIING & SNOWBOARDING                    snowboarding and sleigh rides.
Northern Scandinavia is a winter         The winter season normally lasts
wonderland for ski enthusiasts,          from November until May.
and an unforgettable                     4. Åre village lies in central
experience. Enjoy all types of           Sweden and is made up of
skiing in the northern regions of        three ski areas; Björnen, Åre By
Norway and Sweden, from                  (Åre Village) and Duved. With
cross-country to snowboarding            40 lifts operating, it is one of
to off-piste. Ice-skating on frozen      Sweden’s most popular resorts
parks and canals, ice fishing            and hosted the Alpine World
trips, glacier golfing and dog           Championship in 2007.
sledding to the renowned
Icehotel outside Kiruna in
Swedish Lapland are also fun
winter activities to enjoy during
a winter visit.
                                                                          BO LIND/VISITSWEDEN
                                                                          NORTHERN SWEDEN

1. Trysil is the largest ski resort in
Norway. The location ensures a
5. Riksgränsen in Sweden is the                                      adrenalin pumping.
most northerly ski resort in Europe                                     Denmark is known as one of
with off-piste skiing for beginners                                  the most bicycle-friendly
and professionals. Because of its                                    countries in Europe and the
location above the Arctic Circle                                     extensive network of bicycle
you will enjoy summer skiing in                                      routes not only makes it easy to
the light of the midnight sun until                                  get around, it will also take you to
the end of June.                                                     charming parts of Denmark that
                                                                     no motorised vehicle can access.
                                                                        One of the best ways of
                                                                     experiencing the majestic
                                                                     mountains of northern
                                                                     Scandinavia is hiking. The vast
                                                                     majority of hiking and trekking
                                                                     trails are well sign-posted with
                                 ARCHIPELAGO, SWEDEN - VISITSWEDEN

                                                                     hostels, mountain stations and
                                                                     huts spread along the way, so
                                                                     you can get a good night’s rest.
                                                                        Out on the Scandinavian
                                                                     waters, popular activities include
                                                                     canoeing in the archipelago,
                                                                     ocean sailing, and water skiing
                                                                     on the many lakes. Stunning
                                                                     scenery complements the fresh
                                                                     air and invigorating activities.
                                                                        Sun, surf and sand in
THE GREAT OUTDOORS                                                   Scandinavia? Absolutely! Popular
Scandinavia’s unique wilderness                                      beach holiday spots include
will entice you to get out and                                       Bornholm and Langeland in
about in the great outdoors.                                         Denmark, plus Skåne and
Just about any activity you can                                      Sandhamn in Sweden. Fishing,
imagine that can be enjoyed                                          swimming and sunbathing are
on the water or on snow can be                                       popular in the summertime at
found in the region. Depending                                       these resort towns.
on the season and where you
                                                                     For more information go to
are in Scandinavia, you are sure
to find something that gets your
                                                                       PATRICK TRÄGÅRDH/VISITSWEDEN

                                                                       NORTHERN SWEDEN
Welcome to the Northern                prepare for the legendary
Region of Scandinavia! No              Northern Lights, a stunning light
matter when you visit, there’s a       phenomenon often seen in the
breathtaking natural spectacle         northern regions in wintertime. If
to behold. Across northern             you turn your eyes to the sky you
Scandinavia, visitors will be          may be lucky enough to glimpse
wowed by the light nights of the       flickering shafts of light,
Midnight Sun during the summer         seemingly dancing across the
months and Northern Lights             dark sky. The scientific name for
during the wintertime.                 the phenomenon is aurora
   The true magic of the midnight      borealis, or aurora for short.
sun can be experienced from
June to August. Although the            DID YOU KNOW? You can
whole of the region gets long,          take part in the Northern
warm summer nights, you have            Lights Tour in Norway for your
to travel north of the Arctic Circle    chance to glimpse the famed
to experience the full wonder of        Aurora Borealis. After horse
the Midnight Sun. Go on a               sledding through the snow,
midnight hike in northern Sweden        you will be served warm soup
or watch the sun set from the           and waffles inside a Sami tent.
dramatic cliff at Norway’s North        Whilst waiting for the northern
Cape. Thrill to a dog sled ride         lights to appear in the night
midnight tour to a sparkling            sky, you’ll be regaled with
glacier, or even play golf at           tales of northern light legends.
midnight in Sweden’s north.             For more information go to
   As the cooler months set in,

                                                                 WIDSTRAND/INNOVATION NORWAY
                                                                 LAPLAND, NORWAY - STAFFAN
As the only ethnic group of        Arctic region of Scandinavia.
people within the European         Their unique culture, estimated
Union to have been declared        to be more than 2000 years old,
indigenous, the Sámi people of     has gone through great
Scandinavia can hail their roots   changes over the recent past.
from as far afield as Russia.         Around ten percent of the
Today, Sámi people live            Sámi people work with reindeer
throughout the vast northern       herding, one of the traditional
                                   livelihoods of the people.
                                   Hunting and fishing still figures
                                   prominently in their daily lives,
 1. Visit Jokkmokk, one of
                                   which are lived according to
 Sweden’s Sámi mountain
                                   great respect for nature. Others
 villages, surrounded by a
                                   are masters at arts and crafts,
 World Heritage region within
                                   the product of their labours
 the Arctic Circle.
                                   available for sale in gift shops
 2. Explore the fascinating
                                   around Scandinavia. Sámi
 Sámi culture, way of life and
                                   singing and traditional music are
 handicrafts at Sapmi in
                                   also worth seeking out.
 Karasjok, Norway.
                                      Today the Sámi flag flies
 3. For centuries, the Sámi
                                   proudly, the national anthem
 people have been using
                                   written in the early 1900s has
 reindeer to travel through the
                                   made a comeback, and ancient
 winter landscape. Join them on
                                   traditions have been combined
 an unforgettable reindeer sled
                                   with modern influences. It all
 safari in Swedish Lapland.
                                   makes for compelling reasons to
 For more information go to
                                   visit and learn about this proud,
                                   unique culture.
                                                                        RICHARD RYAN/VISITSWEDEN
                                                                        KALMAR CASTLE, SWEDEN
Most Australians will know that         home of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
“our” Princess Mary is the future       A lavish Renaissance-style castle,
Queen of Denmark. But did you           it provides a peek into the luxe
know that Scandinavia boasts            lifestyle enjoyed by royal families
more than 300 historically and          throughout the ages.
culturally fascinating royal castles,       Fredericksborg Castle is
châteaux and manor houses,              another Renaissance
especially in Denmark and               masterpiece surrounded by
southern Sweden? Many have              beautiful gardens and a lake,
been turned into museums, while         and now home to Denmark’s
others are now historic hotels.         National History Museum.
    In Denmark, visitors may be             In Sweden, a visit to
surprised how close and personal        Drottningholm Castle, one of
they can get to the castles where       Stockholm’s two royal castles, is
the royal family now lives;             highly recommended. Situated
Scandinavian royals are renowned        on lovely Lake Mälaren, this
for their fresh and approachable        seventeenth-century castle is
attitude to mixing with the local       known as “The Versailles of the
people. Amalienborg Palace has          North” and is one of UNESCO’s
been the home of the Danish royal       World Heritage sites.
family since 1794. Armed
                                        For more information go to
guardsmen stand in front of each
building and the flag on top of the
roof is raised whenever the Queen
is in residence. A traditional
changing of the guard can be
observed every day at noon.
    Kronborg Castle, just outside
Copenhagen, is famous as the
Getting to Scandinavia from Australia is easier than one might
think. Scandinavia's largest airline, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS),
offers frequent connections from most Australian state capital cities
to Copenhagen or Stockholm. The SAS intercontinental network
extends from Scandinavia to Asia and North America, with a choice
of up to nine gateways for connections with partner airlines. Bangkok,
Beijing and Tokyo are the most direct alternatives for travel between
Australia and Scandinavia. Copenhagen and Stockholm are key
gateways to the region and offer convenient connections for
onward journeys by air, rail, coach and sea.
For details on flights to Scandinavia with SAS go to or call 1300 727 707.
AIR Getting around by air is quick
and easy. Scandinavian Airlines
(SAS) is the largest regional airline,

                                         STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - BO LIND/VISITSWEDEN
serving more than 60 destinations
from the key hubs of Stockholm,
Oslo and Copenhagen for both
domestic and regional flights.
RAIL Travelling by train, whether
overnight or on day trips, is an
easy and comfortable way of
getting around and enjoying
the sights. Buses operate to
more remote destinations and
can be booked in connection
with rail tickets.
                                                                                   FERRY An extensive ferry and
ROAD The convenience of                                                            boat network crisscrosses the
having your own vehicle to get                                                     waterways of Scandinavia; a
around makes driving in                                                            great way to see the
Scandinavia a worthwhile                                                           landscape, and especially the
option. Roads are well                                                             fjords. You can take a car or
maintained and easy to                                                             bike on most ferries, making it
navigate, though keep in mind                                                      easy to drive on and drive off
you must drive on the right.                                                       towards your next destination.

                                                                               FREEWHEELING Scandinavian
                                                                               cities have some of the best
                                                                               cycling paths in the world, and
                                                                               many offer free or very cheap
                                                                               bicycles that can be taken and
                                                                               returned at cycle “stations”.
                                                                               For more information visit
Make Scandinavia your first stop in Europe and explore our
breathtaking natural surroundings, refined culture, and
sophisticated lifestyle.

                                                                             Travel to Scandinavia –
                                                                             Denmark, Norway and
                                                                             Sweden – has never been so
                                                                             easy. Famous as the land of

                                                                             the midnight sun, stylish
                                                                             design and great city life,

                                                                             Scandinavia is truly a unique

                                                                             part of Europe. From dog
                                                                             sledding with the Sámi in the
                                                                             north to island-hopping in the
                                                                             east, from cruising the fjords in
                                                                             the west to visiting royal
                                                                             castles in the south,

                                                                             Scandinavia offers a diverse
                                                                             smörgåsbord for any visitor.


                                                                             TO LEARN MORE, go to
 Bergen                                         Uppsala


                                                                             call 02 9212 1332 or contact
                                                                             your local travel agent.

              Rhus                   COPENHAGEN


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