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QUINN SIGNS HB182_ by chenmeixiu

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   “We defend your
    right to defend
 second Amendment neWs for the stAte of illinois And beyond                     Published monthly by guns sAve life                         volume 15, number 10          october 2009
                          AffiliAted With the illinois federAtion for outdoor resources, the civiliAn mArksmAnshiP ProgrAm, the nAtionAl rifle AssociAtion And others

Springfield, IL (GSL) - Illinois Gov-
ernor Pat Quinn signed HB-182 on
August 25, 2009. HB-182 allows an
Illinois gun owner with a FOID card
the ability to carry or possess firearms
on the property of anyone who grants
the person permission to do so.

The bill is a big win for Illinois gun
owners and a big loss for those who
oppose gun ownership rights. Under
this bill, you may handle or carry a
firearm at a friend or relative’s house,
or at another public location, without
fear of being arrested because you            Illinois Governor Pat Quinn.                      This Walther model PP is a very rare piece from World War II and was the
were handling or carrying a firearm in                       Photo courtesy Getty Images.
                                                                                                subject of the GSL September 2009 meeting “technical discussion” presen-
a place other than your own personal
property or your own fixed place of          “Here’s a guy who’s at his brother’s               tation by Richard Klein. Research has suggested this gun was presented
business.                                    house and they are looking at some                 by a notorious German war criminal, Hitler’s Czar of Forced Labor Fritz
                                             guns together. The police show up                  Sauckel, to Wilhelm Bruckner who was Hitler’s personal bodyguard for many
HB182 was written after a man was            and arrest this guy because he’s not               years. For more information about this piece and what happened to its own-
arrested for possessing a pistol at his      on his own property. He later gets                 ers can be found on page 10 and 11 of this issue of GunNews.
brother’s house. The man was later           convicted by an anti-gun prosecu-
convicted of a felony.                       tor. So we took this idiocy away from
                                             them, just like we took away Wil-                                        October 2009 GSL Main Speaker
Tom Shafer, an Illinois gun rights ac-       mette’s ability to charge a homeowner
                                             for possessing a handgun in that city              The main speaker for the October 2009 members meeting will be Michael Mitev, a
tivist, called this arrest and conviction
                                             after that person uses it to defend                native of Bulgaria who at one time spent time in political prison before the collapse
an outrage.
                                             their home from an intruder.”                      of communist rule in Eastern Europe. He will speak to how lucky Americans are to
                                                                                                have the protections enumerated in precious documents like the Constitution and
                                                                                                how Americans need to fight against those who would take those freedoms away.

 Dr. David Pike, President
                                                                  PRE-SORT STD.                   October 2009 Meeting                             In this issue:
                                                                  U.S. POSTAGE
 Guns Save                                               PAID                            Tuesday, October 13th
 P.O. Box 51                                                      PERMIT NO. 999                                                                   Sept. Meeting Business              2
                                                                  CHAMPAIGN, IL                   NOW MEETING AT                                   Main Speaker                        3
 Savoy, IL 61874
                                                                                                  Knights of Columbus Hall                         Jim Gabbard RIP                     4
                                                                                                                                                   GSL Fun Shoot Info                  5
                                                                                                  1001 N. Ohio St.
                                                                                                                                                   Sangamon County News                6+
                                                                                                  Rantoul, IL                                      Kerwin Law, President’s 100         9
                                                                                                  (Route 45 N. through Rantoul, turn
                                                                                                                                                   Sauckel Presentation Piece          10
                                                                                                  west on Campbell and north on Ohio)
                                                                                                                                                   News from North of I-80             12
                                                                                                  Dinner, conversation, come early as
                                                                                                                                                   ARMED AMERICAN                      14
                                                                                                  5 p.m. if you wish. Exhibits at 6 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                   Freedom’s Forum                     16
                                                                                                  Meeting at 7 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                   Peoria Police Armadillo on patrol   20
                                                                                                          C’mon out and join us!
                                                                                                                                                   INFORMATION PAGE                    23
                                                                                                   The public is encouraged to attend!
                                                                                                      Good food and good friends.
                                                                                                                                                   MEMBERSHIP FORM                     24
                                                                                                                It’s fun too!
 Burma-style sign count: 33 sets, 14 counties, two states.
 559,400 sightings per day, 204.2 million per year
                                                                              GUNS SAVE
                                                                                                                                             Main Speaker
   Champaign County Rifle Association Monthly Meeting Report for Sept. 2009                                                                  Tom Shafer
                                                                                                                                             Legendary State Capital activist Tom Sha-
                                                                                                                                             fer was our main speaker for the Septem-
Attendance: (115+)                              rights. Dr. Pike also noted that our Gun      of our members to learn from Mr. Kuhn’s
                                                                                                                                             ber meeting, giving those present a very
John Naese, Jim Quinlan, Scott                  Show Committee Chairman Dan Sadler            tragic death. “If people know you’ve got
                                                was leaving that post soon and we are         a lot of guns, you should be extra vigilant    upbeat and motivating presentation.
Schmidt, Ed Reed, Ken Holbrooks,
Dan Burwash, Ann Burwash, Dan Fran-             looking for someone to fill his shoes and     in your personal life. It would be a shame
                                                coordinate GSL participation and nearby       not to learn from what happened to this        Tom Shafer is the pro-gun community’s
cis, William Cotter, Alan Watts, Sonny
                                                gun shows in the future.                      man, Mr. Kuhn.”                                pit bull at the State’s capital. He’s very
Beckman, Dale Reed, John Nelson,
                                                                                                                                             aggressive and in the face of those op-
Therese Nelson, Frank Wrestler, Sara
                                                Former President Frank Wright talked          John indicated that Mossberg still hadn’t      posed to firearm rights and the right of
Wrestler, Duane Ryherd, Jolane Zarker,
                                                about Jim Gabbard’s death on September        returned the barrel with the canted sight.     self-defense, acting as a huge burr under
Patrick Corlas, Chris Rohl, Paul Lari-
                                                1st. Mr. Gabbard was a regular fixture        The people at Mossberg told John that          the saddle of some big-shot Illinois politi-
more, Tom Climer, Bill Wylie, Becky
                                                for a decade or more at CCRA meetings.        with any luck, they would have a new bar-      cians of both parties.
Finfrock, Lola Finfrock, Bonnie Garrett,
Cory Garrett, John M. Cain and Becky,           Frank led the audience in a moment of si-     rel to him by the end of next week.
                                                lence in honor of Mr. Gabbard. For more                                                      He hosts a popular public access televi-
Don Wiggins, Bob Holland, Barb Hol-
                                                in the way of a eulogy to the passing of      Our Vice-President also promoted the           sion show in Springfield that’s been
land, Ray Leisure, Kevin Baker, Dave
                                                Mr. Gabbard, look to page four.               GSL Fun Shoot coming up September              around for 15 years or so. He’s currently
Garth, Georges P. LeFaivre, Clyde
                                                                                              19 (see the ad in this issue of GunNews),      got better than 400 episodes recorded to
Harris, Barb Harris, Vic Buraglio, Paul
                                                John Boch was next up with the Vice-          the Gun Rights Policy Conference coming        date. In each episode, he offers caustic
Doane, Nicky Doane, Cody Cundiff,
                                                President’s Report and he started with        up the last weekend in September (see          criticism of politicians and activists fight-
Norman Paul, Richard Denhart, Mrs.
                                                announcing that Governor Pat Quinn   and the Christian County NRA          ing to take away the right to self-defense.
Ray Yoder, Ray Yoder, Carroll Kreis,
Betty Kreis, Peter T. Tomaras, Francis          signed two pro-gun bills in late August.      Affiliate club’s annual banquet coming up
                                                HB18 made legal an individual’s ability      on October 3rd (see the ad in this issue of    He’s aggressive about activism outside of
Smith, Paul Vallandigham, Richard
                                                to legally handle a firearm at a location     GunNews).                                      the television set too.
Klein, Heidi Curtis, Warren Drake,
Tom Morfort, Anonymous, Ken Kinder,             other than his residence. (For more on
                                                this, read about Tom Shafer’s presenta-       Lastly, one of the members advised that        “I’ve been arrested and tried eleven times
Ralph Jones, Ken Kyle, Michael Hold-
                                                tion.) He also signed HB3714 which            Dave’s Trading Post in Pekin, Illinois has     and many of those they wanted jail time,”
en, Clyde Martin, Don Bleich, John
                                                ended automatic FOID card revocations         hundreds of thousands of primers of vari-      Shafer said. “They wanted jail time!”
Grubb, Sally Grubb, Mike Kotcher, Jim
Steinlicht, Wes Thuney, Ray Light, Ron          for most sentences of misdemeanor             ous types for $30/1000.
                                                probation.                                                                                   He’s taken every one of those cases to
Beatty, Dan Sadler, Matthew Skaj, Bill
                                                                                              Our hosts at the Knights of Columbus           trial and won every time, much to the irri-
Hutchins, Peter Wheeler, Roger D. ???,
                                                Mr. Boch noted that this year’s Chicago       polled the membership on their prefer-         tation of those who would like to ban gun
James W. Moncrief, Marty Poling, Art
                                                Gun Turn-In was down 73% from last            ence for the main course for October’s         ownership among the state’s residents.
???, Susan D. Laker, David L. Laker,
Kenneth Davidson, Russell Davidson,             year - and that was counting BB-guns in       meeting and the crowd voted decisively
                                                with the firearms turned in. 1887 fire-       for the choice of Steak or a pair of Pork      As for this governor - Shafer calls him the
Lawrene Ramert, Walter Rothermel,
                                                arms and BB guns were surrendered this        Chops for $1 (includes drink, salad, des-     “Accidental Governor” - he has respect
Deal Rothermel, Sonny Fergusson,
                                                year, down from roughly 6800 firearms         sert). The steaks are made to order.           for him after he signed HB18.
Chuck Benner, Earl Buenting, Scott
maves, Alan Rasmussen, John P.                  last year. Chicago PD’s spokesman
                                                didn’t know why the downturn, however         John Naese delivered a report on Gun-          While the governor’s signing HB18 into
Logue, Andrew Logue, John E. Roth,
                                                Mr. Boch noted that cutting the payment       News. He said that John Boch did the           law didn’t make the news anywhere in the
Steve Hargrave, Dave Martin, Don
                                                for each surrendered gun in half to $50       work on September’s issue and was do-          major media, Shafer noted, it was a major
Obergtel (sp?), Rodney A. Bertsch,
                                                had everything to do with why we didn’t       ing October’s issue to give him a break.       victory for Illinois gun owners. Possibly
John McNeeley, Michael Zimmerman,
                                                participate.                                  He encouraged members to submit mate-          because it was such a major victory for
Harry R. Querry, Bill Greenwood, Mike
                                                                                              rial for GunNews articles, updated mem-        Illinois gun owners is the reason that
Greenwood, Ken Selby, David A. Ack-
                                                He recommended that members need-             bers on upcoming Appleseed events and          Quinn’s action wasn’t reported.
lin, John Boch, David Pike, and many
more...                                         ing or even considering the purchase of       asked for help from any members who
                                                additional ammunition visit their Wal-Mart    may have had problems getting finger-          The law came about because of a mali-
                                                to stock up. Wally World’s ammo, in           printed at their local police department.      cious arrest and prosecution of a fellow
                                                many cases, is cheaper than the whole-        One member contacted us and said that          around Chicago for handling a loaded
Meeting Business                                sale price dealers are currently paying.      Champaign Police Department was refus-         gun at his brother’s house. “Common
President Dr. David Pike led the audience       “Those 100-round value packs of shotgun       ing to do printing for the Florida non-resi-   sense didn’t prevail on the part of police
in the Pledge of Allegiance and recog-          shells are likely to be $30 six months from   dent permit and claimed that completing        nor on the part of the prosecutor, so we
nized the newcomers. Welcome to each            now,” Boch said. “And those 550-round         Florida print cards was against the law in     took this away from them with a new
and every one of you. Come on back and          Federal bulk packs of .s won’t be $16       Illinois (chuckle chuckle!).                   law. Just like the idiots in Wilmette that
you’ll be part of the family!                   much longer either.”                                                                         charged and convicted that guy for having
                                                                                              The winner of the NEF Pardner 1-gauge         a handgun in his house after he used it to
For the President’s Report, Dr. Pike            John noted the passing of Carl Kuhn, who      social shotgun was Mike Greenwood.             shoot a guy breaking into his house twice
commended John Naese on his fine job            was murdered by a couple of thugs wish-                                                      in about as many days, we took non-sen-
representing GSL at the Danville TEA            ing to steal his guns. Kuhn was a long-       Next month’s “Gun of the Month” will be        sical laws away from those idiots again
Party where he spoke urging people to           time Illinois State Rifle Association board   the “BIG GUNS II” drawing for an AR-15         this time.”
get active to support their civil rights, in-   member and firearm rights activist. “He       and an M-1 Garand.
cluding the important Second Amendment          was a good guy,” Boch recalled, urging all
                                               “Another time, Ryan’s goons roughed
                                               me up for asking how George’s prostate
                                               was,” Shafer quipped. “Got me a new set
                                               of living room furniture for that one.”

                                               And speaking of trials, Springfield “busi-
                                               nessman” William Cellini has to sit next
                                               to Blagojevich for seven months of their
                                               upcoming federal trial on corruption. It’s
                                               in the same courthouse as Ryan’s trial.
                                               “You know, Cellini did crooked deals with
                                               the Republicans a hundred times or more
                                               under Republican administrations and
                                               the first time he does a crooked deal with
                                               Democrats, everyone’s getting recorded
                                               and he’s stone-cold busted.”

                                               Mayor Daley and his friends are an-
                                               other favorite target for Tom Shafer to
                                               “Shaferize”. Daley sends his goons to
                                               Springfield to promote gun control and
                                               Shafer is right there in their face. “One
Tom Shafer drew the winning ticket for         time a bunch of Chicago cops were down
the September gun giveaway.                    supposedly to honor slain police officers,
                                               but once here they started clamoring for
                                               gun control. I got right up in the face of    David Acklin set up a reloading station for .45 ACP before the meeting and gave
                                               this one big guy who looked like he could     almost an hour-long primmer on reloading. He offered recommendations on setups,
                                               have been a fullback for the Bears.”          equipment and other lessons he’s learned the hard way from reloading nearly 20,000
Shafer talked about George Ryan and the
                                                                                             .45 Auto rounds this year. Just another example members freely offering the benefits
love the two shared. “I used to go around
                                               “I told him, ‘You look like a hack. Are you   of their knowlege and experience to fellow friends and members of GSL.
to his events with a sign that said, ‘Arrest
George Ryan’. He’d send his goons              a cab driver or something?’” referring to
                                               the checkerboard pattern on his uniform       cop told him. “Don’t worry buddy!” was        behind it that he’s been able to uncover
over to intimidate me but I never backed
                                               hat. The cop wanted to break Shafer in        Shafer’s answer to him.                       to show that the gun was presented by a
down.” Now that Ryan is in prison, Sha-
                                               two but couldn’t do a thing because he                                                      Nazi war criminal hung after the Nurem-
fer says Ryan is still in his thoughts and
                                               had no jurisdiction in Springfield. “You      Shafer explained that his newest pet proj-    burg War Tribunal to a man who for many
prayers (a-hem). He writes Ryan regu-
                                               better never come to Chicago,” the            ect was to get “Defensive Display” legal-     years was Adolf Hitler’s personal body-
larly, too. “I even send him stamps too
                                                                                             ized in Illinois where if you see someone     guard. For more on this, turn to page 11.
and he still won’t write me back. That’s
                                                                                             acting with apparent criminal intent to
okay, he’s not going anywhere,” Shafer         Happiness is...                               victimize you can show them that you’re
said, to laughter and applause.
                                                       Winning a gun!                        armed and not get charged.
Shafer also told the story of the time Dan
                                                                                             The audience gave the charismatic Sha-
Quayle was coming to the State Capitol
                                                                                             fer a standing ovation for his presentation       Coming Next Month
to speak and Ryan was there. Tom got
there plenty early and secured a front and                                                   and his work in Springfield.
center audience seat. The state cops                                                                                                        Main Speaker
sicced the Secret Service on him. Shafer                                                     Tech Time                                      Michael Mitev - former political
said he agreed to accompany the Secret                                                       Richard Klein                                  prisoner
Service guys for questioning only if they                                                                                                   Hailing from Bulgaria, Mike Mitev is
would put him back in the same spot                                                          Nazi presentation pistol                       now at home in America and he will
when there were done. “I knew I didn’t                                                                                                      talk about how and why freedom is
have anything to fear. I could have cared                                                                                                   important and why Americans are
less about Quayle. I was there to put up                                                                                                    lucky to have precious documents like
my ‘Arrest George Ryan’ sign and I told                                                                                                     the Constitution and the Bill of Rights
them that.”                                                                                                                                 protecting their freedoms from govern-
                                                                                                                                            ment tyranny.
They searched him, including giving his
groin a careful “pat down”. “Ooh, could
you do that again a little to the left this                                                                                                 Tech Time Speaker
time?” They said he was free to go and                                                                                                      Ron Beatty - The M1 Garand
he reminded them of the deal and they                                                                                                       Ron Beatty will speak about the history
agreed, clearing a spot in the middle of                                                                                                    of the the greatest single battle imple-
                                                                                             Former CCRA President Richard Klein
the front row for him to sit down, much to                                                                                                  ment ever devised by man.
                                               Mike Greenwood was the lucky winner of        brought his World War II presentation
the irritation and chagrin of Ryan’s State
                                               the NEF Pardner 12-ga. riot gun.              pistol to the meeting along with the story
Police detail and Gorge Ryan himself.
                                                                                                                                                                         GunNews 3
Jim Gabbard, R.I.P.
Thoughts on the passing of long-time                                                        by Paul Vallandigham
friend and CCRA / GSL member James                                                          Once, just once, Jim told me about fight-          Jim designed the most accurate shotgun
Gabbard. Mr. Gabbard passed away                                                            ing off the human wave attacks of the              slug to shoot out of a smoothbore shot-
September 1st, while in a field preparing                                                   Chinese at the Chosin Reservoir, and               gun barrel. He had a letter from the head
to hunt on opening day of dove season.                                                      how the only way they were not all over            of ATF, back in the 1950s, telling him it
                                                                                            run and killed was because of all the Red          would be illegal to rifle a shotgun barrel.
We all will surely miss Jim and his almost                                                  Chinese bodies that became stacked                 When rifled barrels became “legal “ in the
limitless knowledge.                                                                        up on the approach to their defensive              1970s, the owner of Hastings barrels had
                                                                                            positions, to the point where successive           to publish a full page blow-up of HIS letter
by Richard Klein                                                                            waves of soldiers could not climb the              from ATF saying that a rifled shotgun bar-
My association with Jim Gabbard goes                                                        bodies fast enough to be able to over              rel was Legal! Jim resized his slug to be
back to when I first came to the University                                                 run the defense. He told me that when              fired out of a plastic sabot, in rifled bar-
of Illinois as a new and young assistant                                                    hand grenades ran low, ammunition was              rels, and they he had the most accurate
professor in the fall of 1968. Jim was                                                      low, and even cannon fire and mortar               rifled slug to fire out of a rifled shotgun
one of the fine team of machinists who                                                      shells were running low, they made up              barrel, too! He almost got his slug into
worked for the Mechanical Engineer-                                                         and threw TNT and C4 changes into the              production, with Bull-X. But, Carter Jones
ing Department. One of my most vivid                                                        advancing waves of Chinese soldiers. A             sold his interest in the business to some
memories of Jim came when a group of                                                        lot of SeeBees, and marines were killed            employees, and they were never inter-
us in the M.E. Department took time to                                                      in the fighting and some of it was hand-to-        ested, as Carter had been, in pursuing
look out the window from the second floor                                                   hand until the Chinese leaders called off          the project. Carter had bought a hydrau-
of the M.E. Building as the Vietnam war
protesters and flower children paraded up                                                                    “I’ll miss Jim all the rest of my life.”
Matthews Ave. They were marching from
the area around the Illini Union and up to    James Gabbard, pictured here from             the attacks.
picket and protest the building on Spring-    earlier this year with one of his custom                                                         lic press, and Jim made the swaging dies
field Avenue that housed the Illiac IV        shotgun slugs.                               He didn’t talk to people about his war              to form his slug, but they just could not
computer at that time, funded, of course,                                                  experiences because the memories were               find space in the physical plant to set up
by the evil D.O.D.                                                                         too awful for him. He didn’t want to go out         production.
                                              used but very serviceable Remington 740 to the new Korean War Veteran’s Memo-
                                              Woodsmaster. I still have it to this day. In rial in Washington D.C, for the same                Jim’s original goal was to produce a slug
I can recall Jim standing among about
                                              addition to having bagged some nice deer reason.                                                 powerful enough to take the engine block
twenty of us, and he was not shy about
                                              over the years with it, I also added a few                                                       out of speeding cars, attempting to run
commenting and heckling loudly (out the
                                              stray dogs to the list who happened to be He made his back yard range available                  road blocks. It was only natural that the
open windows on a beautiful fall day) at
                                              running in packs out at my farm and both- to dozens of people over the years,                    same slug be accurate enough to extend
the maggot infested scum coming by the
                                              ering my livestock. The gun’s price was      and it was always a delight to see who              the range of guns for hunting deer. He
building in their little protest parade.
                                              a shocking $75. Years later Jim com-         was there if you just “dropped by “. For            got both. When he first developed his
                                              mented that he would gladly refund my        instance, I stopped by one day, years               slugs, commercial slugs had a terrible
Paul didn’t mention this, but Jim saw
                                              purchase price if I was ever dissatisfied.   ago, to see 3 prosecutors shooting on               reputation for accuracy. He would bet oth-
action in the Korean War era, as he was
in the seabee’s, and helped pull the U.S.                                                   the range. They were shocked that I had            ers $0.00 that he could stand off-hand,
                                              Jim was always available as a resource        arrived and found them there! I never will         at 100 yds, and put 5 slugs into their
Marines out of the famous break out,
                                              when I faced a tough shop related prob-       know why. I also know that Jim taught              baseball caps at that distance, using his
now known as “The Fight to the Sea,”
                                              lem. Once I had some frozen and rusted        most of the judges in the county to shoot,         Trap Shotgun( Remington Model 1100).
from the Chosin Reservoir (near the Yalu
                                              parts involving frozen bolts in decorative    or to shoot better, on his range.                  He won a lot of $0.00 bills demonstrat-
River) the coldest winter in 100 years
                                              cast iron. Using a torch was out of the                                                          ing. And he used the standard factory
circa December of 1950. Recall that the
                                              question. Jim’s advice -- soak the parts in   Jim helped everyone who asked, pro-                sights on his shotgun to shoot it, no peep
U.S. Marines were so tough that they
                                              Coca-Cola for a few days. Yes, the stuck      vided they would shut up and listen. That          sights, or scopes, and no open rear sight.
not only got out, they took their dead out
                                              bolts came out like weak puppies.             was the key to learning all kinds of great         Of course, the challengers supplied the
with them frozen stiff and stacked in their
trucks like cord wood, along with most of                                                   information you won’t read in books about          hats.
                                              We have lost a true friend, shooter, and a    guns and shooting.
their equipment. Jim saw lots of action
                                              real man.                                                                                        I’ll miss Jim all the rest of my life.
and lots of guys who paid the final price,
and yet as strong as he was, he was very
reluctant to ever discuss such events.
Jim also served as a deputy sheriff for
special events such as Champaign                                                    Concealed Weapons License Service
                                                                                     Want to travel the country, yet be as safe as possible? I can help.
County Fairs.
                                                                                                 Send a cashiers check or money order to:

Jim and his wife had a little place to the                                                    Conceal Carry Service
north and east of Urbana, where Jim had                                             P.O. Box 5786, Bloomington, IL 61702-5786
a shooting backstop in his backyard. I                                   You’ll receive your choice of a CD or Hard Copy Packet with Applications, Fees and Contact
can recall going out there to sight in a                                               Information for 48 states on how to get concealed carry licenses.
few rifles prior to deer season. In fact, I                                       The CD is $25 + $5 S&H. Hardcopy Packet is $50 + $8 S&H.
purchased my first .30-06 rifle from Jim,                                                          Do not send cash or personal checks.
as he was a FFL at the time. It was a                                                 
GunNews 4
Fearful Illinois gun grabbers planning November onslaught against your gun rights
Chatsworth, IL (ISRA)             trol movement reveals that the                                         or access them in a time of
- Obama’s recent slide in the     gun grabbers see the Novem-         • Regulations on gun shops         emergency.
polls has Illinois gun grab-      ber 2009 Veto Session as their      that would effectively drive the
bers very worried. They are       last chance to ram their dra-       shops out of business.             • Mandatory $1 million liability
afraid that, when the smoke       conian gun control measures                                            insurance policies for gun
clears after the 010 general     through the Illinois General        • Licensing and registration       owners.
elections, there will be a gun-   Assembly. Our information           of all privately held guns, with
friendly guy in the Governor’s    reveals that they are frantically   license fees ranging from $75      • And more . . .
Mansion and that their lead in    constructing a package of gun       to $150 per gun, per year.
the Illinois General Assembly     control bills having provisions                                        The gun grabbers plan to im-
will be cut dramatically. The     that include:                       • Expensive “arsenal licenses”     port gun control activists from
gun grabbers know that, if this                                       for all persons owning more        places such as San Francisco,
happens, their campaign to        • Bans and confiscations            than  guns or possessing          Boston, and New York City to
obliterate your right to keep     of semiautomatic rifles and         more than 50 rounds of am-         “muscle” Illinois legislators into
and bear arms will come to a      shotguns.                           munition.                          passing these attacks against
screeching halt.                                                                                         your right to keep and bear
                                  • Bans and confiscations of         • Home storage regulations         arms.
Information gained by the         handguns that do not possess        that would make it illegal
ISRA from inside the gun con-     certain “safety” mechanisms.        for you to display your guns

 Guns Save Life                                 Guns Save Life participates in Danville’s TEA Party
    FUN SHOOT                                                                                he said, explaining that if politicians
                                                                                             believe that less government and more
                                                                                             liberty is what voters want for them
   Saturday, September 19th                                                                  to retain their elected positions, then
                                                                                             that’s what they will give us.
        Noon to 5p.m.
                                                                                             In his speech, Naese explained that
        Camp Cender
                                                                                             gun rights and the right to self-de-
                                                                                             fense are civil rights, just like the First
   3333 County Road, 700E                                                                    Amendment which gives us the right
                                                                                             to protest our government. Gun rights
          Fisher, IL                                                                         are fundamental civil rights, he said,
                                                                                             and they are of critical importance to
                                                                                                                                                      Will Always
 Join your friends and extended
 family at Camp Cender in Fisher
                                                                                             keeping your family safe.
                                                                                             “You are the one who stands at the
 on September 19th. Bring your
 family, to include parents, kids                                                            door between the home invader and                 TO THE PEOPLE
 and siblings. We’ll have some hot                                                           your family. Any law that makes it
                                                Chuck Young was the first speaker
                                                                                             more difficult for you to defend your
 dogs, hamburgers, water, lemon-                at the Danville, IL Tea Party event on
                                                                                             family is just plain wrong.”
 ade and chips from 1:30ish until              August 29th.
 we run out. Come early and shoot                                                            Naese went on to explain how Guns
 often. Feel free to bring your rifle,          Danville, IL (GSL) - Guns Save Life’s        Save Life overcame obstacles to                  Advertisement paid for by Sonny Fergusson
 pistol, shotgun or BB gun. Ex-                 own John Naese was one of the main           getting its message out and encour-
 perienced shooters and firearm                 speakers at the Danville, IL TEA Party       aged the TEA
 instructors will be present to help            August 9th. The TEA Party events            Party participants
                                                have sprung up throughout the nation         to utilize some of
 you if you have any problems.
                                                in opposition to politicians in Washing-     those same tactics
 Tannerite may be present. If it                ton growing government and spending
 goes bang or not, we can’t make                                                             - signs, publica-
                                                future generations into debt servitude.      tions, meetings and
 any promises. If you have any
                                                                                             grassroots action
 questions, contact President David             Naese told the crowd that the days of        - to further their goal
 Pike at 17 35-6405 or John                   the “silent majority” are over. “We’re       of less government
 Boch at 17 351-3575. Loaner                   hear and we’re going to be heard,”           and more liberty.
 guns will surely be present, and
 feel free to bring fun and / or neat
 guns of your own.

                                                                                                                                                                               GunNews 5
                                                        Right Reason on Second Amendment Rights

Jim Butler, President of Sangamon County Rifle Association
Time to reclaim our country
I believe the American people made a            12 to pay for federal, state and local
terrible mistake when they elected Barack       governments, according to the annual
Obama as President of the United States.        Cost of Government Day (COGD) report
His hidden agenda is now being exposed.         by the Americans for Tax Reform Founda-
President Obama and liberal leaders in          tion and Center for Fiscal Accountability
Congress like Nancy Pelosi have placed          (CFA). This includes the often-forgotten
America on a superhighway towards full-         cost of regulation that adds up to a whop-
fledged European socialism. The only de-        ping 61% of the National Income. And
bate within their own ranks is the speed in     Obama is already planning to increase
accomplishing their socialist goals.            this figure astronomically.

Over 5 million Americans did not vote          For Obama and his socialist allies the
for Barack Obama and even many who              free enterprise system is a big mystery.
supported him did not expect or want the        They sincerely believe that it is govern-
radical socialist “change” that Obama and       ment and lawyers who create wealth.
the left-wingers in Congress are trying to      They have almost no understanding of
force upon us.                                  economics and “production”. They do not
                                                understand that their economic policies
Socialists and elitists believe that we are     are destroying America financially as well
not smart enough to live without their          as socially.
rules, law and power. They claim to care
about our futures and they want author-         A warning to firearm owners. Make no
ity over all aspects of our life including      mistake, Obama and his socialist allies       Jim Butler shares a laugh with the audience at the September Sangamon County
health, welfare, morality, safety (gun con-     want nothing less than to make the pos-       Rifle Association meeting. In the foreground is Kathleen Thomas, a candidate for the
trol, etc.), education, and the economy.        session of any kind of firearm by any         Republican nomination for U.S. Senate from Illinois.
                                                non-government person illegal. They
They believe anything not under govern-         must eventually destroy the very concept
ment control is by definition out of control.   of private property and that means all
Whatever they can’t get through persua-         private property and all guns.
sion, they take by force!
                                                This rapid march towards radical social-
The socialist or Marxist state always edu-      ism of our Country regardless of what the
cates (or “indoctrinates”) citizens from an     American people really want is why their
early age to be obedient soldiers, bureau-      emotions in town hall meetings and tea
crats and industrial workers. Citizens who      parties all across America have exploded
obey orders without questions and who           in anger. Americans don’t like to be talked
are dumbed down cannot think critically.        down to by public officials who are sup-
                                                posed to represent them.
Obama and his Congressional leadership
are on a historic spending spree that is        This doesn’t bode well for those who
exploding both the size and scope of the        vote for Obama/Pelosi radical socialist
federal government.                             programs, in many cases without even
                                                reading or being aware of what is in
You may not be aware that if you take all       them. These politicians seem to have

                                                                                                                      SWAP MEET
the debt we have run up over 200-plus           already forgotten what happened in 1994
years as an independent nation begin-           when the American people, tired of being
ning with President George Washington           ignored by big-shot politicians, threw the
through today, it is President Obama’s          bums out of office in record numbers. It
                                                                                                             Siddens Gunshop Indoor Shooting Range
plan to double that debt in just five years.    is time now for history to repeat the same                   10775 Buckhart Road East of Rochester
                                                lesson and elect new people that will                                            217-498-6988
They will be adding $1 Trillion a year of
debt to the federal deficit for the next 10
                                                truly represent the American people in
                                                accordance with our Constitution as our
                                                                                                                 Nov. 7th & 8th (Sat. & Sun)
years!                                          founders intended.                                                          9:00AM to 3:00PM
                                                                                                                      $10.00 if you wish to reserve a table.
Americans in 2009 had to toil until August      Americans want their Country back!!!                                      (must be done beforehand)

   Sangamon County
   Rifle Association                               Lies, damn lies and Violence Policy Center statistics
                                                   reprinted from the Springfield, IL State      name for a small group of people pay-        defense to be charged with homicide
                                                   Journal Register                              ing themselves six-figure salaries out       immediately. Later, the charges may
                                                   (August 19, 2009)                             of the generous funding provided by          be dropped or the shooter may be
         James Butler, President
                                                                                                 the deeply anti-gun Joyce Foundation.        acquitted by reason of self-defense, but
                                                   In his recent letter to the editor, “Glad     Unfortunately, the VPC’s “study” seems       to the VPC, he would be a convicted
             (217) 528-0963
                                                   Durbin voted against concealed-carry          to have consisted of a Google search.        murderer.
                                                   proposal,” Thomas Mannard stated              They claimed to find that concealed-
 Regular monthly meetings take place
                                                   his opinion: Unlike marriage licenses,        carry permit holders committed 51            The case of Michael Iheme, cited by
  the first Monday of each month at
                                                   drivers’ licenses and most business           homicides, which would only be about         the VPC as a CCW permittee who mur-
              6:30 p.m. at
                                                   licenses, licenses to carry concealed         .00043 percent of concealed-carry            dered his wife, is worse. While Iheme
 Diamond’s Buffet, Town & Country
                                                   weapons from one state should not             permit holders per year. It’s not a very     apparently committed a tragic crime, he
           Shopping Center,
                                                   be recognized by all states. Fifty-eight      impressive number, but is it even true?      was not licensed to carry a concealed
 2441 S. MacArthur, Springfield, IL.
                                                   out of 100 senators disagreed, but it’s                                                    weapon. Iheme was actually a perfect
                                                   Mannard’s facts that demand a closer          Apparently not. The VPC’s figure in-         example of why Mannard’s policies
  The next meeting of the Sangamon
                                                   look. Perhaps he should have checked          cludes several glaring errors, beginning     don’t work: He was a criminal who car-
  County Rifle Association will be on
                                                   them at before he       with the fact that they found people         ried a gun illegally because murderers
  Monday, October 5th                              wrote.                                        who had been charged with a crime,           simply do not obey gun laws.
                                                                                                 but cited those as people who had
 Come out and join us! The public is               Mannard cites a study from the                been convicted. It is not uncommon for       Don Gwinn
   encouraged to attend. It’s fun.                 Violence Policy Center, an impressive         a person who is forced to shoot in self-     Virden

                                     ply with the Constitution of the      Liz Eilers                             on particular pieces of legislation   each. Peterson can be contact-
Meeting Notes                        United States. Judges must not        Liz Eilers, the Central Illinois       and whether to oppose or sup-         ed at 623-4354.
                                     legislate from the bench, secure      Field Director spoke for Adam          port them on principles.
September 7, 2009                    the borders, a strong national        Andrzejewski, a Republican                                                   After Kerwin Law’s fine presenta-
                                     defense, stimulate the economy        candidate for Governor ‘10.            The first major push for the          tion, Tom Shafer commented,
Chairman Butler opened the           by allowing businesses to grow                                               Campaign for Liberty is to audit      ‘When you look at some of
meeting by inviting Chris Smith      freed from federal mandates and       Andrzejewski is founder of             the Federal Reserve. HR1207,          the results here from the 1500
to lead members on the recita-       regulations and that managing         “For the Good Of Illinois.” He         the Federal Reserve Transpar-         shooters, US Marine Corps, US
tion of the Pledge of Allegiance.    control belongs to local govern-      is a Northern Illinois University      ency Act and S604 the Federal         Army Reserve, US Army Marks-
                                     ments.                                graduate and successful entre-         Reserve Sunshine Act, would           manship Unit, this guy shot
Chris than gave the financial                                              preneur.                               deliver answers to the American       against the best America has to
report.                              Thomas visited the Republican                                                people about how our money is         offer finished 83rd overall and
                                     tent during the state fair and        He wants to balance the budget,        being used.                           really deserves a second round
Betty Richardson spoke briefly       there were about 2,000 people         bust the charter school cap, cap                                             of applause.”
about the SCRA website, noting       there. The vast majority of them      property taxes, and end political      For more information Bishop can
hits from China this month as        said they were sick to death of       corruption. He is for full financial   be contacted at 217/633-4030 or       Butler commented, “Years ago
well as people using links from      the way Washington, D.C. is           transparency and new health                our gun club challenged the
our site to other locations. Tom     running everything. They were         care solutions. He is pro-2nd                                                Taylorville Gun Club to a match
Shafer’s articles remain popular     excited to have some who was          Amendment and pro-life. In             Bob Unterbrink said at the last       and they’ve got a 300 yard line
with website visitors and other      not a politician.                     short, he’s a genuine conserva-        meeting he reported he had sent       over there so we were able to
things visitors are looking for is                                         tive.                                  in his renewal for a concealed        shoot at 200 and 300 yards. Our
FOID card information and the        Someone came up to her and                                                   carry permit from Florida. He         championship team from Abe
Pittman-Robertson Act.               asked how she stood on the            Gregg Bishop                           noticed on his checking account       Lincoln went over there. To
                                     Second Amendment. Thomas              Gregg Bishop                           they had cashed his check and         make a long story short, I won
Kathleen Thomas                      said, “She was born in Fort           spoke repre-                           about a week later he received        the match. But that was before
Butler invited Kathleen Thomas,      Worth, Texas and that should          senting the                            his permit in the mail.               Kerwin was there.”
a candidate for the U.S. Senate      give you a pretty good indication     Campaign for
to speak. Thomas has been            right there.” She is definitely       Liberty. The                           John Peterson                         John Boch
a Springfield, Illinois resident     pro-Second Amendment. What            Campaign                               from the Chris-                       John Boch from the Cham-
for over ten years. She has          she says on the back of her flyer,    for Liberty is                         tian County                           paign County Rifle Association
a Master’s Degree in Clini-          her philosophy overall, is that the   focused on                             NRA came                              spoke. He reminded everyone
cal Psychology and a Ph.D. in        Government must comply with           limited govern-                        and talked                            their meeting is tomorrow night
Humanities. She taught at Flor-      the Constitution of the United        ment, liberty Greg Bishop              about the NRA                         and they are in Rantoul now,
ida State University and Florida     States, plain and simple.             and enforc-                            dinner to be                          with a new facility and very good
A & M. Her father is a veteran                                             ing our civil rights. It is very       held Saturday,                        food. The crowd size is roughly
of WWII and Korea and she            She’s opposed to Cap and Trade        determined that we keep and            Oct. 3rd at the                       110 - 120 people. Tom Shafer
understands the issues associ-       and believes right-to-carry is a      enforce these rights. However,         VFW Home in Jon Peterson              will be their speaker.
ated with the VA, Social Security    states’ rights issue.                 it does not and cannot support         Taylorville. The
and Medicare. Her philosophy is                                            or endorse candidates. What it         special guest speaker will be         Meeting business
that the government must com-                                              can do is keep people informed         Tom Shafer. Tickets are $15.00        Continued on page 8
                                                                                                                                                                             GunNews 7
SCRA Meeting business                          from ten years ago. This past month a          exploit school children for political ends,    district court, challenging licenses, to
Continued from page 7                          new one for HB45 has been making the           Arnie Duncan is the refutation to that         residents or non-residents of the city.
                                               rounds. HB45 is the Blair-Holt bill that       argument. Arnie Duncan did do that! It is
Boch spoke briefly about Warren Drake’s        was supposed to require a federal license      not speculation. Arnie Duncan did it. He       US/Mexico Social Security Treaty “Under”
recent surgery. Drake is doing very            to own a firearm, be fingerprinted, etc. Its   spent thousands and thousands and              totalization,” a foreigner who came to the
well. Boch said he wouldn’t be surprised       around but Gwinn doesn’t think it has a        thousands of dollars of Chicago schools        United States illegally could work fewer
if Drake is here with us next month.           lot of chance this year.                       money to lobby for money and he used           than the required number of years, return
                                                                                              the students to do it!                         to Mexico for the rest of his working
Boch said they did not participate in the      Gwinn renewed his FOID card last month                                                        years, and collect full U.S. Social Secu-
Chicago gun buyback this year but since        and he got his back in 2 days which is        Chairman Butler spoke briefly on a num-        rity benefits while living in Mexico. This
Chicago got cheap only offering $50 per        not fantastic but its within 30 days. The      ber of topics including:                       is an insult to the millions of Americans
gun this year, “we stayed home.”               new State Police director has gotten the                                                      who pay their entire working lives into the
                                               FOID card office turned around so that’s       Governor Signs Pro-Rights Bill HB182 to        system and now face the possibility that
“Apparently a whole lot of other people        good.                                          make it legal for any FOID holder to han-      there may be nothing left when it is their
stayed home too,” he said, because Chi-                                                       dle a gun outside his or her own home.         turn to retire.” Congressman Ron Paul
cago only got 1887 guns down from 6800         There is a new column in the examiner                                                         (R-TX)
firearms the last couple of years. Boch        just from the day before yesterday. SIG-       HB3714 was also signed into law, ending
said they are paying $10 apiece for BB         Sauer will give you $200 for a clunker         mandatory FOID revokations for misde-          On Aug.  New Jersey Governor Jon Cor-
guns.                                          if you buy a SIG. There are all kinds of       meanor probation.                              zine (D) signed Assembly Bill 3391/Sen-
                                               conditions but it’s still a better deal than                                                  ate Bill 1774 into law, legislation which
If you see a gun turn in, not necessar-        Chicago’s offering you.                        The full 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in       rations handgun purchases to no more
ily in Chicago, paying $100 or better yet                                                     San Francisco plans to rehear the case         than one-per-month.
$200 a gun, let the people at CCRA know        Supposedly one of the reasons Chicago          of Nordyke v. King, in which a three-judge
because “we’ve got guns for ‘em.”              has lowered its rewards for the gun turn       appeals court panel earlier this year ruled    Retired attorney and former longtime Il-
                                               in is that Daley’s arm-twisting of Chi-        that the Second Amendment is incorpo-          linois State Rifle Association director Carl
He said they did a little work on one          cago corporations hasn’t gone so well.         rated to the states.                           Kuhn, 82, was killed in his home by a for-
of the guns that was in pretty decent          Add to that the public discussion on the       Americans this year had to toil until Au-      mer client intent upon stealing Mr. Kuhn’s
shape, “much too nice for Chicago’s            (in)effectiveness of gun buy backs and it’s    gust 12 to pay for federal, state, and local   gun collection. In the process Bratcher
idiots”. They had Ron Darnall make a           no wonder donations were down.                 governments, according to the annual           smothered Mr. Kuhn by pushing his face
little medallion that was missing off the                                                     Cost of Government Day (COGD) report           into a bed cushion. Both suspects were
stock. He cleaned it up and they gave          They really had a huge drop this year and      by the Americans for Tax Reform Founda-        apprehended and arrested.
it away to one of the kids who came to         Gwinn really believes that a good portion      tion and Center for Fiscal Accountability
the NRA Youth Camp this year.                  of their guns were coming from outside         (CFA).                                         Jim Butler said that when he was one of
                                               Chicago. Out-of-towners just like Guns                                                        the Directors for the Illinois State Rifle As-
What CCRA tries to do is sell rusty junk       Save Life just didn’t respond to the $50       In 2009, government will consume a             sociation that Mr. Kuhn worked very hard
guns to do-gooders and then use the            reward. Gwinn doesn’t see any other rea-       whopping 61.34 percent of national             for the organization. and was a staunch
money to buy ammunition for kids to learn      son why the turn in numbers should have        income. This also includes the often-for-      defender of the Second Amendment.
safe firearms skills at the NRA Youth          been down that sharply.                        gotten cost of regulation.
Camp in Bloomington and other youth                                                                                                          Mr. Kuhn was a veteran of World War
shooting endeavors CCRA is involved in.        Gwinn talked for a few minutes about           More than a year after the U.S. Supreme        II. He was respected by all and was very
                                               the Obama address to kids and talked           Court voided the District of Columbia’s        active in civic affairs. He will be sorely
If you have non-firing junk to donate, get     of Arnie Duncan’s using Chicago Pub-           ban on handguns, the Second Amend-             missed.
them to Boch one way or another and            lic School resources when he was the           ment Foundation (SAF) and four private
he will put them in storage to trade them      superintendant of schools there (before        citizens have filed a lawsuit in federal
for good cash money to spend on youth          he was appointed by Obama to
shooting ammunition and guns to give to        by the Secretary of Education) to
kids.                                          lobby for more money for Chicago
                                               Schools and for more gun control
Boch also commented that ammo prices           in the state of Illinois. One of these
are likely to continue to rise. “If you need   events was during the summer
ammunition or even think you might need        when they packed Soldier Field
ammunition, get it now.” Some of the           with public school students to listen
Wal-Mart ammo currently sells for below        to rappers and speeches from
the wholesale cost of ammo to dealers.         Duncan, Daley and Jesse Jackson
                                               telling them to lobby for gun control
Boch invited Kerwin Law to come over           and money for Chicago schools.
so they can hear about his President’s         Another was on a school day in
achievement. Boch said in addition Law’s       2008 when public school students
rifle and his bullet loads will make a very    were bused to Springfield to lobby
interesting tech time for their audience.      for gun control and money for Chi-
                                               cago schools.
Don Gwinn
Don Gwinn spoke about an e-mail going          If anybody tries to tell you there’s
around about Senate Bill 2099. In short,       just no reason to be paranoid and
it’s a hoax about a legislative proposal       think these politicians would ever
GunNews 8
Kerwin Law                                    Perry where he explained pretty much
                                              shot by shot how it went for him. The
The President’s 100                           kicker was when his scorer failed to
                                              record one of his shots at 00. After
Kerwin Law addressed those in at-
                                              consulting with the judges, he fired a
tendance and talked of his recent
                                              31st shot without penalty, other than the
impressive performance at the National
                                              loss of two points he dropped (as the
Matches at Camp Perry in Ohio last
                                              last shot landed in the 8-ring) because
                                              the wind changed while match officials
                                              were debating about what to do.
The National Matches have been held
since 1903 and at Camp Perry since
                                              “I officially placed 83rd out of 1262
1907. These Matches attract most of the
                                              shooters, thus placing me in the top
top shooters in just about every shooting
discipline and all skill levels are repre-
sented. There are so many matches
                                              Making the President’s 100 had been
that the events take almost a month to
                                              Kerwin’s last big goal for NRA Service
complete and ,000 or more shooters
                                              Rifle shooting. He says it was more
compete each year.
                                              than worth the effort.
Law participated in the President’s
                                              “I am told I will receive a signed letter
Match. It’s a 30-round match fired from
                                              from the President and a President`s
200, 300 and 600 yards in standing (at                                                                                              Kerwin Law poses
                                              100 Medallion. Hopefully the letter will
200) and prone (at 300 and 600) posi-                                                                                               with his National
                                              be in English and not in the Kenyan
tions. Wind is a major factor in these                                                                                              Service Rifle.
                                              language of Swahili or I`m going to need
events, especially the 00-yard seg-
                                              help reading it,” he said with a laugh.
Law said that, “There are three differ-
                                                                                                                                  LOC O
ent rifles allowed in NRA Service Rifle                                                                                              ATIO
Competition. The M1 Garand, the M-14                                                                                                          NS
or M1A and the AR 15. Original style

                                                                                                                          GET CASH
open sights have to be used. The rifles
have to maintain the external features
                                                                                             JEWELRY UNDER                PAYING TOP
of their military counterparts, with only a

few exceptions. They also have to use
the same cartridge as the military used                                                     WHOLESALE PRICES!
or it`s civilian equivalent. Hand loads,
different bullets etc, are allowed though.
Most use a heavier bullet than standard,
at least for the 600 line. They tend to
                                                                                                                          FOR YOUR GOLD
buck the wind better. Triggers have to                                                                                        •   Scrap Gold
                                                                                                               , and
                                                                                                         , Sell !
be able to lift a 4.5 pound weight, before                                                                                    •   Dental Gold
it releases the hammer. Internal modifi-
                                                                                                  We B GUNS
cations are pretty much unlimited.”                                                                                           •   Broken Jewelry
                                                                                                       on            tory
                                              Some of the awards Kerwin Law
                                                                                                                              •   Diamond & Gold
Law went on to explain the good day at
                                              brought back from Camp Perry.
                                                                                                 L oan     ur I nven              Jewelry
                                                                                                   k Out O
                                                                                              Also a fine selection of:
                                                                                                Electronics - Games
                                                                                               - Instruments - Tools

                                                                                          DECATUR                                   SPRINGFIELD
                                                                                          1550 E. Eldorado St.                          107 W. Cook St.

                                                                                          217-425-1000                              217 544-7322
                                                                                          Mon-Fri 10-6 Sat 10-5             Mon-Fri 10-6 Sat 10-5

                                                                                                                                               GunNews 9
Rare gun with historic past                     War in addition to serving as the Gov-
Tech Time                                       ernor of Thuringia. As Germany began
                                                to fall in the final days of WWII, Sauckel
Sauckel Presentation Piece                      took refuge in a network of caves, bun-
Richard Klein brought his unusual nickel        kers and mines in the Thuringia region of
plated and oak leaf engraved Wilhelm            Germany. He was captured in July 1945.
Gustloff Stiftung (Association) presenta-       Sauckel was responsible for the deaths of
tion piece. It features gold dust inlay, ivo-   millions in his position.
ry grips with recipient medallion, Walther
Model PP, in 7.65mm (32auto), dated 5-6.        Sauckel was tried at Nuremberg and
XI. 1938, SN 109825P. The dedication in-        expressed no remorse whatsoever. He
scription reads “Von der Wilhelm-Gustloff       was convicted and ordered to hang. The
Stiftung – zum 5-6. XI. 1938.”                  hangman made a “mistake” in Sauckel’s
                                                case and the drop was too short to break
Through extensive historical research, it       Sauckel’s neck, so he strangled to death
is believed with reasonable certainty that      at the end of the rope. He lasted long
this particular piece was presented by          enough that others pulled on his feet to
the notorious war criminal Fritz Sauckel,       hasten Sauckel’s death.
Hitler’s Czar of Forced Labor, to Wilhelm
Bruckner, Hitler’s bodyguard for many           In all likelihood, again based upon re-
years.                                          search, it is believed this particular gun
                                                was carried by Bruckner as his sidearm
Sauckel was appointed by Hitler to run          after it was presented to him in 1938. It
the forced labor operations during the          was Bruckner’s good fortune that he had
                                                a falling out with Hitler in about 1940 and
                                                                     was reassigned outside
                                                                     Hitler’s inner circle,
                                                                     likely sparing him a trial
                                                                     at Nuremberg.

                                                                    Klein said he came into
                                                                    possession of this gun
                                                                    back when he was a
                                                                    teenager. His father
                                                                    bought it from a factory      Closeups of the intricately engraved, gold washed Walther PP pistol in .32 Auto.
                                                                    worker in Ohio for prob-      Through historical research, it is believed that this pistol was presented by Fritz
                                                                    ably about $200. For          Sauckel, a Nazi official later hanged at Nuremburg to Wilhelm Bruckner, a man that
                                                                    many years, he carried        served as Hitler’s bodyguard for many years. Inset, Fritz Sauckel, Hitler’s Czar of
                                                                    the gun as a beat-a-          Forced Labor, in better days before the hangman left him to dangle from the noose
                                                                    round gun for plinking        until dead. His rank insignia are that of a SS (Schutzstaffel) Oberfuehrer, equivalent
                                                                    or personal protection        to a Brigadier General.
                                                                    - with it sometimes rat-
                                                                    tling around riding un-
                                                                    cased in his glove box.
                                                                    It wasn’t until Frank
Wilhelm Bruckner, far left, was Hitler’s bodyguard for many         Wright recognized
years. Here, he maintains a watchful presence as Hitler             the signature of Fritz
speaks. This photo was taken in April 1932.                         Sauckel and pointed
                                                                    Klein in the right direc-
                                                                    tion for research that
                                                                    Klein discovered this
                                                                    “beater gun” was a
                                                                    highly collectible his-
                                                                    torical item worth easily
                                                                    five figures.

                                                                    While a hundred or
                                                                    more of these pre-
                                                                    sentation pieces were
                                                                    made, just a tiny hand-
                                                                    ful, maybe five or ten
Sauckel, far left, and Wilhelm Bruckner (dead center)               have survived.
were both present with Adolph Hitler in this photo taken
on the date of the presentation indicated on the pistol.
GunNews 10
Additional thoughts on the Sauckel piece                                                      Rockford police day-care shooting controversy
Additional thoughts from Richard Klein:        the piece was given in the city of Weimar,     Rockford (Rockford Register Star) - Mark           Rockford residents to rally in sup-
                                               and obviously given by Sauckel, and that       Anthony Barmore, 23, was fatally shot              port of police Sept. 19th
I’m glad that I was able to step in to re-     the date will coincide with the date of the    Monday, Aug. 24, 2009, by Rockford                 Rockford (GSL) - Rockford residents
place Ron, but that is an impossible task.     inscription, Nov 5,6, 1938. Moreover, we       police inside the House of Grace Day-              have scheduled a rally in support of their
                                               have proof that Hitler and Sauckel were in     care and Preschool, 518 N. Court St. No            local police and officers Oda Poole and
I want to add some summary remarks             Weimar on that date, as per photos and         children or staff members were injured.            Stanton North in the fatal shooting of
based on my thoughts on the drive back         Hitler’s speech which rebutted Churchill.      The Rockford police officers identified            suspect Mark Barmore who allegedly at-
to STL this morning.                                                                          two days later as the ones who fatally             tempted to grab an officer’s gun.
                                               * The story of this piece is really connect-   shot Barmore — Oda Poole, 37, and
* I just try to imagine the stories that       ed to the intertwined story of four persons    Stanton North, 47 — have been involved             The two officers had previous shootings
would come out if this gun could talk          -- Wilhelm Gustloff (Nazi figure assas-        in previous shooting incidents.                    in their past, and all were ruled justifi-
-- about the things, people, and events, of    sinated in Switzerland in 1936), Adolph                                                           able. The suspect was a high school
its 71 year existence?                         Hitler, Fritz Sauckel (the Nazi Czar of                                                           drop-out, according to the Rockford
                                               Slave Labor, responsible for the deaths                                                           Register Star, who rarely held a job.
* While as a piece of metal, it can’t talk,    of approx. 500,000 persons), and lastly,
but in truth it can. The piece is its own      Wilhelm Bruckner (Hitler’s adjutant and                                                             From 2005 to 2009, he had been
documentation, based on the inscriptions,      personal body guard).                                                                               charged with a number of crimes
SN, engraving, etc.                                                                                                                                ranging from aggravated assault and
                                               * The story of how the piece camp to be                                                             battery of a peace officer, residential
* With the advent of the Internet, Google      liberated and ending up in my father’s                                                              burglary, retail theft and obstructing
search engines, and the like, I have been      possession will never be fully known,                                                               justice. ...He pleaded guilty to punch-
able to uncover an incredible amount of        so we can only speculate. My father is                                                              ing a Rockford police officer in the face
information. Large files of WW II docu-        deceased (1910-1993). He never dis-                                                                 while being arrested in May 2005....
                                                                                              Community members listen Wednes-
ments and history have been complied,          cussed the history or circumstances other                                                           Barmore also pleaded guilty to robbing
                                                                                              day, Aug. 26, 2009, as city officials talk
and these have been made available             than merely saying -- “Here, I got this in                                                          a man’s home in August 2005 and was
                                                                                              about the deadly police shooting of Mark
in electronic form, and as such Google         Ohio from a guy in a factory,” circa 1954.                                                          sentenced to four years in prison. He
                                                                                              Anthony Barmore during a news confer-
will ferret out all sorts of details. Twenty   Returning GI’s brought all sorts of battle                                                          pleaded guilty to stealing clothes and
                                                                                              ence at City Hall in Rockford.
years ago, it would be unthinkable to do       field pickup’s home, and some made it                                                               miscellaneous items from Wal-Mart in
                                                                                                         Photo courtesy Rockford Register-Star
the type of research that I have been able     and some didn’t.                                                                                    2007, receiving probation again.
to come up with today.
                                                                                              Accounts of the incident vary. Chief Chet
                                               * The research done to date stems in                                                              The Illinois State Police are now investi-
                                                                                              Epperson said Barmore, who has an
* I/we have only scratched the surface         large part due to insights from CCRA/GSL                                                          gating the shooting. Meanwhile, Jesse
                                                                                              extensive criminal history, had a physi-
in terms of what still is waiting out there.   and Frank Wright in particular, as Frank                                                          Jackson has been to Rockford at least
                                                                                              cal confrontation with one of the officers
Throughout the Nazi era, Hitler and cro-       smelled the donor (Sauckel) and was                                                               twice, visiting local churches and meet-
                                                                                              over the officer’s service revolver. But
nies had hired photographers who took          able to steer me in certain key directions.                                                       ing with town officials. Jackson com-
                                                                                              Marissa Brown and her mother, day-
pictures of virtually everything. Moreover,                                                                                                      pared Mark Barmore with Emmet Till and
                                                                                              care operator Sheila Brown, said they
the photographs documenting the Third          I will send by separate e-mail the 31                                                             Rosa Parks.
                                                                                              witnessed the shooting and say that
Reich still exist to a great extent, tens      page document in Word (which will be
                                                                                              Barmore came out with his hands up.
upon tens of thousands of them. The            published on the GSL website in the
quirk is that a photograph tells much          coming days). I intend to add one more
more than a few words, and the Google          photograph -- a photo of my father’s work
search engines fall flat when it encoun-       badge from Bullard Machine Tool, that
ters photographs, except for a title of a      coincides with the era. I will try to get my
few words. I am convinced that a day will      grandson to photo the badge, and then
come when I/we come upon photos of             I’ll forward it. In closing, the tech time
this Sauckel Walther piece being present-      was a challenge for me as a speaker as
ed by Sauckel. We will know it because         I couldn’t show images, and it will be a
the date and city and persons will be          challenge for you guys to come up with a
recorded. With extremely high certainty,       set of images for GunNews.

                                                                                                                                                                              GunNews 11
                                                                                                                  “It just doesn’t feel safe”
 North of I-80 NEWS
 News and information from North of I-80.

Organizers go cheap; get burned
                                                                                                     MOVING OUT
Chicago’s annual                                                                                       because of violent crime
gun buyback down
almost 75%

Chicago’s gun buyback was held August 15, 2009 at various locations around Chi-
cago, including Father Pfleger’s St. Sabina’s church, pictured right with the various
anti-gun, anti-war political posters in the front window. Authorities gave away pre-
paid MasterCards in the amount of $10, $50 or $100 depending on the type of gun.

Chicago (Guns Save Life) - Chicago’s        dered, including BB-guns, down from
annual gun buyback went off with a hitch    roughly 6800 firearms turned in each of         Amy Wheeler poses for a portrait at her home on Friday, Aug. 21, 2009, in
this year, with organizers opting to be     the past two years.                             Naperville, Ill. Wheeler was mugged in June in Chicago and has since moved
cheap and slashing the purchase prices                                                      to the suburbs because she didn’t feel comfortable in the city anymore.
on most guns to $50, down from the          According to the Chicago Sun-Times, a                                                                         Photo courtesy Chicago Tribune.
$100 offered for all guns in past years.    Chicago Police spokesman was unable           Naperville, IL (Chicago Tribune) - It’s          They have happened in places where
The result: turnout was down almost         to come up with a reason for the decline      been more than two months since Amy              people are not surprised by crime, as well
75%, as only 1887 guns were surren-         in the number of surrendered guns.            Wheeler, 29, was mugged near Division            as business strips, train lines and tony
                                                                                          and Damen as she walked home from the            neighborhoods -- places where Chicago-
                                                                                          “L.” She never saw her attacker’s face,          ans walk, most with a sense of ownership
Daley’s press secretary’s rental home site of drug raid                                   but what she did see rattled her. So much        and safety.
                                                                                          so that the technical writer who reverse-
Chicago (WLS) -- Mayor Daley’s press        Two people were arrested, and mari-
                                                                                          commuted to work in the western suburbs          The incidents stretch across the city,
secretary Jacquelyn Heard lashed out        juana and heroin were seized.
                                                                                          so she could live near live-music venues         including holdups at South Side Metra
at the media Tuesday in a matter that
                                                                                          has left Chicago.                                stations and a string of nine armed rob-
involves her and not the mayor.             Tuesday, Heard implied that the media
                                                                                                                                           beries, an unusually high number, on the
                                            handling of the story is a way to get even
                                                                                          ...“I haven’t gone out a lot,” she said. “I      Far South Side. A series of beatings and
The story involves drugs allegedly be-      with her for, as she put it, calling out
                                                                                          am probably not going to go to the city          robberies on the North Side has drawn
ing sold from a home that Heard and         people who write unfair headlines about
                                                                                          any time soon. ... It just doesn’t feel safe.”   high attention because of the malicious
her husband own and rent out on West        the mayor
                                                                                                                                           nature of the attacks and because they
Adams. It was raided in May.
                                                                                          Wheeler is just one of thousands of              are happening in neighborhoods with
                                                                                          people who are robbed on Chicago’s               comparatively low numbers of such vio-
                                                                                          streets each year. The attacks have be-          lent incidents.
Chicago’s cops short staffed; they don’t want you to know                                 come a focal point for the city with recent
                                                                                          reports of vicious, knock-down assaults          In the last 12 months, there have been
Chicago (Second City                        Manpower with any citizen(s). This is a
                                                                                          and strings of armed stickups.                   16,690 robberies in the city, according to
Cop) - [A memo from                         direct violation of the Police Department
                                                                                                                                           unofficial Chicago police statistics.
Lillie Crump-Hales]:                        Rules & Regulations; officers failing
                                            to adhere to the Department Rules &
It has been brought                         Regulations will be subject to disciplinary
to the undersigned’s                        actions. Officers are to be courtesy [sic]
attention that Officer’s
[sic] assigned to the
                                            and professional at all times.
                                                                                                             CHUCK’S GUN SHOP
desk and Beat Meet-                         The “discredit to the Department” part                                        14310 S Indiana Ave
ings, [sic] are inform-                     we’ll leave to the Burger Queen’s gun                                    (between 143rd St & 144th St)
ing citizen’s [sic] that                    violation, the subsequent cover-up, the
                                                                                                                           Riverdale, IL 60827
manpower is low and they can com-           30+ openings unfilled for half-a-year or
plain to the Alderman, Mayor or Super-      more, and an “F” for grammar, spelling                                           (708) 849-4455
intendent’s office. At no time will any     and sentence structure.
Officer(s) make comments or discuss
GunNews 12
GunNews 13
                                                                                             Hot lead breaks up robbery                     Homeowner thins herd of
                                                                                             trio trying for easy score                     armed teen home invaders
  Armed American
 True stories of firearms used by law abiding Americans
                                                                                             Houston (Chronicle) — A suspected
                                                                                             robber was killed and another man was
                                                                                                                                            San Marcos, TX (KXAN) - The San Mar-
                                                                                                                                            cos Police Department does not expect
                                                                                             injured in a gun battle after three masked     to file charges against a homeowner
 to save innocent life.                                                                      gunmen ambushed a card game in south-          who shot and killed two teens who were
                                                                                             west Houston on Thursday, police said.         attempting to rob his home overnight. A
                                                                                                                                            third teen was shot during the robbery
“It’s Your Lucky Day”                          Chicago armed robber found                    Around 2 a.m., witnesses said the              and a fourth, now identified as Frank
doesn’t work out so well for                   stuffed in trash can                          masked men waited for someone to leave         Castro, 17, is being held in jail on charges
charity bingo robber                           Chicago (Southtown Star) - A 59-year-old      the game, which was held inside an un-         of aggravated robbery.
Birmingham, AL (News) - A Walker Coun-         man admitted to police he fatally shot        marked office park unit behind a shopping
ty man who authorities say shot up a           man who held a knife to his throat and        center.
bingo hall Saturday night during a robbery     tried to rob him Wednesday morning in
was shot and killed by a security guard,       Chicago’s Englewood community.                The gunmen burst in through the open
according to the Walker County sheriff.                                                      door and began robbing patrons, one
                                               Maurice Willis, 36, was found in a trash-     of whom pulled his own pistol, said Sgt.
William G. Cantrell Jr., 43, was declared      can at 1244 W. 61st St., the Cook County      Juan M. De La Cruz, a Houston homicide
dead at the scene after he was shot            medical examiner’s office said. Police        detective. A gunfight ensued.
multiple times by a security guard at          said they responded to the 1200 block of
It’s Your Lucky Day Charity Bingo at 20        West 61st about 9:30 a.m., where the vic-     One suspect was killed and one of the
Pineywoods Sipsey Road, Walker County          tim was found dead with multiple gunshot      patrons suffered a non-life threatening
Sheriff John Mark Tirey said.                  wounds.                                       wound and was taken to a nearby hos-
                                                                                             pital. Police, who found multiple 9-mil-       Scene of the home invasion.
                                               Officers on patrol were flagged down by                                                                               Photo courtesy KXAN.
According to Tirey, Cantrell entered                                                         limeter shell casings at the scene, say the
through the front door around 11 p.m.,         a person who said a man sitting on the        other two suspects fled.
                                               porch at 1244 W. 61st St. just killed a                                                      Investigators said the four teens, all from
fired his shotgun into the ceiling and                                                                                                      Luling, entered the San Marcos home
yelled: “This is a robbery. Everybody get      man at that address. An officer ap-
                                               proached the man on the porch and the                                                        shortly before 2 a.m. Friday on Chestnut
out of here.” As he headed toward the ca-                                                    Robber went wrong, or right, de-               Street just north of Texas State University.
                                               man allegedly said, “Yep, I shot and killed
shiers’ cages, Cantrell fired more shots at
                                               a man in the basement,” according to
                                                                                             pending on how you look at it!                 The home was occupied by three people,
the ceiling, then fired at a cashier’s cage
and a safe, Tirey said. As two security        police.                                       Victim selection error by an-                  one of whom was a student at Texas
                                                                                                                                            State University.
guards approached, Cantrell turned his                                                       other of Sarah Brady’s kids
gun toward them and one of the guards          The man and the officer entered the           Charlotte, NC (Observer) - Charlotte-
                                               basement apartment where the 59-year-                                                        San Marcos Police Chief Howard Wil-
shot him multiple times, the sheriff said.                                                   Mecklenburg police are continuing an
                                               old showed the officer the weapon he                                                         liams said the break-in caused a com-
                                                                                             investigation today into the shooting of an
                                               allegedly used, a Smith & Wesson .38-                                                        motion in the living room, awakening
... Tirey said Cantrell arrived at the bingo                                                 apparent would-be robber by a cab driver
                                               caliber revolver, and the dead man, who                                                      one of the residents in his bedroom. The
hall in a vehicle he had stolen a couple of                                                  Sunday night in southwest Charlotte.
                                               had multiple gunshot wounds to his face                                                      resident told police he fired at the sus-
hours earlier. He robbed a Jasper busi-                                                                                                     pects after one of them pointed a weapon
ness of the vehicle around 8:40 p.m., the      and chest and was sticking halfway out of     Police say a cab driver shot and killed the
                                               a city garbage can.                                                                          at him.
sheriff said.                                                                                17-year-old would-be robber around 10
                                                                                             p.m. at Carowinds Boulevard and South
                                               [Editor: Thank goodness the man didn’t                                                       The Luling teens, according to police,
                                                                                             Tryon Street.
                                               turn in his S&W for $50 a couple of weeks                                                    had one handgun and two “very real-
Milwaukee dynamic duo                          before!]                                      The victim was identified Monday morn-
                                                                                                                                            istic-looking” pellet guns. The resident
Victim pops one while thug                                                                                                                  hit three of the four suspects, and the
                                                                                             ing by police as Renaldo Raphael Astin
                                                                                                                                            fourth escaped. Police later arrested the
clumsily shoots his partner                                                                  Smith.
                                                                                                                                            17-year-old nearby, who officials said was
Milwaukee, WI (Journal-Sentinel) - A 17-       Big, bad wolf isn’t so tough                                                                 not injured in the incident.
                                                                                             Nearby resident Sean Wilson said he
year-old killed Thursday by a man he was       when a woman has a gun                        heard gunshots outside his apartment. He
trying to rob had been ordered to stay out     KC, MO (KMBC) -- Police said an intruder                                                     Officials pronounced a 16-year-old dead
of trouble in March after he pleaded guilty                                                  went out a short time later and saw police
                                               was shot during an attempted break-in                                                        on the scene when authorities arrived,
to taking a woman’s car on a joy ride.                                                       pull up and pull a cab driver out of his car
                                               at a Northland apartment complex early                                                       and a second 16-year-old died at Central
                                                                                             and into a squad car.
                                               Monday morning.                                                                              Texas Medical Center. The third teen,
On Friday, the Milwaukee Police Depart-                                                                                                     also 16 years old, is undergoing surgery
ment Sgt. Mark Stanmeyer identified                                                          Wilson said he saw a person in the front
                                               Police said a man was trying to break into                                                   at University Medical Center Bracken-
Devin Ollie as the teen killed early Thurs-                                                  passenger seat of the cab and that he
                                               an apartment when the woman inside                                                           ridge in Austin. San Marcos police said
day as he and a 19-year-old associate                                                        appeared to be dead.
                                               grabbed her gun and fired at the intruder                                                    they would interview him when he was in
tried to rob a man in the 2600 block of N.     through the door. The man pulled out his                                                     stable condition.
1st St.                                                                                      He said police told him it was an attempt-
                                               own gun and fired back.
                                                                                             ed robbery. “It was an apparent robbery
                                                                                                                                            Of the four teenagers involved, at least
The deceased teen shot his accomplice                                                        that went wrong,” Wilson said. “Or, it went
                                               The intruder was hit twice and was taken                                                     two attended school in the Luling Inde-
during the robbery attempt, according to                                                     right, depending on how you look at it.”
                                               to a hospital. He is expected to recover.                                                    pendent School District. [Editor: Not any
police.                                                                                                                                     longer...]
                                               The woman was not injured.
GunNews 14
                                                                So much for packing a, um, rod
                                                                NY (NY Post) - It’s a lesson he should   home from Amersfort Park at East 39th
                                                                have learned from Plaxico Burress -- but Street and Avenue J in East Flatbush
                                                                this was worse.                          around 1:30 a.m., when the gun began
                                                                                                         to fall into his pants, sources said.
                                                                A 15-year-old Brooklyn boy shot himself
                                                                in the penis Sunday after fumbling with  When Grant grabbed for it, he acciden-
                                                                a gun that had slid from his waistband,  tally pulled the trigger, firing a bullet right
                                                                authorities said yesterday.              through his penis.

                                                                Khamir Grant was then arrested for           Grant staggered home and told his mom
                                                                reckless endangerment and criminal           what had happened, sources said.
                                                                possession of a weapon -- the same
                                                                charges levied against Burress, who          They took a livery car to Kings County

              Common Sense Solutions                            shot himself at a Manhattan nightclub in
                                                                2008, law-enforcement sources said.
                                                                                                             Hospital, where Grant was released
                                                                                                             after treatment and then arrested by
                                                                Grant told cops that he was walking
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     We’re not just shotguns anymore!                                        October 23, 24 & 25
                                                                                                                                          GunNews 15
  Freedom’s Forum                                                                                                             As a good guy sees it

                                                                                                  IL Republicans: Take me for granted no longer
  ‘Travel icon’ Frommer just an anti-gun bigot                                                                                                     I liked pro-gun Judy Myers for my State
                                                                                                  by John Boch
  by David Codrea                                  for open carry, have I got some maps           I just got an invitation to the Illinois Lin-    Senator last election a few years ago, but
  ( - We talked yesterday             for him--or rather, has.         coln Excellence in Public Service Series         Mike Frerichs won and has turned out to
  about hatred for gun owners by media             And face it, you know anyone this              to promote Republican women in Illinois.         be a great state senator when it comes
  elites. Here’s another gem of toler-             much of an hysterical hoplophobe is            Judy Barr Topinka was to be the keynote          to firearm rights. Like many downstate
  ance:                                            against concealed carry, too...                speaker and as usual with these politi-          Democrats, he’s bucked his party’s
                                                                                                  cal fundraisers, the sponsorships were           leadership, supporting our rights in votes,
    (FoxNews) -                                    Arthur apparently is a zealous devotee         pricey.                                          in addition to verbage. Contrast that with
    Travel icon Arthur                             of the “Only Ones” theory that govern-                                                          Republican Topinka’s verbage in public.
    Frommer says he                                ment workers can be trusted with                                                                Her private assuarances to sign right-to-
    won’t be spend-                                guns, but anyone else is a “thug” and                                                           carry don’t carry water with me. I’m smart
    ing his tourism                                an “extremist,” and a cause for a crip-                                                         enough to know she’s privately granting
    dollars at the                                 pling case of the vapors. If you believe                                                        very different assurances to other folks
    Grand Canyon, or
    anywhere else in
                                                   in the right to keep and bear arms,
                                                   that’s you and me he’s insulting.                                   =                           up north.

    Arizona, because                                                                                                                               Frerichs says he would support and vote
    the state’s laws                               Hey, if he wants to be ignorant,                                                                for a good right-to-carry bill too, if he
    allow people he                                prejudiced and fearful, that’s his call.                                                        hasn’t already. He’s opposed anti-gun
    described as                                   And if some of us “won’t be spending                                                            bills as well.
    “thugs” and “extremists” to openly             [our] dollars” on anything put out by
                                                                                                  This is the same Judy Baar Topinka
    carry firearms.                                Frommer’s Travel, that’s ours.                                                                  How refreshing is Mike Frerichs. His
                                                                                                  who was the head of the Illinois Repub-
                                                                                                  lican party. This is the same Judy Baar          proven position on guns has me solidly in
  ... For someone who makes his living             Two truisms come to mind that                                                                   his camp. And while I can’t endorse can-
                                                                                                  Topinka that ran a pathetic campaign
  promoting tourism, Frommer has just              Arthur’s anti-gun adventure confirms:                                                           didates on these pages because of tax
                                                                                                  for governor two and a half days a week
  cut his “go to” list significantly, that is if   Write what you know and there’s no                                                              laws and our friend in the White House
                                                                                                  north of I-80 during the last election cycle.
  his “principles” have any consistency.           fool like an old fool.                                                                          (cough, cough), I can say if milquetoast
  If his objection is to legal tolerance                                                                                                           Topinka was running against Frerichs
                                                                                                  More importantly, this is the same Judy
                                                                                                  Baar Topinka who publicly denounced              I wouldn’t be supporting her, no matter
                                                                                                  right-to-carry in the aforementioned             what she promised.
                                                                                                                                                   So, no. I won’t be signing any petitions
                                                                                                  I’m fed up with politicians who act like my      to put Topinka on the ballot and I RSVP’d
                                                                                                  friend when they want my vote, money,            her invitation with the note to the effect,
                                                                                                  support or endorsement, but publicly             “Thank Judy for her refusal to endorse
Letter to the Editor                                                                              eschew the position I hold closest to my         right-to-carry in her last lame campaign.
This is how you practice                                   GunNews Magazine                       heart: firearm rights. They seem to be-          No, I won’t be contributing to anything
                                                           Published monthly by                                                                    with her name associated with it.”
handgun shooting in Turkey                                                                        lieve that my support is a given because
                                                        Champaign County Rifle Assn.              of their party affiliation regardless of their
I went to the shooting range of state fire-                                                                                                        If we don’t demand better of our political
arms institution to shoot some rounds. It’s
                                                                     support of my issue.
                                                                                                                                                   candidates, Illinois’ Republican leaders
an official building.                                                                                                                              will continue to take gun rights sup-
                                                               John Naese, Editor                 I’m also done with the apparatchiks, well-
                                                                   meaning or not, who support a candidate          porters for granted with lame so-called
You have to pay $3 in order to get in the                                                                                                          “moderates” from Chicagoland, home
                                                                                                  simply because of the party identification
building and you have to register with                                                                                                             of the 51+% high school drop out rates.
                                                     Letters, including complaints or com-        letter that follows that person’s name.
your ID first. Then I paid for my gun use                                                                                                          Frankly, I’m beginning to wonder if look-
                                                     mendations, to the Editor are wel-
fee (another $3). We finally got in the                                                                                                            ing for a good, pro-firearm rights politician
                                                     come. Please, limit your letter to 200       As an example, one of our members was
range with an instructor. I used a Colt                                                                                                            in a party-supported Illinois Republican is
                                                     words. We reserve the right to edit or       collecting signatures for a petition to put
9mm handgun. 10 shots were for $10. Six                                                                                                            like looking for a potential wife in a strip
                                                     refuse publication of any submission.        a couple of Republicans on the ballot
of my shots were in the bulls eye. Three                                                                                                           club.
                                                     Anonymous letters are discouraged.           state-wide for the 2010 election cycle at
holes were surrounding the center dot. I
                                                     Guest columns of 400-500 words are           a recent meeting. Judy Baar Topinka
guess one flew out of the paper target.                                                                                                            I’m done supporting candidates simply
                                                     also welcome on timely issues, par-          was one of those names. “You can’t find
The instructor asked me if I had a military                                                                                                        because they have the letter ‘R’ in paren-
                                                     ticularly those related to firearms, self-   better supporters of the 2nd Amendment
training. I said that I was just lucky.                                                                                                            thesis behind their name. I’ve voted for
                                                     defense or similar topics. Letters and       than these two,” he said (paraphrasing).
                                                     guest columns may be sent electroni-                                                          them too many times and even when they
It’s very expensive to shoot here, friends.                                                                                                        win (like that scumbag George Ryan),
                                                     cally to:                If you can’t find a better supporter of the
Expensive enough to make me feel not to                                                                                                            they don’t represent us on guns.
                                                                                                  Second Amendment than Judy Baar
do it again :)
                                                     Or you can mail your letter to:              Topinka, then you need to start looking in
                                                     Guns Save Life, Post Office Box 51,          other places. I did and found one too.           Never again. I hope you’ll join me.
Mehmet Ekizoglu
                                                     Savoy, Illinois 61874

GunNews 16
   Commentary from around the nation

Why Americans are up in arms
                                                                                                                                             These liberal media elites outraged
by Floyd and Mary Beth Brown                    to erroneously pronounce the opponents                                                       by gun-bearing citizens showing up at
(Delaware Online) - Leftist elites are up       of Obamacare as racist rednecks. A                                                           Obama events have probably never used
in arms about Americans up in arms. At          young man named Chris wore an AR-15                                                          a gun in real life. Chris Matthews, Rick
two recent Obama town hall meetings,            slung over his shoulder with a 9 mm pistol                                                   Sanchez, Contessa Brewer and the rest
men exercising their Second Amendment           strapped on his hip. Roughly a dozen                                                         who assume guns represent violence
rights were spotted carrying firearms.          others were also carrying firearms with                                                      don’t likely own a firearm. Most Ameri-
While we do not condone threatening the         Chris outside an Obama appearance in                                                         cans don’t see firearms as a symbol of
president or anyone else for that matter,       Arizona. Earlier, these individuals coordi-                                                  violence, like our founding fathers, they
these citizens are well within their rights.    nated their right to openly carry firearms                                                   see them as a tool for personal protec-
It is legal to carry a firearm while demon-     with the Phoenix Police Department. They                                                     tion.
strating to protect your liberties.             deliberately did this to show the country
                                                that the Phoenix police are very support-                                                    The founders recognized the significance
In New Hampshire, William Kostric               ive of their rights to keep and bear arms.                                                   and importance of firearms. “Firearms
showed up near a town hall meeting car-         The elitist media missed the whole point                                                     stand next in importance to the constitu-
rying a pistol, and a placard proclaiming,      and went ballistic.                                                                          tion itself,” George Washington movingly
“It is time to water the tree of liberty!” in                                                                                                said. “They are the American people’s
reference to the famous Thomas Jeffer-          Chris Matthews fretted about assassina-                                                      liberty teeth and keystone under inde-
son quotation, “The tree of liberty must be     tion attempts, while Contessa Brewer                                                         pendence … from the hour the Pilgrims
refreshed from time to time with the blood      stammered, “there are questions about                                                        landed to the present day, events, oc-
of tyrants and patriots.” Kostric had no        whether this has racial overtones... I         Is that an AR-15 magazine in your back        currences and tendencies prove that to
intention of hurting the president; he was      mean here you have a man of color in the       pocket or are you glad to see me? ‘Chris’     ensure peace security and happiness, the
exercising his rights and making a politi-      presidency and white people showing up         lawfully open carries a semi-auto rifle and   rifle and pistol are equally indispensable
cal statement using the pistol as a visual      with guns.” MSNBC’s pop culture analyst        pistol at a health care rally in support of   … the very atmosphere of firearms any-
reminder. When interviewed by Chris Mat-        Touré anxiously said, I’m not going to         Obamacare.                                    where restrains evil interference -- they
thews of MSNBC, Kostric said he went to         be surprised if we see somebody get a                                                        deserve a place of honor with all that’s
the town hall because he “wanted people         chance and take a chance and really            The liberal media conveniently ignore         good.”
to remember the rights that we have, and        try to hurt him.” However, these talking       that in 2000 at one of George W. Bush’s
how quickly we are losing them.” After          heads glossed over a crucial detail: the       events, Black Panthers demonstrated           William Kostric and Chris have it right, if
making this statement, Chris Matthews           man carrying the AR-15 was black. They         while carrying firearms. The Black Pan-       we don’t stand and demonstrate peace-
verbally accosted him and compared him          were dishonestly trying to portray the         thers actually have a history of murder       fully for all of our freedoms, they will
to John Wilkes Booth and other fanatics.        group of gun toting citizens in Arizona as     and violence in contrast to the Phoenix       quickly slip away and vanish. Remember,
Kostric clearly explained that he was not       racists. MSNBC cleverly edited the video       demonstrators. The Panthers, just as          it’s much easier to hold onto something,
advocating violence, but was practicing         footage to show only the semi-automatic        newsworthy, generated no buzz at the          than try and get it back after you’ve lost it.
his constitutional right to bear arms.          rifle, hiding the face of its bearer, Chris,   time. They should have been referenced
                                                an African American.                           in light of recent events by these talking
The second incident prompted the media                                                         heads.

Letter to the Editor: The rest of the story about Ataturk                                      an occupied Constantinople, with Brit-        Arabs, the Greeks, etc.) to mount foreign
I appreciate the letter in last month’s Gun-    ily as an alliance against the surge from      ish, French, and Greek forces moving          troops to fight their battles, only to aban-
News from our Turkish friend, Mehmet            the North by Russia, part of the Triple        across Anatolia (Asia Minor). Visualizing     don them later on. They encouraged
Ekizoglu, mentioning the key role of the        Entente with Britain and France. In 1916       the future, In 1919 he resigned from the      Greece’s move into Anatolia, but when
Turkish militia in its War of Independence      Kemal led Turkish forces over ANZAC            Ottoman army and later established the        Ataturk’s forces defeated the Greeks at
that resulted in the Turkish Republic           forces (the Austra-                            Grand National Assembly at Ankara,            Sakarya in 1921, and then massacred the
we know today. Mustafa Kemal (later             lian/New Zealand                               today’s capital of Turkey. Greece had         Greek population at Smyrna (now Izmir)
dubbed Ataturk) was indeed a superb             Army Corps) at Gal-                            lately entered the war on the side of the     and drove them into the sea, British ships
military leader who grew to prominence          lipoli, then held off                          Allies, counting on British support to help   offshore never so much as helped rescue
in the declining years of Ottoman Empire        the Russians in the                            them reclaim Constantinople (Now Istan-       the defeated Greek soldiers and fleeing
which, under a succession of sultans, had       Caucasus in 1917                               bul, ever “The City,” to Greeks), where       civilians .
conquered Constantinople, the capital of        before being sent to                           more than 300,000 Greeks still lived. After
the Byzantine Empire, in 1453. The Otto-        the Palestine-Sinai                            occupying Smyrna, a Hellenistic city on       In any case, faced with the achievements
mans held a benign Islamic sway over the        campaign. Turkish                              the coast of Asia Minor, they advanced        of Ataturk’s War of Independence, the
Balkans, Greece, virtually all the Medi-        forces in Western                              toward “The City.” This is the invading       Allies signed the Treaty of Lausanne
terranean, the Middle East, and North           Arabia were being                              Greek army that Mr. Ekizoglu says was         in 1923, and shortly thereafter came
Africa for some five centuries (hence the       harassed by the Arab Ataturk                   held in check in Anatolia by the Turkish      international recognition of the Republic
Muslims of Bosnia and Kosovo, e.g.).            revolt, instigated by                          militia while Ataturk was organizing a        of Turkey.
                                                the British (and to a lesser extent the        new Turkish regular army for his War of
What Mr. Ekizoglu doesn’t mention is            French, who wanted control of Syria) and       Independence.                                 Just for the record.
that, in 1914, the disintegrating Ottoman       partly led by T.E. Lawrence.
Empire entered WWI on the side of Ger-                                                         The British have ever been happy to           Peter T. Tomaras
many, Austria-Hungary, and Italy, primar-       Kemal returned in November, 1918 to            manipulate nationalist aspirations (the       Champaign, IL
                                                                                                                                                                            GunNews 17
Federal probe digs deeper into NOPD’s actions
                                                                                                                                      News Shorts
after Hurricane Katrina
New Orleans (Times-Picayune) - For the              Department...                                   Montana fights for state                       7 dead, 14 injured in
past several months, the federal build-
ing on Poydras Street has seen a steady             Led by prosecutors from the U.S. Depart-        sovereignty on guns                            explosion at Prvi Partizan
stream of New Orleans police officers               ment of Justice civil rights division and       Billings, MT (World Net Daily) - Support-      Uzice, Serbia (EMportal) - At least 7
trudge in and out, all of them testifying           conducted by FBI agents, the simultane-         ers of a first-of-a-kind law in Montana that   people have died and 14 injured in an
before grand jurors gathering evidence of           ous federal investigations are focused          declared weapons or ammunition made            explosion at a munitions factory ‘Purvi
possible civil rights violations in the after-      on two separate police actions -- one           and kept in the state were exempt from         Partizan’ in the Serbian town of Uzice.An
math of Hurricane Katrina -- allegations            on the Danziger Bridge in eastern New           federal rules are preparing for a court        investigation into the incident had been
that center on police misbehavior.                  Orleans and the other in Algiers. Federal       challenge to the federal government’s          launched to determine the cause of the
                                                    authorities are also exploring allegations      insistence it will regulate those items.       series of explosions.
                                                    of vigilante violence by civilians in Algiers
                                                    Point.                                          The Montana Shooting Sports Associa-           NYC gets setback on suit
                                                                                                    tion and the Second Amendment Foun-            NY ( - New York City violated the
                                                    The Danziger incident is well-known to          dation have formed a strategic alliance        due process rights of a Bronx gun dealer
                                                    New Orleanians: Police, responding to           with plans to litigate over the Montana        who was shut down for security reasons
                                                    reports of shots fired at officers, shot six    Firearms Freedom Act.                          in the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks and
                                                    people on the bridge, killing two men and                                                      had her dealer’s license suspended, a
                                                    wounding four others.                           The law provides guns and ammo made,           federal appeals court has found.
                                                                                                    sold and used in Montana would not
                                                    A state grand jury in late 2006 indicted        require any federal forms; silencers made      The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals
                                                    seven police officers on murder and at-         and sold in Montana would be fully legal       overturned the dismissal of a case
                                                    tempted murder charges, but a Criminal          and not registered; and there would be         brought by Angela Spinelli, owner of Olin-
Police handcuff a man Sept. 4, 2005,                District Court judge last year dismissed        no firearm registration, serial numbers,       ville Arms, Inc., who claimed her business
after a confrontation with police on Chef           the charges, concluding that prosecutor         criminal records check, waiting periods or     was damaged and profits were lost by a
Menteur Highway near the Danziger                   errors tainted the case. Federal authori-       paperwork required.                            58-day shutdown.
Bridge. It is one of the incidents involving        ties then agreed to pick up the case.
New Orleans police that is being investi-                                                           The idea is spreading quickly. Tennes-
                                                                                                    see already has a similar law, and similar     Threat against knives
gated by federal agents.                            The Algiers investigation is more recent
        Alex Brandon / The Times-Picayune archive   and less publicly known. Though four            plans have been introduced in Alaska,          continues
                                                    years have passed since Katrina, the            Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Minne-         (NSSF) - The fight to protect America’s
                                                    probe began only this year, after pub-          sota and Michigan. Lawmakers in nearly         knives is continuing, with threats by some
...Observers and authorities say the                lished accounts described a potential           20 other states have such plans in the         to classify assisted-opening knives (and
investigations, and the charges they are            police role in the burning of a corpse that     works.                                         all one-hand opening knives) as switch-
likely to result in, could shake the very           was eventually pulled from a charred car                                                       blades. The American Knife and Tool
foundation of the New Orleans Police                on a West Bank levee                            UK Boy Scouts ban knives                       Institute has been working with key com-
                                                                                                    Great Britain (Telegraph) - Scouts will        mittees in Congress to address this issue.
                                                                                                    now be a little worse prepared after they      Currently, there is a Senate amendment
                                                                                                    were banned from carrying their tradi-         to the Homeland Security Appropriations
                                                                                                    tional penknives due to the fears of those     Bill (H.R. 2892) that would add a fifth ex-
                                                             Christian County                       in charge of health and safety.                emption to the Federal Switchblade Act.

                                                                                                                                                   This amendment would exempt any fold-
                                                              NRA Affiliate                                                                        ing knife with a “bias toward closure” from
                                                                                                    Scouts will soon have to survive without
                                                    Banquet and Fundraiser                          their trusty penknives on camping trips        being declared a switchblade. Please visit

            Evans                                                                                   thanks to Britain’s growing knife crime        the AKTI Web site for more information
                                                               PUBLIC IS INVITED                    culture.                                       on contacting your federal representa-
                                                                                                                                                   tives to encourage them to support this
   Refrigeration                                           Saturday, October 3rd
                                                               6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
                                                                                                    World’s largest range opens
                                                                                                                                                   amendment in the Senate and adopt it in
                                                                                                                                                   the House version of the legislation.
                                                                                                    in Vegas
                                                                  At VFW Home                       Las Vegas (Digital Journal) - The world’s
     1701 S. Easy Street                                          Taylorville, IL                   largest and most comprehensive shooting
                                                                                                    range opened in North Las Vegas. The
  Bloomington, IL 61701                                                                             massive range and support facilities cost
                                                        Special Guest Speaker                       $60 million to construct.
                                                       Tom Shafer, TV and radio
                                                             personality                            The world’s largest and most advanced

                                                                                                    shooting range officially opened today in
                                                             $15 donation per ticket                North Las Vegas with a host of dignitar-
         Fax 309-821-8092                                                                           ies. The $60 million Clark County Shoot-
                                                       Contact John Hawkins 879-2576                ing Park is both large and comprehen-
                                                       Kerwin Law 562-5697 or 879-2531              sive, designed to attract not only locals,
                                                           John Peterson 623-4354                   but shooting enthusiasts from around the
GunNews 18
Federal District judge to police: Leave open carriers alone                                  1,074,757 gun buy checks in August
unless you have ‘reason to believe that a crime [is] afoot.”                                 Background Checks On Fire-                   Gun Owners Say No to Gun Conrtol
                                                                                                                                          with their Wallets
                                             On these facts, Judge Black concluded           arm Sales Up 12% In August.                  The increased trend of Americans buy-
by Mike Stollenwerk                          as a matter of law that the police violated     Washington, DC ( - Data
                                                                                                                                          ing firearms at a record pace was once
(Examiner) - On September 8, 2009,           Matthew St. John’s constitutional rights        released by the FBI’s National Instant
                                                                                                                                          thought to be a one time fluke caused
United States District Judge Bruce D.        under the Fourth Amendment because              Criminal Background Check System
                                                                                                                                          by fears of the new Obama administra-
Black of the United States District Court    they seized and disarmed him even               (NICS) reported 1,074,757 checks in Au-
                                                                                                                                          tion expressed lust for more gun control.
for New Mexico entered summary judg-         though there was not “any reason to             gust 2009, a 12.3 percent increase from
                                                                                                                                          But now 10 months in and the wrongly
ment in a civil case for damages against     believe that a crime was afoot.” Judge          the 956,872 reported in August 2008.
                                                                                                                                          named “fear buying” has now become the
Alamogordo, NM police officers. The          Black’s opinion is consistent with numer-                                                    norm as law abiding US citizen exercise
Judge’s straight shootin’ message to         ous high state and federal appellate            So far that is roughly 9,076,205 gun
                                                                                                                                          their constitutional right to keep and bear
police: Leave open carriers alone unless     courts, e.g., the United States Supreme         bought this year! The total is probably
                                                                                                                                          firearms by the millions every month with
you have “reason to believe that a crime     Court in Florida v. J.L. (2000) (detaining      more as NICS background checks may
                                                                                                                                          no sign of slowing down.
[is] afoot.”                                 man on mere report that he has a gun            cover the purchase of more than one gun
                                             violates the Fourth Amendment) and the          at a time.
                                                                                                                                          The bulk of the buying has been concen-
The facts of the case are pretty simple.     Washington Appeals Court in State v.                                                         trated on the following types of guns or
Matthew St. John entered an Alamogordo       Casad (2004) (detaining man observed            This latest jump in background checks
movie theater as a paying customer and       by police as openly carrying rifles on a        show that Americans are solidly in-favor
                                                                                                                                             •   Semi-auto Handguns,
sat down to enjoy the movie. He was          public street violates the Fourth Amend-        of keeping firearms in the hands of law
                                                                                                                                             •   Revolvers,
openly carrying a holstered handgun,         ment).                                          abiding citizens and clearly shows that
                                                                                                                                             •   AR-15s and all variants of the
conduct which is legal in 42 states, and                                                     proponents claiming the USA wants more
                                                                                                                                                 Black Rifle and
requires no license in New Mexico and        Mr. St. John’s attorney, Miguel Garcia,         gun control are blatantly wrong.
                                                                                                                                             •   .50 caliber.
twenty-five other states.                    of Alamogordo, NM was pleased with
                                             the ruling and look forward to the next                                                      1.17 Guns for Each Person
In response to a call from theater man-      phase of the litigation which is a jury trial                                                Conservative estimates of legally owned
ager Robert Zigmond, the police entered      to establish the amount of damages, and                                                      guns in the USA put the number at
the movie theater, physically seized Mr.     possibly punitive damages. Garcia said                                                       355,029,250 million guns in the USA.
St. John from his seat, took him outside,    that                                                                                         That is 1.17 guns for everyone in the
disarmed him, searched him, obtained                                                                                                      USA and if you listen to the liberal press
personally identifiable information from      “[i]t was great to see the Court care-                                                      they are all assault weapons. God bless
his wallet, and only allowed him to re-       fully consider the issues presented by                                                      anyone who tries to invade the USA.
enter the theater after St. John agreed       both sides and conclude that the U.S.
to secure his gun in his vehicle. Mr. St.     Constitution prohibits the government                                                       Crime Rates Falling
John was never suspected of any crime         from detaining and searching individu-                                                      The most stunning in all of this is that
nor issued a summons for violating any        als solely for exercising their rights to                                                   we have not seen an increase in crime,
law.                                          possess a firearm as guaranteed by our                                                      murder rates have fallen across most of
                                              state and federal constitutions.”                                                           the USA and Americans have shown that
                                                                                                                                          they can be trusted with firearms owner-
                                             Notably, Judge Black denied the police                                                       ship. This is directly in contrast to what
                                             officers’ requested “qualified immunity,” a                                                  the national media and gun control sup-
                                             judicially created doctrine allowing gov-                                                    porters would have us believe.
                                             ernment officials acting in good faith to
                                             avoid liability for violating the law where                                                  Gun owners you are clearly the majority!
                                             the law was not “clearly established.” In
                                             this case, Judge Black concluded that           Springfield’s M&P series handguns are
                                                                                             among the nation’s best-sellers currently.
                                              “[r]elying on well-defined Supreme
                                              Court precedent, the Tenth Circuit and
                                              its sister courts have consistently held
                                              that officers may not seize or search

                                              an individual without a specific, legiti-
                                              mate reason. . . . The applicable law
                                              was equally clear in this case. Nothing
                                              in New Mexico law prohibited Mr. St.
                                              John from openly carrying a firearm in                              Common Sense Solutions
                                              the Theater. Accordingly, Mr. St. John’s
Importantly, no theater employee ever         motion for summary judgment is granted
                                              with regard to his Fourth Amendment                                     PO Box 71, Rockton IL 61072
ordered Mr. St. John to leave. The police
apparently simply decided to act as
agents of the movie theater to enforce a
                                              and New Mexico constitutional claims.
                                              Defendants’ motion for summary judg-                     Time to put words into Action
private rule of conduct and not to enforce    ment is denied with regard to the same
any rule of law.                              and with regard to qualified immunity.”

                                                                                                                                                                       GunNews 19
The ‘Armadillo,’ patrolling Peoria
Peoria (Wall Street Journal) - In the sum-     padlocked hood, a locked gas cap, and
mer of 2006, police were brainstorming         protective screens over the head and tail
ways to rattle a suspected drug dealer.        lights.
They had exhausted traditional strategies,
including undercover operations, and           A Peoria tire company installed foam-
were left empty-handed and frustrated.         filled tires that can’t go flat. Decals that
They decided to park a retired police car      say “PEORIA POLICE Nuisance Property
in front of the suspect’s house.               Surveillance Vehicle” were pasted on all
                                               four sides of the white truck.
About 24 hours after the car had been
put in place, all its windows had been         There were some bumps along the road.
smashed, the tires were flat and the body      When Officer Elizabeth Hermacinski, 39,
was dented.                                    the force’s nuisance-abatement officer
                                               and Armadillo driver, took the behemoth
“It was embarrassing to tow a police car,”     out for its first deployment in July 2008,
Chief Settingsgaard says. “But I saw it        the targeted troublemakers seemed to
as a success because it was proof how          have gotten wind of the plan. In any case,
much [the dealer] really disliked the police   they had parked cars in every available
car’s presence.”                               spot in front of the house.

The dealer left the neighborhood soon          So Ms. Hermacinski parked across the
after the incident; he was later arrested      street, close enough to get the message
and convicted on a gun charge.                 across. “It’s psychological warfare,” she
                                               says.                                           The “Armadillo” parked in front of a property in Peoria.
One summer night, Chief Settingsgaard
was pulling out of police headquarters         The Armadillo is the opposite of an un-
when he did a double take. Rusting in          dercover operation. Its goal isn’t making
a corner of the police parking lot was a       arrests, but alerting suspects that police
hulking Brink’s truck. It had been pur-        are on to them, police say. The surveil-        says.
chased -- for a dollar -- to use in emer-      lance footage is rarely reviewed by the                                                       She pulled the Armadillo to the curb of
gencies but had yet to be pressed into         police and is saved for just a short time       Police parked the truck outside her house     a white, one-story house with red siding
service. The chief thought it could be         before it is erased. Still, the unit can have   while she went away on vacation. Police       suspected of being a drug house. She
the perfect nuisance-deterrence vehicle,       a significant impact.                           say the porch remained quiet and empty        flipped on the surveillance cameras,
seemingly indestructible and inarguably                                                        while she was gone.                           hopped down from the truck and knocked
an eyesore.                                    This past July, Maggie Wren, 50, request-                                                     on the door of the house. No one an-
                                               ed that the Armadillo pay a visit to her        One recent afternoon, Officer Hermacin-       swered. Then she walked over to a wait-
Over the next year, the 12,000 pounds of       home. Police say her adult children and         ski was moving the Armadillo to a new         ing police cruiser, got in and drove away,
heavy metal got an extensive makeover,         grandchildren were loitering on her front       spot. “It drives like a tractor,” she said,   leaving the Armadillo to do its job.
including about $10,000 in new equip-          porch and leaving empty beer bottles in         yelling in order to be heard over the
ment and repairs. It was outfitted with        her yard. “Every time I wake up, there’s        engine’s roar.
five infrared surveillance cameras, a          something broken on my fence,” she

  6125 East 1175 North Road
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  Bloomington, IL 61704                            Open to the public!                  NRA Youth Shooting Camp in the United States

                                               •   Indoor pistol range
  309-379-4331                                 •   Outdoor ranges to 300 yards                                                                      GUNS SAVE LIFE                             •   Trap
                                               •   Skeet                                                                                              MEMBERS
   Directions:                                 •   International Skeet                                                                           for your generous support
   West of Bloomington, Illinois, take         •   Sporting Clays                                                                                of our NRA Youth Shooting
                                               •   Classroom
   Route 9 West 5 miles from I-55/74 to                                                                                                         Camp. Your donation of am-
   road marked 750E. Turn left and go          •   Full service gun shop
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   south for 2.3 miles to road marked
   1175N. Turn right and go west for           •   NRA Firearm Courses                                                                           get proven results for kids
   1.3 miles. Darnall’s Gun Works and          •    Youth shooting programs                                                                      and the program. Thanks!
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GunNews 20
                                                                                           Firearms Training Classes

                                                                         For additional information, along with useful links to licensing applications, forms and
                                                                         registration materials, call John Boch at 217 356-7027 or at home 217 351-3575. visit
                                                                                                 Intermediate Personal Protection
                                                                                             Training to Live and Win
                                                                          Date: October 10 & 11                       approaching the use of deadly force
                                                                          Location: Darnall’s GunWorks and            in self-defense, Training to Win will
                                                                          Ranges, Bloomington, IL                     continue training received in NRA basic
                                                                          Advance Registration: $175                  classes relating to the judicious use of
                                                                          Class size is limited – ENROLL TODAY        deadly force against both armed and
                                                                                                                      “unarmed” adversaries. Students will
                                                                          Primary instructors: John Boch, John        learn decision-making skills in high-
                                                                          Naese, Frank Wright & Jeff Schwarm.         stress situations and how to articulate
                                                                                                                      danger in explaining their reactions to
                                                                          Registration covers lunch, range fees,      threats in post-shooting interrogations.
                                                                          safety equipment as needed, course          This training will include “shoot - don’t
                                                                          materials and more.                         shoot” scenarios on a shooting simulator,
                                                                                                                      speed skills drawing and reloading,
                 TACTICAL THREE GUN SHOOT                                 Geared towards the carry license holder     engaging close-range threats (instinct
                      PISTOL, RIFLE & SHOTGUN                             or anyone serious about prudently           shooting), low-light shooting skills with
                                 OR                                                                                   tactical lights, malfunction clearing,
                            PISTOL ONLY                                                                               shooting around barricades/cover and
                   DARNALL GUN WORKS & RANGES
                        6125 E. 1175 NORTH RD.                                   Urban Rifle 101
              BLOOMINGTON, IL. 61705        Phone: 309-379-4331                                                               Registration form
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                   EVERY THIRD SUNDAY OF THE MONTH                        Ranges, Bloomington, IL                    Urban Rifle 101: Oct. 3 & 4: ______
                         APRIL THRU NOVEMBER
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         COST:     REGULAR MATCH FEE      $12.00 NON MEMBERS              Class size is limited – Enroll today!
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                  WILL HAVE 5 SCENARIOS IN 5 BAYS                         Registration covers lunch, range           Address
                   CHALLENGING COURSES OF FIRE!                           fees, safety equipment as needed,
         LEARN DEFENSIVE TRAINING WITH STANDARD EQUIPMENT                 course materials and more.                 _________________________________
                                                                                                                     City, State, ZIP
  ****TARGETS WILL BE A COMBINATION OF PAPER & STEEL WITH                 Students will learn proper mainte-
                   REACTION TARGETS****                                   nance and malfunction prevention,          _________________________________
                                                                          rifleman fundamentals, sling usage,        Phone (res.)
              CUSTOM DEFENSE PISTOL                                       shooting stances, grips and firearm        _________________________________
              ENHANCED PISTOL                                             manipulation. This course will hone        Phone (cell)
    RULES:                                                                basic fundamentals while teaching          _________________________________
              IDPA PISTOL GUNS                                            basic individual tactics and techniques,   Email
                        MUST HAVE DETACHABLE MAGAZINES                    including shooting on the move, as         Mail this form and a check or money order
                   *WILL ALLOW 22 CONVERSION KIT—AR ‘S OR LIKE MODELS     well as from cover and concealment in      for $175 per person per class (made out
                                                                          various positions and transitioning from   to “John Boch”) to: John Boch, 19 Ever-
***** MUST HAVE HOLSTER FOR PISTOLS BUT WILL STAGE ALL LONG GUNS *****    carbine rifle to sidearm.                  green Square, Savoy, Illinois 61874

                                                                                                                                                    GunNews 21
 From the OUTDOORS Column                               by John Naese                                                                   Appleseed Events
   Every Thursday, the last page of the sports section, in the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette                      What is Appleseed?                  for the 25 meter shooting, a
                                                                                                                  We are an all-volunteer organi-     .22 rifle can teach you just as
                                     week hunt at the site. This year,     deer population dynamics. For          zation that teaches rifle marks-    much, for a lot less expense in
Hunting Season Updates               the drawing has been eliminated       more information on checking           manship clinics nationwide. You     ammo.
Some permits available over          in order to better accommo-           in deer from the Piatt County          can come for one or two days
the counter                          date hunters and improve deer         Unit, contact Drew Becker at           on a weekend.                       What’s this cost? Women,
Illinois resident deer and turkey    management at the site. Hunters       217/649-2648. The check station                                            “kids” (under 21), and active
hunters can now purchase 2009        are required to sign in and out on    is located at 646 Allerton Road,                                           military, guard, or reserve with
Illinois Archery Deer Hunting        the site check-in sheets located      with hours of operation from 8                                             ID - FREE. Everyone else:
permits and turkey fall archery      at each parking area at the Piatt     a.m. to noon and 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.                                          $45 for one day or $70 for two,
permits over-the-counter from        County Unit to provide vital data     The check in procedure for deer                                            if you pre-register. Ranges
DNR Direct permit sale locations     to the IDNR. Also, deer stands        taken from the site takes only a                                           may have an additional range
throughout Illinois, and through     must be removed daily.                few minutes while providing very                                           fee not included; check the
the DNR Direct online system.                                              valuable information to research-                                          website for that information.
The archery deer and turkey          The Piatt County Unit regula-         ers.                                   If you’re a novice, you’ll learn
seasons open October 1. The          tions also continue to require                                               to shoot a rifle. If you already    You can register for any of
Illinois Youth Either-Sex Firearm    that hunters harvest a doe prior      Youth wingshooting clinic in           know how to shoot, we’ll            these events at appleseed-
Deer Hunt is Oct. 10-11. Permits     to taking a buck from the site.       Decatur                                sharpen your skills. If you’re or you can contact
for this season will be available    All other regulations for the site,   The IDNR and participating             already an excellent shot, you      John Naese at 217-684-2602
over-the-counter beginning in        including season dates, hunting       partners sponsor wingshoot-            can still benefit from the prac-    or johnnaese@gunssavelife.
mid-September. For a list of         hours and licensing are accord-       ing clinics at sites throughout        tice, the refresher of basics,      com for more information or
Illinois public hunting areas open   ing to statewide regulations. At      Illinois this fall to help improve     and the chance to learn how to      to get a paper mail-in regis-
for the Youth Either-Sex Firearm     the Piatt County Unit, all hunt-      the shooting skills of participants.   teach others.                       tration form.
Deer Hunt, check the IDNR web        ers that harvest any deer must        The Youth/Women’s clinics are                                               Bonfield, IL October 3-4
site.                                check in their deer at the Allerton   designed to teach participants         Most of the shooting is done at      Durand, IL October 10-11
                                     Park archery check station.           basic firearm and hunter safety        25 meters. You can use your          Ottawa, IL November 7-8
New regulations at Piatt unit        Researchers from the University       and the fundamentals of wing-          centerfire rifle if you like, but
The Weldon Springs State Park        of Illinois have been collecting      shooting. A youth-only clinic will
Piatt County Unit has new regu-      important information on the          be held at the Decatur Gun Club
lations in place for bow hunters     local deer herd. Tissue samples,      in Macon County on September                              Thanks to Oleg Volk
for the 2009-2010 archery deer       age, weight, and body measure-        27. To sign up a youth for that          for ongoing permission to use his photographic works in our
season. In the past, hunters         ments are being taken to assist       event, call 217-521-9469.                     newsletter. You can see his superlative website at:
were required to apply to be         research on Lyme disease,                                                             
entered into a drawing for a one-    chronic wasting disease, and

 For Sale
                                              Danville Rifle and            Deer Season Info                      and permit agents beginning         counties that are open for the
                                              Pistol Club                                                         Oct. 19.                            Late-Winter season.
 Reloading Equipment                          A Firearms Safety
                                                                            from the IDNR
 Lyman Powder Drop 55 $25.00, Ly-             Class will be conduct-                                              Permits for the Youth Deer          Permits for the Late-Win-
 man 500 scale $35.00, Lee Pro Disk                                         The Illinois Archery Deer Hunt-       Hunting Season on Oct.              ter season will be issued in
                                              ed by club president
 Powder Measurer 90429 $35.00,                                              ing Season will be Oct. 1, 2009       10 – 11, 2009 will only be          two categories, based on
                                              Larry Pasquale on
 Reloading Dies: 2 - 458 Win Mag, 2                                         – Jan. 17, 2010. The archery          available over the counter as       deer management needs in
                                              Saturday, September
 - 25-06, 2 - 38Spl, 30 Carbine, 30-06,                                     season is being extended by           single, county-specific permits     individual counties. In 11
                                              26. Contact Larry
 45 Long Colt, 2 - 44 Mag, 30-30, 2                                         three days to close on the            through DNR Direct license          select counties with a need for
                                              at 217-443-2050 to
 – 9mm Luger, 2 – 35 Remington, 243                                         same date as the Late-Winter          and permit agents beginning         significant increases in deer
                                              reserve a spot for you
 Winchester, $20.00 each. Ron Beatty                                        and Special CWD seasons.              Sept. 15. (Youth Deer Hunting       harvest, hunters will be able to
                                              or that new shooter
 217-417-3552                                 you want trained right                                              Season permits were issued          purchase Late-Winter permits
                                                                            The seven-day Illinois Firearm        in previous years through an        without limit. In 58 other coun-
                                                                            Deer Hunting Season is Nov.           application lottery system).        ties open for the Late-Winter
                                                                            20 – 22, 2009 and Dec. 3 – 6,                                             season, hunters will be limited
                                                                            2009, while the Muzzleloader-         Among the most significant          to purchasing one Late-Winter
                                                                            only season will be Dec. 11           changes in regulations for the      deer permit. Permits for the
                                                                            – 13, 2009. The most signifi-         2009-2010 deer seasons are          counties open for the Late-
                                                                            cant change for these seasons         those involving the Late-Winter     Winter season will be avail-
                                                                            is the expanded availability of       Deer Hunting Season. It is          able over the counter through
                                                                            deer hunting permits. Firearm         being expanded to a seven-          DNR Direct license and permit
                                                                            and Muzzleloader-only deer            day split season on Dec. 31,        agents beginning in Decem-
                                                                            permits that are still available      2009 - Jan. 3, 2010 and Jan.        ber. As in years past, unfilled
                                                                            after the close of the random         15 - 17, 2010. In addition, a       firearm, muzzleloader, youth,
                                                                            daily drawing period for those        number of changes have been         and landowner firearm permits
                                                                            permits (Sept. 15-Oct. 1)             made in the list of counties        will be valid for this season
                                                                            will be sold over the counter         open for the season and the         provided that they were issued
                                                                            through DNR Direct license            availability of permits for those   for an open county.

GunNews 22
           Champaign County Rifle Association                       Coming Events -                 to get your event listed here, contact the GunNews Editor

   GUNS SAVE LIFE .COM                                                            September                            Regular Events - Weekly
                                                               25, 26, & 27 - SAF Gun Rights Policy Conference,
   If you have questions or want to volunteer                  St. Louis, MO., or call 425-454-7012.       Every Wednesday: trap and skeet shooting, 6 PM,
 ideas or your efforts to help our cause, these                26 - Firearms Safety Class, Danville Rifle and Pistol   St. Joseph Sportsman’s Club, St. Joseph, IL
 are the names you need to know. Even if you                   Club. Larry Pasquale, 217-443-2050.
        can only do a little, do something.                    26 & 27 - Southern Illinois Hunting and Fishing Days,   Every Thursday, 4PM to 9PM, 50 bird trap derby,
                                                               John A. Logan College, Carterville, IL. http://www.     Leroy Rifle and Pistol Club, Dick Miller, (309) 962-
    Officers and                     Committee                 26 & 27 - Northern Illinois Hunting and Fishing Days,
     Directors                         Chairs                  Silver Springs State Park, Yorkville, IL. http://www.   Every Saturday: trap and skeet shooting, 12 Noon,
                                                                                   St. Joseph Sportsman’s Club, St. Joseph, IL
Officers                         Political relations           26 & 27 - Pecatonica Gun Show, Winnebago County
David Pike, President            committee                     Fairgrounds, Pecatonica, IL. 815-964-6134.              Every Saturday, 1 PM, Trap Shooting, Lake Fork
(also Burma Signs for now;       Wayne Johnson                 26 & 27 - Arcola Gun Show, Arcola Center, Rt. 45 &      Sportsmen’s Club, Atwood. Gary Appleby at 217-
looking for help in this area) or               W. Main St., Arcola, IL. 217-268-5000.                  578-3298.            ewj@liberty4urbana.          27 - 1PM, LeRoy Rifle & Pistol Club, Black Powder
(217) 352-6405                    com or website               Shoot, Susie Hulvey, 217-935-6804.                      Every Sunday, Noon – 4 PM - Trap and Skeet; Loda
                                  www.liberty4urbana.                               October                            Sportsmen’s Club; Vernon Shedd, 217-396-5621
John Boch, Vice President
                                  com                          3 - Southern Illinois NRA Family Shooting Camp,
(217) 351-3575
                                 Range Development
                                                               9:00am to 4:00 pm, Williamson County Gun Club           Regular Events - Monthly
                                 committee                     Carterville, IL Larry Morse, 618-995-9586.
Secretary                                                      3 - ISRA .30 Cal Service Rifle Match, 9:00 am, ISRA     First Monday, 7 PM – Pheasants Forever meeting,
                                 Dean Rothermel
Bonnie Holland
                                 drothermel@gunssavelife.      Range, Bonfield, IL Claude Heale, 815-553-0591.         Farm Bureau Building, Country Fair Drive,
(309) 275-4600
                                 com (217) 834-3093            3 - Wabash Valley Friends of NRA Event, Richards        Champaign; call Tim Brenner, 217-351-5002, ext. 229
                                                               Farm Restaurant, 607 NE 13th St, Casey, IL David
                                 Reloading Committee           Peutz, 217-932-2170.                                    Second Friday, 6 PM – Trap shoot, Foosland
                                 David Acklin
(also Dues and Memberships)                                    3 & 4 - Urban Rifle 101 class, held at Darnall’s        Sportsmen’s Club; Dave Masko at 217-897-1671
                                 (217) 359-3328
Bill Cotter                                                    Ranges. John Boch,; 217-
                                                                 351-3575.                                               Third Friday, 6 PM – Trap Shoot, Sadorus Sportsman
217-359-2703                                                   3 & 4 - Belleville Gun Show, Belle Clair Fairgrounds,   Club; Robert Rogers 217-598-2279, or Earl Welch
                                 GunNews Distribution
                                 Gun ENews email update        Belleville, IL. Bob Leckrone, 618-495-2572.             217-863-2006
Immediate Past President
(also Meeting Committee)
                                 Mailing list                  4 - Wheaton Gun Show, DuPage County Fairgrounds,
                                 Warren Drake                  Wheaton, IL. Jim McAra, 773-237-8844.                   Fourth Saturday
Frank Wright
                              4 - LeRoy Rifle & Pistol Club,100 Bird Trap Derby,      9 AM - Trap Shoot – Beginners and Practice
(217) 384-0432
                                                               12PM, Dick Miller, 309-962-8102.                        – Sadorus Sportsman Club; Robert Rogers 217-598-
Directors                        GunNews Editor
                                                               5 - Sangamon County Rifle Association meeting,          2279, or Earl Welch 217-863-2006
Paul Vallandigham                                              6:30 PM, Diamond’s Buffet, Town & Country Shopping
                                 (Submit ideas, articles,                                     Center, 2441 S. MacArthur, Springfield, IL; James       We’ve got room for more. Let us know about
                                 pictures, shoot schedules,
(217) 378-4239                                                 Butler, (217) 528-0963;                                 your events, and we’ll see if we can’t get more
                                 letters to the editor)
                                 John Naese          ;                     shooters out to them!
Dan Sadler
                                 217-684-2602                  email
(also head of gun shows for
                                 505 S. Cleveland,
now - looking for help here)
                                 Philo, IL 61864
                                                               8 - Gem City Friends of NRA Event, Ambiance,            Chillicothe Sportsmen’s Club
(217) 582-2445                                                 5225 Koch’s Lane, Quincy, IL Stan Schwartz,             Sunday USPSA shoots
                                                               217-228-1622.                                           8 a.m. set up; 8:30 a.m.. registration and shooter’s
Jim Bickers                                                    10 & 11 - Training to Live and Win: Intermediate
                                                                                                                       meeting’ 9 a.m. shooting begins; no sign ups after 11
                                 Website                       Personal Protection. Darnall’s Ranges, Bloom-           a.m. Sept. 27, Oct. 25, Nov. 22, Dec. 27
                                 ington. John Boch,; 217
John Naese
                                                               351-3575.                                               Chillicothe also has other shoots you might want to
(also GunNews Editor)
                                 email the webmaster:          10 & 11 - Springfield Gun Show, IL State Fairgrounds,
                                 webmaster@gunssavelife.                                                               check out, such as trap, bullseye, SASS, and others.
 (217) 684-2602                                                Springfield, IL Bob Leckrone, 618-495-2572.   
                                                               13 - Guns Save Life / Champaign Co. Rifle As-
Marc Roderick
                                 Champaign County Rifle
                                                               sociation Meeting, 5 PM dinner and exhibits, 7 PM                                              meeting, Knights of Columbus Hall, 1001 N. Ohio St.,
(217) 356-4437
                                 Association /
                                                               Rantoul, IL. David Pike,,         So, where are the Cowboy Action
                                 Guns Save Life .com
                                 Mailing Address               (217) 352-6405                                           Shoots in Illinois?
Matt Skaj
                                 (for general correspondence   17 - Cowboy Action Shoot, Darnall’s Ranges, Bloom-       1st Sunday - Murdock
(also webmaster)
                                 and memberships)              ington, IL. 309-379-4331                                 2nd Saturday - Effingham
                                                               17 & 18 - Champaign Gun Show Champaign County            2nd Sunday - Streator
                                                                                              3rd Saturday - Bloomington
Gene Martin                                                    Fairgrounds, Urbana, IL. Bob Leckrone, 618-495-
                                 PO Box 51                                                2572.                                                    3rd Sunday - Plainfield
                                 Savoy, IL 61874
(217) 359-9909                                                 18 - Tactical three gun shoot, Darnall’s Ranges,         4th Sunday - Springfield

                                                                                                                                                                  GunNews 23
 Champaign County Rifle Association /           First Prize                                                                               Special thanks to Rock River Arms
 Guns Save Life is proud to announce            Rock River Arms Entry Tactical AR-15 rifle, new in box compliments of Rock                for their support of our Great Guns II
 our Second Annual Great Guns draw-             River Arms, Inc. with a Dominator 2 EOTech sight mount.                                   Drawing!
 ing. Tickets are just $5 each! The
 winners will be drawn at the October 13,
 2009 CCRA meeting.

 Tickets can be purchased at the
 regular monthly meeting or by
 mailing a check or money order
 (with a SASE if you would like us
 to send the ticket stubs back to
 you) to PO Box155, Broadlands,
                                                Second Prize
 IL 61816                                       M1 Garand made by Springfield Armory.
                                                This gun is in very good condition+, pos-
 Entries received on or before October          sibly unissued.
 13, 2009 will be accepted for the draw-

                                                                                                         Clip this application and mail it along with your check to
                                                                                               , PO Box 51, Savoy, IL 61874. Thanks!
 Back through the years
                                                                                                     Become a Member of CCRA / Guns Save Life
 From the October 2000 issue of GunNews
 Federal Highway Administration to IDOT:

 REMOVE THOSE SIGNS!                                                                             Address
Springfield, IL (CCRA) - Sources inside the      Ed 2d 645 (1994) in his letter. Ladue was
Illinois Department of Transportation tell       a 9-0 decision of the Supreme Court that
CCRA that the Federal Highway Adminis-           politically oriented messages on private        City                           County                        State          ZIP
tration has contacted the IDOT regarding         property are exempt from all local, state
the “Guns Save Life dot com” Burma-style         or federal regulations. Furthermore, the
signs along Interstates and highways             Supreme Court also affirmed that the city of
                                                                                                 Telephone (for urgent alerts only)                    E-mail
throughout Illinois. They have ordered           Ladue (MO) should pay the Gilleo woman’s
IDOT to have the signs removed.                  legal costs.

It seems they consider them a violation          Vallandigham made it clear that should          Are you an NRA member (if so, it may help us secure low-cost insurance)
of the commercial regulations regarding          the IDOT act to remove any of the signs
signage along Interstate Highways. Appar-        or continue to send harassing letters to         Yes __________       If so, member number _________________________
ently the anti-freedom bureaucrat that send      landowners, not only would GunSaveLife.         Dues:                             _______ $30 - Annual membership
the memorandum to IDOT is not familiar           com seek immediate injunctive relieve in
with Ladue v. Gilleo.                            Federal court, but also would seek punitive                                       _______ $90 - Three-year membership
                                                 damages from everyone involved.
IDOT’s General Counsel Edward Gower                                                                                                _______ Legal Defense Fund donation
is drafting up a reply to the Federal edict      “Make sure this Vallandigham guy does           Donations:
of why the IDOT has taken a “hands-off”          not have a reason to send me any more                                             _______ Range Acquisition Fund donation
approach to Guns Save Life dot com’s             letters.”
Burma-style signs.                                                                                                                 _______ Burma-style Sign Fund donation
                                                 Upon receipt of the letter, the General
Back in 1999, CCRA Member Attorney               Counsel instructed IDOT District offices that                                     _______ Total Enclosed
Paul Vallandigham sent IDOT a polite letter      they were to take a completely hands-off
informing them of the legal ramifications of     approach to the signs.
continued harassment of landowners erect-
ing the pro-freedom, political signs on their    CCRA / Guns Save Life dot com is not
                                                                                                 Is this a gift membership? If so, from whom:
private property along the roadways.             concerned about the Federal Highway
                                                 Administration. As Richard Klein said at        Political precinct (from your voter registration card):
Specifically, Vallandigham cited Ladue v.        September’s meeting, “We’ll be delighted to
Gilleo, 512 US 43, 114 S. Ct. 2038, 129 L        take their money.”                              We encourage anyone who supports civil rights, particularly the civil right of
                                                                                                 self-defense to join with us in our battle to retain and restore our civil rights.

GunNews 24

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