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VOlUMe 76                                                                       APRIl 2011                            NUMbeR 4

                                          Potentate’s Ball 2011

                   FiRSt time combined

     Car & Motorcycle
        Swap Meet
        APRIL 9-11 • LEE’S SUMMIT                                                      Requested
                                                                                     Address Service
Join the Labor Pool! Your support is needed!                                         Permit No. 595
    the meet is again in Lee’s Summit between browning Street & Hamblein Road
                                                                                    Kansas City, Mo.
              FridaY: Setup Day starting at 8 AM                                       PA I D
    SATURdAy: THe DAY - extra help is needed starting at 4 AM
                                                                                                       Kansas City, MO 64129-1998
                                                                                      US Postage
SUndAy: Windup. Routine handling of vendors, cleanup in the afternoon                Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                       5100 Ararat Drive
                                                                                                       Ararat Shrine
          A R A R AT S H R I N e
          5100 Ararat Drive, Kansas City, Missouri

    WEdnESdAy, APRIL 13, 2011                                                       2011 DIVAN
                                                                b.J. Richardson ...............illustrious Potentate
                                                                                                                                         SHRINe ClUb DIReCTORS
                                                                                                                                Charley Swafford ................................director
                          ~ AND ~                               Richard Floyd ........................... chief Rabban          Vern Hilliard ........................ Assistant director
                                                                Dave bushakra ................... Assistant Rabban              Art Kinder............................ Assistant director
      WEdnESdAy, MAy 11, 2011                                   Wayne Spencer ............High Priest & Prophet
                                                                Maurice Camerlynck, Jr ........... oriental Guide
                                                                                                                                larry Potter ......................... Assistant director
                                                                                                                                       SHRINe ClUb AMbASSADORS
                                                                Michael Allen ................................... treasurer
                                                                                                                                lew Kitson ......................................... district i
    Meeting 7:30 PM • Regular Order of business                 Michael Wheeler .............................. Recorder
                                                                                                                                bud Higginbotham ............................ district ii
                                                                Clarence Kirby, Jr. ....First ceremonial master
                                                                                                                                Shaun Robinson .............................. district iii
                     balloting on Petitions                     Steve Johnson. ....Second ceremonial master
                                                                                                                                Henry McDaniel ...............................district iV
                                                                Jim Waggoner, Sr. ..............................director
                 Visiting Nobles Welcome                        Dan Smothers.................................... marshal
                                                                                                                                Curt Karnes ......................................district V
                                                                                                                                Todd Hill ...........................................district Vi
                                                                bill lutman .....................captain of the Guard
         2011 Card Required • Wear Your Fez                     Randy berry................................ outer Guard
                                                                                                                                Ken Sisemore .................................district Vii
                                                                                                                                Gail brown .....................................district Viii
                                                                loyd Gentry ...................................... chaplain
    Michael Wheeler                   B.J. RICHARdSOn                                                                                           UNIT DIReCTORS
                                                                RePReSeNTATIVeS TO IMPeRIAl COUNCIl                             bill Dean, Sr. ........................................Ararats
          Recorder                      illustrious Potentate                                                                   Rex Nolen ........................................... clowns
                                                                b.J. Richardson ...............illustrious Potentate
                                                                Richard Floyd ........................... chief Rabban          to be Announced ..................... concert band
                                                                Dave bushakra ................... Assistant Rabban              Jerry McClary ..........................director’s Staff
 articles for May issue due by                                  Wayne Spencer ............High Priest & Prophet                 Paul Clampitt ................. drum & bugle corps
                                                                                                                                Chuck Hotchkiss ............................... Greeters

            aPriL 11, please!                                           RePReSeNTATIVeS TO THe
                                                                 CeNTRAl STATeS SHRINe ASSOCIATION
                                                                                                                                Jeff Quibell...........................................Guides
                                                                                                                                Clayton Riley ....................................... Harem
                                                                                                                                larry Riggs ............................Legion of Honor
  if they are not received by this date they                    b.J. Richardson ...............illustrious Potentate            Ray Green ..................................... mini indy’s
                                                                Richard Floyd ........................... chief Rabban
     will not be in the MAy Shrine news.                        Dave bushakra ................... Assistant Rabban
                                                                                                                                Jared Hargrave ........................ mini model t’s
                                                                                                                                Greg Kennedy ............................ motor corps                              Wayne Spencer ............High Priest & Prophet                 Robert Knudsen..........................motor escort
                                                                                                                                Tom Krahenbuhl .................... mounted Guard
                                                                          bOARD OF DIReCTORS                                    Paul brewer ...................................... ole cars
                                                                b.J. Richardson ...............illustrious Potentate            Waco Dohn ............................... oriental band
            1984 to 2010                                        Richard Floyd ........................... chief Rabban          Ron berg ...............................................Patrol
  Celebrating Our 26th Anniversary                              Dave bushakra ................... Assistant Rabban              Gary Mosby ............................ Pipes & drums
                                                                Wayne Spencer ............High Priest & Prophet                 ernie Wills.................................. Sandbuggies
                                                                Maurice Camerlynck, Jr ........... oriental Guide               To be Announced .................................trykes
                                                                Michael Allen ................................... treasurer         ARARAT SHRINe bUSINeSS OFFICe
                                                                Michael Wheeler .............................. Recorder         Jerrie bailey ............................Office Manager
                                                                                                                                        Sharon elam • linda Hickman
                                                                        DIReCTOR AND ASSISTANT                                   Phone: 816-923-1975 • Fax: 816-923-6743
                                                                       DIReCTORS UNIFORM UNITS                               
                                                                Don Pittier, Sr......................................director             Office Hrs: M-F 10am–6pm
                                                                Rod Guzman ...................... Assistant director
                                                                Pete Hickman ..................... Assistant director                          ARARAT ClUb
                                                                Ron Knold ........................... Assistant director        b.J. Richardson .director of Food & beverage
                                                                Don Pittier, Jr. ..................... Assistant director        Phone: 816-923-1995 • Fax: 816-923-2610
                                                                Tim Rechterman ................. Assistant director             
                                                                Jim Runyan......................... Assistant director          SHRINe NeWS ...................Jim Kerns, editor

                                                                                       A GLIMPSE OF
                                                                                    ARARAT ACCOUnTInG

                                                                           In 2010 expenses totaled $186,628.00 for the upkeep
                                                                             of Ararat Shrine’s building and grounds. Donations
                                                                              to the Cornerstone Fund are greatly appreciated.

2 | ARARAT SHRINE NEWS                                                                                                                                                    APRIL 2011
Pote’s Notes!

Hello Nobles and Ladies!!
     With the Potentate’s Ball being just a couple of days behind us, I know
for one that I am still trying to catch up on some much needed rest. I hope all
of you that attended the Ball enjoyed yourself, if not, I remember something
my mother told me about a “new rope”! I was amazed at how well the evening
went and the food was great (especially the salad!). We had many dignitaries
join us for the evening and each one that I spoke with was impressed with how
Ararat throws a party. To all of you that attended I want to personally thank
you for making it such a great evening.
     Now its time to prepare for the Potentate’s Trip to “Yellowstone and the
Dakotas.” I have contracted for a 56 passenger, luxury coach to leave from
Ararat and return back there. We leave on July 22nd, return on July 31st and
travel through the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, then we catch the “Legends in
Light” at the Crazy Horse Memorial (nighttime laser show!), on to Deadwood,
South Dakota and then a pitchfork fondue dinner in North Dakota. Starting on
day four we are in “Big Sky Country” Montana and then drop into West Yel-
lowstone to then see “Old Faithful” and relax for a couple days before heading
south into the Tetons. By the seventh day we will be in Jackson, Wyoming and
offer a wildlife float trip on the majestic Snake River (keep an eye out for Bald
Eagles!). On day nine we will be in North Platte, Nebraska where I plan to host
a farewell “Happy Hour” (I’ll bet it last longer than an hour!) at the hotel for
everyone before we head back to Kansas City. Get with either myself or the
girls in the front to get the flyer and registration form.
     The Mardi Gras party was a HUGE success and there were several “Non-
                                                                                    2011 PARADE SCHEDULE
Shriners” enjoying the evening. The Cinco de Mayo party is scheduled in Ben-        DATE                           LINE-UP TIME / PARADE TIME                                         LOCATION
nett on Friday,ß May 6th. The Ham Bash and Warsaw Crappie Tournament are
both on April 23rd. April 30th there is a poker run at Boonville Shrine Club        APRIL 8-10 .........................................SWAP MEET ............................. Lee’s Summit, MO
and the Mounted Guard Bass Tournament at Truman Lake. Central States Mo-            MAY 7 (Volunteer) ....................... 9:00 am / 10:00 am ......................... Missouri City, MO
tor Corp Mid-Winter meeting is the third weekend in April and is hosted by
                                                                                    MAY 7 .......................................... 12:00 noon / 1:00 pm .............................Richmond, MO
Ararat, for information regarding that contact Ron Harvey at (816) 810-5151.
                                                                                    MAY 14 ......................................... 10:00 am / 11:00 am ................................Marshall, MO
    As always, thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Potentate!            MAY 21 ......................................SPRING CEREMONIAL............................. Ararat Shrine
    BJ                                                                              JUNE 11 ....................................... 10:00 am / 11:00 am .................................Warsaw, MO
                                                                                    JUNE 25 ....................................... 10:00 am / 11:00 am ............................... Boonville, MO
                                                                                    JULY 2........................................... 10:00 am / 11:00 am ................................... Clinton, MO
                                                                                    AUGUST 20 ................................... 9:00 am / 10:00 am ................................. Parkville, MO
                                                                                    AUGUST 20 .................................... 3:00 pm / 4:00 pm ................................ Lexington, MO
                                                                                    SEPTEMBER 1-2-3-4 ............ C.S.S.A (Abdallah Shrine) ..................Overland Park, KS

                                                                                    SEPTEMBER 10........................... 10:00 am / 11:00 am ................................Edgerton, MO
                                                                                    SEPTEMBER 16-17-18......................SWAP MEET ............................. Lee’s Summit, MO
                                                                                    SEPTEMER 24 .............................. 9:00 am / 10:00 am .............................American Royal
 SHRINE NEWS                                                                                                                                                Lineup: West side of Liberty Memorial

                                                                                    OCTOBER 8 ..................................FALL CEREMONIAL................................ Ararat Shrine
 Ararat Shrine News is published monthly by Ararat Shrine Temple, 5100 Ararat       OCTOBER 29 ......................... FESTIVAL OF CHAMPIONS .................Warrensburg, MO
   Drive, Kansas City, Missouri 64129. Standard Presort Postage is PAID at
  Kansas City, Missouri Permit 595. Advertising rates: Contact 816-923-1975         NOVEMBER 17-20 ................................ CIRCUS ............................Municipal Auditorium                                                                                                                              ARARAT SHRINE NEWS | 3
Hospital System Heroes
For the month of February the following Nobles have sponsored children into the
Shrine Hospitals. If your name has never appeared in this column, consider getting
involved. It will not only change your life, but will be a life changing experience for
a child and his family.                                                                                                            The truth the world holds isn’t always an easy thing to face. Not every child born is healthy. We ask why?
                                                                                                                               We wonder if the illnesses set upon our young ones have been created over time by man itself, or if God has
          Ed Stowell                                                                                                           another plan for our lives.
                                                                                                                                   Some children are born with Downs Syndrome, Leukemia, Cystic Fibrosis and other diseases. With most of
                                                                                                                               these cases depending on how they impact our lives we say, “That’s so sad,” and go on about our business; but
                                                                                                                               for others, they are up to their elbows and drowning in moments of joy, frustration and agony.
                                                                                                                                   Such is the emotional roller coaster for Bro. Robert and Angela Hall of St. Joseph, Mo. Their three year

Hospital Van Drivers                                                                                                                                                 old daughter McKynlee faces many different obstacles for such a young
                                                                                                                                It was with great relief child, Beckwith-Weidman Syndrome, Genetic Disorder and Cerebral Palsy.
                                                                                                                                 and joy the Masonic McKynlee is wheelchair bound, legally blind, hypoglycemic with dumping
     If you are a member of Ararat Shrine you are encouraged to call the Hospital                                                                                    syndrome, mentally handicapped, extreme growth and is extremely allergic
Transportation Office (816) 923-5429 or (816) 923-1319 and become one of those                                                      Home was able to                 to everything allowing her to only eat rice cereal through a feeding tube
                                                                                                                                  return to the family since her tongue is enlarged.
men who transport our children to the St. Louis Hospital. This will be one of the most                                                                                   McKynlee qualified for Mo HealthNet benefits, but the policies changed
                                                                                                                                      with good news.                and her need was re-evaluated, leaving McKynlee and her parents without
rewarding activities you will ever experience.
                                                                                                                                                                     some of the critical medical equipment needed to monitor McKynlee’s heart-
     We encourage every man in Ararat to become a driver. It will require you to go to                                         rate and oxygen levels. Without this machine, Pulse Ox, her parents would have to sit with her 24 hours a day
                                                                                                                               and make sure she is breathing.
your State Driver’s License Office and obtain a copy of your driving record. As a mat-                                             Robert and Angela found themselves trying to pay the monthly rental fee for this vital machine in their
ter of fact, all drivers need to bring their records up to date in this manner.                                                daughter’s life and found they were coming up short. Trying to keep a roof over their heads; and putting food on
                                                                                                                               the table would have to take a backseat when it came to McKynlee’s welfare.
     A big Thank You to the following Nobles who have driven the Hospital Van in the                                               A fellow Brother heard of the family’s struggles and called the
month of February.                                                                                                             Masonic Home of Missouri and told our case worker that they needed
                                                                                                                               help. Our case worker contacted the Halls and visited with them about
     John Cardin              Howard Silvers                                                                                   their needs and met their precious daughter, McKynlee.
     Marvin Cass              Thurman Thomas                                                                                       It was with great joy and relief the Masonic Home was able to return
                                                                                                                               to the family with the good news. We were able to help them through the
     Clifford Hubert          Bert Torrey                                                                                      Masonic Home’s Children’s Outreach Program. Instead of renting a Pulse
                                                                                                                               Ox Machine the Masonic Home was able to buy them one, along with
     Gregory Kranz            Doug Urie                                                                                        other items needed for McKynlee.
     Vernon Phillips          Rich Willdermood                                                                                     The Halls are so grateful to the Masonic Home of Missouri and
                                                                                                                               their donors. We are the charity for Masons; we are one of your links to
                                                                                                                               helping a brother, sister or child in need. We cannot cure McKynlee, but
                                                                                                                               you ease the financial burden for Robert and Angela by giving them the
                                                                                                                               support they need to provide the best quality of life for their little girl.

                                                                                                                                   For more information about the Children’s Outreach Program or one of our other programs
                                                                                                                                                                   please call 800-434-9804.

                                                                            Beautiful Quilt Donated

                                                                                   wo fantastic ladies recently made a beautiful donation to the Ararat Hospital Office. Mary and Kathy Payur
                                                                                   created a striking handmade quilt which now hangs proudly in the Telemedicine Room. The quilt as you can see
                                                                                   in the picture consists of figures and sayings that reflect their devotion to the children we serve. The patients
                                                                            love to look at the quilt and talk about the things shown on it. It is a great ice-breaker and makes the patients and
                                                                            their parents more at ease while being examined via the internet. Ed Stowell accepted the quilt for the Hospital Office
                                                                            and says it is one of the most beautiful and inspiring he has ever seen. This is just another donation that makes the
                                                                            Telemedicine Room a more enjoyable experience for our patients and their families. Thank you Mary and Kathy for
                                                                            all your caring and help.

                        HOSPITAL COMMITTEE                                                                                                  Health Materials Coordinator ...............................................................Donna Hunt
                        Hospital Chairman .....................................................................................Ed Stowell   Maintenance ..................................................................................... Howard Silvers
                        Assistant Hospital Chairman..................................................................Bert Torrey
                        Ground Transportation Coordinator & Office Manager ............... Jim Vaughan                                      TELEMEDICINE COMMITTEE
                        Public Relations & Health Fairs .....................................................................(Open)         Telemedicine Facilitator........................................................................Dale Wilson
                        Commercial Airline Scheduler Cincinnati & Galveston........Dave McLaughlin                                          Technicians .............. Jim Vaughan, Pete Hickman, Dale Wilson, Marvin Cass
                        Commercial Airline Scheduler Chicago & Philadelphia...................Bert Torrey                                   Technician & Interpreter ................................................................... Jose Esteban
                        Speakers Bureau Chairman .......................................... Maurice Camerlynck, Jr.
     Ed Stowell         Patient Coordinator & Data Base Manager ....................................Lyle Croisant                           TELEMEDICINE MEDICAL PERSONNEL
                        Patient Scheduling & Van Drivers .. Rocky Weaver, Jim Vaughan, Doug Urie,                                           Telemedicine Nurses...................................................... Christy Salisbury NP CD,
                                     Dale Wilson, Vernon Phillips, Steve Hanchette, Mike Anderson                                                                    Jo Nelson RN, Patricia Guzman RN, Mary Ellen Kranz RN,
                        Patient Scheduling, Interpreter & Data Base Manager.............. Jose Esteban                                                           Carol Surber RN, Velma Simmems RN, Mary Jo Halberg RN
                        Program Presenter & Public Relations........................Maurice Camerlynck, Jr.,                                Technician .................................................................................................. Eric Miller
                                          Don Wilson, Harry Marshall, Michael Avery, Pete Hickman
                        Southern Jurisdiction & Public Relations .......Richard Hickman, Walt Bruens                                        BURN TEAM COMMITTEE
                        Eastern Jurisdiction & Public Relations .......Thomas Thurman, Russ Cooksey                                         Chairman .....................................................................................................Ed Stowell
                        Southeast Jurisdiction & Health Fair Consultant ........................... Marvin Cass                             Burn Team....................................................................Lowell Harmon, Ernie Taylor,
                        Northern Jurisdiction & Public Relations ...............................Skip Willdermood                                                                                                  Leland Brown, Steven Hanchette

4 | ARARAT SHRINE NEWS                                                                                                                                                                                                                       APRIL 2011
 nd                  10% DISCOUNTTO SENIORS &&VETERANS
 art and               10% DISCOUNTTO SENIORS &VETERANS
                       10% DISCOUNTTO SENIORS VETERANS                                                                   
 bout                                                                                                                    
                          Riley Vance
                             Riley Vance
                            Riley Vance                     Shawn Vance
                                                              Shawn Vance
                                                             Shawn Vance                                                 
                           816-935-3137                     816-872-6200
                                                             816-872-6200                                                
  art of
partof                                                                                                                   

              D O N AT E C A R S !
                                                                                                                Editor’s Note: There are many good deeds done quietly around the country by hunters, anglers and

               D O N AT E C A R
               D O N AT E C A R S !
 r gotta.
ar gotta.                                                                                                                
                                                                                                                shooters. Unfortunately, we don’t always hear about them. Today, we’re glad to share this story from
 ec- sec-
er ,,sec-
 er                                                                                                             St. Louis where a visit from a duck calling legend did more than share his love of calling with the kids; it
s                                                                                                                        
                                                                                                                gave respiratory therapists at Shriners Hospital another way to get kids to do their therapy-voluntarily.
ppen,                         TRUCKS/BOATS/RVs
                               TRUCKS/BOATS/RVs                                                                          

about                                                                                                           Duck Call Activity becomes
ur our
   ut                                     Help Fight CHILDREN’S CANCER
                                            Help Fight CHILDREN’S CANCER
                                           Help Fight CHILDREN’S CANCER
                                                                                                                Therapy for Patients
and and
nits, and                                        Running oror Not ••NORestrctions
                                                    Running Not • NO Restrctions
                                                   Running or Not NO Restrctions
  its,                                                                                                                   
    believe                                                                                                              
on on
                                               Blue Book Value (On Most Cars)
                                                 Blue Book Value (On Most Cars)
                                                Blue Book Value (On Most Cars)                                         (ST. LOUIS) When the local Cabela’s store in St. Louis invited world champion
eets on
                                              Receipts & & IRS Forms ON THE SPOT!
                                             All Receipts IRS Forms ON THE SPOT!
                                          AllAll Receipts & IRS FormsON THE SPOT!                               duck caller Buck Gardener to provide a fun activity for the patients at Shriners Hospi-
  h at
 uilding                            SAME DAY-FREE PICK UPUP••StillTAX DEDUCTIBLE
                                      SAME DAY-FREE PICK UP Still TAX DEDUCTIBLE
                                       SAME DAY-FREE PICK • Still TAX DEDUCTIBLE                                tals for
                                                                                                                           Children®, no one realized that this simple invitation would turn into a great
                                                                                                                way to help patients with their respiratory therapy.
  ,ll us,
 allus,                                                                                                                  
                                       American Children’s Society, Inc. Kansas City, MO
                                         American Children’s Society, Inc. Kansas City, MO
                                        American Children’s Society, Inc. Kansas City, MO                                cacophony of duck calls raised the decibel level in the hospital’s recreational
                                                                                                                      A 
                                                                                therapy department on March 9 while Gardener and his pro-staffers taught the patients
                                                                                                                            properly use their custom-made, hospital-logo duck calls. As the kids were
                                                                                                                how to
 hing to
hing to                                                                                                                  
                                                                                                                blowing into their calls and trying to be louder than each other, Respiratory Therapist
                                                                                                                Marcela Spraul entered the room and realized she’d found a perfect tool for helping
                                                                                                                her patients enjoy their respiratory treatments.
                 KANSAS CITY
                   KANSAS CITY
                   KANSAS CITY                                  Stock Mufflers ••Custom Duals
                                                                 Stock Mufflers •Custom Duals
                                                                  Stock Mufflers Custom Duals
                                                                                                                      “We walked in and saw all our spine pa-
              MONUMENT COMPANY
                MONUMENT COMPANY
               MONUMENT COMPANY                                                                                 tients - the kids who really need to work on
                                                                                                                their pulmonary functions - using all their lung
                                                                 MUFFLER                    A/C
              The Memorial Specialist
                The Memorial Specialist
                The Memorial Specialist                                                                         power 
                                                                                                                           to make their duck calls louder than
                                                                                                                each other,” Spraul said. “We immediately re-
                       6842 Troost
                           6842 Troost
                          6842 Troost                                    DIAMOND
                                                                         DIAMOND                                alized that we could use this toy to help make
                                                                                                                respiratory therapy more fun for the patients.”
                Kansas City, Missouri 64131
                   Kansas City, Missouri 64131
                  Kansas City, Missouri 64131
                                                                                                                          World champion duck caller buck 
mes                                                             AUTO
                                                                 AUTO                                                 Gardener, who was prepared for a reward- 
                                                                                                                          Gardener demonstrates good calling
aa                  Serving Cemeteries
                 Serving AllAll Cemeteries
                   Serving All Cemeteries                       REPAIR
                                                                 REPAIR                    BRAKE
                                                                                           BRAKE                ing afternoon of having fun teaching kids about 
                                                                                                                                     
                                                                                                                                                                              technique for one of the kids. Her ex-
                     Office: 333-0075
                         Office: 333-0075
                        Office: 333-0075                                                                        the outdoors and how to use duck calls, was 
                                                                                                                                          pression lets you know how
                                                                                                                                                                              she feels
                                                                      204 East Blue Parkway
                                                                        204 East Blue Parkway
                                                                       204 East Blue Parkway                    thrilled with the development.                               about respiratory therapy disguised as
                     SINCE 1888
                        SINCE 1888                                                                                    “Using a duck call properly is all about air fun. PHOTO COURTeSY CHIlDReNS HOSPITAl.
                       SINCE 1888                                    Lee’s Summit, Mo. 64063
                                                                       Lee’s Summit, Mo. 64063
                                                                      Lee’s Summit, Mo. 64063
                                                                         Phone: 525-3553
                                                                           Phone: 525-3553
                                                                          Phone: 525-3553                       controlhe said. “I’ve
                                                                                                                            and how you breathe,”
                     Jeffrey Miller
                        Jeffrey Miller
                       Jeffrey Miller                                                                                    
                                                                                                                known that using a duck call has improved my
                           && &                                        JIM WAGGONER
                                                                     JIM WAGGONER
                                                                      JIM WAGGONER                              lungs over the years, but it didn’t dawn on me until now that the hospital could use
                     Sarah Sipe-Miller
                   Sarah Sipe-Miller
                     Sarah                                                 OWNER
                                                                                                                these calls in a therapeutic function for the kids.”
& 2nd
d 2nd                                                                     OWNER
                                                                           OWNER                                         
                                                                                                                      Gardener donated 60 extra duck calls to the hospital’s respiratory therapy depart-
rby.                                                                                                                     
                                                                                                                ment for their use. The patients, on the other hand, had no idea they were doing respi-
                                                                                                                ratory therapy. They were just happy to have something fun and different to do... as
                                                                                                                           something that could make a little trouble around place.
                                                                                                                well as
                                                                                                                      “Awesomeness,” said Kayla Jordan, an 11-year scoliosis patient from Orient, OH.
                                                                                                                “I can use this duck call to annoy my cousins wen I get home.”

                                                ay 7th
                                                                                                                      No doubt, she and her fellow patients will be causing a ruckus with the noisemak-
                                                                                                                ers later on in their rooms.”We didn’t think about the nurses tonight when we planned


                         ril 2nd
                                                                                                                this activity,” said Barb Sacco, director of Child Life and Recreational Therapy. “The

                                                                                                                nurses are gonna kill us.” The patients will have a good excuse for it, though: it’s just
                                                                                                                respiratory therapy!
                                                                                                                      Shriners Hospitals for Children® is a health care system of 22 hospitals dedicated to improv-
                                                                                                                ing the lives of children by providing pediatric specialty care, innovative research, and outstanding
                                                                                                                teaching programs for medical professionals. Children up to age 18 with orthopaedic conditions,
                                                                                                                burns, spinal cord injuries, and cleft lip and palate are eligible for care and receive all services in a
                May 2010ARARATSHRINE NEWS • 5                                                                   family-centered environment, regardless of the patients’ ability to pay.
                                                                                                                                        Reprinted from:

                       UNITS                          AND              CLUBS
                     BLUE SPRINGS SHRINE CLUB
                                                  By Fred Harle, P.P.
                                                                                                                                                                     Call Me for Special Rates for Shriners!
                   They always say, “April Showers Bring        Thank you ladies for continuing to share
                May Flowers.” Well, here it is April 10th,      BSSC with all the rest of us.
                haven’t seen much rain here in our great           Our President, Bill Fickle arranged a
                city of Blue Springs, MO, but you know          spectacular program for our entertainment.
                what, if you are like me those May flowers      Jordan Mitchell, a member of DeMolay,
                                          4 PM Close
                are already starting to bloom. You know
                the kind I’m talking about, those pretty lit-
                                                                presented a Ceremony of Life in full form.
                                                                Wow, super impressive, you could hear a
                tle yellow flowers that we spend a small        pin drop. What a treat to see and hear such
                fortune trying to eliminate from our yard       a talented young man.
     dande-                                                                                                                                ARARAT SHRINE NEWS | 5
                every year. Yep, they are called
                lions. If you don’t have any I’ll be more
                                                                   We treat our dignitaries with respect,
                                                                and it’s always a pleasure to put out the old
                                                                                                                          SUPERIOR TREE SERVICES
                than happy to bring you some of the ones        BSSC welcome mat for any and all temple                            Spring is coming and so are the storms.
                        Membership Matters
                        By ROd MCGRATH, MeMbeRSHIP CHAIRMAN

                         ’m really excited       • Bad health: This can cause a financial been a myth for years that a Noble should           take care of itself.
                         about the Unit/           burden.                                not join anything the first night they are               Always respectfully,
                         club participa-         • Age: Prevents some members from be- here. (Show and Tell). This is exactly that,                Rod McGrath
                       tion in the monthly         ing active.                            a myth. You should encourage a new No-                   Membership Chairman
                       Membership meet-          • Wrong mailing address: Or, didn’t re- ble to join at least 1 club if not more. They   
ings. I promise you will get something             spond to bill.                         can wait to join a Unit if they wish. There              816-651-7636
positive to take away with you. I know           • Lost interest: Membership no longer is a lot more financial, and time respon-
your time is valuable and I respect that.          appeals to him.                        sibilities that are associated with a Unit.
Anyone is invited to join us, not just of-       • Lack of fellowship: Poor networking But strongly encourage them to join at
ficers. We welcome one and all. Come be
a part of the most positive and fun group
                                                 • Programs are outdated: To many old
                                                                                          least one club.                                      Membership
in the entire Shrine center! We meet ev-
ery 4th Thursday at 7pm in the Sultan’s
                                                                                               I’m not telling you to tell your candi-
                                                                                          date he shouldn’t join a Unit if he wishes.
                                                 • Misunderstanding: Disagreement or I’m telling you he may want to do some
lounge. It will be impossible to leave with        bad ego’s.                                                                                                            2/19/11– 2011
                                                                                          research before hand to make sure he can                                       3/23/11 yTd
out a positive outlook and smile. This is        • Member was not accepted among afford the different commitments each
the year we turn the corner!                       group: Clicks!                                                                               Creations                   0          0
                                                                                          Unit requires. But he will stay active, and
      I’d like to take a moment this month       • Failed to provide value: Lack of ben- work his way in to a Unit eventually, if he            Affiliations                0          5
and talk about Retention. We have a Cer-           efits!                                 joins something right away and begins his             Restorations                1          8
emonial coming up May 20th and 21st.             • Few Opportunities to get involved in Shrine career active.                                   Associates                  0          0
It’s important we know how to retain this          Leadership.                                 Your Membership team has so much                 Associates Dropped          0          2
member once we bring them in. We are             • Lack of quality family programs: to share with your Unit/Club Membership
                                                                                                                                                Deceased                    9         31
                                                   Never change!

losing members within the first year at an                                                               Chairman at this month’s               Demitted                    2          3
                                                 • No one ever listens to
alarming rate. There are several causes
for a member to get suspended. I’m going           my suggestions, desires,         ONE IN               Membership meeting. We’ll
                                                                                                         discuss techniques for your
                                                                                                                                                Suspended                   0          0
                                                   needs.                                                                                       Resigned                    1          1
to plagiarize from the “Membership Tool-                                                                 Unit/Club to have a VERY
kit”, in which EVERY Noble may access            • The only time I get a call                            successful Pub Crawl/Cer-              Total Gain (loss)         -11        -24
at, and possi-             from the Shrine is when                               emonial. There are small
                                                   I am back on my dues or                                                                      Total Membership: 3,418
bly from our own Past Potentate Howard                                                                   things you can do to make a            as of March 23, 2011
McHenry.                                           you are raising money.                                big difference!
                                                      The NEW Noble leaves for many of             Remember, 2 new creations gets your
Cause of Suspensions!                            these same reasons, but probably the most    Ararat Shrine dues paid. As I always say,        Ararat Membership
• Economic conditions: A financial disas-        prevalent is because they do not get ac-     “It doesn’t cost a thing to be a Shriner!”       January 1, 2011 = 3,442
  ter can change to positive in a single year.   tive and don’t feel comfortable. There has   Do the recruit thing and everything will

                                                      Ararats                                      Following our Dance Party of February 18, the band journeyed to the city of Boon-
                                                                                              ville the next night to perform for the Boonslick Shrine Club. Lady Jennie and I ac-
                                                      By FREd “FInGERS” HARLE P.P.
                                                                                              companied the band, and while traveling down I-70 it started to rain, and by the time

                                                      bring you greetings from the best       we reached the big city of Odessa we were in a cloud burst. When you passed one of
                                                      “Big Band Sound” this side of the       those 18 wheelers it was almost like flying blind. But, you know what? Every one of the
                                                      Mississippi. You got that right; it’s   band members, our equipment men, and our Director Noble Bill Dean, Sr. showed up,
                                                    none other than Ararat Shrine’s “Big      and were ready to play at the appointed time. I must also mention that Jodi Ashlock, our
                                                    Band Sound” the Ararats.                  featured vocalist was present. Her husband Ron, a former member of the Ararats, braved
                                                         The Ararats kicked off their 1st     the bad weather and drove her to our gig.
                                                    Friday Night Dance Party in Febru-             Talk about dedication above and beyond the call of duty. This night, with all the bad
                                                    ary with a nice turnout of listeners      weather, proved that musicians are really a hardy group of adventurers who can over-
                                                    and dancers. Lady Jennie and I start-     come any obstacle to honor a commitment to perform, and we did it this night for the
                                                    ed off the evening by having dinner       Boonslick Shrine Club.
                                                    in the Ararat Club before the dance            The Dance Party was held in the Knights of Columbus Hall, a really neat place to
                                                    started. It’s the perfect way to start    have a party. Yes, it rained in Boonville but it didn’t dampen the spirits of everyone at this
                                                    the evening, and the food is good.        great party because it wasn’t raining inside. See photos at left.
                                                    I know some of you have probably               This should give all our other clubs and units something to think about. Why not
forgotten the particulars about how to attend our Dance Party, so here it is again. You are   throw your own party and have the Ararats perform for you? I guarantee you will have
all invited to attend. We suggest you come early and have dinner in our Ararat Club Res-      a barn burner. The phone lines are open and our numbers are in the Shrine Calendar of
taurant starting at 5:30 or 6:00 pm. Remember, it has to be on the “Third Friday Night”       Events Book. Give us a call and see what we can do for you. It’ll surprise you.
of the month, for April it is on the 15th. Now that you have the date, its time to mark            I mentioned in our last news that Lady Jennie and I attended a baby shower, well
it in your date book so you don’t forget. Also, make a note to invite another couple to       now I must tell you that Noble William and Lady Kristen are the proud parents of a baby
come along with you. I guarantee you will have a most enjoyable evening. We welcome           daughter. They have purchased a new home in Blue Springs, and maybe we can persuade
non-Shriners to our Dance Parties, so don’t be reluctant to invite your neighbor or other     them to become a member of our Blue Springs Shrine Club.
friends to come with you. We’ll make sure they have a good time. And yes, as your guest            Well, I’m going to save some for next time, so long for now. Keep a song in your
they can also enjoy a fine dinner in our Ararat Club.                                         heart and whistle a happy tune.

6 | ARARAT SHRINE NEWS                                                                                                                                                    APRIL 2011
                         From the Desk of
                         Provost Marshal
                         Chuck DeGroff

                                 pring is finally near. I will not say it is here, because
                                 that would jinx it. With the warmer weather comes
                                 outside walks, bicycle riding, softball and all the oth-
er activities that everyone looks forward to all winter. It also brings a new set of
                                                                                                                              By STEVE dOWdy

problems involving safety. I covered some of the precautions to take last month, but

I will go over a few of them again.                                                            think we’ve all heard that white wines     where the temperature fluctuates. Actu-
      When you leave your car to go walking, or anytime, do not leave valuables lying          should be served chilled and red wines     ally, temperature stability is as important
in plain sight from outside the car. The old trick of covering them up with a towel            at room temperature. What we don’t         as the temperature itself. For example,
or blanket does not work anymore. Thieves will see the towel or blanket and know             know is that rule was formulated in Eu-      if your wines are stored at 50°F during
it is concealing something. Place valuables, and medications you carry with you, in          rope back when your home was heated by       the night and then rise to 60°F during the
the trunk of your car. When you are doing this, look around and make sure no one is          a fireplace and the summers were pretty      day, there is a risk of degrading the qual-
watching you. If they see you do it that defeats the purpose.                                mild. Since there was no refrigerator in     ity of the wine, even though the high and
      When using walking trails, be aware of your surroundings. Try to stay towards          the home, the only way to chill your wine    low temperatures fall within acceptable
the center of the trail and look carefully at places that might conceal a person. Bush-      would have been to dunk it in the well       storage conditions. Of course, most of
es, blind corners, and such are favorite hiding areas for muggers. Slow down and             for a few hours. So, your chilled white      us store our wines at true room tempera-
look around. Trust your instincts, if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.       wine might be 45ºF, and your room tem-       ture, and that is probably around 75ºF,
If possible, walk in groups. Do not do like I see teenagers do and walk around with          perature red wine probably would be no       night or day, summer or winter. I’ve
your head down and your iPod stuck in both ears. The current style, according to my          warmer than about 65Fº.                      only known one man that built a climate-
son, is to have only one earphone in. This is tactically sound as it leaves one ear open          Ideally, wine should be stored at a     controlled wine cellar in his basement;
to hear ambient sounds. Do not wear expensive jewelry when walking or biking. A              stable temperature between 50°F and          he lost both the house and the wine cel-
flashy ring, watch, or necklace is like bait to a bass.                                      60°F with 70% relative humidity. With        lar in the divorce.
      Law enforcement always sees an increase in scams in the spring and summer.             higher temperatures, the wine will ma-            None of this means much if you
The best rule of thumb is: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Most finan-     ture faster and a lower humidity can         plan to drink the wine within 6 months
cial institutions will not ask for personal information over the phone, or internet. If      cause the corks to dry out over time.        or a year of the purchase. However, if
you do receive a phone call, and the little voice in the back of your head is scream-        Of course, most corks today seem to be       you’re a collector and don’t plan to drink
ing, politely ask the caller for his or her name and a call back phone number. Do            some kind of plastic, so they probably       it for a long time, proper wine storage
a little detective work and look up the phone number in the phone book, or on the            won’t dry out for 50 years in the desert.    demands the correct environment. It re-
internet, and see if they are the same. If someone comes to your house, get their busi-      It is important to avoid temperatures        ally hurts to open a bottle of really good
ness card and any information they are willing to leave. Contact the Better Business         over 70°F and any storage condition          wine and finding it tastes like vinegar.
Bureau, or a web site like Angie’s List, and see what other people are saying about
the services.
      Spring is a time for renewal and enjoying the outdoors. Enjoy the outdoors, but
be mindful of the predators that come out in spring also. Till next month, be safe.
                                           Fraternally Yours,                                 APRiL/mAy
                                                                                              EVENt CALENDAR
                                           Chuck DeGroff
                                           Provost Marshal

                                                                                              April 2 .......................................................... Pull Tab bonanza
                                                                                              April 9 ......................................................... ballroom Dancers
  2011 Circus t-Shirts                                                                        April 9 & 10 ............................... Car & Motorcycle Swap Meet
                                                                                              April 13 ...........................................................Temple Meeting
                                                                                              April 15 .......................................................Ararats big Dance
                                                                                              April 23 ................................................................... Ham bash
                                                                                              April 23 .............................................. Greeters Spring Formal
                                                                                              April 23 ................................Warsaw SC Crappie Tournament
                                                                                              April 30-May 1 ................... Mounted Guard bass Tournament
                                                                                              May 6 ..................................................... Cinco De Mayo Party
                                                                                              May 7 ......................................................Missouri City Parade
                                                                                              May 7 .......................................................... Richmond Parade
                                                                                              May 7 ........................................................... Pull Tab bonanza
                                            Only                                              May 11 ............................................................Temple Meeting

                                                                                              May 14 ...........................................................Marshall Parade
                                         $                                                    May 20 .................................................................... Pub Crawl
                                                                                              May 20 ........................................................Ararats big Dance
  bACK                                                                           FRONT
                                                                                              May 21 ....................................................... Spring Ceremonial                                                                                                                        ARARAT SHRINE NEWS | 7
                                                                                    Boonslick Shrine Club
                                                                                    By SAM THOMPSOn, SCRIBE

                                                                                           he Boonslick Shrine Club, in partnership with the Blue Lodge, sponsored a
                                                                                           dance on February 19th at the Knights of Columbus Hall. It was a big success,
                                                                                           I don’t know the exact number of people attending but I’d guess about 100.
                                                                                    The Ararat Big Band played for us, they were great, and everyone had a great time.
                                                                                    It was so good that we are planning on having another one in October. A Big thanks
                                                                                    goes to Noble Jim Marshal for organizing the dance and to all the Nobles and Ladies
                                                                                    that helped decorate the hall.
                                                                                         The Shrine Club has relocated our meeting place; it is back at the Bobber Res-
                                                                                    taurant starting with the March meeting. They are still on the first Thursday of the
                                                                                         The cycle unit is getting ready for the parade season; our first parade is in April.
                                                                                    Now is the time to get your insurance paid for so you’ll be able to ride in the parades.
                                                                                         We are also getting ready for the annual onion sale; it will be here before you
                                                                                    know it. Be prepared to help sell them.

                      Golf Classic                                                       Noble Dan Painter is already busy planning for the Circus this year, and let’s
                                                                                    keep Noble Jim Painter in our prayers as he is having a bout with throat cancer.
              Monday, June 13, 2011
    Winterstone Golf Course • Independence, MO
 This is the 23rd year for our “Wings of Mercy” Golf Classic that supports our
Hospital Transportation Program. Yes, it’s the big one for “our kids” and we
                                                                                    By ROnALd nUTTER, SCRIBE
need you because they need you! Yes, ladies are most welcome and have

helped make this event so successful over the years.                                  t seems hard to believe that while I am writing this that we are already halfway
                                                                                      through March. We are drawing closer to the time when we will be participat-
 Registration deadline is June 8, 2011. Check in between 7:30 and 8:45 am.            ing in various parades and other events to help raise awareness of who we are
Shotgun start at 9am. Four player scramble format. $125 per player entry fee        as Shriners, and to help raise the money that allows us to help the number of kids
includes green fees, cart, lunch and prizes. Contests include longest drive,        that we do each year.
longest putt and closet to hole on all par threes. Mulligans $10.00 each/$40.00          The first event for the Transporters this year will be the Annual Swap Meet on
per team.
                                                                                    April 9 and 10 for the spring edition. This will be my first non-parade event that I
                                                                                    will have attended as a Shriner. Thanks to the help of a couple of my fellow Trans-
            Dress code is proper golf attire and spikeless shoes.
                                                                                    porters and a few weekends of working in the garage on my Transporters Golf
      WAnTEd!...HOLE SPOnSORS ($100) And EVEnT
                                                                                    Cart, I am pretty close to being ready to help do my part during the Swap Meet.
      SPOnSORS ($300). THAnK yOU! THAnK yOU!                                        I have been told it will be a long day but if it helps the kids, it will be worth it.
 Your club/unit name will be proudly displayed at one of the tee boxes or at
                                                                                         If you are a new noble that hasn’t found the right club for you, please see one
           the clubhouse as a sponsor. Prize donors are needed
         …bring prizes to the golf course or drop by Ararat Shrine.                 of us at the Swap Meet. We will be glad to talk with you and see about getting
                                                                                    you involved with our group. Helping out at the Swap Meet is just one of the
                       If you can’t play…                                           events that we will be at this year. Looking forward to seeing you at the events
Make donations to Wings of Mercy. Any amount is most appreciated! And it            that are coming up.
is tax deductible. Drop off your donation at Ararat Shrine…or mail to: ararat
Shrine, 5100 Ararat drive, Kansas City, MO 64129. Any questions?...
phone 816-923-1975.

EnTER TOdAy! Fill out this form and enclose $125 per player, payable to
Wings of Mercy Golf. You do not have to be with a full 4 player team. We
will pair you up. Thanks for your participation!
                                                                                           HJ-03f1_Shrine_ad3ol.pdf   1   3/10/11   12:57 PM

Name:______________________________________ Phone: _________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

Name:______________________________________ Phone: _________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________          M


Name:______________________________________ Phone: _________________           CM


Address: ____________________________________________________________          CY


Name:______________________________________ Phone: _________________           K

Address: ____________________________________________________________

Forward to: Ararat Shrine, 5100 Ararat dr., Kansas City, MO 64129

8 | ARARAT SHRINE NEWS                                                                                                                                     APRIL 2011
Nobody Told Me!

       his is April, which is the month        that we will have a Swap Meet that will       all sizes. And they will keep on coming all     help with your tractor and trailer, please
       of the Spring Car Swap Meet, and        set new records!                              night long! We will need Nobles to work         call Dave Coburn, 816-229-2774.
       it’s been a few years since I talked         The driving force behind these in-       at the entry gate through the night, and             Now comes the most important part
about it. All of which means that it’s time    credible events is Mac McWilliams, one        we will need Nobles to guide and direct         of the whole Swap Meet. The one thing
for me to tell you a few things about Ara-     of the hardest working Nobles in all of       the vendors to their assigned spaces. If        that makes it a success beyond all other
rat’s second biggest fund raiser. A large      Shrinedom. Mac had the idea, made the         you can be available to help all night Fri-     items. We need Nobles! We need lots of
chunk of our budget comes from these           plans, pushed the concept, and sold the       day, please call the Temple and you’ll find     Nobles. We need nobles to help park cars,
Swap Meets. It comes from rental of trad-      whole thing to the Divan. Mac is still        someone that can tell you when and where        we need Nobles to help pick up trash, and
er spaces as well as the admission charge      helping with the Swap Meet, but Butch         and what.                                       we need Nobles to sell tickets. Most of all,
at the gate, both of which are the result of   Johnson is now the Chairman. Assistant              In addition to all the warm bodies that   we need Nobles to be there, with smiles on
people coming to the meet. That means          Rabban Dave Bushakra is the Divan Liai-       we need, we also have a big need for “parts     their faces, to help our guests do whatever
exposure of the Shrine to a big chunk of       son.                                          haulers.” We can use just about any kind        it might be that those guests need. More
the general public, and that means inter-           We will have to do some work to          of small vehicle that can carry parts from      Nobles means more fun for all of us, and
est in membership in the entire Shrine of      make this thing as big a success as it can    the show back to the customer parking           less hours on our feet. If you come, some-
North America.                                 be. That means that we will need a lot of     lot. Pickup trucks are a little bit too big,    one will have something that needs your

…it’s time for me to tell you a few things
                    about Ararat’s second biggest fund raiser.
    The date for the 2011 edition of the help in Lee’s Summit. The work starts on            but garden tractors, golf carts, ATV’s, and effort.
Spring Swap Meet is April 9 and 10, Friday, with signs to set out, vendor spaces             any other kind of small vehicle that pull a         This year, we’re changing the admis-
2011. This is the biggest and best Car to mark, trash barrels to put out, and doz-           trailer through the crowd will be welcome.     sion policy. We’re going to park the cars
Swap Meet in the central United States. ens of other things that need to be done             Friendly parts haulers are the secret weap- and charge the people when they enter the
Last year, we had something like 1000 just to get ready to go to work on Saturday            on of our Swap Meet. Most such things grounds. Last year, we charged the cars,
vendors on the Adessa Auto Auction morning.                                                  don’t have a bunch of guys that offer to and the traffic backup didn’t endear us to
grounds in Lee’s Summit, and this year,      Of course, Saturday morning starts              help, and don’t expect to get paid.            anybody. I heard a rumor that it stretched
 10• ARARATSHRINE the mix. sometime
we’ve added motorcycles toNEWS May 2010 Friday afternoon, when vendors                             Things really get started about 4:00 all the way to Topeka, but that may have
With that improvement, there is no doubt begin to arrive with trucks and trailers of         AM on Saturday. That’s when the ven- been an exaggeration.
                                                                                             dors begin to line up at the gate, and that’s       This is a great opportunity to watch

                                                                                             when everybody wants everything, right
                                                                                                                                  AND               CLUBS
                                                                                                                                            the Shrine do what the Shrine does bet-
                                                                                             this minute! That’s when the Nobles of ter than anyone else. We work for a
                                                                                             Ararat always come through. I am always cause, and we have fun while we work.

                                                                                                        SEDALIA SHRINE CLUB
                                                                                             fascinated when I drive in and see all those If you have never been to an Ararat Swap
                                                                                             Shriners, already working, and already Meet, you will be amazed and impressed.
                                                                                                                              money Hinkle, Scribe
                                                                                             smiling. There’s not enoughBy Ronin the Where else can you find 200 or 300 men
                                                                                             world to pay them for what they do for working long hours, for free, and smiling
                                                                                               Greetings help their Temple. all of our
                                                                                             free, just to and good tidings to And to have Have fun and be aCome help us. You’ll feel
                                                                                                                                            every minute? part of your club.
                                                                                                                  We work. article
                                                                                            Ladies and Nobles. theyhope our If you can good when you little slow, and the econo-
                                                                                             a little fun while                               Bingo is still a go home.
                                                                                            finds you all in good spirits. Spring seems     my doesn’ t help. It’s still floating and
                                                                                            to always bring on a renewed vigor for the      requires the same amount of volunteerism.
                                                                                            coming year . If you find yourself over-        If you have time to spare on Monday
                                                                                            whelmed with all this renewed vigor and         evenings from 6:00 pm till --- contact our

                                                                                             Ararat Needle Guild
                                                                                            spirit we have just the place to channel it.    Bingo Chairman, Ron Bush, or if you can
                                                                                            The Sedalia Shrine Club can use your spare help in the kitchen on Monday evenings,
                                                                                              By Come dOWdy
                                                                                            time. JERRI in and put your talents and         contact Don Timbers or Shirley Wiley. We

  Mount Moriah & Freeman                                                                    energies to good use. We need you!              would like to take this time to thank all of
     Mount Moriah & FreemanMount Moriah Moriah
                                    Mount                                                             he Ladies of Needle Guild are busy working on many projects. Everyone is
         Funeral Home               Terrace Park                                                Our golfing public is taking off and none our Bingo volunteers. You are a Godsend.
      Funeral HomeTerrace Park                                                                        working hard because the last meeting in May is packing day to send items to
                                                                                            to soon for all of us. Our course is a beau-       The Fun-Kor is selling chances in a raffle
          10507 Holmes Road801 N.W. 108th Street 108th Street
       10507 Holmes Road                     801 N.W.                                                 the hospitals.
       Kansas City,Missouri 64131
    Kansas City,   Missouri 64131Kansas City, Missouri 6415564155
                                         Kansas City, Missouri                              tiful green and the guys are doing a good       for a new pistol. It’s a fundraiser for the
                                                                                                    If you have free time 2 days a month, Needle Guild would love to have your
            (816) 942-2004
          (816) 942-2004(816) 734-5500           (816) 734-5500                             job in keeping it playable. Come out and        Fun-Kor so get your tickets before May
                                                                                              company. We really need ladies to help at the doll table. The ladies at the doll table
                                                                                            enjoy it.                                       15th. Larry Foster, Director, reminds all
                      OFFERING KANSAS CITY AREA FAMILIES                                      make Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. You can help at this table even if you can’t sew
              OFFERING KANSAS CITYAREAFAMILIES                                                  If you have a spare morning till noon, we Fun-Kor members that 2010 dues were due
                        * Complete Funeral Services                                           or embroider.
                                                                                            have a place for you in our Pro Shop. It        April 1st. Be sure to attend Fun-Kor meet-
                   * Complete Funeral Services
                         * Full Service Flower Shop                                                 Thank you to Cub Scout Pack 12 from Hallsville for the tray favors that we send
                                                                                            only involves using a cash register and         ings to be aware of upcoming parades and
                     * Full Service Flower Shop
                        * Cemetery and Mausoleums                                             to the hospitals, and also to the Dollar General Store in Raytown for the many dona-
                                                                                            greeting our players and meeting their golf- parade line-up times.
                           * Full Pre-Arrangements
                   * Cemetery and Mausoleums                                                  tions they have given us.
                                  * Cremations                                              ing needs. If you have no experience we’ll         Our Ladies are still having game nights
                       * Full Pre-Arrangements                                                      Needle Guild meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month (except July, Aug.
                                                                                            show you. It’s easy and you’ll be doing         so come in and play and have a good time.
                               * Cremations                                                   & Dec.) from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in Bennett Auditorium. We would be honored to
                                                                                            your club a large favor. Everything helps us All proceeds go to our hospitals. Come in
                                 DAVID L. FREEMAN
                                       L. FREEMAN                                              be you at the our meeting. If you                                                get in touch
                                                                                            tosee able to helpnext special children. would like more information, you mayon bulletin
                                                                                                                                            and check time and dates posted
                           “Serving Kansas City Since 1922”                                   with the President, Elaine Graham at 816-524-0933.
                                     President                                                   In April our membership had a wonder- boards.
                     “Serving Kansas City Since 1922”                                       ful evening of dance, and being entertained        We’ve lost another Noble this past
                                                                                            by the sounds of Cedar Creek. If you            month. When you hit your knees keep the
                                                                                            missed it, you missed out on an evening of      family of Jim Treece in your prayers, as
              RAKLA SHRINE CLUB                                                                        “Fun.” Come in and check out the bulletin            ARARAT sick and disabled. Pray 9
                                                                                                                                            well as all of our SHRINE NEWS | for
                                                                                            boards and calendars for upcoming events.       all in service to this great country.
                             By Ernie Taylor, Scribe
                                 Motor Corps                                                   Yoshi Shrine Club
                                 By JIM KERnS SCRIBE                                           By BRAd ISdELL

                                O                                                              Y
                                          n Your Mark – Get Ready –                                    oShi met on Tuesday, March 22nd for our monthly meeting. Wow, what a crowd
                                          Go – And that is just what                                   we had, great attendance again! We’ve got a great year planned with lots of excit-
                                          is on the agenda for the                                     ing stuff happening. First, at the May Ceremonial, we’re going to have a STOP
2011 Ararat Motor Corps under the direction of Director Greg Ken-                              on the pub crawl that you won’t want to miss as it will truly be one of a kind. We’ll also
nedy and President Doc Gay (upper right). Motor Corps enjoyed a                                be hosting a Hospitality Room at CSSA along with Abdallah YoShi that will be a MUST
fun time with our 2011 Mardi Gras party. Special thanks to Don                                 visit destination while in Overland Park. We have a group making a pilgrimage to Des
Hendrickson for the use of his Harley for our float and thanks to                              Moines to attend a YoShi social being held by Za-Ga-Zig Shriners in early May. We’ve
Noble Woody Woodward, his family Gerri                                                         also got plans in the works for some really enjoyable social outings that you’ll hear more
Lynn and granddaughter Jordan (right).                                                         about in the coming months. This is the time to be a Shriner, and a really great time to
     Our summer months and into fall                                                           reinvest yourself in YoShi as we’ve got a lot happening that you’ll want to be a part of.
will be hectic to say the least. Our recent                                                    As always we’d love to see you on the 4th Tuesday of the month, social starts at 6:30
lengthy business meetings have addressed                                                       PM in the Ararat Club with a meeting at 7:30 PM in the Sultan’s Lounge.
issues and logistics of the upcoming events.
April 3rd will bring about a large turnout
of Motor Corpsmen to assist in the Brew to
Brew run to help local charity. In the midst
                                                                                               Motor Escort
of all this activity, Director Greg Kennedy has called for the start of our practice season.   By MARK MCALLISTER, SCRIBE

Director Kennedy with the assistance of Noble Troy Orlando will be teaching us new                    pring is coming! Spring is Coming, vroom vroom! It’s almost parade season and
tricks for this parade and competition year. We look forward to the challenges ahead.                 were looking forward to it. On March 18th, Motor Escort members and their
Noble Jim Murray, Past Director, will be our safety officer and will ensure that we all               ladies sold Chuck A Puck’s at the Missouri Mavericks Fan Appreciation Night. It
stay safe throughout the year. April 9th starts the first weekend for our fundraising at       was a great turn out. President Elect of C.S.A.S.M.C. Motor Corp Line, Ron Harvey,
Worth Harley Davidson North. The management of Worth Harley Davidson North has                 would like to remind everyone of the C.S.A.S.M.C. Mid-Winter Meeting, being held
certainly provided us with an opportunity not only for our unit but for Ararat as well. Be-    here in Kansas City, April 14th thru the 17th. We would like to see all voting members
cause of this opportunity last year, Ararat Motor Corps made a nice donation to our Po-        of C.S.A.S.M.C. to attend to show support for Ararat Shrine and Ron Harvey. For more
tentate BJ Richardson at the March business meeting. This donation and “giving back”           information on the Mid-Winter meeting go to
to Ararat half of the 2010 circus commission makes us proud. Noble President “Doc”

                                                                                               Antique Auto Club
Gay challenged each unit and club to give back and donate a portion of all proceeds of
their fundraising back to Ararat.
      As one of the 2010 top onion sales Unit’s in Ararat, we are ready again to an-           By THE PHAnTOM
swer Ararat High Priest and Prophet’s Wayne Spencer call to sell onions for Ararat. Our

Noble Woody Woodward and his brother Noble Jim “Deuce” Woodward are the Motor                          he regular February meeting was held at the Temple on Monday, February 28th,
Corps Kings in onion sales. Even before the onion sales start, we will have had a tremen-              with 14 members, Ambassador, and Liaison present. The minutes and treasurer’s
dously busy April.                                                                                     reports were approved as read.
ArArAt Motor CorPs -A Look BACk in tiME:                                                             President Dale Walters urged all members to attend as many parades as possible
     Ararat Motor Corps began with a meeting in 1947 with members of Jackson County            this year. The parade schedule was handed out at the January meeting. Parades are a
Shrine Club and Ararat Drum and Bugle Corps to form a new unit. The officers elected           great time for showing off vehicles and fellowship with club members and families.
were President Beverly Gates, 1st Lieutenant, Ivan Lewis, 2nd Lieutenant George Red-           Members are also reminded to bring insurance information to the Temple before the
man, Sect/Treasurer Maxroy Ritter and Sgt at Arms John Warrington. After election              first parade.
per Imperial law, several members traveled to Atlantic City, NJ in July 1948 with the                Butch Johnson and Gary Seger reported on plans for the Spring Swap Meet with
approval of Ill Sir Walter Betts, to return with a charter as the FIRST Harley David-          the dates of April 8th, 9th, and 10th. They asked for help, especially needing haulers
son Motorcycle Unit, to represent not only Ararat but the Imperial Council of North            and spotters.
America. As a matter of history and fact, Ararat Motor Corps was the first organized two             The Annual Club Dust-Off will tentatively be going to the Airport Museum fol-
wheeled unit to be sanctioned by Imperial. The first director was Wayne Cooper. Some           lowed by lunch at Paul & Jack’s in North Kansas City on either Saturday, April 23rd, or
of the first rules included mandatory circus ticket sales, $1 fine for missed meeting – NO     Saturday, 30th. Members are encouraged to drive their vehicles.
EXCUSES and 50 cent fine for being late to a meeting or practice. The original mem-                  It sure is nice to have part of the Snowbirds back in town.
bers of Ararat Motor Corps were – James Bailey, Charles Dennis, Carl Herzog, George
Redman, Wayne Cooper, Beverly Gates, Harry Hodgins, Maxroy Ritter, Sherrill Culp,
Theodore Hall, Ivan Lewis and John Warrington.
     ‘OUR WHEELS TURN SO THAT CHILDREN MAY WALK’                                               Tri-County Shrine Club
                                                                                               By CHARLES ABELn, SCRIBE

Ararat Shrine Bowlers
                                                                                                        n March 21st we held our meeting at the Walsworth Community Building. The
By TIFFAny PERRy                                                                                        carry in dinner was a fish fry. Our honored guest was Dan Smothers, Marshal

 t was a close one this March, week 25 of 30, with team “Sherry’s Posse” at 64.5                        from Ararat Shrine.
 points and team “What” at 63.5 points.                                                              We were also pleased to have as our special guest, 12 year old Austin Harring. In
       It was a long month but everyone did their best. Leading the men’s with the             2006 Austin had a Chocolate Lab named Grunt. While playing with Grunt, Austin lost
High Average is a tie between Justin Dryer and Tony Broome with 201, High Game                 his right ear. Members of Tri-County sponsored Austin and after 3 trips to the Cincinnati
Hdcp is Tony Broome with a 276 and High Game Scratch is Justin Dryer with a 280.               Shrine Hospital, he received a new ear. He and his Dad thanked the Shrine Hospital for
    The women on the league strived to work hard as the men this March. Starting               the great care they received.
with the High Average is Betty Schaedel with a 159, High Game Hdcp is Jennifer Crist                 A Chili Cook Off was discussed for the 4th of July, and a vote carried to present to
with a 245 and High Game Scratch is Paula Luna with a 203.                                     Marceline Council a proposal for operation of a Concession Stand at the Ball Park.
    Next month I will have information on the bowling tournament that was held on                    Our April 18th meeting will be held at the Walsworth Community Building. The
March 26th and 27th.                                                                           carry in dinner will be smoked turkey.

10 | ARARAT SHRINE NEWS                                                                                                                                                APRIL 2011
Houn Dawg Shrine Club
                                                                                                         CENTRAL MISSOURI SPEEDWAY
      inally winter has given us enough of a break that we were able to hold the first
                                                                                                                         2011 Saturday Night Dirt Track Race Schedule
      meeting of the year for the Houn Dawgs on March 2. We were called to order                               Track Located 3.5 Miles North of Warrensburg, MO on Highway 13
      by President Robert Cass, followed by the Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance.                       Mighty Modifieds * ULMA Late Models * Street Stocks * B-Modifieds

We were provided an excellent meal, prepared by the great cooks of the Elks Lodge in                 April 9      Evening Practice, All Classes Welcome
                                                                                                     April 16* United States Modified Touring Series plus Street Stocks
Warrensburg.                                                                                         April 23     KOKO AM 1450 Radio Opening Night - All Divisions
     This being our first meeting of the year, our Ambassador Noble Ken Sisemore                     April 30     Cliff Harris’ Warrensburg Ford/Chrysler Race Night - All Divisions
                                                                                                     May 7        Pepsi Night at the Races - Weekly Racing All Divisions
installed the remaining officers. There were few committee reports, but we did set a                 May 14       L.J.S. Graphics Race Night - Weekly Racing All Divisions
tentative location for the annual picnic. More details on that will be coming soon. We               May 21       Midwest Coating Inc. Race Night - Weekly Racing All Divisions
                                                                                                     May 28 (Saturday) $1,500 to Win Street Stock Special, plus Night 1
received a report on the Hospital Program and what it takes to operate this very worth-                       Modified Qualifying, ULMA Late Models and B-Modifieds!
while Program.                                                                                           May 29* (Sunday) $3,000 to Win Modified Special
                                                                                                                   Also Running Midwest Lightning Sprints and 305 Sprints!
     Ambassador Sisemore finished off the program with Temple news and events,                           June 4        Comfort Inn Warrensburg Station Race Night - All Divisions
schedules, and passed out Potentate Pins for this year. After being dismissed, no one                    June 11       Weekly Racing All Divisions
                                                                                                         June 18       RSC Equipment Rental Night - Weekly Racing All Divisions
seemed to want to leave so we had an excellent fellowship before finally leaving.                        June 25       98.5 FM ‘The Bar’ Night at the Races - All Divisions
     Our next meeting will be on Wednesday April 6th, hope to see you there.                           July 2 (Saturday) $1,500 to Win ULMA Late Model Special, plus
                                                                                                              Night 1 Modified Qualifying, Street Stocks and B-Mods
                                                                                                      July 3* (Sunday) $5,000 to Win/$1,000 to Start Modified Special
                                                                                                               Also Running Midwest Lightning Sprints and Street Stocks
                                                                                                      July 9       C.A.R.B. Night at the Races - Weekly Racing All Divisions
                                                                                                     July 16      Weekly Racing All Divisions

                          Wings of Mercy Golf                                                        July 23
                                                                                                     July 30
                                                                                                     Aug 6
                                                                                                                  KMMO Radio Race Night - All Divisions
                                                                                                                  Weekly Racing All Divisions
                                                                                                                  Heartland Waste Race Night-Weekly Racing All Divisions

                          Classic                                                                    Aug 13
                                                                                                     Aug 20
                                                                                                     Aug 27
                                                                                                                  Army National Guard Kid's Night at the Races - All Divisions
                                                                                                                  Weekly Racing All Divisions
                                                                                                                  Weekly Racing All Divisions
                          By dARTH VAdAR, SCRIBE                                                     Sept 3 (Saturday) $1,500 to Win B-Modified Special, plus Night 1
                                                                                                             Modified Qualifying, ULMA Late Models & Street Stocks
                                Hey all you golfers, wanna-be golfers, think you are                 Sept 4* (Sunday) $3,000 to Win Modified Special
                                                                                                              Also Running Midwest Lightning Sprints and Street Stocks
golfers and lady golfers. Tell all your friends and neighbors to come out and play this              Sept 10      Waterloo Storage Products and ‘Homes for Our Troops’ Season
4 person scramble at Winterstone in Independence. Lots of prizes, even for the ladies.                            Championships in All Divisions
                                                                                                     Oct 1*       First-Annual $3,500-to-win ‘CMS Modified Nationals’ along with
(I hear there is a crockpot in the drawing). Cash prizes in 3 flights, longest drive and                          $500-to-win Street Stocks and pitside hog roast!
putt closest to hole, mulligans and stuff I don’t know about because I don’t play cow                          Track Phone: (660) 747-2166 *
pasture pool. There will be donuts, coffee and food. This I know a little about.                                Pit Gates open at 4:30, Spectator Gates open at 5, Racing at 7:30
                                                                                                         General Admission $12, Senior Citizens 65+ $10, Active Duty Military w/I.D. $10
         Come out have fun and help the kids. After all, that is what we are all about.                                      Kids 6 to 12 $5, Children 5 and under Free!
Hurry-hurry, only first 144 that sign-up get to play.                                                                       Pricing Subject to Change for Special Events*

                                                                                           iN mEmoRiAm
                                                                                           nOBLES WHOSE LIVES
                                                                                                                  We Celebrate!
                                                                                           The Officers and Nobles of Ararat Shrine express their sincere sympa-
                                                                                           thy to the families and friends of these departed nobles:
                                                                                            PHIllIP l. GeRSHON                                 RObeRT D. CAllAHAN
                                                                                            Rancho Mirage, CA                                  Kansas City, MO
                                                                                            8/15/1915 – 2/21/2011                              11/13/1928 – 3/12/2011
                                                                                            Created in Ararat – 5/23/1953                      Created in Ararat – 11/29/1969

                                                                                            MelTON bRADSHAW                                    FlOYD J. VANDOlAH, JR.
                                                                                            lincoln, MO                                        Kansas City, MO
                                                                                            9/4/1922 – 2/24/2011                               3/13/1931 – 3/16/2011
                                                                                            Created in Ararat – 6/1/1974                       Created in Ararat – 5/9/1970

                                                                                            lYle D. CUMMINGS                                   RAYMOND H. MOISe
                                                                                            Clinton, MO                                        butler, MO
                                                                                            1/5/1922 – 3/6/2011                                8/4/1933 – 3/20/2011
                                                                                            Created in Ararat – 8/23/1980                      Created in Ararat – 8/23/1968

                                                                                            WIllIAM D. MIlleR                                  ROGeR l. FeASTeR
                                                                                            lee’s Summit, MO                                   lee’s Summit, MO
                                                                                            5/13/1929 – 3/7/2011                               4/23/1935 – 3/21/2011
                                                                                            Created in Ararat – 4/28/1972                      Affiliated with Ararat – 12/9/1987

                                                                                            QUINCY l. HUDDleSTON, JR.
                                                                                            Kansas City, MO
                                                                                            10/7/1924 – 3/10/2011
                                                                                            Created in Ararat – 11/23/1946                                                                                                                         ARARAT SHRINE NEWS | 11
March Temple Meeting Notes

  llustrious Sir B. J. Richardson called the   were accepted upon secret ballot. There        Dance Shrine Club and the Cycles Shrine        Clubs on Friday night, May 20. Any ju-
  March, 2011, meeting to order at 7:32        were NO demits.                                Club.                                          risdictional Club that wants to host a full
  PM in the Frank S. Land Ballroom.                 Illustrious Sir B. J. could not pres-          No visitors signed the book, but fez-     Ceremonial has only to find 15 candidates
     Assistant Rabban Dave Bushakra            ent a balanced budget. The first attempt       zes from Sesostris and El Jebel Temples        for the Nobility, and we will produce a
informed the Captain of the Guard of the       at creating a budget resulted in a $19,000     were seen in the audience.                     full and complete Shrine Ceremonial.
impending proceedings, without hesita-         shortfall and solutions are being exam-             Illustrious Sir B. J. talked about the          Bingo Chairman Noble Buck John-
tion or error.                                 ined.                                          Potentate’s Ball, which will be history        son reported that the Bingo Committee
     Captain of the Guard Bill Lutman re-           Interim Treasurer Mike Allen gave         by the time you read this. Then, he gave       had made a big donation, and mentioned
ported that our Temple was under a dou-        the Treasurer’s Report which was ap-           us some information about his upcom-           that Russ Tindill is serving admirably as
ble and trusty guard.                          proved. A maintenance contract for the         ing trip to Yellowstone and the Dakotas.       Assistant Bingo Chairman.
     Chief Rabban Richard Floyd visually       Temple environmental equipment has             This will be a ten-day trip on a luxury bus          Hospital Chairman Noble Ed Stow-
surveyed the audience and said “all pres-      been signed with a local mechanical            through some of the most beautiful scen-       ell reported good news and great news for
ent are members of our order.                  maintenance company.                           ery in this beautiful country.                 the Hospital Program. The good news is
     Oriental Guide Maurice Camerlynck              Illustrious Sir B. J. announced that           Illus. Sir B. J. reported that the bud-   that we have been busy with patient trans-
was in Tampa and could not perform his         Noble Steve Untrif has resigned from the       get problems have eased enough that he         portation. We made 6 trips to St. Louis
duties, so High Priest and Prophet Wayne       Divan for personal reasons.                    will present a balanced budget to Imperial     this month, and 3 more are scheduled.
Spencer prepared the Altar.                         A Special election was held to fill the   and present it to the Nobility in April.       Gasoline expenses have begun to top
     Chaplain Loyd Gentry remembered           position of Treasurer. Noble Mike Allen             Chief Rabban Richard Floyd gave           $100.00 for one trip. We also arranged
our Nobles who had been visited by the         was the only nominee, and he was elected       a short pep talk about Circus 2011, and        16 airplane trips to Chicago, four to Cin-
Black Camel and gave the Invocation.           by unanimous ballot.                           announced that Circus Pins are still avail-    cinnati, and two to Philadelphia. South-
     The Legion of Honor presented                  The Oriental Band donated one half        able. He says he also has a whole Flea         west Airlines provided free transportation
the colors, accompanied by the Concert         of their circus receipts to the General        Market of Circus related stuff to sell to      for all of these patients, saving us a lot of
Band.                                          Fund, as did the Pipes and Drums, the          the Nobility.                                  money. Please remember Southwest Air-
     Noble Jesse Pringle sang the Nation-      Mounted Guard, and the Yoshi Shrine                 Assistant Rabban Dave Bushakra            lines when planning your next trip. Our
al Anthem. He will soon be moving to           Club.                                          told us that the Spring Car and Motor-         Telemedicine room has been quite busy
Los Angeles, as he has just signed a re-            The Motor Corps made a large dona-        cycle Swap Meet will be April 8, 9, and        serving other Temple’s patients, but none
cord contract!                                 tion to the Temple, and issued a challenge     10, and will have some surprises. Parts        from Ararat.
     There was an immediate alarm at the       to all Units to do likewise.                   Haulers, with their equipment, are needed            Membership Chairman Rod Mc-
outer door, and members of the Ladies of            The Chanters split their donation         badly.                                         Grath told us that excitement over Shrine
the Oriental Shrine were admitted. They        between the General Fund and the Dis-               High Priest and Prophet Wayne Spen-       membership is building in the Blue Lodg-
donated a collection of toys for boys to       tressed Noble Fund. The Golden Valley          cer told us that the Vidalia Onions will be    es. Go to your lodge and help build more
the Telemedicine Room.                         Shrine Club donated to the Distressed          shipped about May 1, and the price will        excitement! Unfortunately, we still have
     The reading of the Minutes of the         Nobles Fund.                                   be somewhat higher than in the past.           almost 700 members who have not yet
previous meeting was suspended upon a               And, the Transporters donated to the           First Ceremonial Master Clarence          paid their dues for 2011.
motion by Noble Jerry McClary.                 Hospital Transportation Fund.                  Kirby mentioned our Spring Ceremonial,               Chaplain Loyd gave the benediction.
     There was one Petition for Creation            The Patrol and the Ole Cars donated       scheduled for May 21 and preceded by                 The meeting was adjourned at 8:56
and one for restoration, both of which         to the General Fund. As did the Ballroom       a Pub Crawl to showcase our Units and          PM.

12 | ARARAT SHRINE NEWS                                                                                                                                                 APRIL 2011
                           In Loving Memory of Walter L. Dougherty
                           4/24/1919 – 4-01-2010 Springfield, MA
                         He Will Be Missed Dearly By the Croft Family
                 In Loving Memory of Walter L. Dougherty
m President Waco  4/24/1919 – 4-01-2010 Springfield, MA
              He Will Be Missed Dearly By the Croft Family

 pril? Hmmmm, let’s

odent Waco, who also            COMING SOON
 le. He can scratch             NEW LOCATION
  let’splay well with
 e to                          SMITHVILLE,MO
o also                 COMING SOON
 atch                 NEW LOCATION
 like to welcome
with                  SMITHVILLE,MO
a trip to England
 k because he did
nd He said that he
didhis wife, and
 ll in all the trip
  at he
 well spent.
  Meet, the O.B.
 areas from the
 nt Waco would                           Don’t miss the NEXT fabulous Party!!
ehecouldn't have                                Cinco De Mayo • May 6th! 1 2/7/11
                                                                 Untitled-1ol.pdf   1:17 PM

ould It was
st day.
was turnout.
 o all of the
JOB! Hope

S                                                         C



 ple so                                                  CM

o the
p                                                        MY


saw                                                      CMY

 e have as                                                K

ave asof
or all
ll of
il next
             $5 OFF COUPON
             $5 OFF COUPON
                    This coupon is worth $5 off
                   This coupon is worth $5 off
             your initial Bingo pack when you bring
             your initial Bingo pack when you bring
                 a new player to Ararat Bingo.
                          player to Ararat Bingo.

                                                                ARARAT SHRINE NEWS | 13
Amateur Radio Club                                                                                                    Car Tech Tips
By ROnALd nUTTER, SECRETARy                                                                                           By PAUL BREWER

        y the time you will be reading this column, we will be within days of the Hambash 2011. This will be          Saving Money during High Gas Prices
        held on April 23, 2011 at Ararat. If you would like to know more or know someone who would be in-             Here are some tips that could help you save money.
        terested in coming, please direct them to Don’t think this is just for Ham Radio                 1. Inflate your tires to the correct tire pressure – this is
                                                                                                                              listed on the tire
Operators. If you collect or repair older radios, this is also a good place to find otherwise nearly impossible to
                                                                                                                          2. Don’t drive over 55
find parts. If you also like tinkering around with electronics whether building things on your own or repairing           3. Don’t let your car idle for periods of time
items that have crossed your path, you can also find good test equipment that none of us would probably be                4. Make sure your car is tuned up and air and fuel filter are
able to afford if they were new.                                                                                              replaced or clean
     Just about everyone has seen the tragic stories of what has happened to the folks living in Japan. What              5. Don’t make any fast or jack rabbit starts
you are not hearing, to quote Paul Harvey, is the rest of the story. With substantial parts of their infrastructure       6. Minimize or don’t use your AC
                                                                                                                          7. Slow down, let your car coast up to the next stop light
damaged or otherwise obliterated, cell phones are useless without a cluster of towers to repeat their signals             8. Get a front end alignment
and CB Radios can’t reach far because of their limited range of just a few miles. This type of event is where
Amateur Radio can really shine. Using very basic equipment with nothing more than a car battery or even a
couple of solar panels, they are passing messages otherwise known as health and welfare traffic that tells the
recipient that the sender is ok and will be in contact soon, to requests for urgently needed medical supplies, to
one of a growing number of shelters or temporary hospitals.
     It is these types of horrific events that Amateur Radio can really shine. For those of you who have short-
wave radios capable of receiving SSB (Single Sideband) voice communications, try listening to 3.525, 7.030,
7.043, or 7.075 to listen in on Amateur Radio communications in various parts of the country. Depending on
the time of day and atmospheric conditions, you may hear little to no traffic. What is impressive is that with
a few emails and communication between Hams around the world, everyone has or is getting the word to not
transmit on these frequencies so that they can be kept clear for use inside Japan. I don’t know of any other
group of folks that can cooperate so quickly with so little effort.
          For those who would like to see something like this on a similar scale, each year in June there is an
exercise known as Field Day where Hams, primarily across the U.S., get together and see how many stations
they can contact in a short period of time. This year, the event will fall on June 25 and 26th. Get in contact
with me or any member of the Amateur Radio Club and see about stopping by sometime during that weekend
to get a taste of it. For some this is a very intense competition of who can get the highest score. For others, it
is a way to test your ability to respond in an emergency or try a new method of communication in case you
need to do something different in an emergency to know that it will work when you need it.

Ararat Shrine Radio Club Hosts Cub Scouts

        he Ararat Shrine Radio Club hosted a fine bunch of po-
        tential hams. 6 and 7 year old boys from Cub Scout Pack
        332, Den1 visited the club’s Milo Barnhard Jr., WAØN-
QA radio station. Their visit completed Requirement 6 for their
Tigercub Rank Advancement.
      The boys (along with a couple of younger siblings) learned
how hams use their license privileges to do community service
and enjoy a hobby where they can talk to people all over the
world. They learned about voice, data and CW (Morse Code)
transmission modes. They thought some of the sounds coming
out of the radio sounded like ‘aliens’ as Dave, KAØSOG tuned
around the dial. The boys listened to voice and CW transmis-
sions. Dave dialed in a South American station and they kids
were exposed to people speaking in a foreign language for the
first time. The experience really made them aware of the global
nature of Amateur Radio.
      Thanks to a very kind fellow, K4REB, William of Have-
lock, North Carolina; each boy got to talk on the radio. This
kind gentleman took the time to chat with each boy. K4REB
showed interest in each one; asking their name and age etc. He
was generous with his time and made a very positive impres-
sion on them and their parents about the Amateur Radio hobby.
The kids did a good job speaking with him and they all had a
really big time. When K4REB asked if they were all going to
be hams he got a unanimous, yes! The Cubs were amazed at the
prospect of talking with a stranger so far away without using a
telephone. Both the Cubs and Ararat Shrine Radio Club want to
thank William, K4REB, for his kindness.

14 | ARARAT SHRINE NEWS                                                                                                                                                 APRIL 2011
                                                                                                               whelmed with all this renewed vigor and         evenings from 6:00 pm
                                                                                                               spirit we have just the place to channel it.    Bingo Chairman, Ron
                                                                                                               The Sedalia Shrine Club can use your spare      help in the kitchen on M
                                                                                                               time. Come in and put your talents and          contact Don Timbers o
     Greeter News
  Mount Moriah & FreemanMount Moriah                                                                           energies to good use. We need you!              would like to take this
                                                                                                                   Our golfing public is taking off and none   our Bingo volunteers.
       Funeral HomeTerrace Park
     By dARyL KRAUSE
                                                                                                               to soon for all of us. Our course is a beau-       The Fun-Kor is selli

         W       Holmes March 2, 2011 the Greeters new President
       10507 ell finally onRoad801 N.W. 108th Street Doug Urie was
                 able to bring the gavel down and officially start our 2011 year. All present
                 looked like they
                                    64131Kansas City, woes and get back to
    Kansas City, Missouriwere ready to shed their winterMissouri 64155the
      important things at hand. That’s right 734-5500fell on our parade.
          (816) 942-2004(816) no white stuff
                                                                                                               tiful green and the guys are doing a good
                                                                                                               job in keeping it playable. Come out and
                                                                                                               enjoy it.
                                                                                                                                                               for a new pistol. It’s a
                                                                                                                                                               Fun-Kor so get your tic
                                                                                                                                                               15th. Larry Foster, Dir
              Our entire year was forecast to us by Pres. Doug and it looks like it’s building into
         a great one. Along with all the parades scheduled we will once again be having our                        If you have a spare morning till noon, we   Fun-Kor members that
         Fish Fry, Breakfast in the Park, Fall Formal and Steak cookout. President Doug wants                  have a place for you in our Pro Shop. It        April 1st. Be sure to a
                             * Ladies; no matter
         all Nobles and their Complete Funeral Services
                                                                                                               only involves using a cash register and         ings to be aware of upc
                                * Full Service
         what club or unit you belong to, to know Flower Shop
         that they are always welcome to Greeter                                                               greeting our players and meeting their golf-    parade line-up times.
                             * Cemetery and Mausoleums
         events. So watch this area to see dates and                                                           ing needs. If you have no experience we’ll         Our Ladies are still h
                                  * Full Pre-Arrangements
         who to call to get on the attendance list.                                                            show you. It’s easy and you’ll be doing         so come in and play an
                                           * Cremations
              One of the greatest things about the
                                                                                                               your club a large favor. Everything helps us    All proceeds go to our
         future of the Greeters is that we continue
                                  DAVID L. FREEMAN
         to grow. The first meeting of 2011 was no                                                             to be able to help our special children.        and check time and dat
         exception as we welcome into the Greeter
                                               President                                                            In April our membership had a wonder-      boards.
         Realm Noble Ted Willard and his Lady
                         a way to start Kansas City Since 1922”
         Jennifer. What “Serving the year.
                                                                                                               ful evening of dance, and being entertained        We’ve lost another
                                                                                                               by the sounds of Cedar Creek. If you            month. When you hit
                                                                                                               missed it, you missed out on an evening of      family of Jim Treece
         Lafayette County Shrine Club
           RAKLA SHRINE CLUB                                                                          Liberty Shrine Club
                                                                                                               “Fun.” Come in and check out the bulletin       well as all of our sick a
         By ROn ELLInG, SCRIBE                                                                        By JOE SnOPEK, SCRIBE
                                                                                                               boards and calendars for upcoming events.       all in service to this gre
                                  By Ernie Taylor, Scribe
         T                                                                                            I
               he Lafayette County Shrine Club met March 10 at The Victorian Peddlar in           t’s been a slow start for the Liberty Shrine Club with only our second meeting
               Lexington for a St. Patty Day meal. There were 25 Lafayette County Shriners        of 2011 upcoming on March 17th. Our January meeting was cancelled due to
               and Ladies present for the meal. President Delmar Dothage welcomed Ambas-
   We finallyCurt Karnes weather forSusan and Liaison Officer Dan Smothers and his Ladydraw-
                                                                                                                                                MAY CALENDAR
                                                                                                  the weather so we started our year out with an Italian menu of spaghetti and
         sador had great and his Lady our           Dave, incidentally, won the 50/50 meatballs with Italian bread. The meal was once again a big hit and we are off
                                                                                                                Mondays. . . . . . . . . . . . Bingo. . . getting .
meeting Holly. no rain, no snow, no 20 ing, but that was in no way connected and running into our new year!. .Please apologies for. not . . . . .on . . . . .
          in April:                                                                            to
                                                          The reading We would never the the
              President Dothage presided at the meeting. invitation. of the minutes from use any early bandwagon with our newsletters this year but I am up and running once
degrees and windy! Not that the weather the
         February meeting was read by W.N. Gray, Secretary. The Treasurer’s Report was also again!              Tuesday – Sunday. . . . . . . . . Bar Open. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
           discouraged Dothage received a listing sort of bribery to get not paid their dues fix March will see us celebrating the luck of the Irish on Thursday the 17 with a
had evergiven. Presidentour members. We                                    Dave and Nora to
                                                    of members who have                                         May 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Club Breakfast . . . . . . . 7:30
had the same great turnout, be the weath- to contact those members about getting their traditional corned beef and cabbage meal. As I write this I can smell the aroma
                                                    fish for us!
         to Ararat Temple. Members volunteered
                                                                                                                May 11 . . . . . . . . . . . Fun Kor Meeting. . . Trip
er good or not so good! birthdays and anniversaries Our guest speaker was broughtNance,of the Irish feast being prepared.. Our .raffle. for the month was a $50 Quick . . . . . . . .
         dues paid. March                               were recognized. It was Sally up

                                                                                                                May 11. . . . . . . . . . Ladies Meeting. . . . .
   Dignitaries attending this month were and Maurine Lieneke who haveExcelsiorhav- Good prize pick President .Daryl! .We.are. also .looking forward to the Mardi.Gras. . . . .
         about possibly having a quilt give-a-way. Details will be worked out. Mark Schroer card and I know the lucky winner will really appreciate $50 worth of free gas.
         reported on Bill Eastridge and Clinton
                                                    Administrator for the been ill or Springs
Liaison Officer Dave Bushakra and Lady Hospital. She gave us a brief history on and parade at the Shrine. . Likewise Board of Director’s this paper hits. . . . . .
         ing surgery.                                                                          Party            May 26. . . . . . . . . this will be over when Meeting. .
Molly, and Ambassador Curt Karnes and Tim Rechterman as all the improvements the streets but I wanted to give everyone the news that we are up, running and
              Ambassador Curt Karnes recognized the hospital and Assistant Director of
                                                                                                                May 26. . . . . . . . . General Membership Meeting. . . . . . .
         Uniformed Units. Liaison Officer Smothers and Ambassador Karnes
                                                           have made, and new independent their month long sabbatical to Vegas and through the South and returned
Lady Sue. These two couples truly repre- theyHospital Chairman. theinstalled Bill having a great time in 2011. President Daryl and his Lady Lynn have received
         Oelrichs as Vice President and Kenny Nadler as                                        from
sent good works and good fellowship for firstliving center completed participate in good news about Lady Lynn’s health. Our prayers have been answered and we
              Ambassador Karnes announced the         parade the Shriners would recently.
         would we look Missouri City
 he Shrine andbe May 7 atforward eachwith Richmond followingmeeting will beThe first need to continue them to have her get her strength back to her previous level.
                                                        Our May on the same day. held again at
                                                    Catricks Café soon.
         Ceremonial will be held May 21. Onion sales will be coming in Lawson. Tell your
month to seeing them.                                                                                We are looking forward to the annual onion sales once again this year. It
              Liaison Officer Smothers announced that Mike Allen had been elected Treasurer. is our third year and we have increased our orders each of them. What will this
         He happy holding that position as Interim Treasurer friends what fun and at the year
   We werehad been to welcome back Dave Masonic until it was made official fellowship bring? An update will follow next month. Our club’s 15th Annual Golf
         Shrine Temple They brought stressed we have, and bring someone to the                                                                 BUY A NEW OR USED V
and Nora Hutchison. meeting. He alsoback membership and how important it iswith you Tournament has been scheduled for Friday, June 3rd, at Hidden Valley Golf Club
         organization. and invited us to their
a “truckload” of fish                               the next meeting.                          in Lawson Missouri. We will hold the price to $60 a person and will once again
                                                                                                                                               I will pay for your Personalized “Eng
                                                                                               include free beverages on the course with a cooler at every other hole, our fa-
homefor the June meeting and a fish fry!
                                                                                                                                                 be placed on the Warren F. Muncie
                                                                                               mous brats and burgers around the turn and afterwards, great raffle prizes and 2
                                                                                               to 3 places with paybacks. This has always been a fun event and we hope we
                                                                                                                                                                   at Ararat Shrine.
                                                                                               can get more teams this year than ever before. The trip to Lawson is not bad and
                                                                                                                                                              (Benefits to Cornerstone Fu
                                                                                               the reason we keep going back is the great service and pricing we get from them.
                                                                                               We cannot meet their prices anywhere in the Kansas City area besides the co-
                                                                                               operation we get with staging the event. If you have golfed with us before you
                                                                                               know the fun we have, if you never had in the past give us a try and I’ll guarantee
                                                                                               a good time.

                                                                                                     If you are a member and have not paid your dues please do so ASAP so we
                                                                                                               PAUL K. REEVES
                                                                                               can finalize our roster and mailing list. IF you are not a member come out and
                                                                                                                    Sales We meet at
                                                                                               join us for a meal on us. & Leasing the Claycomo VFW next to Strouds North
                                                                                                                One Vivion Road • Kansas Cit
                                                                                               just off of I-35 and Vivion Rd. on the 3rd Thursday of the month with social at
                                                                                                                  Ford Motor 7:00 and
                                                                                               6:00, family style dinner at Companyour dinner at 8:00. The cost of out meals
                                                                                                                         Retiree                      Bus: (816) 453-2710 • Fax: (816
                                                                                               is $11 a person and a bad meal we have not had! Until next month stay safe, be
                                                                                               careful and keep the Supreme Architect prevalent in your lives. Peace to all!
                                                                                                                                                                 Cell: (816) 813-0964
                                                                                                              ARARAT SHRINE NEWS | 15
                          Northland Shrine Club News
                          By BOBBIE WHITE, PRESIdEnT

                                  ello Nobles and Ladies. If you are a Northlander we need YOU. We are a
                                  great bunch of guys with a WONDERFUL wives group who meet once a
                                  month for Good Food and Fellowship.
                               On March 1st we had our regular meeting at the VFW in Claycomo (right
                          there beside Stroud’s). We had to skip February due to Old Man Winter.
                               We started the evening with a busy social hour and then had an excellent Meat
                          Loaf dinner with all the trimmings, including some wonderful gravy with mashed
                          taters umm, umm good. Thanks Everett for requesting that one. Next Month we
                          are gonna have Fried Chicken, always a crowd pleaser.
                               I also have to say that it was truly a fantastic sight to see everyone there. I love
                          it when the folks from the VFW have to come out and set more place settings.
                               Prior to dinner Noble Art Kinder led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and then
                          Noble Bert Torrey led us in prayer. Thanks Guys.
                               President White opened the meeting at 7:15 PM with Introductions: Ambassa-
                          dor Shaun Robinson and his Lady Kayla – nice to meet you two; Assistant Shrine
                          Club Director Art Kinder and his lovely Lady Janet; Chief Rabban Richard Floyd
                          and his always delightful Lady Linda.
                               Our own hard working lady Mrs. Hoesly was NOT there (we missed you) to
                          do her magic with the drawing for a dinner at Applebee’s, but her fine husband
                          Noble Pat Hoesly did a nice job filling in for her. Thanks for all your work on that
                          project and congratulations to our lucky winner Dave Dowell.
                               Lady Linda then stepped up and gave us an introduction to some of the Circus
                          Incentives for sale this year: T-shirts, bags and of course the very important Mom
                          & Dad pins. Please don’t forget to purchase yours. Linda then had a drawing for
                          the ladies and Kayla was the winner of one of the very nice bags.
                               Our ladies then slipped off to their own meeting.
                               Our main business for the night was regarding the Float and getting ready
                          for the new year of parades. We will be in the Snake Saturday Parade and want
                          to have the Float ready to roll by then. Thanks Howard for all your work on the
                          truck and the Float. We discussed our finances and we really have to get some
                          work in this year in fund raisers or we are not going to be happy campers. At that
                          point, just as we were about to cry, our meeting was interrupted by a knock on
                          the door. The Northland Ladies once again have stepped up to the plate and made
                          a donation to us that will allow us to pay our insurance for the year and fill the
                          truck with gas. We then gave them a standing ovation to say THANKS.
                               We still need everybody’s ideas and help so come to the next meeting for a
                          good discussion cause we won’t always have the Ladies to bail us out. Quarter-
                          master Ron says he has shirts, caps and coats. If you need one just see him at the
                          next meeting.
                               Thanks to ALL who were there.
                               Membership, we truly miss not seeing many of our old friends from the club.
                          If you haven’t been to a meeting in a while come on back and see us. We miss
                          your company and need you to keep our club active and functional.
                               In Sickness this month we still ask for prayers for Charley Swafford who
                          had surgery, but is on the mend. It was good to have Loyd back up and around
                          and with us. We were also advised that Sherill Minter is not doing well. Our best
                          wishes for you and hope to see you both soon.
                               Ambassador Robinson and Assistant Director Kinder both had words of wis-
                          dom for us and reminded us of upcoming events (Potentate’s Ball, Swap Meet,
                          Richmond Parade for a few). Thanks Gentlemen.
                               We then had the pleasure of a discussion with Chief Rabban Floyd on the
                          upcoming Circus. We look forward to another great year. Thanks Sir.
                               Speaking of Parades and Circus don’t forget that the uniform has changed
                          and we are wearing our red shirts with navy blue pants. If you don’t have your
                          shirt yet let us know so we can get with our Quartermaster (Ron Owen) and get
                          one for you.
                               Noble President White also asks if you can please make it to the Temple
                          Meetings and wear your Northland Shirt or Fez.
                               Again, if you want some good food and want to meet some good people
                          come on by our next meeting, April 5th at the VFW in Claycomo. Come join us
                          for dinner before the meeting and visit with old and new friends. Hope to see you

16 | ARARAT SHRINE NEWS                                                                          APRIL 2011
                                                                                                    Circus Mom and Dad
                                                                                                    Program Supporters
                                                                                                        hank you to the following Nobles and Ladies for supporting the Circus Mom
                                                                                                        and Dad Program by purchasing your pins. Remember, without your par-
                                                                                                        ticipation we would not be able to send “Children of all Ages” to the Shrine
                                                                                                    Circus, who otherwise would be unable to attend.

                                                                                                           CIRCUS dAd And MOM                    Francis l. Mordecai
                                                                                                           Michael C. Allen                      Graham C. Myers, Jr.
                                                                                                           Ronald C. Alm                         John R. Nelson
                                                                                                           Henry e. backstrom                    lloyd A. Newman
                                                                                                           Carl G. baxter                        William l. Padley
                                                                                                           Paul D. beason                        edward l. Paul
                                                                                                           Kenneth R. bennett                    bary l. Porter
                                                                                                           Jack D. bohne                         Donald R. Price P.P.
                                                                                                           Marvin A. Cleveland                   Donald R. Purtle
                                                                                                           Samuel l. Coen                        Robert G. Shackelford
     2011 CIRCUS MOM & DAD PINS NOW AVAILABLE                                                              Jack b. Colvin                        Steven S. Silvest
Chief Rabban Richard Floyd and his lady, linda, have unveiled their Circus Pins                            Gary l. Cordell                       William H. Smith
for 2011. Please show your support by purchasing a Mom or Dad pin for $25 each,                            Ronald e. Cunliffe-Owen               louis T. Sohn
or bOTH for only $40. Nobles will receive 25 Crown Jewel Points for 1 pin or 50                            everett l. Deibler                    William e. Summers, Jr.
when you purchase both!                                                                                    Henry DeVry P.P.                      William b. Tatum
_____________________________________________                                                              Robert C. Gay II                      edward b. Thomson, Jr.
                                                                                                           David W. Gordon P.P.                  Stephen M. Untrif
____ Circus dad $25.00 Noble’s Name _____________________________________________                          Richard e. Graff                      Philip C. Wendt
Shrine Number ______________ Unit/Club __________________________________________                          Herbert W. Gronemeyer, Jr.            boyd R. Williams
                                                                                                           James e. Guillaume
____ Circus Mom $25.00 lady’s Name _____________________________________________                           Stanley W. Harrington                 CIRCUS dAd
____ Circus dad & Mom $40.00 Noble’s Name _______________________________________                          Donald A. Hartstack P.P.              Robert l. beeler P.P.
                                                                                                           Donald e. Hendrickson                 Robert A. Ford
                                 lady’s Name ________________________________________                      Charles M. Hopkins                    John M. Kiloh, Jr.
Total enclosed $ __________________ ( ) Check ( ) Visa ( ) Master Card ( ) Discover                        Robert G. Jenkins
                                                                                                           Robert l. Johnson                     CIRCUS MOM
Card number: _____________________________________ expiration date: ________________                       benjamin H. Kropf, Jr.                Faye brandt
For Visa cards we also need the Vin number (3 numbers located to the right of the signature line           George W. Mack                        Dorothy breece
on the back of the card): ___________________                                                              Oliver W. McAfee, Jr.                 erna Murphy
                                                                                                           Henry l. McDaniel, Jr.                Donna Shafer
Signature: ________________________________________________________________________                        Donald R. McNeil                      Duane O. Steele
               Mail to: ARARAT SHRINe, 5100 Ararat Drive, Kansas City, MO 64129

Oriental Band                                                            for the Band.
                                                                               We are currently planning our Mandarin Degree and will          Circus Insulated
By HAnK W. KOOnTz, PRESIdEnT                                             have a date, time, and place in future articles. We are also prac-
                                                                         ticing our fantasy tune for CSSA. Our practices on Monday
         reetings from the Oriental Band. So far we have started         evenings at 6:30 pm have been fair to good. We need you back
         off slow due to the cold and snowy weather, but like a          with us so we can once again be GREAT.
         burst of warm sunshine your officers are shining bright               If any Nobles out there would like to see what the Oriental
with new ideas on how to bring back the Band in force. We still          Band is like and what we do, please call me and I will answer
have a few long term members who have not paid their Ararat              your questions and show you a fun time.
dues. For these Brothers, all I can do is say call me (816-833-                We would like to congratulate our Past President and new                              Small Bag
2607). We miss you at our practices and meetings. We do not
want to lose you. The Oriental Band has a grand and glorious
                                                                         Rajah 2011, Waco Dohn for his hard work to keep the Band alive.
                                                                         With his support and the support of all this year’s officers, the
image that you helped to make. All members are important to              Oriental Band will start to return to our old glory.
the Band with both your musical abilities and your input on                    We would also like to say welcome to our newest member
what the Oriental Band will be each year. For whatever reasons           and first new member for 2011, Noble Oliver McAfee and his
you have for not being a part of the unit you chose and enjoyed          lovely Lady Jamie. He goes by “Tut” (even sounds Egyptian).
for many years, we want you and need you. We also haven’t                Tut has been a noble for several years and his wish was to always
forgot the great Ladies who have supported the Casbah Dar-               belong to an Oriental Band Unit. He joined us because of our
lins, the Band, the Temple, the Hospital Program, and of course          fun reputation. He is trying to master his musette and he has his
“THE KIDS.” We owe them so much for their hard work and                  own flying carpet. Tut and his Lady are a happy, fun couple who
                                                                                                                                                Large Bag

efforts to make the Oriental Band shine.                                 fit right in with our unit. They have a lot to offer and they will
     I would like to personally thank our Scribe, Dave Wil-              definitely add to our colorful future. Come meet the couple and        $
banks, for his time writing our articles. If you have never had          tell them welcome to Ararat and welcome to the Oriental Band.
to write an article month after month and find the words to keep         Our Business Meeting is on the Monday after the Temple meet-
an upbeat momentum for our unit, you can’t appreciate Dave’s             ing at 7:00 PM. Please plan on attending. Until then – Keep the
time and talents. Give Dave a big thank you for all he’s done            musettes howling and the drums pounding.                                                                                                                          ARARAT SHRINE NEWS | 17
                                                                   Real Estate
                                 THE RUCKER GROUPat RE/MAX Revolution
                                 “DON’T PAYMORE….DON’T SELLFOR LESS” Call us today!!
                                 2850 Kendallwood Parkway, Gladstone, MO. . . . . . . . . . . .(816) 414-3240

                                                                                                            BiNGo ASSiGNmENtS
                                                                                      The following list of units and clubs are scheduled to furnish 3 members to as-
 FOR THE                                                                        sist in helping the Bingo Committee on Thursday evenings for the months of April,
 BEST In                                                                        May and June 2011.
 AUTO                                                                                 Please report to Buck Johnson in Bennett Auditorium at 6:00 p.m. on your
 REPAIR                                                                         scheduled night. Directors or Presidents, if you are not able to fulfill the assignment,
                                                                                please contact the Temple Director, Jim Waggoner at 816-520-9344 so that he can
 And                                       BINGO ASSIGNMENTS
                                                     find a replacement for your unit or club.
 SERVICE…                             The following list of units and clubs are scheduled to furnish 3 members to assist
                                                      April 7 Drum and Bugle                                                   May 5    Sand Buggies               June 2      Trykes
                                   in helping the Bingo Committee on Thursday evenings for the months of May, June
 FOR LESS!                         and July 2010.                          Corps                                               May 12   Provost Shrine Club        June 9      Clowns
                                      Please report to Buck Johnson in Bennett Auditorium at 6:00 p.m. on your                 May 19   Blue Springs Shrine        June 16     Ararat Cycles
                                                      April Presidents, if you are not able to fulfill the assignment,
                                   scheduled night. Directors or14 Potentate’s Aides                                                    Club                       June 23     Grandview Shrine
                                                      Temple Director, Director’s Staff
                                   please contact the April 21 Tom Burke at 816-810-8216 so that he can find
                                   a replacement for your unit or club.                                                        May 26   Antique Auto                           Club
               FIRESTOnE CAR CLInIC                  April 28 Flying Fez                                                                Shrine Club                June 30     Houn Dawg Shrine
                    in raytown               MAY                          JUNE                            JULY                                                                 Club
                                    May 6 – Mounted Guard       June 3 – Mini Indy’s           July 1–Motor Corps
                                    May 13 – Liberty            June 10 – Northland            July 8 – Cass County
                                                                              Shrine Club                 Shrine Club
                                                Shrine Club                                    July 15 –Divan
                                    May 20 – Motor Escort       June 17– Mini Model T’s        July 22 –Ambassadors
                                    May 27–Legion of Honor      June 24 – Hospital             July 29–Assistant Directors

                                                 Jackson County Shrine Club
                                                                              Transportation              of Uniformed Units

     OIL CHANGE                                  By HAnK W. KOnTz

        12.99 G
                                                          reetings from Jackson County Shrine Club. We                                       a safe environment. Bring the kids and enjoy the great
       $                                                  are going to have a busy year in 2011.
                                                               In March we held our Annual Rummage
                                                                                                                                                  We are changing things up this year. We will have
               (PlUS DISPOSAl)
                                                 Sale. Many thanks to Aaron Gardner, Bob Burns and                                           dinners before our Business Meeting. Food and social
      offer Good through April                   family on all the hard work they put into this sale for a                                   hour at 6 PM and meeting starts at 7PM. We will ask
                                                 successful club fundraiser.                                                                 for a minimal fee to help pay for the dinner. Bring your
                                                      On April 15-16-17th we are supporting our com-                                         Lady as the women get together in the Lounge during
                                                 munity and our brave heroes in Afghanistan by allowing                                      the meeting. Our next meeting is on April 26, the 4th
                                                 the Queen City Chapter #10 Disabled American Veterans                                       Tuesday of the month.
                                                 Auxiliary to host their annual garage sale and collection                                        The E-Board met in March and discussed many
                                                 of needed items to be sent to the troops. The hard work of                                  improvements to the club and grounds, future events,
                                                 this chapter for our soldiers is worth noting. Besides this                                 pressing business issues, paying the bills, rentals and
                                                 sale the members also collect needed items at Wal-Mart.                                     working together to make this a fun year at the club.
                                                 All money collected will be used to purchase additional                                     Our next meeting is April 12th at 7 PM.
                                                 items. Last year they shipped almost 3,000 supplies such                                         The Fun-Cor Unit is planning several get togethers
                                                 as body wipes, lip balm, sunscreen, snacks, eye drops,                                      to break the ice off our little yellow devils and make
                                                 writing pens and tablets, playing cards, table games, and                                   them parade ready. This is also a good time for interest-
                                                 cell phone cards. Contact State DAVA Commander Lou-                                         ed nobles to come join us, check out our scooters, and
                                                 ise Komer at 816-795-5234 for information on the sale                                       see why we have so much FUN! Noble Richard Stukes
                                                 and to donate. We will have a collection barrel at our club                                 told me he is tired of this white stuff falling from the
                                                 if you would like to drop off needed items. We are donat-                                   sky. He wants it to be parade season now. I think he has
                                                 ing the use of our building to support this worthy cause.                                   too much fun, if there is such a thing. Contact our Fun-
                                                      Our Annual Easter Pancake Breakfast will be held                                       Cor Director Terry Slayton (816-833-3166) for more
                                                 on April 24th. For a $6.00 donation you can have all you                                    information on future events.
                                                 can eat sausage, biscuits and gravy, fried homestyle po-                                         Our new Computer Chairman and Building Man-
                                                 tatoes, scrambled eggs and of course pancakes. Come                                         ager, Aaron Gardner (816-316-3593) has been busy
                                                 and enjoy a great hot breakfast. We will also have orange                                   showcasing our rental opportunities on the computer
                                                 juice, milk, coffee and tea. Did I mention all this for only                                and has designed a web-page for the club. Call Aaron
                                                 $6.00? WOW!                                                                                 for the web site info and info on renting our building
                                                      We are again gearing up for our onion sales around                                     for your Spring Wedding, Graduation Party, Family Re-
                                                 the first week of May. Our first try last year we sold 330                                  union or other events. He is glad to help you any way
                                                 bags of onions. This year we are going to work hard to                                      he can.
                                                 exceed that number. We need the help of all members to                                           We are also going to plan a free CPR/First Aid
                                                 accomplish this. This is a great fundraiser for our club                                    Class later on this spring. I will have more on this when
                                                 and a great way to support our Temple.                                                      the details are worked out.
                                                      We are also having our 4th Annual BBQ Contest at                                            Remember to support your clubs, units and Tem-
                                                 our club building August 12th (set up and prep) and judg-                                   ple. Find new Nobles and support our “Kids.”
                                                 ing August 13th. This is sanctioned by the KCBBQ So-                                             Stop in and visit. We miss and need every member
                                                 ciety and judged by their rules. Contact Steve Holbrook                                     at our meetings. This is your club. Let the officers know
                                                 (816-356-0447) for information and an entry form. This                                      your concerns or your ideas of what you want from this
                                                 is a great time with BBQ, a great band on Friday night,                                     club. This is how we continue to move forward. Remem-
                                                 and a smoky, smelly, hungermakin’ morning with break-                                       ber at Jackson County Shrine Club we say,
                                                 fast served Saturday morning. This is a family event in                                          “Where the dues are cheap and the fun is priceless.”

18 | ARARAT SHRINE NEWS                                                                                                                                                              APRIL 2011
                                                                                                                                                                    NOBODY TOLD ME!
 he attendance really liked. fraternity. Too many young men look at us                                                                                                                      By, Steve Dowdy
veral “kids” at the ball,    and think that they have nothing in com-
                                                                                           Blue Springs Shrine Club
re family of the Divan,      mon with us. My own son, a Noble him -                          I went to the Potentate’s Ball last month, added something special. Then, the Nobles young people in the attendance really
   Nobles and Ladies, and    self, doesn’t like to come to our parties and                  By was too late for P.P.
                                                                                          but it FREd HARLE me to write about it.         looked like some kind of royalty in their         There were several “kids” at the b

                   Automotive Repair                                                      It wasn’t too late to get the pictures in the   masks. I didn’ t have much trouble identi- some of them were family of the Div

 nd daughters of Nobles.     dances because he doesn’t like “our music.”
ere, they danced and         We need to find common ground, and it
                                                                                              thought we would never                       winter we just had in
                                                                                                                                                                                         some were young and so
                                                                                          paper, but I couldn’t write fast get through thefying anybody, but it wasour area, but here it is already MarchNobles and Ladies
                                                                                                                           enough.                                    fun to pretend.
                                                                                              far the weather hasn’t cooperated as we would like for it to, but you know what, our Blue Springs Shrine
                                                                                             We’ve always liked the Potentate’s Ball,        The decorations were certainly impressive, some were sons and daughters of No
 ved politely while having was there at the Potentate’s Ball.                                 Club, like the Aflac duck, just keeps on quacking and no matter how bad the weather gets, it’s still warm
 e of them even danced          I think a lot of the credit must go to the                probably because Jerri likes to get dressed and the food was outstanding. I’m sure that Whoever they were, they danced an
                                                                                            and toasty inside our meetings.
              10533 E. Highway 40 • Independence, MO 64055                                up, and when she’s happy, it’s easy for me somebody got something he didn’t like, but laughed and behaved politely while h
 nough to be their fathers, First Lady, because I just don’t see                                  Our meetings are held on the 4th Monday of the month at the American Legion Hall on #7 Hwy in the
 oung lady talked one of     Illustrious Sir Kevin putting all of that                       get city Besides that, wearing you listening??? way the world works. personal a lot of to Some for an
                                                                                          togreathappy.of Blue Springs. Are a tuxe- that’s thePlease consider this aIt’s really invitation fun.join us of them even dan
                                                                                          do makes me feel like James Bond! Of            difficult to Our Club food for that many with Nobles old of Side
                                                                                            evening of merriment, and outstanding, tasty food.prepare goodPresident, Noble Bill Fickle, ownerenough to be their fa
nto giving her dance les-    together by himself. But, with Lady
                                                                                                       not the getting beat Springs,
                                                                                          course, it’sBar & Grill in Blueup twice inprepares the entrée while the rest of the meal is and at least one the mem- talked on
                                                                                            Pockets                                       people, and it’s even more difficult trying to  brought in by young lady
Horrell seemed to be hav-    Dianna’s help, and guidance, he threw a
                                                                                          every movie that I like to imagine, but
                                                                                            bers.                                         serve that many people, keeping the food       our dance divas into giving her danc
 s her student. It was great helluva party! They’re quite a pair!
                                                                                          there’sIenough other cool stuff to keep my day telling youdropping a plate inare but the only wayLady Eva Horrell to
                                                                                                   can sit here at this computer all      warm and not how good we anyone’s lap. sons. you are going seemed to b
erse group dancing to a         If we, the Nobility of Ararat Shrine, can                 inner Walter come quitejoin us. Were you aware that camecan belongAsmall band from Shrine Club at a time? So,
                                                                                            know is to Mitty and happy.                      Then you the band. to more than one ing as much fun as her student. It wa
 sity. Can’t you just pic-   continue in that tradition, we are going to                                the ball was a masquerade
                                                                                             This time, us too and enjoy more of our Shrine activities. As far as I know,
                                                                                                                                          Joplin, of all places.                         seeing such a diverse group dancing
                                                                                            come join
 heir friends that those old have a fantastic year. We CAN have fun while                         We only some of our BSSC news Joplin
                                                                                          party. Now for wore masks on our faces, blips. has never been the music capital of             band called Diversity. Can’t you ju
 w how to have fun!          helping our kids, and it’s time we did so.                           you of our newer members, Noble the free world, but with some recent surgeryture them telling recuper- that tho
                                                                                          unless One count the James Bond outfit. I Philip Wendt underwentthis band, they’ve              and is at home their friends
 at we can attract young                                                                    ating. that would be Snell is back with
                                                                                          thought Lady Vivian the silliest thing I us nowafrom her stay in theThe band was Roberta Hunsberger is still have fun!
                                                                                                                                          got pretty good chance. hospital. Lady people really know how to
 ty, and we can enjoy being                                                                 nursing her shingles and is really
                                                                                          ever did, but I was wrong. I wasdoing much better. “Diversity,” and it was appropriate. that our good buddy, Noble attract yo
                                                                                                                                          called At this writing I received word            It taught me that we can
  . That means a lot to our                                                                 “Submarine Joe” Shriner’s wives are
                                                                                          wrong! I was great! Bittiker had a fall. I’ll check him out stuff that the andguys like me him in to themonth’s news. can enjo
                                                                                                                                          They played pretty soon old report about men next Nobility, and we
                                                                                                  We at BSSC the air of mystery
                                                                                          beautiful anyway, butare always delighted toenjoyed, and they playedmeetingsthe several around eachdrives all the
                                                                                                                                           have with us at our stuff that our Ambassador who other. That means a lot

                                                                                           way from Warsaw, MO; Noble Bud Higginbotham and pretty Lady Carol. Also at our February meeting we
                                                                                           were honored to have with us Ararat’s Assistant Rabban, Noble Dave Bushakra accompanied by pretty Lady

ATT PLACE – Oklahoma City Airport
                                                                                                 CENTRAL STATES SHRINE ASSOCIATION
                                                                                           Molly. Sure hope they come back often.
                                                                                                 Our Shrine Club is always on the move planning new and fun things to do. On March 20 we’ll take in a

      ATTENTION NOBLES!!!                                                                    Oklahoma City, OK • September 2 - 5, 2010 • HYATT PLACE
                                                                                           hockey game with the Mavericks. Hope you didn’t miss it. It should be a lot of fun.
                                                                                                 BSSC is really proud and happy to welcome our newest members, Noble Charles and pretty Lady Bob-
                                                                                           bie Bonner. Our club is growing and we’d sure like you to join us.
r with hot
hat Pinot                  If you have a candidate                                               I think I should stop now and save some for next time. Be good to one another, your neighbor, and your-
                          for the Spring Ceremonial                                        self. Make the world a better place to live.
  a great deal               all petitions and fees
                                                                                               Ararat Super Circus Business Supporters
can com -
ure of the                 must be turned in to the
an comple-
   robust                        Business Office                                          silverstein Eye Centers .......... 816-358-3600                          Ararat 2010 Ambassadors .............................................
  more body.
 , and we eat             by May 12th at 6:00 pm.                                         neil Harris                                                              Ararat Cycles Club.........................................................
   know what                                                                                                                                                       Ararat Liberty Shrine Club ............................................
 ribs or beef                                                                                Heating Cooling................. 816-361-1950
wine with a                        NO LAST MINUTE                                                                                                                  Avenue Auto Parts....................................816-861-5055
 be best,                                                                                 LMC truck ............................. 800-562-8782                     Ferguson Enterprises ................................816-252-0060
  iraz? I’ve                      PETITIONS WILL BE                                                                                                                Industrial Process Systems.......................816-221-9944
  I’ve had                                                                                Blue Cross Blue shield........... 888-989-8842
 about                               ACCEPTED!!                                                                                                                    Merrill Lynch ...........................................913-906-5200
  robably                                                                                 Auto Glass & tint shop......... 913-491-8468
 ht like it.                                                                                                                                                       Northland Auto Body ...............................816-741-2588
   don’t                                                                                  GEHA ...................................... 877-320-9469                 Plumbers Local Union #8 ........................816-363-8888
  of this is to                                                                           Maxim security ...................... 816-252-3573                       Sprinkler Fitters #314 ..............................816-444-5133
  ike it, don’t                                                                                                                                                    Superior Buick Cadillac ...........................816-942-7100
 ind that a                                                                               AAA Lifetime Exterior .................. 816-421-5433
   and a good
                                                                                          Bank Of Lee’s Summit................... 816-524-1800                     Worth Harley Davidson ...........................816-420-0090
 es, and                                                                                  HJ Design ....................................... 816-415-3777
  th German                                                                                                                                                            Remember to support these businesses
exican wine                                                                               Pipefitters Union # 533 .................. 816-523-1533                    who have been so helpful in supporting us!
 os.                                                                                      AB May....................................................913-226-2952
 don’t even
 s. But they
  ho have
 hink about
 our own
ways spit it
                   Golden Valley Shrine Club
                    Shriner’s Open Buddy
                     Crappie Tournament
 y Parade
                                                             Wednesday Night
                   You do not have to be a Shriner to fish
 d Parade                                                     is Italian Night
                  WHEN:         SATURDAY, May 22, 2010         in the Ararat
 ll Parade        WHERE:        TRUMAN LAKE                    Restaurant…
  Meeting                       LONG SHOALMARINA
 emonial                                                      Build Your Own Pasta Bowl
 ke Night         TIME:         7:00 A.M. TILL3:00 P.M.           Cooked on the Spot
urnament                                                       Choice of Sauces, Pasta,
Steak Fry         ENTRY FEE: $90.00 PER BOAT                    Noodles & Vegetables
 f Outing
                         OF TWO PEOPLE
                                                                Served with Salad and
                                                                                                                                                                                  ARARAT SHRINE NEWS | 19
w Parade
 Meeting             (70% PAYBACK ONE PLACE                          Breadsticks.
 ke Night            PAID PER 5 BOATS ENTERED)
I Don’t Need to See a Dentist!
Nothing Hurts!

         mazing how many times you hear this statement, even from the highly edu-             are not receiving routine dental care, make sure that you do so that dental problems
         cated. These are the same people who would never think of putting off of             do not cause complications to medical problems that you have, or will have in the fu-
         delaying their annual physical, and the same ones that wouldn’t think of not         ture. Make sure that both your physician and your dentist are well aware of the recent
changing the oil in their car every three thousand miles. You would think that these          research proving the interrelationship between medical and dental disease, and make
would be the ones who would say that their car is running just fine, so there is no need      sure that they are talking to each other about the best way to ensure your overall health.
to change their oil. The truth of the matter is that every car needs its oil changed every    They should both be a part of the same team delivering your medical care. Just like
so often, and everybody needs to have their dental health checked with about the same         FOX Business Channel cries out, “if you don’t get it, DEMAND IT!”
regularity. Just like waiting for your engine to seize if you don’t change the oil, you are
asking for big, expensive problems down the road if you don’t get your routine dental
maintenance done. And, believe it or not, it should be your physician who demands
that you do it.                                                                                 Provost News
           Unfortunately, most medical insurance doesn’t cover dental treatment, even           By BILL HUFFMAn, SCRIBE
preventive dental treatment. If you ask the insurance companies why that is, the an-

swer is always the same. Dental treatment would be far too expensive to include in                      t the time of this writing, I had an opportunity to visit with our Provost Mar-
their health insurance policies. Their reasoning is that in the pool of those they insure,              shal, Noble Charles DeGroff. He is sincerely enjoying his duties, and in his
most people don’t have significant medical problems, so the few that do are subsidized                  own words, “getting his feet wet.” As everyone knows by now, Noble DeGroff
by the many who don’t, and this keeps the costs down so that the company can make               is a Deputy Sheriff with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department. Lady Rebecca
a good profit. But everyone will have dental problems that will require treatment, and          (Becky) is also a Deputy Sheriff for the same Department. Their children are Candice,
most of them are asymptomatic in the beginning stages. To cover procedures that ev-             Ashley, Samantha, and Josh. Our best wishes to Colonel DeGroff in his endeavors.
eryone needs, or will need, just wouldn’t allow for as large a profit, and since most den-           Our Assistant Provost Marshal, Lt. Colonel Waco Dohn, brought me up to date
tal problems don’t produce symptoms, don’t hurt until it’s often too late to do anything        on the Awards Ceremony. When we visited, he was on his way to pick up Lady Sandy,
about them (and very expensive to treat,) there has never been an outcry to get dental          who undergoes Dialysis three times a week for four hours. Lady Sandy, you are to be
procedures covered. What the insurance companies won’t tell you, however, is that if            commended for your strength.
routine preventive dental care was provided, there would be very little of the expensive             Laurie Brewer wanted to let all of the Provost Ladies know that they meet on the
treatment needed down the road.                                                                 same night as the Nobles. Kids are welcome, so come and join in.
           Recent research has finally proven what we have all known is the case. The                At the Awards Ceremony, Joe Klos was the recipient of the Forrest C. Kenney
mouth, head, and neck are, in fact, part of the same body, and medically affect the rest        Award. Congratulations Joe.
of the body. It has been proven that diabetes and periodontal disease (which 80% of                  The Distinguished Service Award was bestowed on Neil Cowan, and Don Starch-
American adults suffer from to some extent) are interrelated, and that the continual            er received the Meritorious Service Award. Here are some of the recipients of Hours
bacterial insult to the body from periodontal disease (Gingivitis, Pyorrhea, bone loss)         Pins. If I didn’t get your name in this time, I will in the next issue. Wayne Cantwell
make the treatment of diabetes much more difficult, if not impossible. And the diabetes         11,000 hours, Joe Klos 11,000 hours, Waco Dohn 6,000 hours, Neil Cowan 5,000
causes changes in the body which allow periodontal disease to worsen and progress               hours, Lee Brown 4,000 hours, Bill Elledge 3,000 hours, Roy Tadlock 3,000 hours,
more rapidly. It’s also true that the first symptoms of diabetes most often occur within        John Hall 2,000 hours, and Don Starcher 1,000 hours.
the mouth and allow the early detection of diabetes, by a well trained dentist, while it             Noble Ed McCarty has been promoted to Lieutenant, and Noble Ron Facklam to
is still easily treatable. Most dentists and physicians now understand these relation-          Captain. Noble Facklam is in charge of outside events.
ships, but when was the last time that a physician looked inside your mouth during                   In next month’s issue we will highlight our Line Officers, the Provost President,
a routine checkup and physical, and referred you to a dentist for treatment? Similar            Noble Bob Zolotor, and the entire line. My apologizes for being so slow in doing that.
interrelationships have also been proven between the need for dental treatment and                   “You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot help the
heart disease, low birth weight babies, kidney and renal problems, intestinal and colon         wage earner by pulling down the wage payer. You cannot help the poor by destroying
problems, and the list goes on. Yes, Mildred, you can die from dental problems!                 the rich. You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and
      As we learn more about these interrelationships, physicians and dentists are begin-       should do for themselves.” Abraham Lincoln.
ning to work more closely together. I wish I could say that all of them are, but that just              Until next time, God Bless.
isn’t the case. As time goes on this will continue to get better, but the separation of in-
surance benefits by the insurance companies will ensure that it is a slow progress, after
all there is no demand from the public because most dental problems, which can have
a great effect on your overall health, don’t hurt until they become serious. If it doesn’t       Let Us be Your IT Department
hurt, you aren’t seeing a dentist, and the physician isn’t looking, just who is going to
                                                                                                           YOUR CUSTOM SOFTWARE

find the problems that could have a significant effect on your health down the road?
      Make sure that both your physician and your dentist are aware of, and up to date                               & IT PROFESSIONALS
on the latest research concerning the interrelationship between common medical prob-
lems and dental disease, and that they work together, cooperatively, to ensure your
overall health. There are now even standard medical billing codes that allow for
treatment and billing of many dental problems under your medical insurance because
of these relationships. Unfortunately, many medical insurance policies restrict the use
of these billing codes, and most dentists don’t even know that they are there. The ones                                                                           Jeff Quibell
                                                                                                   IT SERVICES • VIRUS CLEAN UP
that do often fail to use them because they are not familiar with billing under medical
insurance rather than dental insurance.                                                                 CUSTOM SOFTWARE                             (816) 224-2890
      There may be two types of insurance, medical and dental, there may be two dif-
ferent methods of delivery, but there is only one body, and it belongs to you. If you
                                                                                                     COMPUTER SALES & SETUP                   

20 | ARARAT SHRINE NEWS                                                                                                                                                APRIL 2011
Leawood Shrine Club                                                                                         Mini Model T’s
By R W THOMPSOn, PRESIdEnT                                                                                  By STEPHEn HARGRAVE, SCRIBE

T                                                                                                           W
       he Club extends warm wishes to all. Our Club was well served at a recent meeting by Jerry Ogden                  e were finally able to have our first meeting for the year
       and his Lady Shiela substituting for our regular Divan Representative Jeff and Gloria Johnson.                   in March. It was really great to get together with the
       Our meetings are most enjoyable. We were pleased to have Wayne Rector and Dale Cantrell as                       nobles and visit. Fortunately all of the members were in
special visitors in February.                                                                               good health and most of the members were able to attend. We were
     Our Club elected to offer our friends and neighbors the opportunity to win some of the more than       finally able to discuss the proposed changes to our by-laws which
$10,000 yet to be awarded by daily drawings in amounts from $25 (the actual cost of each Cash Calen-        were unanimously adopted.
dar) to a high of $1,000. If your cash calendar number is selected at random on a Sunday date, your prize        Our new liaison officer also attended our meeting. It was great
is $100. There are still three dates left worth $250 each from among the more than 240 chances remain-      to see Dan Smothers at the meeting and he had a great deal of infor-
ing. Each Cash Calendar No. may yet win in each of the remaining nine months. Our Club’s calendar           mation to give to us. He had quite a motivational talk while he was
numbers range from No.1026 through No.1050. Numbers 1037 and 1050 are taken.                                visiting with us. It will be a lot of fun to have him with the unit this
     If you want to avail yourself to one of these cash calendars, call me at 816-452-7281 and you can      year. We are all looking forward to having him with us.
buy a Cash Calendar for $25 using your credit card. Your payment must be received by the Abdallah                With the new Mini Model T’s we are looking for drivers for
Office at which time your number will be eligible for the next day’s drawing. Any unsold cash calendars     our cars. If you would like to take one of them for a drive, contact
will be available at our regular scheduled meetings. Club members may take several calendars to offer       our President, James Blackburn, or our Director, Jared Hargrave
to friends, neighbors or relatives. Our Club will receive a $5 commission on each calendar sold. This       to find out more information. Our unit is very family oriented and
is our only money maker. All proceeds go to Units or Clubs, the General Fund & to the lucky holder of       we want to be sure that everyone knows that the whole family is
the winning Calendar No. drawn daily and shown on the Abdallah website. I won $25 on a cash calendar        invited to join us.
in February.                                                                                                     We are all looking forward to the upcoming parade season. It
     We look forward to the continuation of great fellowship and many pleasantries at our next meeting      is one of the best times of the year. We get to drive our little cars
April 23rd and it is open to all Shriners and Widows of Shriners. (Open Club membership for Abdallah        and have a great deal of fun during the parades and visiting after.
and Ararat Shriners @ $10 annually and all Shriners Widows are gratis members. Meetings are held on         The summer also brings the collecting money for the circus. We
the fourth Saturday at the Pegah’s Family Restaurant; 11005 Johnson Dr. – Shawnee, KS starting at11:30      all need to get out there and greet and meet the public while col-
a.m. Breakfasts or Luncheons are ordered from the menu and served during the meeting.)                      lecting. If you don’t have a place set up, now is the time to set up
     Our scheduled meetings for the balance of 2011 were published in the March issue.                      some place.
     We welcome all guests and our friends from both Ararat and Abdallah. Please call Dillard Whitlow            We hope to see all members at our next stated meeting at 7:00
at 913-381-7485 if you wish to let us know in advance that you are planning to attend. Thank you for        pm April 6, 2011 at the temple.
reading our submission.                                                                                                                    ARARAT SHRINE NEWS | 21
                                                                                       2011 Potentate’s Trip to
                                                                                    & THE dAKOTAS
                                                                                           July 22-31
                                                                                                                                             Tour Includes: Roundtrip
                                                                                                                                                deluxe motor coach
                                                                                                                                          transportation, 9 nights hotel
                                                                                                                                         accommodations, 9 breakfasts,
                                                                                                                                               2 lunches & 3 dinners,
                                                                                                                                              tours and admissions...
                                                                                                                                         Get your registration form from
                                                                                                                                                  the Ararat office.

                                                            Day 1: leave Kansas City arrive Mitchell, SD
                                                                     Day 2: explore the badlands
                                                       Day 3: South Dakota | North Dakota - Mount Rushmore
                                                                  Day 4: big Sky Country - Montana
                                                                   Day 5: Yellowstone National Park
                                                                  Day 6: Grand Tetons National Park
                                                        Day 7: Jackson, Wyoming - Float Trip on Snake River
                                                    Day 8: Jackson - Casper, Wyoming through the Grand Tetons
                                                           Day 9: North Platte, Nebraska - Chimney Rock
                                                  Day 10: North Platte: Golden Spike Tower and return to Kansas City

 Ararat Shrine
                                                                                                                     LIBERTY SHRINE CLUB’S
                                                                                                                     15TH ANNUAL GOLF OUTING

      & Drive Kansas City, MO
 Gun 5100 AraratKnife Show
                                                                                                                     Friday June 3rd, 2011, 9:00am Shotgun Start

                    One mile south of I-70 on I-435
                  Eastwood Trfy Exit west on Ararat Dr
 Buy - Sell - Trade                                     Admission $6.00
 Information 816.923.1975                               Fax 816.923.6743                       Singles, Foursomes, Men, Ladies, Shriners, & Potential Shriners
 Saturday June 18, 2011 9:00 am - 5:00 pm                                                         are cordially invited to play a GREAT ROUND of GOLF
 Sunday June 19, 2011 9:00 am - 3:00 pm                                                       at Beautiful HIDDEN VALLEY GOLF COURSE in Lawson, MO
                                                                                                                               June 3rd 2011
                             Dealer Only Set up                                                  $60 per person includes green fees, cart, beverages on the
                          Friday June 17 2:00 pm                                               Course and after play, Bratwurst and Burgers around the Turn!
                   Show will be advertised in
                  Trade Journals & Newspapers                                                            Fun on the course begins with a 7:30AM Sign in
                                                                                                                 & 9:00 AM shotgun start!
              8 foot tables      $35 for both days                                                                               .
         NO FLEA MARKET ITEMS - Table covers required                                                     Cash prizes for 3 Flights 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place.
                                                                                                         Hole sponsors are $50 • Food sponsors are $100.
 Name: ___________________ Address: __________________________________
                                                                                              *Contact Joe Snopek @ work 816-517-5461, hm. 816-781-1854
                                                                                                            or Norm Hughes @ 816 254-9396
 City, State: ______________________________ Zip: ________________
                                                                                            MAIL COMPLETED FORM                       JOE SNOPEK
 Reserve   _________________________   Tables Phone: __________________                     Or Hole Sponsor checks to:                216 EAST HURT ST.
                                                                                                                                      LIBERTY MO, 64068
 Credit Card # ___________________________    Expiration Date: __________________              NAME                  PHONE#                     NAME                   PHONE#

 Card Type:     VISA       Mastercard        Discover     Check    Money Order              1.________________________                    3.__________________________
 Signature if using card: _____________________________________                             2.________________________                    4.__________________________
 Proceeds Benefit Ararat Shrine - No Smoking inside the Building                              “Proceeds are for the Liberty Shrine Club and entry fees are not tax deductible”

22 | ARARAT SHRINE NEWS                                                                                                                                                     APRIL 2011
Sedalia Shrine Club                                                                                                             BUSINESS SERVICES

         reetings to all of the Nobles and Ladies of the Sedalia Shrine Club. We hope                                                  Let us put your Profession and Name in front of the
         you all are sharing the rejuvenation that comes with spring. When you do your                                                            Nobility. Only $125 per year!
         spring cleaning, get rid of all those old grudges and ill feelings. Make 2011 a                                                           BuSINESS BRokERAGE SERvIcES
year of positive advances in Shrinedom. Your Creator loves a mind he can accomplish                                           MOORHEAD BUSINESS BROKERAGE, LLC ..................................... (913) 402-6008
great things with, and Shriners make great vessels that accomplish super achievements.                                        Now offers the additional service of Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraisals (CMEA).
     The Sedalia Shrine Club Fun Kor has the first parade of 2011 under its belt and Di-                                      We continue to list & sell businesses. For more information call or email:
rector Stan Schierholz would like to thank all of the members and Ladies who turned                                  Vist our web page at:
out for a fun parade. The Sedalia Fun Kor was the largest Shrine contingent in the
parade. As usual we would like to thank the Bagnell Shrine Club for their corned beef,                                                                        coMPuTER SERvIcES
cabbage, potatoes, bread and green beer dinner after the parade. Everything was deli-                                         CPROS INC, JEFF QUIBELL ...................................................................816-224-2890
cious.                                                                                                                        Your Custom Software & IT Professionals. Viruses & Security Issues a Concern? Put an
     The club would like to thank Roger Vieth and Chris Wallen, our Bar Management,                                           end to your distress. Call Our Professional IT Specialists Today!
and all of our patrons for the continued success of the Shrine Club Bar. Come in and                                                                                 EMBRoIDERy
keep track of all the coming attractions.                                                                                     DREAMWEAVER EMBROIDERY .........................816-645-6178 - Fax: 816-988-8828
     Larry Foster says you don’t need a tee time, just come out and play. The course is                                       Rocky & Janet Weaver, 1500 N.W. Wildwood Drive, Blue Springs, MO
open and ready for that all important ingredient, “you.”                                                            
     Bingo is up and down but one thing it is always in need of is your volunteerism.
                                                                                                                                                             HoME IMPRovEMENTS
Please come and be a part of our Bingo team at 6:00 pm every Thursday. Even if its
                                                                                                                              BRUCE BROSKO – AAA Lifetime Exterior Remodeling ................. .(816) 589-6909
one week out of the month we will be glad to have you. See Harold Jackson our Bingo
                                                                                                                              Siding – Windows – Roofs – Decks – Sun Rooms
Chairman or Dom Timbers our Kitchen Chairman.
     We can’t say enough about our Ladies. Thank you for all you do to make this
a successful club and avid supporters of our hospitals. Our Ham & Bean & Chili &                                                                                      INSuRANcE
Cornbread Dinner was a successful fundraiser thanks to all of our volunteers and very                                         CARLETON VOORHIES STATE FARM AGENCY ................................(816) 741-3558
delicious food. Kudos to everyone involved. Stay in touch for upcoming dinners and                                            Auto Home Life Health Insurance
fundraisers. Remember our Spring Dance on Saturday the 16th of April. You may pur-                                  
chase advance tickets from your favorite Noble. The cost will be $20 per couple or $10                                                                                   RoofING
for singles. Cedar Creek will be the Band, so come with dancing on your mind.                                                 RON’S ROOFING, Ron & Vonda Williams ......................................... (816) 252-9496
     Keep our sick and disabled in your prayers and lift them up everyday. Remember                                           15632 E. 24 Highway, Independence, MO 64050
those in service to this great country. They need you more than ever.
     If you can come out and donate a few hours to the upkeep of our Golf Course, see
Lee Weir our Course Super. He has a lot of little fixes he can steer your help to.
     Remember our first Saturday of the month Breakfasts. All you can eat for $5.00.
                                                                                                                                                      Ole Cars
                                                                                                                                                      By dICK LEWIS, SCRIBE
                                              APRIL CALENDAR

                                                                                                                                       ur March meeting was held at the Temple on Monday, March 7, 2011 with all
   Tuesday thru Sunday .........................Bar Open ...............................................3:00 pm –
                                                                                                                                       Officers and 12 members present for a total of 16. Our Past Director and Past
   Thursdays ..................... Bingo (Horse Races start 5:30 pm) ......................... 6:30 pm -
                                                                                                                                       Potentate Ill. Sir Don Price announced that the Arch Presentation will again be
   April 2 .......................................Shrine Club Breakfast ................... 7:30 am – 10:30 am                presented during the Spring Ceremonial on May 21st in the Woody Bennett Audito-
   April 12 .......................................... Fun Kor Meeting ...........................................7:00 pm     rium. Further details will follow. He further suggested that a new group photo should
   April 12 .....................................Shrine Ladies Meeting.......................................7:00 pm          be taken including all members of our unit.
   April 16 .............................................Spring Dance...............................................8:00 pm            In the March issue of the Shrine News I failed to mention two of our charter
   April 27 ………… Board of Director’s Meeting ...............................................7:00 pm                           members who were also involved in the restoration of our old party truck; Past Direc-
   April 27 .............................. General Membership Meeting ................................7:30 pm                 tors Nobles Ed Thomson and Herman Scharhag. I apologize for omitting their names.
   April 29 ................................ Shrine Club Dinner Meeting ..... 6pm Social, 7pm Dinner                                                                                             We are pleased to an-
                                                                                                                                                                                        nounce that during our March
                                                                                                                                                                                        meeting Noble Craig Barham

Antique Auto Club                                                                                                                                                                       was elected to membership in
                                                                                                                                                                                        our unit. Noble Craig is the
By THE PHAnTOM                                                                                                                                                                          son of our Past Director Noble

        he regular February meeting was held at the Temple on Monday, February 28th,                                                                                                    Don Barham and Lady Marga-
        with 14 members, Ambassador, and Liaison present. The minutes and treasurer’s                                                                                                   ret. He has been a member of
        reports were approved as read.                                                                                                                                                  Ararat Shrine since 1979 and
      President Dale Walters urged all members to attend as many parades as possible                                          is now the proud owner of the 1964 Chevrolet Corvair convertible which his father
this year. The parade schedule was handed out at the January meeting. Parades are a                                           drove and displayed for many years. We will all be pleased to see it again on the parade
great time for showing off vehicles and fellowship with club members and families.                                            route. He and his Lady Suzie reside in Independence, MO.
Members are also reminded to bring insurance information to the Temple before the                                                  In this issue we highlight the beautiful 1974 Chevrolet Camaro pictured above and
first parade.                                                                                                                 owned by our Secretary/Treasurer Noble Mike Aulgur and Lady Rachel. This vehicle
      Butch Johnson and Gary Seger reported on plans for the Spring Swap Meet with                                            was awarded a 99% score in the Antique Class competition at CSSA in Oklahoma City
the dates of April 8th, 9th, and 10th. They asked for help, especially needing haulers                                        last year, and helped our unit win a first place trophy. Noble Mike always presents his
and spotters.                                                                                                                 Camaro in showroom condition in all parades and events. It is equipped with a 350
      The Annual Club Dust-Off will tentatively be going to the Airport Museum fol-                                           cubic inch v/8 engine, power brakes, steering and automatic transmission.
lowed by lunch at Paul & Jack’s in North Kansas City on either Saturday, April 23rd,                                               Our get well list includes Noble Jim McAfoose who had major back surgery re-
or Saturday, 30th. Members are encouraged to drive their vehicles.                                                            cently and is now recovering at his Florida home. We wish him good health and a full
      It sure is nice to have part of the Snowbirds back in town.                                                             recovery.                                                                                                                                                               ARARAT SHRINE NEWS | 23
Our Illustrious Potentate BJ Richardson                                            Shrine. Each Noble of Ararat Shrine is urged
has decreed that a caravan shall be formed at the                                  to bring a Nomad for this class and to join this
Temple for the purpose of elevating certain faith-                                 Caravan and witness these faithful Nomads
ful Nomads to the brotherhood                                                                  as they cross the Hot Sands of the
of the Ancient Arabic                                                                                   Desert on our traditional
Order of the No-                                                                                           visit to the sacred city
bles of the Mystic                                                                                           of MECCA.

      Michael E.Wheeler, Recorder
          Aleikum Es Selamu
       BJ Richardson, Potentate      ARARAT SHRInE SPRInG CEREMOnIAL
                                                               MAY 20-21, 2011
                         FRIdAy, MAy 20           PUB CRAWL (cAndidAteS, nobLeS & LAdieS) casual dress

                         7:00 pm                  Meet in bennett Auditorium
                         7:00-9:00 pm             Membership Committee will direct new candidates, nobles and ladies to start
                                                   the Pub Crawl in the garages, south parking lot, patio & bennett Auditorium
                         9:00-11:00 pm            Return to bennett Auditorium for introduction to the Shrine, comments from
                                                   Illustrious Sir b.J. Richardson, music and dance.
                                              ALL cLUbS, UnitS, nobLeS And LAdieS ARe inVitied to PARticiPAte

                         SATURdAy MAy 21       CEREMOnIAL business casual dress
                          9:30-10:00 a.m.
                         10:00-10:30 a.m.
                                               Divan meet in
                                                                22 FOR last lobby
                                           SEE PAGE Divan Office forfront minute business and instruction
                                               Candidate Registration in the
                                                                                  MORE DETAILS!
                         10:30-11:00 a.m.      Mentor’s and Top line Signers meet in the Truman Room
                         11:00-11:15 a.m.      Class Photos in front of the stage in bennett Auditorium
                         11:15 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Invocation
                                               Presentation of colors
                                               Pledge of Allegiance
                                               National Anthem
                                               Introduction of Past Potentates, Dignitaries and Divan
                                               Introduction of Class Honoree
                                               Potentate’s Comments
                                               Ritual Cast First Ceremonial Section
                         12:30 - 1:30 p.m.     lUNCH
                         1:30 - 3:00 p.m.      Second Section
                         3:00 - 3:30 p.m.      Introduction of Candidates and their ladies or Top line Signer
                                                   Fezzing by Illustrious Sir b.J. Richardson
                         3:30 - 4:30 p.m.      Arch Degree Program
                         4:30 p.m.             Closing comments from Illustrious Sir b.J. Richardson

                                    LAdIES SPRInG CEREMOnIAL LUnCHEOn SCHEdULE
                         11:00 - 12:00 a.m.       Social
                         12:00 - 1:00 p.m..       lunch in A & b
                          1:00 - 1:30 p.m.        Introduction of Divan and ladies
                                                      Comments from Illustrious Sir b.J. Richardson
                           1:30 - 3:00 p.m.       Program and Guest Speaker
                           3:00 p.m.              Meet New Candidates and Nobles in bennett Auditorium for the remainder of
                                                  the Ceremonial (See Above nobles’ Schedule)

                          $16.00 per Lady. Please call the Ararat Shrine Office at 816-923-1975 to make your reservation!

                                                      ATTENTION NOBLES!!!
 If you have a candidate for the Spring Ceremonial all petitions and fees must be turned in to the
 Business Office by May 11, 2011, at 7:00 pm. NO LAST MINUTE PETITIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED!!

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