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					          Primary Offer Data
Information Pack for Archery
Information pack for Archery

This pack provides information which you can use in the development of NGB proposals.
Specifically, this information can be used to provide a rationale for focusing on particular
areas and for developing and agreeing interventions in partnership with Sport England.

The pack provides information on two of Sport England’s key Strategic Outcomes.

      •   Grow

      •   Sustain

Archery in summary

      •   45,000 participants (0.11%)    1

      •   31,000 male participants and 13,000 female participants

      •   6,700 participants with limiting disability or illness

      •   12,000 participants with children, 33,000 participants without children

      •   6,700 with a household income of less than £15,559, 17,000 with a household
          income of more than £52,000

      •   30,000 in employment and 4,900 students

      •   25,000 NS SEC 1-4, 14,000 NS SEC 5-8, 5,400 not classified

      •   3,600 without a car or van in the household

      •   0.1%, 42,000 adults state that Archery is the one sport they would like to do more
          often. This represents 0.2% of the 54% of adults who would like to do more sport
          and active recreation   3

      •   There was no overall change in participation in archery from Active People Survey 1
          (Months 1-6 to Active People Survey 2 (Months 1-6).        4

    All figures from the Active People Survey (2005/06) and ONS mid population 2005 estimates

 NS-SEC: 1. Higher managerial and professional occupations, 2. Lower managerial and professional
occupations, 3.Intermediate occupations, 4.Small employers and own account workers, 5. Lower
supervisory and technical occupations, 6. Semi-routine occupations, 7. Routine occupations, 8. Never
worked and long-term unemployed, 9. Full time students and Occupations not stated or inadequately

    Active People Survey 2, months 1-6 (fieldwork period mid Oct 2007- mid April 2008)

 Active People Survey 1, months 1-6 (fieldwork period mid Oct 2005- mid April 2006), Active People
Survey 2, months 1-6 (fieldwork period mid Oct 2007- mid April 2008)


The information in this section will help you develop growth interventions and help to
understand equality issues in your sport. An understanding of your current market profile
will also help to develop interventions to increase satisfaction in your sport.

Archery: current participation profile

This section provides information on your current market profile i.e. the groups that are
currently participating in your sport.

By looking at your market, you can begin to gain an understanding of where participation
growth is more likely to occur. For example, if your current participant market is made up of
80% 16-19 year olds, it is probably more likely that any sustained increase in participation
will come from that younger group than among the 65+ age group.

The data also helps to identify inequalities in your sport. By comparing the demographic
breakdowns in your sport, with the demographic breakdown across all people who play
sport, and also the demographic profile of the total England population, you can gain an
understanding of the type of groups which are over (or under) represented in your sport.

It can also help you think about how you might tackle satisfaction in your sport. For
example, if the majority of your current participants have children, perhaps providing more
family friendly activities could improve satisfaction in your sport.

All data comes from the Active People Survey (2005/6) and refers to participation at least
once in the last four weeks.

•   30% archery participants are female compared to 46% all sports participants.

•   15% archery participants have a limiting illness or disability compared to 8% all sports

•   46% archery participants are aged 45 and over compared to 35% all sports

            This table benchmarks how well your sport is doing in attracting different groups of the
            population when compared to the prevalence of those that do any sport, do no sport and
            the overall population.

Market share
                                                                Not undertaken sport or          All
                                Undertaken sport or active      active recreation in last four   respondents
                                recreation in last four weeks   weeks (excluding any             in Active
                                (excluding any walking)         walking)                         People        Archery

Male                            54%                             45%                              49%           70%
Female                          46%                             55%                              51%           30%
White                           91%                             91%                              91%           n/a
Non White                       9%                              9%                               9%            n/a
Yes - illness or disability
that limits activity in some
way                             8%                              22%                              16%           15%
No illness or disability that
limits activity in some way     92%                             78%                              84%           85%
16-19 year olds                 12%                             4%                               7%            11%
20-24 year olds                 10%                             5%                               7%            9%
25-29 year olds                 9%                              5%                               7%            n/a
30-34 year olds                 11%                             7%                               9%            8%
35-44 year olds                 22%                             17%                              19%           21%
45-64 years                     24%                             32%                              29%           35%
65 plus                         11%                             30%                              22%           11%
Children                        34%                             25%                              29%           27%
no children                     66%                             75%                              71%           73%
£0 to £15,559                   15%                             28%                              22%           15%
£15,600 to £20,799              8%                              10%                              9%            8%
£20,800 to £25,999              7%                              7%                               7%            n/a
£26,000 to £31,199              10%                             8%                               9%            12%
£31,200 to £36,399              7%                              5%                               6%            n/a
£36,400 to £51,999              15%                             8%                               11%           15%
£52,000 or more                 37%                             35%                              36%           37%
employed f/t p/t                66%                             49%                              57%           68%
Unemployed                      5%                              7%                               6%            n/a
economically inactive –
retired                         13%                             31%                              23%           13%
economically inactive –
other                           5%                              8%                               7%            n/a
Student                         11%                             4%                               7%            11%
Other                           0%                              1%                               1%            n/a
NS SEC 1-4                      57%                             49%                              52%           56%
NS SEC 5-8                      31%                             43%                              38%           32%
NS SEC 9                        13%                             8%                               10%           12%
Car or van available in
household                       86%                             72%                              78%           92%
No car or van available in
household                       14%                             28%                              22%           8%




                                                          ILLNESS OR DISABILITY THAT LIMIT ACTIVITIES IN ANY WAY
                   MALE   FEMALE
                                                          NO ILLNESS OR DISABILITY THAT LIMIT ACTIVITIES IN ANY

                  11%            11%




16-19 year olds    20-24 year olds      25-34 year olds
35-44 year olds    45-64 years          65 plus                            no children   children

                                 15%                                             8%

          37%                            8%


   £0 to £15,559                     £15,600 to £20,799
   £20,800 to £36,399                £36,400 to £51,999
   £52,000 or more                                             CAR OR VAN AVAILABLE IN HOUSEHOLD
                                                               NO CAR OR VAN AVAILABLE IN HOUSEHOLD


        32%                                    56%

      NS SEC 1-4        NS SEC 5-8        NS SEC 9                                                           4
        Current participation figures in Archery

        This section uses Active People Survey data (2005/6) to illustrate current participation
        (defined as participated at least once in the last four weeks) among different groups. These
        participation figures have been translated into numbers of participants in the introduction.

        This provides further information on your current market, inequalities in participation and
        has potential impact on satisfaction.

        •    Current participation in archery sport is 0.11%

        •    Participation in archery is higher for males (0.16%) than females (0.06%)

        •    Participation is highest for 16-19 year olds (0.16%)

        •    Participation is lower for people with incomes below £15,599 (0.07%)

        •    Participation is highest for students (0.17%)

        •    Participation rates are very similar between those with and without a limiting illness or
             disability. This is very unusual for a sport.

0.18%                                                                0.12%                                           0.11%
                    0.16%                                                             0.10%
0.16%                                                                0.10%
0.10%                                                                0.06%
0.08%                                        0.06%                   0.04%
0.02%                                                                0.00%
0.00%                                                                                  YES                             NO
                    MALE                    FEMALE                                        Limiting Illness or Disability

                                        0.14%                                           0.13%

            0.10%                                       0.09%




                    16-19 year olds 20-24 year olds 25-34 year olds 35-44 year olds   45-64 years         65 plus
0.12%        0.11%                                              0.14%              0.13%

0.06%                                                           0.06%
0.00%                                                                              YES                        NO
           no children                children                                         Car/Van for Household Use

        0.16%                                                                  0.15%


        0.08%        0.07%




                  £0 to £15,559   £15,600 to £20,799 £20,800 to £36,399 £36,400 to £51,999 £52,000 or more

                                                  Household Income







                         employed f/t p/t         economically inactive -retired              Student


0.10%                  0.09%





        NS SEC 1-4   NS SEC 5-8   NS SEC 9

Regional distribution of participation in Archery

This section uses Active People Survey data (2005/6) to illustrate the regional distribution of
Archery’s current market and the participation rates (once in the last four weeks) by region.

   •     The South East accounts for almost a fifth (18%) of all archery players.

   •     Participation varies greatly across the regions with both the South West and East
         Midlands accounting for higher proportions of participants than expected based on
         the proportion of adults who live in those regions.

   •     Participation in Archery is lowest in the North West (0.07%)

   •     The South West, East Midlands and West Midlands have the highest participation
         rates (0.15%).


 0.16%     0.15%       0.15%        0.15%

 0.10%                                                                0.09%



 0.02%                                                                                        Not         Not
                                                                                            Available   Available
         South West     East         West     East     South East    Yorkshire North West    London     North East
                      Midlands     Midlands                         and Humber

                                              % of England          % of Archery
                                              population            players
                                              16+                   accounted for        participation      Number of
                                 population   accounted for         by each              rate in each       Archery
                                 16+          by region             region               region             participants
South West                       4,140,556         10%                   14%                0.15%                  6,283
East Midlands                    3,483,554          9%                   12%                0.15%                  5,225
West Midlands                    4,297,365         11%                   14%                0.15%                  6,388
East                             4,466,852         11%                   13%                0.14%                  6,049
South East                       6,588,348         16%                   18%                0.12%                  8,063
Yorkshire and
Humber                           4,076,520            10%                  8%               0.09%                    3,688
North West                       5,511,030            14%                  9%               0.07%                    4,101
London                           6,067,026            15%                           *                   *                *
North East                       2,082,212             5%                           *                   *                *

*data not available

Seasonal variation in participation

Using Active People Survey data (2005/6), it is possible to show seasonal fluctuations in
participation in sports. This will help to identify key periods where demand for your sport is
likely to be highest.

Archery participation remains constant throughout the year with very little seasonality.




  0.08%                                                                                   Archery




              Jan-Mar           Apr-Jun           Jul-Sep           Oct-Dec














Growth and Latent demand

      •   0.1% of all adults, 42,000 adults would like to play archery more often. This
          represents 0.2% of the 54% of adults who would like to do more sport and active
          recreation  5

      •   There was no overall change in participation in archery from Active People Survey 1
          (Months 1-6 to Active People Survey 2 (Months 1-6)         6

    Active People Survey 2, months 1-6 (fieldwork period mid Oct 2007- mid April 2008)

 Active People Survey 1, months 1-6 (fieldwork period mid Oct 2005- mid April 2006), Active People
Survey 2, months 1-6 (fieldwork period mid Oct 2007- mid April 2008)

Market segmentation

Market segmentation is a powerful tool which provides knowledge and further information
on your existing and potential customers. The sporting segments are based on research
gathered through the Active People and Taking Part surveys. The segments are built on
demographic data identified as impacting on sports participation and attitudes; this
includes gender, age, whether people have children and socio-economic status.

The segments provide information on the specific sports people take part in, the
motivations behind participation, whether they want to do more sport and the barriers to
participation. In addition, the market segments provide information on:

        •   Media consumption and most effective methods of communication;
        •   Health indicators including obesity;
        •   Participation in wider cultural activities.

As segmentation is underpinned by key socio-demographic variables, the segments can
be geographically quantified and appended to both customer records and the Electoral
Roll. Therefore, every adult in England can have a Sport England segment appended to
them, whilst a market segment profile can be counted at any geographic level within
England down to postcode.

This results in a powerful tool which allows users to understand the segment profile at local

In total 19 distinct sporting segments were identified. The figure below shows the 19
segments in relation to age (along the x axis) and sporting activity levels (3x30 along the y
axis with the red line indicating whether the segments activity level fall above or below the
national average of 21% achieving 3x30). The segments are divided into four
“supergroups” based on age. Supergroup A contains mainly 18-24 year olds, whereas
supergroup D contains mainly those aged 65+. This allows for comparisons between
segments of the same age. The segment circle size represents the proportion of people in
that segment across England. So for example, segment 19 “Elsie and Arnold” are relatively
large segments whereas segment 10 “Paula” represents relatively less people in England.
The chart below outlines the 19 segments and their key characteristics. provides much more information about the market
segments including pen portraits, how to use guides, technical documents and frequently
asked questions.

How market segmentation can be used in relation to Sport England’s strategic outcomes

Market segmentation can be used for both the grow and sustain outcomes. In terms of the
Grow outcome, the segments provide knowledge about who your potential customers are
most likely to be, and identifies geographic areas to target. The attitudes and barriers
information will help you to design interventions that appeal to your customers and the
marketing data will help you attract them.

In terms of the Sustain outcome, the segmentation information will help identify some of the
factors that could help decrease the drop-off in participation and increase satisfaction. For
example, Jamie would do more sport if he had people to go with and there were better
playing facilities available.

                                                                                    Sport England Segmentation

                       45                                                                                                              Index

                                                                                                                                       > 200
                                                                                                                                       > 150
                       40            1                                                                                                 > 100
                                                                                                                                       > 75
                                                                                                                                       > 50
                                                                                                                                       <= 50

                                         2                       6

                                                                                          11     12
                       25                                            7
                                                                               9                                  13

                       15                               10
                                                                                                14                               17
                                                                                                                 16              18

                        5                                                                                                         19

                            20                     30                          40                    50                60   70                 80

                            Size = Proportion of the UK Adult Population                        AGE

Market Segments Summary
This provides general information about the 19 Sport England Market Segments

      Segment         Segment                        Age   Socio   3x30   %     Sports            Media and Communications                         Key brands   Activity characteristics
      name and        characteristics                      econ           Eng
      description                                                  0x30   Pop

      A01 Ben         Male recent graduates,         18-   ABC1    40%    6.4   Football          Ben is a heavy internet user and has a high                   Ben is well educated and well informed, and is
                      with a work-hard, play-                                   Golf              speed broadband connection at home. He                        the most likely of his peers to appreciate live
      Competitive                                    25                         Cricket
      Male            hard, drink-hard attitude                                                   uses this for sports news, personal emails,                   music, photography and graphical design,
                                                                   19%          Rugby Un+ Lge
                                                                                                  buying films and games and in recent                          especially if combined with his thirst for the
      Urbanites                                                                 Skateboard
                                                                                American Ftball   months playing online poker.                                  latest gadgets.
      A02 Jamie       Young blokes enjoying          18-   C2DE    32%    5.4   Football          Jamie is a prolific mobile user, particularly                 Jamie is least likely to participate in the
      Sports Team     football, pints and pool       25                         Weight Lifting    using sms text alerts and checking out the                    arts compared to his peers, being not
      Drinkers        Single, Vocational                                        Pool              football scores on his mobile using wap. He                   particularly interested or finances being
                      Student                                      30%                            has a pay-as-you-go phone, rather than                        a barrier.
                                                                                                  being tied into a monthly contract.
      A03 Chloe       Young image-conscious          18-   ABC1    28%    6.9   Aerobics          Chloe is a heavy mobile phone user,                           Chloe is very likely to participate in the arts,
      Fitness Class   females keeping fit and        25                         Horse Riding      keeping in contact with all her friends almost                having been encouraged from an early age. She
      Friends         keeping trim                                              Yoga              daily, and probably uses it more than a                       particularly enjoys crafts, photography and
                      Single graduate                              34%          Netball           landline. She uses the internet a lot, for                    dance classes, including those not just for
                      professional.                                             Trampoline        social messaging, booking music tickets, or                   fitness. It’s a good way to meet new people and
                                                                                                  movie information.                                            learn new skills.
      A04 Leanne      Young busy mums and            18-   C2DE    23%    4.7   Aerobics          Leanne is a heavy mobile user, for personal                   Leanne enjoys participating in some arts
                                                                                Dance Exercise
      Supportive      their supportive college       25                         Netball           rather than business use. She regularly texts                 activities, to meet people and also to take her
      Singles         mates                                                     Body Combat       and calls her friends, and is likely to use                   children. She is the most likely of her peers to
                      Likely to have children,                     44%
                                                                                Ice Skating       pay-as-you-go rather than be tied to a                        participate in dance classes both for fitness and
                      Student, Pt vocational.                                   Gymnastics        monthly contract.                                             general enjoyment, and may also enjoy textile
      B05 Helena      Single professional            26-   ABC1    33%    5.0   Aerobics          Helena always has her mobile on hand so                       Helena is the most likely of her peers to
                      ladies, enjoying life in the                              Yoga              that she is contactable for work and social                   participate in arts, having been encouraged from
      Career                                         35                         Horse Riding
      Focused         fast lane                                                                   calls. As a heavy internet user it is her                     an early age. She enjoys going to museums, art
                      Single, Full time                            33%                            primary source of information on events,                      galleries and the theatre and also listening to
      Female                                                                    Netball
                      professional.                                             Hockey            holidays and restaurants.                                     live music.
                                                                                Body Pump
      B06 Tim         Sporty male                    26-   ABC1    32%    9.4   Football          Tim loves to embrace the latest technology                    Tim enjoys participating in the arts. He is the
                      professionals, buying a                                   Golf              –the internet is his primary source of                        most likely of his peers to play a musical
      Settling Down                                  35                         Squash
      Males           house and settling down                                                     information, and he is a heavy mobile user                    instrument, enjoying developing and learning
                      with partner                                              Rugby U
                                                                                                  for both personal and business purposes                       new skills. He may also enjoy photography or
                      Single/Married, may                          27%          Shooting                                                                        use his computer for graphical design,
                      have children,                                            American Ftball                                                                 especially if these activities can be combined
                      professional                                                                                                                              with his thirst for top of the range gadgets.
      B07 Alison      Mums with a                    36-   ABC1    25%    4.6   Aerobics Yoga     Alison is a medium TV viewer, watching                        Alison enjoys participating in the arts including
                                                                                Horse Riding
      Stay at Home    comfortable, but busy,         45                         Pilates           mainly children’s programmes but also                         dance, music, textile crafts and drawing. She
      Mums            lifestyle                                                 Netball           cookery shows and dramas. She enjoys                          finds it relaxing, likes to take the children and
                      Married, Housewife,                          33%          Skiing            reading higher-end women’s magazines, the                     also likes meeting new people at events and
                      Children                                                  Body Pump         Telegraph or Times.                                           classes. Alison takes the children to the library
                                                                                                                                                                regularly, and picks up a book for herself also.
Market Segments Summary
This provides general information about the 19 Sport England Market Segments


      B08 Jackie       Mums juggling work,           36-   C1C2D   21%   4.0   Aerobics            Jackie is a medium TV viewer, enjoying           Jackie enjoys participating in the arts, including
                       family and finance                                      Trampoline          soaps, chat shows and dramas. She is a           textile crafts, dance, painting and drawing,
      Middle                                         45                        Ice Skating
      England          Married, Part-time skilled                                                  cautious internet user, but is being             having been encouraged from an early age. She
                       worker, Housewife                           47%                             encouraged by her children’s prolific usage      finds these activities relaxing, and also takes the
      Mums                                                                     Step Machine
                       Children                                                Rollerblading       and is becoming more confident herself.          children to them.
      B09 Kev          Blokes who enjoy pub          36-   DE      19%   5.8   Football            Kev is a heavy TV viewer, particularly           Kev is generally uninterested in arts
      Pub League       league games and              45                        Weight Training     favouring ITV and C5. He is also likely to       participation, or unable to for health reasons. He
      Teamates         watching live sport.                                    Snooker             have a digital/cable package for live sports     was also not particularly encouraged to
                       Married/Single; may                                     Pool                coverage. Kev’s mobile phone is important        participate at an early age and is unlikely to
                       have children; Vocational                   51%         Darts
                                                                                                   for his plumbing business and getting the        encourage his children to get involved.
                                                                               Sea Fishing
                                                                               Weigh Lifting       footy lads organised, his landline is seldom
      B10 Paula        Single mums with              26-   DE      16%   3.8   Aerobics Keep Fit   Paula is a heavy TV viewer, enjoying quiz        Paula is likely to participate in a few arts
      Stretched        financial pressures,          35                        Ice Skating         and chat shows, reality TV and soaps. She        activities, perhaps textile crafts or craft and
      Single Mums      childcare issues and little                             Step machine        is likely to have a digital or cable package     design with the kids - these may have been
                       time for pleasure                                       Rounders            and enjoys the extra choice this provides,       encouraged from an early age or through her
                       Single, Job seeker or                       61%         Rollerblading
                                                                                                   particularly the shopping channels.              kids’ primary school.
                       part time low skilled
      C11 Philip       Mid-life professional,        46-   ABC1    26%   7.8   Golf                Philip is a medium TV viewer, enjoying           Having been encouraged from an early age,
      Comfortable      sporty males with older       55                        Football            business and current affairs programmes          Philip enjoys participating in the arts – he may
      Mid-Life Males   children and more time                                  Squash              and live sports coverage. He is likely to have   play a musical instrument, enjoy photography,
                       for themselves                              39%         Cricket             digital TV and also use interactive TV           visit theatres and be an active all rounder.
                                                                                                   services for sports and business news.
      C12 Elaine       Mid-life professionals        46-   ABC1    25%   5.3   Yoga Aerobics       Elaine is a light TV viewer, choosing            Well educated and well informed, Elaine enjoys
                                                                               Dance Exercise
      Empty Nest       who have more time for        55                        Step Macine         programmes that reflect her interests in art     participating in the arts, including dance,
      Career Ladies    themselves since their                                  Skippings           or cookery. She uses the internet at home,       painting, drawing, textile crafts and reading for
                       children left home                          44%         Health and          for news and emails but does not have a          pleasure.
                                                                                                   high speed connection.
      C13 Roger &      Free-time couples             56-   ABC1    19%   6.2   Golf     Yoga       Roger and Joy are medium TV viewers and          With more time available to them, Roger and
                                                                               Keep Fit
      Joy              nearing the end of their      65                        Pilates Bowls       heavy radio listeners. They read                 Joy like to participate in arts such as painting,
      Early            careers.                                                Aqua Fit            newspapers regularly, usually the Times or       drawing, sewing and reading – they also use the
                       Married, retired or part-                   54%         Tai Chi             Daily Telegraph, and also subscribe to some      local ‘university of the 3rd age’.
      Retirement                                                               Sailing Skittles
                       time.                                                                       personal interest magazines.
      C14 Brenda       Middle aged ladies,           46-   C2DE    14%   4.0   Keep Fit            Brenda is a medium TV viewer who likes to        Although lack of time is a barrier, Brenda is still
                       working full time to make                               Aerobics            keep up with the soap storylines and the         likely to participate in some arts. She may enjoy
      Older Working                                  55                        Dance Exercise
      Women            ends meet                                                                   latest reality TV show on cable. She also        dance classes and also textile crafts.
                                                                               Step Machine
                       Single/Married                              64%         Health + Fit
                                                                                                   enjoys reading soap magazines and
                       May have children                                       Skipping            newspapers such as the Mirror or Sun.
                       Low skilled worker
      C15 Terry        Generally inactive older      56-   DE      12%   3.4   Fishing,            Terry is a high TV viewer, both at home and      Terry was not encouraged to participate in the
                                                                               Weight Training
      Local Old        men, low income, little       65                        Snooker/Darts       in the pub, particularly enjoying live sports    arts at an early age. He has a general lack of

C16 Norma        Older ladies, recently        56-   DE      9%    2.0   Keep Fit         Norma is a high TV viewer, enjoying quiz      Norma enjoys participating in the arts,
                                                                         Aqua Fit Darts
Late Life        retired                       65                        Dance Exercise   shows, chat shows, soaps and religious        particularly enjoying reading, textile crafts such
Ladies           Single/Married, Low                                     Tai Chi          programmes. Most new technology has           as knitting, sewing and embroidery, and some
                 skilled worker, Retired                     78%         Step Machine     passed her by, having no internet access or   painting or drawing. She will also regularly visit
                                                                                          mobile phone.                                 her local library
D17 Ralph &      Retired couples, enjoying     66+   ABC1    14%   3.7   Golf             Ralph and Phyllis are medium to light TV      Ralph and Phyllis enjoy participating in the arts
Phyllis          active and comfortable                                  Bowls            viewers, preferring to be out and about       – they paint, read for pleasure and may play a
Comfortable      lifestyles                                              Keep Fit         instead. They like to read the Daily          musical instrument. They regularly enjoy visiting
                 Married, Retired                            70%         Tennis           Telegraph or Independent do not have          museums and heritage sites and taking foreign
                                                                         Shooting         access to the internet, but they have a       holidays.
Couples                                                                                   mobile phone
D18 Frank        Retired men with some         66+   C1C2D   9%    3.5   Golf             Frank is a heavy TV viewer enjoying live      Frank has limited participation in arts activities,
Twilight Years   pension provision and                                   Bowls            sports coverage. He doesn’t have access to    having not been particularly encouraged in his
Gent             limited exercise                                        Snooker          the internet, or a mobile phone. He enjoys    early years. However, he does enjoy visiting
                 opportunities                               78%         Fishing          reading the Daily Mail or Express.            heritage sites and museums when given the
                                                                         Pool                                                           opportunity.
D19 Elsie &      Retired singles or            66+   DE      5%    8.3   Bowls Yoga       Elsie is a heavy TV viewer enjoying old       Elsie is keen to participate in the arts,
                 widowers, predominantly                                 Keep Fit         films, and BBC2.Elsie does not have an
Arnold                                                                   Aerobics
                                                                                                                                        particularly enjoying the dance
Retirement       female, living in sheltered                                              internet connection or mobile phone. She      afternoon in the community lounge.
                                                                         Aqua Fit
                 accommodation                                                            will use her landline to call family          She loves listening to old music and
Home Singles                                                             Tai Chi
                 Widowed, Retired                                        Dance Exercise                                                 having a waltz with other residents.

How to use Market Segmentation

There are many ways that segmentation can help your organisation attract new
participants and keep them in your sport. The knowledge provided by
segmentation, and in particular the information included in the pen portraits, can
assist you in:

   •   Offering programmes and services which customers want and need;
   •   Determining how to market to, and communicate with customers and
       potential customers;
   •   Developing approaches to marketing and communication;
   •   Developing new markets, securing and retaining new customers;

Identifying segments to target

For each segment we are able to tell the likelihood of taking part in a particular
sport. This is possible through creating an index system which allows you to
compare how distant the behaviour or an attitude of a particular segment is, from
the mean. An index of 100 shows average representation in the English adult
population, above 100 shows over representation and below 100 shows under
representation. For example Ben’s index for recreational cycling is 210, this means
he is more likely to cycle than the average. His index for doing any voluntary work in
the last 12 months is 98, so Ben is not more or less likely than the English average
to volunteer. His index for netball is 4, so he is much less likely than the average to
play netball.

Through the index system it is possible to identify which segments are most likely to
take part in particular sports. Once these segments have been established, the
segment profiles can help organisations to design interventions which are more
likely to succeed in attracting new participants. Knowing who your existing
segments are can also help in increasing satisfaction, by providing information on
what matters to your customers.

Which segments are most likely to take part in Archery?

   •   Most likely to play archery is Tim (index of 204), 0.2% of Tim’s play archery

   •   Second most likely to play archery is Philip (index 173), 0.2% of Philip’s play

   •   Ben and Kev are also more likely to play archery (indexes of 168, 146,
       respectively, % that play archery 0.2%, 0.2%)

   •   If females were a target group, Chloe is the female segments most likely to
       play archery.

   •   If you were to target segments from lower socio economic groups, Kev,
       Frank and Terry are the segment most likely to play archery.

   •   If you were to target segments with higher proportions of black and ethnic
       minorities, you would target Kev.

   •   If you were to target supergroup A (18-24 year olds) you would target Ben,
       supergroup B (25-45 year olds) you would target Tim, supergroup C you
       would target Philip (45-65 year olds) and supergroup D (65+ year olds) you
       would target Frank.

The chart below shows the proportion of archery players accounted for by different
segments. It shows that Tim’s represent the largest market share of archery players
(just under 20% of all archery players). The chart shows a spread of participation
across all segments.





                                                                                                                                                          Ralph and Phyllis

                                                                                                                 Roger and Joy







                                                                                                                                                                                      Elsie and Arnold


Knowing where your customers are

Once target segments have been identified, the geographic function of market
segmentation means it is possible to identify where these segments are located.
The tables below show the percentage and number of adults for the two segments
most likely to take part in your sport broken down by CSP area. For example this
shows that there are 114,000 Philip’s in Essex representing 8.8% of the population.

These tables can help inform where investment can be targeted. For example, you
may want to target areas where there are higher numbers of the segments that you
know are more likely to play your sport.

Sport England has produced maps for each of the segments at national, regional,
CSP/County Council and Local Authority level. So, for example, if on the basis of
the table below you decide to work in Surrey and target Philips, you can explore a
map of Surrey to identify where there are high concentrations of Philips and
prioritise localised areas to work with. These maps are already available, as part of
the secondary offer support through the Sport England Research Team.

If you wish to look at even smaller geographic areas, segmentation profiles are
available down to super output area (geographic areas of approximately 1,500

Through Experian Business Strategies, it is also possible to analyse your existing
membership base by sporting segments. For example, are you attracting Leannes,
and are you attracting more or less than you would expect in relation to your
potential client base. There is a small cost implication to this, please speak to your
Sport England contact for more details

It is also possible to look at how likely areas are to take part in particular sports,
rather than looking at all 19 segments separately.

Examples of some of these maps are provided below. Further information is
available through the Engagement Teams and from the Sport England Research

Tim                                                         Philip
                                  % of adult   population                                     % of adult   population
                                  population   number in                                      population   number in
                                  16+          thousands                                      16+          thousands

London Central                        12.8%          157    Greater Manchester                     7.2%          141
Hampshire and the Isle of Wight       11.0%          156    Hampshire and the Isle of Wight        8.9%          127
London South                          13.7%          144    Essex                                  8.8%          114
Essex                                 10.7%          138    West Yorkshire                         7.0%          114
Sussex                                11.3%          138    Kent                                   9.0%          113
Greater Manchester                     6.9%          136    Sussex                                 8.5%          103
Kent                                  10.5%          131    Lancashire                             8.1%           91
Surrey                                15.4%          131    London East                            5.3%           81
West Yorkshire                         7.3%          120    Surrey                                 9.1%           77
London West                           10.2%          114    Devon                                  8.4%           74
Hertfordshire                         12.9%          106    London West                            6.7%           74
London East                            6.7%          102    Hertfordshire                          8.8%           72
Berkshire                             14.2%           90    London South                           6.9%           72
West of England Sports Trust          10.8%           86    Merseyside                             6.6%           72
Lancashire                             7.5%           85    Staffordshire                          8.6%           72
Cheshire                              10.4%           82    Cheshire                               8.6%           68
London North                           9.9%           80    South Yorkshire                        6.7%           68
Buckinghamshire                       14.0%           76    Warwickshire                           8.3%           67
Devon                                  8.7%           76    Derbyshire                             8.6%           66
Warwickshire                           9.2%           74    West of England Sports Trust           8.2%           65
Leicestershire                         9.4%           69    Leicestershire                         8.4%           62
Staffordshire                          8.1%           68    Nottinghamshire                        7.5%           61
North Yorkshire                       10.9%           67    Berkshire                              9.0%           57
Cambridgeshire                        11.4%           65    Norfolk                                8.7%           57
Oxfordshire                           13.4%           65    Humber                                 8.1%           56
Hereford and Worcester                10.8%           63    North Yorkshire                        8.9%           54
Merseyside                             5.7%           62    Black Country                          6.3%           53
Nottinghamshire                        7.7%           62    Buckinghamshire                        9.6%           52
Derbyshire                             8.0%           61    Cambridgeshire                         9.0%           51
Norfolk                                9.1%           59    Dorset                                 9.0%           51
Wiltshire                             12.1%           59    Hereford and Worcester                 8.9%           51
South Yorkshire                        5.7%           57    Tyne and Wear                          5.8%           51
Dorset                                 9.7%           55    London Central                         4.1%           50
Northamptonshire                      10.6%           52    Suffolk                                9.3%           50
Gloucestershire                       11.2%           51    Lincolnshire                           8.9%           47
Suffolk                                9.5%           51    Wiltshire                              9.4%           46
Humber                                 7.1%           49    Northamptonshire                       8.9%           44
Lincolnshire                           9.3%           49    Oxfordshire                            8.8%           43
Bedfordshire                          10.7%           47    London North                           5.2%           42
Black Country                          5.0%           43    Bedfordshire                           9.2%           41
Birmingham                             5.4%           41    Gloucestershire                        9.1%           41
Somerset                              10.1%           41    Birmingham                             5.0%           38
Tyne and Wear                          4.8%           41    Cornwall                               9.1%           37
Cornwall                               8.9%           36    Somerset                               9.3%           37
Shropshire                             9.8%           35    Cumbria                                8.8%           35
Cumbria                                7.8%           31    Durham                                 7.2%           34
Tees Valley                            5.8%           25    Shropshire                             8.7%           31
Durham                                 4.9%           23    Tees Valley                            7.0%           30
Northumberland                         7.5%           19    Northumberland                         8.2%           20

Sustain – young people and drop off

There is no information for young people and participation in archery

Drop off

It is not possible to measure drop off in archery participation between the ages of
16 and 18

Reach of organised sport

Using Taking Part Survey data (2005), it is possible to explore the reach of
organised activity into individual sports. By looking at tuition, club membership and
competition separately, we can gain an understanding of what proportion of
participants a NGB is likely to be already working with and where perhaps there is
scope for widening the reach of organised sport.

If the proportions initially look low this is because anyone who took part in your
sport in the last 12 months, were asked to respond to this question, so it includes
those who take part in your sport in the most informal manner. If data is not
available for one of the three areas, competition, club and tuition; you can assume
that the proportion taking part in this area in your sport is relatively small. (Data is
excluded if the number of people answering positively to that question is less than

1.2% of all adults have taken part in archery in the last 12 months. This represents
506,000 people.

A reasonable number of archery players take part in structured participation as
shown by column B in the table below. A quarter of participants are members of a
club, however only just over 10% have received tuition or taken part in organised
competition. This reflects a limited structured element to participation.

                                     A                     B
                             Total number
                             receiving         % of those that do the
                             tuition           sport in the last 12 months
                             (thousands)       who receive tuition
                 Archery               116                           22.9%

                             Total number      % of those that do the
                             in organised      sport in the last 12 months
                             competition       who have taken part in
                             (thousands)       organised competition
                 Archery                  54                         10.6%

                             Total number      those that do the sport in
                             member of a       the last 12 months who
                             club              have had club membership
                             (thousands)       in the last four weeks
                 Archery                 54                         10.6%


  In the absence of sport-specific satisfaction measures and baselines, Sport England
  is able to provide information from qualitative research which provides some
  indications of the type of issues that impact on satisfaction.

  Henley Centre Headlight Vision (January 2008) found that current participants are
  fundamentally “satisfied” with their sporting experience. If they were not they would
  not be taking part. Sports existing customers are the converted and already feel
  that they are enjoying the right “conditions”. As such, perceptions of what makes a
  good experience, are centred mainly on emotional and subjective issues, rather
  than facilities and tangibles. The figure below demonstrates the key components
  which affect satisfaction. While there is some variation across sports these are
  nuanced rather than fundamental. The main drivers to satisfaction are intrinsic
  (these drivers are highlighted in pink).

                       ENJOYMENT PER SE

Emotional and                                     Functional drivers
 introspective            PERFORMANCE
 drivers are to                                   SERVICE / HYGIENE
    the fore                                                                  Functional,
                         EXERTION / FITNESS
                                                   ORGANISATION               pointers are
                        DIVERSION / RELEASE                                    generally
                                                      COACHING                 recessive!
                       SOCIAL / BELONGING

  Source: Henley Centre HeadlightVision (2008)

  Do these factors differ across sports?

  The emotional and service/hygiene drivers are common to all sports and the
  remaining three drivers (coaching, organisation and social/belonging) a result of
  particular types of sport (see figure below).

  As an individual sport exertion/fitness, performance, service/hygiene and
  diversion/release are important to increasing satisfaction in archery. For those
  receiving tuition, coaching is also important.


                                     SOCIAL /

                    ENJOYMENT PER SE              COMMON TO
                                                  ALL SPORTS
Informal                                                                Organised

                     EXERTION / FITNESS           PERFORMANCE

                     DIVERSION / RELEASE       SERVICE / HYGIENE*


Source: Henley Centre HeadlightVision (2008)


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