Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza

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					      Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Sort Name                    Name                         Brick Line 1     Brick Line 2     Brick Line 3      Row
Abbott                       Matthew Abbott               Matthew 1999 &   Karen Abbott     Lets Go Dawgs!      5
Adams                        Dr. Ann-Marie Adams          Ann-Marie        Campione Adams   1985                4
Adler                        Mrs. Carolyn W. Adler        CarolynTWAdler   June 11, 1967    B.Sc. Mahalo       10
Aitchison                    Katherine Aitchison          Brian & Kathy    Aitchison        Class of 00&02      4
Albrecht                     Roger & Dianne Albrecht      Michael W.       Albrecht         Class of 2003      44
Alessandrini                 Daniel Alessandrini          Daniel F         Alessandrini     2001 Sigma Chi      5
Alexander                    Sue Alexander                Erin Lee         Alexander        Class of 2003      39
Alexander                    Susan Alexander              Kayla            Alexander        PharmD `07         30
Allen                        Kevin Allen                  Kevin Allen      Class of 1997    Pharmacy           42
Allen                        Mike Allen                   Marsha Roberts   Allen            Class of 1967    22 & 23
ΑΣ Chapter of ΣΓΡ Sorority   ΑΣ Chapter of ΣΓΡ Sorority   Dedicated to     the Founders     of ΣΓΡ             13
Altemeyer                    Teresa Altemeyer             In Honor Of      Dana Altemeyer   Class of 2004      28
Altemeyer                    Teresa Altemeyer             In Honor Of      George C. Kolb   Class of 1939      38
Alter                        Randi Alter                  Dr. Jeanie       Alter                               22
Alvey                        Jennifer Alvey               Jen & Kristen    Hubertz          PharmD 04 & 08     22
Alvey                        Scott Alvey                  The Alvey's      Jen Hubertz`04   Scott Alvey`02     24
Amick                        Rebecca Amick                Rebecca Amick    Pharm.D. 2002    Love,Mike&Abby     34
Anderson                     Ruth Anderson                David Anderson   2/12/81Bulldog   Ruth LaBounty      33
Anderson                     Ann Anderson                 Drew and Ann     Anderson         1968               22
Anderson-Sheppard            Amy Anderson-Sheppard        Alexis & Aidan   We Love You      Mom & Dad           5
Andry                        O. Kathryn Andry             Dr. & Mrs. E.    Robert Andry     Class of 1930      43
Angell                       Tammy Angell                 Bob Angell       Tammy Angell     ΚΣ`65 ΚΚΓ`67       40
Angell                       Tammy Angell                 Ivel C. Wilson   Pharmacy 1925    Uncle/T Angell     43
Antosik                      Lyndsey Antosik              Lyndsey Marie    Antosik          Pharm.D. 2010      19
Appel                        Alice Appel                  Alice Appel      Kappa Alpha      Theta `61,`64      36
Appel                        Alice Appel                  Dee Doub         Davidson         Pi Phi 1961        29
Appel                        Alice Appel                  Duncan C.        Davidson         Sigma Chi 1961     27
Appel                        Ms. Alice Appel              Julie Mayhill    Reeves ΚΑΘ `91                      11
Appel                        Ms. Alice Appel              Kip Freeman      Reeves Jr.       ΓΤΓ `91            13
Appel                        Alice Appel                  Richard Hardy    Appel MD         Sigma Chi 1925     27
Armstrong                    David Armstrong              Armstrong        Cutler S. 1999   Collin P. 2001     22
Arnold                       Mary Arnold                  Terri Arnold     Patrick Arnold                      30
Arwood                       Matthew Arwood               The              Arwood           Family              7
Asher                        Mike Asher                   MikeAsher71/74   ΤΚΔ Gail Asher   NJ Educators       29
Askew                        Delia Askew                  Delia Askew      Class of 1999    B.S. Chemistry      6
Atkins                       Clayton Atkins               Clayton H.       and Carole A.    Atkins             10
Atkinson                     George Atkinson              Infinity         Performance      George & LeAnn      3
Aue                          Mr. William R. Aue           Billy ΦΚΨ `04    & Misty Aue                         45
Auld                         Jeffrey Auld                 Jeffrey `92      and Toni Auld    Go Dawgs!!!!!      19
Ault                         Kevin Ault                   The Aults        Sarah, Katie,    Teri and Kevin      5
Autajay                      Andrew Autajay               Andrew Autajay   1999             Sigma Chi           6
      Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Ayres           Teresa Ayres                    James Michael    Ayres            BA 1973          11
Ayres           Teresa Ayres                    John D Ayres     MD JD            Chemistry 1979   11
Ayres           Teresa Ayres                    Robert F.        Ayres            BS1949 MS1952    11
Ayres           Teresa Ayres                    Robert Myles     Horn             Class of 2009    11
Ayres           Teresa Ayres                    TeresaLawrence   Ayres            BA1981 MS1985    11
Baetzhold       Howard Baetzhold                Barbara M.       Baetzhold `81                     6
Baetzhold       Howard Baetzhold                Howard K.        Baetzhold `78                     8
Baetzhold       Howard Baetzhold                Prof.Howard G.   & Nancy C.       Baetzhold        10
Baetzhold       Howard Baetzhold                Sandra L.        Baetzhold `81                     8
Bagley          Charles V. Bagley               Bagley           Charles 59       Bret90 Jason94   26
Bahr-Evola      Amanda Bahr-Evola               Rob and Amanda   Evola            1994 and 1995    20
Ball            Cynthia Ball                    Ray and Cindy    Ball             Class of 1991    33
Baltodano       Mr. Luis A. Jimenez Baltodano   Jimenez Family   God Bless B.U.   Luis Angel `94   44
Bantham         John Bantham                    Jessica          Bantham          Class of 2005    25
Barbieri        Jennifer Barbieri               Jennifer         Barbieri         Class of 1999    9
Barker          Dave Barker                     Dave Barker      Indy's #1        Chess Coach      22
Barker          Tanya Barker                    Patrick Barker   Class of 2009    Love,Mom & Dad   21
Barnhouse       Jenise Barnhouse                In Memory Of     Jeanice Gartin                    42
Barrett         Gina Barrett                    Gina S Barrett   Pharmacy         1989             4
Barrett         Jaclyn Barrett                                   Barrett Family                    11
Barrick         Brooks Barrick                  Chris Barrick    Family           Class of 2004    8
Barron          Ricky Barron                    Cathy Barron     Class of 2006    Go Dawgs         37
Bartley         Betty Bartley                   Betty Hardin     Bartley BA41     ΚΚΓ              16
Barton          Trish Barton                    John and Trish   Ryan Jennifer    Jacob Barton     6
Bash            Constance Bash                                   James F. Bash                     2
Bash            Constance Bash                                   Etta A. Wright                    26
B-Association   B-Association                   B-Association    Athletic         Alumni           37
B-Association   B-Association                   Paul D. "Tony"   Hinkle           1898-1992        1
Bayha           Daniel Bayha                    The Daniel J.    Bayha Family                      25
Beach           Joyce Beach                     Beach Family     Lindsay A 2001   Garrett W 2005   20
Beal            Alissa Beal                     Alissa Beal      Pharm D 2006     ΚΚΓ              24
Beamish         Mike Beamish                    Jennifer         Beamish          2006             11
Beamish         Mike Beamish                    Matthew          Beamish          2004             8
Bearby          Mark Bearby                     Mark Bearby`79   Lori Berkshire   Bearby`79        38
Beaschler       Amy Beaschler                   Amy Jo           Beaschler        MBA 1993         19
Beasley         Mary Anna Beasley               Mary Anna Butz   & John Beasley   Class of 1939    34
Bechtold        David Bechtold                  Sara Jo          Bechtold                          33
Beck            Norvella Beck                   Norvella Judd    Beck             ΚΚΓ ΦΚΦ `43      21
Becker          Loren Becker                    Kristan Becker   Hoffman          1991-1996 ΓΓ     27
Beckerich       Donald Beckerich                Donald           Beckerich        Class of 1951    18
Beckman         Jill Beckman                    Jill (Kissell)   Beckman Family   Class of 1988    6
Beebe           Bethany Beebe                   Bethany L.       Beebe            Class of 2001    31
      Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Beeler        Beth Beeler                Beth Harrah      COPHS Grad 98    Go Dawgs!        32
Beeson        Mary Lou Beeson            Dr Tim Beeson    Class of 1972                     26
Beeson        Mr. Howard Beeson          Howard E.        Beeson                            41
Beggs         Robert Beggs               Kitty Ferriday   Bob Beggs-1957   Wed on Campus    40
Behler        Sandra Behler              Russell Behler   Physics 2005                      16
Behnke        Paul & Dawn Behnke         Candice Behnke   Class of 2006    ΓΓ               14
Behroozi      Cyrus S. Behroozi, Ph.D.   Cyrus S. and     Helga V.         Behroozi         7
Belden        Randall Belden             ESL-Spectrum     Lighting                          6
Belden        Mrs. Janet D. Belden       Randy Belden     Class of `71     Football Capt.   43
Bell          Amanda Bell                Amanda Bell      Class of 1996                     8
Benbow        Donald Benbow              Donald E.        Benbow           BS1963 MS1966    38
Benbow        Donald Benbow              Gina K.          Benbow           BS2006           33
Benbow        Donald Benbow              Kip S.           Benbow           BA2001           37
Bennett       Mr. D. Eugene Bennett      D Eugene         Bennett          AB `52 MS `53    43
Bennett       Devin Bennett              Devin Bennett    PharmD           Class of 2003    13
Bennett       Margery Bennett            Edward Bennett   MargeryBennett   Class of 1952    41
Bennett       Revel Bennett              In Honor Of      Susan Bennett    Class of 1973    5
Bennett       Mr. D. Eugene Bennett      Susan G          Robinson         MS 1976 EPPSP    10
Bennett Jr.   Dr. Robert Bennett Jr.     Joshua McGee     Bennett                           2
Bennett Jr.   Dr. Robert Bennett Jr.     Robert B.        Bennett, Jr.                      6
Bensing       Cheryl Bensing             Tara             McCord           Bensing          19
Benson        Robert Benson              Sarah, Palmer    & Bob Benson     Class of 1993    3
Berardi       Mrs. Mary Ann Berardi      Kendra Lee       Berardi          Class of 2005    45
Berger        Wayne & Debbie Berger      Christopher      Sammon           Class of 2008    43
Berkey        Richard & Vada Berkey      Heather          Berkey-Duncan    Class of 2001    16
Bernard       Mrs. Ann M. Bernard        Ann Bernard      (Cassidy) ΓΓΓ    Class of 1984    10
Berry         Kim Berry                  Martin & Kim     Berry            4/24/93          35
Berry         Ralph Berry                Ralph Berry`79   Sue"5"Morey`80   ΑΧΩ ΦΚΨ          42
Berry         Joanne Berry               Ronald R Berry   Class of 1991    ΛΧΑ              4
Berry         Jim Berry                  Sue Hinkle       from             Butler Biology   4
Best          John Best                  Dr. John Best    Prof. Emeritus   1948-1975        35
Best          Mr. John W. Best , Jr.     In Memory Of     J. Hartt Walsh   Dean 1948-1967   1
Best          Mr. John W. Best , Jr.     In Memory Of     Nettie Walsh     Faculty Wife     1
Best          John Best                  Solveig Best     Faculty Wife     1948-1975        40
Betley        Kathryn Betley             James A. Gloin   Class of 1923                     7
Bettis        Susan Bettis               In Honor Of      James E. and     Martha Bettis    13
Bevins        Mrs. Carla C. Bevins       Carla C Bevins   English 2001     Bulldog Always   1
Bhanos        Sue Bhanos                 1964 Graduate    Sue Eagleson     Bhanos           8
Bhatti        Martha Bhatti              Waqar & Martha   Bhatti           Pharmacy         41
Biederman     Raymond Biederman          Raymond J        Biederman        Class06 Violin   34
Binning       Dr. John F. Binning        J.Binning 1975   L.Binning 2010   ΤΚΔ & ΓΓΓ        12
Bishop        Leslie Ann Bishop          Leslie Bishop    Class of 1972    Go Dawgs!        31
      Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Black              Aaron Black                    Aaron Black      Exemplary        English Major       42
Blaney             Colleen Blaney                 Colleen Blaney   `96 and Amanda   Thompson `98        18
Blattner           Lawrence & Janice Blattner     Marguerite K.    Fields           B.S. 1958           28
Bledsoe            Gary Bledsoe                   Gary `86 &       Lisa `89         Bledsoe             15
Blickman           Michael Blickman               Barb & Michael   Blickman and     Family              2
Blue               Jeff Blue                      The Blues        Jeff, Marlene    Tahcia, Matt        7
Boarman            John A. Boarman                John A Boarman   Pharmacist       Class of 1962       17
Bockstahler        George Bockstahler             George W.        Bockstahler      Class of 1936       38
Boecher            Mrs. Susan M. Boecher          In Memory Of     Janice Morrow    Susie & Nancy       14
Bohannan           Cheryl Bohannan                Nicholas         Michael          Bohannan         21 & 39
Bohannon           Erin Bohannon                  Erin Roth `98    and John N.      Bohannon            41
Bondi              Stephanie Bondi                In Memory Of     Gladys K Bondi   with love        19 & 22
Bonnivier          Bonnie Bonnivier               Always great     and getting      better! Bmb         22
Bontrager          Derald Bontrager               Ashley           Bontrager        Class of 2009       37
Book               Kathy Book                     Kathy Book       Class of 1995    Go Dawgs!           18
Boop               Roger Boop                     Prof. RW Boop    College of ED    BS1962 MS1965       42
Boots              Meghan Boots                   Meghan M Boots   Class of 1999                        5
Booziotis          Jim Booziotis                  Kristy & Scott   Booziotis        2008 2011           23
Borkon             William Borkon                 Elizabeth        Borkon `03                           5
Bougher            Jennifer Bougher               Jennifer Lynn    Bougher, Esq.    Class of 2000       26
Bowers             Chris Bowers                   Greg Bowers      and              Bowers Family       38
Bowers-Walker      Jean Ann Bowers-Walker         Jean Ann         Bowers-Walker    BS `60 MS `64       35
Boyd               G. Kay Boyd                    Kelly Cochran    Pharmacy 2008    Alpha Phi           35
Boydstun           John & Lisa Boydstun           Ian Boydstun     Class of 2010                        18
Brabant            Margaret Brabant               Helen Brabant-   Bleakley         M.A. Brabant        11
Brackemyre         Brian Brackemyre               Brian & Lori     Brackemyre       Class of 1985       7
Bradburn-Swigert                                  R
                   Ms. Kimberly R. Bradburn-Swigert . Brent &      Kimberly `04     Swigert             45
Braun              Leo Braun                      Leo Braun        July 19, 1940    Class of 1964       8
Bravine            Peter Bravine                  Joe Bravine      Class of 2010                        27
Breen              Jim Breen                      Jim Maureen      Breen Pres Sec   Class of 1955       5
Brehan             Kathy Brehan                   ΚΚΓ Class of     1991 - CHS!                          36
Breitenbach        Eric Breitenbach               EJ Breitenbach   DeltaTauDelta    BZ 1468           8 & 25
Briney             Ms Jennifer Briney             Klint Briney     Mkg/PR 2006      Phi Kappa Psi       3
Briney             Ms Jennifer Briney             Krystal Briney   Engineer/Math    2000-2005           9
Britten            Dawn Britten                   Dawn Jennings    Pharmacy         1990                26
Broadfoot          Ms. Linda D. Broadfoot         Go Bulldogs!!    Linda B.         Class of 1998       45
Broderick          Kathryn Broderick              Kurt `94         Kati `98         Broderick           5
Brown              Freda Brown                    AnnZ-PaulBrown   Freda Brown                          26
Brown              Matt Brown                     Zach Brown       ΣΝ               Class of 2007       21
Brozek             Rhonda Brozek                  Jason Brozek     Men's Swimming   2003-2007           41
Brukhardt          Mr. David A. Burkhardt         RKWood Mansion   David-Seth 04    Ross-Kaaveh 05      45
Bruning            Ms. Diane Coburn Bruning       For Mom & Dad    Who Loved BU     Love Diane `79      18
      Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Bruns               Dr. Neil A. Bruns               Neil Bruns       Sara Bruns       Class of 2001      44
Brunsma             C.R. Brunsma                    Jenny and Dick   Brunsma          Go Butler Grow     36
Bryant              Amy Bryant                      Amy F. Bryant    Music English    1994               20
Buck                David Buck                      Jane McCollum    David Buck       Bulldogs in AZ     21
Bucki               Jennifer Bucki, M.D.            J J Bucki MD     BS Zoology       Class of 1988      17
Buckler             Mary "Dubbie" Hoffman Buckler   Mary "Dubbie"    HoffmanBuckler   BA Class `74       31
Budney              Alan Budney                     Gregory Budney   ΓΤΓ              Class of 2007      12
Buganski            Tracy Buganski                  Tracy Buganski   COPHS            Class of 2008      25
Burchell            Kelley (Barber) Burchell        Kelley Barber    Burchell         (1995-1999)        28
Burget              Mary Burget                     In Honor Of      Avery Sheets     B-ball `02-`06     43
Burget              Mary Burget                     Mary Alice       Kennedy Burget   BS Educ. 1951      37
Burkhardt           David Burkhardt                 David & Leah     Burkhardt `04    *Go Bulldogs*      25
Burkman             Kristen Burkman                 Burkman Family   Rick, Kristen,   Rex and Cole       38
Burks               Keith Burks                     Keith and Tina   Burks                               28
Burleson            Thomas Burleson                 Bob and Donnie   Felkins          Go Bulldogs!        1
Burleson            Thomas Burleson                 Marion and Kay   Burleson         Go Bulldogs!        1
Burleson            Thomas Burleson                 Thom & Debbie    Burleson         Class of 1974       1
Burnett             Brad Burnett                    Brad (97) &      Elizabeth (99)   Burnett             8
Burt                Robert & Rachael Burt           The Burts        Robert, Robbie   & Rachael          17
Busche              Barbara Busche                  Go Bulldogs      Gene & Barbara   S. Busche           6
Bush                Allison Bush                    Greg & Allison   Bush             Class of `94        9
Bush                Harold Bush                     Harold K. Bush   Ione J. Bush                        27
Butkus              Gary Butkus                     Gary Jason       D     & T        Butkus Range       17
Butler              Ms. Becky D. Butler             Dan, Patty,      Beth`00 and      Becky`02Butler     44
Butler              Bettegene Butler                In Memory        Of               James P Butler   10 & 22
Butler              Thomas Butler                   Tom Butler `84   ΤΚΔ              Basketball         22
Buyers-Hicks        Yvonne Buyers-Hicks             Yvonne           Buyers-Hicks     COPHS 1983          5
Caimens             Mr. Jeremy S. Caimens           Robert Weger     Class of 2000    ΛΧΑ                45
Caimens             Mr. Jeremy S. Caimens           Tom Kaminski     Class of 1999    ΛΧΑ                45
Callahan            Larry Callahan                  Janell           Callahan 2009    Go Dawgs!          38
Callahan-Rockhold   Julie Callahan-Rockhold         Julie Callahan   -Rockhold BM82   Thanks Frank       35
Campbell            Justin Campbell                 JustinCampbell   Football 01-05   GodBlessButler     25
Campbell            Mr. David Campbell              Pete Campbell    #34              2005-2008          11
Capin               Joseph Capin                    Joseph Capin     Pharmacy 1958    Thanks JoAnn        3
Carlson             Christine Carlson               Christine N      Carlson 1970     Go Dawgs!          27
Carlson             Gerald Carlson                  Jerry & Sandi    Carlson          and Family          9
Carlson             David Carlson                   Katie Carlson    Delta Gamma      Class of 2004      38
Carone              Allison Carone                  Allison and      Kyle Carone      Class of 2001      17
Carpenter           Amos Carpenter                  Amos Carpenter   For Nyakeh Joe   Yeni Ami, Boi      21
Carpenter           Ed Carpenter                    Ed ’03 &         Heather          Carpenter          32
Carpenter           Julia Carpenter                 Ron and Julie    Carpenter        and Family          2
Carretta            Brian Carretta                  Brian Carretta   & Family         Class of 1998      19
     Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Carrico          Betty Jane (Mock) Carrico      Betty Mock       1940                               41
Carson           Chris Carson                   Chris & Billi    Carson            ΛΧΑ 03 ΑΧΩ 04    7
Carter           William Carter                 David Carter     Class of 1979                      4
Carter           Trena Carter                   Katie Carter     Kali Carter       Brett Veness     10
Carter           William Carter                 Mallory Carter   Class of 2006                      23
Cartmel          Travis Cartmel                 4 Tina & Snuff   I am blessed.     Love T Cartmel   25
Carwile          Cindy Carwile                  Matthew Elso     Carwile           Class of 2007    3
Cascarano        Robert Cascarano               The              Cascarano         Family           14
Casperson        Kathy Casperson                Molly Chelsey&   Sara Casperson    SSS Neenah Wis   39
Castor           Ms. Janet E. Castor            Scott Castor     Class of 1997     ΛΧΑ              12
Cazares          John Cazares                   Craig Cazares                      Curt Cazares     34
Chambers         Suzanne Chambers               In Memory Of     Robert M.         Chambers BS`50   34
Chapman          Rob G Chapman                  "Chaz" Chapman   Born 01/28/06     Class of 2028    7
Chapman          Jeff Chapman                   Jeff (`04) and   Sarah (`07)       Chapman          8
Chapman          Mike Chapman                   Mike and Mary    Chapman           Class of 1965    24
Chapman          Douglas & Andrea Chapman       Paige Chapman    Class of 2010     Go Dawgs!        43
Chapman Hogan    Ms. Kristin D. Chapman Hogan   Michael R.       Chapman           Class of 1965    13
Cherausky        Linda Cherausky                Krista&Collin    Ruud and Kelly    &Chad Antcliff   32
Childers         Jan Childers                   Jordan Porter    Class of 2008     ΛΧΑ              18
Childs-Helton    Mrs. Sally C. Childs-Helton    In Honor Of      Mac & Martha      Waller,Emeriti   46
Chizer           John Chizer                    John Chizer 80   Cindy Chizer77    Wed 10-11-80     44
Chouquette       Jean Chouquette                Jean             Chouquette        1972      ΚΑΘ    9
Christ           John C. Christ                                  John C. Christ    1949             21
Christensen      Keoni Christensen              Keoni&Michelle   Christensen       Class of 1999    40
Christopherson   David Christopherson           Stephen          Christopherson    Sigma Nu `08     41
Cilella          Elizabeth Cilella              Michael 78 and   Elizabeth C. 79   Cilella          29
Cioni            James & Tricia Cioni           Cara F. Cioni    Class of 2005     ΚΚΓ              12
Clark            David Clark                    David A Clark    Pharmacy-1962     Thank You BU     36
Clark            Ellen Clark                    Ellen & Dennis   Clark                              24
Clark            Mrs. Ruth A. Clark             Mac Cripe        Debate Coach      Friend           28
Clark, Jr.       James Clark, Jr.               James Clark Jr   Class of 1974                      38
Claudy           Jennifer Claudy                Jennifer         Claudy            Class of 2000    20
Clay             Georgann Clay                  Jody Mustard     Clay              1962             24
Claymon          Brent Claymon                  GO BULLDOGS!     Brent Claymon     Family - 2006    3
Clayton          Bruce Clayton                  Beth Anne        Clayton           BA 2005          7
Clearwaters      Karl Clearwaters               Karl & Cathy     Clearwaters       1978 1980        15
Clinton          Kara Clinton                   Kara (Yeakley)   Clinton Family    Class of 1997    29
Coate            Mark Coate                     In Honor Of My   Parents, Mark     Coate 1978       23
Cobb             Mr. Brian J. Cobb              Brian J. Cobb    Class of 1998     Go BU!!          44
Colbert          Ms. Nanette R. Colbert         The Colberts     Ruth `48, `61     Nan `77 & John   44
Colglazier       Karen Colglazier               Bob Dietz 1941   B'Ball Coach      All American     2
Colglazier       Karen Colglazier               Carrie Camile    Colglazier ΑΧΩ    Women's Soccer   2
      Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Colglazier                   Karen Colglazier             Karen Dietz      Colglazier ΚΑΘ   Class of 1970       2
College of Business Admin.   College of Business Admin.   The CBA          Honors           Bill Dawn           8
College of Business Admin.   College of Business Admin.   The CBA          Honors           Janos Horvath       6
College of Business Admin.   College of Business Admin.   The CBA          Honors           Jack Engledow       7
College of Business Admin.   College of Business Admin.   The CBA Honors   The Memory Of    Ray Swenson         1
College of Business Admin.   College of Business Admin.   The CBA Honors   The Memory Of    Archie Nichols     10
College of Business Admin.   College of Business Admin.   The CBA Honors   Joe              Marcheggiani        5
Colston                      Frances Colston              Go Butler Dogs   Family of        Lowell Colston     14
Connor                       Stephanie Connor             Elise,           #1 Rule!         Love, Mom&Dad      41
Consodine                    Diane Consodine              Diane            Consodine        Class of 1949      28
Consodine                    Diane Consodine              Margaret         Consodine        Class of 1948      30
Conway                       Robert Conway                Thank You        Mom and Dad      Rob Conway `91     27
Cook                         Cameron Cook                 ΧΑΛΔπΑ ΤΑ ΚΑΛΑ   Cameron (1998)   & Melissa Cook     13
Coon                         Michael Coon                 Mike Coon `87    Christine `89    Butler-Purdue      15
Copple                       Dr. Ernest Copple            Dr. Ernest V &   Shirley Copple   Congrats!          30
Copple                       Joe Copple                   In Loving        Memory Of        Daniel Copple      24
Copple                       Joe Copple                   Joelle ΚΚΓ       Joe Sigma Nu     Copple Go Dogs     23
Cornwell                     Ms. Linda L. Cornwell        Linda Cornwell   Class of 1968                       12
Cornwell                     Linda Cornwell               Ms Linda         Cornwell         1962-1967          30
Correale                     Jen Correale                 Kappa Alpha      Theta            Gamma Chapter      26
Coughlin                     Mr. Kevin B. Coughlin        Kevin Coughlin   Class of 1972    ΛΧΑ                 8
Couzens                      Mary Couzens                 Brian Couzens    Class of 2003                       44
Cox                          Ms. Donna M. Cox             Diana May Cox    Class of 2007    ΚΚPsi - ΑΔΑ        42
Cox                          Bobby Cox                    In Memory Of     Stan Lyons       Bobby Cox - 79     28
Cox                          Ross Cox                     Think            Best Of Luck     R. Joan Cox         9
Coyner                       Robert M. Coyner             Robert Coyner    ΣΧ Fraternity    Class of 1948    10 & 24
Crabtree                     Natalie Crabtree             Natalie          Crabtree         Music 2008         42
Cragen                       Mr. Charles L. Cragen        Charles Cragen   MS Elem. Edu.    1962               44
Crager                       Mr. Marco J. Crager          Amanda Heilman   Class of 2006    ΚΚΓ                 6
Crain                        Clarence Crain               Clarence Crain   Class of 1973    Fabiola Crain       9
Crayton                      Mark Crayton                 Thanks JCFA!     Mark A Crayton   Class of 1982      22
Crisci                       Mr. Christopher M. Crisci    Christopher      Crisci           Carpe Diem          3
Cumbee                       Arnhein Cumbee               Arnhein Cumbee   Pharmacy 1970    Kokomo, Ind        36
Cummings                     Steve Cummings               Steve & Dianna   Cummings         1971               35
Currier                      John Currier                 The John D.      Currier, Jr.     Family (`92)       28
Curtis                       Leslie Curtis                Lindsey Curtis   ΚΚΓ & Golf       BS `06 MPA `07     20
Czarnecki                    Donna Czarnecki              Bill and Donna   Czarnecki        75 Pharmacy 76      4
Dainton                      Mr. Kenneth E. Dainton       Ken E. Dainton   No. 54           Class of 1972       7
Daniel                       Jeanne Daniel                Whitney Daniel   Lindsay Daniel   2007               32
Daniell                      Mrs. Shirley M. Daniell      Jennifer &       Mark Daniell     BA `82 BA `03      46
Danner                       Garnet Danner                Dave             Danner           1976               21
Danner                       Garnet Danner                Ray              Danner           1941               21
     Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Danner       Garnet Danner            Wendy            Danner           2012               21
Darnay       Brandon Darnay           Thanks Baldy &   Peggy! Your      Boys `87 & `90     14
Darr         Wendy Darr               David, Wendy     Adam, Caleb &    Catherine Darr     32
Daugherty    Mike Daugherty           The Daughertys   Go Bulldogs      Mike 1979          38
Daum         David Daum               In Memory Of     Helen Daum       Class of 1937      27
Daum         David Daum               In Memory Of     Brian D Conn     Class of 1990      36
Davenport    Kelsey Davenport         Kelsey           Davenport        Class of 2007      42
Davidson     Charles Davidson         In Memory Of     Patty Hill       Davidson `42       32
Davis        Don Davis                Don `63 and      Diane Davis                         23
Davis        Tenille Davis            Dr. Tenille      Lynn             Davis `01 219      16
Davis        Ken Davis                Kappa Sigma      ΔΟ Chapter       ΑΔΚΓΒ              19
Davis        Kent Davis               Kent A. Davis    Football         1998-2002          10
Davis        Patricia Neel Davis      Pat Neel Davis   ΑΧΩ Sorority     Class of 1958      34
Davis        Ronald L. Davis          Ronald L Davis   Class of         1959               29
Davis        Sallyann Davis           Sally Polivka    BS 1966          MS 1967            2
Davis        Ken Davis                ΚΣ and πΒΦ       "In Perfect      Harmony"         1 & 12
DeAngelo     Wanda DeAngelo           Wanda DeAngelo   (Wilcox)         Pharmacy 1981      41
Dearing      Bob Dearing              Bob and Kathy    Dearing                             8
DeBow        Michael DeBow            DeBow Family     Faith 1999 Joy   2002 Tim 2007      18
Degenhart    Jason Degenhart          Jason&Heather    Degenhart        01-16-1998         40
Dekruiff     Maureen Dekruiff         Samantha         Dekruiff `07     ΚΑΘ                18
Delano       Ms. Deborah K. Delano    Deborah Delano   Class of 1973    With Gratitude     13
Dempsey      Austin Dempsey           Austin&Melissa   Dempsey          Class of 2001      13
Dempsey      Austin Dempsey           DJ Rahn 03       A Good Friend    A Good Delt        13
Dempsey      Judy Dempsey             J&S Dempsey      H&M Enyart       M&E Jackson        24
Dempster     Christy Dempster         Andy & Christy   Dempster         We Did It 2005     34
Denlinger    Ms. Leigh A. Denlinger   Bill & Sherry    Winn             Class of 1974      10
Dennis       Mary Dennis              Angelo D Oliva   Love You, Mary   Class' 53 & 93     7
Desing       Jeffrey J. Desing        Jeffrey J.       Desing           CPA                31
Dettwiler    Ann Dettwiler            Greenfield       Indiana          1962               38
Deweese      Mr. Stanley D. Deweese   Brenda Deweese   Class of 1976    M.S. Education     5
Deweese      Mr. Stanley D. Deweese   Robert Deweese   Class of 1953    Pharmacy           1
Deweese      Mr. Stanley D. Deweese   Ryan Deweese     M.D.             Class of 2001      4
Deweese      Mr. Stanley D. Deweese   Stan Deweese     Class of 1976    Pharmacy           4
DeWolf       Phillip DeWolf           ΦΓΧ DeWolf ΑΦ    Phillip 1978     Mary Jo 1975       20
Dick         Dr. Andrew D. Dick       Andrew D. Dick   Class of 1978    ΛΧΑ                4
Dick         Rollin Dick              Rollie and       Helen Dick                          36
Dick         Dr. Andrew D. Dick       Ruth Ann Dick    Class of 1971    Class of 1973      4
Diefenbach   Shirley Diefenbach       The              Diefenbach       Family             42
Dilts        Julie Dilts              In Honor Of      Marla Lantz      Dernay 1966        21
Dilts        Julie Dilts              In Honor Of      Andrew Russell   Class of 2008      6
Dilts        Julie Dilts              In Memory Of     Tim Russell      Class of 1964      7
     Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Dinius          John Dinius                 The              John T. Dinius   Family             26
Distel          Alan Distel                 Shelly Sunbury   Distel           ΓΓ 1986             6
Divens          Carrie (Heater) Divens      Carrie Heater    Divens `98       AlphaChiOmega    10 & 26
Dixon           Herb Dixon                  Herb & Jo Ann    Dixon            Go Bulldogs !!     34
Dixon           Kathy Dixon                 In Memory Of     Lance Witmer     Class of 1963      27
Doane           Kenneth Doane               Katie Doane,We   Love You! Ken    Doane Family       30
Dobrovodsky     James Dobrovodsky           James Cathy          Moira         Dobrovodsky       32
Dock            Gertrude Dock               Ben Pharm42 &    Gert MM82 Dock   Murray-Pharm79     42
Doctor          John Doctor                 John Doctor      Carol Harrison   Class of 1984      35
Dold            Anita Dold                  Leslie A. Dold   BS Degree 1947   Football DTD       28
Donahue         Alec Donahue                Alec M Donahue   Long Grove IL    Go Bulldogs!!      36
Donovan         Sandra Donovan                               Sandra Donovan   Class of 1967      23
Doshan          Michael Doshan              Juli Doshan                       Class of 2008      11
Dubois          William Dubois              William Dubois   Barbara Dubois   Douglas Dubois     17
Duch            M. Matthew Duch             M. Matthew       Duch `98         and Family          2
Duecker         Donnie & Jennifer Duecker   Butler Truism    P+O=S            Diana M Dueker     37
Dugger-Ronyak   Ms. Amy Dugger-Ronyak       Allyeene         Dugger ΓΓΓ       Cls 1949 & `54      8
Dugger-Ronyak   Ms. Amy Dugger-Ronyak       Diana            Dugger ΤΒΣ       Class of 2001       8
Duhamell        Stephen Duhamell            In Memory Of     Wilbur and       Joyce Duhamell     19
Dull            Rona Dull                   Rona Dull        Attended From    1985-1989          29
Duncan          Kate Duncan                 Mr. and Mrs.     Lee Duncan                           8
Dunn            John B. Dunn                Alisyn Dunn      ΚΑΘ              2001 Go Dawgs!     21
Dunn            John B. Dunn                Jen Tepke Dunn   ΚΑΘ              2001 Go Dawgs!      2
Dunn            John B. Dunn                John B Dunn      ΛΧΑ              1977 Go Dawgs!     22
Dunn            John B. Dunn                John Dunn        ΦΚΨ              2000 Go Dawgs!     28
Dunn            John B. Dunn                Kathy W Dunn     ΚΚΓ              1979 Go Dawgs!      1
Dye             Carolyn Dye                 Carolyn Dye      M.S. Elem. Ed.   1971                7
Eagan           Dick Eagan                  Cheri & Dick     Eagan            `74 & `70          10
Earls           Mr. John Earls              Natalie Earls    Class of 2007    ΚΑΘ                12
Eaton           Joe Eaton                   Eaton Family     Joe`88 Florie`   88 Kailey&Zach     17
Eaton           Joe Eaton                   Our Beloved      Papou, Chris C   Theofanis `52       4
Eberle          David & Jane Eberle         In Memory Of     My Dad 2/14/05   Kassie Eberle      16
Eberle          Richard Eberle              Richard and      Angela Eberle    BS 1972/ΤΚΔ        33
Eckley          Randall Eckley              Randall Eckley   Pharmacy 1971    Secundum Artem      8
Edmunds         Mr. William W. Edmunds      Katie Schaefer   & Bill Edmunds   ΚΚΓ & ΣΧ 1984      16
Edmunds         Mr. William W. Edmunds      Richard L.       Schaefer         Pharmacy `64        9
Egel            Valerie Egel                DeltaGamma2001   SMERVKEMNS       FriendsForever     12
Elliott         Marsha Elliott              Courtney Ann     Elliott          Class of 2007      30
Elliott         Mark Elliott                Dr. Mark &       Carol Elliott    Mark,Jeff,Mike     11
Elstro          Andrea Elstro               Andrea Elstro    Robert Elstro    2002 and 2003       6
Emlay           Scott Emlay                 Allyson Emley    2007                                35
Engle           Earl Engle                  Earl E. Engle    1959 & 1963      Thanks, Tony       16
      Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
English          Mark English                    In Memory Of     Faye C English      `48 IN Teacher   40
Enstrom          Darryl Enstrom                  Darryl/Melinda   Mike Enstrom        Class of 1997    39
Eppard           John Eppard                     John and Mary    Beth Eppard         Class of 82,83   25
Epperson         Stan Epperson                   Stan Epperson    Class of 1971                        4
Esteb            John Esteb                      Esteb Family     John, Robin         Scott, & Ava     3
Everett          Nancy Everett                   Leo & Joanna     Everett                              6
Everhart         Gary Everhart                   Everhart         Larry-B.A.1961      Gary-M.S.1976    37
Ewig             Sue Ewig                        Sue (Maersch)    Ewig                Class of 1992    7
Ewig             Jim Ewig                        Susan P. Ewig    Bachelor Arts       Class of 1992    1
Fahnenstiel      Marisa Fahnenstiel              The Spruits      Honoring Megan      Class of 2008    9
Fallis           Elizabeth Fallis                Liz Fallis       Accounting          B.S. 1966        13
Fallone-Frush    Christina Fallone-Frush         Christina        Fallone-Frush       MBA 2000         37
Farrell          Timothy Farrell                 Tim Farrell      Class of 2003                        39
Faulconer        Marjorie Faulconer              Thomas J.        Faulconer                            23
Fehrenbach       Talialin Fehrenbach             Talialin         Fehrenbach          Class of 2005    3
Feiner-Garloch   Cynthia Feiner-Garloch          Cynthia and      Duane Garloch       Go Bulldogs!!    18
Feinglass        Mrs. Janice Feinglass           Jan Clarkson     `64-67 Bridge       Marching Band    5
Fell             Stephen Fell                    Stephen D Fell   Pharm.D.            Class of 2004    1
Fellows          David Fellows                   Helga, Dave      & Jake Fellows                       31
Fels             James Fels                      Jim and Nancy    Fels                                 18
Fenneman         Robert Fenneman                 Fenneman Grads   Marci 2003          Valerie 2006     34
Fernkas-Silvey   Margaret Fernkas-Silvey         In Memory Of     J Richard           Fernkas 1955     8
Ferrell          Gerald Ferrell                  Reaghan K.       Ferrell             A Student        1
Ferrin-Rhoades   Mrs. Pamela S. Ferrin-Rhoades   Gregg Ferrin     Hilton U.Brown      Award 1963-64    20
Ferruzza         Mr. Charles J. Ferruzza         In Memory Of     Joe Marley `80      Dan McCoy `80    14
Fetcho           John Fetcho                     Emily J Fetcho   JCFA 2009                            6
Fetcho           John Fetcho                     Go Bulldogs!     The Fetcho          Family           16
Feucht           John Feucht                     John Feucht II   B.S. Pharmacy       Class of 1994    43
Fine             Mr. Thomas E. Fine              Tom Fine `87     Kim Frost `89       ΣΧ / ΑΦ          26
Fischer          Maribeth Zay Fischer            Lynn Keffer      Gibbons             Class of 1974    8
Fischer          Maribeth Zay Fischer            Maribeth Zay     Fischer             Class of 1974    15
Fischer          Maribeth Zay Fischer            Nancy & Mark     Gargula             100 Birthdays    8
Fischer          Maribeth Zay Fischer            Thomas J.        Fischer             Class of 1975    8
Fisher           Catherine Fisher                Kelly Marie      Fisher              2005 Graduate    3
Fisher           Catherine Fisher                Sarah Lynn       Fisher Madson       1999 Graduate    3
Fliehman         Steven & Deborah Fliehman       Sara Fliehman    Long Grove, IL      2007 Graduate    9
Flood            Alice Flood                     Beth Flood       Violin Perf.        1997             33
Flood            Royce Flood                     Royce & Nancy    Flood                                2
Flowers          David A. Flowers                David Flowers                  `60                    20
Flynn            Marjorie Flynn                  Marjorie         Shultz Flynn        Graduated 1947   26
Folck            Chip Folck                      Chip             Folck               `81              41
Fong             Bobby Fong                      The Fongs        Bobby Suzanne       Jonathan Colin   14
      Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Ford                 David & Wendy Ford           Took Minutes,    Learned Much      Wendy Ford       43
Forsythe             Robert Forsythe              In Honor Of      Mark Forsythe     Class of 2003    42
Forsythe             Robert Forsythe              In Honor Of      Steven Forsythe   Class of 2006    44
Fountain             Gwen Fountain                Happy 150th      Butler!           Gwen Fountain    3
Fox                  Debra Fox                    Love, Laughter   & DG Memories     1996-2001        5
Franklin             Melinda Franklin             In Memory Of     Allen R Reeves    May 1946-2004    11
Franklin             James Franklin               M&M J Franklin   BA Dance 1959     MA Dance 1971    16
Franz                Donald Franz                 Donald N Franz   `54 `62 ΣΝ ΚΨ     Pharmacy Track   23
Frauhiger            Mr. Bryan E. Frauhiger       Bryan Eric       Frauhiger         Class `07 ΣΝ     14
Frazier              David Frazier                Angela David     1991 & William    Frazier          27
Fredricks            Floretta Fredricks           Kappa            Kappa             Gamma            3
Freiberger           Glenn Freiberger             Glenn            Freiberger        Pharmacy 1979    14
Freije               George Freije                George F.        Freije            1970             7
Freije               Nichole Freije               Nichole Freije   Class of 2004                      6
Frentz               Mrs. Natalie J. Frentz       Natalie Frentz   (VanDeventer)     2000             43
Friedmeyer           Joanne Friedmeyer            Kristin          Friedmeyer        2006             39
Frieze               Mrs. Stacy A. Frieze         Stacy A Frieze   Class of 1998     Pi Beta Phi      7
Froshaug             Gary Froshaug                Jessica Lynn     Froshaug BS`06    Delta Gamma      42
Fruscella-Hausburg   Betsy Fruscella-Hausburg     For the Love     of Dance Betsy    Fruscella 1970   36
Frush                Diana Frush                  02 Frush 08      Jim B.S.          Kenneth PharmD   43
Frye-Perry           Ms. Vivianne Frye-Perry      Melanie Perry    President ΓΓΓ     2004-2005        2
Fryman               Margaret Ann Fryman          Michael Allen    Fryman            May 13, 2006     31
Fuller               Lori Fuller                  Go Bulldogs!     Lori `93 &        Chris Fuller     13
Fuller               Mrs. Carolyn Fuller          Rev Capt Ivan    Fuller/Carolyn    Sprecher 58/60   19
Fuller               Mrs. Carolyn Fuller          Rev Dr James A   Hilton/Carolyn    Sprecher 59/60   10
Fuller               Betty Fuller                 Samuel A. and    Betty-Winn        Fuller           11
Funk                 James Funk                                    Jim Funk `69BA                     31
Funk                 Janis Funk                                    Janis Funk IMA                     32
Fuqua-Calsyn         Mrs. Jennifer Fuqua-Calsyn   Zach (`97) &     Holly Fuqua       and Family       45
Furimsky             Cathy Furimsky               Cathy, Judy,     Betty and         George Horst     5
Furimsky             Cathy Furimsky               William T.       Akin, Sr.         Class of 1940    17
Fusillo              Lisa Fusillo                 In Memory Of     J. Lynn           Qualkinbush`73   4
Fusillo              Lisa Fusillo                                  Lisa Fusillo                       3
Gable                James Gable                  James B. Gable   Paula B. Gable                     14
Gackenheimer         Mr. Jerry V. Gackenheimer    In Memory Of     Robert            Gackenheimer     15
Galoozis             Anthony Galoozis             Anthony J.       Galoozis R.Ph.    Class of 1988    30
Gardner              Casey Gardner                Casey Gardner    Class of 2001     Go Bulldogs      1
Gardner              Michael Gardner              In Memory Of     Officer           James L. Davis   15
Gardner              Michael Gardner              Michael and      Karen Gardner     Family           2
Gardner              Mrs. Maureen C. Gardner      Nick Gardner     Class of 2004     #30              11
Garrett              Bonnie Garrett               Bonnie J.        Cassady           Garrett `63      4
Gavin                Thomas & Jill Gavin          Emily Jo Gavin   Music Ed 2007     Go Bulldogs!     7
     Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Gavin         Mike Gavin                   Mike Gavin       and              Family             35
Geleott       Kathryn Geleott              Kevin and Kate   (Egan) `86       Geleott & Fam      23
Gemmer        Ralph Gemmer                 In Memory Of     Emily A Gemmer   1930 - 2004        40
Gentry        Mr. John D. Gentry           Dave Gentry      Class of 1957    Luv Jack/Grace     16
Gentry        John Gentry                  Gentry Family    John and Kathy   Scott, Lauren      30
Gentry        Joe Gentry                   Joe `86, Dawn,   Nicole, &        Eric Gentry        25
Gerber        Steve Gerber                 Gerber Family    Steve`84Lisa84   BeckyLauraLeah     22
Gesenhues     George Gesenhues             Molly 2005       Gesenhues        "The Cake"         32
Gesse         Melissa Gesse                Brad & Melissa   Gesse                               12
Geupel        Carolyn D. Geupel            Carolyn          Mustard          Geupel             23
Gibbs         Mr. Jay N. Gibbs             Jay `64 & Jean   Gibbs                               29
Gibbs         Mr. J. Jeff Gibbs            Jeff `89,Judy,   Patrick,Stuart   Kathleen Gibbs      4
Giesler       Andy Giesler                 Andy `00 & `04   Amy '00          Giesler             1
Giles         Ron Giles                    Ronald `51       Marjorie `51     Giles              31
Gilliam       Ronald Gilliam               Friends of       Noexit, Inc.     30
Gilpin        Mark Gilpin                  Mark D. Gilpin   Class of 1985    Thanks Mom Dad      5
Giordano      Doug Giordano                Giordano         Joe 2001         Jason 2006         30
Glick         Marianne Glick               Gene & Marilyn   Glick            Wed 01/07/47       18
Glick         Marianne Glick               Marianne Glick   and Mike Woods   Wed 9/8/00         15
Goddard       Alan Goddard                 Judge            John W Goddard   Class of 1929      34
Goetzke       Jordan Goetzke               Jordan Goetzke   Watertown, WI    ALM 2004-10 BB     19
Goldsworthy   Mary Lou Goldsworthy         Alexandra        Goldsworthy      Class of 2005      12
Goletz        Kimberly Goletz              Kimberly and     Michael Goletz   2001 & 2000        23
Golomb        Andrew T. Golomb             Andrew Golomb    Class of 2001    ΦΓΘ                 9
Golomb        Larry Golomb                 Larry T Golomb   Class of 1966    ΦΓΘ                 9
Good          Alan R. Good                 Alan R Good      Marching Band    ΛΧΑ Fraternity     25
Goodnight     George Goodnight             The Goodnight    Family           1903-1994           9
Gorman        Mrs. Linda Williams Gorman   Mike `82 `98 &   Linda Williams   `84 Gorman       10 & 43
Goss          Adam Goss                    Adam Goss 1999   Stephanie Goss   -Valse 2003        38
Govert        Tracy Govert                 Tracy Govert     Class of 2002                       18
Graber        Dr. Ashley E. Graber         *Walker Girls*   Toni & Ashley    Pharm.D. 2001      44
Graf          Dave Graf                    David D Graf     Class of 1961    Lambda Chi-ΛΧΑ      3
Gralia        Carol Gralia                 Carol Safford    Gralia           1967               13
Grant         John Grant                   Joleen B Grant   Pharmacy         1994               33
Graves        Megan Graves                 Megan `95 and    John `09 MBA     Graves             19
Graves        Rick & Melonie Graves        Melonie and      Rick Graves      Go Dawgs           11
Gray          Kim Gray                     1st Kiss 1987    Proposal 1994    20 Years 2007      42
Gray          Kenneth Gray                 Kenneth GrayMD   Class of 1956    Henzie's Band       2
Gray          Kim Gray                     Kim & Joe Gray   Class of 1990    Go Dogs!           42
Gray          Kim Gray                     Mitchell Gray    Future Bulldog   Class of 2023      42
Gray          Ruth Ann Gray                RuthDemingGray   Graduate 1950    ΚΚΓ                33
Green         Debra Green                  Ben Green `04    Tru Blu Butler   Bulldawg!          28
     Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Green               Cathy Green                   Cathy            Bridges          Green              19
Green               Elaine Green                  Michelle Green   Carmel, IN       Butler 2008        34
Green               Michael Green                 Nell Green       2001             Dancer             39
Green               Mrs. Rosie M. Green           The Green's      George & Rosie   Patti & Bill       43
Greenberg           Mr. Harvey A. Greenberg       Harvey ΣΧ        Greenberg        Pharmacy 1970       8
Greer               Brittney Greer                K & B Greer      Thank God 4 BU   Grad`94 Wed`95     22
Gregory             Kathy Gregory                 Heather          Gregory          Class of 2004    18 & 22
Griffin             Maureen Griffin               The Griffins     John Molly       Jack Mary           3
Grimes              Karen Grimes                  Karen Grimes     Ryan Ednalino                        3
Grimes              Molly Grimes                  Molly Grimes     Class of 2001                       20
Grooms              Mr. Ronald T. Grooms          Ron Grooms       Family                               3
Grumbles            Kent Grumbles                 Steve Roberson                    Kent Grumbles      23
Guernsey            Richard Guernsey              David            Guernsey         MBA 1992            8
Guidroz             Justin Guidroz                Richard H.       Schroeder        Class of 1965      31
Guimont             Sara Guimont                  Sara             R.               Guimont `06      11 & 27
Guimont             Tim Guimont                   Tim              Guimont `09                       12 & 22
Guler               Bob Guler                     Jeremy R Guler   1994-1998        Baseball #20       25
Gwinn               Mrs. Emily M. Gwinn           Emily `92        and Rob          Gwinn              15
Haack               Catherine Haack               Robert `95 &     Catherine `98    (Tischio)Haack     22
Haagsma             Ms. Robyn L. Haagsma          Robyn Haagsma    Class of 1990                       43
Haas                Larry Haas                    Larry, Rose,     Molly, Nate &    Carter Haas         2
Habig               Mr. A. Todd Habig             In Honor Of      Todd Habig `83   Lara Habig `89     46
Hacker              Kim Hacker                    Kim Farris       Hacker           Class of 1979      27
Hageboeck           Charles Hageboeck             Charles E.       Russell          Biology 1957       25
Hageboeck           Charles Hageboeck             Charles Robert   Hageboeck        Economics 1983     21
Hageboeck           Charles Hageboeck             Frances Louise   Hageboeck        Education 1961     18
Hageboeck           Charles Hageboeck             Terry Lee        Hageboeck        Pharmacy 1959    13 & 21
Hagen               Patricia Hagen                Neal&Patricia    Hagen Alumni     & Supporters       21
Hagenhoff           Sandra Hagenhoff              Derek M.         Hagenhoff        Class of 2006      40
Halbrook            Mrs. Marilyn M. Halbrook      Marilyn Miles    Halbrook `61                         5
Hall                Levi Hall                     Dr Levi M Hall   Live Ever        Die Never          32
Hamblen-Monninger   Mrs. Joan E. Hamblen-MonningerJoan Hamblen     Monninger `91    Jacob & Joshua     10
Hammons             Brian Hammons                 Brian and Lisa   Hammons          and Family         35
Hansing             Scott Hansing                 Scott & Krista   Hansing          Class of 1996      36
Hardee              Craig Hardee                  Craig            Hardee           `89                 9
Harding             Gary Harding                  Alli Harding     Class of 2006    Marketing          19
Harding             Gary Harding                  Allison Lynn     Harding          Snow Angel `06     19
Hare                Jennifer Hare                 L.Matthew and    Jennifer Hare    Class of 1999      40
Harmless            Kay Harmless                  Harmless         Principals                          14
Harmon              Libby Harmon                  Ryan and Libby   (Harmon) Call    April 28, 2007     17
Harrington          Paul Harrington               Paul 80 &        Cilla 81         Harrington         29
Harris              Bill Harris                   Martha Maas`69   and              WM D Harris MD     21
      Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Harrison      James L. Harrison        James Harrison   Master of Arts   1972               23
Hart          Mr. David T. Hart        Nate Hart        Class of 2008    Love, Mom&Dad      43
Harter        Nathan Harter            Karin (King)     Harter 1982      – volleyball –     25
Harvey        Diana Harvey             Diana Harvey     Jackson          Class of 1951    28 & 26
Harvey        Charles Harvey           In Memory Of     Alice Aston      Harvey 1930         6
Hasenstab     Louis D. Hasenstab       L. Hasenstab     BS MS BU         WW II ARMY         24
Hasenstab     Louis Hasenstab          Lou, Karen Ann   Eleanor          Hasenstab 2006     22
Haskett       Mr. William L. Haskett   Will Haskett     Bill Steinmetz   2003 & 1940        15
Hatala        Ms. Cynthia S. Hatala    Those were the   days...BU 2OO1   CH BV CH CN         7
Hawes         Richard Hawes            Michelle Hawes   Women's Tennis   Class `08          40
Hawickhorst   Richard Hawickhorst      Andy             Hawickhorst      2007 ΦΚΨ            1
Hawickhorst   Wendy Hawickhorst        Megan            Hawickhorst      Koester 04 ΚΑΘ     20
Hawkins       Bob Hawkins              Alli Hawkins     Class of 2010    Go Bulldogs !!      6
Hawkins       Gerald Hawkins           Geraldine R.     Ammons           Hawkins-1967       17
Hayes         Cyrstal Dawn Hayes       CrystalD.Hayes   Cheerleader3yr   Sociology 2005     24
Haynes        Charlotte Haynes         Charlotte Cox    Haynes 1938      B.S. Chemistry     16
Hazara        Mrs. Diane Hazara        In Honor and     Loving Memory    Mark M Hazara       9
Heck          Carl Heck                Carl Heck `05    Sue B Heck `71   Go Bulldogs!        1
Heiden        Susan Heiden             Linda Kathleen   Heiden           2003 Graduate      36
Heinekamp     Marjorie Heinekamp       Marjorie Smith   Heinekamp        Class of 1956      31
Heinekamp     Marjorie Heinekamp       William T.       Heinekamp `57    2/34 - 5/91        31
Helmreich     Craig Helmreich          Craig, Jeanne,   Chloe & Gibson   Helmreich          12
Hemmes        Michael Hemmes           Michael Hemmes   Journalist       B.S. 1981          40
Henderson     Lisa Henderson           Jodi Stevenson   Adcock           Pharmacy 1980      24
Henderson     Lisa Henderson           Lisa Stevenson   Henderson        Pharmacy 1982       1
Henderson     Mr. Brian Henderson      RMH (1963)       Love: The        Grandchildren      43
Henney        Kathy Henney             ForMyLadyDawgs   MargaretHenney   Class of 2007      24
Henninger     Cathy Henninger          Tom Conley       Proud Butler     Dad                42
Henry         Gregory Henry            Cale M. Henry    Class of 2006                     17 & 25
Henry         Jessica Henry            In Honor Of      Our Friendship   Jess & Barb 01     17
Henson        Sherry Henson                             Sherry Henson    Class of 1971      42
Herrmann      Chris Herrmann           In Memory Of     Paul Herrmann    We Miss You         7
Herrmann      Chris Herrmann           Jennifer and     Chris Herrmann   Class of 1994      21
Hertel        Jeffrey Hertel           Jeffrey `79 &    & Dena `80       Hertel             11
Heston        James Heston             James R Heston   Sigma Chi BS66   Nancy Heston74     24
Hiadari       Belvia B. Hiadari        Belvia Hiadari   Class of 2002    Go Bulldogs!        5
Hieber        Ardith M. Hieber         In Memory Of     Rev L M Hieber   Ruth L. Hieber     37
Hill          Gary Hill                Gary V. Hill     and Jaima Hill   Lafollette `02     26
Hill          Jon Hill                 In Loving        Memory Of        Paulette Hill      14
Hill          Larry Hill               Marisa K Hill    Class of 2004    Love-Mom & Dad     29
Hillan        Michael Hillan           Michael and      Denise Hillan    Class of 1990    10 & 25
Hindman       Connie Hindman           Constance        Hindman          BUPD MA`06         12
      Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Hindman                       Connie Hindman                In Memory Of     BUPD Officer       James L. Davis     15
Hockemeyer                    Justin Hockemeyer             Justin           Hockemeyer         Class of `97        2
Hockensmith                   David Hockensmith             David A.         Hockensmith        MA 1974             2
Hockett                       Barbara Hockett               Barbara          Moorhead           Hockett 1978     26 & 40
Hodde                         Stephanie Hodde               Stephanie `89    Robert,Halen,&     Harper Hodde       42
Hodson                        Charles Hodson                Charles Hodson   Genelle Hodson     Seal Beach CA      36
Hohn                          Bill Hohn                     Allison Hohn     Class of 2007                         36
Holeman                       Mark M. Holeman               Mark M Holeman   Class of 1942                         19
Holmes                        Richard Holmes                Holmes MBA 69    Dick and Mary,     Marcie, Tara       36
Holtman                       Cynthia Holtman               Richard Martin   Husband, Dad       Papa, Teacher      43
Hopkins                       Dave Hopkins                  Dave & Debbie    Hopkins            Class of 1975       3
Horvath                       John Horvath                  Sara & John      Horvath            Class of 1999      21
Hosier                        Mrs. Charlottanne Hosier      Jack W Hosier    RPH                Class of 1955      10
Hott                          Roby Hott                     Roby Hott        Dorothy Hott                          15
Houchin                       Lucy Houchin                  Lucy R Houchin   Class of 2007                         40
Howard                        Julie Howard                  Julie A Howard   PharmD 2003        Delta Gamma        13
Howard                        Sean Howard                   Michele Abbitt   Pat Grimm          Sonny Grimm        33
Howard                        Sean Howard                   Sean Howard      "Mouse"            Class of `93       32
Howery                        Donald Howery                 Don and Linda    Howery             1963               27
Huber                         Ms. Nickie L. Huber           Nickie L Huber   Pharmacy           Class of 1976       2
Huckleberry                   Marilyn J. Huckleberry        Marilyn Conner   Huckleberry-BS     Class of 1950      38
Hudson                        Christopher Hudson            Christopher      Hudson             Class of 2009       3
Hueber                        Francis Hueber                Hueber           Francis M.         Botany BS 1956      9
Hueber                        Francis Hueber                John E Potzger   Prof in Botany     Mentor-Friend      13
Hueber                        Francis Hueber                John Pelton      Prof in Botany     Arenas of Life     11
Hueber                        Francis Hueber                Rex N. Webster   Prof in Botany     Seek to Excell     13
Hueber                        Francis Hueber                Robert O Petty   Botanist Poet      Naturalist         12
Hueber                        Francis Hueber                WA & FK Daily    Two Hearts In      Botany-Butler      12
Hughes                        Ralph Hughes                  Ralph M. &       Mary S. Hughes     BU `57 & `58        7
Hughes                        Russell Hughes                Russell Hughes   Dec. 2003 Grad     Economics          15
Hull                          Kathleen Hull                 Kathleen         Anderson Hull      Class of 1967       5
Hull                          Kathleen Hull                 Meredith Hull    Class of 1971                         37
Hummel                        Jeff Hummel                   Jeff & Erika     (Lange) Hummel     1997 Col. 3:23     41
Hurm                          Scott Hurm                    Scott &          Shirley Hurm                          39
Hurst                         Ronald Hurst                  John Alfred      Tyrrell-Baxter     Class of 1940      41
Iberl                         John Iberl                    Michael J.       Iberl              Class of 2004       5
Imbler                        Russell Imbler, Jr.           Russell Imbler   Class of 1949      Pharmacy           41
Insititute for Study Abroad   Insititute for Study Abroad   In Memory Of     A. H. Lobdell      1983-2004          24
Insititute for Study Abroad   Insititute for Study Abroad   In Memory Of     Taryn L. King      1984-2006          41
Insititute for Study Abroad   Insititute for Study Abroad   In Memory Of     Noah W. Burris     1980-1999          28
Insititute for Study Abroad   Insititute for Study Abroad   In Memory Of     D. M. Farrington   1978-1999          40
Insititute for Study Abroad   Insititute for Study Abroad   In Memory Of     Colleen Dodd       1976-1998          43
     Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Irwin        Sue Irwin                       Troy 1926        Hooker 1928      Pippenger 1984     42
Ivaska       Megan Ivaska                    The              Sturm            Family              8
Izu          Eva Izu                         K. Davis `2006   E.B. Izu `1996   Alumni Cousins     28
Izu          Eva Izu                         ΑΚΑ Sorority     Kappa Chapter    Founded 1920       26
Jackson      Richard Jackson                 Richard A        Jackson 1950     Sigma Chi          13
Jacobs       Renee Jacobs                    Renee Jacobs     Class of 2003    Many Thanks!       10
Jameson      Haley Jameson                   Haley Jameson    Class of 2006                       24
Jay          Carlyanna Jay                   Art Lindberg     Supr-Bldg&Grns   1947-1975          15
Jay          Carlyanna Jay                   Arthur Jay MD    Carly Lindberg   1959 and 1962      32
Jenkins      Nancy Jenkins                   Nancy Jenkins    BA1948 MS1966    ΚΑΘ                29
Jenkins      Robert & Sally Jenkins          Proud Of You     Becky Jenkins    Love Mom & Dad     19
Jensen       Elaine Jensen                   Christopher      Jensen           Class of 2006      21
Jenson       Mark Jenson                     Jenson Family    Green Bay        Wisconsin          12
Jeschke      Lance Jeschke                   Lance Jeschke    1993 - Lambda    Chi Alpha          23
Johnson      Judith Johnson                  Judy K. Wood     Johnson          Trustee Alum       24
Johnson      Levester Johnson                Levester,Jill,   Isaiah, Elijah   & Lily Johnson      1
Johnson      Jared Johnson                   Rebecca `04      & Jared `05      Johnson             1
Johnson      Ruth Johnson                    Ruth M           Cabalzer         Johnson 1943       27
Johnson      Terra Johnson                   Terra Johnson    Class of 2006    JCFA Music         20
Johnston     Denise Johnston                 Thomas & Debra   (Daniels) Dyer   Class of 74&75     29
Jones        Brian Jones                     Bill Jones 69    Scott Jones 92   Brian Jones 96     26
Jones        David Jones                     David J Jones    BS Bus. Admin.   Class of 1979      27
Jones        Barbara Jones                   For My Great     Daughter,        L.A. Jones         38
Jones        Camille Jones                   Ronald Garnett   Camille Jones    (1999) Garnett     14
Juday        Robert Juday                    Robert & Joan    Keller Juday     Class of 1951       2
Judd         Barbara Keiser Judd             Barbara Keiser   Class of 1941                       42
Kaatz        Heather Kaatz                                    Heather Kaatz                       42
Kaiser       Catherine Kaiser                Lauren Kaiser    Class of 2009    PA Program         40
Kaiser       Joe Kaiser                      Mara Kaiser      Maudlin          `95 `02 ΑΧΩ        21
Kaltenmark   Michael Kaltenmark              Michael `02 &    Tiffany          Kaltenmark         21
Kaltenmark   Michael Kaltenmark              The Office       of               Annual Giving      15
Kaltenmark   Michael Kaltenmark                               Butler Blue II                      11
Kaltenmark   Michael Kaltenmark                               Butler Blue I                       14
Katterjohn   Patricia Katterjohn             Patricia S.      Katterjohn       Class of 1942      29
Kattmann     Grant Kattmann                  Grant Kattmann   Radio/TV         1985               36
Kaufman      Dan Kaufman                     Dan Sarah        Kaufman Hunter   1963 1999          30
Keiser       Dr. Steven Keiser               Dr. Steven `68   and Paula        Keiser           20 & 44
Keller       Chip Keller                     Chip Keller      Class of 1993                       21
Kelley       Debbie Kelley                   In Honor Of      Matthew Kelley   Class of 2003      31
Kendall      Barbara JoAnn Jackson Kendall   Jackson          Maryethel 50     BarbaraJ 52 68     16
Kepner       Jonathan Kepner                 Dr Jonathan &    Mrs Charisse     Kepner             37
Kerwin       Martin J. Kerwin                Martin Kerwin    Sigma Chi        Class of 1964      25
     Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Kessler      Craig Kessler               Craig & Mary     Kessler 1992     AP DC AP JE        24
Ketterman    Clark Ketterman             Clark Stuart     Ketterman Ph.D   1956               13
Ketterman    Sylvia Dan Ketterman        Sylvia Dan       Ketterman        1963               14
Keune        Mr. Timothy M. Keune        Tim & Marsha     Keune            `95 & `96          44
Khanna       Arun Khanna                 Arun Khanna                       Go Dawgs!          32
Kile         Nicholas Kile               Nick (`87)       and Kim (`89)    Kile                4
Killin       James Killin                James C Killin   Class of         `71                37
Kimball      Sarah H. Kimball            Sarah Hopping    Kimball          1960                1
Kincaid      Scott Kincaid               Scott, Holly     & Katie          Kincaid             4
King         Christopher King            Christopher      B. King `05                         39
Kinnett      Sarah Kinnett               Sarah Kinnett    Class of 2001    Go Bulldogs        15
Kirsch       Dr. Joseph L. Kirsch, Jr.   Joe Kirsch `94   Shannon          Cameron Riley      43
Kirsch       Joe Kirsch                  Linda and Joe    Kirsch                               4
Kirsch       Dr. Joseph L. Kirsch, Jr.   Rose & Joe `42   Kirsch Sr.       Joe`64Cindy`73     45
Kirsch       Dr. Joseph L. Kirsch, Jr.   Traci Kirsch-    Berns`89 Jamie   Jake Jessica       45
Klassen      Vuryl Klassen               Vuryl Klassen    1960             Math             33 & 40
Kluesener    Paul Kluesener              Rebekah          Kluesener        ΑΧΩ 2006            5
Knapp        Mindy Knapp                 Mindy (`99) &    Greg Knapp       2006                9
Knaup        Andrew Knaup                Jordan Jazz      Chills were      had-`05-`06        29
Knautz       Dan Knautz                  Luke Knautz      2002             #19 Lacrosse       36
Knight       Debby Knight                Lee Grimm BS64   63ALLAM/ICCMVP   96BUHF99INFBHF      1
Knightly     Megan Knightly                               Volleyball2005                      28
Knotts       Karen R. Knotts             Karen R Knotts   Class of 1986                       27
Koch         H. Ellen Koch               1957 Graduate    H Ellen Warner   Koch               21
Koch         H. Ellen Koch               1957 Graduate    Nancy H Warner   Breedland          21
Koch         H Koch                      Sara Koch 2002   Emily Koch2004   Kochs(x6) Ohio      1
Kocher       John Kocher                 John Kocher      Class of 1969    Go Bulldogs!       30
Kodroff      Mr. Arthur P. Kodroff       Art Kodroff`83   Sandra Lowe-     Kodroff `85        13
Kohnen       Sylvana Kohnen              Kohnen--2001     Margaret•Frank   Grandparents       42
Kolb         Kathleen Kolb               Art Kolb 1929    Kathy Kolb1970   Anne Kolb 2007     15
Kolodetsky   Maurice Kolodetsky          Barbara Barnes   Kolodetsky       11/20/05 Loved     29
Konzelman    Mr. Robert C. Konzelman     Robert           Konzelman        Class of 1970      11
Korch        Wayne Korch                 In Memory Of     W.Pietrusinski   Pharmacy 1942      39
Koster       Nicholas Koster             Bradley Koster   Our Beloved      Bulldog 2007       14
Kraning      Mark Kraning                Casey Kraning    Class of 2008    Turn The Page      12
Krauska      Michelle L. Krauska         The              Krauska          Family             39
Kreith       Cory Kreith                 The Kreith's                                         22
Kreps        Mr. Franklin A. Kreps       Franklin Kreps   Class of 1949    Sigma Nu           12
Krueger      Megan Taylor Krueger        Megan Taylor     Tim Krueger      2001 2001           1
Kruse        Kelli Kruse                 Kelli Kruse 01   Sr. Treasurer    Women's Golf        6
Kucer        Susan Kucer                 Loving Memory    Dale B Spencer   Kucer Family        2
Kuntz        Virginia Kuntz              Tyler Tepe                                           44
     Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Kurtz        Robyn Kurtz                Reed Kurtz       Class of 2009                     23
Labinsky     Katherine Sloan Labinsky   Kat and Todd     Sloan Labinsky   Class of 1999    31
Lacewell     Mrs. Criss C. Lacewell     Criss Cross      Kathy Andry      ΑΧΩ 1965         6
Lacheta      Cheryl Lacheta             Cheryl Lacheta   Class of 1990    John&Cheryl`92   10
Lackey       Sarah Lackey               Sarah            McBride          Lackey 1999      17
Lancaster    Charlotte Lancaster        To Honor Jeff    & Stephanie      Lancaster List   32
Lancia       Jody Lancia                Jody Lancia      Class of 2005    Alpha Phi        41
Landvogt     James Landvogt             P Baldwin `01    R Landvogt `02   Married 3/5/05   35
Lane         Douglas Lane               Sabrina Lane     "Z" 2008         Butler Ballet    41
Langhofer    Roberta Langhofer          Roberta Souder   Langhofer        1971 BA Dance    41
Lashbrook    Mervin H. Lashbrook        MervinBS51MS56   Vivian MS`62     Lashbrook        23
Lawless      Eleanor Lawless            In Memory Of     Hilda Hooten     Lawless 1932     14
Lazar        Jill Lazar                 Robert R &       Jill Singleton   Lazar 1978       41
Leach        Donn Leach                 Donn Leach       `53 and `54      and Wife Joan    9
Leachman     Julie Leachman             Bill and Julie   Leachman         Class of 63,64   30
Lear         James (Dick) Lear          Dick Lear        Class of 1987    MBA 1999         16
Leatherman   Mr. Duane L. Leatherman    Eddie Manuszak   Corey Alvarez    Lucas and Noah   9
Leatherman   Duane Leatherman           Prof. Duane      & Linnea `75     Leatherman       24
LeClaire     Aimee LeClaire             Aimee LeClaire   PharmD           COPHS 2002       20
Ledman       Dorotha Ledman             Dorotha Beck     Ledman           Class of 1947    27
Lee          Daniel Lee                 Daniel N. Lee    BU Swimming      Captain 1979     12
Lee          Gabrijela Lee              Jim, Gordi,      Mackenzie &      Alexa Lee        34
Lee          John R. Lee                Prov. 9:10-12    John "Pete"Lee   Class of 1963    30
Leet         Mr. Jason Thomas Leet      Jason & Amanda   Leet             Class of 1999    11
Lepore       Amy Lepore                 Amy Bezek        Lepore           Class of 1994    39
Levin        Stan Levine                BuildBuildings   One Brick At     A Time SLevine   6
Levinson     Frank Levinson             Winifred Bundy   Levinson 1951    Delta Gamma      19
Lewis        Mr. James Lewis            Chris Moore      Class of 2000    AJ SAX Quartet   13
Lewis        Jeremiah Lewis             Elizabeth 98     Jeremiah 02      Marlo 02         44
Lewis        Mr. James Lewis            Jennifer Lewis   Class of 2000    AJ SAX Quartet   12
Li           Mr. Dominic L. Li          Dominic L. Li    Pharmacy 1980    Master Sci 87    13
Lieber       Richard Lieber             In Memory Of     Clarence W.      Efroymson        10
Liegl        Sharon Liegl               Amber Gault      Pharmacy 2006    From LLL         39
Liegl        Sharon Liegl               Lisa Liegl       Business 2004    From Mom & Dad   39
Liegl        Sharon Liegl               Tiffany          Donawerth        Pharmacy 2006    38
Lighty       Ms. Laura L. Lighty        In Memory Of     Brad Lighty      Class of 1988    16
Lindberg     Roger Lindberg             Bonnie & Roger   Lindberg         Class of 1970    21
Lines        Martha Lines               Ray and Marti    Lines            1953             39
Lippert      Benjamin Lippert           Benjamin A.      Lippert - `05    AA 1467          1
Litz         Christine Litz             Christine Litz   Swimming,Theta   PharmD Grad`00   16
Liverett     Katie Liverett             Mark, Katie,     Connor, &Clare   Liverett 1996    26
Livesay      Timothy Livesay            In Memory Of     William C.       Livesay          3
      Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Loeber        Gary Loeber            Gary 1983        Jay & Lindsay    Loeber           37
Lofton        Betty Lofton           Tom and Betty    Lofton                            10
Logue         Jim Logue              Ryan Logue       Class of 2008                     37
Lohe          Eric & Carol Lohe      Kristen          Lohe                              45
Lohr          Mr. Philip Lohr        Ellyn C Lohr     Madison, WI      Butler `10       18
Long          Claire Long            Claire W.        Gaddy Long       BA1951 MS1956    24
Long          Claire Long            Cordelia         Paulene          Woodward         26
Longardner    Craig Longardner       Craig, Marsha,   Joe, and Jake    Longardner       19
Looney        Thomas Looney          IMO my father,   Francis Looney   1930-2003, Tom   24
Lopez         Richard Lopez          Richard Lopez    Winning the      War since 1984   8
Lovett        Troy Lovett            Troy R. Lovett   Class of 2002    B.S. Finance     17
Lucore        George Lucore          Mr&Mrs Lucore    Laurel Lucore    COPHS 2010       14
Luers         Barrie & Ann Luers     Meghan Luers     Pharmacy         Class of 2008    15
Lundeen       Brian Lundeen          Nice to see      U.                                24
Lurker        Alyson Lurker          Karen Matthews   1974 & 1997      Alyson Lurker    20
Lycan         Brenda Lycan           Monica L.        Freeman 2009                      23
Lyons         Ross Lyons             Ross G. Lyons    Sigma Nu         2004-2008        18
Lytle         Todd Lytle             In Memory        Of               Tony Warren      4
Lytle         Todd Lytle             Todd R. Lytle                     BS 1981          5
MacAllister   Erin MacAllister       Erin A.          MacAllister      Class of 2009    12
Macke         Mr. Scott A. Macke     Betsy and Mark   Macke            "GO BLUE!"       43
Macke         Mr. Scott A. Macke     Margaret (`46)   and Jack (`49)   Srader           13
Macke         Mr. Scott A. Macke     Scott Macke      (`96)            GO DAWGS!        14
Madden        Vanjie Bogard Madden   Vanjie Bogard    Madden 82 ΑΧΩ                     36
Magan         Mike Magan             The Magan Fam:   Mike Amy Annie   Charlie Robbie   33
Mahan         Mr. Charles E. Mahan   Charles Mahan    Class of 1950    Class of 1953    43
Mahan         Mr. Charles E. Mahan   Kathleen Mahan   1978                              17
Mahan         Mr. Charles E. Mahan   Margot G Mahan   Psy.D            Class of 1983    17
Mahan         Mr. Charles E. Mahan   Mary Sue Mahan   Jordon College   Faculty 1950     44
Mahan         Mr. Charles E. Mahan   Michael Mahan    Class of 1979                     44
Maher         Mr. William E. Maher   Bill Maher RPH                    Class of 1952    45
Main          Robert Main            In Memory Of     Howard & Betty   Huesing          3
Maizel        Karen Maizel           Christy Maizel   Pi Beta Phi      B.A. 1985        25
Mangen        Melissa Mangen         Mangen Family    Melissa Lyle     Elizabeth Alan   4
Mann          Ms. Bonnie J. Mann     Bonnie Mann      Class of 1987                     43
Manuzzi       Nicola Manuzzi         The              Manuzzi          Family           25
Mariscalco    John Mariscalco        John Andrew      Mariscalco       Soccer `02-`06   5
Mariscalco    Michael Mariscalco     Michael          Mariscalco       Soccer `99-`03   24
Marmion       E. Michael Marmion     The Marmions     Pat and Mike     1953 and 1954    36
Marsh         Amy Marsh              Amy B Marsh      Class of 1996    ΚΚΓ              24
Marsh         John Marsh             John L Marsh     Class of 1971    ΚΣ               31
Marsh         Mary Marsh             Mary Y Marsh     Class of 1970    ΚΑΘ              10
     Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Martin           Jason Martin                    Jason 2001 &     Carrie 2003      Martin           20
Martin           Susan Martin                    Ray Sears 1935   June Sears1937   Love Daughters   18
Martone          Michael Martone                 Susan Neville    Teacher Writer   Hoosier Friend   32
Maschmeyer       Steven Maschmeyer               Steve & Jane H   Maschmeyer       Class of 1970    33
Mask             Teresa Mask                     Teresa Mask`93   Seek the Truth   Believe in You   26
Mason            Jennifer Mason                  Jennifer Mason   Class of 1998                     2
Mason            Mr. Dennis E. Mason             Rhea `61, `64    and Dennis `65   Mason            45
Masteryanni      Janith Masteryanni              The              Masteryanni's    T.G. K.M. J.K.   5
Matacale         Karen Matacale                  The Matacale     Family                            3
Mates            Rick Mates                      Mike (`69) and   Melissa Mates                     15
Mathis           Mr. Russell E. Mathis           Remembering      Earl Schiesz     Friend, Mentor   15
Matta            Barbara Britton Matta           Barbara,         Deborah, and     Katie Britton    17
Matta            Barbara Britton Matta           Thad & Barbara   Matta            "Go Dawgs!"      22
Matthys Little   Mrs. Sheryl L. Matthys Little   Ron & Bev        Matthys          South Bend, IN   15
Matthys Little   Mrs. Sheryl L. Matthys Little   Sheryl Matthys   Psychology `85   MS Radio/TV`89   2
Matuszewski      Mark Matuszewski                Mark             Matuszewski      1970             9
Maxam            Dr. B.T. Maxam                  Dr&Mrs BTMaxam   In Memory Of     CR Maxam         2
Mayfield         Kathy Mayfield                  Kathy Mayfield   MBA 12/1993                       20
Mays             William Mays                    Dr.William G &   Dr.Rose M Mays                    42
Mazzara          Peter Mazzara                   Mazzara Family   Peter Kathleen   Carolyn Brian    9
McAbee           Margaret L. McAbee              Kenneth E.       McAbee           Class of 1949    5
McAbee           Margaret L. McAbee              Margaret L.      McAbee           Class of 1949    2
McAulay          Ondrea McAulay                  McAulay Family   Bob,Ondrea `81   Brendan,Shauna   12
McCann           Erin McCann                     Erin McCann      Pharmacy         Class of 2008    30
McCarthy         Sharon McCarthy                 Sharon           McCarthy         MS 1981          25
McClintic        Charles Thomas McClintic        C. Thomas `96    & Sandra `99     McClintic        1
McClinton        Jane McClinton                  Don and Jane     Knoebel          McClinton        20
McClure-Altum    Mrs. Jeri McClure-Altum         Jeri McClure     Altum            1979 ΚΑΘ         6
McConnell        Michele McConnell               Michele L.       McConnell        Class of 1993    38
McCormack-Levy   Adrea McCormack-Levy            Congrats Vicki   McCormack        May 13, 2006     12
McDaniel         Sarah Elli McDaniel             Sarah Elli &     Jeremy           McDaniel         3
McDonald         Mr. John McDonald               Ray W McDonald   Class of 1950    Luv,The Family   14
McFarland        Bryan McFarland                 Bryan            McFarland Pac    Class of 2003    39
McFerran         Mrs. Janice E. McFerran         Janice Butts     Moran McFerran   BA 1962          19
McGann           Patrick McGann                  Collin McGann    #26 - Go Dawgs   Class of 2007    16
McGinley         Mark McGinley                   Kevin McGinley   Class of 2007    Go Bulldogs      24
McGinley         Patty McGinley                  Mark McGinley    Proud BU Dad     Go Bulldogs      31
McGinness        Scott McGinness                 Scott & Nancy    McGinness                         26
McGrath          Jim McGrath                     McGrath Family   Jim Judy Chad    Scott Chris      15
McGuire          Cameron McGuire                 Denise McGuire   Springman        BS `76 MS `84    23
McKain           Mr. Frank E. McKain, IV         Britton Family   Matta Family     McKain Family    45
McKee            Megan McKee                     Tess             Show Dog         1992-2006        38
     Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
McKenny          Edward McKenny                Patrick,Erin &   Maggie McKenny   `04, `01, `97      7
McKenzie         Jill McKenzie                 Steve and Jill   McKenzie                            3
McKinley         Mrs. Emily K. McKinley        Lincoln and      Emily McKinley   Family             44
McLaughlin       Mrs. Barbara McLaughlin       Charles D.       Leonard          1961 ΛΧΑ           28
McLaughlin       Mrs. Barbara McLaughlin       Nancy Nitchman   Leonard          1960 ΑΧΩ           5
McNeer           Alan McNeer                   Alan W. McNeer   Class of 1999    Go Dawgs           31
McNew            Cynthia McNew                 Cindy McNew      Arianne Aughey   Class of 1996    9 & 25
McSoley          Mary McSoley                  Joe McSoley-53   Pharmacist of    The Yr-IPA-APA     14
McSoley          Mary McSoley                  Joseph McSoley   IPA-P APHA-VP    Hon-Alum-Track     26
McSoley          Mary McSoley                  Mary K McSoley   Bus-Trianon VP   Band-Flute         35
McSoley          Mary McSoley                  Mary K McSoley   Pres-IPA-Auxil   Wonard-St-Natl     37
Mears            Mrs. Carolyn A. Mears         Carolyn `63      and John         Mears              45
Meek             Ms. Jessica A. Meek           Jessica A Meek   Class of 2003                       44
Mehringer        Steve Mehringer               Nikki            Steve            Mehringer          33
Meibalane        Pamela Meibalane              Ravi Meibalane   Class of 2005                       19
Melaragno        Ray Melaragno                 Adam Melaragno   Blacklick,Ohio   Pharmacy 2011      13
Mellendorf       Loren Mellendorf              L D Mellenforf   1948 BA Acctng   CPA, AWK-CFO       41
Memken           Amanda Memken                 Mandey Memken    and Family       Class of 2011      43
Menely           Ron Menely                    Not All Who      Wander Are       Lost               9
Meranda-Sears    Amber Meranda-Sears           BoomshackAlak    Pi Beta Phi 97   Amber & John       11
Meserve          Mr. William A. Meserve, Jr.   William A.       Meserve, Jr.     Class of 1971      2
Meyer            Carl L. Meyer                 CarlLMeyer RPh   Class of 1960    Betty R Meyer      30
Meyer            Amanda Meyer                  Justin & Mandy   Meyer 02 & 03    ΤΚΔ ΑΦ             29
Michael-Bowers   Saundra Michael-Bowers        In Memory Of     Vernon Bowers    BD `50 MA `51      30
Mikesell         Larry Mikesell                Angela, Lori     and Elizabeth    Mikesell           5
Milanovich       Dragan Milanovich             Dragan           Milanovich       Pharmacy 1981      42
Milburn          Mr. Kirk A. Milburn           Tony Barnes      ButlerBaseball   2003-2007          10
Miller           Collins Miller                Adam Miller      Class of 2002                       26
Miller           Mrs. Morag R. Miller          Charles A Judd   Pharmacy         1949               14
Miller           Carol Miller                  Fliegenschmidt   Carol Miller     AB June 1948       24
Miller           Gail Raymond Miller           Gail Raymond     Purdy Miller                        27
Miller           Daniel Miller                 Go Dawgs!!!!     Scott and        Michael Miller     1
Miller           Mr. Thomas L. Miller          Keep up the      Good Work        Tom & Morag 71     44
Miller           Mr. Larry A. Miller           Larry A. 1975    and Randall      Miller             16
Miller           Gus Miller                    Martha Miller    Gus Miller       Class of 88&90     2
Miller           Robert Miller                 Ray E. Miller    B.S. 1940        B.I.A.Presdent     34
Miller           Thos Miller                   Rho Chapter      In Hoc Room 19   Thos & Chuck V     31
Miller           Robert Miller                 Robt C. Miller   M.D.             1943 B.S. Chem     42
Miller           Mary Miller                   Samuel E Culli   Pharm D          2007               43
Miller           Whitney Miller                Whitney Miller   Chemistry        Class of 2005      10
Miller           Bruce Miller                                   Bruce E Miller                      29
Minko            John Minko                    John A. Minko    Class of `75                        24
     Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Minturn       Ellen Richards Harned Minturn   Ellen Richards   Harned Minturn   1990- Pharmacy   16
Miskel        Chris Miskel                    Chris Miskel     Class of 1996    Bulldawg Hoops   21
Miskel        Chris Miskel                    In Memory Of     John Taylor 14   Class of 1994    14
Mitzner       Michele Mitzner                 Go Power Trio!   Newkirk, Nena,   & Mitzner        15
Moe           Ms. Karen L. Moe                Karen Lynn Moe   Class of 1997    ΑΧΩ              11
Moed          Steven Moed                     The Moed's       Steven & Angel   Justin, Meghan   1
Moeller       Robert Moeller                  Bob & Carol      King Moeller     Class of 1970    25
Moffett       Jill Moffett                    Jill L Moffett   Class of 2005    LAS Religion     35
Mohr          John R. Mohr                    In Honor Of      Elinor King      Bretzlaff, `58   26
Mohr          John R. Mohr                    In Memory Of     Irma Frances     Mohr,`51 (`33)   33
Moisoff       Stephen Moisoff                 S Daniel         Moisoff 2000     Sigma Chi        22
Molebash      Allen Molebash                  Al Molebash 57   Todd Keller 80   Ann Keller 81    37
Monts         Beverly Monts                   Beverly Monts    Leo & Jessie                      13
Moog          Darlene R. Moog                 Dedicated to     Ryan M. Moog     Class of 2009    33
Moore         Janeen Moore                    Barrett Moore    `97 and Janeen   Golomb `98       9
Moore         Lori Moore                      Ed Cunningham    CBA 1967         ΤΚΔ              16
Moore         Loretta Moore                   LorettaS.Moore   College of Ed    June 12, 1966    25
Moore         Lesia Moore                     Oscar Barajas    My Inspiration   Lesia PharmD     37
Moore         Deborah Moore                   Steven J Moore   Class of 2007                     38
Moorhead      Margaret Harm Moorhead          Margaret Harm    Moorhead         Class of 1978    4
Morgan        Dr. Harry G. Morgan                              Harry G Morgan
Morrical      Erica Morrical                  John and         Erica `97        Morrical         27
Morrical      Erica Morrical                  Owen Morrical                                      20
Mortimer      William Mortimer                WM S Mortimer    Class of 1943    Jane Mortimer    11
Morwick       Greg Morwick                    Thank you BU!    Its Good Times   Greg Morwick     9
Moynihan      Amy Moynihan                    Thank you        Dad&Mom Adzia    Love Amy 1992    12
Mueller       Lucille Mueller                 Lucille          Ward             Mueller          7
Muir          Owen C. Muir                    Owen C. Muir     `61                               3
Mullen        Joanna Mullen                   Joanna ΓΓ        Franklin         Mullen 1986      23
Mullendore    Dr. Sarah E. Mullendore         Sarah Johnson    Mullendore       PharmD 2004      44
Mundell       Maxine Arbuckle Mundell         Maxine Demlow    Arbuckle         Mundell          26
Murphy        LeAnne Murphy                   Mike & LeAnne    (Emery) Murphy   1993 & 1996      39
Murphy        Russell Murphy                  Murphy Family    Russ 55 Joan54   Eric85 Gregg85   24
Murphy        William Murphy                  Porter and       Frances Murphy   Bulldog Family   25
Murphy        Colleen Murphy                  Ray-Mitch-Col    Kenny-Cindy      Doug-Rene-Les    24
Murphy        William Murphy                  William F        Murphy CPA       Class of 1973    41
Musgrave      John Musgrave                   Elizabeth        Musgrave         Class of 2007    21
Musial        Nick Musial                     Nick Musial      Accounting `02   ΦΚΨ              12
Musleh        Stacia Musleh                   Edward `84 &     Stacia `86       Musleh           5
Muterspaugh   Richard Muterspaugh             Richard L        Muterspaugh      1957 Grad        40
Myer          Dale Myer                       Dale A. Myer     MBA 1977                          29
Myer          Sherry Myer                     Sherry S. Myer   BA `74 MS `77    Home Economics   39
     Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Myers        Amy Myers                 Amy L Myers      Cadillac MI      Class of 2005       22
Myers        Craig Myers               Craig & Amy      Myers                                36
Myers        Robert Myers              Robert and       Joanna Myers                         40
Myers        Sigmon M. Myers                            Sigmon M Myers                       25
Napp         Audrey Napp               Audrey M Napp    Ft. Pierce, FL   BS1948 MS1953       28
Naviaux      Wesley Naviaux            Naviaux          Family                               26
Neal         Ms. Andrea Neal           In Honor Of      James T. Neal    Class of 1942       14
Neat         Scott Neat                Scott Neat `71   Jan Neat `81     Ryan Neat `08       37
Nebesio      Margy Nebesio             Go Dawgs!        The Nebesio      Family              39
Neighbors    Jeny Neighbors            Marc & Jeny      Neighbors        Class of 1996       29
Nelsen       Betty Nelsen                               Betty F Nelsen                       40
Nelsen       Betty Nelsen                               Mary C Freeman                       41
Nelson       Douglas Nelson            Ellen DeCoster   Nelson 80 Doug   Nelson MBA 89       17
Nelson       Julie Nelson              Julie (`03) &    Bryan Nelson     Go Dawgs!           44
Ness         Jon Van Ness              Jon Van Ness     1971             Actor                7
Neyer        Tom Neyer                 Complements of   KDHHS Pharmacy   Department           4
Nguyen       Carolyn Nguyen            Carolyn Nguyen   PharmD 2002                           6
Nguyen       Thu Nguyen                Study Hard...    Party Harder!    :) Thu Nguyen        1
Nichols      Dr. Russell M. Nichols    Russell `04 &    Courtney         Nichols             45
Nichols      Scott Nichols             Scott Nichols    Class of 2003    Go BU Lacrosse      22
Niebrugge    Ann Niebrugge             Ann Niebrugge    BS 1988                              42
Nixon        Duane Nixon               In Loving        Memory Of        Susan L Nixon       37
Nolan        Alan & Beth Nolan         Laura Nolan      Class of 2007                        44
Nygaard      Jon Nygaard               Joseph Nygaard   •EPPSP Founder   •Butler Medal       42
Nygaard      Jon Nygaard               Joseph Nygaard   Coll. Of Educ.   Dean 1968-1981      13
Oberhelman   John Oberhelman           John             Oberhelman                           38
O'Brien      Patrick & Lyn O'Brien     Kelsey O'Brien   Indianapolis     Class of 2010       44
O'Conner     Greg O'Conner             Greg Teena and   Kerry O'Connor   Classes `79&`09     44
O'Donnell    Kelly O'Donnell           Tim Swan 1994    ΛΧΑ, Track &     Cross Country     12 & 23
Oldaker      Richard & Kathy Oldaker   Sarah Oldaker    Pharm D. 2007    ΚΚΓ                 20
Olinghouse   Dave Olinghouse           Dave & Joan      Olinghouse       `55ΣΧ `56ΓΓΓ        29
Olsen        Sverre & Sara Olsen       Kurt L. Olsen    Class of 2010                        26
Olsen        Mark Olsen                                 Mark G. Olsen                        23
Olson        Gayle Olson               Thanks Butler    Gayle A Olson    ΓΓ 1966             30
Orban        Chuck Orban               Chuck & Monica   Orban            Class of 1991        8
Orban        Chuck Orban               Orban Kids       Caroline, Jack   Kennedy, Joe        12
Orea         Joel Orea                 In Honor Of Ed   and Flora Orea   By a Son Joel       31
Orr          Don Orr                   Don and Susan    Orr              Class of 1961       32
Orris        J.B. Orris                Prof.            J. Burdeane      Orris                3
Osha         Melissa Osha              Go Bulldogs!     Missy `91 &      Dwight Osha          6
Ostrander    Nancy Ostrander           Remembering My   Butler Years     N Ostrander`47      30
Otto         Eloise B. Otto            James H. and     Eloise B. Otto                       29
      Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Overton           Clarice Overton               Bea Stanfield-   Overton - 1962   Go Bulldogs!!!   10
Pabst             Tracy Pabst                   Tracy A          Pabst            Class of 1998    32
Paciorek          Michael Paciorek              Mike-Jordanna    Paciorek         2004             6
Page              John Page                     John, Lori,      Chris & Jordan   Page             24
Pakes             Sandra Pakes                  Dr. Sandra J.    Pakes            BS1968 MS1971    15
Palmer            James & Lesliea Palmer        Valorie          Michelle         Palmer 2006      43
Palmer            M. Elaine Palmer                               Wayne R Palmer                    11
Palmer            M. Elaine Palmer                               Eldon D Palmer                    14
Pappas            William Pappas                WilliamAPappas   1942 & Basil P   Vareldzis 1982   27
Paraskevas        Ellen Paraskevas              Dale R. Gray     1972 Graduate    Football # 50    11
Pariseau          Laura Pariseau                Laura Pariseau   Class of 1982                     27
Parrish           Mr. Seth W. Parrish           Seth W Parrish   Class of 2004                     5
Pate              James Pate                    James J. Pate    Strength Thru    Knowledge        2
Patrick           Deanna Kaufman Patrick        Deanna Kaufman   Patrick          Class of 1991    15
Paul              Sandra Paul                   Sandra Dunbar    Paul             Class of 1958    28
Paul              Bruce Paul                    The Pauls        Sebastian 2007   Chase 2009       44
Payne             Stacie Payne                  Beneath          The              Hoosier Sky      11
Peak              Amy Peak                      Butler Drug      Information      Service          44
Pearson           Martha Pearson                Martha Pearson   BA Degree 1954   Cum Laude        22
Peek              Jeffrey Peek                  Debra & Jeff     Peek             Class of 1979    17
Pelton            Mary Pelton                   John F. Pelton   Dept of Botany   1953-1985        1
Pennington        Rebecca Pennington            Linda Crofts     With Love,       Becky & Kristi   16
Perdue            Neil Perdue                   Neil & Heather   Perdue           Class of 2002    25
Perdue            Heather Perdue                The Girls        Class of 2002    BSHKAAN          25
Perry             Corinne Perry                 Corinne Perry    BS Chem. 2007    ΓΓΓ Pres 06-07   15
Perry             Mr. W. Stephen Perry          Perry Legacy     1939 - George    1964 - Steve     43
Perry             Mr. W. Stephen Perry          W. Stephen       Perry - 1964     GO BULLDOGS!     45
Pesaresi          Lisa Pesaresi                 Lisa Sanders     Pesaresi         Class of 1988    3
Peterman          Norene Peterman               Bill Peterman    Kimberly Huck    Class of 2005    28
Peterson          Michael Peterson              Mike Peterson    Class of 1971    ΛΧΑ              12
Peterson          Nicole Peterson               N. E. Peterson   PharmD 2004      Alpha Phi 2001   37
Pettijohn         Brent Pettijohn               Brent and Jill   Pettijohn        and Family       34
Petty             Linda Petty                   Jerry Petty 60   Basketball 4YR   Track 4Year CC   28
Petty             Linda Petty                   Jessica Petty    2006 ΑΧΩ 4Year   Cheerleader      28
Pflugner          Michael Pflugner              Mike Pflugner    Class of 1999    MensBasketball   41
Phariss           Stan Phariss                  Phariss - 1972   Stan & Libby     ΦΓΘ πΒΦ          9
Phelps            Thomas Phelps                 Gale             McDonough        Phelps 1969      1
Phelps-Ricketts   Vera Louise Phelps-Ricketts   Reach Back       And Help         Someone          7
Phillippe         Jamie Phillippe               In Memory Of     Jim Phillippe    Love, Jamie      1
Phillippe         Jamie Phillippe               Jamie            Phillippe        Class of 1973    3
Phillips          Mr. John M. Phillips          In Memory Of     Ray Emborsky     Class of 1977    43
Phillips          Joanna Phillips               Joanna           Dye              Phillips         38
      Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Phillips      Karen Phillips             Karen & Brooks   Tyler J. 2003    Lindsay J.2006   9
Phillips      William Phillips           Will `02 ΤΚΔ     Plus             Jill `02 ΓΓ      29
Pickett       Steve & Sally Pickett      Brad & Rachel    Gotshall         July 7, 2007     44
Piecewicz     Richard Piecewicz          Great School     Linda            Piecewicz MS77   21
Piecewicz     Richard Piecewicz          Rick Piecewicz   Geography Prof   1973-79 MBA-78   22
Pikulin       John Pikulin               Dr. and Mrs.     John N Pikulin   1966             35
Pittenger     Suzanne Pittenger          The Pittengers   Robert Suzanne   Grandson Scott   42
Plank         Joshua Plank               Joshua & Erin    Plank            "Dawg Pound"     15
Poore         Scott Poore                The Poore        Family           Values B.U.      3
Powell        Lisa Powell                Lisa Binder      Powell           Class of 1976    29
Power         Rebecca Power              Elizabeth        Fox              Butler           1
Powers        Chip Powers                Chip `85, Jan,   Courtney, Kyle   &Kelsey Powers   1
Prescott      Diana Prescott             Diana Etchison   ΑΧΩ Psychology   Spanish B.A.83   37
Price         Mark & Virginia Price      Albert E Price   Class of 2010                     6
Price         John Price                 Congrats BU      John&Joy Price   Class of 1951    5
Proctor       Andrew Proctor             Andrew Proctor   Andrea Colombo       1986         41
Pruitt        Kay Evritt Pruitt                           Kay Evritt `75                    22
Pugh          Jessica Pugh               Joseph C Black   Phyllis Black    Class of 52&67   38
Purmort       Audrey Purmort             Audrey           Purmort          McDonough 1997   36
Queisser      Cathy Queisser             Tim `77, Cathy   Nathan, Cory &   Kylie Queisser   5
Quigg         Ronald L. Quigg            In Memory-HL&    HL Quigg 1923-   1989&1919-2001   14
Quilhot       Deborah Quilhot            Michael Landes   Class of 2008    ΛΧΑ              21
Rager         Jason Rager                Jason (1995)     Angela and       Zachary Rager    16
Rahn          Heather Rahn               Heather M Rahn   Class of 1998                     36
Raikes        Paul Raikes                Paul & Loretta   Raikes                            39
Ramsey        Darin Ramsey               Darin Ramsey     Pharm.D.         Class of 2002    9
Rasche        Sarah Rasche               The Krapecs      Sarah & Pat      8/26/06          38
Ratcliff      Ronald & Ginger Ratcliff   Neil Ratcliff    Pharmacy         Class of 2009    9
Rawlings      Deborah Rawlings           In Memory Of     R W Rawlings     MBA `74          35
Raybern       Judith Raybern             Alta, Charles,   & Ami Kane       Judith Raybern   36
Recht         Marvin Recht               Marvin and       Lois Recht                        38
Record        William Record, D.D.S.     William Record   Class of 1972                     38
Redman        Kirby Redman               Amanda Redman    ΚΑΘ              Class of 2009    27
Reed          Edward Reed                Edward J. Reed   Pharmacy 1956    Go Dogs          4
Reed          Tony Reed                                   Reed-Wacker                       38
Reetz         Carey Reetz                Carey and Nick   Reetz                             23
Reiber        Ms. Leigh Reiber           Dr. Kathryn      (Duche)          Nardell `99      17
Reichl        Tom Reichl                 Sarah Reichl     Pharmacy 2002    Basketball       4
Reichl        Cathy Reichl               Spencer Fox      1965-1990        Class of 1987    14
Reichl        Tom Reichl                 Wesley T Hoane   Class of 2000    Baseball         5
Reilly        Michelle Reilly            Dale & Chris     Collins - 1972   Sigma Chi/SWHT   32
Reilly Jr.    Thomas E. Reilly Jr.       Bonnie and       Tom              Reilly           34
     Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Reinhardt    Susan Reinhardt              Alice Ashby      Roettger          Class of 1956    13 & 21
Render       John Render                  John C. Render   Carmel Indiana    Class of 1966    12 & 23
Render       John Render                  Mary Jane        Allison Render    Class of 1965      17
Rene'e       Lisa Rene'e                  Lisa Rene'e      Ormiston          Johnson 1991        2
Renner       Branden Renner               G. Branden       Renner            BS Finance `02     20
Renner       Branden Renner               Greg & Kris      Renner            Thx Mom & Dad       6
Resek        Theresa Resek                Loving Memory    of Dennis C.      Nasierowski        18
Reynolds     Kathy Reynolds               Kathy Holscher   Reynolds          BS 1979            39
Reynolds     Brian & Marjorie Reynolds    Meredith Ellen   Reynolds          Class of 2007      45
Reynolds     Kathy Reynolds               MS 74 In Honor   of my Mother      Ruth Holscher      37
Rhoades      Myra Rhoades                 Frances & Tom    Rhoades           Trudy Aichholz     24
Ribordy      Carolyn Ribordy              Denis, Carolyn   Scott, Nancy &    Mark Ribordy        2
Rice         Mary Lou Rice                                 Mary Lou Rice                        36
Rice         Mary Lou Rice                                 Timothy E.        Rice               37
Rice         Mary Lou Rice                                 Carol Rice        Kortman            40
Richardson   Bertha Richardson            In Memory Of     H B Richardson    From Bertha        33
Richardson   Mr. Scott Allan Richardson   Scott and Jill   Richardson        Class of 1999      43
Riggins      Mrs. Jane M. Riggins         David `91        Jennifer `93      Riggins & Sons     15
Riggins      Mrs. Jane M. Riggins         Steve Jennifer   Andrew & Erin     Locke              10
Riley        Martha Riley                 ΣΓΡ Sorority     Alpha Chapter     Founded 1922       14
Ringer       Bernard Ringer               Bernard & Gail   Ringer            Class of 1993      11
Ringer       Cindy Ringer                 Cindy Jackson    Ringer 1984       ΚΚΓ                23
Ringer       Jim Ringer                   Dr. Jim Ringer   Class of 1960     Go Bulldogs        31
Risinger     Shannon Risinger             Shannon          Risinger          Class of 2004      23
Roberson     Earl L. Roberson             In Honor Of      Ronald G. Ellis   Raleigh N.C.        3
Roberts      Brian Roberts                Brian & Kate     Roberts           Class of 2002      26
Roberts      Dustin Roberts               Dustin Roberts   Pharm.D           May 13, 2006        6
Roberts      Brian Roberts                Go Dawgs!        Brian & Kate      Class of 2002      16
Robinson     Lucia W. Robinson            In Memory Of     Nancy Moore       and Roy Marz       40
Robinson     Steven Robinson              Steve Robinson   Class of 1976     Go Dawgs!!!        40
Roe          Tim Roe                      Tim Roe          Information       Resources          11
Roebling     Mrs. Pamela Roebling         Kim Parker       Class of 1988     ΑΧΩ                 2
Roehling     Patricia Roehling            MVP-FB-1991      Todd Roehling     MVP-Dad-Always      4
Rogers       Jewel J. Rogers              J. Jewel         Rogers            MS COE 1966         1
Rogers       Jim Rogers                   Jim & Carol      Rogers `55                           24
Rohrabaugh   Tom Rohrabaugh               Tom and Connie   Rohrabaugh        Frankfort IN       13
Rollins      Julie Rollins                Rollins          Taylor 2003       Courtney 2007      26
Rollison     Kent Rollison                Kent and Anne    Abby and Lily     Rollison           17
Rollison     Kent Rollison                Since 1915       ΛΧΑ Fraternity    Go Dawgs!           7
Rollison     Kent Rollison                ΛΧΑ Fraternity   Alumni            Association        13
Rolwing      David Rolwing                David and Anna   Rolwing           Class of 01/02     29
Romanos      Jason Romanos                                 Romanos Family                       30
      Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Romary          Ms. Deborah Romary          Adrienne         Romary           Class of 2007       15
Roos            Lynze Roos                  Go Dogs!         LynzeLysenRoos   Class of 2001       3
Rose            Warren Rose                 Anne and         Warren Rose      Class of 2004    17 & 20
Ross            Parker Ross                 Parker Ross      Class of 2006                        28
Roth            Heather Roth                Heather F.       (Simnick) Roth   1999 JCFA           13
Roth            Jason Roth                  Jason D. Roth    Class of 2000    COPHS               14
Rothkopf        Donald Rothkopf             Donald           Rothkopf         Class of 1950       40
Rothlisberger   Carlyn Rothlisberger        Nicole           Rothlisberger    Leslie 1992         28
Roush           Carolyn Roush               Carolyn Roush    MME 1990                          22 & 24
Rubick          Mark Rubick                 Margaret and     Wade Rubick      Butler Parents      23
Rubick          Mark Rubick                 Mark A. Rubick   M.S. ED 1999     and Family          25
Ruby            Sandra Ruby                 Becky Ruby       Class of 2005                        25
Ruby            Sandra Ruby                 Stephen A Ruby   Sigma Nu                             14
Rudolfi         Ellie Rudolfi               Joshua Rudolfi   2006                                 39
Rudy            Anne Rudy                   Anne             Bailey           Rudy 1950           26
Rudy            Anne Rudy                   Chuck            Rudy             1950                30
Rueffer         Marc Rueffer                Marc Rueffer &   Shannon Steele   Rueffer             18
Runk            Jayne Runk                  Jack & Jayne     (Gorman) Runk    Class of 1984       6
Rush            Robert Rush                 In Honor Of      Bob and Jean     Wildman             28
Rush            Mike Rush                   Rush Bulldogs    Mike 1981        Jessica 2010        10
Russell         Donald & Brenda Russell     Adam James       Hillebrand       2005      ΓΤΓ       2
Russell         Donald & Brenda Russell     Angel C.         Russell          2007      ΓΓ      2 & 45
Russell         Nancy Russell               Frank E.         Russell                              16
Russell         Sue Russell                 Gary M Russell   BS - `61         Sigma Chi           29
Russell         Donald & Brenda Russell     In Honor Of      Scott D. Teets   1980      ΦΓΘ       2
Russell         C. Joseph Russell           Jeff Boles       Phi Delts        Class of 1964     1&4
Russell         C. Joseph Russell           Marcus Russell   Sigma Chi        2004                23
Russell         Nancy Russell               Nancy M.         Russell                              16
Russell         Sue Russell                 Suzy Abbott      Russell          BA `63 ΚΑΘ          2
Rutherford      Mrs. Judith L. Rutherford   Judith Gill      Rutherford       1962                43
Sage            Jennifer Sage               Sage's 2006      Randy,Jennifer   Kelly & Brady       16
Sakel           Tully Sakel                 Tully and        Karen Sakel      1977                29
Salerni         O. LeRoy Salerni            Dr. & Mrs. O.    Leroy Salerni                        44
Sales           John Sales                  Sales Family     Beth & Jack      Tony & Andrew       14
Satchell        Kathy Satchell              Kathy Lynn       Satchell         BM `69 MS `71       2
Schabel         Mark Schabel                Mark & Greta     Schabel          and Family          5
Schaefer        Mr. John F. Schaefer        John Schaefer    Grad`49 & Opal   Sigma Chi `46       17
Schaeffer       Susan Schaeffer             Brent & Susan    Schaeffer        Let's Go Dogs!      17
Schall          Doug Schall                 4 Star Lounge    Doug Kenny       Mitch Rene          33
Schantz         Adam Schantz                In Honor Of My   Loving Parents   - Adam Schantz      4
Schaus          Mrs. Kimberly A. Schaus     Kim Schaus       Kevin Schaus     ΑΧΩ 1993 ΛΧΑ        17
Scheidenhelm    Carol Scheidenhelm          Honoring Drew    Scheidenhelm     2005 Love M&D       16
     Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Schenck       Samuel Schenck            Sam, Marianne    & Taylor         Schenck           30
Schmaltz      Frank & Susan Schmaltz    Rich Schmaltz    Class of 1991    ΛΧΑ               4
Schmidt       Rebecca Schmidt           Anna R Schmidt   Class of 2007    Theta             15
Schmit        Ms. Annette M. Schmit     Annette M.       Schmit           Class of 2005     45
Schneider     Jocelyn Schneider         ΑΧΩ              Class of         2002              24
Schnurbusch   Cory Schnurbusch          Schnurbusch      Family           St. Louis, MO     7
Schoch        Marie Schoch              Schoch           Marjorie,Marie   Bernard           32
Schocke       Dayna Schocke             Dayna Schocke    Class of 1999                      17
Schoffstall   Heidi Schoffstall         Heidi            H                Schoffstall       39
Schoffstall   Omar Schoffstall          Omar             Phillip          Schoffstall       32
Schroeder     Andrew Schroeder          Amanda           Hartsell         Class of 2006     34
Schroeder     John Schroeder            In Memory        Ken Stanley      Class of `79      36
Schrott       Howard Schrott            Howard L.        Schrott          1976              2
Schueth       Tony Schueth              Tony, Andrea     & Leticia        Schueth           37
Schulze       Mr. James M. Schulze      Jim Schulze      Class of 80 &    Russ Coutinho     10
Schumacher    Stanley Schumacher        Stanley          and Susan        Schumacher        20
Schumacker    William Schumacker        Bill and Lynne   Schumacker       1980     1981     2
Schwartz      Rodney Schwartz           Rod Schwartz65   Judy Rodney 66   Wed 8-14-66       9
Schwitzer     Phyllis Schwitzer         Phyllis          Carlson          Schwitzer 1968    25
Schwomeyer    Herb Schwomeyer           Brad Lamb        2002                               17
Schwomeyer    Herb Schwomeyer           Helen Ruegamer   Jarvis           1942              17
Schwomeyer    Herb Schwomeyer           Herb-Freda       Schwomeyer       1942              17
Schwomeyer    Herb Schwomeyer           Menka Guleff     Dimitroff        1942              17
Schwomeyer    Herb Schwomeyer           Randy-Sandy      Lamb             1968              17
Schwomeyer    Herb Schwomeyer           Wilbur           Schumacher       1942              17
Scott         Allison Scott             Bonez            Jeff Ali Lori    1995 1998 1999    16
Seal          Michael D. Seal           Michael D. &     Linda J.         Seal              6
Sechman       Kristi Sechman            `00 Rm 7 Girls   Amy Mandy Jill   Lauren Kristi     9
Sellick       Winstan Sellick           W Bud Sellick    Jackie Sellick   Class of 1944     40
Sellick       Winstan Sellick           WinstanSellick   Jackie Sellick   Class of 1944     1
Serafin       Mr. Jack R. Serafin       In Memory Of     Lewis & Bess     Wolthausen        9
Serafin       Mr. Jack R. Serafin       In Memory Of     Estelle and      Jacob Serafin     2
Serafin       Mr. Jack R. Serafin       Jack Serafin     Class of 1971                      8
Serafin       Mr. Jack R. Serafin       Shari            Wolthausen       Serafin RX `72    7
Servies       Mr. Nicholas H. Servies   In Memory Of     Keyser                             6
Servizzi      Kelli Servizzi            John & Kelli     Servizzi         BS,MS & BA,MS     18
Sewall        Jennifer Sewall           Jennifer         Sewall           Class of 2004     22
Shadoin       Nate Shadoin              Nate Shadoin     ΤΚΔ CBA 2002     Gary Shadoin      2
Shakal        Bill Shakal               Bill & Ginny     Shakal           1981     1980     18
Sharer        Mr. C. Gregory Sharer                      Sharer Family                      4
Sharp         Michele Sharp             Mike & Michele   Sharp            Classof `93&`94   33
Shearon       Howard Shearon            Adam & Chris     Mema & Pa        Go Dawgs!         31
     Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Sheely       Karen Sheely             Karen A Sheely   Music Business    BA/BS`86 CPA95   21
Shelley      Dr. Ena M. Shelley       Barb Greenburg   Class of 1964     COE EM Faculty   3
Shelton      James Shelton            Jim R Shelton                                       10
Sheridan     Dr. Hans Sheridan        Dr Hans "Bear"   Sheridan          Class of 1963    39
Shields      Marcet Gribben Shields   Marcet Gribben   Shields           ΚΑΘ 1950         19
Shilling     Jeff Shilling            Honoring The     Great Butler      Tennis Teams     35
Shipley      Michelle Shipley         Shipley `92      Becky Bob `91     Priceless        10
Shipley      Elizabeth Shipley        William and      Elizabeth M.      Shipley          41
Showley      Lon Showley              Butler 79        Michigan 64       Dec. 22, 1965    18
Shultz       Jerry Shultz             Amy `92 and      Jay `90 Shultz    Go Dawgs!        20
Shultz       Jim Shultz               Cassie           and               Jim Shultz       35
Shultz       Jerry Shultz             Cassie and       Jim `92 Shultz    Go Bulldogs !    18
Shultz       Jerry Shultz             In Memory Of     Wilma Bradford    Class of 1934    17
Shultz       Jerry Shultz             Patsy and        Jerry `62         Shultz           17
Sickman      Bill Sickman             Kyle A Sickman   "Sticky"          Finance 2008     29
Sigler       Mrs. Joan M. Sigler      Joan             Myers             Sigler           16
Sigman       Mark & Carol Sigman      Kim Sigman       Class of 2007     ΚΑΘ              19
Simmons      Mike Simmons             Mike Simmons     MBA               Class of 2002    38
Simon        John E. Simon            John E Simon     BS Class 1958     Beverly Simon    39
Simpkins     Mr. Doug A. Simpkins     Matt Simpkins    Class of 2006     CBA              45
Simpson      C. Allan Simpson         C. Allan         Simpson           Class of 1966    15
Singh        Curtis Singh             Curtis N Singh   Marcy H Singh     1999 2000 2006   11
Sivis        Angie Sivis              Angie (1995)     and Jeremy        Sivis            34
Skinner      Barb Skinner             Thanks Butler    Barb & Liz        Skinner          12
Slade        Mrs. Laurel Slade        William Slade    Class of 1981     Sigma Chi        4
Slama        Brett Slama              Brett T. Slama   Class of 2002     Football ΣΝ      2
Slama        Thomas Slama             Tom and Gloria   Slama                              1
Slaton       Mark Slaton              Ben Slaton #5    2005-2009         Go Bulldogs!     22
Slimko       Ellen R. Slimko          Gabriel Slimko   Beth VanHouten    Class of 2001    22
Sloan        James & Meredith Sloan   Jami Sloan RPH   WBB #34           Class of 1995    2
Slone        David Slone              David L Slone    Warsaw Indiana    Class of 1998    29
Smalley      Ronald Smalley           Marianne &       Ron Smalley                        34
Smallwood    Rodney Smallwood                          Rod Smallwood                      41
Smith        Jean Smith               Jean McAnulty    Smith             Class of 1965    27
Smith        Kent Smith               Kent & Pam       Smith             2006             6
Smith        Kristin Smith            Kristin `94 &     Kyle `03 Smith   BU Siblings      16
Smith        Mr. Kyle D. Smith        Maury & Linda    Smith             Thx Mom & Dad    16
Smith        Kyle Smith               Sonny, Stan,     Moishe & Z        Makin' Mems      13
Smith        Victoria Smith           Thank You        Mom and Dad       Anelli!          41
Smoot        Mr. Robert H. Smoot      Robert H Smoot   Class of 1949     COB              4
Snawder      Kelly Snawder            Matthew&Kelly    `99     `00       Snawder          22
Snedeker     Kate Snedeker            To My DG         Sisters 1989      Love You, Kate   26
      Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Sommers            Mrs. Sandra J. Sommers       Sandy & David    Long & Sommers   BetsyCarlyKit       6
Sonaty             Ms. Melissa S. Sonaty        Melissa Sonaty   Class of 2002    Thanks Dad         14
Sonner             Mary Sonner                  Anna C. Sonner   LAS Graduate     2007               43
Sonner             Bill Sonner                  The Sonner's     Bill `82,        Lori, & Hannah     10
Sonsini            Dawn Sonsini                 Dawn Fleenor     Sonsini          COE DEC. 2003      11
Sotzing            Ms. Sandra A. Sotzing        Sandra A.        Sotzing          Class of 1965       4
Sowers             Brad Sowers                  Brad & Michele   Jacob & Chloe    Sowers ’84 ‘87     24
Spacke             Stephen Spacke               Stephen Spacke   Sharon Spacke    1965               22
Spadorcia          Jon Spadorcia                Jon Spadorcia    Class of 1969                       22
Sparks             James Sparks                 Rick and Cindy   Sparks           1969 & 1974        26
Spellman           William Spellman             JoAnne & Bill    Spellman         MBA2000            34
Spencer            Mrs. Jennifer L. Spencer     Jennifer Long    Class of 1997    Alpha Phi           7
Spiegel            Pauline Spiegel              Best to Butler   Polly Spiegel    Peter Grossman      7
Spiegl             Joseph Spiegl                Joseph Spiegl    MaryLou Steffy   1948 & 1947        24
Sponsel            Mr. Denny Sponsel            RJE              Business         Interiors          16
Sr.                John Keach Sr.               John K KeachSr   Elaine K Keach                    12 & 26
Stace              Sidenia Stace                In Memory Of     John Moses       Class of 1959      22
Stafford           Damon Stafford               Damon William    Stafford         MA 1994            35
Stafford           Ray Stafford                 The Stafford     Family           Casey Ray 2004   12 & 27
Stamm              Robert Stamm                 Robert W Stamm   LTCOL USAF-RET   AFROTC 1958        37
Stanley            Mr. Craig V. Stanley         Craig Stanley    Class of 1997                       44
Stanley            Greg Stanley                 Greg, Kim,       Payton and       Carson Stanley      8
Stanton            Stephen Stanton              Olesya Allison   Shevtsova        Stanton            36
Steele             Richard Steele               Richard Steele   Jean Steele                          7
Stegman            John Stegman                 DrJDStegman`57   PresStudentBd    Sigma Chi          22
Steinberger        Nancy Steinberger            Nancy Orewiler   Steinberger      Class of 1962       3
Steinberger        Richard Steinberger          Richard Lynn     Steinberger      A.B. MCL-1961      15
Stelsel            Dave Stelsel                 David `04 &      Kirk `05         Stelsel            32
Sterling           Kimberly Sterling            Kimberly L.      Sterling         PharmD 2000        27
Stevenot           James Stevenot               Benjamin         Stevenot                            23
Stevenot           James Stevenot               Matthew          Stevenot                            25
Stevenot           James Stevenot               Michael          Stevenot         5/23-7/11/2005      9
Stewart            Helen Stewart                Helen Stewart    In Memory Of     James Stewart      33
Stewart            Josh Stewart                 Josh Stewart     and Family       Class of 2001      15
Stewart            Mr. Daniel Stewart           Kris Stewart     Class of 2006    in Memoriam        12
Stewart            Michael Stewart              Michael 00       & Julianne       Stewart            26
Stierer-Hannigan   Karen Stierer-Hannigan       Loving Memory    Ken R. Stierer   MBA94 LV,Karen     40
Stillabower        Drew Stillabower             In Honor Of      GD Stillabower   PharmD May2009     14
Stock              Donald & Tina Stock          Noelle Stock     Tyler Stock      2006 and 2009    37 & 45
Stohler            Richard Stohler              Dick & Marilyn   Stohler                              7
Stone              Mr. Raymond Lawrence Stone   Carrie           Loves            Larry              13
Stoner             Sarah Stoner                 Marvin Stoner    Sarah Stoner     Matthew Stoner     29
     Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Stout        Don Stout                   Stout Family     Don Laverne                       1
Strautman    Jon Strautman               Jon Strautman    1983             ΦΚΨ              21
Streit       Dr. Jason Streit            To Colston and   Carlie Streit    Love, Mom&Dad    19
Strohm       Karla Strohm                Mark S. Strohm   We Miss You      Morgan&Carson    7
Strutz       Kristi Strutz               In Memory Of     Dr. Donald E.    Bickel           26
Stuart       Mr. Drew F. Stuart          Don Stuart       `79 & `06        Drew Stuart      43
Stults       Terrill Stults              Stults Family    Joshua Stults    Class of 2005    35
Stump        Anne J. Stump               AnneJ & Norman   Stump            BUBB Fans        39
Stump        Anne J. Stump               David and Gwyn   Stump 05 & 03    Sigma Nu & ΤΒΣ   41
Sularski     Ms. Catherine R. Sularski   Cathy Sularski   Class of 2000    ΚΑΘ              8
Sullivan     Richard Sullivan            Matthew D        Sullivan 2004                     41
Summitt      Larry W. Summitt            Stacey D.        Summitt ΑΧΩ      Love Mom & Dad   37
Sun          Vivian Sun                  Hong Family      Shengyan & Wei   Yang & Liang     16
Sutton       Ms. Sherry R. Sutton        Sherry Sutton    Class of 2004    Alpha Phi        18
Swanson      Mr. Peter W. Swanson        In Memory Of     Terry Bisesi     A Great Friend   45
Swanson      Mr. Peter W. Swanson        Swanson Family   Peter 76 Linda   Sarah07Kevin10   44
Swarzman     Michael Swarzman            Ruben Swarzman   Thanks Dad       I Love You       22
Sweeney      Tim Sweeney                 Tim `94          and Casey `96    Sweeney          31
Swinton      Andrea Swinton              Alexandra        Swinton's Mom    is a graduate!   18
Taber        James Taber                 Jim Taber `73    Matt Taber `04                    6
Tarble       John & Sara Tarble          In Memory Of     Pat Tarble       Tarble Family    15
Tatlock      Lloyd Tatlock               Janice Kiser &   Lloyd Tatlock    Class of 1949    6
Taylor       Betty Taylor                Betty Giffin     Taylor           1934-1938        42
Taylor       Ms. Theresa L. Taylor       Brenda "Eyles"   Taylor           Class of `61     45
Taylor       Ms. Brenda L. Taylor        In Memory Of     Mary H. Eyles    Basketball Fan   43
Taylor       Mrs. Marcia E. Taylor       Marcia           (Grooms)         Taylor 1991      10
Taylor       Mrs. Marcia E. Taylor       Ronald Grooms    Class of 1967                     10
Teets        Scott Teets                 Scott D. Teets   Debra B. Teets   Class of 1980    31
Teich        Tracy Teich                 Tracy Berg       Class of 1980    Tri Delta        39
Templeton    William Templeton           Dr. William H.   and Jacqueline   Templeton        38
Templeton    William Templeton           William H. &     Jacqueline       Templeton        38
Terry        Robert Terry                Robert A Terry   Jane L Schnell   Class of 1950    23
Theofanis    Katherine Theofanis         ChrisTheofanis   KatieTheofanis   and Family       25
Theofanis    Dean C. Theofanis           Dean & Leslie    Theofanis and    Family           33
Thomas       Marlene Thomas              Alaina Griffin   Class of 2006    Butler Tennis    37
Thomas       Stacy Thomas                April, Bethany   Lisa, Emily &    Stacy (Ables)    19
Thomas       BG Donald J Thomas          BG D J Thomas    Sigma Chi        1947-51 B-Man    2
Thomas       Mrs. Sarah E. Thomas        In Memory Of     Robert Hardin    Class of 1988    16
Thomas       Carla Thomas                Jack R. Young    Pharmacy         Class of 1950    14
Thompson     E. Edward Thompson          Ed Thompson      Dee M Thompson   ΛΧΑ 1979 ΑΧΩ     15
Thompson     Ernest Thompson             Ernest & Sarah   Thompson         BD `49 MA `50    25
Thompson     Michael & Debra Thompson    KellyAnne M.     Thompson 2008    Delta Gamma      44
     Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Thompson      Don Thompson                 Thx Pop Hedden   Tennis Coach     Don Thompson       19
Thompson      Curtis Thompson              To My Parents    Curt Thompson    1966-1970          31
Thornberry    Alden Thornberry             Thornberry       Alden 1951       Ruel 1924          7
Tillman       Craig Tillman                Zach Tillman     Class of 2006    Phi Kappa Psi      8
Todd          Mrs. Mindy M. Todd           The McIntires    Vicki & Jim`59   Mindy `86          7
Todd          Vince Todd                   Vince Todd `62   Go Dawgs                            40
Tormoehlen    Barbara Tormoehlen           Kristen - 2006   Carol - 2010     M/B Tormoehlen     10
Torres        Ms. Belinda Torres           Belinda Torres   Class of 1998    ΓΓΓ                44
Tranquilli    Mrs. Kristin E. Tranquilli   Ronald M.        Anderson `64     BS In Pharmacy     2
Treon         Norman Treon                 Jennafer Perry   BS 2006          Pi Beta Phi        2
Treon         Norman Treon                 Nadine Treon     MBA 2006         Go Bulldogs        8
Treon         Norman Treon                 Norman Treon     Proud Alum       BS 1956            48
Trexler       Terry Trexler                Terry Trexler    BA62 Sigma Chi   Bmen Track         29
Tschiniak     Jacob & Diana Tschiniak      Zak Tschiniak    Class of 2010    Music Ed.          7
Tuegel        Eric Tuegel                  Eric & Loretta   Tuegel                              19
Turk          Charles Turk                 Charles and      Staci Turk                          43
Turner        Mr. Winston N. Turner        In Honor Of      Lisa (Hipp)      Turner BFA `79     6
Tyson         Rick Tyson                   Rick Tyson       Class of 2007                       11
Uchida        Mrs. Anne M. Uchida          Mark `88 and     Ann `86 Uchida   Go Bulldogs!
Ummel         Betsy Ummel                  Phi Eta Sigma    Class of 2008    Go Bulldogs!     21 & 23
Underwood     DeAnn Underwood              Jenna Elise      Underwood        ΚΑΘ                20
Usher         Roland Usher                 Roland G.Usher   B.U. Professor   1946-1981          33
Van Dongen    Mrs. Carla C. Van Dongen     Carla Cowles     & Dirk E.C.      Van Dongen `02     13
Van Tyle      Dr. Jeanne H. Van Tyle       Jeanne VanTyle   Pharmacy 1974    Faculty 1981-      19
Van Tyle      Dr. W. Kent Van Tyle         Jeanne VanTyle   Pharmacy 1974    COPHS Faculty       1
Van Tyle      Dr. W. Kent Van Tyle         W Kent VanTyle   Class of 1967    COPHS Faculty       1
Van Weelden   Laura Van Weelden            Laura Jean       Van Weelden      2004 ΚΑΘ 2008      25
Van Zant      Jan & Linda Van Zant         Ryan `02         & Katie `04      VanZant            15
Vanaman       Lauren Karpf Vanaman         Lauren 1977      Karpf Alpha      Vanaman Phi        36
Vandivier     Robert Vandivier             Barbara (Babs)   Kidd Vandivier   BS1951 MS1967       3
Vandivier     Blair Vandivier              Blair            Vandivier        B.S. 1978           8
Vandivier     Blair Vandivier              Brian            Vandivier        B.S. 1981           8
Vandivier     Blair Vandivier              Elizabeth        Vandivier        B.A. 1979           8
Vandivier     Robert Vandivier             Robert (Van)     Vandivier        ΓΤΓ BS 1950         5
Vandongen     Carla Vandongen              Carla Cowles     & Dirk E.C.      van Dongen `82     30
Vann          Dr. Lora Vann                ΣΓΡ Sorority     National         Education Fund     16
Vannice       Jack Vannice                 Jack and Ann     Vannice          2003               40
Vedra         Kent Vedra                   Kent Vedra `67                    Steve Vedra`02     23
Velasquez     Ms. Teresa N. Velasquez      D. Williams`77   T.Velasquez`79   wed 9/20/1981      44
Vena          Mrs. Stefanie M. Vena        The Vena's       Brian `99 and    Stefanie `98        9
Vitale        Richard Vitale               Richard Vitale   BS1970 MBA1974   Kappa Sigma         1
Volkers       Kyle Volkers                 BearMontgomery   WeLove&MissYou   ---The Volkers      3
     Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Vondielingen   Carl Vondielingen         Hall of Fame     Vondielingen     Julie 1989-93      11
Vonnegut       Jean Ann Vonnegut         For George       My Dear Love     Your Jean Ann      34
Vonnegut       Walter Vonnegut           In Memory Of     Phyllis Maish    Vonnegut 1948      26
Voss           Michelle Voss             Doug Voss ΦΚΨ    Class of 1997    Love U Daddy-O      8
Vryn           Nancy Vryn                Nancy J. Vryn    BS. 1970 Teach   Groovy Thing!      30
Wachel         Patty Wachel              Stan and Patty   Wachel                              18
Wachtel        Kevin Wachtel             Proud Bulldogs   Robin & Kevin    Wachtel `82        27
Waddell        Andrew Waddell            Andrew Craig     Waddell          Class of `06       24
Waddell        Greg Waddell              Corey            Waddell          Class of 2008       9
Waddell        Greg Waddell              Greg & Darlene   Waddell          Go Dogs!           20
Wade           Carolyn Wade              Carolyn Dewey                                        44
Wadleigh       Charleen Wadleigh         Charleen Dabbs   Wadleigh 1943                       39
Waggener       Kenneth Waggener          Kenneth&Linda    Waggener         Class of 1960      39
Waits          Howard Waits              Howard `60 &     Joan V. Waits    Go Bulldogs!       23
Waits          Mr. Howard R. Waits       Howard R Waits   Class of 1960    Sigma Chi ΣΧ       17
Walden         Carly Walden              What Hoppened?   We Did It!       PharmD Kids 07     36
Waller         Martha Waller             Mae & Martha     Waller                              28
Walsh          John Walsh                In Memory Of     Bobbe Walsh      From John&J.R.     42
Walsh-Haskin   Marjorie Walsh-Haskin     Marjorie Walsh   Haskin42BA65MS   45 MT(ASCP) ΓΓ     38
Walters        Bryan B. Walters          BryanB(Buckey)   Walters:Editor   Collegian 1948     39
Walters        Max Walters               Max Walters`49   Phi Delta        Theta              28
Walters        Max Walters               Patty Fox ΚΚΓ    Class of 1949    1926 1949          37
Walton         James Walton              Doctor           James R Walton   Class of 2005      40
Ward           Mr. Dennis C. Ward        Dennis C Ward    Class of 1976                       12
Wargo          Christian Wargo           For B.Walker38   Beth93 Jane97    Christian96      13 & 27
Warren         Ms. Elizabeth T. Warren   Talyor Irby      Strole           Families           16
Waters         Wallace Waters            In Memory Of     Ina V. Waters    W. B. Waters        5
Waters         Linda Waters              Linda LeRoy      Waters           Class of 1988       2
Waters         Wallace Waters            Wallace Waters   WAJC             Class of 1951       5
Wathe          Ronald Wathe                               Ron Wathen `58                      42
Watson         Jane Watson               Jane Goodlet     Watson           Class of 1942      39
Weatherly      Jason Weatherly           Jason "Sonny"    Weatherly 2002   CBA ΦΚΨ            23
Weatherly      Mr. Jason Weatherly       Jason & Betsy    Weatherly        March 17, 2007     20
Weaver         Ben Weaver                Ben Weaver       Men's Golf       1997               14
Webb           Mary Margaret Webb        Dr Mary M Webb   MS Education     1964             22 & 25
Webb           Mary Margaret Webb        In Memory Of     Denzil Webb      1930 - 2002      10 & 25
Webb           Mr. Terry R. Webb         Terry R. Webb    BA 1969 MBA 74   Sigma Nu            9
Weddell        Brenda Weddell            Class of 1972    Brenda Weddell   Math Edu;MS`75     21
Weddle         Mrs. Kari M. Weddle       Kari Weddle      RPh 92 Kimuel,   Kaleb & Karina     12
Weedon         Bob Weedon                Happy150Years    Betty & Bob      Weedon             25
Weiher         Eric Weiher               The              Weiher           Family             43
Weinberg       Mr. Richard Weinberg      In Memory Of     Theresa K.       Weinberg 1995      13
     Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Weisenbach   E. Lynne Weisenbach         Weisenbach,      Dillingham, &    Thompson         27
Weisiger     Will Weisiger               Will Weisiger    Rho `93          "12 Pack"        9
Weiss        Larry Weiss                 Michael C.       Weiss            Class of 2006    16
Weisweaver   Bryan Weisweaver            Bryan & Tammy    (Wilson)         Weisweaver `02   24
Weitekamp    Mrs. Mary Ellen Weitekamp   Mary`71Greg`00   Bernie`05 MBA    Weitekamp        46
Welch        Susan Welch                 Susan, Wade,     Austin and       Connor Welch     13
Wells        K.C. Wells                  Trevor and KC    Wells Found      Love Here 1990   25
Wenzler      Richard Wenzler             Val 76, Rick,    Pat & Richie     Wenzler          14
Werner       Dr. Rebecca A. Werner       Rebecca 2004     Welcome to the   DawgPound Matt   12
Wesolowski   Jen Wesolowski              Jesus Cares      Jen Wesolowski   Class of 2003    23
West         Janet West                  Janet Graver     West             1960             22
Wheeler      Dr. William J. Wheeler      Arlene           Wheeler, MS`76   Elem. Ed.        4
Wheeler      Dr. William J. Wheeler      Arlene Moss      Wheeler, BA`63   English          4
Wheeler      Dr. William J. Wheeler      Judith Wheeler   Rogers, BS `66   Elem. Ed.        1
Wheeler      Dr. William J. Wheeler      William J.       Wheeler, MS`66   Chemistry        3
Whitacre     Rhonda Whitacre             Erica Vancamp    Pi Beta Phi      Class of 2007    41
White        James White                                  James P. White                    3
Whitfield    Leonard Whitfield           Leonard          Whitfield        Class of 1956    20
Whitmoyer    Robert Whitmoyer            Robert L.        Whitmoyer        Class of 1950    26
Wiechecki    Mr. Frank B. Wiechecki      Frank B.         Wiechecki        Pharmacy 1956    43
Wiegand      Katherine Wiegand           Ryan, Kathy,     & Titan          Wiegand          23
Wild         Mary-Catherine Wild         Lelia Anne       Wild Ashby       BA 1982          23
Wild         Mary-Catherine Wild         Mary-Catherine   Wild             ΚΚΓ BA 1942      16
Wilderson    Jonathan Wilderson          Jonathan &       Lori Wilderson   2004             7
Wildhack     Elizabeth Wildhack          Elizabeth J      Hebert           Wildhack BA`62   28
Wildhack     Elizabeth Wildhack          Henry O Hebert   BA 1929 Music    Was His Life     28
Wildhack     Elizabeth Wildhack          Josephine F      O'Neill Hebert   BA 1930 ME1954   32
Wiley        Susan Wiley                 Jessica and      Leanne Wiley     Alpha Phi 2006   21
Wiley        Kevin Wiley                 Thomas P Wiley   Class of 1948    BS Education     11
Wilkey       Kathleen Wilkey             Don & Kathleen   Wilkey                            21
Wilkins      Hal Wilkins                 Hal Wilkins`51   Drum Major       Butler Band      20
Wilkins      Hal Wilkins                 Wilkins Family   Hal 51 Meg OSU   Alum Dir 57-68   19
Willard      Kevin Willard               Kevin Willard    M.S. Chemistry   1985             40
Willem       Linda M. Willem             Linda M Willem   Lofton Chair     May 4, 2006      15
Williams     Jerry Williams              Jerry Williams   AB 1964          Surprising       8
Williams     Ray Williams                Thank You For    Educating Meg    R&A Williams     35
Williams     Michael Williams            Thanks Coach     Benbow           M. Williams 90   7
Williams     Michael Williams            The Williams     Mike `90,Chris   Nick, Claire     2
Wills        Mr. Thomas M. Wills         Cliff Wills      Eleanor Wills    1949 / 1960      21
Wilson       Kaye Wilson                 Delta Gamma      1957             Pledge Class     38
Wilson       Ms. Lucinda M. Wilson       For All Great    Educators        L.Wilson COE     15
Wilson       Paul Wilson                 In Honor Of      Walt & Jacque    Wilson           1
     Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Wilson         Judith Ann Wilson              Judith Wilson    Andrea Wilson    Jordan College   4
Windsor        Mr. Ronzell I. Windsor         Ronzell I.       Windsor          Class of 1963    14
Winn           William Winn                   Pharmacists:     Bill & Sherry    & Tracie Winn    8
Winter         Maike Winter                   Maike Winter     Class of 2002    JD in 2006       44
Winterbottom   Gerard Winterbottom            Jason (Biggs)    Winterbottom     Class of 2005    36
Winters        Cynthi Winters                 Cynthia Elaine   Winters MS1975   Clowes member    11
Wirsching      Rodney Wirsching               In Memory Of     Robert&Gladys    Wirsching        17
Wirth          Kevin Wirth                    Kevin, Deborah   Ryan, and Alex   Wirth 1988       37
Wirthwein      Sally Wirthwein                Real Hoosier     Basketball       W.R. McFarland   11
Wiseheart      Rex Wiseheart                  Cathryn Cooper   Wiseheart        Class of 1946    44
Wojcicki       Mr. Steven D. Wojcicki         Steve Wojcicki   Class of 2005    ΦΚΨ              45
Woldahl        Karen Woldahl                  Karen Woldahl    Class of 1990                     30
Wolf           Jim Wolf                       Jim Wolf         Class of 1997    Go Butler!       1
Wolfenbarger   Jennifer Wolfenbarger          Rob & Jennifer   Wolfenbarger     1996 & 2000      17
Womer          Rod Womer                      Amy Womer        Cum Laude 2000   BFA Dance        34
Wories         John Wories                    The              John Wories      Family           36
Worley         Tim Worley                     Dale             Raymond          Worley           31
Worley         Tim Worley                     Timothy          John             Worley           33
Wormley        Ms. Susan Wormley              Wormley          Seth `07 ΛΧΑ     Kendall`10 ΚΚΓ   13
Worthington    Jon Worthington                Jon & Jessica    Worthington      Class `01 & 02   1
Wray           Ralph Wray                     Ralph & Martha   Wray                              41
Wright         Mary Wright                    Rebecca Wright   Class of 2007    Elem.Education   41
Wuellner       Janet Wuellner                 To Mark & Sara   Wuellner (`02)   J & J Wuellner   12
Wuellner       Mark Wuellner                  Where it all     began...         M & S Wuellner   9
Wyne           Gary Wyne                      Gary & Cheryll   Wyne             Class of 1971    40
Wyne           Gary Wyne                      Lt. Sarah Wyne   U.S.C.G.A.       Class of 2000    41
Wϋrger         Bernard Wϋrger                 Bernard Wϋrger   Theatre          Emeritus         15
Xiaorong       Han Xiaorong                   The Han Family   Xianming Han     Xiaorong Han     10
Yazicioglu     Mr. Robert Hulusi Yazicioglu   Rob Yazicioglu   Class of 1999                     17
Yoder          Phillip Yoder                  Phillip and      Megan Yoder      2003 and 2004    7
Yonker         Robert Yonker                  Bethany          2009             Yonker           2
Young          Mildred Young                  Mildred Young    Class of 1941                     5
Young          Michael Young                  The Youngs       Michael 1999 &   Angela 1998      42
Young          Wilma Young                    Wilma K Young    Class of 1943                     6
Younger        Ms. Jenny Younger              Jenny Louise     Brunsma          B.A. 1967        36
Yovanovich     Andrea Yovanovich              Andrea Johnson   Yovanovich `93   ΑΧΩ              26
Zahler         Missy Zahler                   In Loving        Memory Of        Frank Zyto       18
Zahn           Robert & Cathy Zahn            Greg Brian       Zahn Zahn        2007 2010        45
Zalac          Dr. Donald Zalac               Don Zalac, MD    Class of 1944                     13
Zellmer        Alan & Mandy Zellmer           Nick Zellmer     Class of 2010    Sigma Chi        13
Zengilowski    Lisa Zengilowski               Paul and Lisa    Greg, Allison    Zengilowski      44
Zetzl          Robert Zetzl                   In Memory Of     Martha S Zetzl   Beloved Prof.    24
      Sesquicentennial Brick Plaza
Zetzl         Janet Zetzl   Janet Zetzl RN   BUHC Director   1976-1988       11
Ziegert       Ann Ziegert   Ann Marie Paul   Ziegert RPh     Class of 1994   35

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