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                  The Newsletter of the Armonk United Methodist Church
        Pastor: Rev. Hikari Chang                                                 Editor: Geri Mariano

Telephone: (914) 273-8296                          E-mail:

                                                               Our church was built by believers. It was built
                                                           by people who stepped out of their shore of safe
                                                           ideas and plans. They put their faith in Christ
         “I can do all things through Him who              believing that with God they can do great things.
         strengthens me.”         ~ Philippians 4:13       Then, wouldn't it be a shame if our only try would
                                                           be to hold on to the boat?
    While we are lingering on the last days of
summer, the air tells us that a new season is upon             It is a time for us to step out and take risks for
us. And the church will start a new season of              God’s work. It is a time to be doers of what we
ministry with hope and excitement.                         believe and what we hope for our world and
                                                           ourselves to be. Let us make a commitment of
     On one Sunday during the summer, we have              working together to be a church and to share Good
read a story of Jesus walking on the water. It is a        News to others. This season will be a time to work
great story of the power of faith. I especially like       on evangelism and outreach together. Let’s step
the part when Peter asked the Lord boldly, “Lord if        out of our boat and walk with the Lord.
it is you, tell me to come to you.” And he, too,
walked on the water…..well, for a few steps. As               Welcome back to your spiritual home, the
soon as Peter started to focus on the wind, rain and       Armonk United Methodist Church! See you on
danger instead of Jesus he began to sink into the          Homecoming Sunday!
water.                                                                             Grace and Peace,
    It is easy to scoff Peter for his failure saying “It
was an impossible thing to try anyway.” But is it
really Peter who is a failure? Think again. Maybe             Starting on
the real failure wasn’t Peter’s but the other disciples       Sunday,
who sat in the boat and wouldn’t step out that night          September 7th,
and missed a great chance to have an amazing                  Morning
experience with Jesus.                                        Worship will
                                                              return to 10:30 am.
     The Bible tells us many times that God called
people with the words, “Fear not!” God knows fear
is our greatest adversary to follow His call and do        Sunday School and Choir will also begin anew.
great things with Him. Marv Levy, the former coach         We’re looking forward to welcoming those who
of the Buffalo Bills football team once said, "You         have been away on summer vacations,
have to take some chances. If Michelangelo                 respites and other adventures.
wanted to play it safe, he would have painted the
floor of the Sistine Chapel.” How often do we allow        Our homecoming celebration will kick off the
our fear to block our minds from God’s wonderful           month of September but for the rest of the
invitation?                                                month Rev. Hikari is calling for a CHURCH

OPEN HOUSE approach. Rev. Hikari is                       Childcare will be provided for any one not yet in
asking folks to make a special effort to invite           school on an “as needed” basis.
friends, family and neighbors to worship with
us any Sunday. She also had special invitation
post cards designed to send out so if you have
someone in mind, please give her the name
and address.
                                                          September Scriptures
                                                                      th    th
                                                          September 7 – 17 Sunday after Pentecost
                                                                 Exodus 12:1-14; Psalm 148;
                                                                 Romans 13:8-14; Matthew 18:15-20
                                                          September 14 – 18 Sunday after Pentecost
                                                                 Exodus 14:19-31, 15:1b-11, 20-21
                                                                 Romans 14:1-12; Matthew 18:21-35
                                                          September 21 – 19 Sunday after Pentecost
                                                                 Exodus 16:2-15; Psalm 105:1-6, 37-45
                     "In summer, the song sings                  Philippians 1:21-30; Matthew 20:1-16
                     itself."                                               th
                                                          September 28 – 19 Sunday after Pentecost
                          - William Carlos Williams              Exodus 17:1-7; Psalm 78:1-4, 12-16
                                                                 Philippians 2:1-13; Matthew 21:23-32

....... however, in the fall, we need the Chancel

That's right, it is that time already, and starting
Sunday, September 7th, return they shall!
Rehearsal will be that Sunday morning at 9:30-
10:00 am.

Introits are us will be at 10:15 in the Asbury room,      AUMC has finally and
all children are invited (and encouraged) to attend!      completely joined in the
                                                          21st century by launching our very own website
Looking forward to seeing you all!                        (see address above). This has been Rev. Hikari’s
Sara Della Posta                                          project the past few years and all her efforts have
                                                          paid off as we went live in August. People will be
                                                          able to find us on the world wide web – read the
                                                          latest newsletter, see our scheduled events and
                                                          see many pictures of our church family in action.
                                                          Check us out and forward our link to folks who may
                                                          be interested.
The AUMC Sunday School year kicks off on
Sunday, September 7th. We look forward to
welcoming back all of our children!

As in prior years, the children will participate in the
church service for the first twenty minutes and then
leave with their teachers for the remainder of the
hour. Children aged Pre-K through 8th Grade are                                  Paul Chang who celebrates on
welcome to be part of our exciting Sunday School                                 September 1st -- a national
program.                                                                         holiday this year!

And more Happy September Birthdays to:                         We send our condolences to her sister, family
                                                           and friends but we know Eleanor is at peace and
Susanna Chang & Barbara Mattie         4th                 has joy in reuniting with John and joining our Father
Ranse Eisenhower    7    Jane Stamatov 8th                 in Heaven.
Joan Durfee        19
Leslie Douwes      30th  Mike Kuennen 30th                                      

                                                           ~ We send out a very happy welcome home to
Happy Anniversary to                                       Madison Clarner – baby daughter of Kathy
                                                           (Anderson) & Mike Clarner – who had been staying
Shirley & Howard Pinchbeck, and Tracey & David
                                                           in the hospital since her birth back in the spring.
Lander who all celebrate this month and to John &
                                                           Kathy and Mike brought Madison, now a good 7
Jane Stamatov who celebrated 51 years together in
                                                           lbs, 4 oz. home with them on Sunday, August 17th.
                                                           Kathy reports that Madison’s first check up with
                                                           doctor after leaving the hospital went well and the
                                                           report is: “she’s doing great!” Kathy would like to
CHURCH FAMILY HAPPENINGS                                   thank all who sent prayers these past few months.
                                                           And we will look forward to seeing Madison being
                                                           strolled around town in her carriage before too long!
                         Eleanor Schnoor
                                                            ~ Joyce Kanze is up and around and has said
                           Nov. 21, 1918 – June 22, 2008
                                                           “Hello” to all at AUMC. Some of us have been able
                                                           to visit with Joyce as she has been taking ceramic
                                                           classes at the Recreation Center here in town.
   Shortly after we want to press on our                   We’re glad she and Ed are doing better. We miss
June/Summer issue AUMC lost a longtime member              them and hope they’ll be able to worship with us
and dear friend when Eleanor Schnoor passed                again.
away peacefully on June 22 in the    home her
husband built for them.                                    ~ Two very special ladies hit a wonderful milestone
                                                           event in August – turning 90 years old!
    Eleanor was a life-long resident of Armonk who
married her beloved husband John in 1940.                         Gladys Moger turned 90 on August 27th and
Together they loved visiting with friends and                     had a family party down in Virginia where
traveling the world. She was a devoted sister,                    she is now living. Gladys, a former longtime
friend, neighbor and aunt to several nieces and                   resident of Armonk and member of AUMC,
nephews.                                                          still remains interested in the goings-on
                                                                  here. Although unable to be with us for our
    In Armonk, Eleanor was quite active, here at                  220th Anniversary Celebration last year,
the AUMC and the North Castle Historical Society.                 Gladys ordered several ornaments to give
For the many years of the AUMC Election Day                       as gifts to family and friends. She reads our
Clam Chowder Eleanor baked pies and pies for                      monthly newsletter and continues to support
serving and sale. Also for years she served on the                our church with her prayers and gifts.
Nurture Committee and made sure we had greeters                   We’re so glad Gladys still feels a special
lined up to welcome members and newcomers. At                     connection to us here at AUMC. May God
the Historical Society, Eleanor spent countless                   continue to bless her as she starts her 91st
hours cataloging countless photographs, records                   year!
and documents.      After John’s death in 2003
Eleanor wasn’t able to come out as often and her                  Mildred Wago’s daughters Linda Herbst and
presence was missed here and around town.                         Charlene Decker threw her a great
                                                                  summertime party for her 90th birthday on
    Just before she was able to come home Rev.                    Saturday, August 16th. Surrounded by her
Hikari visited Eleanor in the hospital. Eleanor                   daughters,   sons-in-law,   grandchildren,
asked Rev. Hikari to sing – just sing. Eleanor was                great-grandchildren, and countless friends
happy hearing hymn after hymn. A few short days                   from and around Armonk Mildred certainly
later Eleanor died in her sleep.                                  enjoyed her day and was even able to keep

       the storm clouds at bay with a wave of her             Moving Day will be Thursday, Sept. 25th as all our
       hand. Mildred had another special honor a              stock -- and there's a lot of it -- comes up from
       few months ago when she received the                   downstairs. Folks able to join the moving crew can
       2008 Pat Bresha Service Award for her                  meet at Church at 6:30 pm.
       many years of devotion to her town and
       community. She thinks she has slowed                   Cleaning and Pricing occurs on Friday, Sept. 26th.
       down some – but those who watch her –                  Get an early peek at the merchandise and perhaps
       Mildred is still going strong as she starts her        pick up a bargain or two while you work to make
       91st year!                                             everything look clean and ready for sale. You can
                                                              stop in at any time during the day and then again at
~ August 16th was also memorable for Charlene                 6:30 for the night shift. We’d also be happy to hand
and Bill Decker for another special reason – they             out price stickers if you are able to price items at
got married 29 years ago on that date. While they             home.
happily spent their wedding anniversary co-hosting
Mildred’s birthday celebration Charlene and Billy             Location, Location, Location! Marketing is all about
were able to get away to Jamaica for a romantic               location. Help us by putting up posters and signs in
vacation. We certainly glad Hurricane Fay had                 strategic locations.
already come and gone before they left! When
they get back they will be traveling many weekends            Need to get ready for all those upcoming holiday
to see home and away football games when son                  feasts? Drop some extra pounds now by working
Kevin plays quarterback. Good luck, Kevin!                    out and moving our merchandise outside on Sale
                                                              Day, Sept. 27th. Set Up time is 8:00 AM and
                                                              Close Out time is 3:00 PM.

                                                              On the day of the sale, we also need customer
                                                              assistance clerks to circulate among the shoppers,
                                                              and help make sales. We'll also look for cashiers
                                                              to total up those receipts! Lastly, we’ll look for help
                        TAG SALE                              to clean it all up at the end.
                        Saturday, Sept. 27th, 2008
                        9:00 pm – 3:00 pm                     Sign Up Sheets will circulate for the prep work on
                                                              Thursday and Friday and then work shifts for the
                                                              Tag Sale on September 27th.

“To sell something, tell a woman it's a bargain;              Have any questions, or want to arrange pickup from
tell a man it's deductible.”                                  your home of saleable merchandise, please call the
                                                              Church Office at 273-8296.
             Earl Wilson – courtesy of
                                                              By working together – we can have a good time
We certainly have lots of good bargains for women             and also accomplish good things.
to buy. And donations can be deductible. And so a
Tag Sale can be a win-win proposition and we will             And remember –
again hold our Annual Fall Tag Sale on Sept. 27th.
                                                              "Junk is the ideal product... the ultimate
This is coming up fairly soon after we all get back           merchandise. No sales talk necessary…"
into the swing of church activities but we know that
folks will be here to help as always. So get a head-                    William S. Burroughs – courtesy of
start on your fall cleaning --- checking out those
closets, basements and attics to see what you can

AUMC Roofing Project                                      “Beautification Campaign” all I can say is “Thank
                                                          You.” For those who where looking for a more
                                                          worthy cause; to put a roof over our church is no
Donations                                                 greater cause. I ask you to look in to your hearts
(as of 8-20-08)                                           and your checkbooks and see if there is some extra
                                                          money for our sanctuary’s roof.

10 donors, 45% of goal                                    On behalf of the Trustees, I want to express our
                                   $ 14,350.00            sincere thanks to all donors and to all of those who
                                                          will contribute to this campaign.
(all paid in full)                                        Respectfully,
          Double R Construction                           Karl Hinrichs
                        $ 30,380.00
                                                          Trustee, President
          Extra Work to stabilize roof rafters
          on front edge of church.
                           $ 1,200.00

Total Expenses                  -- $ 31,580.00
                                                                               From Heifer International
Shortfall                          $ 17,230.00
                                                                                      Into our Celebration Ark
                                                                                      came donations of all sizes
Church Members and Friends,
                                                                                      and from our joys we were
The AUMC community is blessed to have such                                            able to spread more joy.
giving and caring members. As you know the
sanctuary needed emergency roof repair in the late        July 31, 2008
Spring. The Trustees acted quickly and hired a
local roofer to replace the entire roof over the entire   Dear Partners in Mission:
sanctuary and social hall structures.
                                                                   Your belief in Heifer’s approach that the
The Trustees shopped around and was able to               simple idea of giving families a source of food rather
negotiate a good price for 50 year life roofing           than short-term relief allows so many families not
shingles. While the roofers were removing the old
                                                          only to find the hope that they may have lost, but
roof they uncovered a couple of the rafters facing
Bedford Road that were rotten and un-supported.           allows them also to become contributors to other
Our contractor replaced and secured these repairs         families in their own countries and villages.
at a very reasonable price. All in all, the entire                 Your unselfish support means that more
project was handled quickly and efficiently and           families can escape the ravages of poverty by
unless you saw the church during the 10 days of           building new lives, and becoming more self-reliant. I
repairs, you would not know that we removed and           hope that you will remember as the summertime
re-shingled the entire roof.                              temperature rise, that families all over the world are
                                                          also rising out of poverty because of your generous
That is the good news. The bad news is that the
Trustees are short over $17,000. The Trustees
                                                                   Thank you again for partnering with Heifer
have only received donations from 10 very
generous donors whose donations have covered              International in our shared goals toward giving others
45% of our expenses. I am particularly sensitive to       a positive future. You are making a difference in the
expenses with 2 more boys to get through college          lives of people all over the world!
but we need your help & assistance. For those
who have given to the just completed                      Sincerely, Jo Luck – President and CEO

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